How We Survived The Oregon Wildland Fire (LIVE)

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading how we survived the Oregon / Washington Fires.

charlie.g.hague 9 timer siden
What a bunch of jerks. I'd be thanking my lucky stars if I had someone like you to help save my home. My parents house was lost in the Ashland fire even with professionals on the scene. And with so many fires around the state obviously firefighters are gonna be in short supply. You did a great thing.
Orig MainStMama
Orig MainStMama 14 dager siden
I agree. Whether he's opening your door, buying your dinner or 🔥rescuing you from fire, say "Thank you!" and let the man BE The MAN. Sa-10-10/2020 🇺🇸 10:20 PM
Ronald Carroll
Ronald Carroll 19 dager siden
Outstanding work, both while the fire was threatening and especially in your summation and advice. Well done!
Tim Kasey
Tim Kasey 23 dager siden
The Estacada fire department gave up, went back to the fire station. Although, what we may not realize is that they were on the scene at the Riverside campground fire for 6 hours before the public got involved. I'm speculating, but if this is the case, they may have realized early on that they were overwhelmed by the size. The fire department does have water trucks, and they could at least have supplied water at main roads and intersections for locals to refill quickly. I've gone over all the NASA fire data came to the same basic conclusion as you have, rapid response from public volunteers is the answer. May be a good idea to monitor 911 police/fire calls on Broadcastify (real time knowledge of where the fire is now). Monitor the NASA FIRES site for fires that show up on satellite imagery, and may be out away from the public. Hey, what do you think about having a demonstration and walk through of how you use the skid you have in your pickup. Also, a video on various pumps that can be used to refill tanks like yours. Some individuals may not have the truck, but if they had a pump with a 100' intake hose, they could be a refill station for the others who do have trucks. I agree with you, this is the new normal, and we need to be fast acting to put a stop to these fires before they grow out of control.
Suzette Sayer
Suzette Sayer 25 dager siden
Tranquility h2o
Tranquility h2o 25 dager siden
I will get a lot out of you sharing a video speaking about fire development. Side note, Thank you!
Frances Lock
Frances Lock 26 dager siden
It’s climate change, not antifa, only Americans believe that. Great work taking the initiative and working against the fire. You need an oxygen backpack and fire protective clothing, cap and boots. Share your expertise on weather, topography and fire. I agree with your advice about taking responsibility, for women as well as men.
WATERAX 27 dager siden
Love the video! We're glad to see you get prepared and raising awareness and we're happy that we can help. We're very proud to be partners with QTAC Fire. Stay Safe!
Alice Barton
Alice Barton Måned siden
Definitely interested in knowing how fire grows & travels
Fort In The Woods
Fort In The Woods 24 dager siden
same here
Grimm Greysson
Grimm Greysson Måned siden
I'm really glad to hear you and yours are well.
Misha LeBlanc
Misha LeBlanc Måned siden
OK, speaking of videos, I'm dyslexic, so reading is an issue. I wish someone would produce a comprehensive incident command system instruction video. Reading the text is unproductive for me but a video would help a lot. I am sure that others need it as well.
Kaleb Crafts
Kaleb Crafts Måned siden
Here in michigan I've started preparing. A box of shells here a chainsaw there. The times they are a changin.
GR46404 Måned siden
"Is this an Antifa thing?" "I would say yes". I am glad he and his family are alive and well, but I will never watch this channel again.
Larry Chambers
Larry Chambers Måned siden
He is a professional and thank God there are people like him that will help others.
Fort In The Woods
Fort In The Woods 24 dager siden
good people are out there.
Joanna Måned siden
A lady shared her story about no trust in the government but her fire fighting husband was proud until he was dispatched to one of the big fires about a year ago or so. When he got there his team wasn't utilised for days and were just watching the devastation going on as could see it from their base. That's where he saw the lies for himself. If you are equipped to help, do it.
Parker Rowe
Parker Rowe Måned siden
Very interested in a video of fire behavior
Nick Måned siden
I agree on your point of taking care of things yourself. I see it as a case by case basis. In the case of fighting fires to protect your property, do everything you can. Make sure your home is safe.
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles Måned siden
definitely a respirator zone
jomen112 Måned siden
One important tool which was never mentioned but on display all the time in the background: a gun to put put out suffering animals from their misery. Maybe it did not dawned on Cody to mention because he is a carrier and takes it for granted.
Noah Lamrock
Noah Lamrock Måned siden
The NSW RFS uses a similar acronym- LACES with the ‘A’ standing for ‘awareness’ Nice to see the similarity
gen z conservativist
gen z conservativist Måned siden
My uncle lives in grants pass Oregon the fire near medford burned down his bosses house.
Fort In The Woods
Fort In The Woods 24 dager siden
So much devastation.. sorry to hear this.
Josh Cardiff
Josh Cardiff Måned siden
I have my amateur radio license and can say nobody gives a rip if you use your beofangs on simplex. Even dialing up a repeater during an emergency will be welcomed. That being said, you should get your license, put a 440/2 meter mobile unit in your truck, set it up as a repeater. That will give you some serious range with your handhelds. There are rules to follow though.
David Dewey
David Dewey Måned siden
True hero’s. Liked and subbed
LifeCoach Cher-ie
LifeCoach Cher-ie Måned siden
I think all farmers should have this knowledge and equipment
Sheriff K-9 Gaming
Sheriff K-9 Gaming Måned siden
This time is when we see people and communities come together, Stories of people helping with controlling the fires are everywhere, this really shows even though the most vocal group is super divided, the most action prone groups have been quiet and getting down to work to help save their communities and others.
Dice Blue
Dice Blue Måned siden
'the relative humidity, dryness and wind' - because when the media say 'hey guys now is the perfect fire weather' they go out and they start the fires. Now watch CNN and see that they will never mention this.
Double Deuce
Double Deuce Måned siden
I would like to see your fire fighting setup in action. Since you have training also some techniques fighting fires would be helpful. I'm trying to put together a truck, pump, and tank, on a limited budget and getting close. Thanks
Double Deuce
Double Deuce Måned siden
There is a difference between human caused fires where one is an accident, or born out of stupidity and purposely started. They are finding out that wind downed power lines started many of them. It is human nature to blame them on an enemy. People thinking hard enough can convince themselves of just about anything.
tubagoo dom
tubagoo dom Måned siden
Sensible men have sensible men and their families back if some crazy people come attacking your property. We must stick together
D Hutch
D Hutch Måned siden
Not trying to make this political but I know you have talked about forest management and you have videos where you talk about things you were doing in the forest at your old homestead to help protect it from fires. The President has been made fun of recently for talking about 'exploding trees' and people saying that he was suggesting that someone needed to rake the leaves up over the whole west coast. I think I can remember you talking some about the fires being so bad because of lack of management. but I was wondering if you could do a video explaining steps that could be taken to help control wildfires and explain what steps the President may be suggesting...but not exactly putting into clear words that make sense to people.
Fort In The Woods
Fort In The Woods 24 dager siden
If people are choosing to disregard that dry brush build up causes fires, then I don't know if education will help them... I all you said is spot on.. I just think people are choosing to ignore logic.
Stan Kolodin
Stan Kolodin Måned siden
You guys hear about the idea that antifa set the fires?
Brennen Gooby
Brennen Gooby Måned siden
Yes please do a video of firefighting info
ActinOut - Active in Outdoors
ActinOut - Active in Outdoors Måned siden
Ham radio rules and restrictions don't apply when life or limb is on the line. You were not out of line in the least to use that radio....coming from a licensed ham radio operator. You were only using it in an emergency and that makes it fully ok to use.
rgille2 Måned siden
Arson isn't caused by climate change.
Onahway Måned siden
Climate change makes what happens after the fire starts much much worse. I worked as a wildland fire fighter for several years. It’s been remarkable to see how fire behavior has evolved.
stager33 Måned siden
Hey just so you know the ham guys are here for emergency s I believe it would be in your best interest to get a Teck license not hard at all And join a ham group in your area they know communication and radios Not to mention The repeaters you can use etc. I understand where your coming from However the ham community is a great resource that is often overlooked When you have time chick into it 👍👍👍
Maura Quish
Maura Quish Måned siden
Not sure about why people were commenting that you need to leave it to the professionals, you are a professional looking after your home and livelihood, and helping your community. Best wishes
Karen Wright
Karen Wright Måned siden
Glad you made it and were able to help others!! I watched the day you were getting hose ready at that lady's house. God bless you and your loved ones. I agree with you about the situation in America. You are absolutely right about turning off the games and preparing for this change. Men do need to step up their know how, and face it...or they just won't survive very long and they'll let their families perish ,too. A lot won't listen and that's what really hurts.
Troublco Måned siden
Bet most of the detractors have not been in the position where they needed to do something about a situation like this one or lose their home, or the home(s) of friends and family. Self reliance is the best thing, as far as I'm concerned, and I enjoy watching your videos for that very reason - you embody that principle. I do my best to do the same thing, as much as possible. Stay strong and God bless, Cody.
Living Stones
Living Stones Måned siden
I admire you, your work and your knowledge....I wish I were half the man you are!
Derek Marshall
Derek Marshall Måned siden
Please do your video on about weather and mapping
Tim Kasey
Tim Kasey Måned siden
What are the laws surrounding purchasing fire hydrant access tools: 1) 200 feet of fire hose, 2) spray nozzle, 3) hydrant wrench. Does the city water &/or fire department give a rip if I keep these items on hand, and use them in case of a fire emergency when the fire department is spread too thin to protect my neighborhood? 200 feet of hose could protect 20 homes in a rural neighborhood.
John Coulter
John Coulter Måned siden
Mr C. I am interested in the lessons that you were talking about. Please do a video on that.
Elle Belle
Elle Belle Måned siden
I think it's natural fires and then some arson. Definitely can't just be arson.
Freddie Valdez
Freddie Valdez Måned siden
I'm sure there's a gun or two he would have liked to show. I bet $$$ he never lived in a city. You gotta be a country boy to digest what he's talking about. The problem is that some of this new communities have been developed for people who don't even know how to change a tire.
Comstock Royalty
Comstock Royalty Måned siden
Excellent educational video. Great job Wranglerstar. These fire videos were you at your best. Thank you.
Cathy Morasch
Cathy Morasch Måned siden
You guys did an amazing job!
ekhaat Måned siden
Well said about taking responsibility of your property and loved ones. And I'm glad that you're ok
cowboy7x Måned siden
Yep! All of us that have done any 'Cowboying' (Ranch/cattle driving) ALWAYS would have a heavy duty wire cutter tool in our saddle bags. And any one saying that "you should leave it to the professionals", are the NEW basement keyboard snowflakes sluts. The modern WUSS "BORG!"
James Pollock
James Pollock Måned siden
What about portable water sources IE pallet tanks; that tank on the side by side will need a place to replenish it when operating. If you guys are thinking of setting up a Volunteer network you also might want to look at pre-stage equipment areas. you might hear of a popup and not be hooked up or in your truck with gear handy. An out building / conex box with the essentials, some hand tools that can be staged in locations before/during fire season.
Alec C
Alec C Måned siden
I totally agree that people should have the mind set to go out and protect their home and communities. I live in an area where all our fires departments are volunteer so it really is just neighbours banding together for the community. The only thing I'll say is it's not just men, any able bodied Woman has just as much of a right to protect her community men do
Thomas Lombardi
Thomas Lombardi Måned siden
"Who do you think you are to go around putting out fires?" Who do YOU think I need to be?!? I am a man, and I will take care of what needs doing!
Fort In The Woods
Fort In The Woods 24 dager siden
amen to that man... the idea of standing on your own two feet will be regulated one day..
mike plant
mike plant Måned siden
what you and your friends did in the last week or so proves your professionalism, some people will complain about what you do to cover their own selfish inactivity. that's their shame , not yours. maybe that would be a good course for the new homestead ; common sense/ planning during fire emergency (not a fire fighting qualification) but a fire/ emergency survival course,.
Graham Rowe
Graham Rowe Måned siden
Great de-brief. Taking responsibility is justifiable. It's gung-ho that's not. They are very different. Well said.
Deanna Stevens
Deanna Stevens Måned siden
Who has a problem with someone saving people and property from fire.??!?!?! Why would 650 people NOT LIKE this video about things that work and things that are necessary.??!?!?! YOU and Your 'crew' were AMAZING!!! Thank You!!! I have family in that area and i m glad you helped alll those you could!
Judy Hinton
Judy Hinton Måned siden
This is the best video I have watched on these fires. The information given is invaluable and I believe most fires are started by humans whether by carelessness or intentional.
nobiggie Måned siden
I would also put a 120 cf nitrox scuba tank, with a 40 ft hose and full face aga mask. Cause the smoke might get you before the fire.
TheTuttleCrew Måned siden
Yes a training video... Please!
Kamal Mattar
Kamal Mattar Måned siden
Just a wild guess, you don’t believe in global warming? It’s funny watching you guess about all the possible causes and neglect the elephant in the room. I love the channel but can’t stand the blind Trumpeters because you loose credibility. Sure there maybe arsonists that exacerbated the fires but the frequency and scale of fires globally is undeniable - except for the willfully ignorant.
Meckymeck Måned siden
People are slaves to "authority". It's sad to see really, but it's a lot more people than you'd think. It's like the old saying, people would jump off a bridge if "authority" told them it was for their safety.
BRS RC Måned siden
Why is this not being said by all the reporters and officials?? > WHAT ARE WE BREATHING IN THE WEST? BURNT TREES of course!.. and everything else that grows in the forest, but AAAAAAAALSO!! -Powerlines(plastic/ rubber) -Power Poles(creosote) - boats(Plastic/paint/FG) - cars(plastic/paint/rubber) -RV's - trailers - toxic chemicals in sheds & garages -shingle roofs(tar/chemicals) -plastic gutters -house paint - Plywood and pressboard with various chemical glues -fiberglass insulation -more wires - computers - kitchen supplies - kids toys -TV's -shoes - beds - chairs -carpets - linoleum -couches ...all the random things that people own inside and outside of their homes... I think you get the point. Basically we are breathing just about anything and everything you can think of. This is not just regular fire smoke! This is serious toxic stuff we are dealing with here! You all do whatever you want, but I'm wearing my chemical respirator, yes even inside my house. PS: My heart goes out to all that have lost their homes in this tragedy. Stay safe out there!
Roha Waha
Roha Waha Måned siden
Article today 9/14 on the Fox News App : Four separate individuals charged with arson . FBI reported last week they had intelligence that these fires were being deliberately set and coordinated. Anyone not familiar with Marxist Takeover / Revolution tactics should review the history. Terrorism in extreme is the main tool used. I would not rule out random public assassinations of Whites on the streets as an intimidation as we get closer to the election. I know as a Christian these things are hard to believe and appalling to us , and we just don't want to believe such evil could happen here . But it is happening , look up the Steps to a Marxist Revolution. The first step,1. Demoralization of Police : Use violence , Accusations of brutality and sympathizers within the government to remove the power to enforce law . " completed ". Step 2. Disrupt Elections , Invalidate them, destroy the integrity of the election System , 3. During elections , mass violence in the streets , overwhelm the police and seize opposition political offices and State Capitols . This will not stop even after the election.
Jon Himes
Jon Himes Måned siden
Because KATU and KOIN pander to Antifa, BLM, Wheeler and Brown.
Shane Hamilton
Shane Hamilton Måned siden
You guys did a absolutely incredible job!
Jared Ketchmark
Jared Ketchmark Måned siden
Definitely would love a video on wildfire science!
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski Måned siden
When your police get ‘defunded’ constitutional carry weapons becomes absolutely unarguably legal no matter what your laws say. Self defense is a god given right.
djkulp1 Måned siden
Their heads are exploding ...I loved that comment.
David Pearson
David Pearson Måned siden
You need to team up with your local ham radio club. When the cell towers and phone lines go down, you can rely on Ham Radio. Our club here has repeaters set up and spare repeaters to deploy if the main repeater is taken out. We also have emergency nets for all disasters.
John Frahm
John Frahm Måned siden
Part of the fire tool kit needs to be AR15 and ammo to take care of looters.
John Frahm
John Frahm Måned siden
As to the radios and getting certified, I think it is the same as getting your gear together. Take the Ham lisence test, a cram course takes up one whole Saturday and then you are legit. Take a Saturday and get certified Cody.
Martin Brandt
Martin Brandt Måned siden
People think, taking a risk is irresponsible, but I think taking no risk is totally irresponsible. If these people would at least take some time to prepare thier houses instead of watching the fire on thier favorite news channel until its to late, it would take a big burden from the firefighters. But they just sit there, hoping someone else will do the job. I really hate this "let someone else do it" mentality.
HighlanderMikeGolf Måned siden
Listening to emergency frequencies does not require an FCC License. Transmitting on a ham radio to save lives and/or property in an emergency situation does not require an FCC license either. However, transmitting on a frequency that is in use by first responders, police, firefighters, etc., can land you in hot water, especially if you are clogging up their channel and prevent them from communicating, especially in an emergency. Imagine if 20 people in the area went out and got a ham radio and started talking on the same emergency frequency that the wildland fire crews, forest service or DNR were on. That one frequency would be utter chaos, and you can be rest assured that the FCC would step in at that point. I know you weren't doing this Cody....just want to help educate. It's a good idea if you're going to have a ham radio to get your technician license (easy and inexpensive). That way you are legal ahead of time, and can practice your communications plan before the stuffing hits the fan. I think what you guys did was outstanding, and if there were more people who thought and acted like you, we wouldn't be in the mess we're in right now. Stay safe.
john smith
john smith Måned siden
Some of your viewers might not know that you are a trained fireman.
Fort In The Woods
Fort In The Woods 24 dager siden
fair point. Hopefully they will be caught up to speed ha.
Beth Oquist
Beth Oquist Måned siden
Hey, YES, I am interested and belong to a group that would also be interested in learning about wildland fires and predictions based on markers. If you could do a vid, that would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! In fact, I posted this vid to our group's list serve because of your talking about comms in this scenario. We've covered comms before in a general sense and practiced with the Baofang (sp?) and this is some great extra information for your specific situation.
Sajin688 Måned siden
I definately would love to see a fire education video!!! Much respect sir.
Bargain Hunter
Bargain Hunter Måned siden
Great Job Sir !!!! 👍🏼👍🏼 I know your help was appreciated !!! Anyone w/ training is valued when resources are strained or not available. 💩 for 🧠 "fudds" can stay where they are, at home & "keyboard warrior" .... leave the rest of us able body Men to our work !!!
Chris Alvey
Chris Alvey Måned siden
Thank you for sharing this information. I stumbled upon your earlier videos during the fire and found them very interesting. I live in the Midwest and work in the flood safety arena, quite the opposite of worrying about fire, but no less deadly or devastating. It always boggles the mind that one side of the country is on fire when the other side is under water. These are strange times...thanks again and all the best sir.
Chaim Ariel Israel
Chaim Ariel Israel Måned siden
Hi Wranglerstar Im a wildland firefighter in Ontario Canada, we just finished our season. Im ready to drive to the US, and volunteer in any way I can. I have my own saw gear and first aid etc. do you know how I can connect with someone to help me facilitate this? Im ready to rock.I'm sure I could fit in somewhere Im an adaptable, good worker. Please help, and thank you for your service. - James (I commented this question on another video but its more appropriate on this fire video)
Fort In The Woods
Fort In The Woods 24 dager siden
Good man, I am in he Eastern US but appreciate this sentiment.
TheeModerateGamer Måned siden
In the UK there is an app that emergency services used called “What3Words”. I don’t know if its known in other places but its a free app which divides the world up in 3x3m grid with a dedicated 3 words to reference that point. Glad everyone is safe!
Jack Thorne
Jack Thorne Måned siden
Could you do a video on what protective clothing you wear for wildland firefighting love the videos
John Stockdale
John Stockdale Måned siden
I think it's amazing that people have become so use to having and leaving things to other people to take care of. I am 55 years old and grew up that YOU are the First Responders. I grew up 30 to 45 minutes drive from anything. No fire no hospitals no police for 30 to 45 minutes. So you better know how to take care of whatever comes your way and yes laws are there to help... HELP. You are the First Responders as you are there first. Deal with it and take care of your family and community. You have done a great thing and don't listen to the cry babies that don't know what life really is and about. Thanks for thinking about others and your community. God bless you John Stockdale Ontario Canada P.s. That's how every service we have in place got started is by people like you and us doing what was needed. All fire police hospital school everything that we hold dear to our hearts was started by people like us. Be safe
Anal Discharge
Anal Discharge Måned siden
BTW My family gave up on sports during the kneeling Kap started
Anal Discharge
Anal Discharge Måned siden
Great job
Bob kat
Bob kat Måned siden
You did a great job, do not listen to nay sayers,
Austin B87
Austin B87 Måned siden
Neutered is the right word. God bless and stay safe.
Peter Pavlovic
Peter Pavlovic Måned siden
Bad actors - most probably yes. Antifa? Alt-Right? Doubtful - just arsonists...
Peter Pavlovic
Peter Pavlovic Måned siden
@wobbly sauce Very true, careless gender revealers and idiots who don't think about cigarette butts are two more examples. The world is full of careless people. Trying to fit them into a political basket is just ignorance. There's always going to be sickos that start fires...
Peter Pavlovic
Peter Pavlovic Måned siden
@Jj That's an easy answer - just give me one piece of real fact first - who is in the deep state? It's easy to imagine but provide facts. "Economic hitmen"? Do you mean the captains of industry that run the large corporations in a country that worships the free market and success? I can't understand why people have two value sets. If you love success and wealth then are they hitmen or just successful?
Jj Måned siden
If the Deep State can kill JFK with immunity, and economic hit men talk openly without retribution, what is the possibility that these fires are caused by contractors paid by Deep State?
wobbly sauce
wobbly sauce Måned siden
Some Firefighters...
Probe Team99
Probe Team99 Måned siden
Well said.... great job... unsung heroes... and I understand exactly what your saying...
SonOfLiberty1984 Måned siden
You are your own first responder. That is how it has ALWAYS been. Way to step up, like men, and handle business.
Jaron Bouton
Jaron Bouton Måned siden
The authorities confirmed these fires were not intentionally set.
rgille2 Måned siden
Criminal charges were filed in Oregon for people who potentially started these fires.
DeePsix Måned siden
Cody can you recommend good backup batteries?
Kanzee Måned siden
Twig Måned siden
Top tip: When you live in an area prone to wild fires - use bricks to build your house instead of wood.
Phil Allen
Phil Allen Måned siden
Really need to get your ham ticket. Step up your coms big time. Set up a mobile repeater increase your distance locally. You could have even had coms back home to Ms W with the right equipment. Also, still waiting for an address to send you a fire fighting gift.
Chuck Zechman
Chuck Zechman Måned siden
Great advice Brother. God Bless you all!
John Courtneidge
John Courtneidge Måned siden
All agreed, thank-you. More later on the deep importance of true Self Help: which is *not* individualism it is collective Community Action - for The Common Good.
Simon Jerrome
Simon Jerrome Måned siden
Hey Cody, lots of people talk about climate change, whats your view on this?
harrison frese
harrison frese Måned siden
Bravo Cody this world needs more real men. I'm only 15 but I am working to become more like you.
Evan Martin
Evan Martin Måned siden
Glad you're safe and were able to protect your targets, but spreading bull$h!t rumors like that is stupid and downright dangerous.
Stephan Segraves
Stephan Segraves Måned siden
To be clear, there is zero evidence that the fires were started by antifa or any kind of protesting group. The Beachie Creek fire started in very harsh, hard to travel in terrain that even firefighters had difficulty navigating. Please don't stoke the flames by adding unnecessary and unfounded claims to the crazy theories out there. Your channel is better than that.
Barbarian Leather and Blades
Barbarian Leather and Blades Måned siden
Cody is a Doer! Sometimes you have to take care of yourself and your friends. You are a fire fighter so your as professional at this as any other wildland firefighter. Most people would be so lucky to have a friend with your knowledge and equipment to be able to even do this.
Kevin Lawson
Kevin Lawson Måned siden
You have to do what you have do to try to save your properties people who say you was not responsible don’t care about there properties if you ask me. Yes human life is number one priority but you still have to try
Clay DeVilbiss
Clay DeVilbiss Måned siden
You are slightly stupid if you think that "antifa" is starting fires.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
There is proof, video and police dispatches,
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