Preparing My Family For The Coming Crash

  Ganger 104,111


2 måneder siden

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Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer 21 time siden
A long chainsaw bar comes in handy even on smaller wood. Don't have to bend over so far when bucking, easier to de-limb with a longer bar.
Terriann Cline
Terriann Cline 2 dager siden
We're gonna go back to living like"Little house on the Prairie".That's Biblical.
Cindy 5 dager siden
I agree with the results of the election.
Eastman Research
Eastman Research 12 dager siden
The coming crash is the perfect storm - fed injection of tons of stimulus, that includes propping up the stock market through the ppt (presidents working group on financial markets) and massive amounts of debt, covid destroying supply chains causing disruptions on food and raw goods in many industries, driving prices of automobiles, homes and essential goods to the moon. Inflation is here, but cash will still be quite necessary in a crisis of this magnitude short-term. Time to invest in metals, crypto and tangibles to use like land, seed and tractors worse case scenario.
Carter 15 dager siden
Jeroen Verheugd
Jeroen Verheugd 16 dager siden
super Grand man! I'm from the Netherlands (just above belgium and France) I would love to meet you but it is just not possible now with this corona virus. There are alot of people in Holland would love to work and live where your at,......there's just No space here enough to live like you for everybody. I've ones been in Oregon and it is Super. Jérome
Babs On Everything
Babs On Everything Måned siden
The scripture is "Blasphemy" of the Holy Spirit. We are encouraged not to grieve him, but the scripture about the unforgivable sin is in reference to Blasphemy.
chris zag
chris zag Måned siden
The governments we have now, the wright brothers never would have flowen. they would be standing dead in line for permits.
bobsuruncle Måned siden
Gold and silver, I don’t understand how it’d be worth more in hard times than practical things. Now, maybe, hey, buy up gold during the hard times when it is worth less. Buy low, sell high. A person in hunger might trade their gold for a pound of salt, and a bag of flour.
Esther Laiacona
Esther Laiacona Måned siden
Is it possible to freeze dry or preserve fish? Has anyone ever done that ? Asking for a friend.
s Buzz
s Buzz Måned siden
sheriff's here are the crooks -dont even obey the judges.they do what they want, with a huge budget/ cant get them out. too powerful
s Buzz
s Buzz Måned siden
take more trees now-- sell and move to new location
Robert Måned siden
Didn't Biden and Obama pull America out of the recession in 2008?
US4FREEDOM 0U812 Måned siden
China involved all the way around. Looking at South Africa China involved in The Genocide of White farmer's and it VERY horrific. We are SEEING the beginning of it NOW.. One way or the other China going to push for a Hot war. All those working with China China Will have NO problem sacrificing them BLM ANTIFA .when they're done with them. Last thing China wants is to deal with the monster they helped Created..
Gypsy217 Måned siden
The unforgivable sin is the Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit..not grieving.
Gypsy217 Måned siden
@Robert Blasphemy is not cussing!
Robert Måned siden
@Gypsy217 Oh well I disagree, I think there are things much worse then cussing.
Gypsy217 Måned siden
@Robert According to Jesus Blasheming the Holy Spirit is the ONLY unforgivable sin.
Robert Måned siden
Worse then pedophilia?
June Smith
June Smith Måned siden
I is in the middle of prIde all the time.
Miller Four
Miller Four Måned siden
35:30 just wait when pge turns off the power again…
Miller Four
Miller Four Måned siden
12:03, 1:26:22, good point
Adrienne Pyle
Adrienne Pyle Måned siden
You poor must be tough having to decide what to work on while u move from one amazing property to another.😁 I mean seriously. I am 41, live in South Carolina in a neighborhood, but my dream is to have the money to buy land. Instead im raising chickens and ducks and quail in a fenced backyard with neighbors that watch my every move. Meanwhile my husband is a one man contractor/construction business and we cant save up enough to move and prep at the same time. So we're stuck here but are decently prepared. I am grateful to The Lord for what we do have but,man......i wish I had your problems. You are very blessed to have what u have.
trendy wendee
trendy wendee Måned siden
She sounds like a proverbs 31 woman
ascalabro Måned siden
All those nudgings from god are in your head, if you can only imagine it, then it's only as real as you think it is.. If that's what you need to keep going though, keep it up :)
Nomad Wizard
Nomad Wizard Måned siden
..ur intentions r admirable but u r so uninformed it's too painfull for me to listen any longer
Nomad Wizard
Nomad Wizard Måned siden
...oh....don't call it a school house. it 'the learning hut', 'the wisdom hut' ...u don;t even know the meaning of the word. ...why do 'they' not call it the learning system instead of the schooling system ? as in school/herd of fish, it is a herding system and 'they' r telling u that , just that most people r too stupid to know the meaning od words. government, governa=control, mente= mind, yes, it's a MIND CONTROL system/institution/corporation
Nomad Wizard
Nomad Wizard Måned siden
..nope, u do NOT want more people around because when SHTF and the food shortage people will be stealing from u to feed themselves, it will be every man for, mark my words
Nomad Wizard
Nomad Wizard Måned siden
..tanks and aeroplanes!?!?!?..LMAO, that is not how the next war will be fought. ...besides, WW3 has already started and it's the governments against the people. ..the lockdowns r a siege, look up the meaning of the word. ...was going to sub to ur channel as I viewed ur July 15th vid and ur stand on masks but u r clueless.
Nomad Wizard
Nomad Wizard Måned siden
..OMG, u r naive, manufacturing can not come back because who will work for a few dollars a day, only a few have the money to set up a manufacturing complex and they will go all robotics anyway. ...and, with next to no one working who will have the money to buy anything...geez
Nomad Wizard
Nomad Wizard Måned siden
..LMAO, u have no idea what u r talking about. ...the planet entered a depression YEARS ago and the government lock downs have escalated it. ...we r deep into a depression NOW...geez., u do not have any enemies, it's a congame and u also have fallen for it. ...see my following comments and educate urself.
Linda Salter
Linda Salter 2 måneder siden
Linda Salter
Linda Salter 2 måneder siden
It sounds better
Bryan bkk
Bryan bkk 2 måneder siden
Debbie Downer
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
Put your blinders back on Bryan, everything will be just fine, go back to sleep
Giantalligator 2 måneder siden
Dont worry, TRUMP will win.
timbo peters
timbo peters 2 måneder siden
Good video
Tim Fisher
Tim Fisher 2 måneder siden
Mr. Green
Mr. Green 2 måneder siden
Once again a Democrat will fix what a republican has destroyed. So long trumpsters and traitors. I bid you farewell and good luck, morons.
john byrom
john byrom 2 måneder siden
Yep, if you're still breathing, there is still hope! -John's wife, Jes
Gary Olson ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
Gary Olson ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ 2 måneder siden
Mat never made a response video to you.
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 2 måneder siden
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 2 måneder siden
D Flores
D Flores 2 måneder siden
NoobishTitan 2 måneder siden
The Livestream was fine. Thank you for your wisdom
Suz 2 måneder siden
Clickbaity tittles more and more.
Bill Bullerwell
Bill Bullerwell 2 måneder siden
You might have massive trees out west but most are softwood. In the east we have 300-400 year old, and massive hardwood trees. Lol. Try cutting into a 5 foot thick rock maple, beach, oak or elm. Lol.
robohonkey 2 måneder siden
Mr W. Your statement about a man having difficulties looking himself in the mirror likely being closer than to God in that moment than any other resonated deeply with me.
William Proctor
William Proctor 2 måneder siden
"When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe. " Thomas Jefferson
William Proctor
William Proctor 2 måneder siden
Thanks for mentioning Joseph and the 7 years of famine.
Steven Brickey
Steven Brickey 2 måneder siden
God Bless Cody.
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 2 måneder siden
Cody, you’re not “just some moron,” you’re OUR moron! No, but really, you are special because the Lord prepared you for this time to help us through it
Screen Dog
Screen Dog 2 måneder siden
People need to get a life. If they are really trying to get thrown off NOpost. What a bunch of loser.
CM Outdoors
CM Outdoors 2 måneder siden
Me and my dad just moved out to a town with 1200 people in Texas and glad we did
François Aubé
François Aubé 2 måneder siden
Lithium ion batteries are exclusively made in China
Flowers Surveying
Flowers Surveying 2 måneder siden
I am a land surveyor, I can attest to how crazy the zoning laws have become. This is straight out of the UN playbook - Agenda 21 / Agenda 2030. Look into "ICLEI" and you will see that most medium to large cities around the world are using the same basic laws for land use & zoning - all in the name of "sustainable development". And it is exactly like you said - it forces normal people to throw up their hands and give up, sell their land and move to the city centers. It is all about control in the name of "muh environment". If you see anything in your local government about "sustainable development" - run! Move to an area with more freedom and less government control!!
zachary holbert
zachary holbert 2 måneder siden
The grieving of the holy spirit is not the unforgivable sin- blasphemy of the holy spirit is the unforgivable sin- It's not a mystery- if you reject forgiveness you cannot be forgiven. The holy spirit has a function of sin, righteousness and judgement. All these words are legal terms that show the law condemned us in that it made us sinners, and if we do not get righteous through the forgiveness of mercy we will be judged. "And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment"-"about sin, because people do not believe in me;", "about righteousness, because I am going to the Father, where you can see me no longer;", "and about judgment, because the prince of this world now stands condemned.". Original verse: "“Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy the Spirit will not be forgiven men.". You mixed this verse with the following verse that states we are sealed (meaning saved= opposite of being unable to forgive)- "And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, by whom you were sealed for the day of redemption."
Cade Cooper
Cade Cooper 2 måneder siden
One can grieve the holy spirit and still be forgiven, it is sinning against the holy spirit that cannot be forgiven.
Tree Climber
Tree Climber 2 måneder siden
Moderators - try Time Outs ... unless truly Nasty
Razor Face
Razor Face 2 måneder siden
November: Trump in a landslide. Later: Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis all get new mayors. Their respective states get new governors. Protesters/Rioters voting percentage : 1/10 of 1 percent
Razor Face
Razor Face 2 måneder siden
The guy with his earthly possessions that wouldn’t go inside the bomb shelter was killed. And if he had gone in, he’d still be dead 💀 & all the others that were in the shelter are dead. You are going to die, period.
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 2 måneder siden
No more donuts for you!! Lol . This is the Good Lord paying you back for your East Coast jokes. I will just give you enough room to say that you are sorry for making fun of East Coast guys with not torn rotator cuffs! I hope that this is what the Lord sent me to teach you 🙏 LOL 😆
JPC Eberle
JPC Eberle 2 måneder siden
You have brought so many good things to You Tube. Even though I am stuck in the city, I am going to try my best to bring these same Christian values to my community. Together and by God's grace we will persevere.
PoopingAndroid 2 måneder siden
This is the Revelation of John. You should know this. Look at the Beirut explosion that destroyed 85% of their grain. The Bible says it will be a days wages for a loaf of bread.
PoopingAndroid 2 måneder siden
If Biden wins the lie is even more a lie than we think. Biden can't even remember the last time he farted, his memory is so far gone.
Ken S
Ken S 2 måneder siden
And a lot of people say Trump can’t even read his teleprompter right, let alone pronounce words correctly. A very stable genius, the likes of which no one has ever seen.
Nick Freyermuth
Nick Freyermuth 2 måneder siden
Yes if biden wins his team will do away with the second. Just like now with looting and stealing setting fires. If you shoot a looter even a killer they will get you. That’s how screwed the looney democratic system is.
Brandon Macey
Brandon Macey 2 måneder siden
Your plan gives me the FIZZ
100% Texan
100% Texan 2 måneder siden
It’s called Sheriff’ OFFICE. It’s an office not a department due to it’s an elected position, just like here in Texas the Sheriff and Constables are elected positions and each have jurisdiction county wide as well as state wide in criminal matters and the Constable and his deputies have jurisdiction in adjoining counties in all civil matters. It bothers me when people call the Sheriffs office and Constables offices DEPARTMENTS.
Ron 2 måneder siden
Mrs. W sounds like my wife. She’s an ace at paperwork and all that nonsense.
Clyde Smith
Clyde Smith 2 måneder siden
Come on Cody, you don't see anything like an EMP happening? It just did happen. Where were you? We never knew how they were going to do it but biological warfare has always been one of the options. But who would have expected FAKE biological warfare? Biological warfare without the biology.
metallitech 2 måneder siden
So the self-sufficient prepper homestead idea seems to be dead when the SHTF.
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 2 måneder siden
You are teaching more about tools I know alot about tools because I grow up on small farms and living in the country
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 2 måneder siden
I would like to become a gunsmith and black smith
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 2 måneder siden
I would like to become a black smith
Arthur Miller
Arthur Miller 2 måneder siden
Most of those people in Portland ore from California so I know they're bunch of weirdos I live in California and I can't wait to move
Cody Monko
Cody Monko 2 måneder siden
Oh snap. People mad at this guy.
k 2 måneder siden
Robert Reich @RBReich Pay attention. Donald Trump is using the pandemic as cover to defund Social Security and Medicare in the middle of the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.
diddy1966abc 2 måneder siden
I have seen the film between Wanglestar and Demolition Ranch... I like both people but there is a a problem with Wanglestar...Wanglestar does not mention that the price he was given was for warehousing delivery and the most important thing was they say FOR MAKING THE HAT... He did mentioned it ones when he read the emails but after that me doesn't seem to mention it again... Just mentions warehousing and delivery... Please watch it back and watch it at the 18:40minute point... It definitely says make them...
mateo1726 2 måneder siden
Not USA made shooting hats, which is what Cody wants to sell. Bunker doesn’t sell USA made hats that’s why he found another company to make the hats in the US and have bunker sell them with a $25 mark up
Paul Arthur Webb
Paul Arthur Webb 2 måneder siden
Yes yes
Maurice Milles Mansa
Maurice Milles Mansa 2 måneder siden
Don't worry about those "Cancel Culture" weirdos, and NO Cody is NOT a racist. I am a 49 year old New York City raised "Black Man" and I've been a subscriber of this channel for years, despite the "East Coast" jokes.
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 2 måneder siden
Maurice wouldn't that be justice if he made the right move and had some East Coast Surgeon fix his rotator cuff tear which I am 90 percent sure that his problem is. God has a good sense of humor.
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 2 måneder siden
Thats why this happened to him. He pushed his East Coast jokes too far brother. A torn rotator cuff is a very humbling thing. Lots of time to reflect on the hubris. Lots and lots of time which is precious.
Cody Howie
Cody Howie 2 måneder siden
Thank you
Ben Manning
Ben Manning 2 måneder siden
Just less than 80% of Americans live on the east coast...
mateo1726 2 måneder siden
Us East coasters are used to it now aren’t we? Ha
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera 2 måneder siden
Cody, I don't know if you will answer, but I just wanted to say thanks. In relation to some of what you mentioned here, thanks to you bringing up a few things on previous videos, I actually prepared. I made sure to buy the multiple items of necessity that are usually sourced from china, also stocked up on multiple maintenance and repair supplies (plumbing, electrical,automotive, etc.), and of course plenty of fuels. Thanks to your early predictions, I was able to purchase ample supply of goods before the grocery store crowds went crazy. I enjoy your vids, and wish you all well at the new place.
Mitchell Radecker
Mitchell Radecker 2 måneder siden
I think that everything is going to be fine. We need to realize that we are all Americans even though we might disagree on things. Don’t let these politicians divide us. That’s why I disagree with trump because he’s trying to divide us all. Look at things the way you would imagine that god would. Would there be any hate in his actions or thoughts I don’t think so. Keep it positive because anything else just makes things worse.
Austin 2 måneder siden
# please Trump 2020!!!!!
Donny Dixon
Donny Dixon 2 måneder siden
a strong leader destroys control with a divine work, pay attention! Protection is the path least taken, look up! These sentences just came to me. Please pray for clarity on it. Love you. God Bless
John Butler
John Butler 2 måneder siden
Yes, cities are bad for people.
I am
I am 2 måneder siden
Hope your not in a 5g zone they will be reinforcing the plandemic fear with some good old radiation sickness same symptoms installers are trying to warn people
Michael Rose
Michael Rose 2 måneder siden
Disrespected demolition. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕. Wrong move
Fresh Fowler
Fresh Fowler 2 måneder siden
WHAT A BIG BABY!!!!! 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Adam M
Adam M 2 måneder siden
Ummm, I think you need to have a talk with Lunkers and Nick Irving to smooth things over! Not two guys you want on your bad side.
David Lange
David Lange 2 måneder siden
Lunkers won’t do anything he’s a little dude who likes to talk a lot on camera. I respect him for serving but calling wranglerstar a POS is uncalled for.
Your Face
Your Face 2 måneder siden
Matt and Mere?
knurlgnar24 2 måneder siden
Lumber prices have doubled in the past 6 months nationwide and it's difficult to find a contractor that is willing to take on a project for an individual where I live due to the building boom. If I'm not too late I'm waiting for the eviction and mortgage deferment to end before pulling the trigger on an acerage when construction costs will be lower. Lots of farms are likely to go bankrupt too and sell, and after the C**** mass hysteria is over I suspect rural options will be less in demand. Hope I'm right. I've always wanted to get out of the city someday and it turns out I should have done it a few years ago.
dennis ayers
dennis ayers 2 måneder siden
Barry County Mi our sheriff rocks. Pro second amendment and has more knowledge of the Constitution than most of the history professors around.
Thomas Ammerman
Thomas Ammerman 2 måneder siden
I rarely comment on NOpost but I do wish you and your family the best with your move and next chapter. I look forward to watching. I really hope you've dropped the whole "Exposing Demolition Ranch" thing. In my opinion it's making you look bad. You called someone out by name on in front of thousands of viewers because you couldn't agree with his company on a business deal. He tried to reach out, never naming you in his response. You apologized and I thought that was great, take the issue private. Then you make and take down a video trying to "Expose" someone who by all accounts is a good person and take it down. Then you state in this video that you're walking away from the drama but feel the need to say that "He's gotten too big" etc. I follow you both because I think your both good people. You couldn't come to an agreement on a business deal - let it go, don't try to exploit it for subscribers or views.
Truth Only
Truth Only 2 måneder siden
We like your instructional style. Could you do turnoquit sp? Compression bandages Israeli type. I am un familiar with true modern trauma systems.
Mark Strout
Mark Strout 2 måneder siden
You’re an honest person. When you’ve made a mistake you said I’ve made a mistake. It’s too bad other people can’t do that.
Jeremy Beard
Jeremy Beard 2 måneder siden
How about u quit posting videos to call someone out and then delete them like a chicken. If u feel that confident in how u feel then u stand behind ur words. Demolitia!
Antonio Garibay1
Antonio Garibay1 2 måneder siden
U should delete ur chanle lmao demilitia for life
Steve Sutliff
Steve Sutliff 2 måneder siden
Unrelated to this video,but I can't stand negative things, I wish positive for everyone. The 940 is now offered in auto....fizz,fizz,fizz,just saying Cody
Bryan Tucker
Bryan Tucker 2 måneder siden
A D 2 måneder siden
Fascinating perspective of current society, I really associate with your words and think your right, you've hit the nail square on the head. I think the same is true for us in Australia.
Z F 2 måneder siden
great quality seriously
David Parsons
David Parsons 2 måneder siden
I just saw your slamming video of Demo Ranch and I must say I'm very disappointed in you. Sounded like a video from a child that didn't get their way so BAAAAAA, I'm going to whine about it. I've been a sub for several years now and now I will be removing you from my life. Goodbye.
David Parsons
David Parsons 2 måneder siden
Need some lucky logger gloves? Sucker
GrumpyGoat 2 måneder siden
If anyone sounds like a child it's you! At no point did he bash Demo in fact Demo was completely unprofessional in his response regarding the incident. Get your facts straight moron you won't be missed!
Jason 0
Jason 0 2 måneder siden
Parsons get lost..... Your mad at someone you don't know and you'll never meet, because he said something you don't like about another person you do not know and probably will never ever meet. Grow up and control your emotions man.... Out
Alex saling
Alex saling 2 måneder siden
Was it a America books ? Great series
Paul Duffy
Paul Duffy 2 måneder siden
China needs the USA just as much to survive.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 2 måneder siden
Good stuff here! Thnx.
Jesus Mendoza
Jesus Mendoza 2 måneder siden
Demo for life!
PJ Bash
PJ Bash 2 måneder siden
DEMOLITIA 4 LIFE you are a liar, you even deleted a video cause you knew you were in the wrong. DELETE YOUR CHANNEL
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