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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading our new house sneak peek.

Bert Vaughn
Bert Vaughn Dag siden
Awe, Cody... I am so happy for you and your family! Can't wait to see the future videos from your new studios. Blessings!
Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer 3 dager siden
Exciting times!! Congratulations on the new homestead. Looks like a great find.
Gail JOHNSON 4 dager siden
Congratulations. Happy for you. Thank you for the video. Have a blessed day.
612morrison 14 dager siden
Mrs W needs a nice home shop made librarian type ladder/steps for that new larder and that would be a good project video for yourself and and more carpentry skills for Jack to learn.
Jeff Woodworth
Jeff Woodworth 14 dager siden
Jealous of your pantry space. I got just under half of that, and I had to sacrifice a room.
Matthew Torres
Matthew Torres 17 dager siden
You know what, it’s really important to have your listening ears on when watching these videos. I was really disappointed when we got a look at Mrs. W’s PANTRY and not her pant...you know what...I’ll just listen more closely next time.
PC Ken
PC Ken 20 dager siden
You are giving us all kinds of inspiration! We are buying our first home. It is tiny by comparison, .31 acres BUT we are so excited over the opportunities that it presents and so looking forward to the fun of making it our own. Mrs. W, I was previously afraid of color on my kitchen cabinets but I love your green. Cody your office looks roomy and what a treat to be next to each other throughout your day. Congratulations!
Cater Wood
Cater Wood 21 dag siden
This is awesome Cody!! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the house!
NickDaum 74
NickDaum 74 23 dager siden
And I love the kitchen colors combo and the wood work definitely a good complimentary brake for the eyes
FixItYerself 24 dager siden
Congrats on a much bigger home! Thanks for sharing some your remodeling adventures.
Joe Williams VI
Joe Williams VI 24 dager siden
Why do Jack and Cody share an office?
Mark Villano
Mark Villano 25 dager siden
From a design standpoint, I think that the kitchen woodwork would look much better in either the same green, of a soft creamy white. The wood looks nice, bit it doesn't really go with the cabinets or countertops, and kind of clashes with all the color variations in the floor.
Mountains, rivers and trees
Mountains, rivers and trees 25 dager siden
You guys have one of my favorite features, a wall full of widows over the sink. Lots of light! Very nice.
electriclatte 25 dager siden
Oh my goodness.. your pantry is bigger than my entire kitchen lol.. Congratulations!! You are a lucky lucky lady :)
versatec1 28 dager siden
Tim Kirkpatrick
Tim Kirkpatrick 28 dager siden
House envy! The pantry is awesome. I love the green cabinets!
Dean Benninger
Dean Benninger 29 dager siden
So Happy for you guys, your move and the FUTURE! Spreading the Excitement!! Its Contagious...
USAMark70 Måned siden
I'd absolutely throw some water-based polyurethane finish on that doug fir wall! Keep it bright and clean! Otherwise, it'll turn more yellow. It looks great as is!
Brance Spradlin
Brance Spradlin Måned siden
Congrats on new house. Gorgeous place.
Shepherd Wolf
Shepherd Wolf Måned siden
That's a nice contemporary design!
allied1394 Måned siden
I have the same generator setup because we lose power all the time especially in winter your gonna love it
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford Måned siden
Can you please show how you finish that wood work sir? I have a similar project with my kitchen woodwork and all my house windows. I cant afford to replace so i have to make do with my labor.
bart stone
bart stone Måned siden
Place looks great and couldn't be happier for all of yall.
christian Moralez
christian Moralez Måned siden
SteveJack Måned siden
I absolutely love how much thought you’ve put into every part of your new house, can’t wait to see all the videos!!!
I will remember my childhood with the Bible study, nice. Dreamhouse!
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Jon Armenta
Jon Armenta Måned siden
Loooooove that kitchen. Nice choice with the green Mrs. W.
MAE HAY Måned siden
Beautiful home Mr. and Mrs. Wranglerstar. The pantry is way larger than mine. But I have an extra pantry in the hallway that I put all my extra food storage and enough storage to throw in the beach towels on the bottom shelf. Congratulations on the closing of your new home sweet home.👍
Ken Driver
Ken Driver Måned siden
Better shave that facial hair before you get mistaken for an East coast MAN and not a west coast lady
josh pekol
josh pekol Måned siden
Is your cousin Chris the Idaho painter?!
Mrs. W.... GREAT CALL on the GREEN! I LOVE the DEDICATED STUDIO! BLESSINGS to you and your family! LUCRETIA
K Flan
K Flan Måned siden
I know there are so many people who simply cannot find the good in anything. I just smiled when I saw the gift from Cody's sister. Family is everything. And yes, there is joy in cabinet paint colors. :)
Joseph Rothenberger
Joseph Rothenberger Måned siden
Wow 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 the house looks amazing already. God is good! Congratulations on the new house
apumasterp Måned siden
Nice place! So happy for ypu guys. Looks like a nice place to be when shtf! Great for you guys!
Reverend Christine
Reverend Christine Måned siden
Very nice.
Benjamin Rhodes
Benjamin Rhodes Måned siden
Very cool. I love the green cabinets, and the huge pantry, and the office with a view. Great.
Amanda Lee
Amanda Lee Måned siden
Your home is beautiful! Congratulations!
thoms_here Måned siden
Yay for Bible Study! You guys are awesome! Thanks for ALL your great videos!
Emma Peacock
Emma Peacock Måned siden
Looks amazing! All the best guys!
Michael Cary
Michael Cary Måned siden
I'm interested in the Bible study. Your home is beautiful
Pammie Doodle
Pammie Doodle Måned siden
I’m more anxious to see the property outside!👍🏼😊 Love the cabinet color❤️🥰 God Bless🙏
No More Wars For Israel
No More Wars For Israel Måned siden
You are blessed
Garth Lee
Garth Lee Måned siden
awesome on the news of Bible study! 100%, awesome house aswell
John R
John R Måned siden
Very nice happy for you guys
harold h
harold h Måned siden
Are you worried that now you are off the homestead and now living with luxuries that maybe you will get soft ... whats next, a new land rover.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
A Porsche,
Dave Harry
Dave Harry Måned siden
Marine varnish on that gorgeous kitchen timber. It's stinky, needs multiple coats and is slower to dry. But once it's done, you'll never wish you had used polyurethane. [Edit: satin]
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis Måned siden
The cabinets look awesome, good choice Mrs. W!
Ashley G
Ashley G Måned siden
Mrs. W looks so happy! I love the cabinets too!
Jonathan James
Jonathan James Måned siden
Awesome Cody! I'm so excited for you guys and the channel! Can't wait until you're all settled in and ready to go. I pray God blesses your new home and continues to guide your endeavors!
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo Måned siden
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo Måned siden
I was trying to type love the new home but some how L got entered. Oh well
bobbymorgret Måned siden
Your cousin looks like he is a master at his craft because the walls look good, but those cabinets look like they're brand new. They look phenomenal. Congratulations Cody!
Patrick Tharp
Patrick Tharp Måned siden
Çhris the Idaho painter ??
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
Love the cabinet color stunning @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
New house is beautiful cody and the mrs. @WranglerStar
bueller48 Måned siden
So exciting. Blessings on your new home!
Stephen Sundet
Stephen Sundet Måned siden
The green cabinets and hardwood floors are BEAUTIFUL!
AroMaticOner Måned siden
Great to see everyone so happy! Looks great too. God bless.
TXSuburbanHomestead Måned siden
I haven't read through the comments, but I watched this yesterday and I'm sure the comments section is full of "You're not a homesteader anymore" and other garbage. I couldn't be happier for y'all. If there's something you want and you go about it the right way, go for it! Well done and well deserved.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
I don't care about labels, I'm having fun doing what I love the most,
Ty N.
Ty N. Måned siden
That is a beautiful house!! I did see some of the outside from the kitchen! Love the color of the house outside. Maybe one day my wife and I can purchase a nice spacious house and customize it the way we like! She loves her victorian style houses and I love my rustic country style homes, with the cedar and pine! Awesome sneek peek at the families new home! Can't wait to see everything else! I kind of miss the pacific northwest. Hopefully my wife and I will go back up there to see family soon.
Larry Doolittle
Larry Doolittle Måned siden
Mrs. W is so cute. You are a fortunate man. God bless.
Great White North Life
Great White North Life Måned siden
For storing food... and small children! 😀
Kit Watson
Kit Watson Måned siden
Wait! Is Chris the Idaho painter ‘paint life’ your cousin????!! I love that guy
Carlo Giammarinaro
Carlo Giammarinaro Måned siden
You should try wooby design’s camera jig it’s a very interesting design. He’s a woodworker that repurposes old skateboards into wood working projects.
Porkchop Måned siden
Do you have the paint code for those green cabinets?
Woodsman 72
Woodsman 72 Måned siden
Yes bible study please!!!!
Patty S.
Patty S. Måned siden
I take offense to the comment 'old lady' cabinets. There is way too much bashing of old people in videos. Please keep this in mind. We need to be nicer these days, in my opinion.
The Burbinski
The Burbinski Måned siden
Sometimes God's blessings come as hard work - Since you folks are in earth quake country, it may be a idea to put a rail / brace across those shelving's so the jars dont shake off WHEN the ground shakes a little.
MrSteveb8 Måned siden
Your new home looks amazing. Congratulations!
Joseph Handal
Joseph Handal Måned siden
The bible study every week sounds like a great idea!
Andrew T
Andrew T Måned siden
Looks like a perfect place so far. Cody, Mrs W, the wood on those windows would looks great the same colour as the cupboards. It would tie everything in really nicely.
Jason Hull
Jason Hull Måned siden
Wow. House like that around here is pushing 500k, plus with the views you have all around you that's truly a million dollar home ! Congratulations guys. You deserve it and much more. We are blessed to have you on the NOpost! ✌😎
barelars Måned siden
Oh the joy on her face!! I love it! And the house looks really cosy! So happy for you guys!!
Three Rivers Roots
Three Rivers Roots Måned siden
Mrs. W’s paint choices are beautiful. Absolutely loving the green on the cabinets. I too love the color green.
Miter Broller
Miter Broller Måned siden
1.21 gigawatts!
Joe Romano
Joe Romano Måned siden
Does the new house have a wood stove???!?
Ina Dollard
Ina Dollard Måned siden
Looks great 👍
beau w
beau w Måned siden
Looks awesome, can’t wait to see the full tour
Mr Frontranger
Mr Frontranger Måned siden
Great cabinet color
JoAnn Lamberti
JoAnn Lamberti Måned siden
David Payne
David Payne Måned siden
Good luck
Axeanda45 Måned siden
ads in videos lose subscribers...
STUFF WE DO. Måned siden
Good for you. It is time to settle.
Mike Farrin
Mike Farrin Måned siden
I like the color.
Rob L
Rob L Måned siden
Love Mrs.W's excitement about the pantry. Totally agree on kitchen cab. And then the office....hahahahhaa. More MRS.W please! And FreshP needs to share some Salsa recipes. :P
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist Måned siden
I like the new house loads but it doesn't seem to have many trees at all around the house did you buy a separate plot of land too?
kadmow Måned siden
How many Horsepower is 18 kiloWatts? - sounds like SI is making inroads. (The harbinger of metrification)
Texoma Tinker
Texoma Tinker Måned siden
We're really happy for you all: lovely house, in which you will make a wonderful home. Did you see my email? I'm pretty sure I've located the property and it is a great setting. Enjoy this season of life and making new friends.
DAVE KNOTT Måned siden
"Chris the Idaho Painter???!"
Keith A
Keith A Måned siden
Keep saying green and all I see is blue?
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. Måned siden
Matthew B
Matthew B Måned siden
Mrs. W’s smile is infectious. It’s great to see her so happy!
Karen macphee
Karen macphee Måned siden
Gorgeous 👍🏻🙏
Vee Mack
Vee Mack Måned siden
Very nice congrats
Andrew Cran
Andrew Cran Måned siden
Mrs W - the colour for the kitchen cabinets is awesome! I think it highlights the timber accents really well, and it's a nice change to all the white/creams you see so often.
Martin Moore
Martin Moore Måned siden
Looks great. Mrs. W looks so happy.
P Jplumber
P Jplumber Måned siden
Lol I swear you had a vid 2 days ago. And I quote “ why I stopped uploading to NOpost. “ Lol. Ummmmmmmmm. Poke poke.
tyler grove
tyler grove Måned siden
Wayne McClennan
Wayne McClennan Måned siden
I like the green 👍🏻 great work team WS!
Karen Wright
Karen Wright Måned siden
Best wishes!!
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