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20 dager siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading.

jackboy1993 Time siden
Hey Cody. Liking your videos and your workshop set-up. Watching every video you make. I'm from the UK. What's the fascination with the military weaponry? It costs so much, for what purpose? Lots of time, money and space spent on it. Is it just a hobby/past-time, or is it preparation for the apocalypse? Those kind of things are illegal here in the UK, and for good reason. Only law enforcement and military have them for one purpose, only and rarely used when necessary, so why do Americans believe so passionately about this stuff? Genuine question, no offence intended. I struggle to understand how this stuff links into homesteading.
michael wood
michael wood 12 timer siden
Wtf is a cartridge dispersal unit?
Rick Henry
Rick Henry 17 timer siden
I can not believe what this world is coming to. Live & let live.
Jeffrey Pringle
Jeffrey Pringle Dag siden
I'm always looking for the Loctite bottle, lol. Your setup is looking great, well thought out!
Jonathan James
Jonathan James Dag siden
Just when I thought I had enough ammo 😔... I see Cody's pile and I'm back out in the rat race!
jeremyolney 2 dager siden
Metallurgical accelerometer is the metric version. Lol
Jon Smith
Jon Smith 4 dager siden
I don't care how rich you are everybody loves a great deal.
Apollo Prospector
Apollo Prospector 4 dager siden
10:00 100%
alaire seventy3
alaire seventy3 5 dager siden
It's a beauty.
Jason Craig
Jason Craig 5 dager siden
Love the shop so far Cody. Nice work as always.
John Noel
John Noel 6 dager siden
How said to watch our 1st amendment being dismantled
Gadget Addict
Gadget Addict 6 dager siden
That's the reality. Most people questioning your security will be the ones who keep their cartridge dispersal unit tucked under the bed.
John Fogelsanger
John Fogelsanger 7 dager siden
Shouldn't the Cartridges be keep in a temperature controlled area ?
Ray Jessop lll
Ray Jessop lll 7 dager siden
Cartridge dispersion units? Lmao I think you've started something
HystericalTwit 8 dager siden
All that ammo... haha... I guess it will help keep you safe for a while... but you will run out eventually when wave after wave of the zombie hoards swarm on your homestead... remember to save one bullet.
Edward Coe
Edward Coe 9 dager siden
those safes look great! where did they come from? (if you said in the video and I missed it, I'm sorry)
Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith 10 dager siden
Nice lockers! Name brand?
Pete Needham
Pete Needham 10 dager siden
Hey up from Sheffield U.K. am a massive fan of you and the family am enjoying your adventures 👍🏼 Worked as a maintenance fitter for Yorkshire water from school then spent many a year in the steel industry mostly on drop stamps and hammers. Keep it up mate and all the best Pete.
Painset Leane
Painset Leane 10 dager siden
con calma daddy
Jordan Goldschmidt
Jordan Goldschmidt 10 dager siden
If Cartridge Dispersal Unit is the new linguistics yoga you’re having to incorporate, you may also consider acronyms. CDUs, L-CDU, S-CDU, etc. LOL
Sammy Ymmas
Sammy Ymmas 10 dager siden
COME ON MAN! They are called high speed projectile accerlerator devices
That1ufo 10 dager siden
Did you treat finish the wood? or was it pre-finished
K9er 11 dager siden
CDU's...I like it Cody ;-)
The Angry White Man Speaks
The Angry White Man Speaks 11 dager siden
Stop with listening to TROLLS!!
55commander 11 dager siden
American commercial brand
55commander 11 dager siden
Should be American commercial brand locks.
Lloyd Smart
Lloyd Smart 11 dager siden
Are you not allowed to say "gun" or "bullet" on NOpost?
Steve Shepard
Steve Shepard 12 dager siden
You're wayyyyyy out pocket knowing what causes electronic malfunction. No one is saying 'fear.' Just saying devices aren't impacted by 'smokes,' is absurd. It could be sanding dust, smoke, normal dust, then your normal use. There are Engineers that gauge this use simply from you saying "IT BROKE. I'M SO MAD **NERD RAGE**"
Michael s
Michael s 12 dager siden
feral kid
feral kid 12 dager siden
I got about 25. All but a couple belonged to my dad, great uncle and grandfathers. Cherished heirlooms, the lot of them.
Green- Zone
Green- Zone 12 dager siden
Is this real? Cartridge dispersion units. I think you are going to have to hire crew of radical flesh and blood units to utilize the dispersion units to their full potential. I do not qualify as militia member. Just saying. Best of luck with the master plan. You asked for suggestions. Sell those units and focus on the better things in life. Yes I do have one unit but I am not preparing for war. I have more faith than that.
mwnciboo 12 dager siden
100% agree, a weapon working bench is better off out of the House. If you want a firearm in the house do so, but I wouldn't criticise people for having a different view.
feral kid
feral kid 12 dager siden
I know security because I lived with my thieving cousin for a couple years and I know just how he thinks.
Ellen Brooks
Ellen Brooks 12 dager siden
NOpost is great for us looking to learn about ( stuff) and I hope no toes are stepped on but NOpost sounds like DEM ( BLM)
Ellen Brooks
Ellen Brooks 12 dager siden
What about a rubber stall mate on the table
Codie Kennedy
Codie Kennedy 13 dager siden
This is the cleanest shop I've ever seen and someone said something about dust? Lol their are people making bullets in their dusty basement with cobwebs everywhere. Maybe not ideal for the basement guy but come on now everything can't be perfect
Jack Rodriguez
Jack Rodriguez 13 dager siden
Cartridge dispersion units Perfect
TTR6 TTR1 13 dager siden
My dad really liked the round locks he figured that with the least ammount of the locking rod exposed it would be harder to break in to cant get in to those things with a couple of wrenches
Tim Byrd
Tim Byrd 13 dager siden
Wait, do you actually get in trouble for saying words like “guns”? What’s the world coming to? Love the setup Cody!!
Porkchop 13 dager siden
For my work top I have the same rubber used for mudflaps on trucks. My dad got a roll of it from his supplier at work and we’ve used this stuff for everything in our garages. We’ve been on the same roll for 15 years
M Hermes
M Hermes 13 dager siden
Nice setup. I would have run the electrical behind the wood wall for a cleaner look as you are filming your projects.
William Olliges
William Olliges 13 dager siden
Love the walls. I used t&g for the ceiling in my mini shop. However, I got lazy and deployed T111 siding for the interior walls. Due to the cost of nine foot T111, I used eight foot T111, and cut one foot T111 to go above. I then trimmed the T&G off leftover ceiling material to make molding to cover the seams. Not critical of your design, just offering viewers options for the same type of look.
John Yap
John Yap 13 dager siden
Love it. Cartridge dispersing units.
aes0p 13 dager siden
Modern fearmongering. What a sad decline.
P D 13 dager siden
Well I now see where all the ammo went to
eric ryals
eric ryals 13 dager siden
Boxes of freedom waiting to fly out of a freedom dispenser
London Acres
London Acres 13 dager siden
Anyone that has watched your channel for any length of time should automatically assume that you were gonna have a security system for the shop. Especially if you’re keeping your “cartridge dispersion units” in there. 🤣
SlyDog 14 dager siden
It's time to test Padlocks!
Roger Whiting
Roger Whiting 14 dager siden
You apologize way too much. If people dont like what you are doing.... let it be. YOUR channel is about YOU! Social media is all about haters that hate themselves most. Haters need to be stirring the pot constantly. JUST SHOW US YOUR LIFE AND HOW YOU DO THINGS! Dont even address the haters. There are LOADS of us here because we want to see how you live... and learn from your unusual life. Be YOURSELF man...
Swedish Nuts
Swedish Nuts 14 dager siden
I’m surprised NOpost will let you say knife. Lol metaled alloy tissue separator.
Ryan Fischer
Ryan Fischer 14 dager siden
I had this discussion with my neighbor the other day. He came upon a rather large collection of semi collectible, but not rare or especially high value firearms, which he bought . He ran out and bought a 40 gun safe for who knows how much. And I asked him, what would have been cheaper? A rider on his homeowners policy, or that safe? Safes are great for items that are especially valuable and rare (both to you and to everyone else), but a gun cabinet, or locker offers relative security for a fraction of the cost, and ultimately if they aren’t rare or all that collectible, insure them for what it would cost to replace, it’s often times cheaper. I would suggest exceptional bench lighting to the station. There’s a lot of dark areas you’ll need a lot of light on with those tools, that’s always been my biggest complaint when cleaning, maintaining, or repairing.
Ben Miller
Ben Miller 14 dager siden
So that's where all the 5.56 is going 😂. Look great
Kyle Winder
Kyle Winder 15 dager siden
so nobody was asking about what brand cabinets you bought are? id like a set or 2 of my own
Jeffrey Bourassa
Jeffrey Bourassa 15 dager siden
I love the term "cartridge distribution devices" Haha
Daryl Powell
Daryl Powell 15 dager siden
Abloy Protec2 PL 330 Padlock might be worth a look.
bigjohnypoper 15 dager siden
I use abus titanium padlocks all keyed alike
BILLHOVER 15 dager siden
As for the cleaning bench, may be one end not restricted to allow clearance for using cleaning rod, bore checking etc. I normally do a dry run to see what i can do on the bench after years ago putting a bench in a corner of my machine shop and then found out i had limited it use badly i had to move some heavy machines around again to sort my mistake out.
Dakota Murray
Dakota Murray 15 dager siden
Abloy padlocks
Matt Creator
Matt Creator 16 dager siden
awww slipped up at 8:35. nice choice of words
Jon Sommers
Jon Sommers 16 dager siden
That's some of the most important stuff to move.
Robert K
Robert K 16 dager siden
People’s ignorance and opinions are more apparent when they don’t have to say it to ones face. Keep up the quality content and I’ll keep smashing the like button. God bless, cheers!
Richard Wasserman
Richard Wasserman 16 dager siden
Does NOpost actually scan your audio for certain keywords?
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 16 dager siden
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 16 dager siden
Matt Fields
Matt Fields 16 dager siden
I can *HIGHLY* recommend the Alienwear Sport Concealed Carry kit for Mrs. W. Killer system for EDC too, not just running. Your cartridge dispensers are most secure on your person. There’s no single best way to secure them, especially when the young ones are around. God bless you and the Wranglerstar family.
James S.
James S. 16 dager siden
stop what?
johnny thunders
johnny thunders 16 dager siden
@wranglerstar You reek of white privilege!!! You should be ashamed. Biden for 2020
HorizonRover 16 dager siden
NOpost is "shooting themselves in the foot here". By specifically banning several categories of content, they have opened the door for anyone to copy NOpost and get away with it by simply allowing the content that NOpost does not.
Electric Ninja
Electric Ninja 16 dager siden
Assa Abloy makes really good locks
Billy Ray
Billy Ray 16 dager siden
Get Medeco locks
Ken Goodenough
Ken Goodenough 16 dager siden
American Lock 5300 is about the best paddle lock as far as paddle locks go!
Crown Forge
Crown Forge 16 dager siden
haha i love this video great choice of words! thanks!
WOBBLIN GOBBLIN 16 dager siden
Dude! What has America come to that you can't say gun? This has gotten beyond ridiculous and is now treasonous! I'm fed up with the bull!
John Porter
John Porter 17 dager siden
your killing me with the names used... All to funny and yea I get it but funny. You find other cool names for use during this process of explaining.....
YHRIM 17 dager siden
Having to say "cartridge dispersion units" just shows how sad of shape this nation is in. I've also had to "censor" my words too, especially on fake book. Yet so many people _(not saying you Cody, but just people in general)_ continue to run around saying things like _"the US is the only free nation left on earth"_ .... right, just keep telling yourself that.... I'm sure if you keep lying to yourself and repeat it enough, even "you" will believe it...
Rus Bilak
Rus Bilak 17 dager siden
I'm looking forward to seeing your setup all complete, I'm hoping to organize my garage one day and need ideas and motivation :)
Scott wolverine
Scott wolverine 17 dager siden
is your floor painted concrete?
MAE HAY 17 dager siden
Cody, your new beautiful shop is coming along nicely. You chose your words wisely so You Tube won’t find any reason to take down your video. Keep up the good work. And God’s blessings to you and your beautiful family.👍
Fire Storm
Fire Storm 17 dager siden
They are Mass Drivers.. and I hope you have an underground area to store them if Biden Wins.. he has made no bones about The fact that he wants to disarm civilians..and the world knows what you have Cody...hopefully you have not shown your REAL mass driver collection...
Primeaux Targets
Primeaux Targets 17 dager siden
"Mass accelerators "
David Lee
David Lee 17 dager siden
A good setup you are going to have there, born out of being a doer not a talker. D
AutobahnDan 17 dager siden
Yeah, I have a small 10 x 20 so I do have to worry about dust.. A large place is nice to have a dusty corner in..
Chris Blanton
Chris Blanton 17 dager siden
I really enjoy watching your videos
punisher7ish 17 dager siden
American brand locks are good. They are what many prisons use. But regardless of brand, you want a lock that has a barrel key, or at least a double-sided key, and which has a ball bearing that holds the shackle in place, rather than just a wedge.
creamysbrianna 17 dager siden
Check out this lock that the lock picking lawyer, he noted he would buy this for his personal use. Note he is able to pick it but had to use custom tooling to accomplish this. He even noted its a difficult lock to pick.
Wayne Spencer
Wayne Spencer 17 dager siden
Humidity control?? Besides politicians... rust is a cartridge dispenser worse enemy!!
Bruiser Brodie
Bruiser Brodie 17 dager siden
Just keep doing what your doing! Absolutely the best content on NOpost by far. Also gives me great ideas on how to arrange my “equipment” haha
Bill Levitt
Bill Levitt 17 dager siden
Now I know why there's no 9 mm 38 call ammunition available. It's all in your shop! 👍 Just jealousy speaking.
Dan Ryan
Dan Ryan 17 dager siden
Stall mats for livestock are an inexpensive source of 3/4" thick rubber for use as anti-fatigue mats and for workbench surfaces. You can get them from TSC or any other farm supply store.
Dan Sullivan
Dan Sullivan 17 dager siden
An ESD mat might be good for that bench top. They're reasonably heat & slash resistant, easy to clean, and padded just enough without being squishy.
ugsisr 17 dager siden
Dispersed not only throughout my home and property but at additional locations as well.. Remember we are a Land of Laws...
Zack Edwards
Zack Edwards 17 dager siden
Any links on where i can get one of these cabinets?
Kristine Johnson
Kristine Johnson 17 dager siden
Uhm, Wranglestar, don't let the idiots get you down. Don't kill yourself due to someone else's nastiness. I normally curse a lot, but I'm not going to do that to you. You seem to be a really polite person and the fact that you talk like a sensible person on your vid, tells me that you know what you are talking about. I spent nearly 48 years, being suicicdal and the only thing that kept me going, was the fact that every time that I got up in the morning, it made my negative people in my life mad. Now I realize, that yeah, it kept me alive, but not for the right reasons. You got a wife, if you have kids, you need to be there for your family. But first thing, make sure you take care of you too, so that you got something to give to them. But never ever, let a nasty person, make you feel like you want to die. They are not worth it and it's all just empty, nasty hot air, that you don't need to smell. I wish you and yours the best. Take care and stay safe man.
SG 17 dager siden
Looks great! Love these shop setup videos!
Raymond's Trains
Raymond's Trains 17 dager siden
Nice cabinets
gentlejake605 17 dager siden
Took me like solid miniute to notice you were talking about pew pews
Rossco Reckons
Rossco Reckons 17 dager siden
Is shadow banning when videos don’t come up in your notifications? Reason i ask is because i’ve had zero notifications from you Cody for days now, been checking in on my notifications and subscriptions tab too coz i always look forward to your content, it wasn’t until i went to your channel specifically just out of interest and seen that id missed several videos???? Wtf It’s not a youtube algorithm thing either because like i said, i’m a regular watcher.
Kerry Joe HARN
Kerry Joe HARN 17 dager siden
Medico or Abloy are high security locks. They are not cheap .I have been a Locksmith for sixty years. Check them out. Just remember you can go cheap or spend the money and do it Wright. You get what you pay for.
Nathan Stokes
Nathan Stokes 17 dager siden
That cabinet is seven feet tall? How tall are you?
CrushOfSiel 17 dager siden
Your voice is very high for being 7 foot tall.
CrushOfSiel 17 dager siden
What about humidity though? If ammo is being stored for a long time somewhere isn't that pretty important? Do you go through ammo fast enough to not have to worry about it? I'm also amazed at the investment, that is some pretty primo ammo. I have to reload my match-type ammo, it cost about 1/2 as much or less per cartridge and it's better. Just takes a lot of time though, which maybe you don't have with all your projects. Cheers
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