Why I'm Building A LOOT CRATE!

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2 måneder siden

Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading.

boogie banana
boogie banana 19 dager siden
Who's been watching for more than 10 years
Benoit D'Astous
Benoit D'Astous Måned siden
How is that for perfect timing.
colby rodgers
colby rodgers Måned siden
That old soft bucket looks like an old arborist tool pouch
thrice1888 Måned siden
I wouldn’t steal from the box but I would definitely borrow some things for a weekend 😉
Angela S
Angela S Måned siden
I think that is completely and totally awesome! the same idea could be used for a lot of different things. right now I am cooking between two different kitchens and let me tell you that this idea is going to work perfect for the things I need in both kitchens, just at different times.
Austen Paterson
Austen Paterson Måned siden
So your building a coffin
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim Måned siden
This gives me some ideas on making a good wooden tool box. Thanks.
L2FlyMN Måned siden
The roof of the box was tinned.
Lynn Mulder
Lynn Mulder Måned siden
What state is this man in?
Karl Måned siden
Dude, your saw spare kit is seriously lacking! Take out the clutch springs and add something useful like e-clips, sprocket washers, and sprockets things you will actually need to replace on the fire line.
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Måned siden
G00ober 2 måneder siden
I would throw in extra respirator masks in there aswell. Neat project
Messi Carter
Messi Carter 2 måneder siden
Joe Relph
Joe Relph 2 måneder siden
Where do you get the quick fill caps for the mix gas
Gary Brown Forging On
Gary Brown Forging On 2 måneder siden
My wife's uncle was in the forestry service here in Tennessee. He is now in his 90s. He had a long box with fire gear in it and put it in his family's old home place (200 year old log cabin). Someone broke in and stole it out of the old house. I guess it would have been safer in the woods.
Andrew F.
Andrew F. 2 måneder siden
Never got a notification that this video was uploaded
Larkhon Nohkral
Larkhon Nohkral 2 måneder siden
I think his wife, kid, and chain saw is his 3 most prized possessions in his life
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
I know it's not half so romantic but one way we're ahead these days is you can buy a big plastic box which will last pretty much forever.
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
Hey Cody, thinking about flamethrowers... Is the phrase "fight fire with fire" of fire fighting origin?
C Bob White
C Bob White 2 måneder siden
Possible a WW2 issue M1 Garand , 20 rifle crate.
Rick Black
Rick Black 2 måneder siden
The collapsible bucket is for water.. Lived in the desert more than 40 years ago it was commonplace.. and do mean commonplace.. everybody had one.
Adam Ward
Adam Ward 2 måneder siden
These are the videos I enjoy keep it up
Waterman19 76
Waterman19 76 2 måneder siden
Looks like a fun project. Headed to the 2nd vid now.
TD3269 2 måneder siden
You really never explain why you need this. 🤷‍♂️
Lake Slusher
Lake Slusher 2 måneder siden
What’s a burnout?
ShadowScoutSwede 2 måneder siden
these boxes looks really sturdy and reliable and the collapsable canvas bucket in my opinion is simply used for carrying water.
Stanley S
Stanley S 2 måneder siden
I am guessing it’s because you want money.
Nate Donley
Nate Donley 2 måneder siden
Wranglerstar, that canvas bucket was probably one of the most versatile tools in that cache!
Hardwood Hollow Skills
Hardwood Hollow Skills 2 måneder siden
Great idea Cody. While it would be heavier, that plastic board you have like you used for the tractor's sawyers kit, would have made this box uber rugged.
Andy Tetro
Andy Tetro 2 måneder siden
Do you think someone could cut longest rake in two and insert aluminum collar to connect them Therefore allowing for smaller box. Would need little engineering but not rocket science. Just an idea
Andrew Gosda
Andrew Gosda 2 måneder siden
what type knife did your grandfather carry?
J. Seagroves
J. Seagroves 2 måneder siden
Add some of those emergency tents incase your exit route gets cut and you need to hide from the heat
Yeet 2 måneder siden
Who's going to go out into the middle of a forest with bolt cutters to loot a firefighter box? You need to get off the fear mongering kool-aid lmao. Why even make one if you think it's gonna get looted?
john walterz
john walterz 2 måneder siden
I just watched your video ! I want to help you build your church! I almost cried tears of joy listening to your comments!!! and BTW you sir are a cla2 act!
Philip Cockram
Philip Cockram 2 måneder siden
Great idea to have it all together and ready to go .
Fredrick Nolan
Fredrick Nolan 2 måneder siden
Standard size good ole pine box from a Few Dollars More and double the depth of it.
D Kovorik
D Kovorik 2 måneder siden
I'll tell ya what...When it all goes down, people in the region are going to be looking for your place. You have more stuff than most stores and warehouses. Good luck at protecting it all by yourself. Maybe that's the idea behind making fringe community of like minded people. As the guy from Jaws once said, "I think you're going to need a bigger boat!"
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 2 måneder siden
Sounds like a plan! 👍😁
Caleb Mayfield
Caleb Mayfield 2 måneder siden
One thing I've started doing knowing other people may be using my tools is to make sure the different fuel and oil cans are painted differently. Nothing like someone in a hurry dumping a bottle of bar oil into the fuel tank. Not that I'd personally know anything about that...
simplemanduke 2 måneder siden
Another great video Sir
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 2 måneder siden
Hey Cody. There was more salt boxes on hills. But these salt boxes have been taken away, cos the local residents, they just nicked it. What makes me laugh, they are the first to complain there’s no salt in there local bins. If they hadn’t nicked it, it would be there!!!!!! Hmmmm ❤️💖🙏😂😂😂
mark osbourne
mark osbourne 2 måneder siden
All well and good but sum people might steal the suff
P Kensington
P Kensington 2 måneder siden
Its mighty fine to see a hard working God fearing American man doing good for his country. Thank you Cody for all you do.
Jim Gregory
Jim Gregory 2 måneder siden
Home Depot supports LGBT in their CA parade
Frank Dodd
Frank Dodd 2 måneder siden
Canvas buckets are also for tossing in streams using rope to get water.
Bewildering Truth Seeker
Bewildering Truth Seeker 2 måneder siden
Awesome project... You should do a loot crate for survival in the wilderness... Same size, something you would attach for a bug out vehicle, or something like that! I'm talkin, long term, gotta get out if dodge, go to the woods, and survive off grid until things calm down.
MercedesCherokee 2 måneder siden
Whats in the box???????
Mike McK
Mike McK 2 måneder siden
Great idea. As a retired firefighter living in a rural area it's important to have your gear prepared to go to work. Sometimes just clearing roads for safe passage after hurricanes or even freak snow storms. It makes you rest easy knowing you won't be scrabbling when the time for action is nigh. My own version will be a 4 foot box that can be mounted on the front of my atv. Am thinking of a shelf in the shed at the right height so it's easy to slide into the atv. The shovel will be strapped on the exterior. I would add some reflective tape for high visibility. I would add some Scooby snacks in case you miss a meal.
Fred Hadzocos
Fred Hadzocos 2 måneder siden
What are the blue caps on the msr fuel cannisters?
Vee Mack
Vee Mack 2 måneder siden
Wow I never knew that’s great
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וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
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old dave
old dave 2 måneder siden
I remember guys delivering coal in the cities in the 1940s, they used heavy canvas buckets that probably held 75 pounds to carry the coal up to the higher floors of the city apartments.
MARK JEFFERS 2 måneder siden
good idea, as you have shown its basically a fire station so you can just grab and go. Interestingly in the U.K. our volunteer mountain rescuers had exactly the same idea, if theres equipment near the incident site you can just make speed to it and get the job done, alternatively, others who have some skills such as off duty fire/sar/ems who just happen to be there can become effective first responders. great concept especially with the other kit.
dirtyshirtinfo 2 måneder siden
That collapsible bucket....for horse feed and water?
A Scottish Guy
A Scottish Guy 2 måneder siden
Can we get an actual wranglestar/wildland loot crate like the monthly subscription ones
Richard 2 måneder siden
need to crank that oiler up if you're going through over two tanks of fuel to one tank of bar oil. Bar oil is cheaper than chains and bars
enedino gasca cabrera
enedino gasca cabrera 2 måneder siden
Well, work in progress box.
judy males
judy males 2 måneder siden
You are building something in the middle of a move? Ohmygoodness
Ouwkackemann 2 måneder siden
What lights are those?
robert weekley
robert weekley 2 måneder siden
Love seeing your vlogs when your doing things like this and other things. It's better then watching you complaining about things that bother you more then most people. Sorry but true.
Klaus Van Heusen
Klaus Van Heusen 2 måneder siden
I think that crate has either a tin or copper top rolled over and nailed underneath.
Michael Schaber
Michael Schaber 2 måneder siden
Loot eh … English second language is my excuse
Patricia Henry
Patricia Henry 2 måneder siden
That's an awesome idea. A loot cache.
David Westman
David Westman 2 måneder siden
No lanyard for the chainsaw? (just kidding)
Robert Stolorz
Robert Stolorz 2 måneder siden
How have you not played Firewatch with your son? It's a great atmospheric game about just being in the woods as a fire watcher... Amazing experience, loved it.
Rob Priestley
Rob Priestley 2 måneder siden
A sloping lid would be best if things will fit. I thought that you would be head down, tail up on the move rather than working on a new project.
Eric Nay
Eric Nay 2 måneder siden
When you were talking about how these would be left out in the forest, my First Thought was...not in today's world. These wonderful photos were taken in a time of honor, respect, and hard work.
Eric Nay
Eric Nay Måned siden
@John D maybe so...but not many. At least here in the states.
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
Depends where you live. Lots of places folk still leave their doors and cats unlocked.
Scott T
Scott T 2 måneder siden
What are the purple tops on the MSR fuel bottles?
Daniel Harlen
Daniel Harlen 2 måneder siden
You should paint the fule bottles and bar oil bottles different colors to easily identify them.
Steve Hicks
Steve Hicks 2 måneder siden
Great info
Matt Phillips
Matt Phillips 2 måneder siden
The canvas bags carried water
Colton Workman
Colton Workman 2 måneder siden
Hey I noticed you had a husqvarna combo can what do you think about those I’ve been looking at those on amazon
Hapa Nice Day
Hapa Nice Day 2 måneder siden
I have to take your video titles with a grain of salt.
Jesse Smith
Jesse Smith 2 måneder siden
In lieu of keeping up with sanitized drinking water, might I suggest BPA-free bottled water like smart water? We use/reuse the bottles for hiking and they’re sturdy and lightweight. Don’t pack as well as your rectangular bottles.
Shane Chepren
Shane Chepren 2 måneder siden
I store a lot of gear in pelican cases, I learned a long time ago the value of the space on the inside of the lid. I can see majority of your small items fitting on there with some Velcro or MOLLE gear.
Grimm God
Grimm God 2 måneder siden
That cache wouldn't last long in Portland
William Burke
William Burke 2 måneder siden
Now you need for make a LOOT CHUTE so you can load it faster!
Km Morris
Km Morris 2 måneder siden
Put a pull out to one side for the small stuff
Affra 2 måneder siden
I did something similar, but a crate adapted to my atv traiker/wagon i can just winch up into it in a minute and go.
Chris Mayer
Chris Mayer 2 måneder siden
I actually have an 8 man cashe box like (bear lodge mountain), NE Wyoming Devils Tower area
W Brown
W Brown 2 måneder siden
In the early 60’s I was “asked” to help my brothers, my dad and his friends dig a cache whole in the men’s elk camp. It was near this time of year, so pretty warm. It had mostly food, some tent equip and I think a stove and table. When elk season started the men went to their camp and sure enough, even that far back, others had found and raided the entire cache. I will never forget. It was on the east side of White Pass, in the Dog Lake area. Lots of hunters did the same back then, until, like us they no longer trusted their fellow hunters and Americans.
daft nord
daft nord 2 måneder siden
Lots of people talk down on younger generations. But people really haven't changed much. Only thing I've noticed is people are less neighborly after the internet became a "necessity"
John E
John E 2 måneder siden
Great project idea for those of us threatened by forest fires. I really appreciate the research and historical information you put into the video. Keep up the good work and hope your upcoming move goes smoothly.
Country Craftsman
Country Craftsman 2 måneder siden
Check out Studley's Tool Chest. That's the kind of box to strive for.
Jeeper Gary
Jeeper Gary 2 måneder siden
I’m from Pulaski, TN originally. I’m 27 now and I just realized that pulaski was a type of tool...
Brenda Krieger
Brenda Krieger 2 måneder siden
Great idea
Thomas Crowell
Thomas Crowell 2 måneder siden
here in the eastern woodlands you can walk 5 feet and trip over water unless it been a bad dry summer so with canvas buckets they're less weight than metal buckets and are incredibly strong
Brian Ferrante
Brian Ferrante 2 måneder siden
Cody I found this a very interesting and fun video. As I recently made the n of these myself for single resource for me to move between my personal rig when out on my adventures in the woods as a just in case, that can also be moved to my duty rig when on shift. Great vid as always.
Cam hurst
Cam hurst 2 måneder siden
Hi Wranglerstar, I’m not sure what our timeframe is, but please look up EPMCOE by Brian Lambert. Might give you and your following some insight into everything that is going on, and the one deception the controllers have held tight to keep humanity asleep. Please share the message to your followers and as many channels as you can. God bless!!!
Caleb Samuel
Caleb Samuel 2 måneder siden
Great video
bob mardyl
bob mardyl 2 måneder siden
918 Scott
918 Scott 2 måneder siden
Honestly, I live in central city Phx, AZ. (Gates of hell) At first, I was not sure why I found my self watching this but now I value the information. Yes, it could be a bit boring but when I move up north, I plan on living in the trees. This video is a great foundation! Thank you again.. God bless you for taking the time to focus on the things we overlook so easily.
Bobby Reese
Bobby Reese 2 måneder siden
Please read my email, a video about ( it think its called) a reciprocating chain saw would be very interesting im sure alot of people would agree 👍. Thanks for the great content and god bless you and your family....
MAE HAY 2 måneder siden
Cody, I love this type of videos where you build something you will always need to have on hand! I enjoy watching the process of building your own wood tool box for keeping your family safe and your neighbors.👍
Floyd Young
Floyd Young 2 måneder siden
A type 7 I'm on. ( On the east coast) still has a flame thrower and I've seen canvas lineman buckets used to carry tools on engines
William R. Land
William R. Land 2 måneder siden
The collapsible bucket was multi-purpose water and tools
Reinis Miks
Reinis Miks 2 måneder siden
Seems like you miss being firefighter
Tzuede Off the Cuff
Tzuede Off the Cuff 2 måneder siden
11:50 Um.. 4 bar chains? but only one bar nut? WHY? Okay second.. Where are the MAPS.. You know the paper ones that show elevations and holes and caves or springs? Where are those? Really. Do they even make them anymore?
Tzuede Off the Cuff
Tzuede Off the Cuff 2 måneder siden
Excellent Work! I am very happy you have not chosen to bury your talents! Thank you sir!
Dino Nucci
Dino Nucci 2 måneder siden
Turns out Warrior Poser Poet has been arrested multiple times for spousal abuse
Jason Jimenez
Jason Jimenez 2 måneder siden
You need a bigger box. Get rid of the safety caps off those MSR fuel bottle, they are terrible. I’ve had them lock in me. I also use 20 oz for bar oil, easy to distinguish. You’ll be a tired Wranglerstar after 4 bottles of gas. Nice drip torch.
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