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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading shop build hits a snag.
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Wranglerstar Måned siden
Wranglerstar Long Storage Emergency Food Back In Stock I recommend every family has at least a 3 month supply.
smartchip 24 dager siden
What are building regulations like? Can you build additional units like car pit garage, (I have not seen you use a car pit) how about storage area, etc,
Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson Måned siden
You really should try to find a decent chiropractor to check out your back. Make sure you find one that won't mess with you without doing an X-ray first. I had some car accidents in my 20s (rear-endings) that threw out both my back & neck for 20 years... took about a year to get it completely re-aligned (he was taking x-rays periodically to make sure it was working), but now my neck & back pains are nearly non-existent as well as my headaches are now rare (was 3-5 days/week before).
DannoTull Måned siden
Do you get irrigation for gardening from the river? That can be ideal to fortify your food with nutrients.
Ardin Catish
Ardin Catish Måned siden
How are you guys doing with the fires? idk where to find updates from you.. I hope to see a video soon and best of luck! :o
Carson Adams
Carson Adams Måned siden
Any chance you can get that sweet deal on the 6 month supply again? Thanks for doing that last time!
boogie banana
boogie banana 19 dager siden
LOL you look at Cody and you think oh Carpenter construction worker working on building his shop then you realize he's wearing airpods LOL
smartchip 24 dager siden
Beautiful, thank you,
wickedtoast Måned siden
theres something about watching you and your channel, it gives me this warm feeling that you get hanging out with grandpa learning things hearing stories. I dont get this feeling very often in modern life anymore. your lifestyle makes me want to change mine.
Marshall Collins
Marshall Collins Måned siden
Those tapcons will work better at keeping the bottom plate down than those self tapping screws will at keeping the wood attached to the metal perlins. If you are going to attach wood to the perlin. If you do it the other way ,the screw drills to big of a hole in the wood to hold it. To hold best you should drill the perlin Shen use a pointed course screw into the wood. If you do a pole barn and use the drill bead self tappers to wood . You can pull the metal panels right off because of that same reason. The problem is a perlin is to thick for a pointed tapper th go through like the metal panels. Good luck with the shoulder. My shoulder pain turned out to be 3 ruptured disc in my neck. Now I have 2plates and 4 screws and I'm doing ok wish you luck
Philip Newman
Philip Newman Måned siden
Is that by chance a Butler or Varco Pruden Building?
coffee Crow
coffee Crow Måned siden
at least the water isn't as bad as flint am i right ?
Shawn P
Shawn P Måned siden
Cody, You and your family are truly blessed. Good on you Brother.
apumasterp Måned siden
There is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing what one has accomplished at the end of the day. These freakin antifa and blm kids have no idea. It’s something they will never know. They don’t realize that they are on tape and will be in jail soon.
Cash Dollar
Cash Dollar Måned siden
Cody, I've noticed the more 'artistic' surgeons work well from X-rays. My shoulder surgeon (young guy) wasn't interested in the MRI. He took his own images and showed me the tears. Long but full recovery from surgery.
Larry Lange
Larry Lange Måned siden
Us EASTCOAST MEN would continue working through a little back pain😉
Tom Francisco
Tom Francisco Måned siden
I sincerely do appreciate you taking the time to explain the "basic" stuff to those of us who never dealt with carpentry my family is iron and steel workers and gunsmiths
Douglas Bailey
Douglas Bailey Måned siden
You put the self tappers in upside down. The tap goes through the steel and allows the screw to tap into the steel. You needed an inch and 3/4 drilled from the wood side into the steel. As it is you have threaded the steel and then into the wood which just doesn't make a tight fastening.
manicmarauder Måned siden
You know, a water wheel would look really awesome there. Maybe go old school though, not hydro electric but hydro manual. Make a small water powered mill, maybe even a side shaft to power .... I don't know, something. Auto blower for forge? Stream driven power hammer? heh. Could even turn it into a business, fresh ground flower or cornmeal straight from the farm. All built in that spare time you have of course ;).
Gelathius Måned siden
What state is this in?
TheSoloAsylum Måned siden
I have to add, that hammer drill you are using is possibly the best hammer drill ever made. Say's me, A life time hammer drilling electrician.
TheSoloAsylum Måned siden
The screw police are after you. Those are clearly self drilling screws. I suggest you just turn yourself in as these hardware guys will not stand for this.
Weekend Warrior Workshop DIY
Weekend Warrior Workshop DIY Måned siden
Praying for your back. Love the layout you have planned for the shop. Great planning on efficiency...made me re-think some efficiency in my shop.
Jerry Gilles
Jerry Gilles Måned siden
an attic in the shop for storage and better heating would be good ,my 2cents
Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan Måned siden
How many miles are on that F250? I can't be the only one wondering?
Ken Walker
Ken Walker Måned siden
WOW, wood ladder. Do not see them much anymore.
Cats Paw
Cats Paw Måned siden
The river alone is worth the move
Eric Nay
Eric Nay Måned siden
My dream is to be on acreage as well..just don't have the financial..yet
Eric Nay
Eric Nay Måned siden
Country is already falling apart
Predatorz00r Måned siden
Try going to a chiropractor
Dan Slocomb
Dan Slocomb Måned siden
Praying for quick healing for you love your vids stay safe An god bless
PaganWizard Måned siden
I probably would have used a ram set to secure the pressure treated boards to the concrete, they're a lot faster and easier to use. I wonder if you're allowed to pan for gold along that river. Nothing serious, maybe a pan-full of sediment at a time, and depositing the tailings right back where you took your sample from. It would be a fun way to pass some time. Hope your back is feeling a lot better very soon. I am no stranger to back pain, so I already understand what you're going through.
Steve h
Steve h Måned siden
i feel like you should use washers on those screws bud. save some headaches latter on.
John Borgen
John Borgen Måned siden
You might consider calling on Outdoor Wood in Washougal. They gave me a tour of their plant back when I worked for Parr Lumber and it was really educational. Could make for a great video.
John Borgen
John Borgen Måned siden
"Mt Fuji"...that's cute. ;-)
Ryan Kidman
Ryan Kidman Måned siden
Give us a homestead tour!
Robert Gregg
Robert Gregg Måned siden
Sorry Mr. overalls doesn’t help much on roof facing in a evacuation!!!
Robert Gregg
Robert Gregg Måned siden
Try escaping from a wild fire asswipe!!!
2 Far
2 Far Måned siden
Impact drill is the way to go. If it doesn’t turn the screw/bolt get a bigger impact lol
Jason Jenkins
Jason Jenkins Måned siden
@wranglerstar would love to hear an updated best hatchet / small axe *that comes with leather sheath / protector*. Marbles $20 appears to not have this. thanks!
James Carryl
James Carryl Måned siden
What A West Coast Whimp. Quite ur whonning and do the job, Ur wood probly cut in Northern Idaho and cut and shaped in Illinois. Now an Eascoaster would know to put a c clamp while putting the screws in. I have the Tap con that sounds like a shotgun driving the lugs into the concrete. U West Coasters need to work smarter not harder. Why move all that lumber around handle twice. Do ur cutting on the truck.
lowkey Måned siden
which mountian is that off in the distance?
dan dan
dan dan Måned siden
Like my dad always said, boy if you live long enough you'll understand what I'm saying... how true! My friend go to the dollar tree store and get some ARTTIC ICE in a small cup size jar. Apply it to the hurt area and within minutes you'll be fine to do what you wish. It only cost a buck, go figure. The only thing better that I've found is some Chinese Traditional Medicine that the police force use in Guangxi; after practicing hand to hand combat on sore areas that's long lasting while healing. Meanwhile, take a rolled up towel... placed it under your hurt area while laying on the bed. Adjustments/positioning maybe needed. Try to open up spaces allowing your body to recover its normal positioning of health. I'm NOT a doctor but, I've learned alot after a bull dog attack in 2008. American doctors wanted to cut but, my Orthopedic director/ friend in Nanning advised me with therapy it could heal in two years on average. Daily stretches are done to maintain those smaller muscles that we usually dont think about. Be safe and have a great day!
Racer X
Racer X Måned siden
Dang! Look at that man put in tapcons!!!
Stevop79400 Måned siden
I love construction tips and tricks.
Cravat Stevens
Cravat Stevens Måned siden
Go dye your hairs.
Bryon Rykard
Bryon Rykard Måned siden
Hard to breathe; pinched nerve. Will heal over time. Give it a rest.
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor Måned siden
Out here on the East Coast all of our trash lumber comes from the West Coast
Alvin Sanchez
Alvin Sanchez Måned siden
Measure twice, cut once.
Kevin Jose
Kevin Jose Måned siden
An eastcoast guy would’ve finished!
Sheldon Wiebe
Sheldon Wiebe Måned siden
Nice shoes!
Alex Gray
Alex Gray Måned siden
would love to be a part of a community such as that..
Paavo Kaleva
Paavo Kaleva Måned siden
Usually we do not put lumber directly on concrete, we put tar felt between concrete and lumber to cut off moisture from getting into wood.
joseph brown
joseph brown Måned siden
JudithB Add a hot tub to your new place! Its wonderful for aches and pains or when you get cold to the core!!!!
hkgonra Måned siden
It’s beautiful but that’s the smallest river I’ve ever seen. Us southeast guys call that a creek.
Maple Oak Farm
Maple Oak Farm Måned siden
You will want to paint those green columns black... just a thought from New England!!!
usexme Måned siden
maybe a dumb question, but are the staple marks in the PT lumber a west coast thing? I've seen a lot of other builder/homestead channels using that stuff and I think they're all left coast. Never seen that over here on the right hand side (PA/NY)
Lucas Lubbers
Lucas Lubbers Måned siden
I don't know if anyone has asked this before, but I noticed your earbuds and am curious to what you like to listen to when working solo?
Rust Belt Fab
Rust Belt Fab Måned siden
I know exactly how you feel. I destroyed my back years ago. I’ve had 3 back surgeries and it’s still not right. It’s slightly better but I will never be what I was. I’m only 41yrs old too. It is what it is tho. I would say you are no where near the shape I’m in. You’ll get better in time but I have absolutely had days like what you are going through where it hurts to breathe. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Follow the Dr.’s orders and don’t over do it. 🇺🇸😎🇺🇸
Outdoor Dad
Outdoor Dad Måned siden
Can you add your tool belt to your Amazon Affiliate page?
t 77
t 77 Måned siden
Would it be frowned upon to pump water from the river for fighting a fire? 🤔🙈
Wousse Måned siden
I have had good results in the past with Applied Kinesiology therapists as they use a wholistic view of your bodies problem in order to diagnose and fix it. Give it a try, even if you don't believe in the goat hair sock stuff :-)
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Måned siden
"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching."
fiskfarm Måned siden
I injured my shoulder falling on an ice walk last winter and I have been eating lots of collagen about 3 times a day in morning coffee, noon smoothly, etc. It really helps heal. Take care bud. Beautiful new place. I just purchased a Cat "midi" excavator for our homestead so we are very excited to learn a new skill. Arriving Monday. Can't wait 👍😎👌
D W Måned siden
you used the same river clip in 2 videos
Texoma Tinker
Texoma Tinker Måned siden
Looks like you're going to miss having trees on the property, and the ready access to timber for projects. Still, a beautiful setting.
JClaudII Måned siden
Greetings, I know things may be set in placement already, but why not put the forge next to one of those window frames. Easy to cut an exhaust and overhead hood there. Not sure if you or Jack has messed with sketchup or other cad type program but that could help visualize your placements.
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis Måned siden
Be safe and God bless 🙏 ❤ with these fires going on
Roger Whiting
Roger Whiting Måned siden
I have a "slipping or sliding" rib that moves out of place sometimes. It feels like a knife under my shoulder blade. At least 5 Chiropractors and as many Orthopedic Surgeons and Physiatrists treated it with manipulation and trigger point injection. A hands on DO fixed it in 5 minutes after YEARS of misdiagnosis.
Edward English
Edward English Måned siden
Get well friend.
Happypilgrimcamper Måned siden
Question: Is it necessary to build double walls thus losing shop space?
Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray Måned siden
Self drilling tech screws won't hold in timber
Northern Light Missionary
Northern Light Missionary Måned siden
Well done as usual. Is that riff at the beginning based on Chris Stapleton? Sounds like when the stars come out, blessed day to you all.
MCC nz
MCC nz Måned siden
In the states do you use DPC damp proof coarse or membrane? Well thats what we call it in nz. We use anytime no matter the wood when fixing to concrete.
Matthew Lovgren
Matthew Lovgren Måned siden
Sounds like you broke a rib in the back. I did that once. Hooo doggy! Lasting injury and painful. God bless
Chris Duggins
Chris Duggins Måned siden
Prayers of supernatural healing upon you Cody and bless your new endeavor for the Glory of God, I pray blessings upon your Family, bless them, give them wisdom and light their path , now and forevermore Thank you Lord Jesus for your sacrifice In Jesus Name Amen and Amen
dojmike Måned siden
Sounds like you might have a brachial neuritis which will not show up on an MRI. I suggest that you might want to see a neurologist.
Thomas McAnally
Thomas McAnally Måned siden
I know it would be more expensive, but 2-1/4" HWH tek through the lumber into the rail would be stronger and you could get a tighter connection.
Jaye Miller
Jaye Miller Måned siden
Haha I got one if those pencil sharpeners too on my keyring.
mommy of three
mommy of three Måned siden
I know mrs. W likes to keep private things private.... However, will we get a house tour?
oh no
oh no Måned siden
TK Skagen
TK Skagen Måned siden
Good Luck with your Injury Recovery! Looking forward to watching the T&G going up.👍 Take care, 🤓 -Thomas
Patrick Plyman II
Patrick Plyman II Måned siden
The first 15 seconds blew my mind I’ve always used a knife to sharpen the wide pencils never seen a sharpener for them lol
Trenzhart Måned siden
Ph2 Tapcons are my nemesis haha many stripped screw heads in my past. Love the lighting in the new shop and keep up the great videos
Jennifer WhiteWolf
Jennifer WhiteWolf Måned siden
What!?!? No 'cheapest tool on Amazon' for driving screws? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who misses stupid cheap tool destruction.
illinoisben Måned siden
this might not be the place but i think Jesus is going to return real soon in person. Jesus died for humanity not for everybody's sin just the ones God gave him to save. pray for forgiveness while you still can .its getting crazy out there.
Chris Brende
Chris Brende Måned siden
Self tapping and self drilling not the same!!! He is using self drilling screws. Self tapping screws litterly tap threads as it drills... Does anyone else find this distinction annoying?
Clown World
Clown World Måned siden
"Footage so good he played it twice" lol, thought I was having serious deja vu for a second there. Chalk that up to being busy with the move
Nolan Gaudreau
Nolan Gaudreau Måned siden
Maybe check out a good chiropractor?
FaithfulMC Måned siden
What mountain is that? Fuji is in Japan
C James
C James Måned siden
Absolutely beautiful. I've been following you folks for nearly 10 years and I'm so happy you've found a place that is can accommodate what you want!
A S Måned siden
nice explore 1! Subed....great channel
jordan johnson
jordan johnson Måned siden
Marky Mark
Marky Mark Måned siden
Is the injury causing you some confusion? I'm getting déjà vu in your videos recently.
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick Måned siden
That carpenter pencil sharpener is west coast for sure
Jonathan M.
Jonathan M. Måned siden
Are you doing anything with the extensive wildfires going on in the NW?
Thomas Tommy
Thomas Tommy Måned siden
Try to buy a new or used pickup truck today. They are crazy expensive. I know cause I been looking for one. I just gave up. Awesome video thanks for sharing. Stay well and safe my friend.
dtec30 Måned siden
maybe you have fibrocitis basically where the muscle knots on itself it might help to get some localised heat in that area and some ultrasonic massager give it a shot
Luke Ruggiero
Luke Ruggiero Måned siden
There doesn't seem to be any big timber there to cut with that awesome 461 you have just small pecker poles, also nice madsens suspenders there the best saw shop around.
Paul Smith
Paul Smith Måned siden
My experience with pressure treated lumber, is that is a better piece of lumber; straighter, less large knots and virtually no rot. From an economic standpoint, it makes sense to use better lumber for the pressure treatment process; just because of the cost of the added value placed in the wood. It doesn't make any sense to use junk lumber if You are going to invest all of the added labor into the product. First, the lumber has to be strong enough to be pierced about 1/4 inch deep on top and bottom. Then placed in a vacuum, pulling all of the moisture out of the cell structure; then preservative liquid in pressure forced into the wood. A big added investment in each piece of lumber.
C G Måned siden
Please have someone look at where injury occurred. Shoulder may be secondary result of original injury. another MRI? Chiropractor? Massage Therapist? IDK. No fun dealing with delayed pain. Keep safe, Hug family, God Bless.
David Westman
David Westman Måned siden
The pants looked kinda the same. Was he pulling our leg? :-)
Mark Suarez
Mark Suarez Måned siden
Praying for healing
Fablepoopy Måned siden
Water is not muddy, its silt
dom bond
dom bond Måned siden
Massage massage massage!!!!! Get a massage
Walter and Tonya martin
Walter and Tonya martin Måned siden
Been following a while now. Not an East Coaster with a Fat Wife to shade me from the sun nor a Shaved West Coaster dude : } I'm in that special category of hell you refer to as Florida. Anyway, on 20 acres with breathing room and tons of plans for the future. Getting a Hydro house up currently ( Lettuce not Weed) I found a product that you might like. I hook up the chains to work with my tractor...climb on ..lift or pull.. chains fall off...rinse and repeat until I get it right. BoltOnHooks has a product for 3/8 and 5/16 chain that locks the chain in and is easy to use. I have no affiliation with these folks. I'm constantly using chains with the tractor bucket so found this to solve a problem. I hope to get the clevis drilled and mounted tomorrow. Mount Fufi and the River are Beautiful, best to you and you family.
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