Responding To The Demolition Ranch Controversy

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2 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading

Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
Here is the Link To Matt's Response Video
Smith Farms
Smith Farms 2 måneder siden
@Firepaw_97 First off, I'm not your buddy. Secondly, I sleep fine regardless of youtube spats...I have a life.
David Parsons
David Parsons 2 måneder siden
I forgive you. You were probably on the rag and that's why it hurt your feelings so badly.
J RVolluz
J RVolluz 2 måneder siden
I am a huge Demolition Ranch fan and now that I've seen both sides and videos, I feel like people's viewpoint on Matt's response as being "changing topic" I think it was more of too many hands in the cookie jar and sure, it may have seemed like he was kind of blowing it off but as Wranglerstar says, he is still waiting for a call from Meridith. Why would both try to fix an issue doing tag through youtube videos back and forth? They both expressed their concerns without going into too much detail in their videos and are trying to contact each other over the phone. Love and support both channels but sometimes I feel like fans expect answers to all creators issues when really some of it is none of our business.
StabbyJoe135 2 måneder siden
Try again with this video but without the half hearted fake apologies, mountain of excuses and shedload of implied, underhanded shots at Matt. Instead accept fault, admit your mistakes and accept that you were being a clout chasing Karen because you didn't like their price. In the meantime, unsubbed until you stop being such a pathetic Karen because a company's price to take on the risk of putting their name to your unknown supplier hurt your feelings.
Nick 2 måneder siden
@Wheeler 79 if you watched the video wranglerstar delete you see that wranglerstar never communicated that he was getting the hat made. Because in the emails the demo employee was talking about making the hat.
Trueman rep
Trueman rep Time siden
repent=change your mind
7rixee 6 timer siden
Nice hiphop cap
J S Dag siden
It's called a phone.
Paul Christian
Paul Christian 3 dager siden
I personally don’t like the demo ranch guy. I like content that more real. It’s just a feeling, but I would probably use caution with him if having to deal with him.
newman slater
newman slater 4 dager siden
samhunt terminator vh1 snltrump hatsunemiku wolfychu tonightshow
IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought
IthinkthereforeIam OrsoIthought 5 dager siden
Admittedly weird, never met you but I trust you. The dr crew, not at all. I am near 90% north American in my consumer activity, it's hard, but we have to do it.
visesh seernam
visesh seernam 8 dager siden
prefer off the ranch to wranglerstar
Noah Marquez
Noah Marquez 9 dager siden
Guys, stop hating on him, he is apologising for something like a man, I doubt he was doing it for views. He was just trying to clear things up
Noah Marquez
Noah Marquez 9 dager siden
Even though it wasn't to big a deal
Rusty Motor
Rusty Motor 10 dager siden
Don't sweat the small stuff my man, in a hundred years no one will even know what all this is about. It's no big deal.
tim bucktoo
tim bucktoo 13 dager siden
Aw u pp you pant loooserrr hahaha wow suckers
tim bucktoo
tim bucktoo 13 dager siden
Water loserrrrrrrrr
TheOne_OnlyBori 66
TheOne_OnlyBori 66 14 dager siden
Fake asf and just did this for the views, horrible apology
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 16 dager siden
we are people not machines we have feelings etc .. GOD BLESS >
UK Guns
UK Guns 17 dager siden
Long short of it is: they dont HAVE to give an explanation for their pricing. You asked for a service, they gave you a price. Dont like that price? Then take your business elsewhere, simple. They dont have to justify their pricing structure just because you dont like it. You dont go quizzing Walmart on the price of thier milk. If you're unhappy get your milk somewhere else.
boogie banana
boogie banana 19 dager siden
Of all the videos I thought Wrangler star would make this is not one I love both channels
Carolina Girl
Carolina Girl 20 dager siden
It’s a little late to say you don’t want to start controversy. 🤯
Da Romanius
Da Romanius 20 dager siden
Another waning griftstar. lmao
gavin williams
gavin williams 22 dager siden
You know what you did and deserve to be getting the negative attention
Michael Labriola
Michael Labriola 24 dager siden
Just have them made in china! They make everything there including covid19!
king kazuma
king kazuma 27 dager siden
I love both these channels u are such a good person!!!
Dylan Buech
Dylan Buech 27 dager siden
This is trash like you
Travis k
Travis k 28 dager siden
I didn't know that wrsnglestar was a flat biller. He really needs to finish off the look with tucking in his ears.
stranded pirate
stranded pirate Måned siden
Not sure why you're apologizing. They clearly have a poor sales manager that didn't want to work with you. Case closed.
bylbo baggyns
bylbo baggyns Måned siden
I get tired of all these soyboy shenanigans. You boys need to stop this catfight nonsense and act like MEN. This zoomer generation is gonna be the death of us all ,and we deserve it .
Joe Hunter
Joe Hunter Måned siden
Hey cody what brand or model is that deep well pump you got back there
Manuel Ortiz
Manuel Ortiz Måned siden
Good man to apologize like that. So did u get the hats done since this video?
SWAY Lo415
SWAY Lo415 Måned siden
SWAY Lo415
SWAY Lo415 Måned siden
Patriot One
Patriot One Måned siden
If they don’t do American f em.
Denny Carey
Denny Carey Måned siden
Not the first time I've heard about him being shady towards others u know when your big time u don't have much time for the small frys
Scott Martin
Scott Martin Måned siden
You suck.
Baz828 Måned siden
Should never of got to this point. Bloody Demolisha taking it to heart YET AGAIN!!!!
Mike Nox
Mike Nox Måned siden
Jason Wolf
Jason Wolf Måned siden
Yeah I used to be subbed to this guy. He has great video ideas but is so petty, attention-seeking, self-important, egotistical, and overly political I jumped ship. This video just solidifies that. There never needed to be a video of you whining in the first place, deal with the company like a real human being.
AlexandtheEpicmike Måned siden
Collegiate Pride makes good high quality USA hats
DDPAV Måned siden
Not sure why any one owes you an explanation for what they charge. It's a free market, you don't like a price or service then move on. Do you go to John Deer and ask them to explain their profit margin? A little egotistical to think someone needs to explain their pricing structure to you, add in the fact you admittedly have no idea about their business model and for a guy as smart as you are, just seems a little participation award generation to me.....
Storm Sandoval
Storm Sandoval Måned siden
You don't have enough followers to damage him at all. Funny you think you have enough clout to make a even a ripple.
Crystal Karlson
Crystal Karlson Måned siden
The $25 bucks for storing your product, paying staff to ship your product when orders come in, shipping materials, hardware, software, the list goes on. Or, a tactic sometimes used in business, is that if the company doesn't want the deal, they simply overprice it. It was one or the other. You should take the videos down since, as you said, it's done.
B. Vaughn
B. Vaughn Måned siden
Upshift! Mmmotorcycles!
alexxx Måned siden
Well here's how this will go down. You tried to gain some views for your dying channel. Well, what i'm about to do is , delete ypur videos from history, block your channel, and remove every video i light get suggested from you ....
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Views on my channel are up, record levels! I'm stoked,
Ed The 1owa pyr0
Ed The 1owa pyr0 Måned siden
Cody Quit. Being. A. Drama. Queen.
Brawl noob
Brawl noob Måned siden
Everyone has made mistakes so easy to criticize others one of many things that has screwed this world up
Azrael907 Måned siden
I miss watching FPS Russia.....back when NOpost was cool.
gabriel garcia
gabriel garcia 24 dager siden
I miss FPS Russia
Stumpy Dlugi
Stumpy Dlugi Måned siden
Mike Steven prison made him like men
Mike Steven
Mike Steven Måned siden
He's been on a podcast for the last 10 years. It's called painkiller already. It's a pretty raunchy comedy and such podcast. He tells a lot of his stories from the FPS russia days and even his recent stint in prison
Hybrid American Dude
Hybrid American Dude Måned siden
Both great channels and both seem like great people. Stuff happens. Life goes. I for one, will not let a little misunderstanding over some hats between two people destroy my outlook of either. Get real folks, nothing is perfect.
Eugenius Vladimiroviç
Eugenius Vladimiroviç Måned siden
I'm from Germany and don't know what's going on, but I know one thing demolitionrange 4 life booooyyyyyzzzz.
robert maynard
robert maynard Måned siden
Ok so, they didn’t want to bring on another source for hats. Not a big deal. Move on and good luck with the wild fires!
Dwight Sparkes
Dwight Sparkes Måned siden
People in the comments are the brutal ones stuff gets blown out of proportion in the comment section
Cody Powers Productions
Cody Powers Productions Måned siden
quit fishing for views. smh. grow up
Viperbronco Almasty
Viperbronco Almasty Måned siden
You were already a Karen before you came to PNW. Sorry you lost the farm during the fires yesterday.
Spotter Måned siden
Controversy? Sounds like you are just trying to get fame from riding Matt's coattail....loser!
Jesse Claasen
Jesse Claasen Måned siden
Didn't know flapping your lips in the woods while name dropping could get so many views.
Fire Marshal Bill
Fire Marshal Bill Måned siden
The line "going off of memory here" reveals how non transparent you are when you really should be fully transparent. Come prepared for the filming part of the video as well next time. Not just the editing and uploading.
Kommon Speaks
Kommon Speaks Måned siden
you should stop making videos, you didnt damage anyone you are a nobody xD
Vince Veloce
Vince Veloce Måned siden
People think their thoughts are far more important than they actually are. That's how you end up with videos like this.
jmax520 Måned siden
Oh and also, who the hell are you anyhow? I'm shocked cuz i ain't never heard of ya, but apparently 1.5M other people have.!!!
jmax520 Måned siden
Ok so just say "Well thank you so much for your time." And then you hang up and 📞 diff company for us made hats.
Satosun Måned siden
"Set aside a block of time" just the way u think is self important bro
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Måned siden
No worries Wranglerstar. Clearly those dudes over there are running some sort of scam. These are the same type of people who play children's games as adults. These are the same type of people who are incapable of clear thought or logical reasoning. They will be on the other side of the wire from us when this whole thing goes down. Besides, one of them is a vegetable? No. A vegetarian? No. A veterinarian? I mean honestly there's a reason why veterinarians have the highest suicide rate on the planet. And this guy shows he's not far from pulling the trigger. Carry on fine sir. Anyone who can't accept the facts as they are has way more issues than we even want to know about.
JakeDarko Måned siden
ive been a subscriber to both of you before all this. and i am a see both sides of the coin type of person. and this is a clear case of misunderstanding and frustration (we are all human after all). hope you guys can work something out of that you get some clarification.
Alan Talbot
Alan Talbot Måned siden
Y’all need a chill 💊 & a cold 🥶 shower 🚿 to cool off & calm down bro!
Rick Grimes
Rick Grimes Måned siden
Regardless what y’all think of him at least he want American made. Some of you pretend you love America. 🇺🇸👍🏾
calvin röder
calvin röder Måned siden
full movie
peter sexton
peter sexton Måned siden
welll, good on you for adding his reply, completes the story.. wish both of you the best..
landenberg Måned siden
Didn’t even know you was on NOpost till robs video
Clint Mallard
Clint Mallard Måned siden
This is a well coordinated collaboration. They needed a way to expose each other to their followings. End of story.
pclutch Måned siden
Boudabras Måned siden
You started screeching, got called out and now your making excuses it is just sad AF.
Ezra Sadek
Ezra Sadek Måned siden
luvdocumentary Måned siden
I’m a big demoranch fan but these comments are so toxic. There was a miscommunication that lead to a bad customer experience. Is not up to the customer to beg or chase down the manager for a better experience. I think both sides have solved the misunderstanding but ppl just want to keep up fight.
msaber1797 Måned siden
This dude is delusional
Joey isamazing
Joey isamazing Måned siden
So you had a miscommunication with one of his employees and because “you’re not the type to ask for the manager” you decided to bash his company publicly to millions of people instead of trying to talk to someone else and either get your hats or confirm your information before saying anything about the company
AC4 Custom Creations
AC4 Custom Creations Måned siden
i used to love this channel but there has been way to many miscommunications and fits thrown over other great youtube channels. and it leads me away from wanting to watch your channel. The comments say it all i'm not alone in how i feel
Ian Mangham
Ian Mangham Måned siden
Cry baby sissy.
Gabe Giguere
Gabe Giguere Måned siden
Riding off somone elses coat tails. Kinda says everything i need to know about your channel
Robert Kennedy
Robert Kennedy Måned siden
You couldn’t have handled it any more shittily. You almost accept you fucked up but the then you always say “but” to pass the buck.
Oscar-Mike Måned siden
Let me get this straight, you contacted a manufacturer, then a distributor that doesn't support that manufacturer and are curious as to why the upcharge? I can explain this easily, in essence its exactly like buying your own parts and taking them to a mechanic to install instead of buying the entire repair at that shop. Labor rates skyrocket. Why you ask? Because now they are responsible for issues that might arise. Say the hats start falling apart in a month, guess who the manufacturer is going to point you.....
Isaac Bouligny
Isaac Bouligny Måned siden
I couldn’t listen to this bullshit for 8min straight
FullSpectrumWarrior Måned siden
What happened?
Jeff Kelly
Jeff Kelly Måned siden
We now know, anxiety can be verbally transmitted to another within 8:03.
blacktiger 911
blacktiger 911 Måned siden
People from demo need to leave. Let the sdults take care of things. They don't need 1000s of people voicing their opinions.
Asclepius Måned siden
Welcome to the internet where opinions do matter and don’t matter simultaneously
Richard Nguyen
Richard Nguyen Måned siden
You used to be enjoyable to watch and from what I felt, a honest man with a simple honest living. BOY has things changed now!
IdahoRodgers USMC
IdahoRodgers USMC Måned siden
Sub mining...plain n simple
Simon Levey
Simon Levey Måned siden
Oh I wish I could remove my view!
Jay Baldueza
Jay Baldueza Måned siden
It seems like you're just chasing for views. I "repent" even wasting my time watching this.
Michael Winecoff
Michael Winecoff Måned siden
So in the end you are mad at a company for not changing the way they have chosen to do business and when they do agree to change, for you, you don't want to pay what they charge, to change,... for you? Entitled much?
Brogan Murphy
Brogan Murphy Måned siden
Tom Mate
Tom Mate Måned siden
Oh foot in mouth disease
Fred Poarch
Fred Poarch Måned siden
Just who the blue blazes are you and who cares.
Brian Butler
Brian Butler Måned siden
Karen's husband over here. What a joke
Steve Baker
Steve Baker Måned siden
was this an apology that seriously went to an ad?... damn that's sad
Sigvar Måned siden
Been watching your stuff for years. Thumbs up Been away for a while.
Richard Bowles
Richard Bowles Måned siden
This has become blue falcon channel.
Jason Terry
Jason Terry Måned siden
You talk to a guy several times and email him several times, but you don't remember his name?
Sigvar Måned siden
@Jason Terry Dunno, I don't much get involved in internet drama. Life delivers enough without lookin' for it. I should have just not commented. I have been watching both their channels for years got nothing ill to say bout either.
Jason Terry
Jason Terry Måned siden
@Sigvar you could have looked at the emails to get the guys name. Who's gonna call out a company without all the info?
Sigvar Måned siden
I dont remember the names of the people I work with and some of them it's been 6 years! Wasn't for name tags I'd be screwed on names. I can think of a dozen people on the planet who are important enough to remember their names.
James Schneider
James Schneider Måned siden
Clout chasing. Unsubscribed.
Reginald Workman
Reginald Workman 2 måneder siden
Yep, pure drama, not necessary, and not entertaining in the least
Darren Lee
Darren Lee 2 måneder siden
who's this
Nick benefield
Nick benefield 2 måneder siden
You can’t ask another company to go to another company to help fulfill your orders and expect it to be cheap ? I don’t blame them not wanting to deal with you it’s a bunch of extra steps for them because you don’t like their style of hats and want some special hat. Also you should really keep business as business not everything needs to be recorded, CLOUT CHASING
demo dude
demo dude 2 måneder siden
Why would bunker branding bring on a new distributor just so you can have your orders fulfilled by them? That just seems like alot of work to please one customers needs... and instead of crying about the price just accept it and move on.
GIRTH BROOKS 2 måneder siden
You always seemed fake, insincere, someone with hidden agendas and an all around cry baby which is why I never subscribed to you!!!! PIGGYBACKING OFF OF THE OFF THE RANCH CHANNEL FOR VIEWS!!!!!
Jak Kidd
Jak Kidd 2 måneder siden
Geez his views have gone down hill dramatically since this video came out 🤔where I’m from we call that “that’s what you get fat mouth”all his own doing.poor lad hope he gets well before his Middy leaves him for his helper lol
Js S
Js S 2 måneder siden
So you tried to tarnish bunker brandings name and his family name because of that!! You should be ashamed. You want a company to bend over backwards for you when they owe you nothing and then cry about when they won’t. You did it to try and make a name for yourself and get your brand out there. Congrats, it worked, now a lot of people know you as a back stabbing leach
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