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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading,

plsbqwhy8t nthabak
plsbqwhy8t nthabak 7 timer siden
So true. I've seen people do this. It's uncomfortable for everyone in the room.
J F Dag siden
Democrats are treasonous. No argument about it.
daytonamon40 Dag siden
is it bad i thought you were about to address the bidens LMAO
Ken Ostermeier
Ken Ostermeier Dag siden
A little lite in the loafers!
Wranglerstar Dag siden
You’d know
emikke 2 dager siden
That is a largely cultural thing. In some cultures you can be quite rough with people who are close to you, and it is a sign of acceptance and that you care about them. The idea is that because you love, respect and care about each other you don't have to keep up appearances. If that's not your culture: don't do it. Obviously. Speaking generally, what you're saying is right. I'd just like to point out that some people do things different, and that works for them.
John Barszczak
John Barszczak 2 dager siden
My wife is my best friend and my life partner
ZACK 3 dager siden
Great video but what a dramatic thumbnail lmao
Morgan W
Morgan W 3 dager siden
Such a great message. This same topic was one of the highlights my wife and I took from pre-marital coaching with our Chaplain.
Johnny 3 dager siden
Excellent advice.
lord kanti
lord kanti 3 dager siden
All this insight is great and all but when your a young guy, applying this is nearly impossible. People use a excuse that I’m the one who can’t take a joke or can’t vibe with them. Like memes and online venting is supposed to be a neutral ground for embarrassing me. I believe my parents now when they told me social media killed relationships.
McD131 3 dager siden
Thank you Cody for reminding Me of just how important it is to uplift my wife. She has certainly been Gods blessing to me. 👍👍👍
Rebel on a Trail
Rebel on a Trail 4 dager siden
My wife and I actually do say these things about each other, in jest, and it is not a breech of trust for us. If either of us felt differently, we are frank with each other. It is not hurtful for us, in fact we enjoy the play. If someone else were to make fun of me, my wife would tear them to pieces. We are an integral, unbreakable part of each other. But I still love your channel, man.
Jonas Libbrecht
Jonas Libbrecht 4 dager siden
Good words!
kca1031 4 dager siden
If it hadn’t been for Mrs. W, there’d be glue EVERYWHERE
king morales
king morales 5 dager siden
Very good video there lot stuff I learned from you over the years
Rachel Richards
Rachel Richards 6 dager siden
There is always a reason why humans do what they do. I wonder if women put their men down because men that want to be married are a scarce resource these days. To survive in westernised urban places it may be necessary to devalue your mate so that they don't get stolen by someone else
George Stokes
George Stokes 6 dager siden
All true, well said
Rainer Detering
Rainer Detering 6 dager siden
REAL homesteading!
\\ 6 dager siden
everything you described about treason sounds like trump to a t
Anthony 6 dager siden
In the past the UK dealt with Treason brilliantly, betraying your country should never be done (unless the leader of the country is someone like adolf hitler and wants to cause harm to anyone and everyone, or kim who controls EVERYTHING in which case, a new leader is needed and betraying them to get that wouldnt be the worst thing to do, unless your caught)... However, in the uk we now just give those who cause treason seats inside the parliament to help ruin i mean run, to help run the country. No i meant ruin.
Danny Hoermle
Danny Hoermle 6 dager siden
You didn't touch on man guiding man. All men need to learn from other men. We are at its simplest all the same so learning from others can help us navigate rough waters and lessen the causality that we may cause or caused to us over the simplest misunderstanding. It is what you are doing but I think it is worth addressing. So who is a pillar in your life that you turn to for advice on relationship matters when you run into things. I have had a few who helped me with soild words of wisdom. Thanks good video good advice.
Liora Jimenez
Liora Jimenez 6 dager siden
The wise woman builds her house But the foolish tears it down with her own hands. ~ Proverbs 14:1
Davy Jones
Davy Jones 6 dager siden
Good points Cody. But it takes a lot of good luck to find a good women. There will always be some lucky winners and lots and lots of losers.
Miles Holland
Miles Holland 7 dager siden
Wise words for sure. I think this recipe can present as different forms (not always husband and wife) but I like the view that balance and harmony in relationship is critical.
wackyspazthe3rd 7 dager siden
My parents have been together for a while most 40yrs.. mom recently got diagnosed with pancreatic don't realize how dependent you are on each other until your told that your partner may not be here tomorrow. My dad is taking very hard .
Michael McMahon
Michael McMahon 7 dager siden
Thank you for voicing this, ... I would never want to be judged for my worst day, and unfortunately, I’ve made the mistake you are speaking about. This is the truth, and there is a great opportunity for all of us to choose to live a better day starting today. This is great shared wisdom.
BTJ 7 dager siden
Another video with great content, you really nailed it...thank you.
Joe Anonemouse
Joe Anonemouse 7 dager siden
God bless u. people have lost this committment to their spouse and family. love your channel
g4tnew newg4t
g4tnew newg4t 7 dager siden
After separation, wife called my sister, my 9 yr old nephew picked up, and told her she is destroying her own children's lives, by making false allegations against me, so as to keep me out of their lives. Wiser words were never spoken, both by you Wranglerstar and my nephew.
g4tnew newg4t
g4tnew newg4t 7 dager siden
They most definitely think about it. That's how they destroy their spouse.
JesusFreak1924 7 dager siden
This was probably the best video you've made.
Kimballized 7 dager siden
Just the fact that he did something nice to go out of his way is awesome in its own. Most guys don't go out of the way to pick something up for there spouse.
beardedbuzzard 8 dager siden
You are correct. I’m 52 and am in love with my wife. We are equal.
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 8 dager siden
On a side note, that backdrop looks nice.
Danny Carl
Danny Carl 8 dager siden
What’s in the display case in the background? Very intrigued.
Ben There
Ben There 8 dager siden
Amen Mr. W. I am here to tell you.
CoffeeGroundsBear 8 dager siden
This is great advice. I pray that generations growing up now will hear this and adhere to this important insight.
Robert Scott
Robert Scott 8 dager siden
These people have conflicting narratives. The Primacy of Freedom means that freedom comes first in order before anything including arbitrarily chosen Authority. The ideas of the Enlightenment era. Such as the idea that a natural God created us equal was the foundation stone. It was not to be an antithesis to any religion. Only a philosophical concept. Treachery. You got that right. Scribes and Pharisees wranglerstar scribes and Pharisees. By the measure you use.
rahj21 8 dager siden
Thanks for pointing this out Cody. I've done this and honestly ashamed of myself. Time to grow a little.
Josh Landry
Josh Landry 8 dager siden
Perfectly said!!!
Bacon, Eatmore
Bacon, Eatmore 8 dager siden
This is a great realization. Passive aggressive behavior towards a significant other. In your next video you and Mrs. W talk about comments from single dudes not being able to find a suitor. I acquired a female helper at work a couple months ago. This girl also cant find a suitable man. I dont really get it. She's smart, hard working, not afraid to get dirty(my trade is a mans work), she freakin beautiful. I know the problem is our society has been subverted from any morals but still, this girl would make a great mom too.
Golden Renaissance Productions
Golden Renaissance Productions 8 dager siden
While watching this video this passage popped up in a recommended tweet: Two are better than one, because they have good return for their work: If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up. Ecclesiastes 4:9
Rebecca Lynn TenBrink
Rebecca Lynn TenBrink 8 dager siden
I love this. Not why I started following you but by far my FAVORITE so far. ❤️ Thank you
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 8 dager siden
excellent view on a relationship , ill pray that more humans will take this as advise to enjoy a bountiful fulfilled life experience .
Free Will
Free Will 8 dager siden
Vilken snurrpelle. :)
timbo peters
timbo peters 8 dager siden
37 year old batcher here.
Chris T
Chris T 8 dager siden
this is the degradation of the father figure that has been going on for years. Poor dumb idiots that can barley make it through the day without drooling on themselves
Daan B.
Daan B. 8 dager siden
Spot on. I'm learning so much from you. I really appreciate videos like this.
Todd Shepherd
Todd Shepherd 8 dager siden
I used to second guess my best "gut instincts" & learned experience because family & friends would question my decisions in a way to make me feel unsure. My most liberating day was when I decided to stop second guess my common sense. I started to have huge success in life afterwards. Some insist on sabotaging for the sake of control.
Tom from Ohio
Tom from Ohio 9 dager siden
Lesson learned...well taught
Pax Inviscis
Pax Inviscis 9 dager siden
NOW THAT! is a cardinal rule in a relationship I am going to steal like a thief in the night. Now all I have to do is sell it ;-_-
Christopher Collins
Christopher Collins 9 dager siden
Point On! Thank you for your encouraging words to the public. It's a subject that's not touched upon enough. I'll say this until the end " Behind every good man stands a great woman.
Hello World
Hello World 9 dager siden
Good words. Now how to find that woman.😒
John Ware
John Ware 9 dager siden
Very insightful.
zachary holbert
zachary holbert 9 dager siden
And in the beginning god said "it is good". True then, true now.
MAE HAY 9 dager siden
There is a Scripture when God created man and Adam wasn’t complete without a woman by his side and he created Eve to give Adam his mate. In Genesis God saw Adam could not find a helper comparable with Adam so God caused Adam a deep sleep and God took a rib from Adam and he slept And God created woman and brought it to the man. And Adam said “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.” Genesis 2:20-23 and the one you quoted at the end of your video Genesis 2:23. This is from the Gideon’s Bible which just happened to be close to me. If either the husband or wife Harbor resentment or felt they have been wronged by their mate they need to work/talk about it between themselves and not put their mate down with others. It is so hurtful if our mate makes drogotory remarks in public. Tim La Haye and his wife wrote some great books on how to treat their husband and wife. I am sorry if I made any spelling errors. Cody, your uplifting remarks about your wife is one of the best things about your channel that I admire. It is great to see how you both treat each other.
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 9 dager siden
There's a rule with your wife her design choices are always "right"
CC Rider
CC Rider 9 dager siden
Great philosophy!!! 👍😁👍 ✝️
Rick Hammar
Rick Hammar 9 dager siden
I don't disagree with you but at 51 myself & divorced from a 26 year marriage there is also a flip side. It is better to dwell alone in the wilderness than with an angry & contentious woman. Apparently even God knew picking the wrong spouse is akin to hell on earth.
Uss JimmyCarter
Uss JimmyCarter 9 dager siden
Have married for over 40 years. Would never think to take someone’s side against her! It just won’t happen!
FaithfulMC 9 dager siden
Don't agree at all, There's no need to lie to others about the good or bad parts of your significant other
FaithfulMC 9 dager siden
So make your significant other look like something she/he is not in front of others? What the hell
MrRayqwik 9 dager siden
Great advice. Great insight. The truth of your words rings out.
Dodge 78
Dodge 78 9 dager siden
“How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” Cute movie, but the fastest way to get someone to leave you is be critical and degrading of them. Marriage takes love and encouragement to thrive. In the end, you will both be happier. Good marriage advice from Cody today.
Joseph Renna
Joseph Renna 9 dager siden
Thank you. The more of your videos I watch the more I agree with your knowledge... Hit 51 myself this year and actually lost my dad around my 50th birthday. It's hard to lose a loved one, even harder when you look up to them so much. Hearing these things you say reminds me of things he would say and I really must thank you. Keep doing what you do and pass on what you know and the world will be just a little bit brighter. God Bless you and yours and stay safe.
Roy Rodgers
Roy Rodgers 9 dager siden
Good word
Ken Stout
Ken Stout 9 dager siden
One of the better wrangalerstar videos, could not have said it better.
Patrick Z
Patrick Z 9 dager siden
This should be shown to newly engaged people.
matthew hoppel
matthew hoppel 9 dager siden
Amen! Well said 👍
JohnstonPettigrew 9 dager siden
yeah, treachery.
Thomas Cronin
Thomas Cronin 9 dager siden
Thank you for the reminder of this very important message....even at the risk of being demonetized for the radical content.
Tim Kirkpatrick
Tim Kirkpatrick 9 dager siden
I would have called them hop flower lights! Goes to show what perspective does.I love the Archy Bunker shoot down for 'treason'!
Bane 10 dager siden
Rules for a man to figure out a woman: 1. Don't try. 2. See rule 1.
Yebo Screbo
Yebo Screbo 7 dager siden
Huh? I’ve heard that bs my whole life.. “women are so complicated blah blah blah”. It isn’t true! Once you realize that women are children in adults bodies it all clicks into place. Women are very easy to figure out. 1. They want what they can’t have 2. They don’t want to take responsibility for their actions 3. They use their biological assets to get somebody else to take care of business. That’s it.
veronica pace
veronica pace 9 dager siden
listen carefully
Tot Johnson
Tot Johnson 10 dager siden
Great video!!!
Trevor Potts
Trevor Potts 10 dager siden
behind every strong man, is an even stronger woman Cody.
AZStarYT 10 dager siden
There's a reason God called what was created for man a "help, like unto himself". She's supposed to HELP him, not harm or ruin him.
mattvanbogart 10 dager siden
Great message. Thank you
obyvatel 10 dager siden
Getting your own negativity under control is one of life's greatest challenges. First you have to know how you are negative, but there are plenty of ways to fool yourself about that.
Shawn D Sinclair
Shawn D Sinclair 10 dager siden
If nothing else, you opened my eyes just a little wider today. Thank You Sir!
Mrgunsngear Channel
Mrgunsngear Channel 10 dager siden
solid points
Andrew 10 dager siden
Who in the devil "dislikes" this......
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 10 dager siden
In some respects I remain a broken man some 30 years after my marriage failed. I appreciate your willingness to share your life wisdom; it is very touching.
Blackie Black
Blackie Black 10 dager siden
I agree with this. However, I think sometimes the husband 'being clueless' is actually something a woman finds cute. You know how you find flaws in your wife and they actually come together to make a good thing? They're little - let's say quirks - that make you happy because they're what make them who they are? I agree a husband or wife shouldn't belittle one another. But I think in this case it's sometimes just a bit of cute banter. I remember one time telling my friends how much I enjoyed my wife playing a video game because she's hopeless at it but still enjoys playing. I thought it was fun watching her fail but keep playing for the joy of it. Maybe the bigger point of her comment was 'bless his heart he tries, even if he fails'. And I would call that a good spirited comment. Even if it does seem a little bit critical or demeaning in character.
Yebo Screbo
Yebo Screbo 7 dager siden
There’s a reason the good book commands wives to “honor” their husbands but for men they are told to “love” their wives. It is important for the female to honor the male because a loss of female-to-male respect causes the social fabric to unravel. A male isn’t required to honor the female but to love her because without the male-to-female love the social fabric begins to unravel. The difference in roles entails different requirements for humanity to function.
Doc JC
Doc JC 10 dager siden
Bullseye friend, dead- center bullseye.
Benjamin Cobb
Benjamin Cobb 10 dager siden
Very good! People can look at relationships in a worldly aspect all day, but until you implement what is in scripture, it will never be complete. Fantastic video that has planted seeds in many hearts no doubt!
traderjoes 10 dager siden
I agree Cody! I think we have all seen it in person and while very often if the wife does it to the husband or the husband does it to the wife and it does come off as a joke and everyone laughs, I know it’s wrong. We’ve seen TV shows growing up like 3s Company and Mr and Mrs Roper were always humiliating each other sexually, the audience laugh track and people watching generally laughed. But, I remember my mother saying “That’s a terrible thing to say! I don’t want this show on in my house!”
Ryhno McDezzy
Ryhno McDezzy 10 dager siden
A great encouragment and even a rebuke. Thank you.
brianpburch 10 dager siden
well said Cody! That is the best advice I haver heard for husbands and wives in a long time. It sows a seed in your heart that if left unchecked can fester into resentment. God bless you and your family brother.
CRAIG DE LA REY 10 dager siden
Amen brother.
Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez 10 dager siden
Thank you for the reminder to build up my wife and support her in every way. I fully understand and appreciate the message.
Spell Madam
Spell Madam 10 dager siden
You are describing American TV ads and sitcoms, movies etc. It's encouraged, promoted, and rewarded.
Joey Farmer
Joey Farmer 10 dager siden
You west coast guys are too soft.
Josh Gets Fired
Josh Gets Fired 10 dager siden
👍. Simple advice. Not something that we hear very often.
Honda Cam Outdoors
Honda Cam Outdoors 10 dager siden
Hiw very bold you are to stick your toe into this pond. There will be many elitists in the comments after this one...
Kinjiru731 10 dager siden
I feel like "treachery" and "treason" are strong words, but I completely agree with the principle you're conveying. I've done it by accident, it's easy to do. I once went to ship something my wife had packed and the guy working the counter at UPS wasn't pleased with how it was packed. I said something like, "Sorry, my wife packed it." and he replied, something along the lines of "she's not here". He was right, and good on him for saying it even though I was a customer and could have raised hell about this guy daring to talk to me like that or what not. I could have checked the packing before I took it in, and I didn't. I should have at least just said "sorry about that" and not mentioned my wife at all. If I wasn't pleased by being in that situation, I should take it up with her, not the UPS guy barking at me.
Anthony Skidmark
Anthony Skidmark 10 dager siden
That dynamic is so quick and if you look at it deep enough, it is the only currency humans have to 'stay civil'. Is grinding each other down slowly so we can call it something. Its sad. I only have faith in the older tribes to surpass those dynamics. Nordic Pagans.
Joshua Crowe
Joshua Crowe 10 dager siden
This was common at work from almost all of my coworkers. They put down there wives so much it made me sick. Sometimes furious. Luckily I don’t work with them anymore. I feel bad for their wives.
Troy Dodson
Troy Dodson 10 dager siden
Yes, love should BUILD up never tare down.
Jens Vincent
Jens Vincent 10 dager siden
Thank you for this. I married Saturday and this makes so much sense.
Linda Stevens
Linda Stevens 10 dager siden
What a superb post. Right exactly on the money. You don't learn these things outside of church. Wisdom comes to those that seek it and this is a full bushel basket of truth.
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