The Real Reason I Stopped Wearing Jeans

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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading the real reason why I stopped wearing jeans. Sugarcane dungarees.

TheKnight0017 13 timer siden
I bought a pair based on your review. I bought them from Self Edge Clothing on line. They offered hemming at a cost. I received them and they did not fit. The sizing is different than American sizing. Self Edge will not stand by their sizing chart and im stuck with a pair that does not fit. I bought a 36x34 and they are actually fit like a 34x34. So disappointed. I can't afford another pair.
Brian Chv
Brian Chv 18 timer siden
Love the video and I love the history thank you so much I have a question, do you wear these for work? If not, which pants do you wear for work
Dougie Harrington
Dougie Harrington 21 time siden
What about Round House jeans or Texas jeans made in the U.S. ?
Marquis 2 dager siden
I stopped wearing jeans, and started wearing Round House American made jeans.
Marquis 23 timer siden
I like the Prison Blues hickory shirts.
Marquis 23 timer siden
strangersolz 23 timer siden
I love my Round House jeans. I've also discovered Prison Blues jeans. They are heavy duty and come with button to wear suspenders.
Theorcman2008 3 dager siden
You lost me at "Made in Japan."......Thought you were a patriot. The classic Jeans were made HERE.
Lee Waddell
Lee Waddell 3 dager siden
I agree with you old school is best, the clothes out now are Metro Sexual guy stuff...garbage..would not get caught in that stuff. In Canada we have old style jeans called Red Straps...great old school feel.
Jeff Thompson
Jeff Thompson 3 dager siden
I stopped wearing Levis about 10 years ago, such low quality the past 20 or so years.
Jameson smith
Jameson smith 3 dager siden
Maybe some overalls they're more utilitarian and my grand father is still wearing the same pair he got when he was thirty
Jameson smith
Jameson smith 3 dager siden
Would it kill him to wear clothes that aren't more than I earn in a week
Sue Charnock
Sue Charnock 3 dager siden
um thick fabric.... I'm thinking... CHAFE. major chafe
Scott Dunn
Scott Dunn 4 dager siden
I like it!! 😁
Xmd Bd
Xmd Bd 5 dager siden
Simply the best! I am old enough to “get it”. Thanks for sharing.
Dave Hansen
Dave Hansen 5 dager siden
Your around the bend. I would not waste my time in hearing your opinion on jeans. I wear Kirkland Jeans in a 38x34 size at $11 a pair. I have been wearing them for 20 years. and I have 6 in inventory in case they change. Your for sale. Iguana
Wranglerstar 5 dager siden
Kirkland jeans are nice,
cold spring
cold spring 5 dager siden
Oh I understood
Clint Raby
Clint Raby 5 dager siden
Appreciate the info!
Zero Defects II
Zero Defects II 5 dager siden
What t shirt are you wearing? Like the collar.. doesn’t sag. What what the Jean shirt/
Rudolph Hessian
Rudolph Hessian 5 dager siden
i bought some Roundhouse jeans. OKlahoma USA made.
Randall Price
Randall Price 5 dager siden
Carharts double front loggers are 60$
Randall Price
Randall Price 6 dager siden
Boycott Levi. Last year they said they didn't need conservative white men to buy their clothes.
Randall Price
Randall Price 6 dager siden
Original Levi's were made of hemp. That is why they lasted forever. When I was a kid in the 60s they were 6 dollars and took a month to break in the denim was so heavy.
Cliff DaRiff
Cliff DaRiff 6 dager siden
So now it’s time for a review of them Orange Suspenders we’ve seen you in other the way, Marlon Brando sure, but Gary Cooper is going back a bit too far huh? Next thing you’ll be mentioning Rudy Valentino...
ArcaneWorkshop 6 dager siden
Where are you finding them for $150?? Everywhere I find them, they are over $400.
Bryan Ginder
Bryan Ginder 6 dager siden
What happened to your steel pants from back in the day, u still wear them!?
jordanmorris6 6 dager siden
If you want a good classic dungaree look at Round House. They’re much cheaper, raw denim and MADE IN THE USA. Not Japan.
Eddie F
Eddie F 6 dager siden
Fjallraven is the way to go. Worth the hefty price.
Created 2Praise
Created 2Praise 6 dager siden
Made in Japan and a replica of what used to be made in America? Kind of like going to a restaurant to buy a pie like grandma used to make. Someone did a serious job on the United States. Sigh.
Billy Ray
Billy Ray 7 dager siden
Hey, how are you 6’5” and only wear a 34x34” ?
vyr01 7 dager siden
$200 dungarees, not many people willing to use them for work, not non-rich people any way
PatrioticConstitutionalist 7 dager siden
Hate to have to say this, but the reason the 501’s today are not the same as the “Shrink to fit 501’s” from eons ago, is that Americans today are too over fed and overweight and out of shape to fit into them.
707FUNZO 7 dager siden
$150 dollar pair of Jeans and a $6,550 dollar Rolex Explorer 1 on his wrist. This guy is killing it. I wonder if his daly driver is a Porsche 911?
Luke Hager
Luke Hager 7 dager siden
I was pondering the other day. I don’t think we have gotten wealthier as a whole. I think products have gotten cheaper.
Charles Weyand
Charles Weyand 7 dager siden
Is that a Filson vest that you are wearing?
Wranglerstar 7 dager siden
Nuda Rider
Nuda Rider 7 dager siden
i was expecting 400$ on the price... 150$ is pretty normal price for pants in my opinion
David Dixon
David Dixon 7 dager siden
What happened to your homemade iron pants? That's the video that introduced me to your channel.
Mike’s Garage
Mike’s Garage 7 dager siden
The last pair of Levi’s I bought was about 10 years ago. They were complete junk and fell apart in less than a month. Their quality went south quick
Sean C
Sean C 8 dager siden
Check out the Smith and Rogue jeans from North 40. They have some raws. Been loving mine. Seem to be well made. Also they're $60. I think I would die a little if I got some food or grease on $200 pants.
JFS ! 8 dager siden
Only goes up to 38" waist. Nevermind
Jason McBeavis
Jason McBeavis 8 dager siden
Wranglerstar.. men in tights
Ted 8 dager siden
Those jeans actually look light weight and yes they look like jeans to me
Leon Johansson
Leon Johansson 8 dager siden
You might want to try Prsn Blu brand, 14.75 oz fabric, Made in Oregon USA at Eastern Oregon Correctional Institute by inmates. And only 33 ducks. Note that these blue pants were designed by Pedee Jeans of Monmouth, OR. Don't know of Pedee is still in business.
Michael Shields777
Michael Shields777 9 dager siden
Japanese made dungarees for only $150?! Yeeps!! I'm not a hipster so I'll just settle with my trusty well worn Levi's, hehehe!!
kkassam 9 dager siden
What’s the name of the store in Portland where you first bought these dungarees?
Zac White
Zac White 9 dager siden
Where can I buy these? I've only been able to find foreign websites.
Andrew Roff
Andrew Roff 9 dager siden
What is your opinion of charhartts pants?
J CC 9 dager siden
When you buy clothing, paying more for high quality costs less than buying multiple pair due to the less-expensive pair needing to be bought over and over. A pair of these "jeans" will last half a lifetime of hard workin outdoors, so you are saving money over your lifetime (or over a couple years).
robert pereira
robert pereira 9 dager siden
ct wood crafters
ct wood crafters 9 dager siden
When you can go in round house .com and get 2 pars of usa made dungarees for 50$ a piece
Joseph Lathrop
Joseph Lathrop 10 dager siden
The original Levis where Made of Hemp Canvas
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 10 dager siden
I remember those Levi 501’s....stopped buying them when they hit $7.00 in the a pair in the late 60’s I believe. Then later on...when I “could” afford them...there was this conflict between the higher rise an’ the belly.! By the time I stepped back into 501’s, they lowered the rise but were usin’ the thinner material. Went through’em faster, but the gut was happy! Now that I know about these......I’m back in the same place to where the $7.00 ones were.!! Glad someone is makin’’ too, some of ya can flip a coin for’em..........
Michael McDowell
Michael McDowell 10 dager siden
Filson... tin cloth pants.. tougher than a hardboiled owl...last forever.
Scott Y
Scott Y 10 dager siden
Now my wife will be able to call me "Sugarpants"....
Scott Y
Scott Y 10 dager siden
I would and probably will buy these Sugarcane now....i wont buy SJW Levi Jeans or anything that has anything to do with Levi's.
Robert b
Robert b 11 dager siden
Just endoring another product. This channel is getting old!
Kevin Firth
Kevin Firth 11 dager siden
They sound uncomfortable
JW Wigle
JW Wigle 11 dager siden
I like these but 160$ is a bit expensive
Terry Fahnestock
Terry Fahnestock 11 dager siden
I wear Dickies 874 there alot more comfortable for me to work in and not as hot in the summer.
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 12 dager siden
You would 1620 pants thats all i wear for work everyday
Root River Woodworks
Root River Woodworks 12 dager siden
I'll have to find a pair. I'm hooked on my Wranglers and Duluth Trading brand of Alaskan Hard Gear but I'm game for something that could be better. There better be 7 belt loops minimum though. I'm also going to get a pair of the double tin from Filson. BTW, thanks for introducing me to them, I love Filson now.
TheDomain16 12 dager siden
Only a women would buy pants over $80. I have multiple different brands of work jeans, wear them every day and wash them after every use...they are still perfect after 3-4 years and were only around $40
carole dalee
carole dalee 12 dager siden
wow, very cool !
Logan Ross
Logan Ross 13 dager siden
Marlon Brando?
Wim Philipsen
Wim Philipsen 13 dager siden
All the lines by heart! Greatest memory ever.
Joe Horvath
Joe Horvath 13 dager siden
If you’re paying less than like $70 for a pair of pants it’s because some kid is getting paid $0.05 a pair to stitch them. Deerborn makes some affordable US made pants but not of this style, pretty much all other US makers are $200+ per pair. I’m not going to judge anybody who want to wear $30 pants, but you can’t do that and then wonder why American manufacturing has been in such decline.
Michael Dillin
Michael Dillin 14 dager siden
I stopped buying Levi's I get my jeans made in America the state is Ohio by American clothing they might not be as fancy as those jeans however I feel better wearing clothes made in America and I'm more proud to support my country than buying from Japan if I can find it in the United States
Paleojay Bowers
Paleojay Bowers 14 dager siden
I think he is naked from the waist down... the camera tells the tale.
Nicolas Morillo
Nicolas Morillo 14 dager siden
Duck canvas vs sugar cane ?
HBH honeybeehoney
HBH honeybeehoney 15 dager siden
your vest ..was it a suit coat originally..tell me about vests please they are hard to find
Choco Drew
Choco Drew 15 dager siden
Try naked and famous and especially my favourite japanese brand kato It's all about selvedge denim yeee
Aaron ___
Aaron ___ 15 dager siden
Where can you buy them?
The Beaten Paths
The Beaten Paths 15 dager siden
I've literally stopped wearing jeans. Nothing but Fjallraven for me.
James Gretsch
James Gretsch 15 dager siden
Talk about dungarees, if you want to see a great example see Buzz from "Rebel Without A Cause". Buzz wears them. James Dean too but you can get a better idea from Buzz. And yes, I agree, Marlon Brando in "The Wild One".
James Gretsch
James Gretsch 15 dager siden
Those are nice. More than I can spend tho. My favorite jeans are Round House Jeans. last I heard was they are Made In USA. Levi's are no good anymore. Not because they are made overseas BUT because always one belt loop tears off the pants. One side of it and it hangs off. Never fails, or I should say always fails.
Lisa Barnes
Lisa Barnes 15 dager siden
My grandfather told me as we talked that today’s Levi’s are not made as they were made when he was a boy he was born 1899 and he told me that in 1976.
Daniel Matthis
Daniel Matthis 16 dager siden
Where is a link that I can buy some?
prescribedfire1953 16 dager siden
I’ll stick with Prison Blues and Wrangler but I enjoyed the vid.
Nathaniel Kidd
Nathaniel Kidd 16 dager siden
Just what I look for in pants that I’m going to wear while working outside: all day water retention.
Max Quigley
Max Quigley 16 dager siden
I've been wondering about the shirt you wear. Is that your only shirt? Did you pay a weeks wages for it?
j b
j b 17 dager siden
Spandex and a non gender specific man bag are my things. And a helmet for riding my eco friendly bicycle.
Andres Aparicio
Andres Aparicio 17 dager siden
You have to try Ben Davis they have super good quality pants that have the exact same cut since the 1930s high waisted and they make it in a original trim fit and super wide called gorilla cut not to mention their cheap their about 50 dollars and they last forever, you should really check them out and do a NOpost video on it talking about what you think I would recommend the trim fit or original fit their the best pants due to the cut and the quality that I’ve ever seen
dan simon
dan simon 17 dager siden
I've yet to find a pair of work pants that last more than 6 months. I need serious toughness.
Cody Monko
Cody Monko 17 dager siden
How can he possible rip on east coast people. This dude is a hipster and don't even realize it. I bet he drinks only really expensive coffee. Bet
hr 777
hr 777 5 dager siden
@Cliff DaRiff hipsters don't raise cattle or mine for ore
Cliff DaRiff
Cliff DaRiff 6 dager siden
No it’s the other way around bro...the hipsters have copied these guys 😉
Electricutie 10 dager siden
Dungarees are just free trade grain fed jean substitute.
hr 777
hr 777 15 dager siden
the hipster vibe is strong in that part of our nation
D. SPRATTICOUS 17 dager siden
Where are the fade pics!? You can't talk about raw denim and not post fades.
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor 18 dager siden
I wear canvas work pants everyday, even have a clean pair for church
glen hare
glen hare 18 dager siden
Wow very interesting
glen hare
glen hare 18 dager siden
I like your vest and shirt
mwilliamson77 18 dager siden
Hi. Do you know where I could order these pants? I have looked online and can’t find them very easily. Thanks so much. Great review
Richard Edgecomb
Richard Edgecomb 18 dager siden
I have been to Japan 45 times and never saw any local wearing $150.00 Levi lookalike dungarees. I think they must produce these for those crazy Gaijins. Not denying the described quality, but my L.L. Bean Double L Jeans have never failed me. Think I’ll stick with my $50.00 jeans (40.00 or less on sale). They feel like proper man’s clothing to me.
Ken Melrose
Ken Melrose 18 dager siden
These are cool and all, but does anyone else feel like Cody should be wearing and reviewing Origin Factory Jeans? (100% Made in USA from components all 100% made in USA)
malcolm nicholls
malcolm nicholls 18 dager siden
Most trousers worn in the UK today look like they were stolen from school kids.
tooblueyes 19 dager siden
Carhart makes an excellent dungaree at ⅓ the cost . They are so stiff you have to break them in like a pair of boots
megaohmz 19 dager siden
I love my Diluth Trading Co military style fire hose canvas pants. I used them throughout welding school, and they seem to not wear down at all. They are very loose fitting and soft so you have plenty of room to move around in strange positions comfortably, while keeping your legs protected. They are worth every penny. The side pockets are amazing and the front/back pockets are actually canvas material also. I think they stopped making this military style, but they have so many awesome work pants. Those sugar canes do look like very special reproductions of the real thing, and they look like the stitching is even better than the original. If I had the extra cash, these would bee cool to own.
Country Craftsman
Country Craftsman 19 dager siden
Been wearing Carhartt and Dickies for 20 years. Levi's political stance ran me off.
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 19 dager siden
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 19 dager siden
I appreciate your nostalgia. With that being said I have just purchased my first pair of oni slevege jeans is the 20oz secret denim in a regular straight cut. They are the most brawly, hairy, robust jeans I have seeing. Definitely a winter jean and something that is at home in the woods whole chainsawing up some wood. Check them out.
Sean Johnson
Sean Johnson 19 dager siden
@Wranglerstar Oh and the word you are looking for in your video is nostalgic. I have a old 1970 christian dior puffy jacket brown with old cirgrette burns and worn down alittle but when I put it on it just feels right. I don't smoke and it was my grandpas. I don't know why everything made from the past 1950s and before, just feels better.
Wranglerstar 19 dager siden
Cool, I have an Iron Heart denim jacket made of 22 oz. You can literally lean the thing against the wall,
Off The Record
Off The Record 20 dager siden
Link to buy one?
PeterWolfe2012 21 dag siden
I don't remember the last time you reviewed anything that I could use AND afford. Big deal. I'm reading "Wrangler Modern Homesteading" in the description of this very video. I've anything on your channel claiming to represent "modern homelessness". It never ceases to amaze me how many people seem to think that you exist exclusively and specifically for them and everyone else be damned.
John LaRanger
John LaRanger 22 dager siden
Just couldn't imagine how po'd I'd be if I caught a $150+ pair of JEANS on something or fell and ripped them!
Stephen Shreds
Stephen Shreds 22 dager siden
Is there a modern 501 jean that is made to a higher quality standard?
Scott1Lori2 22 dager siden
I'll stick with my KEY overalls for homestead work. Pretty tough yet light enough to be comfortable. At about $40 you just can't beat them. Not something I wear out and about but if I'm spending a day doing down n dirty work then I'm in my Keys.
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