The Craziest Axe Ever Built!

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2 måneder siden

Wranglerstar unboxes the craziest axe I've ever seen.

KOOK Club 25 dager siden
What I would give to be able to provide like that for my family...
Shawn Childress
Shawn Childress Måned siden
You can soak the head of the handle in antifreeze to keep it tight when it wears in. The antifreeze will soak in and it won't evaporate out leaving the wood a bit swollen
Josh Måned siden
Sooo do other countries not have hickory or equivalent material? Or is American Hickory simply marketing lingo? I would think Swedish and Germans Axe makers would have their own native handle material...
Evan B
Evan B Måned siden
If this dude stuck to vids like this I'd like him a lot more.
Ryan Chapman
Ryan Chapman Måned siden
My uncle damaged his shoulder skipping stones at the coast. It took two years for it to recover naturally. Hope you get sorted.
Dave Swart
Dave Swart Måned siden
Sorry guys - I’m and East-coaster. Why paint the handle black?
Brixton Doughty
Brixton Doughty Måned siden
Watching from australia, link or website for the axe?
Mecha Thanos
Mecha Thanos Måned siden
How much is it
Grant Pylant
Grant Pylant Måned siden
Try the new cold steel axes with thier new handle locking mechanism
FajtikCZ FajtikCZ
FajtikCZ FajtikCZ Måned siden
Pls test this axe!!
Markku Turunen
Markku Turunen 2 måneder siden
Very beautiful axe and indeed, it has "German" all over it, probably down to its molecular level.
David Elliott
David Elliott 2 måneder siden
I ordered one 8 years ago. Fell one 16" persimmon tree for a real test, and really enjoyed it. The laquer coat and bulk of the handle were my only qualms, we know those are easily fixed. Some vagrant lifted it off my side porch in the middle of the night... *Course they make multiple sizes, I had the 28" equivalent as they are metric
South Texas Survival
South Texas Survival 2 måneder siden
I have an uncle that had messed up his arm with a slit rim and he just lived with it for like 10 years until he took a 20’ fall from his roof then he he let the doc cut into it and the guy did a good fixing him up.
James Barrick
James Barrick 2 måneder siden
A couple weeks for paint? 2-3 guys should be able to knock it out within a few days
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
Painting contractor, lol
James Barrick
James Barrick 2 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar I was a painting contractor for years... I'd go broke if I spent two weeks to paint a house. Didn't you just tell me you have thick skin :) Enjoy your new house
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
Who do you think is best qualified to understand what is required, you or me?
Michael Holdstock
Michael Holdstock 2 måneder siden
It looks so wonderfully German. Over built for task and great looking at the same time.
Mihkel 2 måneder siden
Torn up shoulder. Ooh an axe ...
Matt M
Matt M 2 måneder siden
Do the cold steel trench hawk
Driving With Jake
Driving With Jake 2 måneder siden
Sling it up if you can, I've had two surgery's one on each shoulder. Can be a minor tear and heal after a bit if you take it easy or it could be larger like mine and need surgery or just live with it. My first one was when I was 24 so it was kind of hard to not deal with plus it happen at work. Other one just happen same time and got worse.
No more Comply
No more Comply 2 måneder siden
I’m only 14 and when I was around 10-11 I messed up both of my shoulders by falling down a steep hill and slamming up against a rock. It’s been about 4 years since and my shoulders are still stiff and kills me trying to do something like picking up heavy things. All the doctor did was take me to therapy which only made my back hurt less (I have horrible posture so it’s my fault) but it actually didn’t help.
v1antbo 2 måneder siden
No testing it? :-(
Manchagojohnson Manchago
Manchagojohnson Manchago 2 måneder siden
helko is not a good quality producer... and many appear not to be german made
Carlos Guzman
Carlos Guzman 2 måneder siden
Dam should have had me in the video to swing it
i'Pare - My Singing Monsters
i'Pare - My Singing Monsters 2 måneder siden
Why is the handle painted black in the end?
Nate K.
Nate K. 2 måneder siden
maybe consider weightlifting to strengthen your tendons/ligaments/muscle/bones to prevent future injuries
Boolysse W
Boolysse W 2 måneder siden
Am I the only one that finds it weird that he calls his wife misses W
Dylan Green
Dylan Green 2 måneder siden
i’m extremely curious on what shirt he wears
Mackay Matthews
Mackay Matthews 2 måneder siden
I think you are the only person who gets me excited about axes. I love your outlook on things, and I am constantly looking for products that give me the FIZZ. Keep up the great videos!
James Keefover
James Keefover 2 måneder siden
I miss the old axe review days but I cant complain about the positive direction the channel is heading.Keep it up and God bless
Steve Walker
Steve Walker 2 måneder siden
So, are you back to the Benchmade knives?
Bill Hughes
Bill Hughes 2 måneder siden
Lock tight those bolts!
Alex .Wallace
Alex .Wallace 2 måneder siden
Very interesting to see a modernization of an old design.
tesko radic
tesko radic 2 måneder siden
If Ou have problem.with axe falling from habdle. Why dont you attach axe handle all eay deom bottom, like we do with pickaxe and tomahawj, in Balkans bigger axe are attached that way.
Doktor M M
Doktor M M 2 måneder siden
Why does he Call Hits wife mrs.w ?
Keegan Huffman
Keegan Huffman 2 måneder siden
My worry is I like to use a sledge to finish a cut and I doubt you could sledge on the wood backing of the head
jeffro 2 måneder siden
Could he swing it once? JK I know what channel I'm watching LOL
Hal McAdams
Hal McAdams 2 måneder siden
German axe design based on using a SQUARE HEAD. Irony spotted, irony has been spotted!
Super Vortex
Super Vortex 2 måneder siden
they break easy
SGTvolcan 2 måneder siden
I would like to see that designed used to support different heads, like instead of it just being an axe, you can take off the head and add a bush axe head, or a more dedicated splitting maul head.
Garry Decker
Garry Decker 2 måneder siden
Don't sweat the small stuff... just get better...
Daniel Bridgewater
Daniel Bridgewater 2 måneder siden
That's a Paul Bunyon axe right there. I pray God will heal your shoulder. Piece of cake for Him. Jesus went around healing people all the time. Just ask Him to fix it. No need to spend money for a quack doctor. The first thing they'll do is try to get you hooked on painkillers.
2 Far
2 Far 2 måneder siden
Getting back to good content. Thank you.
Michael Hislop
Michael Hislop 2 måneder siden
Torn rotator cuff; been there, done that. Twice. Both times the left shoulder.
Parker Kimber
Parker Kimber 2 måneder siden
I'll show you how King Kong splits wood
Christopher Vohs
Christopher Vohs 2 måneder siden
Tighten head. Insert Loctite!
Teddy Bass
Teddy Bass 2 måneder siden
Thanks to one of your original videos, I know own a small axe. I use it for kindling wood for the wood burner. Sat there with the father in law and just kindled for a hour.
Gym Bagg
Gym Bagg 2 måneder siden
An older park ranger /game warden from BC told me they would soak the aks head and handle in oil over night the wood would soak up the oil swell up and stay tighter longer
wileycayote23 2 måneder siden
Yikes, are you going to move all of that firewood?
Vitaly 2 måneder siden
Thanks for heeding our calls to get an MRI. You’ll be super glad you did. As someone who has experienced major shoulder issues i find it much more pertinent to diagnose the issue than to treat first and then figure out if that’s working. For now don’t sleep on it and take it easy, but a sling isn’t necessary just yet. Thanks for putting out good content!
Copper Lobo
Copper Lobo 2 måneder siden
A Jaundiced eye... never heard that term.
Rahmet.96 2 måneder siden
08:07 What we do here its put the axe in the water for the night before we use only the tip where the metal is.
Derek Aboulhosn
Derek Aboulhosn 2 måneder siden
I love the way you talk about a axe when you first see it. It is like you are describing a beautiful woman in detail. Lol. Keep it up!
Flyingscottyman 2 måneder siden
The Benchmade is back!
Satisfied Customer
Satisfied Customer 2 måneder siden
Axe opens at 4:10
CroNick 2 måneder siden
You always know by that first cold night. I need better self discipline. You are an inspiration. Thank you. I hope you feel better. Pray your shoulder is just temporary, same as mine. *Fingers crossed*..... So much to do before winter. You are loved here. TyVM.
zeuss 69
zeuss 69 2 måneder siden
You're right shoulder looks swollen on camera brother. Praying for you.
Bob Berceli
Bob Berceli 2 måneder siden
Cogy, Keep An Eye Out for Shiff Move Free Advnced formula. There Is No Substitute! Bob
tim mueller
tim mueller 2 måneder siden
Vario 2000 Heavy Universal Axe Handmade in Germany
John Conley
John Conley 2 måneder siden
The Conley Crew from Northeast Georgia. Praying for you shoulder. I have multiple leg injuries and they always seems to flair up when I am needed most. Thank God for others. The Body at work.
G Kountry
G Kountry 2 måneder siden
Timothy Gray
Timothy Gray 2 måneder siden
I think Cold Steel has something similar.
Anal Discharge
Anal Discharge 2 måneder siden
I love our Council belt axe and the Council Hudson axe. As far as a splitting maul I break the handles so much since I'm lazy and leave it out on the wood pile I just use any maul at the nearest ACE or Home Depot as long as its says USA. Good luck with the shoulder.
Kurt Simmons
Kurt Simmons 2 måneder siden
Cody are you going to leave all of that stacked wood for the new homeowners
Mark Mexcur
Mark Mexcur 2 måneder siden
As he says I shouldn't use my shoulder while making an axe it!!
Joe Serrano
Joe Serrano 2 måneder siden
AWESOME Ax Cody, as always great hearing from ya, now on to your 5:30 pm livestream! :D
Joe Serrano
Joe Serrano 2 måneder siden
Aha! Mrs. W being a mid-western woman, preferring a West coast man over an East coaster, just proves us Westerners are better! ;)
Mountainlion 2 måneder siden
Great video. Love these axes. Really want to see how they stand up to the test of time.
greggory winningham
greggory winningham 2 måneder siden
Feel better man.
Travis Cottrell
Travis Cottrell 2 måneder siden
i see the devil is back inside you again pulling out that 940
Iron horse Ranch
Iron horse Ranch 2 måneder siden
I wish I was living in those tall fir and pines. I live here in Arizona and it’s hot as hell and there’s barely any trees here. Oh well.
Lis Liaer
Lis Liaer 2 måneder siden
I hope to see a review of that crazy design at some later date
Brian The Ent
Brian The Ent 2 måneder siden
Too bad they didn't make the head & the C-channel out of one piece (i.e. cut the channel out of the back/poll of the head); then that transition point wouldn't exist.
PaleoHikerMD 2 måneder siden
Just watching you not use that right shoulder is painful enough. Glad to hear MRI is scheduled...question will be what to do for the tear...
B.A.s Daddy
B.A.s Daddy 2 måneder siden
I noticed you pulled your 940 out of your pocket. It's hard not to like them isn't it. I really like mine. I'll be praying for your shoulder.
C fairNH
C fairNH 2 måneder siden
Very cool Design!! Glad your getting that shoulder looked at! Good luck with all the final pieces of the puzzle for your move!
Jael Salem
Jael Salem 2 måneder siden
Funny how that 940 just keeps showing up. Guess you never really forget your first love.
Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman 2 måneder siden
Before you allow them to cut you open.... Check with a Chiropractor. We thought mine was torn. Went to my Chiro and he stood behind me lifting up below my elbow. Pop. It was back in. I over extended my arm closing a roll up door down. You can do same by putting elbow on a table and dropping your shoulder. A Chiropractor might be best 1st. Hate surgery. Avoid if you can.
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 2 måneder siden
Looks like you switched back to the Benchmade
Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams 2 måneder siden
Are you leaving the wood piles for your buyer?
Joe Pitt
Joe Pitt 2 måneder siden
My grandfather worked for the Monon Railroad. He told me they used to leave their spike hammers in a tank of water to keep it tight all day.
Denim Black
Denim Black 2 måneder siden
First of all. The content is never “lame.” Every video has a lesson, and I always learn something from every one. Thank you.
Rob L
Rob L 2 måneder siden
Hope you get some news/correct diagnosis on the shoulder. Shoulder injuries stink. What a funky axe setup!
markus bergen
markus bergen 2 måneder siden
But is it heavy?
Erikas Banys
Erikas Banys 2 måneder siden
I would've loved to swing that axe to see how easy it is to split wood with it
Jackson Dark
Jackson Dark 2 måneder siden
I would very much like to see you put that axe to the test. I was considering purchasing that same axe and the smaller felling axe from the same line they have. Very curious to see if that crazy design will hold up to some good work. Hope everything gets better with your shoulder. Long time fan here, never really commented on a video but i always leave a like. Keep up the content I love it.
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
Solution to heads coming off splitting axe... Fiskars :)
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
Woah , you've back on the Benchmade? Did you fall out of love with the Spyder (if that's the right name)?
Ut På Tur - Out Hiking
Ut På Tur - Out Hiking 2 måneder siden
One thing I’ve done to an axe handle I didn’t exactly trust to sit well is to melt hot glue into its edges. Hot glue melts at about a hundred degrees Celsius, which isn’t enough to destroy the metal or the wood. So you can have some hot glue on the edges, then use a hot air gun to melt it further into the edge. And if you want it loose, you can just melt it again. I haven’t used the axe a lot, so no guarantees, but it seems to hold up well so far.
TheEnvelope 2 måneder siden
Cody you're the reason I bought my 940, it's great to see you carrying it again.
IDreamOfDragons O
IDreamOfDragons O 2 måneder siden
I can't wait for fall and winter, I'll actually be able to walk outside without sweating like a pig in 20 minutes
Jean Desjardins
Jean Desjardins 2 måneder siden
Why do you paint the end of the handle black?
Lance Sharpe
Lance Sharpe 2 måneder siden
My shoulder took about three years to heal. I could hardly drive a one point. You have to get it seen to as there can be several different conditions.
Brian Drum
Brian Drum 2 måneder siden
Hi Cody, just wanted you to know that I've been praying for your shoulder, as well as the move and will continue to do so. Also I really liked your recent shoe video 👍
ROOFER TILL DEATH 2 måneder siden
Anthony Jenkins
Anthony Jenkins 2 måneder siden
Is the Idaho painter who you’re referring to as your cousin
Norwegian Miniranch
Norwegian Miniranch 2 måneder siden
I don't like the look of that axe. I prefer the more traditional style, like the Granfors Bruk.
Isaac Ragsdale
Isaac Ragsdale 2 måneder siden
Back to the 940?
Just Pigging it
Just Pigging it 2 måneder siden
Ive owned a couple of the Helko Werk Vario 2000 series axes for a few years now and can say they are amazing! I have the heavy splitter and have put it threw the gauntlet many a times. All I do is split by hand and it has stood up to some nasty stuff! The head will loosen over time but a few cranks with the Allen wrench and it’s locked right back up no big deal. My only complaint is last year I did end up snapping one of the Allen screws off which was upsetting but after a few years of heavy abuse I guess I can’t complain. Customer service was fast and kind I had the replacement bolts in a few days time. I would suggest to grab a few extras ahead of time if you plan to use it has your main splitter to avoid down time but other than that excellent axe with a unique and pleasantly curved handle that pops large rounds with ease👍 When your back up and running please do a review. I would like to see your qualified take on it!!
Cole Adams
Cole Adams 2 måneder siden
Imagine if the handle was made of polycarbonate. It would never warp, break, or change. I know you don't like plastic handles, but in a utilitarian context it would work
Ale Vera
Ale Vera 2 måneder siden
Hi Cody, Helko axes are widely used here in Chile, but I don't think that model is currently for sale here. It is NOT a splitting maul, but I think it's a Heavy Vario 2000 Felling axe. The splitting maul is even chunkier than that one. Fun fact: that guard, is not part of the axe head itself. It gets sandwiched in place between the handle and the head using the two screws. (Personally I don't like the system). Supposedly, you can interchange the head to make it whatever you want, from a hatchet to a heavy splitter. Helko makes 5 different blades for the system. If you can get your hands on a Casco Axe, also made by Helko Werks, you'll get a REALLY RUSTIC, old fashioned german axe, that can last you a lifetime. The eyes in those things are HUGE, so you can fit a pretty heavy handle in them. Best regards!!
Ollie9mm 2 måneder siden
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