I Think I Know Who Desecrated My Flag

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3 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading

Joel valdez
Joel valdez 28 dager siden
when you wear the same shirt everytime its because you grew up humble
mildly_rude_tech_dude Måned siden
Someone that paranoid doesn't have cameras on his property?
Lisa Swetz
Lisa Swetz Måned siden
dboley1950 Måned siden
Levis are ok
dboley1950 Måned siden
I do that with gym shoes
dboley1950 Måned siden
12 blue denim shirts
David Hughes
David Hughes Måned siden
It worked for the Lone Ranger
Em Ayoub
Em Ayoub Måned siden
How about a Denim Tie for that Shirt?
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Måned siden
Maybe someone can explain the flag obsession? People in other countries are just as proud of their home country but somehow manage to survive without all the flag waving...
James Taylor
James Taylor Måned siden
I just noticed the face on the tree behind you.
Pure Hell
Pure Hell Måned siden
Love ya Cody but it was prolly just some teenagers. But who knows
Mesdriver Måned siden
USA made, I try to avoid it wenn I can these day's.
Martin D A
Martin D A 2 måneder siden
''A little som'tin for the ladies''...What about us fellas??
GoatAmongSheep 2 måneder siden
Dude...you're a male Karen. ...and a mean one at that. Shows in your face, that scowl is telling.
ironman tooltime
ironman tooltime 2 måneder siden
Welcome back comrades to the homestead 👊
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
Why is love according to the method of the "baal hasulam" is the solution to all troubles for humanity? Because all nature is a force, a feature, a system, a formula of love. Of connection and unity between opposites, between hot and cold, hard to soft, white and black, male and female, sweet and bitter, light and dark. In every atom and particle, in every inanimate plant and life, the whole universe and beyond, the whole reality is the result of a connection between opposites. For humanity and the individual, one power rules from the day of birth, hatred of others and self-love at its expense, egoism. By combining the power of love with the equation, man maintains the connection between the opposites and thus stops resisting nature, and enters into harmony with it, which is the goal of nature, to do good to creatures. Until then, man will suffer great and immense suffering in order to recognize and submit to the demand of nature, He must strive in his power and choice in loving others. Thus he will acquire intellect and wisdom to connect the two opposites and will complete the nature that was created with unintentional intent, but rather man must complete it, and manage it, and bring it to perfection. And why did nature do that? (Nature and God are the same gematria 86) In order for man to grow and develop in his free choice and thus conduct creation as the conductor of an orchestra, And if man had been created in advance corrected and perfected? So he was like a perfect animal, dog and cat. But their rank as a robot is controlled with no free choice but absolute instinct dominates them. After all, a real benefit from a father to his son is nothing but that the son rises and grows according to the rank of his father and even above him. We were to conquer nature just like the one who created it. And not when judging and living a dog and a cat. If so the solution Is not in increasing the hatred from which it is not lacking and will never be lacking because that is how it has been imprinted on us from the day of birth (Media you do a very bad job just a pity a lot of beatings along the way !!!!) Nor in the abolition of hatred because it is power is in nature and should not be abolished. But only in the addition of love and connection and oneness addition upon addition while being aware of the process. The people of Israel will wake up !!! Followed by the whole world !!!!! Nature (G-d) requires connection and oneness and if not, he has every means to educate man and humanity until his surrender. He will not rest or sleep until the purpose of creation is completed. To do good to creatures. Come, O Bnei Yisrael, you are the first to realize this study !!!!!!!! And when you know, you will teach your brothers the peoples of the world. This is called light to the Gentiles. And this is a job we do not deserve at all in the meantime. "For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples!" Love friends only love. It is the solution for every individual and for everyone together. how? To do propaganda of connection and not of separation and hatred ....
renatwin 2 måneder siden
Talk about making drama to try to get your 15 minutes of fame.
renatwin 2 måneder siden
And not to mention "not knowing" his channel name. And "not knowing" what a company you're trying to work with supply.
CroNick 2 måneder siden
When you find something you like. If you are as big as you are, you should have a cam system up. I do and it was only >$300.00. Records for a week on 8 cams even at night. We have seen moose run threw and trucks almost run down our new garage doors. Invest buddy.
Greg Hoover
Greg Hoover 2 måneder siden
Don’t act like you don’t know Demo Ranch. If you’re on NOpost and don’t follow children creators you know demo ranch. Karen!!!
zardiw 2 måneder siden
Need a taller flag pole maybe?............z
zardiw 2 måneder siden
I seem to recall that Steve Jobs had only one style that he wore....and there's some other billionaires doing the same thing.....It's called simplifying your life.......z
Golden Renaissance Productions
Golden Renaissance Productions 2 måneder siden
$25 a piece!?!? I've been shipping books for years. That's way high. If you can find the supplier I can ship them out for a reasonable price.
Michael Dillin
Michael Dillin 2 måneder siden
Cali-Fame of Los Angeles Inc. they make hats for the big guy. PBS even tried to smear them so they've got a microscope up there but they will make good hats however if you want something special it's probably going to be foreign 🤠
Pelt Down Posse
Pelt Down Posse 2 måneder siden
I work for a defense contractor...and all I wear is a white shirt, untucked and jeans. Perfect!
Stinky Piece of Cheese
Stinky Piece of Cheese 2 måneder siden
You did.
Wade Bradley
Wade Bradley 2 måneder siden
"A little something for the ladies." You never disappoint. I salute your effort to simplify your life. God bless you!
Mustanger65 2 måneder siden
Terry Kholer who owns a lot of stuff, including North Sails wears the same thing.
Burke Wills
Burke Wills 2 måneder siden
LEVIS SNAP BUTTONS..TRY THEM.get ready to switch .....or not..never loose a button quick on & off.getting 5. God looking out jay.
farmer864 2 måneder siden
What about richardson hats?
The Red Frost
The Red Frost 2 måneder siden
Yeah, I really believe you have no idea who DemolitionRanch is. Also, schizophrenic much?
thecrazychef1 2 måneder siden
"A little something for the ladies" made me belly laugh.
Ezekiel 25:17
Ezekiel 25:17 2 måneder siden
Love how you “didn’t know” know his channel name!
Ezekiel 25:17
Ezekiel 25:17 2 måneder siden
Lorenzo Fumagalli no two of us! Any more????
Lorenzo Fumagalli
Lorenzo Fumagalli 2 måneder siden
Wow I'm not the only italian watching his channel 😶
Ezekiel 25:17
Ezekiel 25:17 2 måneder siden
I love that shirt!
danglenugget07 2 måneder siden
Wow you are such a practical man... my golly 😂😂😂
Gabriel Cash
Gabriel Cash 2 måneder siden
Man, if anyone can watch this and NOT like this dude, they gots the brain problems.
Mark Knister
Mark Knister 2 måneder siden
No, the ladies like a buttoned up shirt. 😎
yvonneost12 2 måneder siden
I watched you for the first time he other night when your video popped up on " off the ranch " search and I actually sub'd . then I watched 2 more of your video's and un-sub'd , is every one of your videos about some drama ??? as I already watch bold & the beautiful , in this day & age I don't want any more drama ,anyway have a good day.
David Charriez
David Charriez 2 måneder siden
LOL! I love it, because I do the same thing.
Joe Leonetti
Joe Leonetti 2 måneder siden
I wear Dickies overalls every day so I get it.
jason 2 måneder siden
meh. aint nobody who knocks down a flag and leaves it on the ground goes back and contacts the owner.
MrMagicman00100 2 måneder siden
Do you use the radio on the amature bands or are you using it for gmrs. Im getting into radio and just curious
hottyson hottyson
hottyson hottyson 2 måneder siden
Levi spends millions towards gun control groups. I stopped buying Levi Strauss after that.
Electron Pusher
Electron Pusher 2 måneder siden
Do it with Amazon FBA.
rushedandlost 2 måneder siden
The Flag on the ground thing , seemed like antifa was to blame because of your public views. Now a possible different situation may have happened. The antifa thing seemed a little out there when I saw the video, but there was no problem calling them out, without the benefit of time , to see about other possibilities. I used to watch most every time a video came out, not so much anymore. Even the homesteading thing is different. My great Grandparents Homesteaded 100 yrs ago on the great plains of South Dakota, sod house , work horses, out house , hand tools ,no electricity, etc, etc,. By the time their place looked like yours , they considered it a successful working farm. Good Luck ,
Lone Star Millennial
Lone Star Millennial 2 måneder siden
You're a nobody of conservative youtube if you don't know about Demolition Ranch!
Le BURKE 2 måneder siden
Do a video on what knife you use to shave your chest 🤣.
bobby shaw
bobby shaw 2 måneder siden
Because of Levi’s history of anti gun support I prefer dickies personally but denim button up shirts are a great option
Joel Bouman
Joel Bouman 2 måneder siden
i work for a living so i kinda need multiple changes of clothes
Albert B
Albert B 2 måneder siden
Ignore the haters. No drama...all positive.
Someone Else
Someone Else 2 måneder siden
Oh no... the demolitia is not happy... geez folks all he said was that Bunker was off the table. Not the crowd that I would have expected to be part of the cancel culture. Good job for going USA made. Also good on you for posting a humble update to the situation.
TheStickinote 2 måneder siden
"A little something for the ladies"
Jalopy Joe
Jalopy Joe 2 måneder siden
Was hear
OZZY 2 måneder siden
Unsubscribing he makes alot assumptions and has fallen in the cance culture!!
Alma Deckard
Alma Deckard 2 måneder siden
It sounds like you need 7 things: one the made in USA hat, webbing made in the USA, sewing added webbing, made in the USA embroidered patch, assembly, warehouse, and drop shipping.
Trebor Nirtus
Trebor Nirtus 2 måneder siden
Frank Allison
Frank Allison 2 måneder siden
check with phil rideout at send it off road. he takes great care of everyone in the off road community with all kinds of apparel and he ships from his place to the consumer for all these groups and events. hes always going to the extra mile.
irgski 2 måneder siden
Frisco? Did you have to avoid the poo?
Heather Harrison
Heather Harrison 2 måneder siden
Exactly, school uniforms are a beautiful thing, takes the stress out of deciding what to wear for kids.
carla turner
carla turner 2 måneder siden
Im with you on that
RobTheOgre 2 måneder siden
WRANGLERSTAR aka: Cody (and anyone upset by the pricing) ... a little food for thought Has anyone thought about the financial liability involved with all of this? I'm going to assume Cody wont be fronting the 50k to buy 5000 hats. If my assumption is correct, does anyone realize that even at +$25 a hat bunker would have to sell just shy of 1500 of these hats just to break even on the hat cost? That's not taking into account shipping costs, labor costs, storage, or anything other than just the raw hat cost. Can anyone guarantee that all the hats will sell? Can you even say for sure 1000 will sell? 2000? what if only 500 sell? who's out all that money and stuck with a bunch of hats specked out by Cody and all but useless to them? BUNKER BRANDING As far as BB is concerned, Cody is a NEW, UNTESTED "creator" for them. they have no idea how well any WS merch will sell, or if it will sell at all. We are not talking about t-shirts they stock and can print as demanded, or hats that can be embroidered as needed. we are talking about 5000 basically custom hats as a first order. on top of that these hats are being requested from a supplier outside their established suppliers. that comes with a whole new set of unknowns. what if thy cut a 50k check and the hats don't show? or they are late? or they aren't up to speck? what then? who does that fall on? Taking all that into account +25 doesn't really seem all that bad for a first order with so many completely unknown variables anymore. now does it? We genuinely are not simply talking about fulfillment here. im sure there is an amicable solution here for all involved, maybe there is a renegotiation after the first order. maybe a split financial liability. maybe now that they (maybe) know a little more about the possible demand, BB can comfortably come down a bit on their cut (possibly) knowing that the liability might not be as high as first thought. At the end of the day all of this is between Cody and Bunker Branding, and SHOULD NOT have been aired for the world. As a long time sub i would like to think that this was below you Cody. emotional response or not, its a little childish. learn and move on
Someone Else
Someone Else 2 måneder siden
But no one would even buy a hat for $35-$40... so updating his followers isn't uncalled for.
Jose Pallares
Jose Pallares 2 måneder siden
You want USA Made but China prices.... Riiiight. Name dropping his channel is just riding HIS curt tails .
AnotherDumbWelder 2 måneder siden
WOW you REALLLLYYYY trashed his business by giving what can only be interpreted as an honest review such as that that could be found on google.
Josh Bacon
Josh Bacon 2 måneder siden
It must have been a while since you’ve bought a pair of pants last time I ordered from them their price went up to $50
Bill Bedsole
Bill Bedsole 2 måneder siden
Can we get a link to the pants and shirt? I've been looking for decent work pants that aren't too expensive.
Mj -
Mj - 2 måneder siden
This used to be an axe channel. Ok content has changed a bit as do people, cool. But now it’s a sometimes-information channel and sometimes-complaining channel. It’s not just hats either.. look back through the months and years as things have changed. If it’s not one things it’s another. I get reviewing items and giving feedback.. but sometimes it’s just a video to talk negatively. FRT Dude needs to take a break and get back to his roots.
Tuco 21
Tuco 21 2 måneder siden
Troy on Swamp people
NeverMetTheGuy 2 måneder siden
Those pants are 50 bucks, not thirty... Where are you getting such a great deal on pants?! Asking, because I'll order two pair since Duluth Trading has gone downhill, and I'm actively looking for a new pants company.
dexter2433 2 måneder siden
wow I have seen all videos involved and it 100% sounds like a lot of people in the coments are blowing this way out of proportion ....but Matt bunker branding and Wranglerstar are just not understanding each other and to be honist Matt at bunker branding never even called any one out by name like Wranglerstar did so i thing Matt may just want to get this cleared up and has no desire to bash anyone and wants to handle Codys product in the end for good price .
Mike Crane
Mike Crane 2 måneder siden
I dont think bunker branding or Cody is to blame.. it was obviously a misunderstanding caused by an employee giving bad information... Bunker Branding should be trying to find out who quoted the $25 and why.. deal with the employee.. Cody just related his experience and did nothing wrong.
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph 2 måneder siden
Is amazon fulfillment off the table?
Jonathan Henry
Jonathan Henry 2 måneder siden
He's got 3 channels
robert crump
robert crump 2 måneder siden
In the early 80s I would wear Levi's but I wouldn't touch their stuff since that time. manufactured in Mexico.
Dylan Feeney
Dylan Feeney 2 måneder siden
How did he get a radio frequency for his house
Big_Pete Bear
Big_Pete Bear 2 måneder siden
Denim shirts are the most uncomfortable material I've ever worn. You're a tough man.
Bobby8nyc 2 måneder siden
After watching Matt’s video I thought that you like really slandered him or something but now I just watched this video and you didn’t really do anything wrong
Ken Leppek
Ken Leppek 2 måneder siden
Nothing like a closet full of Canadian tuxedos!
Indy3%er 2 måneder siden
Matt and Meredith are not as wholesome as they would like us all to think! At the end of the day they're business owners and a profit is always going to be their bottom line. IMO
Manuel Sandoval
Manuel Sandoval 2 måneder siden
Acting like you dont know the name of one of the bigger channels on youtube... lol wow pathetic. 😂 #Demolitia 💪🏽
Roy Ivar Hernes
Roy Ivar Hernes 3 måneder siden
Digital communication i relation to doing business is a BAAAAAAAD thing.... Reach out to Meredith at Bunker Branding and sort things out. You'll never get a hold of Matt, cause he is just as busy as you are. ;) Good Luck! Love you all!!
philathea80 3 måneder siden
You are both Christians. Go work this out.
john clark
john clark 3 måneder siden
You need to take a trip out of the woods. You're a clown.
david caplan
david caplan 3 måneder siden
Cody, Levis have turned their back on the 2A, fyi.
A-Hole Gunner
A-Hole Gunner 2 måneder siden
But I do agree with you. As much as logically possible, I buy all pro 2A American Made products. I think him buying Levis is being a bit lazy but whatevs. Its his choice.
A-Hole Gunner
A-Hole Gunner 2 måneder siden
1:39 of this video is for you.
Hanan Rahamim
Hanan Rahamim 3 måneder siden
So im one of Matt's followers you were trying to fish. I wanted first to say hey, was nice to meet you, you got your attention, now take your dislike and fuck off.
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist 3 måneder siden
All the bunker branding fan boys in the comments attacking wranglerstar for just saying they were overpriced, do you seriously think $25 extra is reasonable????
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist 3 måneder siden
Bunker branding is for cheap Chinese imports.
YoDood215 3 måneder siden
I would pay 30 bucks for a tac hat plus shipping of 5 bucks.
Sachi WI
Sachi WI 3 måneder siden
Matt put out a video there was a complete miscommunication they left voicemails give him a second chance. Matt's wife reached out and left the voicemail. All that took place in the middle of the move to the new building and they also launched a new athletic clothing line which sold out in one day the China virus and they became short staffed with the move the the new clothing line. MATT DESERVES A SECOND CHANCE you 2 have been the channels I've subscribed to the longest and there's a reason for that. Matt does have 3 channels demolition ranch, Off The Ranch and Vet Ranch I wouldn't have suggested that back in 2018 if I didn't believe you were a good fit.
Chad Moore
Chad Moore 3 måneder siden
That is the first negative thing I have heard about Carriker. I have done business with them several times and it has always been a positive experience.
daniel lyall
daniel lyall 3 måneder siden
A good price is more than chines made $25 +
wade_bros123 3 måneder siden
Get in touch with Inshane designs. Streetspeed717 uses him for backpacks, key tags, hats, shirts, etc. They do other Merchandise for other youtube content creators.
Rob Graff
Rob Graff 3 måneder siden
Politically correct realtor, took it down for fear of a commie buyer being offended & couldn't get it put back up properly.
Steve Shepard
Steve Shepard 3 måneder siden
New Yorker here. I lived in Oregon for work for a few years, and it's a strange place. I used to think I'm liberal, and then I realized I'm no where near as liberal as the people that stop cars randomly in the highways outside of Portland. Then I realized near the coast there's a massive KKK problem. While driving out to the Coast several times, there places where you can buy beer, guns, and pot all in the same place. I'm all for Freedom and 'Murica, but literally this state changed my political belief to be more moderate. I was born in Colorado. I have zero problem with guns, and I'm actually a outdoor fishing nut. I think Oregon itself BREEDS political turmoil, and it almost feeds off it. I dunno. My two cents.
Brian Brown
Brian Brown 3 måneder siden
Excellent as usual!!!
Ellopez05 3 måneder siden
Levi’s is anti 2nd amendment.
lifeisgood070 3 måneder siden
Simple solution... get a camera with motion alerts. Easy as heck to find out who is doing stuff.
David Estrich
David Estrich 3 måneder siden
With all the work you did in the past year remodeling each room.. laundry, safes in the bug-out bug-in room, Jack and your video offices and hallways...why would you sell it now? or was that the plan from the begining? By the way, the goatee is looking better now that its back.
Will Gililland
Will Gililland 3 måneder siden
I could possibly help you out with your shipping.
Isä Verkossa
Isä Verkossa 3 måneder siden
In my profession, I have to get lots of quotes - ALWAYS GET QUOTES IN WRITING. If you don't understand some details, etc. ask for clarification. Otherwise you just look foolish and create unnecessary drama.
William Burke
William Burke 3 måneder siden
Why not sell Wrangerstar-logo shirts like that in your store. You don't have a store?
William Burke
William Burke 3 måneder siden
Yeah, but Jay has 187 of them. One for each car. Folded carefully over the steering wheel.
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