This Is My Boom Stick

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3 måneder siden

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Orion Christensen
Orion Christensen Dag siden
Thoughts on magpul?
Orion Christensen
Orion Christensen Dag siden
You can get an rmr with a diagonal mount
Jokeal 24 dager siden
Anyone know what sling he uses? At the end of one of his videos, every component is highlighted?
Mr DavidJRS
Mr DavidJRS Måned siden
As an Ex Israeli Paratrooper your on the spot with form vs function with these weapons.
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows Måned siden
I’m from the UK 🇬🇧. I can’t believe I’ve just watched this video and I just didn’t have a clue what you’ve been talking about. We get in trouble if you have a small penknife in your pocket. 😆😀🙏💖
Christian McNally
Christian McNally Måned siden
Alright I wanna s see the shooting vid
reb363 Måned siden
ONLY ONE? Turn in your Man Card :)
Jackson Spradlin
Jackson Spradlin Måned siden
Seal Team 8: “Noice”
Jay Caponigro
Jay Caponigro Måned siden
did anyone else laugh hysterically at the thumbnail 😂
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal Måned siden
There's so much fizz here my screen started bubbling.
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal Måned siden
I like the twisty ripper on the front of the barrel - I'd use that after the self defense perforation of the crim crim to twist into the hole, gaping it out and increasing the death spiral trauma.
Isaac Leachman
Isaac Leachman 2 måneder siden
Haven’t watched the channel in a few months, when did wranglerstar become so in to guns, plate Carriers and night vision?? It’s shocking how much someone can learn with things like NOpost
danglenugget07 2 måneder siden
Did you put your rifle together w used parts? Because all of that stuff you have is Expensiveeeee my man! Great stuff!!
Thomas Huxtable
Thomas Huxtable 2 måneder siden
David Hergott
David Hergott 2 måneder siden
What capacity of mags do you prefer?
Nick Anagnost
Nick Anagnost 2 måneder siden
Hey Cody, have you thought about having your ACOG on top and your red dot mounted at maybe 45 degrees on the right side of the weapon? This seems to be more popular in 'all purpose' rifle builds nowadays. No need to lose cheek weld as much if you just have to rotate the rifle a small amount.
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton 2 måneder siden
Nice content my friend
Tigger 2 måneder siden
When do we get to watch you pump out a few thousand rounds on this and others?? Thanks again for another cool video!
Hans Oak
Hans Oak 2 måneder siden
"Are you really going into war or combat?" . Have you been paying attention to current events? lol
Vinny 3 måneder siden
Ever try a stark grip?
Fletch Schubert
Fletch Schubert 3 måneder siden
Cody @Wranglerstar can you put a parts list from the Unity stuff and front sight? Thx
Davis 3 måneder siden
The fizzzz
Justin Weaver
Justin Weaver 3 måneder siden
Love ur combo sir thank you for sharing.
Leo Pitre
Leo Pitre 3 måneder siden
I couldn't afford a Daniel Defense, couldn't find a Sig400 tread so after doing some research I bought the Springfield Armory SAINT has a fold up rear sight and the A2 M-16 front sight...trying to learn more about accessories the red dots and magnifiers, mounts etc before I spend the little money I have. That Night Vision you have is a super huge advantage over someone that doesn't have it.
James Dolan
James Dolan 3 måneder siden
The trigger guard does indeed swivel down for use in winter warfare.
William Burke
William Burke 3 måneder siden
I need a diopter like that. My Holosight red dot blooms all over the effing place. Maybe after my cataract surgery later this year...
William Burke
William Burke 3 måneder siden
The rail covers that turn your quad back into an original AR-15 handguard! Can you put a quad on top of that?
SpartanMan 1989
SpartanMan 1989 3 måneder siden
A lot of weight lol imagine holding that for sometime shooting, just saying less is more but those are nice to have. I normally just run a small olight and and laser with Romeo 5 red dot and iron sight, the olight I can pop on and off if need to be!
SpartanMan 1989
SpartanMan 1989 3 måneder siden
I use a light coat of gun oil on the glass of my lights that way from the flash and over time use, it won’t ruin the glass or flashlight
Cowboy B
Cowboy B 3 måneder siden
well done
spingarn 3 måneder siden
I think you might be a good candidate for a nice LPVO.
owl3764 3 måneder siden
Very nice. I wish my country had these sort of choices... of that when police can turn up on your doorstep and steal your rifles because you forgot to renew your license or a psychologist thought you were depressed. Took even my air-rifles and a muzzle loader. Only one real rifle. Australia, the land of the oppressed.
Loud Life
Loud Life 3 måneder siden
You're right! That folding trigger guard is for winter mittens!
jasonjavelin 3 måneder siden
You actually have really good tastes in firearms and AR stuff
papa al
papa al 3 måneder siden
You must get into a lot of gunfights?
Michael 3 måneder siden
I've enjoyed your videos for years now. with this video im going to stop it here...
Michael 3 måneder siden
KISS.... You know what that means... has always worked for me..
thedamdamman 3 måneder siden
New_England_Times 3 måneder siden
What would be the best home defense shotgun for a new firearm owner.
Rabbit Snare
Rabbit Snare 3 måneder siden
Dude, you need that thing for home defense? Are you expecting the Viet Cong to try to break into your house? . A simple handgun - a Glock or whatever - should be more than enough to defend your home. This is extreme overkill.
Doug Poulton
Doug Poulton 3 måneder siden
I don't know why I thought you were in Northern California but I guess I was wrong. Nothing you are displaying here is legal in CA.
top hand
top hand 3 måneder siden
You haven't put better triggers in those lowers? Tmc drop in triggers 2.5lb pull world of difference on accuracy, And houge overmolded grip
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
I only use SSA triggers
DR Dan
DR Dan 3 måneder siden
Nice to see some kit that shows actual use. Nice thing is you can always dura coat and cammo that rig. Any libs watching are getting seriously triggered about now.
Keith Hubbard
Keith Hubbard 3 måneder siden
Is it possible to get a build list for your upper and lower.?
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
I believe I covered everything in this video
Gavin Hay
Gavin Hay 3 måneder siden
I started watching your videos a few years back because I guess YT recommend it due to my diy interests. In the last year I've seen more and more fun content. I have to say, you seem scared of the world. Like, seriously.
Paul Martin
Paul Martin 3 måneder siden
I purchased a 2 mil-dot Red-dot optic and then discovered that at 200 yds the dot totally covered up the target. Precise aiming (3” group) was not possible. Any ideas on where I went wrong ?
NCshooter1213 3 måneder siden
Lordy I wish I could afford a setup like the aim point and magnifier are out of my range and especially the rifle. Maybe one day
jayonez 13
jayonez 13 3 måneder siden
Colt Daniel Defense And BCM are the only 3 brands I trust my life on. And I don’t change any internals except triggers. I run Geissele SSA-E or SSA depending on which rifle. I own others. But they are not fighting rifles! My $0.2
Shadow Bear
Shadow Bear 3 måneder siden
I think you may be one of the only folks I know of that prefers the original flat trigger guard, lol. Very nice setups though!
Brian Leya
Brian Leya 3 måneder siden
In the good words of LaPierre from the NRA. “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” I am paraphrasing a tad. I do appreciate the fact that you kept the flip up iron sights.
Jordon Pierce
Jordon Pierce 3 måneder siden
You have any thoughts on BCM?
CaravanSlob 3 måneder siden
Always found it strange why you put an acog on an SBR.. but hey.. everyone makes mistakes. :P
Joseph Leinhauser
Joseph Leinhauser 3 måneder siden
I would make sure that your scout light isn’t contacting your mawl. You don’t want anything coming in contact with your laser because it will influence your point of aim.
lesserclaypool 3 måneder siden
341 people are scared of guns and hate freedom
Thomas Bowden
Thomas Bowden 3 måneder siden
Sorry Sir, I just don't care to sit through as many commercials in your videos as if I am watching public television. Not for me, God Speed...
JAKE3914 3 måneder siden
Very nice setup Cody!
Scott Wibbens
Scott Wibbens 3 måneder siden
Sounds like he’s got the ‘rona
need more sleep
need more sleep 3 måneder siden
Definitely a bit jealous.
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey 3 måneder siden
Iron sights are my favorite, I could always scalp a 300m target lol. That being said a 4x is nice and a multi dot is fun, but for distance the old iron doesn't let me down.
Matthew Harvey
Matthew Harvey 3 måneder siden
Those are my favorite rail covers. I started off with some rubber sectional heat shield... After losing about $40 worth of them I decided to go with the others. I prefer Colt, guess the army spoiled me there, but my S&W M&P 15 just seems cheap compared to my old M4. Great video buddy, keep em comming
Dan C
Dan C 3 måneder siden
KAC loaded and a Rolex. Nice kit.
Drew Harris
Drew Harris 3 måneder siden
Get a real gun, tac a1 tikka. 308win. You only need 3 gun in a crisis.. 223 or 5.56, 308 and a 12g.
BIGCHEW 3 måneder siden
Sweet..I Also Love My God,My Guns ,Country,& My Family !
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 3 måneder siden
10" barrels are most effective for use around 100 yards due to minimum velocity needed at 2500fps with 55gr bullets. When velocity drops below that point tumbling and fragmenting no longer becomes consistent and rounds perform like a 22 magnum with small entrance and exit wounds. Weapons with this setup work best as CQB and close engagements support for situations when a longer ranged weapon is used and the need for fast handling close support if an attacker gets too close.
David Thompson
David Thompson 3 måneder siden
Good Review for sure.
Country Boy Ogre
Country Boy Ogre 3 måneder siden
One of the few people I've heard speak good about Colt ARs, must be a west coast thing.
beave05mw 3 måneder siden
@11:38 Or if you don't want to run the MAWL because it costs $2725....
David Monnin
David Monnin 3 måneder siden
Cody it is obvious you use the heck out of those. No safe queens in that bunch. Good on you!
the McCulloch man
the McCulloch man 3 måneder siden
Love the thumbnail one of my favorite movies
Backup2008 3 måneder siden
haha boom stick go boom.
King Dave
King Dave 3 måneder siden
Very nice broomstick sir
sizemorec1 3 måneder siden
Dang 6 ads 12 minutes in
Rayson Racette
Rayson Racette 3 måneder siden
10 min. in and was thinking am I watching an NRA infomercial?
sizemorec1 3 måneder siden
Didn’t realize you were a navy seal or swat
Ryan Dodgson
Ryan Dodgson 3 måneder siden
‘Boom Stick, made in Grand Rapids Michigan’ 💪 not East coast, not west coast... third coast
DeFo Matt
DeFo Matt 3 måneder siden
Cody, sell me that Acog buddy
Mr Commodore64
Mr Commodore64 3 måneder siden
Mmmm, yes. You shall slay many a Kandarian daemon with those wares.
Ryan Dodgson
Ryan Dodgson 3 måneder siden
Where’s the grenade launcher?
Scott Schultz
Scott Schultz 3 måneder siden
Sick setup.
MonkeyMan 3 måneder siden
If the next stimulus comes through i might have to use that fresh printed money to get one because inflation is going to destroy us soon.
CJ Hardknocks
CJ Hardknocks 3 måneder siden
Those setscrews remind me of the star of David.
Droids13 3 måneder siden
Cody, thank you for the video. I am saving for my own and this gave me great insights into what to buy.
The Timber Cruiser
The Timber Cruiser 3 måneder siden
What nods are you using?
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
I have a pair of PVS 14s'
The Timber Cruiser
The Timber Cruiser 3 måneder siden
Sick setup, Cody! 🤘🏼. BCM is another great brand (FYI, for anyone interested).
Christopher Salisbury
Christopher Salisbury 3 måneder siden
I haven't been following you for long so if this is covered in a previous video I apologize. What do you do for work? Is it primarily NOpost at this point? I know in a video you mentioned fire fighting but I don't think that could be your only job considering all the expensive equipment, structures, and land you have. Maybe that is too personal a question if so I apologize.
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
I'm a NOpostr,
JUICY elbow
JUICY elbow 3 måneder siden
I broke the stock of a very old single shot 22lr and I call it the BOOM STICK
John Bhoy
John Bhoy 3 måneder siden
I am from Ireland and have never seen/held a firearm but, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to you talk about your home defense firearm, the quality etc. I could hear the passion for well made/engineered components etc in your voice. Great video, I only wish it was a lot longer, Thank you for sharing. All the best to you and yours.
H B 3 måneder siden
I also am a fan of running mostly factory Colt and DD. Also have found S&W and Aero precision to fall into the same category
Inch Grundle
Inch Grundle 3 måneder siden
Rules of engagement? Maybe add the following for your spotter. Add a Wifi thermal scope, Picatinny Range finder and Acebeam W30 to light them up, on a quality tripod. The Range finder IR Laser would be allow the spotter to ping potential targets detected with the Thermal scope, The Thermal Scope picture can be seen by the shooter via a smart phone on a Wifi Mesh network. Area Surveillance Detection > Identification > Rules of engagement to allow the target to retreat if they know that they've made out with the Acebeam W30.
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson 3 måneder siden
Idk if its been said already but your upper says 5.56 but there was a stamp marking on your barrel of .223. I understand. 223 can be used in a 5.56. I was just pointing this out. Thanks @wranglerstar love all your videos
Eli west
Eli west 3 måneder siden
Ever thought about a binary trigger?
Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump 3 måneder siden
I was just thinking about your flag Cody. A buddy of mine had his destroyed a while back so his solution he had me make him a all metal flag out of quarter inch steel it doesn’t fly in the wind anymore but it sure would be hard to vandalize now. After that though they destroyed his mailbox so we made him a mailbox out of 1/2” metal plate. Shortly after we did that a company bought the land across the street with tractor trailers going in and out every once in a while one of their trucks will run it over usually doing more damage to the truck than the mailbox. Sorry message is so long
MCC nz
MCC nz 3 måneder siden
Nice watch.
Psychoduck80 3 måneder siden
How many acres of land do you have ?
A.j. Lloyd
A.j. Lloyd 3 måneder siden
“Ted Jones messed with the wrong Mellon Farmers”
Trevor Hawkins
Trevor Hawkins 3 måneder siden
Unity and American defense manufacturing are the golden standards when it comes to mounts. Good picks.
Laughing Dragon
Laughing Dragon 3 måneder siden
I met a bunch of bad dudes in my life, but I have too say without a doubt, I would never want to be at the wrong end of this man's barrel That's the real difference between a good guy and a bad guy. The bad guy will taunt, and torture and try too get something out of you. Play with you like there's a chance you could get out of this situation. Building and destroying you're hope for a future, at least you have hope, time too plan. The the good guy, the second you're marked as a threat, you won't hear the bullet that takes you're stupid head off. Good video man. This guy knows what he's about.
Nico Eckerstorfer
Nico Eckerstorfer 3 måneder siden
I have seen your videos on the bugout and the 940 and you always say that the plastic scales are awefull but theres another knife the bailout with bugout blade and shape but alluminum scales
Will D
Will D 3 måneder siden
Halls? Maybe. Lol
Bob Lanz
Bob Lanz 3 måneder siden
A bit of a cold huh? All that interacting and hand shaking with the construction crew. Social distancing on the compound a no go huh?
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