The Real Reason We Moved

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading. The reason we moved from our old homestead.

Robert Arredondo
Robert Arredondo 10 timer siden
Too bad........that he is right.
Mike Borth
Mike Borth 22 timer siden
Global warming 20 years that will be a creak
Cliff DaRiff
Cliff DaRiff 3 dager siden
Disagree America in decline, it’s getting more crowded yes, but it’s because the whole world is more crowded , the pie slices are smaller, but not in decline my friend.
Jeff Woehrle
Jeff Woehrle 4 dager siden
"Like minded people." Incredibly important. Absent that, you are not too removed from a Portland mentality.
Bigmo Rivera
Bigmo Rivera 6 dager siden
Beautiful View My Thoughts And Prayers To You And Your Family Feel Better 🙏🏼 And Congratulations In Your New Location. Loved To See The New Work Shop 👍
Travis Baker
Travis Baker 8 dager siden
I wrote on a previous video that Owen Benjamin sent me... since watching that first video, I have continued watching several others, and I just want to say that I am so happy to have found your channel! The homesteading life has always appealed to me, in a massive way, as I feel it does to all men who haven’t found themselves distracted by the bells and whistles of the city life and the current lifestyle. My heart yearns for a homestead with my wife and children, living with nature, like some sort of suppressed ancestral instinct. And I will have that life, God willing. Keep on creating, building and sharing your stories and thoughts with us! I will be watching!
chevy power
chevy power 8 dager siden
That’s Mt Hood
Rich Farfugnuven
Rich Farfugnuven 8 dager siden
Beautiful piece of property...
The Healthy Homestead
The Healthy Homestead 8 dager siden
Always good to be near those of like mindedness. We desire that as well, just haven't made it there yet. Lord willing though we will. Up north from the south. You should check out Lorship Church's videos. A non incorporated free church.
Potato Troll
Potato Troll 8 dager siden
Welcome to Michigan. Get ready for the cold it’s relentless.
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson 9 dager siden
Damn. I have watched you go insane.
Jeff S
Jeff S 9 dager siden
Oregon? Good luck.
sunalwaysshinesonTVs 12 dager siden
You live in Japan?
Choco Drew
Choco Drew 12 dager siden
wait fuji? That's japan I thought you are from alaska? Haven't watched you in so long maybe I'm missing something WHAT 😂
Danielle Murphy
Danielle Murphy 13 dager siden
jhickssmd 14 dager siden
Our country is in decline because most of its men, including you (especially you), were so easily duped into believing a lie about a virus. As if the government ever cared about your health. Very shameful
Sarah DeBord
Sarah DeBord 20 dager siden
I like your "Mt Fuji" view! You live about a couple hours from us! Hope you like it there much more than your last place. Love the videos!
KOOK Club 20 dager siden
What I would give to be able.
Bradford Galbraith
Bradford Galbraith 21 dag siden
Is the river the property line or is there proper markers? Just curious because you could gain or lose property if it changed course radically.
gracht24 23 dager siden
"America is in decline" - maybe do something about it rather than building your own Fortress. Hardly the pinoneer attitude that founded the USA.
David Wadsworth
David Wadsworth 23 dager siden
The entire west coast of America is done for.Worse than New Jersey, and boy oh boy does Jersey suck.But what the hell, Governor out there feels it is good to let people vent by arson.This is an example of one more loser Obama hire having a job he/she/it can not handle.
gbipit1 24 dager siden
I Disagree America is not in decline.
Landon ᛉ
Landon ᛉ 17 dager siden
Correct. It's already dead.
Bal Loney
Bal Loney 24 dager siden
The reason you moved is because it's really beautiful?
Bob C
Bob C 26 dager siden
That water IS turbid and "dirty." It doesn't matter what the source is. What matters is the bed mastery and flow. Any watercourse with a high enough flow will stir up silt and minerals, etc. Depending on particles size, that water would clear up with a slow enough flow. It is pretty. I'd like to have that on my land. I'll have to disagree that America is in "decline." It really depends on how you define the "high water mark." If your idyllic America is defined by the 1950s then I can see where you have that opinion. But, there were a lot of fellow Americans who had it pretty bad at that time. Things change, and even though you might not like the changes, it doesn't mean anything is going into decline. I think you'll find many periods in American history where change and upheaval was seen to portend the twilight of America. If we can relearn how to disagree with someone and not think they are evil, then we'll do fine. The hyperpartisanship is the real enemy.
cutaway24 27 dager siden
I saw it coming 3 decades ago, society collapse and the pure stupidity that's happening and I'm an atheist. don't need religion to tell me that, just need half a brain.
Tim Kirkpatrick
Tim Kirkpatrick 28 dager siden
Beautiful site and awesome view of FUGI! Blessing for your new home!
mike metzger
mike metzger 29 dager siden
Sorry to discover that you and so many of your fellow countrymen have been hornswoggled by an imposter of whom you have entrusted. Canada and the world is wishing something better for our brothers south of the border. Kudos to you and all who are taking steps to protect yourselves be more self sufficient.
John Stewart
John Stewart Måned siden
Good luck 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
The Prepared Homestead
The Prepared Homestead Måned siden
Very beautiful sir! Congratulations on the move and new land.
Santa Christ
Santa Christ Måned siden
Great. Raped the last 200ac by logging all the wood and dumping hazardous waste into the ground water, time to move on to the next plot to exploit and despoil. Yuck.
GreenAppelPie Måned siden
LOL doom and gloom, doom and gloom, there's no problem being prepared but you are living your life around fear
Michael McD.
Michael McD. Måned siden
America is in a decline and not coming back is an incredibly dark sentiment. Unfortunately my family and I have come to a similar conclusion. This thing's ultimately ending one way 🇺🇸
Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins Måned siden
Amazing land
TC Swag
TC Swag Måned siden
That's awesome man . I live downtown in a major Midwest city with my son . I've been a single father past 16 yrs with son in private school and multi sports where we live is for convenience and price . I'm a Plummer and do well with my income , currently looking into 12.5 acre lot up north beem a long time dream and after the riots and unrest in an already dangerous area (in parts) watching your Channel has convinced me it's the right choice .
MPM Welding
MPM Welding Måned siden
Looks like am gonna struggle fitting in in good ol' US of A as I'm an atheist, seems everyone is a bible basher in America. Watched many an hour of Wranglestar and if religion does good in the World am all for it, but it's also caused more war than grains of sand in the Sahara. Blind faith is alien to me I'm afraid. Stay safe folks !
TheMattortola Måned siden
What area did you move to?
Richard Boyd
Richard Boyd Måned siden
You're exactly where I want to be in life.
Sweet Harmony
Sweet Harmony Måned siden
God's Country
Torrey Jones
Torrey Jones Måned siden
Well, it wasn't to get away from the wild fires... :)
MetalMasterdom Måned siden
What's the address. Make it easy on yourself. Why so nervous?
MetalMasterdom Måned siden
How do you like your old home? This one I mean. Keeping it warm for me? Don't make me...I can be there tomorrow.
Joe Clarke
Joe Clarke Måned siden
You've got the prayers, W. And pray that Oregon snaps out of its stupor (Portland and other bastions).
scout Måned siden
"America is declining."
Landon ᛉ
Landon ᛉ 14 dager siden
@jhickssmd , Yeah ok
jhickssmd 14 dager siden
@Landon ᛉ no we weren’t boomer
Landon ᛉ
Landon ᛉ 17 dager siden
Half a century ago there were Americans walking on the moon. Today we have rolling blackouts and third world demographics.
Connor B
Connor B 27 dager siden
​@GreenAppelPie Well the average American isn't as civil, well read, engaged in their community, or connected to their family as they were 50 years ago. If individuals and families are both worse off than they used to be, why would society be better?
GreenAppelPie Måned siden
Our federal government is responsible, who would aregue this?
gen z conservativist
gen z conservativist Måned siden
I dont know wranglerstar I think the country hasn't hit the high water mark yet and its only going up from here on.
bees, cheese, and wine please
bees, cheese, and wine please Måned siden
Trump is a temporary are right about the fall of America. Everyone needs to take the next 4 years and pray, repent and prepare. God Bless.
JD Måned siden
You can have it.
unclesams1000 Måned siden
Quit the Fire Department, Quit drinking, quit the home you loved, I'm sensing a pattern.
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Måned siden
Grew up in North Yorkshire with a river behind our fishing from age 7 to 17yrs. Swam in the river, cycled up/down the banks, amazing. You'll never regret your decision. All the best with it.
Abe Varughese
Abe Varughese Måned siden
Gorgeous man - you are blessed.
Silver Saver G
Silver Saver G Måned siden
where is mt fuji in oregon?
Silver Saver G
Silver Saver G 7 dager siden
@copperkettle thanks for the info.
copperkettle 7 dager siden
Google search : Fuji Mountain in Lake County, OR Elev: 7,113 feet. Latitude: 43-39'32'' N Longitude: 122-06'11'' W. I cannot confirm if this is the same mountain behind Cody, but it likely is. Great video series Wranglestar.
OneSandMan 29 dager siden
@Silver Saver G cant tell how that's sarcasm but ok lol
Silver Saver G
Silver Saver G 29 dager siden
@OneSandMan I tried sarcastic man...only mt. Fuji trail showed on Google maps but no actual mountain....hope u find some love in your heart.
OneSandMan 29 dager siden
Theres a thing called the internet. Use it.
Warren Mierke
Warren Mierke Måned siden
You're a smart man my friend.
Cory Jeffreys
Cory Jeffreys Måned siden
pan for gold
nipperscona Måned siden
Amen brother
Rebecca Branum
Rebecca Branum Måned siden
t pain
General Too
General Too Måned siden
Leave your Libber Voting 💩 in the state you screwed up and left.
Orig MainStMama
Orig MainStMama Måned siden
Hello, Patriot. Just saw wranglestar on YT for first time. I recognize that mountain. Will never forget it as my daughters were just three and one at the time... GOD bless you & your family💫 Th-09/17/2020 🇺🇸 08:53 AM
Dale Fearnley
Dale Fearnley Måned siden
I thought I'd come back because I was concerned for you all and were okay because of the fires and BAM you went straight for stupid and fear mongering. Then I remembered why I left your channel. You used to provide good material. Instead of gathering the flock, you still wish to cull the herd.
Bobby Hummer
Bobby Hummer Måned siden
what mountain is that? want to go to it in flight simulator
Pat Mason
Pat Mason Måned siden
Have to do what makes you happy only go around once. Beautiful place would love to live in the mountain area.
AceUndaunted27 Måned siden
Man, I love this channel
Lonesome Lenny
Lonesome Lenny Måned siden
A little piece of Heaven. Congrats.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Måned siden
to mention names, I believe you are smart enough to figure out Who runs America.
Benji Driedger
Benji Driedger Måned siden
The mark of the beast does not like this video lol
Ray Curren
Ray Curren Måned siden
Did you say Mt Fiji?? Did you move to Japan???
ryan veitz
ryan veitz Måned siden
What’s a hate truck
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
Looks like Bob Ross put a happy little mountain in the background.
R&B Paradise
R&B Paradise Måned siden
Cody you are an inspiration to a lot of people. Keep up the good work. Every time I ride my motorcycle down clackamas river highway I think of you. And know that was part of the reason you made the first move. I didn’t ride back then. But just letting you know you are an inspiration to myself as well as a lot of other people. Stay safe friend. God bless you and your family.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo Måned siden
I'd be jealous if I weren't so much better looking. Lol
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
to mention names, I believe you are smart enough to figure out Who runs America.
Jayyy667 23 dager siden
tiny hats have been subverting empires since Babylon
phantom walker
phantom walker Måned siden
not the gov.
Jacob Hipps
Jacob Hipps Måned siden
was very confused by Mt. Fuji, until I released there is a Fuji Mountain in Oregon, which makes a lot more sense. lol... somehow I couldn't see him living in Japan (not to mention the different trees/terrain surrounding Mt. Fuji there)
SWheatley Outdoors
SWheatley Outdoors 5 dager siden
Mt Fuji is not the real name of that mountain. He’s using an alternate name so people don’t start trying to search google earth for his home. Those of us from around this area know the real name of that mountain though...
Otaku Nation
Otaku Nation 18 dager siden
Same.I thought what in the world he moved to japan!?
Lois Robson
Lois Robson Måned siden
I was also sitting here with a confused look on my face trying to see that scenery as in Japan:)
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Måned siden
With everything going on a lot of people are leaning towards more of an off-grid lifestyle, congratulations, smart move, God Bless.
rawmilk mike
rawmilk mike Måned siden
A silly way to end your video. And from someone with so much to be thankful for. As far as we know, the earth has always been in decline. Especially the US. Must Europeans were forced to come here. Just think about what our grandparents lived through. These fake riots and viruses are nothing. Stop and smell the roses, for god sake. "Life is what happens while we're busy making other plans."
sandys7118 Måned siden
Where did you move from?
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy Måned siden
especially a volcano 🌋
Will Davis
Will Davis Måned siden
Waiting on the invite brother
Thomas S
Thomas S Måned siden
Wranglerstar, regarding your injury or most injuries, I have found that a multiday fast, approximately between three and seven days, is a remarkable way to heal your body on a cellular level. It’s a process called Autophagy. I encourage you to give it a try, fasting healed both very old and new injuries for me. Multiday fasting lowers your white blood cell count, reduces inflammation, Pools your growth hormone and and stem cells, then releases the aforementioned after your first bite of food. Don’t take my word for it, A Nobel peace prize was given to a Japanese researcher in 2016 for helping us understand this process. I sincerely hope you give it a try.
JoshDoesMusic Måned siden
Yeah, sorry... I have a lot of respect for what you’re trying to do and otherwise regard you as a person of high intelligence, but “people of the book” are a big part of the problem. We need to have difficult conversations that employ actual epistemology and reason, not stick our heads further into the sand.
skidudek2 Måned siden
Why do you call St, Helens, Fuji?
skidudek2 Måned siden
@Wranglerstar So you're saying it used to look like Fuji.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Why do you call a volcano with no top a mountain?
Pop Måned siden
Rubbish its dirt..... glacial is clear as. Im a Kiwi I should know. Love your work BTW. Good luck with the new spot
Julia Marin
Julia Marin Måned siden
Scabs Hough
Scabs Hough Måned siden
Sure looks like the Pacific Northwest 🤔🤠🇺🇸
Philly Wister
Philly Wister Måned siden
i think you made the right decision. when theres no power anymore you want a river by your side. its probably even the most important thing when in survival.
Cyn Hicks
Cyn Hicks Måned siden
I'd be jealous if I weren't so much better looking. Lol
Robert Måned siden
You bought land in Red Fire Zone? Dude its going to get hotter and dryer EVERY YEAR! 10 years from now land be worthless.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Måned siden
That's why we are getting bombarded by people right now here in Idaho. Same reasons.
Ron Silva
Ron Silva Måned siden
It’s sad that the government control s the water on your land but if you are a giant company like pg&e than you could put a dam and make your Owen power and sell it ,to that how it goes big company Owen stuff and control stuff it is what is j but a leather you can fish a canoe on ir😊😊😊
Dharri Måned siden
With everything going on a lot of people are leaning towards more of an off-grid lifestyle, congratulations, smart move, God Bless.
Robert Måned siden
Just don't move close to a Forrest...
Alex Gordon
Alex Gordon Måned siden
Perhaps it’s hyperbole to stoke the channel fire, but the comment at .3:40. concerning America “being in decline” seems misguided. Isolated anarchy near your home does-not-a-straight-line-make. Your new homestead is beautiful. And America is stronger everyday I trim my mustache.
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov Måned siden
Lewis County?
TimeTime Måned siden
Is the 🔥 and volcano activity higher there than Michigan? I guess trading one hazard for another is basically a wash. Fighting nature seems more challenging to me though especially a volcano 🌋
Ryan Toan
Ryan Toan Måned siden
Congrats man! Hope it all works out well.
Bruce Whitman
Bruce Whitman Måned siden
Are you sure that isn’t Mount Pinatubo(sp)
Riverflyswatter S
Riverflyswatter S Måned siden
Don’t agree that our country is going into further decline. MAGA Trump was sent by a higher power. He will slay the dragon . Because you are a influencer You have a big responsibility to your followers. Your message of being prepared I agree with.. You will never heal mentally or fiscally If you hang on to negativity. I know your better than that. I will most certainly pray for your mental health. You body will never heal without a sound outlook on the future.🙏
Johnathan Bach
Johnathan Bach Måned siden
Only Christ has power to slay the dragon. I applaud President Trump on his achievements. Only God can turn this mess around, my friend. Pray like never before.
jayson mardell
jayson mardell Måned siden
Not watched for a while I can your anxious i hope you find some piece in your decision to move and secure your familys future best wishes
Q Girl Charlie
Q Girl Charlie Måned siden
I’m sorry about your injury. My son who is a chiropractor here in Louisiana is amazing. He doesn’t do regular adjustments. He works on tissue which is a lot of the problem. He has helped a lot of people that are pain free today. I wish you could come for a couple of weeks and allow him to help you. God Bless and will be praying for you.
Clark _Elite
Clark _Elite Måned siden
I know you miss the other place, but when things get bad youll be glad you moved..
Derrick Builds
Derrick Builds Måned siden
Thanks for sharing your journey.
Britzel 1
Britzel 1 Måned siden
So beautiful 😍 truly happy to see someone greatly blessed by all their hard work and faithfulness!
Paul Zerovnik
Paul Zerovnik Måned siden
Will keep you in prayer...
Dakotah Spidle
Dakotah Spidle Måned siden
Dont knock our michigan waters .. lol
ryche70 Måned siden
Lewis County?
Robert Christensen
Robert Christensen Måned siden
Would love to see u do fire truck video if u get a chance
shadowhawk Måned siden
I to am a man of faith, however I have a different perspective than you. I think the night is always coldest just before dawn. I truly believe a reckoning is coming, and these events will lay the course for a very prosperous and righteous country. I want to get some land for my family to have a place to go as well. As we grow in population we will need to have a place secured in advance for future generations. small plots of land will become very valuable.
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