I Am Triggered

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3 måneder siden

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Skylar Hudson
Skylar Hudson Dag siden
You make the videos everyone else is scared to make and you say what others are scared to say because it may hurt someone's feelings. Hardwork, God, guns, family. Thats why I respect you and you've helped me with alot of things and helped me learn alot of things in life as well and for that I thank you. God bless Mr wranglerstar.
Maximus Måned siden
Cody, I recently discovered your channel and I've become an enthusiastic fan. I think you're doing a great job, love watching your videos, and they've helped me make a couple of decisions already. Keep up the great work.
Michael Turner
Michael Turner Måned siden
"Average guy"....ok. But these "wranglerstar" videos do look like very professional productions, like they might be using green-screen and CGI and other professional hollywood type production methods.
richard shaw
richard shaw Måned siden
Hi id say we all log in to watch your variety of content and thank you for all your do and show so we can learn if we like to or just sit back and just enjoy and laugh along with you as you do Cody your the man 🤠👌👍
Egan Fo
Egan Fo Måned siden
I’m new to your channel and what draws me in is your honesty and your work ethic. You’ve got so much going on and I appreciate you sharing what’s happening. Our politics may not align, but there’s a lot of great things you’re doing which provides motivation for myself and others. Keep up the awesome work. Yep, assembly line work is the pits, I admire anyone who can do that type of work.
geochaben Måned siden
Don't let the bastards grind you down.
50 shades Of FDE
50 shades Of FDE Måned siden
Obviously missed the comments point ... this is no where near the great channel it once was
Bauer Carpet
Bauer Carpet Måned siden
Don’t ever be sorry for doing what you believe in. For being the kind of person that strives for not only what’s right, but what’s good. You have every right and reason to not only better yourself, but your family also.
Jim Verreault
Jim Verreault Måned siden
Just came across you for the first time today and have to say that you sir, have more common sense than most people I’ve ever met in my sixty years on this planet.
Beverly Rutherford
Beverly Rutherford Måned siden
Beverly Rutherford
Beverly Rutherford Måned siden
Meant to put 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 instead of flags but they work to:)
Beverly Rutherford
Beverly Rutherford Måned siden
Y’all obviously have worked very hard for where y’all are today:). Nobody should ever say anything that y’all are where y’all are today! Plus I also believe by y’all’s faith in Jesus & y’all’s tithing pleases the Lord:). But surely y’all have things that don’t arise that put y’all in distress to:(. But Praise to God keep on doing what y’all are doing:)🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
5wisher 5weet
5wisher 5weet 2 måneder siden
The commenter is confusing your channel with the Off the Ranch channel
Beverly Rutherford
Beverly Rutherford 2 måneder siden
I believe that y’all have worked hard over the years to get to where y’all are:). Don’t worry about other people think:(
Josh 2 måneder siden
Damn dude. Sounds like you can’t hold a job.
cory vincent
cory vincent 2 måneder siden
Just want to say i appreciate all you do and show. You will always have a supporter in me. We may not agree on everything but that won't change that i think you are doing great.
scott sauritch
scott sauritch 2 måneder siden
That guy sounds like he's just bitter he's not must not be doing very well at this time...
Dillons Woodworks
Dillons Woodworks 2 måneder siden
I absolutely love this video! You are 100% correct! I think you and I are very much alike. I don't like doing the same thing every day. I get bored. Like you, once i learn and do well at something i like to move on. I'm always trying to improve and learn. I love this video because it shows your passion. I have lots of respect for what you are doing. Life is too short to try to please others. Follow your heart brother. I sincerely love this video. Thanks for sharing.
a 2345193
a 2345193 2 måneder siden
"Today's posting is going to be a furious rant." The best kind of rant there is! You tell them!
vovasgarage 2 måneder siden
Leaving a comment because your work u do here is great.
Mike Saxman
Mike Saxman 2 måneder siden
Cody, far MORE people LIKE what you are doing (the video-change-up thing) than NOT...or you wouldn't HAVE over 1.57 subscribers. (TO ALL COMMENTERS...DID I STUTTER OR SAY SOMETHING YOU DIDN'T UNDERSTAND?)
Ed Reguera
Ed Reguera 2 måneder siden
Sincerity and honesty are in your words, keep doing what you're doing,
WranglerArmy 2 måneder siden
HardWired417 2 måneder siden
And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate...
Joe Bidenbottom boy
Joe Bidenbottom boy 2 måneder siden
I have been watching you for years! your the bomb!
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer Lee 2 måneder siden
Looking forward to your future.
Devin Mills
Devin Mills 2 måneder siden
I’m new to this channel, but I really like this dude. He’s authentic, straight up and unapologetic. Wranglerstar 💪🙏👊
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie 2 måneder siden
well said
Tommy Stone
Tommy Stone 2 måneder siden
I agree with you holl hardly. God speed 🙏
Ginger Kitties Four
Ginger Kitties Four 2 måneder siden
Cody, I agree with you 100%.
Alex 2 måneder siden
I've never felt the need to comment before, but I'd like to do my part to offset the negativity that keeps coming your way. I appreciate you, I love your videos, you're an inspiration to many, and I wish you well on your next adventure! God bless-
Michael Hewitt
Michael Hewitt 2 måneder siden
BlueKingfisher 2 måneder siden
The bottom line - Mr Irving has the choice to view your channel or not. He is privileged to have that option. Do what you do and let him do what he likes. Don't let it worry you , he has an opinion, I expect it's good to to hear it. Good luck.
Mac McEllheney
Mac McEllheney 2 måneder siden
So True. I for one. Support you 100%.
JoAnn Lamberti
JoAnn Lamberti 3 måneder siden
People are jealous, they want what you have but don't want to put in the work.
Knoby 89
Knoby 89 3 måneder siden
please do what you want too do, do what you and your great family love too do and don't get upset about the grumbling. Thank you very much. best regards from Germany
fiskfarm 3 måneder siden
As far as I can tell you guys work your butts off. I have done vids for my channel and find it to be far harder than any labor or projects we do around our homestead. You make it look so easy and I know what it takes to make it look easy. It is hard grueling work and you owe no apologies to anyone. I hope you have a good stream with a 60' head on that new property so you can go micro hydro and never pay a dime for electric ever again. Can't wait to see your coming vids.
Midtown Frank
Midtown Frank 3 måneder siden
Well said, and great goals! Keep on keeping one!
Warren Quirke
Warren Quirke 3 måneder siden
If they ain't aiding you ,you don't aid or need them peace.from Ireland
Eastman Research
Eastman Research 3 måneder siden
A big Amen to your rant.
R C 3 måneder siden
Why would you get triggered from what other people say about how much money you earn or how you spend it? Remember, you can't control what people think of you because it exists only in their minds. Live you life and enjoy it.
Lara O'neal
Lara O'neal 3 måneder siden
Cody you are one the most interesting persons I see ever. You have high intelligence and u are very eclectic in ur interests. I’m an urban female and very eclectic also so even myself is interested in ur content. I love seeing a great husband and father be inspirational to his family and to us also. You are a TEACHER.
Susan Adams
Susan Adams 3 måneder siden
Your are living mine and my husbands dream! We are 68 yrs old and are dreaming of getting our own homestead soon. God Bless you and yours! 👏👏
Jordan Crowder
Jordan Crowder 3 måneder siden
I bet you're an Enneagram 5, love that there's something new/different each video. (Speaking as a 5w4)
Lazy Daze
Lazy Daze 3 måneder siden
Wranglerstar is just a better version of me =/
The Pearl
The Pearl 3 måneder siden
I understand completely - adventures in learning and experiencing new things is what I believe keeps us alive! To stay at the same place doing the same thing with the same people at the same time everyday to me is a death knell. For some it represents security and they do very well with it. For me it represents stagnation which can squelch creativity and and passion for living.
Donald Bailey
Donald Bailey 3 måneder siden
I think you are doing just fine. I will try to follow you where ever you go. I support you. I encourage you. I pray that God above blesses you and your family beyond your dreams. Thank you for all the videos you have done and letting us into your life. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for being you. Squash the haters. Peace be unto you.
Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch
Markus.-Frank. Kumitsch 3 måneder siden
Simple, You do what You like to do and keep doing it. And we, those that like it will keep watching it cause we are interested in it. But I see you get easy triggered by people You shouldn't even consider as in a position to do so. Just consider them a negligible single fate for whom it is not worth losing it.
War Against Myself
War Against Myself 3 måneder siden
You dont owe anyone any explanation man.
Mindy Wolff
Mindy Wolff 3 måneder siden
Cody, I have always enjoyed your videos. One of the biggest reasons why I enjoy you is because it always feels as though we are having a conversation, or you are up to something new and interesting. You are the sort of family I would actually be friends with. I do miss the videos from Mrs. W. Perhaps she would consider doing it once you are in the new place?
villagelightsmith 3 måneder siden
Rob Hecke
Rob Hecke 3 måneder siden
You have a great channel. The content is you. You’re a very real, very knowledgeable and respectable guy. There’s a lotta assholes out there emboldened by the freedom of speaking to someone through a keyboard. Keep doing what you’re doing. Some of these guys aren’t worth the explanation.
JD Brown
JD Brown 3 måneder siden
Great content that is interesting to us curious folks, many of whom have had different experiences. Keep up the great work, Cody. Great job, man. God Bless!
Dewey Segler
Dewey Segler 3 måneder siden
It's amazing how much of this jealousy is on NOpost. You just can't worry about these . When you have this many subscribers you are going to have a few asshats.
Dave Dennis
Dave Dennis 3 måneder siden
Ten years of videos about axes LOL Too funny. You're just like me. I was always that way. Once I get it and experience it, I'm ready to move on. But I'm less successful.
Derick C
Derick C 3 måneder siden
I think your doing a great job, been following you over the years and the progression has been really inspiring! God bless
Armor Vestrus
Armor Vestrus 3 måneder siden
You just keep doing what you like and don't worry about any negative comments. We like you because we don't know what to expect next and that is Okay. Cheers and Thumbs up.
Charles Raines
Charles Raines 3 måneder siden
All My children are adults now even though I’m only 48 & way too young to be as broken physically as I am. I stil do what I can physically but am so very limited now. My younger daughter, oldest son, & youngest of 5 whom is also a son now live with me & we have plans to move, acquire more land further in the country than we currently live and within the next 2-5 yrs have our own homestead.... I enjoy your content so thank you for your channel.
Charles Raines
Charles Raines 3 måneder siden
I absolutely agree with everything you’ve said in this video. I came from blue collar low middle class family. I was extremely lucky that every time my father had a project he had my bro & I right beside him helping. We learned so many practical skills: carpentry, plumbing, mechanical, welding, etc., all of which I’ve used to some extent every day of my adult life. I advanced in all my jobs, owned my own business & did well enough to provide very comfortable life for my own family. Unfortunately 15 yrs ago i permanently damaged my lower back & haven’t been able to work since so have fallen to almost poverty level scraping by on Soc Sec Disability. I support anyone who has the drive to better themselves as is the American dream!! So I fully support all you’ve done, I fully agree with your statements in this video. I only wish I had the financial ability to live as you do.
danny abe
danny abe 3 måneder siden
I doubt wranglerstar has more money then he knows that to do with but I'm sure he makes a decent living.
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 3 måneder siden
I watched this and said to myself, "That sounds just like me!" I appreciate your honesty and willingness to take us along with you on your journey.
Mark Mexcur
Mark Mexcur 3 måneder siden
You're a go getter and not afraid to work hard to get ahead...this is America where this type of thing is rewarded right?
VergePermaculture 3 måneder siden
Cody, I am not sure why you need to justify yourself to anyone. Your channel is great, you have worked to get there and YT has a great delete and block option for idiots that make stupid comments on videos they don't pay for. Just ignore it, or turn off the comments entirely.
DR Dan
DR Dan 3 måneder siden
The guy is just envious of your life because he wishes he could be you and that makes him feel bad about his own failures. Hell, I wish I had his life but its my own fault that I don't.
SIgaming 3 måneder siden
i have a feeling that the reason they are working so tirelessly on the home stead is to fix it up to sell. Just a wild guess. Either way no matter the location the spirit remains
William Arnold
William Arnold 3 måneder siden
I really have no idea why your channel came up in my feed, but it must have been God! I relate to you on many levels. I was raised in a Christian home, but have not been to church in years. I have been treated like garbage by " Christians"! I am watching and following the channel. God bless you and the channel.
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Welcome friend,
mathiasaxelsson 3 måneder siden
You really shouldn't pay too much attention to "some guy's" comments.
Tom 3 måneder siden
The Lord's blessings and hand on it all...
David van Deijk
David van Deijk 3 måneder siden
"i have worked with common folk, and come from common folk" Listen to yourself. you sound like obama when you say stuff like this.
Lee Thomas
Lee Thomas 3 måneder siden
Haters need to try sucking less at life and work for what they want like the rest of us average people
WildandLiving 3 måneder siden
It's seems like you have more then others because you didn't spend money on certain things it's choices on what you spend money on some just do it better
A-Bit O'blarney
A-Bit O'blarney 3 måneder siden
Looking forward to following your journey Cody! God bless and stay strong warrior!
jcnme2020 3 måneder siden
Amen Brother ! PRAISE GOD for Hard work ! Proverbs 3 vs 5 & 6
Saj Ayyy
Saj Ayyy 3 måneder siden
Great video man. Subbed, you're what the average man aspires to be.
landon miller
landon miller 3 måneder siden
He’s not a sellout because a sellout would trade his family for all the money in the world bud cody is the type of guy that would get rid of everything to keep his family, he’s wealthy not because of family but because he has his family
Paul Mann
Paul Mann 3 måneder siden
A jack of all trades master of none 👍👍
AB_015 3 måneder siden
Don't worry about what others say. Focus on your passions! That person is just a Negative Nancy.
Justin Cloncs
Justin Cloncs 3 måneder siden
No explanation needed... happy and excited for the future of the channel, you and your family
working class Bear
working class Bear 3 måneder siden
You give many of us helpful info and even if i know how to do something i might find a different better way to complete a task. Thanks W/S keep CRUSHING!
Corban Finn
Corban Finn 3 måneder siden
huge respect, cody. you can come across a statement meant to hurt you, but then turn it into a lesson for *everybody* . And the love you still have for the commenter is huge. good job
johnny humm
johnny humm 3 måneder siden
I call it the rock and roll paradox, people like a band then complain that their new stuff sounds just like the old stuff, then they come out with something that sounds different and get called sellouts for NOT sounding like they used to.
bram van kessel
bram van kessel 3 måneder siden
its all good
Drew L.
Drew L. 3 måneder siden
"You're an average guy."...Damn right, Wranglestar. Have fun with your locktite.
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 3 måneder siden
People really are mad because Cody is just more intelligent than them by a lot 🤣
Eric Martin
Eric Martin 3 måneder siden
Don’t let trolls stress you out, they are miserable and misery loves company
Rafe Natho
Rafe Natho 3 måneder siden
It's not the American dream anymore. The brainwashed pinko leftist commies who are worthless lazy non-contributing I want it now and I want it for free are spouting up faster than rabbits reproduce. I'm a foreigner I'm my own country. I'm very thankful I understand that this world is not my home.
Brad Nelson
Brad Nelson 3 måneder siden
You nailed it!!! I enjoy and admire viewing your obvious passions. Thank you for all you do. Be extra blessed and enjoy it!
MADPAK Products
MADPAK Products 3 måneder siden
Neighbors helping neighbors. In service to our brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for sharing your gift. In Service...
Dick Hertz
Dick Hertz 3 måneder siden
To Steve Irving, Glad you replied, and " THE THIRD PERSON" actually replied to You! If I tried it, I would be BANNED! AGREE 100% With You, Thanks Nuff Said or Mr. W will go off on Me.
Terry Manes
Terry Manes 3 måneder siden
Keep on keeping on.
Russell Ferreira
Russell Ferreira 3 måneder siden
Well done , I totally get it ✌️♥️🤘
Cody Bassett
Cody Bassett 3 måneder siden
I feel much the same way in being a jack of all trades
John Bhoy
John Bhoy 3 måneder siden
I love these types of videos were it is you and a camera, and you are speaking with passion from the heart. You are one the most interesting, fun and hardworking people on NOpost. You are also so,so honest which I really respect. Thank you, all the best to you and yours.🇮🇪🇺🇸
John Bhoy
John Bhoy 3 måneder siden
That comment was incredibly stupid and not well thought out. Cody should ignore such nonsense.
Shane Roper
Shane Roper 3 måneder siden
People don't make videos constantly on NOpost without there being a reward for it. It's a source of income, and a decent one.
James Dolan
James Dolan 3 måneder siden
You do great work and have a great ministry.
Stephen Ebling
Stephen Ebling 3 måneder siden
"I will never be the world's best at something...because I'm too curious..." Resonates more than you know... - Me
Violinist_1991 3 måneder siden
You make good content very educated.
Ken Anderson Jr
Ken Anderson Jr 3 måneder siden
Thinking back into my history watching your videos, 3 things come to mind... 1. Faith, 2. Family and 3. different content. That is why I still watch: you inspire, educate and entertain. I think we both base our lives modeled after a certain Jewish carpenter. God Bless you, your family and pray for America.
Tommy Weeks
Tommy Weeks 3 måneder siden
Totally enjoy your videos and its content, keep on keeping on! From this video it seems you and I have much in common.
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