CAUTION! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!

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2 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading Unity Tactical micro mount front sight fail.

Dyzastrus 25 dager siden
Stick with knights. They are issued for a reason. I too went back to the Kac.
Ted B.
Ted B. Måned siden
Split pins are better and more secure than pressed pins.
No No
No No Måned siden
Just a heads up. Maybe it’s been addressed already. When U said overseas I’m pretty sure u meant military. But they never allow us to do our own little knick knacks. When I became an armorer I wouldn’t either. If you want to and it fails. Imagine if youre covering fire, or have a target in sight when it fails. That’s on you. Don’t let anyone find out. I’ve always said and say just don’t get caught doing the wrong thing. I don’t think it’s bad. I’m just being real
IdahoRodgers USMC
IdahoRodgers USMC Måned siden
Your weapon is filthy....unsatisfactory
Josh Huß
Josh Huß Måned siden
Overseas? Hell nah, stay in your country XD. What would you want here? Teach us about freedom with your guns. Thanks, but no thank you.
Old Gregg
Old Gregg 2 måneder siden
The muzzle device looks like it had a bad day
Corey Merrill
Corey Merrill 2 måneder siden
A.R.M.S. sights, rails and accesories are highly proven and is extremely high end gear . Pri is also very good .Vltor was and maybe is still...their legacy stuff is good for sure. The companies that are not super famous, but have been around for ever make the best stuff. A small blind hole drilled into the retaining area the drift pin is drifting out of , through the pin itself as well and a spring pin tapped into it would fix that sight. One one each side would be better.
Liam Sumner
Liam Sumner 2 måneder siden
Lock tight glue and push push it back
betatalk357 2 måneder siden
This is why I'd K.I.S.S. I have yet to hear any soldier's pinned A2 front sight/gas block/sling mount/bayonet lug failing. And if it did, odds are they have dozens of those things laying around the base.
timothy twogood
timothy twogood 2 måneder siden
If it were me, I would peen the edges around that pin to keep it from walking.
BanthaFodder 2 måneder siden
The 940 is still around!
Joe Pitt
Joe Pitt 2 måneder siden
Be careful buying from Amazon a lot of what they sale is for airsoft.
Chris K
Chris K 2 måneder siden
Some loctite 620 retaining compound should permanently fix your issue
seth leighton
seth leighton 2 måneder siden
Good standered? Really?? There good but I'm not there on the gold standard ..
Jacob 2 måneder siden
Stop shooting homeowners.
thorzyan 2 måneder siden
"Welcome back friends of the Armory" should be the tag line for "freedom tool" discussions 🇺🇸🦅
Michael Free
Michael Free 2 måneder siden
If it never needs to come out, file little 45 degree flats on the ends of the pin. Insert it, then take a center punch and hit the body of the sight next to the flat. To get the pin out afterwards means driving it hard enough to push that deformed metal back into position, and it can't roll and hog out the hole over time.
Brian Kerr
Brian Kerr 2 måneder siden
try crazy glue. worked for my Ruger GP 100 back site pin.
David Gearardo
David Gearardo 2 måneder siden
Everything breaks or has the chance to break, like Clint Smith says, even the space shuttle blew up...twice.
Jess Hines
Jess Hines 2 måneder siden
And that was built by rocket scientists
Kenneth Rich
Kenneth Rich 2 måneder siden
DD fixed front & rear-problem solved
Guy Actual
Guy Actual 2 måneder siden
If only Arisaka made flip up sights. You know they would be top notch!
Chris Landry
Chris Landry 2 måneder siden
Chuck a bit of loctite on there and she'll be all good
TheCanadianBubba 2 måneder siden
Cheap things usually cause grief at the worst possible time...
Cameron Carter
Cameron Carter 2 måneder siden
I see you got that top notch pocket knife in the back
Roy Winder
Roy Winder 2 måneder siden
Thread it yourself and lock-tight it.
Black_Rifle 2 måneder siden
KAC is the gold standard.
Chip Taylor
Chip Taylor 2 måneder siden
Bobro Lowrider...check em out (if you can find them in stock anywhere).
Daniel Marshall
Daniel Marshall 2 måneder siden
Lovely vid cheers.
Kenny Gorman
Kenny Gorman 2 måneder siden
Ballistol for the door hinge!!
woup511 2 måneder siden
Midwest industry!
Aoguma 2 måneder siden
Knight's Armaments put little fiddly springs on the pins to hold them. They fly across the room during maintenance so fast you can't see them. I always buy a bag of ten of those. I could just buy a big magnet to swing around the shop every now and again...
Dylan Watkins
Dylan Watkins 2 måneder siden
I used the Unity fixed front sight if you don't mind it in your sight picture
jpaul4595 2 måneder siden
Troy folding Battle iron sights are the way to go, thousands of rounds and never an issue. They are definitely not the lowest cost but, you get what you pay for.
Sarah Davenport
Sarah Davenport 2 måneder siden
A lot of people refuse to buy from troy. Because the ruby ridge killers work there.
Struthio Camellus
Struthio Camellus 2 måneder siden
Shortest Wranglerstar video on record?
Struthio Camellus
Struthio Camellus 2 måneder siden
No, it's not. My bad.
TOTAL RESISTANCE 2 måneder siden
Stake it in there.
Beni Munson
Beni Munson 2 måneder siden
Try some red loctite, let it sit over night. If there is no grease on those amooth surfaces, that pin should never come out.
Matt Chasteen
Matt Chasteen 2 måneder siden
Please fix your light position. It will ruin it being right in the muzzle flash.
Joshua Hinojosa
Joshua Hinojosa 2 måneder siden
Maybe you shouldn't buy junk.
Forge I Can; Strong I Am
Forge I Can; Strong I Am 2 måneder siden
"I dont like flick up-..flip up back up sights. Ive tried several of them...they always just seem kinda janky." -WS. Mark 18 video, 4:45 mark. Thats snippet right there is one of the Codyisms that has been locked into my brain. Ordered the daniel defense fixed sights that very day.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 2 måneder siden
Ouch! Reason I love this channel. Good info here...
VTPSTTU 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the video!
Rockytop Wrangler
Rockytop Wrangler 2 måneder siden
750 or 7,500 ,, things like this should never happen .... machining equipment and materials available today are mind blowing,, but set up and production is still "human operated" ,, how many of these were sent out to the ones that risk life and limb before a flaw was discovered ?? (Maybe .0001 hole size to large ,, is "Good enough" acceptable ??).... How about full press through with a retaining E-clip as secondary hold ??.. This is results of mass production and profits ,,, Quality Control needs to be 100 % + ,, before any go out the door... If this were to happen on a weapon needed in an operation it would or could lead to a death of the user.....(inaccurate shot fired in which gives away location of operator to opposing forces) ..... some things need to be over thought and over built ,,just to be sure they do what they are supposed to do... because of what this part is ,, NO excuse wil be justified and/or accepted......doesn't matter WHO the consumer is...... Whether pressed fit or threaded ,, both are subject to movement ,, ALWAYS have a backup support .....
Tom Ray
Tom Ray 2 måneder siden
It pays to buy quality.
benzmansl65amg 2 måneder siden
Great data point. They need to use a punch.
White Wild
White Wild 2 måneder siden
It is a big deal whether it be the homeowner or someone going overseas if they have to worry about their sight falling off.
Chuck Driver
Chuck Driver 2 måneder siden
LWRC Skirmish sights are GTG. You should check them out.🇺🇸🗽🦅🇺🇸
James Stephen
James Stephen 2 måneder siden
Literally all you do is whine.
Morgan Mattsson
Morgan Mattsson 2 måneder siden
Hi Mr W! You have a company from Sweden called Spuhr. Håkan Spurh. He is a famous gunsmith. His mounts are something really good. They had to remove him as a weapons writer tester in a major newspaper here. He wrote straight out what was badly thought out on all weapons. Large company dealers refused to send weapons for testing to Håkan in the end because he was honestly writing as it was straight out no matter what manufacturer it was. He deals with tests all very good shooter is also working with older black powder gun knives axes he is a real perfectionist out at the fingertips. You will find his page if you search for his name. Many famous names in long-range shooting and more love his mounts claiming there is nothing better. I myself have a Spurh mount on one of my rifles very rigid mount. Hope that the unrest calms down where you live and good luck with your move. I have received many good tips that have made it easier for me to watch and follow your channel. Then maybe I can come up with good tips back? 🤔 You like some Swedish things like Gränsforsbruk, Husqvarna, Mora and more. Who knows you might like Spurh mounts? Hope you have a good day. Regards Morgan
ImNotAPsycho 2 måneder siden
Just keep and use an sks, these little fancy lightweight toy guns are just not made for rugged treatment., nothing ever breaks on an sks:).
Andrew Beach
Andrew Beach 2 måneder siden
Love the cameo by Osborne.
Broo_sh 2 måneder siden
with the file you pull once around the pin so it holds it in place when you hit the pin hole
Sean Jeanes
Sean Jeanes 2 måneder siden
Troy, MagPul Pro, or Knight's Armament. Everything else is junk, will fail, and will end up costing you more since you end up throwing them away.
Kris Gasteiger
Kris Gasteiger 2 måneder siden
Tap a center punch on both ends of that pin to expand it and lock it in place.
Andrew Davis
Andrew Davis 2 måneder siden
Bring that flashlight back about 1.5”. It needs to be behind the flash or you will loose some accuracy
SCJMO 2 måneder siden
I prefer the fixed A-frame front sight post it’s reassuring and I believe it helps me get on tgt faster. It isn’t until I shoot a blaster without it that I realize how much I don’t like not having it.
Bravo Whiskey
Bravo Whiskey 2 måneder siden
Is your light mounted on the unity fusion or VTAC hub plate? If so, there is another option... there is a fixed front sight for the fusion hub that obviously won’t have this problem. Alternatively, ditch it all and run an mbus pro front sight with a monkey bar light mount.
sylvia verrill
sylvia verrill 2 måneder siden
Happy Sabbath Cody. For many year’s my favorite Hymn has been #388. Regards. Jon V.
Greg Dankert
Greg Dankert 2 måneder siden
you need to start running with Mrs. W.
Radford University
Radford University 2 måneder siden
Cody - "Who needs two arms to fire their weapon!?" Haha
Shawn Steinberger
Shawn Steinberger 2 måneder siden
My $50 magpul sights have never failed after thousands of rounds.
Carlos D
Carlos D 2 måneder siden
Loctite, krazy glue or duct tape. One of these is bound to fix it.
Logan Paluch
Logan Paluch 2 måneder siden
Every video is you complaining bro go back to the homestead vids
50 Stitches Steel
50 Stitches Steel 2 måneder siden
Red dots and LPVO's have become really reliable these days at great prices...Almost making irons obsolete...Of course they are just added weight until you really need them but with it just being a homeowner/property rifle, it's not the end of the world if you don't have irons...A red dot can even still be useful if the battery dies on ya...If you practice consistant cheek welds and shoulder position you can imagine the red dot in your FOV and make hits on human targets at 100...Give it a try and see how you fair..It's a great skill to practice. Again it all comes down to consistant cheek welds and shoulder position. Practice a few magazines with the dot on and focus on getting the same position everytime. Then turn your dot off and see how ya do....An old tip to reassure cheek weld is to put the tip of your nose on your charging handle.
Dan K
Dan K 2 måneder siden
Drive it back and stake it with a center punch
david Wolter
david Wolter 2 måneder siden
Would lok tite work to hold that in?
Lee Vino
Lee Vino 2 måneder siden
I would expect a $10-15 "no-name" sight to at some point fail but for the $90 price point, I would assume that all the R&D was done to justify the price.
JohnnyTPaul 2 måneder siden
I'd like to watch it but the title makes me nauseated.
Rookie Lock
Rookie Lock 2 måneder siden
I'm sure someone beat me to it but it Just needs a bit of loctite :P
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin
Glenn & Mary Beth Martin 2 måneder siden
Are you trying to get kicked off of youtube?
TORKSTEER 2 måneder siden
Why are you running back up irons?
Steve Sumpter
Steve Sumpter 2 måneder siden
Loctite !!!
Appalachian Gunman
Appalachian Gunman 2 måneder siden
My rifle came with Troy flip-up sights. I’ve had the rifle 12 years and those sights have been great.
Airman 2 måneder siden
Put it on an anvil and hammer to pin al little bit
Sgt Fubar
Sgt Fubar 2 måneder siden
This is why I use a fixed front sight
J M 2 måneder siden
Such a worthwhile statement of the value of using items in the real world for long exposure to real life situations. You cannot pay too much for others to do this prior to purchase (r'n"d) especially when wellbeing and life of you, and those you love and care for, depends on it
Ignacio 2 måneder siden
My son will easily fire over 1000 rounds in a single day during deployment training. It uncovers some of the flaws in the weapons. They do improvise with using a dab of "something" to lock things down if needed.
rollo vaughan
rollo vaughan 2 måneder siden
What you broke now?
Johnie Blaze
Johnie Blaze 2 måneder siden
The other sights seem to have a C clip Maybe put some loctite blue on the pin before you put it back in, or even to the whole pin, just to fill the worn out tolerance they machined it to have, nd it will hold it there
Sthilboy56 2 måneder siden
Lock tight
O'Irish McMan
O'Irish McMan 2 måneder siden
I told youuuuuu 😂 it’s okay. You can’t read every comment. Another trick for your sleeve 😉 👍
Joe Blow
Joe Blow 2 måneder siden
If possible replace with a roll pin. Spring tension should keep pin from coming out in future.
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore 2 måneder siden
Sargent Colon
Sargent Colon 2 måneder siden
I’ll try not to let that happen to me... oh no I don’t have a gun... oh no I’m a British civilian so will probably never have one... oh no change probably to definitely. Lol. I love most of your vids. Keep up the good work.
Todd K
Todd K 2 måneder siden
Good to know. Confirms why I don't like front flip up sights. I always prefer a fixed front sight post. Never gets in the way whether using a red dot or a lpvo. I run the magpul pro rear flip up sight on one AR with the PA 2.5x optic and the other has the A2 front sight base with carry handle A2 rear sight. I run a fixed DD rear with A2 front sight base and a red dot on my AR pistol. I want my irons to be bomb proof because I pretty much count on the optic failing at some point if that makes sense, lol.
Dave Rudabaugh
Dave Rudabaugh 2 måneder siden
You could drill and tap a blind hole on each side of the sight, then screw in a small tab to keep the pin retained on each side.
mrsmith427 2 måneder siden
in a time when ammo is nonexistent you go an shoot 250 rounds. what can I say, I'm jealous. Forgive me.
David Lingelbach
David Lingelbach 2 måneder siden
I know this is a little bit off the subject and I don't know if you can help me or or what's going on but I'm not getting any notifications from a lot of my subscriptions that I'm subscribed to and you're one of them
toddlfrank 2 måneder siden
Loctite (blue)
Shasta Ham
Shasta Ham 2 måneder siden
LocTite, Cody, LocTite!
Run 50
Run 50 2 måneder siden
What is the saying...if it ain’t broke......
overclucker 2 måneder siden
Good that you're putting this out. I bet they have pin retention in their next version.
Patriot for America
Patriot for America 2 måneder siden
You said, “you may need it to be reliable over seas”. I say, “you may need it reliable in your home town of Portland”.
nuttcrew 2 måneder siden
Yeah Porkland is like overseas.
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 2 måneder siden
Steve Bigalow
Steve Bigalow 2 måneder siden
The whole left coast for that matter. Seattle to San Diego.....
Dan Patch
Dan Patch 2 måneder siden
Here Here
Ronald Bumstead
Ronald Bumstead 2 måneder siden
This is a high stress area of the device. An interference fit this location is a manufacturing risk. At least there is al alternative.
SpartanMan 1989
SpartanMan 1989 2 måneder siden
Could you drill a small hole and put a moon key in it idk
Jacob North
Jacob North 2 måneder siden
I would highly recommend being extra sure that Leatherman knife is fully locked before putting all of your trust in it. I didn't, and now I have a reminder that will stay with me for the rest of my life 😳
W Jack
W Jack 2 måneder siden
Joseph Flake
Joseph Flake 2 måneder siden
Cool video. Door sounds like it needs some wd-40 on the hinges though! Thanks for the video Cody!
Fryphax 2 måneder siden
You're making a mountain out of mole hill here bud.
Custom Southern Arms
Custom Southern Arms 2 måneder siden
Not at all.
Robert Hill
Robert Hill 2 måneder siden
Right tool, for the right job, you want to use the Green loctite.
Darrin Rentruc
Darrin Rentruc 2 måneder siden
The unity front sight is garbage, Throw it away
HayeWire 2 måneder siden
I am not sure the benfits of having you light on the front lol but cool
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