Top 10 Reasons Men Fail At Work

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Top 10 reasons why men fail. Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading.

cns688 Dag siden
Great advice do your best to follow it and remember there are lots of contractors like I was who would fire the longest employee in my crew for ever showing disrespect to a client. Sir and Mam are the easiest customers names you will ever need to know, and finally always let your boss know if the customer may have a complaint.
Bill Huizinga
Bill Huizinga 7 dager siden
Just be passionate about it. The rest comes automatically if you are.
RL 11 dager siden
Dumb video.
Richard Ebbage
Richard Ebbage 13 dager siden
Excellent advice.. Anyone who follows this deserves to keep a job.
Paul Newman
Paul Newman 14 dager siden
You talk like like a true Irish tradesman 🇮🇪 😂 very good points
James Couch
James Couch 19 dager siden
Be the employee you would want if you owned the company.
Greg Slivkoff
Greg Slivkoff 22 dager siden
(1) When you're working for an employer, you're not there to make money, you are there to make your employer money. Give him his money's worth. If you're new to the trade, let him know first thing that you're there TO WORK, and then work your ___ off. Show him you're interested, that you want to learn, that even if you make a hundred mistakes, don't make the same mistakes over and over again. Keep your head in the game. (2) If you're tired, stick it out. Pour on the coals and see it through. You have to build up your stamina. The best way to shorten your day and "kill time" is to work it to death. Invest in a gallon water container, even though you may or may not get to take a drink for what will seem like hours. Come home and first thing take your shower, unless you have pressing "swing shift" duties. Get to bed early and get your rest. Tomorrow you will be glad you did. (3) Construction is a rough and competitive business. Make up your mind that you will pay your dues and that you will succeed. It can also be a rewarding and satisfying occupation, so learn to work, and learn to love work for the rewards it pays. You will learn about yourself, your shortcomings and your capabilities, and you will learn about LIFE, if you're paying attention. Don't follow the bad habits and example of guys who are always swearing, complaining, unthankful, and miserable, "living for the weekend" and show up just to put in their time to pick up their paycheck. People like that bring only problems and complications upon themselves. You will end every day worn out, sweaty and dirty, with blisters under your new toolbelt and on your feet, but be thankful for your opportunity. You HAVE to work anyway, so be thankful to God, and let your boss know your thankfulness and positive attitude, which will serve for your best your entire life. Remember, you're playing the "long game' with your eternity in view. In such "labor," there is profit. (4) Wherever possible, seek work-partners and acquaintances that are "better than you." Bad company corrupts good morals. You might get stuck working with some unpleasant people. Maintain your integrity, however, and make the best of it -- that's part of the package and part of your learning experience. (5) Do EVERYTHING that Cody has said. The rest, you will have to learn on your own.
MrNEWDY 23 dager siden
Not religious, but I would say pretty spot on rules to work by. Only rule I break at work is the cellphone thing but not to mess around, we have all our prints digital, makes revisions and updating prints easier than carrying around full size prints to see everything on a job as big as the one I am currently on, so we frequently are pulling up prints on phones, tablets, ipads, whatever we have. Also helps when you are half blind to zoom in on a tablet so a whole room is super big and easy to read.
Chippewa 27 dager siden
Wise man and wise words. I hit most of the marks but I always strive to learn more and look for ways to improve. Thank you for this.
Bleepingbobby 27 dager siden
Also don't go drunk to work or before no one likes to work with drunkards, addicts to methadone. Supervise tools on worksite there are always thieves and people forgetting/taking tools you need and for that matter play inter-teams, tools are limited. Bring ideas how to fasten work not cutting leaves to dogs like in commie countries with drunkyard/time stealer leaders in teams...PS you're working in West have an insight of the productivity onwork...adjust your attitude accordingly in a positive matter...Use protection equip with Ham cord-equip safely and correctly...your life is more important and safe work is more important on high altitudes on scaffold or a fine awaits you which could cut off your temper...etc Batteries always on charge and full for whole day of work...
Arturo Contreras
Arturo Contreras 27 dager siden
great videos
Ian 28 dager siden
Really good advice on how to "be of service" a lost art it seems these days.
Carl Godwin
Carl Godwin 28 dager siden
Great advice there Corey
Coco Drilo
Coco Drilo 29 dager siden
Don't touch someone else's tools. The biggest items are anticipate what others are doing and if you need to go fetch something do it as quickly as possible. People hate it when they are stuck under a sink waiting for a part and you are outside looking up something on your phone when your supposed to be fetching a part.
Dave 29 dager siden
The most interesting question I would ask my mentors in the aviation career was, "how did you come to learn this". Get set for an interesting story, and real knowledge worth listening to.
Patrick Bink
Patrick Bink 29 dager siden
This is one of the best videos you have done. I echo the comments of others to add, "ask questions".
William Cooper
William Cooper Måned siden
Never let anyone see you standing around with your hands in your pockets.
Dusty Shamblin
Dusty Shamblin Måned siden
Dead on. Applies to life in general. Somehow some younger men have missed getting this message. I guess that would be the fault of us older men. Steal sharpens steal.....
BarrySoetoro187 Måned siden
Take care of his tools better than you would your own.
jim aldridge
jim aldridge Måned siden
Respect Mr. W. Q: Without exposing any secret/private situations, i was wondering if you thought about, or had plans about installing an underground shelter/bunker for protection from weather or civil unrest etc. For your family. You all are in my prayers. Peace.
Domenic Maiani
Domenic Maiani Måned siden
Amen, great advice Cody! And lots of great additions in the comments (Kayde, Jeff, Justin)!
Chief Greg
Chief Greg Måned siden
Couldn't have said it better! Well done Cody!
J. Wilson
J. Wilson Måned siden
Excellent points
EternityForest Måned siden
If you're really passionate about your work, you shouldn't have to turn your phone off, but if you're using it when you shouldn't, then do whatever you have to do stop. I wouldn't advise running in a chaotic place but I'm not a carpenter. Seems a bit dangerous to run in a place like that. If you're getting injuries then it doesn't much matter how much you impress the boss, it's probably not worth it. I'm not sure how much it applies to real carpentry, but if you're an control systems engineer working on site, the big thing to know is that you are not at an office anymore, and paid projects are not your personal resume demo reel. Get the job done, make it work reliably, don't interfere with people's jobs, and don't run ten thousand wires instead of one digital cable because you just had to do things the hard way, and don't expect everyone to change their entire process to accommodate whatever you want to install.
fiveseven76 Måned siden
If you're a hard worker there's always a douche bag that will try and take advantage of you. Be aware of that as well. Be polite but don't take any sh@#.
Omar Penney
Omar Penney Måned siden
Amen :)
RETSZTIRF Måned siden
The cell thing and looking busy is boomer bullshit and the younguns know it.
peter james
peter james Måned siden
Remember there's 3 ways to do things at work ...The right way the wrong way and the way the boss wants it done ....
lukeslayer Måned siden
Agree with everything except the lunchtime phone thing, it's your lunchtime you can do whatever you want in that time frame, if you wanna kick back and check your emails etc then you have every right to. I completely agree it shouldn't be touched during work hours but lunch is off the clock, that's your time to relax.
jonathan miller
jonathan miller Måned siden
Taylor Fenoglio
Taylor Fenoglio Måned siden
Don't be the idea guy 🙂 there is always the person that has a better idea or way of doing things and spend twice as much time coming up with a way to save time.
Jacea Y
Jacea Y Måned siden
This is great advice for everyone to develop a strong work ethic. I'm an operator on a production line and every time we get a new crew member these are the things that stand out to me, male or female.
BWM Måned siden
Excellent advice Sir. Coming from the electrical trade, gold mining, and oil and gas refining, I endorse these tips. I was successful, because I implored them. My mistake in the end was being too humble. Too kind. Usually these are good traits, but you can become a floormat to cruel, more experienced coworkers, if you hesitate to stand up for yourself. I was not assertive enough. This isn't a problem for most people, but hopefully this reaches the one person that may be struggling. I chose hard, tough trades to work in, and I may have been better suited to white collar careers. I'm not a brash person. Hindsight is 20/20. Many blessings to you.
Wil Wilson
Wil Wilson Måned siden
You fail! and you cant call yourself a man!!!!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Spot on! Work hard, work smart and you will sleep good! And your advice concerning the cell phone......soooo true....hate them damn things.
Dave Chosewood
Dave Chosewood Måned siden
Some good common sense tips. Especially the gossip part. Just do your job and keep your mouth shut. A great way to avoid unnecessary stress.
Daniel Måned siden
I have always tried to do all these things throughout the time I did my my apprenticeship. I still do them even as a tradesman. The sad thing is bosses don't see to care anymore and nobody wants to pay well for a good worker. All they do is point out the negatives and aren't interested in raising wages or acknowledging a job well done.
houstoncowdog Måned siden
Man, am I glad I’m the boss.
Joshua Briggs
Joshua Briggs Måned siden
In other words: BE A MAN!
Doug Harker
Doug Harker Måned siden
UNCLEDOUG SAYS CAN I GET A AMEN ??????????????????? !!
Linda McEntaffer
Linda McEntaffer Måned siden
2 more things: (1) Talk in plain English. (2) Don't come to work looking like a Cartoon Character.
Fernando Geronimo
Fernando Geronimo Måned siden
I appreciate you ending the talk with that bible verse. God bless I learned a Lot sir
Padraig Himself
Padraig Himself Måned siden
This is golden. And applies to more than construction. I"ve given my kids a similar talk.
Ben Wade
Ben Wade Måned siden
Premium08 Måned siden
Invest your earnings into your own quality tools.
daniel cooke
daniel cooke Måned siden
How to be brown nose part one
Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy
Cool Hand Luke aka Sgt. Billy Måned siden
If there's time to LEAN, There's time to CLEAN.
James Reed
James Reed Måned siden
Just dont pick up other guys tools, i dont like anyone putting the tools away i use because they can be lost because i didnt know where they went
Frank Pajonk
Frank Pajonk Måned siden
You had me agreeing with everything until you had to sprinkle Jesus sauce on top of it...
Kevin l
Kevin l Måned siden
I think this video should be mandatory for a lot of young workers
working class Bear
working class Bear Måned siden
I'm TRYING to find 2 MEN who are very mechanically inclined. Western Massachusetts. If you want to make great money with great bennies and are READY leave a reply. Thanks for teaching the young men out here Cody!
Metod Emeršič
Metod Emeršič Måned siden
Amen! Very good advice! Thanks, Cody.
Olga & Joachim Osmundsen
Olga & Joachim Osmundsen Måned siden
There are many things to say about this. I remember one guy I worked with. In the first 2 years he was doing a lot to impress the boss and colleagues. They were in fact impressed by him. When he wanted to move to another department, and was just about to be moved he changed attitudes. One of the guys said about him, "He was just fake after all". My buddy was basically trying to please people to pave a way for himself. He was not led by his own values, but rather a pursuit of certain goals. That was in my mind a fail, although many might not notice it. What Wranglerstar is basically pointing out is; Value your job, show yourself as a trustworthy person, steward your time well, be mindful of how you spend your time, and be conscious about the work commitment/agreement. Now, something I learned a bit later was this. If you want to be an even greater asset to your company; learn and understand what it means to run a company. This will give you a much deeper insight into what matters, and give you a much more clear idea of how you should work. I would skip the running part. It creates stress, and does not build a healthy environment. A respectful boss values his workers enough to give them the dignity of walking. Trying to give a good impression, or rather to be mindful about how you represent yourself is a good thing. But instead of trying to perform before your boss, show yourself as one who is mindful about what he values, and seeks to build a good personal character. It is better to have a good character than to appear good.
Clay Måned siden
Top ten ways to excel at your job. 1. Be cute 2. Be sexy 3. Walk like a stallion 4. Be able to talk to anyone. 5. Be the first one to show up in the morning, and the last one to leave. 6. Go out of your way to fix messes, even those that aren't your own. 7. Volunteer to stay late and work extra days. 8. Don't order other people around unless you are in charge. 9. Never be insubordinate. Always do what you are told. Be kind and gentle when dealing with your superiors. If they are concerned that you are there to take their job, then you are in trouble. 10. Make friends easily, and sweep confrontations under the rug like they aren't a big deal. Never, ever fist fight, no matter what happens. If you do these ten things throughout your life, you will find yourself making more money than 90% of everyone else, and that's a fact. If you are ugly or backwards, work on grooming yourself. Wear nicer clothes. Practice joke telling and work on conversating well. Never be the creepy, womanizer in the office. These types often find trouble for themselves that they have to spend a lifetime covering up. If you work hard but aren't rewarded, don't get bitter. Sometimes management will overlook you because they will think that you are just brown nosing. Don't let this deter you. Remember, the above ten rules are rules for life. Eventually those rules will reward you, even if many bosses overlook you. And it's not really about working up the ladder, but it's more about the fact that a dollar earned, because it was earned, will make you happier and wiser.
Jayyy667 23 dager siden
limp wrist
LegaCy Måned siden
"Don't order other people around unless you are in charge" top tip! worked with so many idiots who just round telling everyone what to do all day and how to do it yet they have no experience and ain't in charge.
Michael Dougfir
Michael Dougfir Måned siden
D-RockFPV Måned siden
This is spot on, I will be sharing with my crews and friends.
50 CAL
50 CAL Måned siden
If all men lived like Cody we would not be in the mess that we are in now. So much respect for this guy.
Tom Ray
Tom Ray Måned siden
All of your suggestions hold true even for a 61 year old veteran with a year or two left before retirement. (Me)
Alec Minnick
Alec Minnick Måned siden
Shoot, I'm watching this on my lunch break!
Almir Glumcevic
Almir Glumcevic Måned siden
This need to be one thing in schools to hear how to do stuff!!! Every word on right place 👍🏻big respect for this this gona help alot to everybody🤠
Merle Miller
Merle Miller Måned siden
Awesome! You hit the nail directly on the head.
Zinrockin Måned siden
Good advice. I've used it in my work and it's always done good for me. I also took some business courses in college that help me think of things from an owner's point of view so that also can help.
SURGE1898 Måned siden
Safety on the job is most important to me, don't be over confident be humble but ambitious. Its easy to overlook Safety glasses, gloves, a ladder being set right a hand under the board when running a skill saw, not paying attention around heavy equipment etc and etc. If you get hurt you will be replaced like a tool and your family will feel the biggest blow. And not all bosses have best intentions for you or care about you so learn quickly where you sit because you should poor out you heart and effort but don't be taken advantage of. I've heard stories of some that couldn't be replaced just buried. Ofcourse with all the great advice Cody gave, but safety was the number one thing I learned on day one.
NLoff44 Måned siden
I'm was fully with you until you basically said a guy that doesn't wash his truck is a piece of garbage. What a yuppie uppity west coast guy thing to say.
Oregrown Budman
Oregrown Budman Måned siden
Top 10 reasons men fail at work....1. Being more worried about social media and looking like a hero than actually being a man....🤔
Peter Vichi
Peter Vichi Måned siden
Excellent video and terrific advice. One of your BEST VIDEOS EVER. Nice job and thank you. This video should be REQUIRED WATCHING for every young person entering a job...NICE JOB WRANGLERSTAR DUDE.
Adam B
Adam B Måned siden
One thing I would say to add is dont pretend to be something your not. It irks bosses and other guys sees right through. If you have one year of experience dont act like you have ten. You can always learn something.
ljguy300 Måned siden
Understand that you're disposable
George Dando
George Dando Måned siden
Repeating back instructions in a way that demonstrates you've understood generally goes down well. It's frustrating when you ask someone if they've understood, and all you get back is "Uh yep, sure.", and then it becomes apparent that they weren't sure at all.
zachary holbert
zachary holbert Måned siden
Ask good questions instead of insisting that your opinion is heard.
zachary holbert
zachary holbert Måned siden
Acknowledge others strengths.
zachary holbert
zachary holbert Måned siden
Look out for others safety- keep your area free from risks- use safety equipment.
zachary holbert
zachary holbert Måned siden
Don't try to reinvent the wheel.
bucktheduckdog Måned siden
Reminds me of my first summer job... great advice and I couldn’t agree more
Alexandru Måned siden
You could just sum this to: be a real Christian. Also being too disponibile is also a problem, you will get abused of that, I know cases.
Brad Butler
Brad Butler Måned siden
Above all, be honest and do your work to the glory of’ll have less issues than most men on a job site and your character and honestly will define you, your work ethic, and your person. Keep that honor to your name
j b
j b Måned siden
Do not worry about whether or not anyone else is pulling their weight. You do you and if someone else is lazy and making more work for you, just roll with it. Do not complain about it or let it bother you. This goes along with no gossiping or complaining or making excuses. Don't even complain to your buddy at work about the lazy guy. It doesn't bother you. Work through it.
spencer1001100 Måned siden
I think the dont lie and dont steal are huge. I dont know why in the construction industry it's so common
playstationRLZ Måned siden
Everything mentioned in the video is crucial, but something you mentioned that may get easily neglected is taking care of company tools. I watched a guy get fired on the spot for dropping a circular saw from saw horse height after he made a cut because he was in a hurry. I've taken Bosch hammer drills out of cases where the cord was pinched inside the case, and ive seen guys basically toss them after drilling a hole. Treat company tools as if they were your own. They are not cheap.
Mr. Adam
Mr. Adam Måned siden
Boy am I glad I dont work for you. I've (briefly) had bosses like like you, and got out quick. The kind of boss that demands respect for their time (when on the clock) but doesnt respect our time (off the clock). Running on the job site? I think you meant urgency, or hustle, which would be good, but you clearly had a freudian slip there, and expect them to run at 100% all day. The fact that you would judge an employee for what they do on their own time (on the phone during their lunch) speaks volumes. Do you expect guys to wash their company van off the clock, or do you allow them time on the clock to do it? Same with the tools, do you expect them to be actively working until 5:55 and clock out at 6? Well then, you get tools put away dirty. Something tells me you were the boss being gossiped about haha. Probably still stings. Telling a green kid to be proactive and put away tools in anticipation is the fastest way to annoy their lead. Being proactive is great, but they should ask first. You definitely strike me as a tyrant boss, if this video is any indicator. You want fully dedicated slaves.
Cory Casey
Cory Casey Måned siden
Terry K
Terry K Måned siden
Very well said. So many people have forgotten those guidelines.
Jory Gennett
Jory Gennett Måned siden
I work with young people and I preach these values everyday! Thanks for sharing! I live in the Green Bay, WI area and I rely on Vince Lombardi’a messages! Lombardi time is 15 minutes early! Take a look at the stadium clock! My dad always said, “if you are on time, you are 15 minutes early.” Thanks again for your content!
German Armando Rios
German Armando Rios Måned siden
Good recommendations here. Pay attention. Keep it simple. Thank you for sharing.
John Pierce
John Pierce Måned siden
Can trees explode? Please educate me from someone who doesn't fight wildfires
jim sprague
jim sprague Måned siden
Have an attitude that's positive, and be willing to learn when called upon a task!
Mike Wrong
Mike Wrong Måned siden
More ears, less mouth.
Cameron Motes
Cameron Motes Måned siden
To add to the coming in on time point, I always was taught 'if you're early you're on time, if you're on time you're late.'
Misterkill800 Måned siden
be the last to leave is a hard thing in some jobs. the rest is spot on though.
Bingle Bongle
Bingle Bongle Måned siden
Sorry but why is this specific to men?
ANRN Måned siden
Cody‘s mindset is a bit narrow when it comes to gender roles in occupations. For example, I don’t believe he feels comfortable with people in non traditional occupational roles like men in nursing or women in law enforcement. For the most part his content is directed toward masculine type interests.
Corey Hannan
Corey Hannan Måned siden
Always work safely. Accidents and injuries cost everyone money
want2seeall Måned siden
Great video. You keep me coming back for more. Your "How to girdle a tree" got me hooked on your channel. Thank you friend!
Matthew Lovgren
Matthew Lovgren Måned siden
RJ. the best info you could’ve gotten. Cody. Excellent. I’ve been in my trade for 24 yrs now it’s hard with the younger generation. The fact that RJ is asking says a lot...I wish you the best buddy. Only thing I would add is “if you’re talking then you can’t listen”. Absolutely awesome video. Hopefully more than 1 young person was listening.
Shannon Stiles
Shannon Stiles Måned siden
A sad thing is a lot of places don't let you run anymore... Great advice 🇺🇸
absolutely perfect
James Moore
James Moore Måned siden
I agreed with 99.9% of what You said! Good advice!
MrBigVK Måned siden
I was not in construction but it would still apply. I had a number of employees. I told them to think intuitively, learn to use critical thinking. A methodist repeats a method over and over. An intuitist learn to recognize a circumstance they have encountered before and come to a conclusion about how to move forward. Always learn from your experiences. A methodist repeats his steps every time he encounters the same problem. An intuitist learns from his steps and learns how to determine a next step quickly. Critical thinking is learning to use your mind as a storage tool. Store the things of value and set aside the nonsense. Cody all your reasons to me show CRITICAL thinking. Well done !
John Gilson
John Gilson Måned siden
Don't understand how anyone can thumbs-down this?
freiermann7 Måned siden
Great advice! Owning your mistakes is HUGE. Todays world has taught young folks nothing is ever their fault. I don't care if my guys mess up. I probably mess up more than they do. What I care about is owning it and doing what you can to fix it. If you can't, thats fine too if you find someone who can and learn for next time. I guess the caveat to that is dont let the same mistakes become habits as that also reflects poorly on you. Its an old bit of wisdom but I dont know anyone who hasnt learned more from their mistakes and failures than from their successes.
Mascleta Måned siden
Nice, pretty much all of this applies to movie sets as well. Except for the running, everything is expensive so running is dangerous.
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