We're Losing Our Homestead

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading

Nick Porter
Nick Porter 9 dager siden
Wow. Im done with these grabblers. Youre losing nothing. You have a 2 year old at your ages? Pathetic.
Infidel7153 14 dager siden
Wont miss their insistent whining about everything .it should be titled he cashed out there i fixed it.
boogie banana
boogie banana 19 dager siden
Who else noticed that in the thumbnail and then the rest of the video they were sitting in different places I noticed weird things and they bother me LOL
Isaac K
Isaac K 25 dager siden
I’m enjoying this content!
bobby digital
bobby digital 29 dager siden
mkl4325 Måned siden
Trump supporters
mkl4325 Måned siden
Why don't you just admit to it, instead of making these phony videos?
conmanumber1 Måned siden
O.m.G!, Have you ever entertained a Wranglerstar theme park like running chainsaws, post hole digging, shooting range etc?.
i am deacon
i am deacon Måned siden
boo hoo
Palmer Organic Farms
Palmer Organic Farms Måned siden
Silly people...
kirk58 Måned siden
Ya lost me with this vid.
Chucky Lives
Chucky Lives Måned siden
Complete grifter.
phthalocyanine canary
phthalocyanine canary Måned siden
I love how you two look at Eachother.
Mom25 Måned siden
Why is the audience of this channel so filled with "Karen's"? I mean whine, moan, & groan constantly. You Karen folks seriously need to get over yourselves and stop being so downright rude. it's so annoying.
p3tr0l Måned siden
The quality of the content should draw in users, not the title bait.
Orangetopjk Seb
Orangetopjk Seb Måned siden
All Good We love the Chanel
Leslie Brennan
Leslie Brennan Måned siden
Without change, something in us sleeps... the sleeper must awaken.
James Miller
James Miller Måned siden
Good luck at the new house. What a team
DB Anders videos
DB Anders videos Måned siden
He wouldn't last on the east coast
TopSecretVid Måned siden
Um Adirondack chair..an East Coast thing or um a NY thing.. What was your first clue..😂😂😂
Mommymilestones Måned siden
Misleading title. Done.
:man; Michael.
:man; Michael. Måned siden
Numerous misleading title descriptions.
Behereandlove Måned siden
Thank you for this update...'been following you off & on for years..haven't commented much, but want you to know, that you are very appreciated and loved. I got all teared up as well. Good luck in your new home. Looking forward to witness your new adventures.
Ted H
Ted H Måned siden
Wow. Big changes. Makes me melancholy. Blessings to you and your family on this new adventure
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Måned siden
Man, this channel is just becoming one big whine fest.
Adam W
Adam W Måned siden
Find you a woman who loves her man like mrs W loves hers. you can see she is such a good caring person
Heather Dodge
Heather Dodge Måned siden
Just wanted to comment that I discovered your channel while you were out protecting homes from the fires. I have friends in Oregon, all elderly women living alone, with fires all around them, so I was focused on those areas. Then I went to more of your videos and discovered what an amazing couple you are, so full of love and good humor, which seems rare these days. I wish you the very best in your new place and will continue to keep up with your progress. I have subscribed. Many blessings to you and your family.
Stuart Sullenbarger
Stuart Sullenbarger Måned siden
Am I missing something.....but why do you refer to your wife as mrs.W....just courious....
Derick Niles
Derick Niles Måned siden
Vermont's a special place.
Sassy Grsassy
Sassy Grsassy Måned siden
east coast isnt burning down ! lol jk great vids
Skadisson Deboye
Skadisson Deboye Måned siden
The lighting and color balance in this shot is impacable.
Grunt 49
Grunt 49 Måned siden
There was a man going to Nantucket?
steven lola
steven lola Måned siden
East coast man knows how to use their tools. You threw out 10 of them that, quite honestly, you dont know how to use them, especially the roofing hammer, channel locks, flat wrench and spray foam. But I admire your faith in God.
4470 Z
4470 Z Måned siden
Its literally called an adirondack chair. Add. Er. On. Dack. West coast has california so youre down right there
Edward Cowen
Edward Cowen Måned siden
Was your chair made in Gardener, MA (aka Chair City). That little factory town in Mass is famous world wide for the quality of the chairs they made. Whenever you see a well made chair anywhere, flip it over and see where she was made. You didn’t ask but your welcome.
Karen Jenkins
Karen Jenkins Måned siden
Wow thats cool guys congrats!!
Josh Mcdaniel
Josh Mcdaniel Måned siden
Cody I would love to go fishing with you and listen to a the knowledge you have of things you have done in your life. To the misses of the house hold you do a wonderful job looking after your family and the morals and values you 2 have is a breath of fresh air now a days.
Zack Edwards
Zack Edwards Måned siden
East coast men are way more manly than soy boy left coasters!
Catherine Måned siden
Oh my, I am watching this on September 10th. Life changes suddenly. I hope you didn't lose your home in the fire.
quinn Måned siden
why all the comments from weak minded humans? don't listen to the weak weak weak.
Christina Navarre
Christina Navarre Måned siden
Your wife is beautiful and what a wonderfully bright smile. So fantastic to see. God Bless
JOB1925 Måned siden
Please STOP misleading viewers with your titles!!!!!
Tim Saunders
Tim Saunders Måned siden
More painting...Oh Boy! This is going to be a very, very interesting winter. So, while you stock up on brushes and rollers, I'll stock up on popcorn and beer. Meet you back on your next video.
619aj45 Måned siden
Losing: adjective causing or suffering loss. ????
Beth Deaton
Beth Deaton Måned siden
The good Lord closes a window & opens a door !!! May the Lord continue to bless your family .
Joel Sanford
Joel Sanford Måned siden
East Coast Man knows how to pronounce Adirondack.
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
Seriously some of you need to grow up about the east/west rivalry. It’s good old-fashioned rubbing. You can’t possibly believe that there is any true animosity in this mans words. He’s genuine and caring based on what I’ve watched. Don’t be so sensitive fellas
Deb Gagne
Deb Gagne Måned siden
Mainer here!!! 💕
BillyBobsbrother Måned siden
Hey, where could a guy send 50-100 bucks to put toward the expansion of the shop? Al
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
I certainly do not speak for this channel but he does sell merchandise. If you don’t get a direct answer try that. Imo
Sow AG
Sow AG Måned siden
Congratulations on selling everything and cashing in. Hope it works out.
Hippie Hill Homestead
Hippie Hill Homestead Måned siden
Good luck in the future. Life is about change. Change is good!!!!!
Dennis Summers
Dennis Summers Måned siden
Ive often thought about making a youtube video about my ingrown toenail. But thought nobody would watch it. But after this. Hell Im gonna go for it.
Harald Hardrada
Harald Hardrada Måned siden
Wow. Big Thumbs up for such movement. I am looking forward for new content.
Carnivore Bear
Carnivore Bear Måned siden
A fishing trip sounds awesome. Great content. Can't wait to see what the future holds. God bless you and yours.
J Graham
J Graham Måned siden
I lost my wife in 2015 to cancer. She homeschooled our kids for years too. I know what I'm talking about when I say…..your wife is a gem.....treasure her!
bpetnoi Måned siden
Yep just another fake video title to get people to click. Minute I got to the comments I stopped watching this video
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith Måned siden
How is so many people mean? God Bless You and the Family!!
rockets push off air
rockets push off air Måned siden
Wow! All the negativity just because there was a happy ending. *Congrats on your decision* it's time to make new memories. :) Good example of don't be attached to anything in this life.
Tiki Tavi
Tiki Tavi Måned siden
Losing the homestead and gaining a couple million dollars.
Adam Engelberth
Adam Engelberth Måned siden
As long as California is on the west coast and NYC is on the east coast, I'll be forever proud of being a Midwestern man!
paddy boom
paddy boom Måned siden
title should have read "doing quite well, starting a new and larger bus..thanks utubers:
Sunset Hosta Farm
Sunset Hosta Farm Måned siden
Title is rather misleading
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy Måned siden
I love you guys!
v1antbo Måned siden
"East coast man may not know much" thats a hoot. Don't be a ....
Steven James
Steven James Måned siden
Where do you call home? Or I should say where did you call home? Before you moved.😃
Tim Kirkpatrick
Tim Kirkpatrick Måned siden
you make beer from bread!
Dan Thornton
Dan Thornton Måned siden
Best thing I’ve found for removing cob webs is my shop vac.👍👍
Ron Carter
Ron Carter 2 måneder siden
East coast men ?????? And what’s happening in Portland oregon
Larry Fedar
Larry Fedar 2 måneder siden
This guy seems like a professional victim.
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Måned siden
Absolutely nailed it Larry Fedar, each an every video is him pissing and whining about something. The one that annoyed me in particular was him moaning that the volunteer fire department he was on was ‘wasting his time’ so he quit. Don’t stay and try and change or improve the department, just quit like a spoilt child.
Suzy Måned siden
If you don't like the videos then move along to another you may enjoy. Personally I enjoy this family very much. Good luck!
Austin Måned siden
Well he is from the liberal west coast sooooo
krinkle stuff
krinkle stuff Måned siden
he comes off like that in all his videos. his whining sure does get the clicks.
TheTopMostDog 2 måneder siden
Oh man, I'm so keen for the wealth of new content this new place is going to provide. You're gonna have a real pick of things to change or fix for some time, I'm sure!
bobbofly 2 måneder siden
With all due respect, East coast men were the founders of our nation & the original "can do it all" survivalist/preppers. Granted, that's gotten mostly flushed down the pot over the centuries, but it wasn't always that way. There's still some good foot-holds for it out east, just gotta look a bit harder these days. Always hope if you look enough... ;)
michael Picard
michael Picard 2 måneder siden
Good, see ya
BasBleu02 2 måneder siden
I admire and respect Mrs. W *so* much! I hope we see more of her after y'all settle into your new place. Many thanks for all that you share with us, and best wishes and blessings in this new phase of your lives.
Paul Cobb Doula
Paul Cobb Doula 2 måneder siden
God bless you all
Samuel Ottosen
Samuel Ottosen 2 måneder siden
God bless you're family. Wish you all the best 👍
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez 2 måneder siden
Remember that drone?
kelly brooks
kelly brooks 2 måneder siden
I said get the whole left side of the country back to the Native Americans and the Mexicans
QualServ Electric
QualServ Electric 2 måneder siden
Nice bait n' switch title bro...aka, "a lie". Unsubbed.
:man; Michael.
:man; Michael. Måned siden
If only NOpost would stop recommending his videos. i keep clicking not interested and still NOpost recommends them.
Dave lambardo
Dave lambardo 2 måneder siden
At least you screened for Democrat Californians. Oregon has plenty already.
redlywaxer 2 måneder siden
I just discovered your channel today and wanted to say you both are delightful! Made my day
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
Why is love according to the method of the "baal hasulam" is the solution to all troubles for humanity? Because all nature is a force, a feature, a system, a formula of love. Of connection and unity between opposites, between hot and cold, hard to soft, white and black, male and female, sweet and bitter, light and dark. In every atom and particle, in every inanimate plant and life, the whole universe and beyond, the whole reality is the result of a connection between opposites. For humanity and the individual, one power rules from the day of birth, hatred of others and self-love at its expense, egoism. By combining the power of love with the equation, man maintains the connection between the opposites and thus stops resisting nature, and enters into harmony with it, which is the goal of nature, to do good to creatures. Until then, man will suffer great and immense suffering in order to recognize and submit to the demand of nature, He must strive in his power and choice in loving others. Thus he will acquire intellect and wisdom to connect the two opposites and will complete the nature that was created with unintentional intent, but rather man must complete it, and manage it, and bring it to perfection. And why did nature do that? (Nature and God are the same gematria 86) In order for man to grow and develop in his free choice and thus conduct creation as the conductor of an orchestra, And if man had been created in advance corrected and perfected? So he was like a perfect animal, dog and cat. But their rank as a robot is controlled with no free choice but absolute instinct dominates them. After all, a real benefit from a father to his son is nothing but that the son rises and grows according to the rank of his father and even above him. We were to conquer nature just like the one who created it. And not when judging and living a dog and a cat. If so the solution Is not in increasing the hatred from which it is not lacking and will never be lacking because that is how it has been imprinted on us from the day of birth (Media you do a very bad job just a pity a lot of beatings along the way !!!!) Nor in the abolition of hatred because it is power is in nature and should not be abolished. But only in the addition of love and connection and oneness addition upon addition while being aware of the process. The people of Israel will wake up !!! Followed by the whole world !!!!! Nature (G-d) requires connection and oneness and if not, he has every means to educate man and humanity until his surrender. He will not rest or sleep until the purpose of creation is completed. To do good to creatures. Come, O Bnei Yisrael, you are the first to realize this study !!!!!!!! And when you know, you will teach your brothers the peoples of the world. This is called light to the Gentiles. And this is a job we do not deserve at all in the meantime. "For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples!" Love friends only love. It is the solution for every individual and for everyone together. how? To do propaganda of connection and not of separation and hatred ....
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
@David Patton The lie is to think that someone will do the work for you. Only you can do the job yourself. And what does it matter who and what controls. The main thing is to abide by the rules. And the general law is the love of others. Enough to hope for miracles. Law of nature, law of God, law of Christ. The main thing is the observance of the law. Uninteresting settings. And reality will prove.
David Patton
David Patton 2 måneder siden
It's a lie to present the "creation" as the source of life, love, and truth. Jesus Christ, the Creator, is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is eternal, has all power, and is the judge of all mankind. God Almighty is outside of creation. It is foolish rebellion to declare that creation is god.
chris l
chris l 2 måneder siden
michael shaw
michael shaw 2 måneder siden
Best of luck with the next chapter of your life. Onwards and upwards.
Josey Zadoria
Josey Zadoria 2 måneder siden
Awesome! I have learned so much by watching this channel! Thank you for sharing your life and wisdom! From a fellow Christian!
domain mojo
domain mojo 2 måneder siden
I love you guys! I've been a subscriber since about- what.. 2015/2016? You're a great example to others man! Real, honest, down-to-earth, God-fearing and right-thinking people, that are family-oriented. Love from Africa!
Rene 2 måneder siden
Great idea to have a community bldg. for homeschooling! Where do you live? County and State?
Rex Austin
Rex Austin 2 måneder siden
what a scam
TheBoxclimber 2 måneder siden
some times one has to lose to win. god bless yous and the move
Joyce Robertson
Joyce Robertson 2 måneder siden
Where are you located?
Joyce Robertson
Joyce Robertson 2 måneder siden
an american
an american 2 måneder siden
Adirondack chairs are great . Here in the ADK they’re everywhere always . Makes real nice for a sit
ProTrees 2 måneder siden
Ok Back to what I came to youtube for ... - Rock videos like rock music ! ya!
ProTrees 2 måneder siden
I like East coast people! -Because they are on the east coast.
Tom Eyssen
Tom Eyssen 2 måneder siden
Your always welcome to the East Tennesse mountains! 😊
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 2 måneder siden
You two are so loved and precious it’s not even funny. You guys are therapeutic for me to watch. No joke. I’ve never met a couple ever including my parents that have such a beautiful marriage and compliment one another as you two do. Love u guys.
Space Man
Space Man 2 måneder siden
Thx you for being a great example of what family should be
Anthony Cioppa
Anthony Cioppa 2 måneder siden
Hey Jimmy Diresta is an East coast man. Can't wait to see the new place and food luck.
Rick Timmons
Rick Timmons 2 måneder siden
Happy beautiful wife, happy life! sell it - build underground! rent out the above ground area; reserve you an fenced in hide house - just a large garage with kitchen meeting room and bathroom hidden fresh water cistern and pump to septic tank above. install hidden cameras on surface install concrete cover for elevator door. build many rooms with bunker steel doors on each. yes you can do it! think before you build. I saw a german family construct that showed the methods. i recommend rooms be topped with plastic liner to prevent water leakage. bilge pumps in every room. generator room with muffled walls and ceiling. will require a air filter from outside and exhaust to filtered above air exit. always plan a secondary exit from the start for all exhaust and emergencies. surround with cedar and willow trees and pompass grass to hid constructs. the key is HIDDEN. SILENCE - DO NOT TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. BUY materials from far away stores, even next states. get multiple PO box numbers to confuse anyone investigating of activies.
mopeman440 2 måneder siden
You guys are an inspiration to all! I hope someday my wife and I can meet you!
Superstephen1977 2 måneder siden
Watched a couple episodes, you guys seem cool so I subscribed! Here in Canada I call your chairs muskoka chairs !ps I seen your drone video grrr !freaking people
TalithaRise 2 måneder siden
I SEE the love
CHRISTFOLLOWER 2 måneder siden
God is always in control. The good lord has better plans for you. Just trust in him. We will never know what reason God does what he does. Faith gets tested. To build you up. What I'm saying is Jesus said I will never leave nor forsake you. God Bless you and your family. Pray without ceasing.
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