What I Do On My Days Off

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4 måneder siden

Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading. What I do on my days off.
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Mandeep Singh
Mandeep Singh 3 måneder siden
Is it just me or does Mrs. W remind anyou else of Mrs Cunningham from Happy Days ?
Frank Mihal
Frank Mihal 3 måneder siden
Is that treated wood?
Live life Outside
Live life Outside 3 måneder siden
Where do you find your music?
Brawl Dawg
Brawl Dawg 3 måneder siden
You know, there have been times that I haven't really cared for some of your videos, but I'm opinionated as hell, so that isn't unusual. What has remained constant is that you have what is clearly a lovely family, and that you are doing your best for them. Those are the things that count. Stay safe, healthy and happy.
kduhamel 3 måneder siden
You’ve got a good cameraman!!
Frank Federico
Frank Federico 3 måneder siden
Great video! I'm having to replace lattice and showed my wife your video. Great info on aging the new deck boards with apple cider vinegar and steel wool!
jonathan preziose
jonathan preziose 3 måneder siden
Oops I noticed a curse word at 6:30, looks like u left it in by accident. It definitely doesn't matter to me but I know you like to try to keep your videos family friendly. So I figured you may want to Know and I'll try to tell you of it maybe you can edit a split second out. Idk. Love your channel and your work. 😁
watchthe1369 3 måneder siden
I wondered if that new railing was going to get a video. English muffin pizza, swap the american for mozzerella. I eat that today once in a while. A 2 by kickplate/ riser? Heavy Duty!
Gettin’ there Pat F
Gettin’ there Pat F 3 måneder siden
I don’t know about you, but I would have two more stringers on those steps! This way they would be a little more solid
Mitch Graham
Mitch Graham 3 måneder siden
Im curious how that vinegar mix turned out
Theaches 3 måneder siden
1:57 "what my after school snack was?" "donuts?" "No it was an english muffin---" Jack stares into the camera as his joke goes unacknowledged. Don't worry buddy I laughed.
The Mac’s
The Mac’s 3 måneder siden
Always enjoy your content! Great info and always a great influence in your editing and content!
Awkward Screw
Awkward Screw 3 måneder siden
Looking Good!
Trevor Holland
Trevor Holland 3 måneder siden
Look up Midwest grandparents 🤣🤣 hilarious video
Connor Bowers
Connor Bowers 3 måneder siden
Could you do a review on the sthil ms170
LowKey253 3 måneder siden
are you in washington sir? is that the beautiful Mt. Rainier I see?? 3:25
Kevin McDonnell
Kevin McDonnell 3 måneder siden
hoping for a new vid soon! It would be great if you talked about the significance on June 30th in regards to Wild Land FF. 7 years ago today.
E Gamer -
E Gamer - 3 måneder siden
Video ???
J M 3 måneder siden
You can tell the paint guy is experienced and knows what he is doing. Perfectly doing 50% overlap on each pass and keeping a consistent speed the entire time. I bet the coating turned out perfect.
D 3 måneder siden
5 commercials in an 11 min video.....
Aaron Aguilera
Aaron Aguilera 3 måneder siden
Could you please show me what's the best way to get rid of a stump.
Alan J Killham
Alan J Killham 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the videos I've been watching since you did a 20 tools every man should have and I got my start with that. But one thing I've really been wanting to know is what watch do you wear? I've seen several in different videos.
Ricebarn and rooms
Ricebarn and rooms 3 måneder siden
Hi Cody You’ve been very quiet so just checking you are all okay. Like another post in comments you’ve disappeared from my watch lists.
Prewitts Homestead
Prewitts Homestead 3 måneder siden
You upset someone? You're not even on my "radar" with youtube anymore...
Patrick McLaughlin
Patrick McLaughlin 3 måneder siden
Cody, this is my first comment ever on NOpost- however, I’ve been following your channel for a long time. You have a great family, channel and following. A good example to us all. Please keep up the good work. I learn a lot from you and appreciate it. -East coast guy
John Jones
John Jones 3 måneder siden
Hi cody can you do some more tool testing been i have watch them all twice now, really enjoy them.
GouletJohnny 3 måneder siden
I've always gone with the formula for stairs 2 x the rise + the run = 25.... 2x7 + 11 = 25..... 8" rise is okay but would be more comfortable with a 9" run... The formula has worked well for me over the years when there is a reason I can't meet the 'standard' 7/11
Reevesweed 3 måneder siden
Gona be buried. But a lovley wholesome video thanks Cody and family.
OC3AN_ DR1FT 3 måneder siden
You know, thanks to you I'm getting loctite adverts
Leon der Profi
Leon der Profi 3 måneder siden
„Make America sick again“: Almost 130,000 U.S. citizens have died of Covid-19 so far.
G Money
G Money 3 måneder siden
Negative. Inflated. Look into it.
Seth K
Seth K 3 måneder siden
friend, i sure appreciate you.
Edc- 202
Edc- 202 3 måneder siden
I wish I had a spyderco pm2, I love the looks but I don’t have the money :(
Boxelder Initiative
Boxelder Initiative 3 måneder siden
This guy is like Diet Buckin Billy Ray, larping so hard
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 3 måneder siden
Sign up for the starlink rural area user test.
John P
John P 3 måneder siden
have you heard of ochsenkopf axes ? have you ever used one ? are they any good? they are used in timbersports
fimp G
fimp G 3 måneder siden
Try out a swedish Hultafors axe!
Derek Marshall
Derek Marshall 3 måneder siden
Love seeing Jack getting his hand dirty
Richard Bate
Richard Bate 3 måneder siden
I was watching The Real Martian, Could you help him out with a decent tool belt?
J M J 3 måneder siden
Would you please make a comparison video of black and decker 18 volt smart drill with makita
Jeremy Martinez
Jeremy Martinez 3 måneder siden
Its over already?!? Noooooooo!! It really is turning out nice gives off that "ranch porch" feel. I like it!
Chris Parsons
Chris Parsons 3 måneder siden
I see your dad in a chair and helping you as he can and you applying his knowledge. I to use a chair and work hard to continue to do things for myself. Bless your dad and you, tell him to continue to do the things he can and to continue to enjoy life, it ain't over!!
Neil Driedger
Neil Driedger 3 måneder siden
GREAT video,loved it! !
Chuck Nelson
Chuck Nelson 3 måneder siden
I see you lost the razor again
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style
JR’s Bushcraft Outdoors Southern Style 3 måneder siden
Looks great
m9 ovich
m9 ovich 4 måneder siden
Your editing skills slipped Cody, you have some video clips out of order, LOL Great memories to cherish with the family working on a project. Mike M.
DeePsix 4 måneder siden
Juan is a pro!
Wandering Ranger
Wandering Ranger 4 måneder siden
That’s looking amazing, I do enjoy just watching you build.
Ken Ramsburg
Ken Ramsburg 4 måneder siden
Finally curb appeal. Painting the porch ceiling black will not bring much light in. East coast we would have painted it white or light blue to help bounce light into the living and dining rooms, just saying. 100% improvement, glad you had a job site foreman on hand..
Asa Black
Asa Black 4 måneder siden
I would think as a homesteader there is never a day off. Critters have to be fed and something always needs to be fixed.
Timber Servant
Timber Servant 4 måneder siden
Sir, is that one homesteading act with free land still a thing out west? Because i desperately need land and a home (even if i have to build it) for my wife, and four children. I feel lost and unknowing on what to do. Ive prayed and prayed and now im giving up. Im tired. Do you have any advice?
Suz 4 måneder siden
What is the thing at the end?
Improvised Everything
Improvised Everything 4 måneder siden
Why did you get rid off the adventure van
USMC1345VET 4 måneder siden
I remember loving when my grandfather, father and I all worked on construction projects together. I couldn't for the life of me tell you how hard the work was because I don't remember it being heard. I remember having fun no matter what the task was. Jack is very lucky to have this kind of opportunity. I wish I still did. What I wouldn't give to be able to work another day on a construction site with my grandfather.
Gordon MacKinnon
Gordon MacKinnon 4 måneder siden
i hope your dad is doing ok . an tell him i wish him well an god bless
Ben Murphy
Ben Murphy 4 måneder siden
Hi wranglerstar i think your videos are brilliant but i dont think that yanmar tractor would be very reliable if you have the spare cash i think you should upgrade to a zetor proxima p100 series from www.zetorna.com/ they are a very reliable tractor with an exceptionally good gear box at a very affordable price they have a very good history of making quality tractors as well as a very interesting history of the company please consider purchasing one of these tractors when you do you won't look back i promise
Björn Lilje
Björn Lilje 4 måneder siden
Correct me if I'm wrong. But did Jack say "Mamma, can I have another one?". Cool to hear some Swedish words mixed in. Love the videos, lovely to see how you teach your son and the mutual respect you got within in your family.
TheCanadianBubba 4 måneder siden
That's looking great !
The harv
The harv 4 måneder siden
Do you recommend or not the push sharpener for a chainsaw?
C James
C James 4 måneder siden
That looks really sharp. Well done!
Dave 4 måneder siden
Blue Cheeze, please Mrs. W!
Ratty McCatty
Ratty McCatty 4 måneder siden
Just letting NOpost know that I watched this video first over on BitChute. Happy to watch it again. Could it be I've been hanging out over on BitChute more and more? Thanks for the video. I'll have American Cheese on mine.
Degan KRB
Degan KRB 4 måneder siden
Oh my, the deck looks great. Good job.
Pedro Gavia
Pedro Gavia 4 måneder siden
Finally I have seen more ppl like me that can do many things that normal teenagers can’t even imagine to do, like cut wood and actually build things from wood, most kids don’t have fathers that teach them this stuff or they jus don’t even want to learn.
htmagic 4 måneder siden
Cody, wow! That looks great! What a transformation! It is better you listened to your father as this is quite an improvement. You'll wish you had a gate on the handrail for the firewood!
Josh Smith
Josh Smith 4 måneder siden
I’m so sorry you dad is in a wheel chair but I think it’s awesome that he still participated in ur big projects like this my hats off to him
C Jacob
C Jacob 4 måneder siden
I would have put fine wire behind the trestles to keep snakes out from under the porch. Its looks great!
david Wolter
david Wolter 4 måneder siden
From the sounds of it the Wranglerstar family is expanding into the cheese market LOL.
edgarctc 4 måneder siden
Very good.. i appreciate your work. God bless you and your family
James Perkins
James Perkins 4 måneder siden
Its encouraging to see people being productive with their time.
Tim Brown
Tim Brown 4 måneder siden
I think I'm coming to your house for burgers what time should I be there ?
Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray 4 måneder siden
i gotta know what you said to Jack when he came outside to do carpentry in shorts and tshirt.
Josh Landry
Josh Landry 4 måneder siden
Absolutely love how the porch is coming along and I do love seeing your dad there and helping out!!! God bless and keep up the amazing content!! My favorite channel by far!!!!!!!!!!
pik nick
pik nick 4 måneder siden
I make english muffin pizzas but they are baked in the oven. prebake muffin slices to get slight crisp, sauce, cheese and toppings and bake til done. Amazing. People always are amazed by them. Microwaving is probably a sin. House is looking amazing btw. Big change since you first moved there.
Noel Hastings
Noel Hastings 4 måneder siden
I like Jack’s “documentary” style. Nice change up and fun way to see the homestead work day.
Steven Dolman
Steven Dolman 4 måneder siden
Blue cheese on my burger.
Sonnicman 4 måneder siden
Wow this was definitely a team effort. Cody’s Dad as project foreman, Cody as master craftsman, Jack as apprentice craftsman, Jeriah as master stainer , Juan as master painter, Mrs W as chief of operations, Lucy as head chicken wrangler, and last but not least Sweet Loaf as head boss baby. 😀
SkinnyMedic 4 måneder siden
Days off??? So weird! haha
OnlineVideoFan 4 måneder siden
Always good to have a supervising chicken on the job site.
Bambam80 Mcglynn
Bambam80 Mcglynn 4 måneder siden
I like the channel but what's with the east coast jokes?
Robert Thomas
Robert Thomas 4 måneder siden
So many cheeses! House looks amazing! I’m stealing your dark trim idea!
Nameless Noone
Nameless Noone 4 måneder siden
Jack is growing up so fast! He's got a Jonathan Taylor Thomas thing goin on lol. Glad to see your enjoying your "day off"
D bum
D bum 4 måneder siden
Cody, I'd love to see a video of you and your father sitting around telling some stories from your younger days brother!!!
Lancaster County Housewrights
Lancaster County Housewrights 4 måneder siden
How did you get the overspray off of your camera lens?
Haakon Kolberg
Haakon Kolberg 4 måneder siden
oh thank heaven for 7 11
Philosopher8659 4 måneder siden
I desperately look for the day that I am On.
Rogue Male
Rogue Male 4 måneder siden
As I guy who designs guard rails for OSHA regulations, the one on your deck is giving me a twitch. Not criticizing, it looks great, just my own ingrained OCD from years of doing my job.
mtnbikerfred 4 måneder siden
What is this "day off" you speak of? There is no shabot for the wicked...
J. D. Large
J. D. Large 4 måneder siden
Cody you are such a lucky man! To work as a trio with all three generations is a dream come true! What I wouldn’t give to have my Dad still here and son and for us three to work together on a project! Talk about getting the “Fizz!” Yessir, that right there is what makes the world go round! Stay safe my friend, stay healthy and god bless you and your family✌🏼
Nicholas Brule
Nicholas Brule 4 måneder siden
Hello Wranglers, ever hear about Haint Blue on the porch ceiling? I have read it helps keep the wasps at bay.
Mr Underhill
Mr Underhill 4 måneder siden
The difference between a professional painter and a DIY yahoo. Amazing.
Corn Mac
Corn Mac 4 måneder siden
Looks amazing!
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 4 måneder siden
I have American or Swiss on my cheeseburgers, usually American.
Patrick Raynor
Patrick Raynor 4 måneder siden
Gotta love when Dad gets involved. House looks very good. Awesome that you get to spend time with your dad and Jack. Great memories.
walliiz 4 måneder siden
kids and wrangelmomma, are you kidding about days off? really, looks great!! son helps and learns! you are one lucky son of!! lets go fishin tomorrow!! deer season is getting closer, too! get the chores done fast!
Rivera 4 måneder siden
So is your painter the one??
J K 4 måneder siden
I've always wondered this. Do Pacific Northwestern houses have basements?
Brayden Adame
Brayden Adame 4 måneder siden
Here in the southeastern United States we paint our porch ceilings blue to ward off the evil spirits
TheNorthForty 4 måneder siden
Did I miss something, I haven't seen the "Heartracer" for sometime. Lucy seems happy without her.
Richard Plantagenet
Richard Plantagenet 3 måneder siden
Heartracer got jealous of the sweet loaf. Heartracer moved out.
Michael Cooper
Michael Cooper 4 måneder siden
I wish we could see more clips of Juan at work.
Bruce Bissett
Bruce Bissett 4 måneder siden
More Jack, more Jack. Awesome young man.
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