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25 dager siden

Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading. I'm done with the shop. I hope this is the last time I have to build a shop out.

JohnstonPettigrew 9 dager siden
I'm done too.
Will 15 dager siden
That clock is so lovely
MadModders 16 dager siden
Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than you expect, even when you take into account Hofstadter's Law. 🙂
Timon Woudenberg
Timon Woudenberg 17 dager siden
It looks like I’m looking to my own workbench. Unreal
Sasha Whitefur
Sasha Whitefur 18 dager siden
Great job, it makes my heart, feel good.
David J
David J 19 dager siden
Can someone please help me. I thought Mt. Fuji was in japan? Isn't this mountain near Cody's property? I am confused. Thanks!
Aaron P
Aaron P 19 dager siden
Instead of dividers you could use a large countersink to mark the different spots, the handles should sit down slightly in the countersink, keeping the tools upright
Iain Botham
Iain Botham 20 dager siden
That's a strange looking cuckcoo clock. They work via a weight on the end of a long chain and when the weight is nearly touching the floor, you pull it back up again. With this one, there are two weights on very short chains
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 20 dager siden
A friend of mine gets piles of free 2x8s from a guy that works for a place that sells trailers. The trailers are stacked on a larger trailer, separated by the wood. They used to just burn it. They aren't fancy, but they'd make a nice "rustic" wood wall. Anyone who reads this might check into local trailer dealers to see if they have that kind of thing.
TheCanadianBubba 20 dager siden
That last shot looks as good as any workshop I have ever seen on here or TV.
Nick 20 dager siden
I was just laid off from my Job with a roofing company here in Denver CO. Even though it stinks to lose a Job, It gave me the Opportunity to go visit my Grandma and help her with a few projects she has been wanting to get done. My Grandfather passed in 2017. He built both their House and a large Garage/workshop, probably 60ft by 100ft. It was really special to spend a few hours working in that garage with his tools. I didn't go visit the grave because that's not where I feel him. As I looked around and worked, I felt him with me. I heard his voice telling me how to do things and explaining what things were like he had done so many times before. I have been in the garage since he died on several occasions, but something was different this time, I think it was me. My grandfather was laid off in the 1980s and ended up starting his own landscaping business because of it. I miss him and wish I could talk to him about this lay off!
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 21 dag siden
We had one. But it was really, really ready for winding up. My sister had to use her hair dryer and wasn’t really looking. Let’s just say it never works again one shed blown it off the wall. So don’t put your clock near a plug socket!!!!!! . Any tools worth their weight come from good Old Sheffield England. 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧❤️💖🙏
Henry Hayes
Henry Hayes 21 dag siden
Did you dye your hair?
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters 21 dag siden
quick fix for the chisels falling over, a simple wedge next to the groups of tools just stick em in by hand.
Nicholas Vaters
Nicholas Vaters 21 dag siden
hmm, I thought up a similar tool rack last year... Cool. his is better though mine was just old construction grade ply wood scraps.
Joe Dennis
Joe Dennis 22 dager siden
Idea for keeping your chisels from tipping and also keeping your slot open for flexibility..about handle height drill a series of 1/4" holes and insert a dowl rod which would leave you infinite custombility. Shop looks 👍
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne 22 dager siden
Hey Cody, is the cuckoo clock on a french cleat? JK Shop looks great. Have a productive day.
Matthew Perry
Matthew Perry 22 dager siden
What a clever man you are. God decided I was not meant to do ANYTHING involing carpentry to protect the health and safety of every other human being
DeePsix 22 dager siden
Glad to see you still have that little Res Arrow vise. I have the same and I love that little guy
Yeah Mate
Yeah Mate 22 dager siden
robin alexander
robin alexander 22 dager siden
Why the title to video, I thought for a moment you was giving up on NOpost. Like your work.
Roman Carlisle
Roman Carlisle 22 dager siden
I was passed down a Sheffield made Swiss Army knife from my grandfather, it’s my favorite knife from my collection!
David Oyama
David Oyama 22 dager siden
The wood shop is looking great ! You are amazing ! Thanks for making this video and yes I will keep you and your family in your prayers !
Reinis Miks
Reinis Miks 22 dager siden
I must admit the camera work and quality is TV show worthy. Money well spent
Southern Comfort
Southern Comfort 22 dager siden
He's becoming the new The Woodwright's Shop.
smileyhappyradio 22 dager siden
I love the cuckcoo clock, and had one too, takes me back to childhood! I love the chisels too, something I plan to invest in, for woodcrafts.
Harold Segnitz
Harold Segnitz 22 dager siden
Nice shop, I like the look. Well done
Trey Gieleghem
Trey Gieleghem 22 dager siden
Why do you continue to make your thumbnail super serious and very clickbaity, I feel that you don’t need to do it anymore, we love your videos and don’t require you to do this anymore, I praise God that there is a man who is with belief and pushing for people to do things. It’s your channel but it just feels forced at this point and it can be agrivating.
John R
John R 22 dager siden
Nice job
Greg Stambaugh
Greg Stambaugh 22 dager siden
Looks to me you just want to show off what you have! From the first time that I watched you you have turned into a person that is more worried about the BRANDS you have rather than the quality.
north Baldwin Baptist church
north Baldwin Baptist church 22 dager siden
Try limington lumber, east baldwin, maine
Nope 22 dager siden
Throw a shim or wedge in there between your tool groups, that way you can pull them out and move them around.
T K 22 dager siden
Cody, I want to share a video with you that I just watched. "Hillbilly Brigade" saves Oregon town from wildfires. I was impressed. Thought you might enjoy it too. God bless
Oatmealman 23 dager siden
Tim the tool man from Home Improvement, is that you?
cbryantbear 23 dager siden
Have to ask, is the mountain a sleeping volcano?
Skullandcrossbones sixtyfive
Skullandcrossbones sixtyfive 23 dager siden
G'day, Lets have a thumbs up from everyone that thinks the Chisel/Screwdriver rack should be on "French Cleats"
T K 23 dager siden
CD plywood in 3/4 or 7/8 is a nice looking option.
robert malis
robert malis 23 dager siden
God bless you and your Cody
chris laing
chris laing 23 dager siden
I wonder, has anyone made a "Bob Vila" reference yet?? Lol
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 23 dager siden
New PNW Workshop on PBS vibes. Gives me the FIZZ.
korbel dave
korbel dave 23 dager siden
Your hand tool racks give me the FIZZ.
life sensation
life sensation 23 dager siden
Good video could be longer
L K 23 dager siden
I do enjoy the content and have done for a while just I can’t take all the clickbaiting for the YT algorithms and promotions. I respect that makes you a living though and I probably would too if I was in the same position, just this channel isn’t the same as it was a couple years back just nothing seems honest anymore. Wish you all the best though.
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 23 dager siden
Gary Patterson
Gary Patterson 23 dager siden
Do the people that give Cody’s videos a 👎🏻 just hate life..🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Jerry L Busby
Jerry L Busby 23 dager siden
Rainy day Wranglerstar Day 🎉🤠
CroNick 23 dager siden
Loving your videos from eastern WA.
Scott M
Scott M 23 dager siden
That wall system is very satisfying to the eye, especially when it is full of tools. It looks like a warm, and comfortable place to spend time. I love the miniature anvil.
Wranglerstar 23 dager siden
That tiny anvil gives me the fizz
Flannel Acres
Flannel Acres 23 dager siden
The lighting in this video is soooo nice, Cody. Nice work!
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 23 dager siden
Beautiful sheffield Made hand tools
Josh Laud
Josh Laud 23 dager siden
James Walsh
James Walsh 23 dager siden
like the tracking shots
Eric Nielsen
Eric Nielsen 23 dager siden
Your toupee may need a trimming sir...
Mike Laurie
Mike Laurie 23 dager siden
Really tired of the clickbait titles
Seifenboot 23 dager siden
this clickbait titels all over this channel makes me so sad.. its such cool content that clickbait is not nessy and dont fit at all..
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson 23 dager siden
You could drill some divots in the top of your hand tool rack. They would stay up straight and it's simple and easy.ThankQ.TkEZ>UK
Roy Heffner
Roy Heffner 23 dager siden
That has to be the coolest/best shop of all times. Everything you do is of such high quality.
ooglek 23 dager siden
Many of your video titles have been pretty heavy into the vague clickbait and pretty light to nil on the detail... maybe split the difference? "I stopped uploading to NOpost" (bandwidth sucks) and "Last Time I Do This" (building a wood shop) and "I've only got 24 hours" (build a deck). It feels like you're here for the clicks and ad revenue and not for the content.
Emil Silenhag
Emil Silenhag 23 dager siden
Beautiful “Mount Fuji” :) in the back ground. How high is that mountain..? You don’t need to say the exact number, but just around how many meters? And what altitude is your property? Is there a safe way to the summit? Possible to hike it with skis and climbing skins? I would love to see you and Jack, or someone else go to the summit/alpine touring. I live in Norway, and one of my passions is to do just that, ski mountaineering. But I guess our mountains here is not that advanced. Usually we hike around 1000 meters, before reaching the summit in different mountain areas here in Norway. Highest mountain here is 2400 meters above sea level..and you start at 1000 m above sea level...
Dario Skyline
Dario Skyline 23 dager siden
I miss the temperature being in the corner of the videos. it was 37 degrees here this morning and I've been watching some of the old videos again on the channel lately. Cody - Bring back the temperature?
ramirez036 23 dager siden
Are the thumbs down because the all caps click bait title? Do you dare to make a poll and let the viewers vote, " Do you think my titles are dorky?" Personally I would hit the thumbs up but the titles bug the f out of me sometimes.
Scale War Machines
Scale War Machines 23 dager siden
I’ve used OSB and French Cleats. Still a nice clean effect and very useable.
918 Scott
918 Scott 23 dager siden
Funny... "you know how I am when it comes to glue and gasoline"
entertainTech 23 dager siden
I love your work, but do we need to be subjected to clickbait titles? Just put out good content man🙄
daft nord
daft nord 23 dager siden
in my area every piece of lumber is 2x the cost before the pandemic. A 5/16 osb was $36 a sheet, last year it was $18. A 16ft long 2x12 is almost $40 a piece. i can't imagine trying to do any major project right now
Stickfood 23 dager siden
I once visited the blackforest as a child The giant Kuckkucksuhr was amazing It had stairs in it Like a giant building It was magical
OnyxDrogon 23 dager siden
are you hunting this year Cody? maybe set up a hunt for subscribers some day down the line?
Martin M
Martin M 23 dager siden
Nádhera! Takto to má vypadať v dielni. Pekne všetko na poriadku. Maj sa pekne Wranglerstar.
Scott Gleason
Scott Gleason 23 dager siden
Around here you can get what is called car siding exact same stuff but 5/4 or so thick not 2x
Tim Edwards
Tim Edwards 23 dager siden
You can never have enough tools.........
Tony Jedi Of The Forest
Tony Jedi Of The Forest 23 dager siden
Loved looking at your Sheffield tools. I live in Rotherham which is 6 miles from Sheffield and growing up a bus journey there we would pass dozens of steel works and tool manufacturers. Engineering works that made the tools to win WW II. These provided jobs for all my family members. Unemployment was zero back then. All these world famous firms are now closed down and we now rely on China for our tools. At least the USA still has a thriving knife making industry which I thoroughly support with my knife collection. Sheffield was once known as the knife and steel capital of the world and in one generation it has gone. I never knowingly buy Chinese goods and hope you guys in the USA do the same.
Josh F
Josh F 23 dager siden
I miss the old content. Like when he would do product reviews and stuff. His axe comparison videos are the best ones on NOpost.
Banjo111 1
Banjo111 1 23 dager siden
Great idea thanks God bless.
Dennis Premoli
Dennis Premoli 23 dager siden
Hello from a materials engineer currently studying at Sheffield Uni (UK). We literally have cutlery museums here ahaha Unfortunately, most of what's left are a lot of of abandoned warehouses where steel working was made.
grahame carter
grahame carter 23 dager siden
Can't honestly believe you have put sharp open faced chisel above an shelf holding small objects. Hope you have a big box of plasters. I am enjoying the shop coming together Cody, but that does concern me.
grahame carter
grahame carter 23 dager siden
@Wranglerstar lol. with so many keyboard warriors out there I understand you response. I was just surprised, but as the design is meant to be flexible I have no doubt if you deem fit or not you will move the unit or Shield the blades. Take care Cody, keep up the good work.
Wranglerstar 23 dager siden
Sam Wells
Sam Wells 23 dager siden
Cody, I enjoy your content very much and I'm acutely aware this is your chosen profession now, as such clicks mean money. All of this I comprehend fully. BUT your "click bait" thumbnails are infuriating! There, moan over
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist 23 dager siden
You'd struggle to get more than a curry in Sheffield these days. Diversity....
Michael B.
Michael B. 23 dager siden
Benedict White
Benedict White 23 dager siden
Lke the Sheffield made stuff. Specialist steel. I have lots of Marple chisels, saws and planes. My wooden Marples jack plane really keeps an edge.
Jon Jon
Jon Jon 23 dager siden
1:20 my whole life changed with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
John D
John D 23 dager siden
How lovely it all looks. You just need your stove set up for the cold weather :)
David Lawson
David Lawson 23 dager siden
Wood wedges for spacing and keeping the tools upright???? That way you could tap them in and out as needed
Anthony Lind
Anthony Lind 23 dager siden
House tour?
Joakim Andre Fagerheim Hindenes
Joakim Andre Fagerheim Hindenes 23 dager siden
Hello from Norway🇳🇴 Can you do some testing of power tools video, or cheap vs expenive?
Afonso Guerra
Afonso Guerra 23 dager siden
There is no such thing as too many tools!
Smudger Smith
Smudger Smith 23 dager siden
Lovely to see quality Yorkshire (GB) hand tools appreciated on the West coast of the USA. China hasn't (quite) killed it off yet!
Kody Oliver
Kody Oliver 23 dager siden
Love the workshop. What about removeable dividers for the chisels/screwdrivers? A block of wood (similar to the other dividers but with a lip above the rail to grab and not fall through the rails). That way it could be placed wherever you want and moved in the future as things grow. Thanks for the content! God Bless!
Tommy Stanton
Tommy Stanton 23 dager siden
Love the new shop. What a blessing.
Grace McDonald
Grace McDonald 23 dager siden
Can’t beat Sheffield. Lovely city, locals are so kind and helpful.
Jonathan Cummings
Jonathan Cummings 23 dager siden
Hi Cody. I live about a quarter of a mile from the Robert sorbey factory in Sheffield
Dejavu666 wampas
Dejavu666 wampas 23 dager siden
I am a confirmed bird watcher, but didn’t realize that there actually is a cuckoo bird with the distinctive sound, as in clocks; until recently when I started watching Russian war movies and heard them in the background all the time. That brought a smile to my face.
Michael Owens
Michael Owens 23 dager siden
Thank you for the upload my good sir.
Paul Caskey
Paul Caskey 23 dager siden
Looking great!
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 23 dager siden
I am taking my wife on a trip in December to buy her a clock (she doesn’t know about the clock). It was ironic that you opened with that.
Shawn Dickmann
Shawn Dickmann 23 dager siden
Morning Wranglrstar, may we see your new private forest?
Manaud Longboards
Manaud Longboards 23 dager siden
Cody: I want to keep the wall simple and clean. Also Cody:
CallMeMrChainmail 23 dager siden
If you're willing to take it apart again you could glue some sheep skin to the inside of one or both sides of the rack, it'll keep the blades snug and you can drizzle a little oil on the sheep skin. Over time it'll get permeated with oil and help keep the blades oiled. Just make sure it's not so think you're stabbing through the wool every time you're putting them back in.
The Skeptical Dad
The Skeptical Dad 23 dager siden
You tube decided to put a commercial in you outro exactly when you mentioned GOD. 🙄
Frans Jens
Frans Jens 23 dager siden
Do you have that mustache on a French cleat? My lip is getting tired looking at yours. Lol
Ricky Town
Ricky Town 23 dager siden
I used to love this channel, now it’s just winging like a baby coming from a man with a privileged life
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