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16 dager siden

Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading.

Hood Reaper
Hood Reaper Dag siden
I think you should leave it. you could coat it with some clear coat though to protect the wood and writing.
JackVooDoo 2 dager siden
leave it original
Peter Schuldt
Peter Schuldt 2 dager siden
Leave it as is
Donna Bell
Donna Bell 2 dager siden
Or just add on to it.
Donna Bell
Donna Bell 2 dager siden
Leave it original
Marvin Jenson
Marvin Jenson 2 dager siden
Marvin Jenson
Marvin Jenson 2 dager siden
I’d leave it as it is.
Will Smith
Will Smith 3 dager siden
Leave it!! It's pretty cool. Some things are ment to stay the same unless they have reached the point of no return. And it actually looks interesting, even more than a more professional mounting.
Robert 3 dager siden
Without the plaque the antlers have no history. Leave it.
Iain PATON 4 dager siden
Leave it
Ritchie Kubishak
Ritchie Kubishak 6 dager siden
Clear coat it only its family history have a blessed day.
tpalshadow 6 dager siden
Clean it and leave it.
Rambo Ollie
Rambo Ollie 6 dager siden
I’m from Oklahoma, it would be nice to harvest a creature of that caliber in my neck of the woods.
Root River Woodworks
Root River Woodworks 6 dager siden
That's a 70 year patina and it matches the antler. Leave it as it. Great story all around.
Mountain Crest Farm
Mountain Crest Farm 7 dager siden
I say leave it alone. You wouldn't take an all-original 1964 Mustang and drop a 327 in it, would you? would leave it original. Same with this.
Blake Williams
Blake Williams 7 dager siden
I say leave it as is.
Bowen Thomas
Bowen Thomas 7 dager siden
I would leave the mount as it is it gives it character
McD131 7 dager siden
Keep it original
Vanessa Sky
Vanessa Sky 7 dager siden
Cut out your granddads writing and remount it..
bigjohnypoper 8 dager siden
Leave it the way it is
Chris Davis
Chris Davis 8 dager siden
anybody else think the thumb nail was an older general sam or am I the only one
Machine Bear
Machine Bear 8 dager siden
Keep it on the old mount. Maybe a polyurethane finish to keep your grandads original handwriting. Redo the felt ONLY if/when it needs it.
Chris Sutton
Chris Sutton 8 dager siden
Definitely leave it...
Rikiya Tomioka
Rikiya Tomioka 8 dager siden
Mark Staib
Mark Staib 8 dager siden
Redo it refinish it but with some Howards. If The writing is just a marker or something carefully trace it with a wood burning iron so you can sand it without fear of removing it.
grywlf5143 Gray
grywlf5143 Gray 8 dager siden
As is on a second mount displaying granddad's glory and the story
Scott Pysher
Scott Pysher 9 dager siden
Leave the original mount together but place it as an insert into a nicer piece of wood.
thelaststraw 9 dager siden
leave it alone, but a try at cleaning is in order
Fred Bustin
Fred Bustin 9 dager siden
Leave as is -- it is awesome!
John Daker
John Daker 9 dager siden
Change the mount.
LaGrandeBayou 10 dager siden
Your NOT seriously considering removing your Grandfathers first elk mount from the (yes dated and tacky) marine plywood that is INTEGRAL to the mount itself because your grandfather wrote on it in HIS OWN HAND! *Do absolutely NOTHING other than cleaning to that prized* 1950s *classic home style mount that even your NANA handiwork is evident on* Find somewhere appropriate to display it but do not “UPDATE” that unique piece of your history it will NEVER have the same allure if you do.
Xknewsense 10 dager siden
Leave it original!
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith 10 dager siden
Leave the original mount alone. Its perfect 👌
The Haul Back
The Haul Back 10 dager siden
Leave it it’s perfect
Truthbetold 10 dager siden
The loaf is absolutely adorable.. she is already smarter then your average adult leftist
JesusFreak1924 10 dager siden
I say leave it as is.
Joe Anonemouse
Joe Anonemouse 10 dager siden
leave it as is and mount the whole thing to something a little more attractive. good conversation piece.
Jerry Hunt
Jerry Hunt 10 dager siden
Leave it as it. Enjoy the memories
jailer23044 10 dager siden
Leave the mount as your Grandfather left it. Personally I don't think you could improve upon the original mount much.
John Deackman
John Deackman 10 dager siden
Leave it original. It's Family history.
Claude Thiele
Claude Thiele 11 dager siden
leave it as is it has history
kevin92xj 11 dager siden
Leave the original board and velvet. Maybe you could add nice trim, or a frame around the board to make it look nicer and add your own touch to it.
No Name
No Name 11 dager siden
Leave it as is
rahj21 11 dager siden
Leave it!
GAJ3T 11 dager siden
If for no other reason than your obvious reverence for your grandparents, keep it and preserve it as it is.
Random weekend Vlogs
Random weekend Vlogs 11 dager siden
Leave the original mount
Cody Snell
Cody Snell 11 dager siden
Leave it original. You’ll appreciate it more.
timbo peters
timbo peters 11 dager siden
Leave it as it is
Daan B.
Daan B. 11 dager siden
Michael Johnson
Michael Johnson 11 dager siden
Leave it.
Richard Markinco
Richard Markinco 11 dager siden
The Sweetloaf is more articulate than I was at her age. You guys have done a good job so far.
CheckeredFlag1 11 dager siden
Leave it like it is.
bill hill
bill hill 11 dager siden
leave it is my first thought
Joel Richardson
Joel Richardson 11 dager siden
I’d keep it original.
MikeSmithInFL 11 dager siden
If it's not too late - I'm another to leave it as is, or mount it as is on another mount under it, but keep the original whichever. Fun story! hardin hardin 11 dager siden
I'm in Alabama and the men in my family and friends would be soooooo proud to have that, especially since ur grandfather shot it and ur grandmother handmade that piece on it, I would attatch a beautiful larger piece of wood to the back of it and hang it above the fireplace, that way it would be a focal point in the living room and u can tell all about ur grandparents and the history of it, hunting is a big thing in the south, because u learn how to provide food for ur family and u mount the horns to show other people that u know how to do that, plus ur grandfather I'm sure lv'd telling the story and I know ur grandmother was also very proud of him because I know that probably provided enough meat for them and their neighbors. I would be so proud to own it and display it. U have alot of wood working tools, I know u & Mrs. W could find a beautiful peice of wood to attach it to, thanks for the story. Yall have a blessed night 🙏💖🌹🇺🇸😊*
Mathew Cammarota
Mathew Cammarota 12 dager siden
Leave it for sure
Robin Silvers
Robin Silvers 12 dager siden
Don't change a thing . leave it as is.
eowawa1 12 dager siden
Leave it like fine patina on a untouched classic car!
Mike Thiel
Mike Thiel 12 dager siden
Leave it as is
Matteo Capocefalo
Matteo Capocefalo 12 dager siden
Use the original mount but place it on your own hand made solid wood plaque. Best of both
MAE HAY 12 dager siden
I love the original mount because it looks beautiful and it reflects the time in which it was made by your grandad and your nana, Cody. Ahh nice to see the Sweetloaf telling her papa to grow back your beard! I just came back from visiting my dad and I thought how wonderful he looks and I couldn’t quite figure out why he looked so much younger until I got back home. Then I remembered how he used to have a beard but dad didn’t keep it trimmed. Dad asked his wife to give him a shave and he looked like what I always saw him when I was still at home as a child! My dad always reminded me of Clark Gable in the old movies.👍
DDDFFF 12 dager siden
keep it original
Jack Rickells
Jack Rickells 12 dager siden
It always seems like your dad or grandad has done everything in the world no matter what topic you are on your grandad has done it or your dad did it
maddhatter1219 12 dager siden
I think your grandfather would be pleased with knowing that you've kept something like that for so long and are still telling his story this far removed from when it happened. With that said, if you want to remount them, what I'd suggest is to cut out the signature part, perhaps add a small frame around that piece, then reattach it to a new mount, and if possible, reuse the velvet either fully or in part, in the new design. I honestly don't think that your grandfather or grandmother would have any problems with you improving on the mount one bit. However, I do think that you should try to incorporate as much of the history from the original into the new design as you can reasonably do.
Robert Desrosiers
Robert Desrosiers 12 dager siden
leave it alone it is part of the provenance of the piece, I said provenance because I figured you'd use that word....haha.
Troublco 12 dager siden
Leave it. Clean it up and leave it as is. The memories are worth it.
Robert Grimley
Robert Grimley 12 dager siden
Honor your grandad, leave it alone!
Chris Mate
Chris Mate 12 dager siden
I would make a backplate(Wood) to match the colour and size of horns(in perspective not real size), then fit the original in it covering the holes but keep the handwriting, so it looks ballanced out fitted to a wall. On 2nd thoughts the backplate can just be mounted around the original one to complete the look and ballance, then you have not touched the original.
Crown Forge
Crown Forge 12 dager siden
leave it! not only does the elk tell a story but so does the mount! i think it would be awesome
Richard Malone
Richard Malone 12 dager siden
leave it; Save the story with the horns.
Jon Sommers
Jon Sommers 12 dager siden
I've seen people who could take a picture of the writing and transfer it to a plaque. I'd do that, and keep Grandma's upholstery and put it on something nicer with Grandpa's writing embossed on a brass plaque.
Joseph Renna
Joseph Renna 12 dager siden
Definitely leave it original. I am lucky enough to have my Grandpop's Smoking pipe, bite marks and tobacco residue inside... I love knowing it still remains as he last held it.
Gayle Smith
Gayle Smith 12 dager siden
The lights look lovely! Your wife will love them! See! I knew it!❤️🙏🏼🇨🇦
lindnova 12 dager siden
Leave it original.
Andrew Kahl
Andrew Kahl 12 dager siden
Leave it...clean and maybe clear coat to capture the signature
Opeongo Bushcraft
Opeongo Bushcraft 12 dager siden
100% hang it as is.
Mat Rou
Mat Rou 12 dager siden
I could imagine myself remounting it, but I would definitely not want to get rid of the handywork of good ol nana, nor erase the handwriting; I would saw out the handwriting maybe, to replace the whole thing onto nicer wood. The handwriting could thus be used as a plaque for the mount on a nicer background of fine wood. I think many woodworkers can appreciate that you use what you have at hand and wood is expensive; updating to a higher grade is, on the other hand, a kind of nod to the importance of the highlighted effort.
Marcel Jeannin II
Marcel Jeannin II 12 dager siden
Clean it up and leave it.
Torrey Jones
Torrey Jones 12 dager siden
I'm rather fond of leaving it as is, but if you save his writing, like cut it out and use it as a plate on the update, and maybe use some of the red velvet in the update, then I'd say go for the update.
Michael Holm
Michael Holm 12 dager siden
Leave it as is!
Sam Weight
Sam Weight 13 dager siden
Leave it; possibly mount it to a more ornate frame.
Robert Warfel
Robert Warfel 13 dager siden
Clean it up
Justin Cloncs
Justin Cloncs 13 dager siden
Change it up. more modern and eye pleasing try to keep his writing somehow
Edward Schnell
Edward Schnell 13 dager siden
Leave it! You cannot replace such a thing.
Kay Smith
Kay Smith 13 dager siden
Perhaps refinish and frame out the original board. If you decide to remount you could cut out and edge the area signed by your grandfather and mount it to the new board.
Terry Sincheff
Terry Sincheff 13 dager siden
I would keep it original. I have the last Whitetail buck my Dad shot, in 1990, from my stand. I always told him, it was my deer, because I drove it to him, and he shot it from my stand. You have such a lovely Bride, and Daughter. God bless. :)
Van U'Ren
Van U'Ren 13 dager siden
Don't change a thing. That is a piece of family history just as it is!
john millhouse
john millhouse 13 dager siden
Keep it the same and enjoy the memories.
Jim Rhoads
Jim Rhoads 13 dager siden
leave it like it is
Dexter Kardas
Dexter Kardas 13 dager siden
I miss those little conversations with my daughters about why i shaved
Seth Lavinder
Seth Lavinder 13 dager siden
Never change it! One thing you and I have in common without doubt is an undying love and deep respect for our GrandDad’s! I called mine “Pawpaw” and he was WWII Navy. Keep that the way he made it, place it somewhere you will see it often and think of him and his impact on the man you are today!
Casey Craig
Casey Craig 13 dager siden
I bet you could take pictures of the notes and engraving on the back - make a new board and have someone laser engrave his handwriting. Then repurpose the original board in your shop?
Keith Heil
Keith Heil 13 dager siden
Leave it as is.
Coby Keim
Coby Keim 13 dager siden
I say leave it as is, i honestly think it’s Beautiful without simple it is
Jennifer WhiteWolf
Jennifer WhiteWolf 13 dager siden
Leave it as is.
David W
David W 13 dager siden
Dont change it just mount it like it is.
Sn00p-Sn1p3 13 dager siden
trim off some of the original mount while still leaving grandparents work but inset it into a nice handmade (with love) plaque
Wet Coast
Wet Coast 13 dager siden
If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Simple.
colin poellot
colin poellot 13 dager siden
I have refinished a few guns to keep them protected. But my grandfather shotgun i inherited is a browning made in 1928. He had it refinished once years ago. It needs it again, but i will not. I just keep it well oiled to prevent it from getting worse and plan to keep it as is the rest of my life.
colin poellot
colin poellot 13 dager siden
Just put a good coat of linseed oil on the back to let it soak in and protect it without changing the front.
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