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Wranglerstar modern homesteading. This is my final video of the firebox series.

J Pauli
J Pauli 24 dager siden
Id strap it more for heavier loads try it out. I"ll do it too. The boards are capable of loads like this with proper fastening.
Wil Wilson
Wil Wilson Måned siden
Julian Mac
Julian Mac Måned siden
It's like rural adam savage
FeArhsma21 Måned siden
Watched all three of those and amazing job loved that box kinda like what I was wanting to build and it's also from the old days it's an old wood ammo box that they use to Carrie on the back of the old jeeps in like the army and Military! I just really like that old rustic look to things and wood is just so easy to work with!
2fathomsdeeper Måned siden
I built my slingload deployment boxes for prospecting in Alaska with 1by over 1/2"plywood. Boxes use a 36" piano hinge, and 3/32" cable for propping the lids. Each end has 2 coffin handles rated at 500lbs. The boxes were secured with 1/4" bolts drilled through the 1by, and wing nuts. The box will hold the wing nuts captive, and a nut driver is the key. OD 24x24x40".
Keystone Carpenter
Keystone Carpenter Måned siden
What all did you put in the box?
Victorious Pauper
Victorious Pauper Måned siden
Kennedy Pagani
Kennedy Pagani Måned siden
Shouldn’t have made that “fire” box out of wood. Last time I checked wood burns. Won’t do you much good in a fire. I would recommend something lighter and stronger such as acrylic!
Paul Owens
Paul Owens Måned siden
Wood working tip. When gluing up panels, make sure you alternate the way the end grain goes. If it all goes the same way, your panel will cup when it dries. If you flip the board over so that the grain lays in an s pattern across the boards, you're less likely to get cupping. When boards dry the grains tend to flatten out.
Pauric Brown
Pauric Brown Måned siden
But a 460 is a baby saw
Jon A
Jon A Måned siden
Mount hing with door open max swing position gate hinges would work
Craig Pierre
Craig Pierre Måned siden
Hmmm this east coaster might have bar envy!! LOL
Andy Shears
Andy Shears Måned siden
Looks good ... How the shoot are you gunna be able to move it when all the gear is in it? Are you gunna put some trolly wheels on one end?? Pully handle on the other maybe??
Tucker Kennedy
Tucker Kennedy Måned siden
Its a 2 man box
Mike Duffy
Mike Duffy Måned siden
Cody I live on the east coast i run a 461 / 462 and I run with either a 28/ or a 32 inch bar with full skip chain and full wrap handle awesome video .. some of us eat coasts guys need those large saws.
Jeff Chaney
Jeff Chaney Måned siden
You know Mike has a much bigger saw than that.
John Beckmann
John Beckmann Måned siden
You do know from your deceiving dissertations that there is a unique place in hell for those of you that make a living by lying. We have all donated to your snake oil sales pitch and you should be ashamed. Jack has grown up before my eyes and, now I need to be aware of his type in the world. Enjoy eternity in hell.
Yanal Chadli
Yanal Chadli Måned siden
what is with you guy, and separating yourselves from society? You will not divide us!.
Giantalligator Måned siden
you titled this video " my FINAL video". i think thats a lie.
Barnie Måned siden
even though the boards are warped ,ive seen some clamp 1 inch square strips across the boards to hold them flat .
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Måned siden
This ain't your last video you lying skid mark
Trevin Merrill
Trevin Merrill Måned siden
East coast baby saws lmao.
mrsoars Måned siden
“Power Saw”, eh? Another Buckin’ Billy Ray fan! Be Kind friends, as he would say- and while you’re praying for this nice family in this time of transition, let’s pray for our country as well.
Shakodu Måned siden
Alexander Wijnhamer
Alexander Wijnhamer Måned siden
Leather straps instead of hinges would work... nice thick bands
Xavier NS
Xavier NS Måned siden
My last video 1 day later:hey uh I got a freeze dryer
Deanna Stevens
Deanna Stevens Måned siden
You startled me. I just found your channel and the Title was Final Video. Sheesh.
John R
John R Måned siden
Congratulations on your new property
Rosel Campbell
Rosel Campbell Måned siden
I guess I'm going to miss your channel. I will have an extra 15 minutes everyday now.
mark johnson
mark johnson Måned siden
Take some old fire hose to make hinge material.
Someone Else
Someone Else Måned siden
Look into dowel joinery... much better for fastening boards together. Also glue between the boards is a must... the screws will loosen/back out over time.
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson Måned siden
Hinges on the inside, not lined up with the cross bars. Easy.
YHRIM Måned siden
glue does make a strong finished product, and I like wood glue on some projects because of that... But, if you ever need to change something, or replace a damaged board or whatever... you ain't going to take it apart without destroying it... With screws, you always leave those options open, as it can always be easily changed, disassembled, reassembled, ect.
Rob Priestley
Rob Priestley Måned siden
I am with those who said "You should have used Glue"
TonyCamp Camppartyof4
TonyCamp Camppartyof4 Måned siden
Sorry to see you go. Take care.
jpaul4595 Måned siden
Nice Storage box, this would be a ninth grade shop project If you lived on the East coast, however your being on the West Coast this is obviously more challenging. Nice job!
Jared Baker
Jared Baker Måned siden
This East Coast guy has an MS661 and an MS650 ported with Big Bore cylinder and piston. Somedays it would be nice to have one of your west coast "little saws" 🤣🤣🤣 Love the videos man, Congratulations on the new Homestead!
scottdavin27 Måned siden
Ah the East Coast dig. Lol. Proud Virginian!
Acada Måned siden
If I may I would not use hinges, but latches. You know, the top is secure, but also quickly detachable. Sorry if it is not the correct word. I mean the very similar thing you have on the ski boots.
Buster Wilson
Buster Wilson Måned siden
Don't leave my axe I sent you back in 2014 to get handled stay behind haha
David Oyama
David Oyama Måned siden
Nice Fire Box ! I think that it came out very good ! Now you will have most everything you will need in case of a fire ! Thanks Cody !
shmeet Måned siden
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner Måned siden
By the way, where is the Wranglerstar Brand?
Seth Critcher
Seth Critcher Måned siden
Excellent organization with an emergency use, although you must’ve never been here in the Appalachia’s , we run big saws here as well haha
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner Måned siden
17 saws may not be enough for an East Coast guy
Khazal MJ
Khazal MJ Måned siden
military crate latches will be perfect for this project ( same as the ones used in ammo crates )
Steven Sposato
Steven Sposato Måned siden
What do you think about your snap on Dead blow hammer ?
The Praetorian
The Praetorian Måned siden
Love watching these videos while working in my wood shop
Xandrecity Måned siden
Remember when Wranglestar didn't use dishonesty to make people watch his videos?
bastiaan122000 Måned siden
Unsubscribing because of the title honestly
J Mitchell
J Mitchell Måned siden
Try a non mortising hinge or a wide piano hinge
bert Steward
bert Steward Måned siden
Where do you plan to put this box full of Fire Tools so it can be found in an emergency by a stranger?
Quattro Måned siden
I started thus wonder how someone might do hinges. My first box found and inch gap in the lid. Haven't tried something new since
Quattro Måned siden
How are the pocket screw running into each other on the lid. If you can explain it for me id really appreciate, showing me what im missing
Nick Hinman
Nick Hinman Måned siden
just a thought. Do you really want to put personal gear into a box that has fuel in it. Your gear will stink and fabric can be degraded by petroleum. love the box I may have to build one myself
Lewis A.
Lewis A. Måned siden
I feel like if I watch this video I am approving of the concept of clickbaiting (Which, by the way, you have perfected).
Nathan Gambino
Nathan Gambino Måned siden
My buddy in the building trades, whenever we are working on a project and someone gets too fussy about details that don't matter says; "Hey! We're not building a piano!"
Robbie Riggs
Robbie Riggs Måned siden
Keep the lid a crate top and modify it to double as an emergency medical gurney 👌
josh riffe
josh riffe Måned siden
If leaving outside, why not use treated lumber?
kyle carr
kyle carr Måned siden
Could have made the lid into a stretcher incase you had to get someone injured out of harms way just a thought.
M S Måned siden
Titles get more clickbaity over time. Not impressed.
Nail Bender
Nail Bender Måned siden
Not impressed with anything that I've seen in this video, not just the title. Accidentally clicked on it because for some reason this garbage was recommended to me. Any idea how to change that?
Jeremy MacRitchie
Jeremy MacRitchie Måned siden
I’m not even subscribed and I am annoyed.
Ggg Fttt
Ggg Fttt Måned siden
Daniel Carter
Daniel Carter Måned siden
I'm an East Coast man, and I get the East Coast Baby Saw joke. I used to run 50cc saws with 20" inch bars. I've sawed plenty of 3' and 4' diameter oaks with them, but I was killing myself. Now I'm doing it with a 462 and 32" bars. Talk about a game changer, and so much easier! I can even saw the occasional 5' diameter tree now!
Duane Bennett
Duane Bennett Måned siden
Cody, what are your thoughts on supporting businesses like Home Depot that are strong supporters of the LGBT movement?
T Woodtec
T Woodtec Måned siden
great job , all the way from the east coast, a nice touch to drill two holes in the each ends and make some type of large rope handles
Jerry ignacio
Jerry ignacio Måned siden
Final video. No “subscribe” button. Ciao.
Kudlanov Måned siden
Will we get a video of all the things that are in this fire box? What are all those bottles?
Jay Nelson
Jay Nelson Måned siden
We may not have the same beliefs but I still love your content
YvonneAnJason Måned siden
Nice Fire Box. It will hold up well. The reason some folks are suggesting to glue each piece is it makes it a bit stronger and it waterproofs the seams. A lot of woodworker use titebond II. It’s a personal choice and I think you did great 👍🏻 Good luck on the new place and bless you and your family 🙏🙏🙏
Carry on
Carry on Måned siden
That is a dang good idea! I’m gonna do that for my gear.
Laughing Hawg
Laughing Hawg Måned siden
At least East Coast guys would know how to hinge that bad boy box up, just say'n ................
Kevin Culver
Kevin Culver Måned siden
Norm Abrams.... from the New Yankee Workshop is the ultimate East Coast carpenter.
E Sahutske
E Sahutske Måned siden
Love a man that provides for his fam. *nothing* better. God bless you and yours
Crown Forge
Crown Forge Måned siden
Bring out the forge again and make your own hinges!
WillieRants Måned siden
So long Wranglerstar, it was a good run. See you next video.
pissed off pistons
pissed off pistons Måned siden
Craig jig is amazing tool
Marc Llenas
Marc Llenas Måned siden
Hi Cody. Out of curiosity, do you know how long can you keep gas in the containers before it goes bad (if it ever does)?.
Trenton Buss
Trenton Buss Måned siden
that workbench shakes just touching it. a wiggly workbench drives me crazy.
Jim Kiley
Jim Kiley Måned siden
OH PLEASE!! You can't figure out how to attach the hinge?! Give me a break. The hinge you have will work just fine, its perfect. Just recess the hinge into the top edge and side of the box. Much like you would a hinge for a door in the house. Its just that you are doing it in both dimensions (top and side) on the main box. Doing it that way will allow the bottom of the lid to sit flush with the top edge of the main box. So get out your pencil and wood chisels and get to work! Don't forget to add a rope or chain restraint to the top to keep the top from going more than 20 to 30 degrees past vertical when the top is opened. Nice well thought out build though, but I would have use glue. ;-)
David K
David K Måned siden
A question from an east coast guy (sort of). I've lived in WV, PA, OH. Is a Stihl MS-291 a baby saw, or is it qualified as a "real" saw by you west coast guys??? (question is legit, but also, all in fun)
Justin Cole
Justin Cole Måned siden
It isn’t ok to tout Christian values and also be intentionally deceptive in your video titles.
Bernard Simmonds
Bernard Simmonds Måned siden
There’s nothing deceptive about being yourself.
Jere616 Måned siden
Nicely done project. Do you have any plans to put carrying handles on the box?
Edward Snow Nature Photography
Edward Snow Nature Photography Måned siden
Is this really your last video or are you just trying to attract viewers or something else? I've followed your channel for several years and feel that you have an interesting channel. It is the content you offer that attracts viewers, you don't need the fluff!
muscleman369 Måned siden
Last video? Ight see you never then.
Jason Morphew
Jason Morphew Måned siden
I must say Cody, I watched you build that bench and I have to say it's not nice it's beautiful. I wish I had the time and skill to make one for myself. All the best to you and your family. Good luck with the move, so looking forward to seeing it all.
Bruce Bello
Bruce Bello Måned siden
Did you consider using biscuits? Or would that have been problematic?
Capt Klep
Capt Klep Måned siden
My Final Video = baitclick. What a way to get your views up... shaking my head.
DeSzell Daniels
DeSzell Daniels Måned siden
Nice video. You gave me an idea on making a storage case for my MS 661 36" bar. We Midwest guys gotta have real saws for cleaning up after derechos and tornados.
Andrew T
Andrew T Måned siden
Cody, could you screw the rectangular part of the hinge into the edge of the lid and the strap of the hinge to the back of the box?
MooseZ71 Måned siden
"Baby saws"? The bars might be typically shorter but the saws are the same. As least you know enough to get a Stihl I guess. You should definitely spend more time on your carpentry and less time on jokes. 😆
Mxn2o9 Måned siden
Title for views smh
tim hosack
tim hosack Måned siden
what about handles on each end for carrying it cody
Joe Stubbernubbensteingenson
Joe Stubbernubbensteingenson Måned siden
I'll probably make one of those for my coffin. I'll stencil on it, "Joe's dead body" so everyone knows what's in it.
Subgunman Måned siden
Nice build! Working on an "authentic" crate for a Browning 1919. They were built with boards and battens all the way around. Even the interior of Cody's crate has similar dividers out of solid wood boards. I have seen some crates built out of plywood but they are not authentic for period pieces. Yeah I am gluing mine but I am using biscuits instead of dowels for extra strength and very quick to mark cut and assemble. Iron needs plenty of support.
Drew Carpenter
Drew Carpenter Måned siden
biscuits are for alignment; negligible strength increase.
RYTHMIC RIOT Måned siden
I've worked a lot with both wood and metal fab. I've never found working with metal to be as enjoyable as the wood. Don't know what it is. Maybe it's just the natural beauty of the wood and its grain or even the smell.
Mastro 47
Mastro 47 Måned siden
I’m from MA but always love the East coast jabs! Good luck with the move!
Sage Runner
Sage Runner Måned siden
I’d just do 4 latches. It’s a Crate not a Hope Chest. I’d add one more hemlock batten to the middle of the Lid. Nice work 👍 Are you sure your G grandpa didn’t build Pine Caskets’ by trade in some old west town back in the Day😉
Bobby Mulwee
Bobby Mulwee Måned siden
What about waterproofing? Does it need it?
Tim Byrd
Tim Byrd Måned siden
That's a beautiful box. I'm glad you built it out of warped wood actually. It is more realistic for the average homeowner.
Lee Parkinson
Lee Parkinson Måned siden
I made the exact same mistake with the hindges on a box I made for my cast iron camping gear. Interested to see how you fix yours.
Joseph LaNore
Joseph LaNore Måned siden
Fire box turned out nice! I agree battens should have slight angle cut on ends so they won't hit when closing and hinges will work mounted flat to back of box then recessed into lid. I also am no cabinet maker but a DIY home owner. I worked with my dad who was a carpenter in my early teen years. My interest have always been on more Mechanical things. I think I have enjoyed every video you have done. Thanks Cody
Adam Huber
Adam Huber Måned siden
But the lid doesn’t have that “skirt” that hangs over the box so water ect doesn’t get in box.
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