We’re Going Back In - Oregon Wildland Fire 🔥 (Live)

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Lance Barajas
Lance Barajas 12 dager siden
Hey man, great job working to protect your community. This was a hell of a season.
1Dakota318 22 dager siden
Don't know if you heard this song but it suits you perfect. fire break line steve earle
BRS RC Måned siden
Why is this not being said by all the reporters and officials?? > WHAT ARE WE BREATHING IN THE WEST? BURNT TREES of course!.. and everything else that grows in the forest, but AAAAAAAALSO!! -Powerlines(plastic/ rubber) -Power Poles(creosote) - boats(Plastic/paint/FG) - cars(plastic/paint/rubber) -RV's - trailers - toxic chemicals in sheds & garages -shingle roofs(tar/chemicals) -plastic gutters -house paint - Plywood and pressboard with various chemical glues -fiberglass insulation -more wires - computers - kitchen supplies - kids toys -TV's -shoes - beds - chairs -carpets - linoleum -couches ...all the random things that people own inside and outside of their homes... I think you get the point. Basically we are breathing just about anything and everything you can think of. This is not just regular fire smoke! This is serious toxic stuff we are dealing with here! You all do whatever you want, but I'm wearing my chemical respirator, yes even inside my house. PS: My heart goes out to all that have lost their homes in this tragedy. Stay safe out there!
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
Getting thicker up here by the day... no smell though
Ralph Bowman
Ralph Bowman Måned siden
Dear Wrangle Star, Before you shoot off your mouth suggesting that Antifa might be setting fires you might want the cops to verify your bullshit. Say names then suggesting that bad actors have set fires... that is misleading and lousy reporting. If your show is one big ego trip or actual advice trying to help people ...get you actual facts straight before promoting yourself as a journalist otherwise you become You Tube noise and spread rumors and broken truth. Ralph
Lisa Mahan
Lisa Mahan Måned siden
You know you have the option to not watch this you freaking troll
Suzette Sayer
Suzette Sayer Måned siden
American current fire is tiny compare to the Australia fire in 2019/2020
Richard Joyner
Richard Joyner Måned siden
Be safe out there brother. Im in Sutherlin Oregon and close to Glide, the Archie Creek fire is still pretty bad and at 0% containment. Thanks for all you do.
2002 Ford Ranger
2002 Ford Ranger Måned siden
The Carolinas are praying for y’all.
The Jackalope
The Jackalope Måned siden
Damn, you are a good friend to have in that kind of situation.
Chris Figgatt
Chris Figgatt Måned siden
I appreciate you taking the time to post these videos and keep your subscribers up-to-date about what is going on. Thoughts and prayers to all of those involved with this horrible event
735 Måned siden
Stay safe my friend and God bless!
fotard2002 Måned siden
Stay safe, god speed
God bless u and those fighting these monsters! LUCRETIA
joe ortiz
joe ortiz Måned siden
Really do appreciate the videos I have never seen a wildfire that close up and personal ,it definitely helps one understand the reality and strength of fire, it truly is alive and devastating, be careful ,the nation is praying
Lawlesshydra Måned siden
Man God gave you something special I haven’t met many people who are willing to help more than you and I know you got a special place carved out in heaven for you and you’ve earned every penny of it 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Ellen Brown
Ellen Brown Måned siden
Did you see that they found fireworks at the Corbet Fire?
Materman Gros
Materman Gros Måned siden
God protect you as you fight the dew fires.
Gary Walker
Gary Walker Måned siden
Hate to see how hard 2020 has been on wranglestar.... I miss the old videos and the old vibe. Hope this mess gets behind us soon...
spaceflipflops Måned siden
Good Luck
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller Måned siden
Praying for your safety brother!
MAE HAY Måned siden
California has been hit very hard by all the fires with so many people who are going to need housing. Cody one of your videos was kind of how it was here. With the smoke so thick you couldn’t see very far ahead of where you and your family were heading to an Oregon town right after the Medford fire started burning and it felt like the end of the world with the red sun which was particularly eerie to experience. I believe that many of us were praying for the safety of the families and all the First responders and all of the volunteers who are working so hard to try to help other folks save their lives in their homes. Gods blessings to all of the many who have helped and are still helping continue to help each other.👍
JPBScout87 Måned siden
God bless you and thank you for being a good person!
Michael Sain
Michael Sain Måned siden
You don't have to press this like because you don't like the fires you should press like because you respect this man
Greg McKinley
Greg McKinley Måned siden
Bless you Cody, for showing how a modern man should act. Care for family, friends and loved ones is more important than anything.
Rebecca Kivak
Rebecca Kivak Måned siden
I am in Georgia, 66 and also a widow. I don't know what I can do. I can man food lines for firefighters or help others in prayer or "anything"! If I can be of help, let me know, and I will be on a flight there immediately! My prayers are with all of you fighting the fires, those threatened by the fires, the animals suffering, and those in need. God watch over all!
Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens Måned siden
BLM started many of these fires. Confirmed. See *Mr Obvious* channel
James R
James R Måned siden
Paul J. Romero, Jr. tweeted on Sep. 9, 2020 that “Pallet Company in Oregon City confirmed ANTIFA arsonist on Camera. Douglas County Sheriff has 6 ANTIFA arsonists in custody. Many fires in Oregon. Obviously there are more to track down and arrest. Governor Kate Brown built this.” Why don’t Joe Biden and Kamala Harris condemn these ANTIFA terrorists? Their silence speaks volumes.
Chau Kam Sang
Chau Kam Sang Måned siden
You talk to much.what have you done to those house? The water spray must set on the roof of the house ,not on the lawn,make sure the water pressure is enough !
Edd Hobday
Edd Hobday Måned siden
I dont always agree with all your opinions but there's no denying you're a good man. Stay safe!
jonny_apocalypse II
jonny_apocalypse II Måned siden
What do you think of the reports of the fires being started on purpose by far leftists?
Christiån Kirkenes
Christiån Kirkenes Måned siden
Best wishes brother, lost my place to bush fires New Years day. I'd hate for my worst enemy to go through the pain, I wish it upon no-one.
Billy Ray
Billy Ray Måned siden
But you committed to Ray. You stay with Ray. Sorry for the old lady friend but that’s the way it goes. People who live in the mountains know the risk of fire and need to be prepared to deal with it. I sure would like to have seen you stand with Ray and actually fight the fire rather than bail when he needed you. All those tools and even a bulldozer to start cutting fire breaks and I saw too much measuring the weather and driving and shopping and sprinkler hooking up. Grab a shovel and an axe and get to work man. Ray won’t forget that...
tacfoley Måned siden
Our poor, poor Oregon. Heartbreaking. Here we are, fat dumb and unhappy, five thousand miles away. Please take care over there.
Vince's Channel
Vince's Channel Måned siden
I guess cLiMaTe ChAnGe isn’t something to joke about. this is some serious stuff here
Tony Urquhart
Tony Urquhart Måned siden
Thanks Cody. Above all, stay safe...
Nolan Gaudreau
Nolan Gaudreau Måned siden
You're the man! Good work W.
Kitty Maxboon
Kitty Maxboon Måned siden
Aaah you are awesome!
Laz Måned siden
Antifa and blm bragging about starting fires. Throwing molotov cocktails out car windows.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
psychotikpaisano Måned siden
Thanks for protecting Oregon, from Redmond
Palestinian Christian
Palestinian Christian Måned siden
are you cherokee?
Chris Mayer
Chris Mayer Måned siden
Put in some handline.... Defensible spaces are criticall
J H Måned siden
Harder day than yesterday? All you did was drive around and take some wind speed measurements. You make it sound like you did something to fight the fire. When the fire fighters showed up you went home and went to sleep. Fake hero-
We are Christ's Beloved
We are Christ's Beloved Måned siden
God bless you! I’m in the same situation as your friend but have no one to help. Fire not close to me yet thank God! But I’m scared! I may need some advice! On what I could do if it gets close! God bless you for all your doing and praying for you all 🙏🙏🙏
Gene Harmon
Gene Harmon Måned siden
I’m continually praying for you out there. My wife has family in Grants Pass. Stay frosty Cody!
News 9 Live
News 9 Live Måned siden
Antifa the Democrats henchmen 6 arrested today for starting this
peter james
peter james Måned siden
Lock them up and throw away the key ...
Leggir Måned siden
People really need to use concrete hardi-board siding and metal roofs. Not only does it make it very resistant to hail, it can often shrug off most fires. Also not having any trees within fall distance of the house.
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo Måned siden
seatbelt ?
Javier Deleon
Javier Deleon Måned siden
God bless you i wish i was there to help
Shannon Stiles
Shannon Stiles Måned siden
🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Stay strong 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Javier Deleon
Javier Deleon Måned siden
Wish i was there to help bro god bless
Gordon Reeder
Gordon Reeder Måned siden
These fires are something else. So far I'm safe, and I hope you are too. I did have to make a run down to Oregon City this afternoon when the evacuation level was raised to Level 2. Had to get Grandma out. Turns out that Sister in Law showed up and will be taking her home with her. Situation here is just amazing.
The Black MM. .
The Black MM. . Måned siden
God speed!
Rocky Pergin
Rocky Pergin Måned siden
I’m sorry for the tragedy that you’re going through, as well as the rest of us in Oregon. Be safe.
JustSaiyanSteve Måned siden
Dayum, godspeed.
Dave Ryan
Dave Ryan Måned siden
Good Job Helping Other's In Need! God Bless & Be Safe.
The Red Neck Connection
The Red Neck Connection Måned siden
It's sad that it is the fires that is causing this type of video, but I sure like this type of video.
Omega Lamda
Omega Lamda Måned siden
Your a good man as is Ray. Take care.
pj861204 Måned siden
Was a foolish man who built his house upon the sand
Faytel Cloud
Faytel Cloud Måned siden
Oh man, i knew you were in the Northwest like me. Hope everything is safe on your front. This is hitting everyone it seems.
hurleycycle Måned siden
Real gentleman and friends Great people here
Christopher Slim
Christopher Slim Måned siden
Keep us posted. Gods speed.
Steve Coleman
Steve Coleman Måned siden
We love you guys.
Scott McClurg
Scott McClurg Måned siden
Curious, are drones allowed to fly or is it a no-fly zone there during the fires? Would they be a useful tool to monitor nearby fires as they approach. Or maybe they are a terrible idea.
illinoisben Måned siden
its looking like being a homesteader and a prepper might not be so crazy after all.
BAC Soldier
BAC Soldier Måned siden
I prayed for you fellah may GOD'S will be done.
CONSERV Friends Måned siden
*****Hearing talk that "Antifa types" have been seen setting fires. A few caught and arrested*****
brentsrx7 Måned siden
Was this the end of the wranglerstar saga? Tune in next week to find out. But seriously, stay safe out there, we are praying for ya.
Joe Seabert
Joe Seabert Måned siden
Be safe, God Bless
MonkeyMike Outdoors
MonkeyMike Outdoors Måned siden
God bless you guys! Be safe everyone! More Prayers on the way! My big Sister lives in Lebanon Ore, but I heard there ok.
Kanade Tachibana
Kanade Tachibana Måned siden
God bless you Cody
Jason Kornik
Jason Kornik Måned siden
Any news on those 2 looters?
Anthony Toombs
Anthony Toombs Måned siden
Best wishes Friend!
puttesla intxtbks
puttesla intxtbks Måned siden
Prayers for all the good folks fighting fires out west. Amen.
River Måned siden
You are such a great guy, kind man. Please stay safe, God bless
John Andres
John Andres Måned siden
God bless firefighters.
nicky jones
nicky jones Måned siden
God Bless
Wanda Martin
Wanda Martin Måned siden
God Bless you. I wish people would get right will God and all this end of time would stop.
Robear Taniwha
Robear Taniwha Måned siden
What happened to the looters last nite.
Martin Lee
Martin Lee Måned siden
Stay safe my friend...I'm a Rural fire fighter in Australia..We just went through it all here ...Your all over it ...On ya..
chick EASTWATER Måned siden
Its too Bad ,, Nobody as a DRONE ?
Regal Bowman
Regal Bowman Måned siden
Why are the goverment fire fighters not giving structures priory as in Ray's parents place
dan youngblood
dan youngblood Måned siden
That man right there is what a true American is like. He is putting his health and time and possibly his life on the line to help people in need..i wish more people had the same values , if i had the resources to do the same i would in a heartbeat.
Bill & Stacie Walker
Bill & Stacie Walker Måned siden
Please becareful out there. Stay safe and keep your potatoe bag on you
Glen Cox
Glen Cox Måned siden
It has been confirmed that Antifa is starting fires throughout Oregon and California. Video footage of some starting fires and several others in custody.
Aaron Fedock
Aaron Fedock Måned siden
God Bless You and the Team Mr. W🙏🙏🙏
Too Unique
Too Unique Måned siden
Stay safe brother, God be with you all
Matt Måned siden
Glad to hear you are safe thank you for the update
White lives Matter most
White lives Matter most Måned siden
Take out (for good) some Antifi scumbag, Marxist firestarters please. God will forgive for defending him and his people. The church has taught it's people that Christ was some beta male when im truth he was never that and The Word says it. Antifi and BLM will kill your family, friends while burning down your country. It's time for them to meet the maker
poppypizza Måned siden
Did you by chance figure out what that booby trap was?
Mina mina
Mina mina Måned siden
If I was able I help you. Good luck. God bless.
stephen scorzo
stephen scorzo Måned siden
Praying for you guys...
Grunttamer Måned siden
Stay safe Cody
Marc Plaisted
Marc Plaisted Måned siden
Praying for safety and success in battling the flames.
Schatzi's Homestead
Schatzi's Homestead Måned siden
I just read that a bunch of antifa just got arrested for starting a bunch of the fires.
smileyhappyradio Måned siden
Wow, thanks for the update, you and your friend, in my prayers. I hope you can save it, and be safe!
Ty Bowen
Ty Bowen Måned siden
Whatever happens, you'll have done more than any of us.
Chrisjan Lass
Chrisjan Lass Måned siden
Praying for your safety and gods hand in helping those in need.
Richards Family
Richards Family Måned siden
Kate Brown sent several of Oregon's fire fighting helicopters to Afghanistan so we're short of equipment to fight fires here. The liberal fake news mob won't tell us that because it doesn't help their narrative that the cause is climate change and not incompetent officials.
Seth Louden
Seth Louden Måned siden
Hey man be safe 🙏
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