Why We Can't Move To Our New Homestead

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2 måneder siden

Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading
For more information on SimpliSafe visit - simplisafe.com/wranglerstar
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Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
For more information on SimpliSafe visit - simplisafe.com/wranglerstar
Humanimalz Måned siden
@Rifle Shooter Channel if I didn't know and many probably don't how would the company!
Humanimalz Måned siden
@Rifle Shooter Channel I never heard of that! Crazy man.
Rifle Shooter Channel
Rifle Shooter Channel Måned siden
Humanimalz Back when he first started, he was making claims to be a retired special operations member, trying to suck up to Nutnfancy or something. He even deleted his channel over it when people called him on his BS.
Humanimalz Måned siden
@Rifle Shooter Channel When has he claimed to be military?
Rifle Shooter Channel
Rifle Shooter Channel Måned siden
Does SimpliSafe know they have a stolen valor case like you representing their company? Because if you are the type of person that they want to represent their company, I don’t think they’re a company I want to do business with.
Joakim Fant
Joakim Fant Måned siden
All the metric jokes, but the real joke is that imperial is based on metric now
raasco1 11 dager siden
Don't get me started on tenths of a foot :)
James Evans
James Evans Måned siden
7:27 he jokes about how awful the metric system is all the time that i don't even know if he's just joking around or if hes actually telling the truth but tbh it dosent even matter buse i moved from the UK to Colorado 5 years so i have a good gasp on the imperial measurements but i do find that my brain will unintentionally go back to the metric system
clive Lee
clive Lee Måned siden
Nice coffin, you can fit a couple millennial woke leftist protesters in that
clive Lee
clive Lee Måned siden
They are very good the pocket screws, for a lot of things
Sig220Euro Måned siden
LOL... love the comment on the metric vs imperial... thanks... needed a chuckle after this week.
heywood62 Måned siden
England and Canada use both Metric and Imperial measurements. I'm seeing metric being used in the US as well. Just a fun fact.
Limerickman Måned siden
Ireland too uses both, but metric is now slowly getting to be the standard.
MemoryFoam Måned siden
I love my SIMPLISAFE. I've had it since 2012. No issues at all. The old Motion sensors are not that great though. The Gen 3 motion sensors (latest version) are 100x better.
612morrison Måned siden
And if the good lord says your time on earth is up Mrs W has a good pine box to bury your in 😉👍
Paragon Ridge Ranch
Paragon Ridge Ranch Måned siden
I enjoy watching your videos, I just subbed :) We too have a channel and have just finished building our homestead. We built a barndominum and we are getting use to living out in the woods. We have a lot of goats and do a lot of gardening, hunting & fishing. Keep up the good work!
opfor325 Måned siden
I see you still have all that fire hose in the back of the shop.
William Smith
William Smith Måned siden
did the old man say that metric was UNRELIABLE !!!! omg unsubscribed haha
Roy Wilson
Roy Wilson Måned siden
Cody - is the Heartracer still around - havent seen him for a while.
Bradoutnabout Måned siden
I'm over the constant denigration of the METRIC SYSTEM, I know both and unless you are measuring to the 1/132 of an inc,h the Metric system is far superior for the average woodsmith. A smart man would see and understand that, but maybe its a West coast thing.
shadowscion Måned siden
It's an ignorance thing.
Cyril Culton
Cyril Culton 2 måneder siden
"Those of you who are using the metric system, be sure to mark both top & bottom because it isn't an accurate measuring system, those of you using the Imperial System, no problem." Are you Serious? Please tell me this is sarcasm. Your sense of humor is priceless. Thank you, I really needed a laugh right now 🤣😂🤣
Double Dog Dare
Double Dog Dare 2 måneder siden
Cracked me up..... metric not reliable. Loved how you poked the bear.
Palmer Hollister
Palmer Hollister 2 måneder siden
Matthias Wandel loooovveeesss pocket screws
David Lee
David Lee 2 måneder siden
When my time us up on this mortal coil, I will go to my burning, in a pine box/coffin, I wish you well for the forthcoming move Cody.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 2 måneder siden
kyle carr
kyle carr 2 måneder siden
Rhino line that box and it will become almost indestructible
eagle21scout 2 måneder siden
Pick up that missing eigth! 👍
Quintus De Beer
Quintus De Beer 2 måneder siden
yes funny until you realize the metric system is better and more efficient
Guust 2 måneder siden
Taking a swing at the metric system made me laugh. 8 out of 1760 furlongs ⭐ 🙄😂
Will Dwyer
Will Dwyer 2 måneder siden
What happened to the fourth side of your bench?
joseph graham
joseph graham 2 måneder siden
Just curious as to why you arent using any glue with the pocket screws?
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore 2 måneder siden
Solid box for sure!
Marshall Parker
Marshall Parker 2 måneder siden
A little OCD never hurts when woodworking.
TJ Larson
TJ Larson 2 måneder siden
That's a mighty fine coffin.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 2 måneder siden
I thought that, too.
Sigma BF2
Sigma BF2 2 måneder siden
Of course metric is unreliable... wait.... what?
Doug Commons
Doug Commons 2 måneder siden
It's good to see you working with the wood again. It's very refreshing. You stated that the box would not be in the weather so making it out of plywood would certainly be sufficient. The individual pine boards is more like the way they were made in the past. it seems more nostalgic. I wonder, do you think that Jesus noticed that the timbers of the cross were not "perfectly" square? It's just a box!
Joe Romano
Joe Romano 2 måneder siden
I can’t believe you’re using makita I thought you were a dewalt guy
DocRevo 2 måneder siden
woodworking with a Snap-on hammer.....
Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger 2 måneder siden
G'day Cody, marine ply is good stuff and less joins; but yeah the ol' pinus radiata is easy to work with and looks more traditional. Whilst I find pocket holes ugly and prone to moisture ingress, (unless plugged or filled), they do make sense to negate screwing into end grain. Did you consider bottom runners to enable fork lifting ? Come on mate, everyone knows metric makes a stronger box. Cheers Duke.
D Duster
D Duster 2 måneder siden
would have given you nightmares!
I H 2 måneder siden
Yup everything is getting pushed back big time !!
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 2 måneder siden
Coming along great good work cody @WranglerStar
Christina Perez
Christina Perez 2 måneder siden
Maybe 90° corner L-brackets....some very heavy duty classic looking brackets available
JACK FOSTER 2 måneder siden
I appreciate your open discussion on important issues of your lives. I crossed the Rubicon of Alcohol when my 25 yr old baby noticed I wasn't as cynical. There are battles to fight. This decision wasn't 1 of them. The Joy of my family far exceeds the benefit of alcohol. The External Social Stress today bleeds into a well being that interrupts The Gift we enjoy. Small price to pay. Your Insight is always welcome.
clay callan
clay callan 2 måneder siden
You picked a bad time to move
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
You picked a bad time to stay
FaithfulMC 2 måneder siden
9 and 7/16th's.... Imperial is the dumbest measuring system invented.
tszymk77 2 måneder siden
If you wood glued it all it would be extra strong.
Lazorn Rapscallion
Lazorn Rapscallion 2 måneder siden
Box is for the next person who says something bad. MUAHAHA AAAAA!!!
Grogbelly 2 måneder siden
You sound like some sort of gunfighter from Tombstone c. 19th century with that "fizzy" reaction to freshly built pine boxes!
Joey Shofner
Joey Shofner 2 måneder siden
Do you have any used copper or sheet metal to cover the corners? I used old copper sheeting on all 8 corners, I dropped it and no damage to my tool box except for some scratches on the copper.
Joe McFarlane
Joe McFarlane 2 måneder siden
GL on the move, whenever it happens. Looking forward to seeing the process of establishing your new homestead.
MrMadeinthe80s 2 måneder siden
Unfortunately after all this rioting that the cities are letting people go on about, we may need a few more of these.
Ken B Austin
Ken B Austin 2 måneder siden
How about some wood glue?
amarsh73 2 måneder siden
I've made similar boxes several times and I always put pressure treated runners on the bottom of the box. It keeps moisture from affecting the bottom and contents.
Ronald Williamson
Ronald Williamson 2 måneder siden
I really like your videos, but why would you advertise for a company like simply safe!! Technology has taken over. You know, I watch a lot of gun channels and people who say they stand up for their rights and I've noticed that they too advocate simply safe . Can you not see what is happening? There's no chance I would close my eyes knowing that the enemy has access to my doors! Wake up people!!
Bruce W
Bruce W 2 måneder siden
..... the metric system isn't reliable for measuring things.... ?
Welldigger 2 måneder siden
Screws are good - glued and screwed is golden!
Kevin 2 måneder siden
the pocket screws cost more than the wood for this project :)
Kevin 2 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar Last time i bought them i thought those Kreg's were a bit spendy - that wood is getting pricey though
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
Wood $150 Screws $9
Doug Buker
Doug Buker 2 måneder siden
I put my round house in the center of my property so I could get to all 3 sides. Cody, you and your family are awesome. Shalom brother
Lt1is2slow4u SPANNAN’s NEST
Lt1is2slow4u SPANNAN’s NEST 2 måneder siden
I’m still fizzing from all the equipment going in on the last video.
Oreo Bambino
Oreo Bambino 2 måneder siden
8:45 You should have used the metric system
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 2 måneder siden
Kenny Rogers sang of Ruben James "lonely pine box". It was lonely because the only people at the funeral when they lowered that pine box into the ground were the preacher and the white orphan Ruben James had raised.
K Shred
K Shred 2 måneder siden
Why not glue as well as screw ?
Mark Rossi
Mark Rossi 2 måneder siden
1 cubic meter of water weighs 1ton or 1000 kilograms, 1 litre of water weighs one kilogram or 1/1000 of a ton,1 millilitre of water weighs one gram or 1/1000 of a kilo/litre, what’s confusing about that metric has fractions too👍
Joshua Wiley
Joshua Wiley 2 måneder siden
with your pine box making experience, you could probably get one of those good government jobs downtown.
Doug Smith
Doug Smith 2 måneder siden
I think it would look the part and really sharp if you charred it, wire brush it, and a few treatments of linseed oil. Nice job.
Joe Walker
Joe Walker 2 måneder siden
Is there a reason you didn’t screw the reinforcing pieces on from the inside? Wouldn’t that have made it more watertight?
CC Rider
CC Rider 2 måneder siden
Who’s that casket for ? Lol 😂
David Beck
David Beck 2 måneder siden
Massive LOL about the reliability of the metric system
Luis Sousa
Luis Sousa 2 måneder siden
Can I ask why didn't you also glue it?
Maarten 2 måneder siden
Yeah, it's nearly impossible to get a flat bench top with 2x4s. That's why I use the metric system.
Sindento 1
Sindento 1 2 måneder siden
I'm not wanting a pine box just yet thank you.
Sheldon F
Sheldon F 2 måneder siden
Please hide this from Matthias Wandel, he may have a stroke!
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards 2 måneder siden
Metric system not reliable... 🤣🤣🤣 Please explain to me how so. Btw, I'm Australian and in my 40s, I grew up using both metric and imperial
Insayno 2 måneder siden
I had this running in the background as I was doing other things. When it got to 7:24 I didn't know what he was doing, but I thought "what could that possibly even apply to". Then I remembered: This is Cody. He's an imperial troll. Got me this time. Briefly.
Philip Bender
Philip Bender 2 måneder siden
No glue?
Ahmet Murati
Ahmet Murati 2 måneder siden
Metric system is faulty?! NASA uses Metric System and not imperial despite it is in USA.
Ahmet Murati
Ahmet Murati Måned siden
@madmarscha He has possibility to watch tonight SpaceX Starlink live video
madmarscha Måned siden
doesnt matter cus cody probably doesnt believe the moon landings actually ever happened :/
Elizabeth the Queen
Elizabeth the Queen 2 måneder siden
Here in New England, we often put a "back" on a wood box so that when we toss the wood in, it drops into the box.
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun 2 måneder siden
Hi Cody, some battens on the base to keep your fine box off damp ground would be a good idea.
joinertanner 2 måneder siden
Could you please do a video where YOU learn how to to use metric system I'm in a country that uses both metric and imperial one's you get to know it it's real easy.
The Craft Addict
The Craft Addict 2 måneder siden
Will it be elevated on blocks? That way you can get some forks underneath it?
A Johnson
A Johnson 2 måneder siden
I don't know what it is but watching Cody build something always feels like time very well spent.
Fast4SloW 717
Fast4SloW 717 2 måneder siden
I like owning twice the tools to cover imperial and metric
HK Guitar
HK Guitar 2 måneder siden
7:28, More proof the Imperial Measurement System is superior. LMAO
TomatoBeanz 2 måneder siden
Why not using wood glue along with the screws?
Jacob Mauersberger
Jacob Mauersberger 2 måneder siden
As a german carpenter ... pocketscrews are BS
angel bangtana
angel bangtana 2 måneder siden
as a UK guy who grew up with sort of a mix of imperial and metric (most trades and pros use mm exclusively but most normal folk use mm for anything under an inch then inches feet and yards) i always laugh out loud when Mr W says something like "imperial is more precise... so this is 2 and 7/18th long" it just sounds so arcane! seriously tho the uk mix of metric and imperial is bizzare
austin klein
austin klein 2 måneder siden
Did my man just say his bench is a triangle. 👁👄👁
wallace harrington
wallace harrington 2 måneder siden
the virus is an excuse and ruse for governments to control the people. this is tyranny.
Luke Sole
Luke Sole 2 måneder siden
Hey guys I love the Lucas mill
Wes Ferraiuolo
Wes Ferraiuolo 2 måneder siden
This might be the first wood project where Cody didn't use 5 gallons of wood glue on each seam! LOL. Loved the metric joke!
TheTopMostDog 2 måneder siden
>Bags the metric system >Complains about sixteenths C'mon, mate! 😆
Bama_Outdoors76 2 måneder siden
I’m not so sure about pine boxes giving me the fizz. Reminds me of a coffin 😬😕😂
mike plant
mike plant 2 måneder siden
finally, a video with no loctite!! if you have trouble with the metric system just count your fingers and toes (unless your an east coast guy)problem solved!
Ron Staudinger
Ron Staudinger 2 måneder siden
I'm thinking paint will last much longer. Depends on how long you want the box to last I guess.
James Dolan
James Dolan 2 måneder siden
Basically like a military grade ammo box. 👍
simon laity
simon laity 2 måneder siden
it;s great to watch videos that take me back 140 years.... Fractions and God
Daan Treurniet
Daan Treurniet 2 måneder siden
Wonderful video, but why this title? To be honest, I look at your videos to see your craftsmanship so I almost skipped this one, which would have been a shame
boulderingrockboy 2 måneder siden
Thanks for showing the mistake made by an uneven bench and the fix. Those are things we love to see. 👍🏻
LifeOutdoors 2day
LifeOutdoors 2day 2 måneder siden
I love sawing pine, best smell on earth.
Kevin Wiley
Kevin Wiley 2 måneder siden
Looking good boss! Wondering if a couple of p.t. 4x4's, on the bottom, at each end, would be helpful to get under it with a forklift?
Tony M
Tony M 2 måneder siden
I'm looking forward to seeing Code rebuild his beloved tractor once he finds out it's put together with everything metric.😁
stager33 2 måneder siden
Q? Why no glue?
Robin Hoff
Robin Hoff 2 måneder siden
Are going to take the Loctite when you move? Did you know they make metric Loctite. It comes in green containers I think .
Richard brobeck
Richard brobeck 2 måneder siden
Pocket screws have been around longer then 20 years my family's home was built in 1978 and the kitchen cabinets where put together with pocket screws to hold the face frames
Bill Smith
Bill Smith 2 måneder siden
Why no glue when strength is important?
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