Hard Times are Coming

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3 måneder siden

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Joanne Frias
Joanne Frias 4 dager siden
Hugh probability Trump may be the anti Christ.
Terriann Cline
Terriann Cline 5 dager siden
The audio is fine.
Terriann Cline
Terriann Cline 5 dager siden
I encourage you all who haven't seen the movie"Left Behind" to DO IT NOW!!! Something is Coming!!! The Rapture...Acts 2:17-21,Acts 5:11-16,Romans 1:16-32,1st Thessolonians 4:7-18,5:1-28
Nancy Fried
Nancy Fried 7 dager siden
This is not a credible mark of the beast. It’s a virus & it’s airborne. Simple!
Kirk Relford
Kirk Relford 20 dager siden
Black pilled. Welcome.
Paul Beiler
Paul Beiler 20 dager siden
Dear Mr Wranglerstar I enjoy listening to your perspective on life. It’s one of self responsibility and at the same time it seems to me like you desire to put your trust in the Lord. I think those are 2 rare and valuable qualities. That’s not intended for flattery, but just an observation. You talk about weak leaders and corruption in the church. I totally agree, which is why I quit attending and being part of any church myself. In this livestream you wonder if there will be prophets of God in these last days. And you state that if there will be, he will probably come in an unconventional way. Cody, I have come across a true prophet of God. He’s Victor Hafichuk of Alberta Canada. I’ve gathered from watching your videos that you keep the real 7th day Sabbath. Victor also teaches to keep the Sabbath. Here are his writings on the Sabbath: www.thepathoftruth.com/teachings/sabbath/index.htm I see that you find value in traditional lifestyles such as growing and preserving your own food, developing useful skills such as woodworking, forestry, and many more. Indeed, here’s a writing from Victor that you would probably appreciate: www.thepathoftruth.com/teachings/back-to-basics.htm I don’t want to speak for Victor, but I think he would find some value in those things as well. In this video you state that the doctrine of the rapture, where believers will suddenly be lifted from this earth, is a doctrine of devils. I think Victor would agree with that as well. You can find Victors teachings and writings, as well as his life story here on his website: www.thepathoftruth.com/ You can also listen to what he has to say on his “That Prophet” page on NOpost or Facebook: nopost.info/code/I_BCBiIAa8dfoU-z04IJrA He was also on a podcast earlier this year with a woman who is not a professing Christian at all, talking about his life and calling: soundcloud.com/nomorelonelypeople/38-a-conversation-with-a-self-proclaimed-prophet-with-victor-hafichuk?ref=clipboard I hope you see this comment and read some of Victor’s writings! You claim to be led by God and hear from God, and so does Victor. So I think it would be fantastic if you two could connect! Thanks, Paul
Lucy June K
Lucy June K 21 dag siden
You're appreciated.
mike smith
mike smith 21 dag siden
Sorry I like your show by not worth all the comercials
gloria mancilla
gloria mancilla 21 dag siden
Lisa 26 dager siden
Joseph Blacke
Joseph Blacke 26 dager siden
Ps.. I work for the Christ and few can keep my labor pace and ability to work as a true brother...
Joseph Blacke
Joseph Blacke 26 dager siden
I know this may sound arrogant however when u mentioned the "Harley Guy" i have been compelled to respond that here AM i...!!!
Joseph Blacke
Joseph Blacke 26 dager siden
What truly perplexes me is the pre trib rapture.. Our Father did not spare the apple of his eye... Nor his prophets .. Nor his Only BEGOTTEN SON... Nor the Deciples... Nor the 2000 plus years of Christians who have carried the Cross and professed the FAITH...!!!
Joseph Blacke
Joseph Blacke 26 dager siden
I am truly humbled right now... I have been living in a tent for the last couple of months in both TN & AR ... And currently living in the Ozarks... But what is truly profound is the fact that having only me and my dog Joe i have been asking YHVH to give us a home... I just came off a 30 day fast and then i am directed to your channel and i hear your message and it has struck me in my spirit that he has once again found a way where there was none... Please understand that if your spirit does not receive my request.. Then i will know that this is not in path for me... As i was writing this u mentioned the 4 minute mile which was ran by Marty Liquori who was my Uncle...!!! Wow ...!!! Please respond either way ...???!!!
Joseph Blacke
Joseph Blacke 26 dager siden
We need NEVER to apologize for TRUTH... !!! THOSE who have NEVER READ the LOGOS cannot possibly have the required Knowledge, Understanding nor WISDOM to come to REALITY... just like on the rifle range.. @ 500 yds if your off a millimeter from dead center on your target, you will NOT even hit the target paper which is 3ft by 5ft... If our narrative/paradigm is skewed from the outset then we can ONLY COME TO THE TRUTH by revelation... Ergo Yahshua's words...
Carter 27 dager siden
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Dave M.
Dave M. Måned siden
Maybe the believers are made the see what is going on because they put their trust in God rather than men which is the government. Unbelievers choose to believe the government and the news so that they are more easily fooled. The Bible is full of stories of people who God has blinded because of their unbelief. So, maybe this is how the sheep get separated from the goats.
AJ Hope
AJ Hope Måned siden
I'm a believer too. It's not the mask. Many can still work from home w/o a mask and many can still buy and sell goods w/o leaving their homes. So common sense tells you wearing a mask is not the mark of the beast. HOWEVER, it might be the vaccination b/c there will be a lot of pressure for things to return back to normal and the vaccination is looked at as the ANSWER to the pandemic. Think about it.
Jk Woody
Jk Woody Måned siden
squrileeagmail.com hardin
squrileeagmail.com hardin Måned siden
U sound good 😊
Jason Barnes
Jason Barnes Måned siden
Audio is fine
James Black
James Black Måned siden
Rapture.. I won’t be here for the mark of the beast..
Joan Smith
Joan Smith Måned siden
My audio is fine!
The Prepared Homestead
The Prepared Homestead Måned siden
You need to move to the Ozarks Cody. No building codes out here.
Joseph A
Joseph A Måned siden
At about the 1:30 mark, you mention "the end times before Christ comes". If you believe the Bible is true, then you receive 1 Corinthians 10:11 as truth, and you know that the end of the age came upon those to whom the apostle Paul and the other apostles ministered.
abrandnewhealthieru Måned siden
Audio sounds good to me Even after the fact. Thank you and God Bless You. Psalms 91
MrVegaslive Måned siden
I would lend a helping hand building for your community if I were local. Sounds like it's gonna be fun and challenging at the same time. YT doesn't know your audience very well. They're showing anti Trump ads on your channel.
MrVegaslive Måned siden
Don't lie bro. You know Mrs. W raking in the big bucks teaching kids. If you ask for donations instead of charging people it's not violating nor putting the church tax status in jeopardy, least that's how I figure it should work? correct me if I'm wrong. Anyhow, GL and hope everything works out for all.
Scarlett Winters
Scarlett Winters Måned siden
It’s heartbreaking how many people believe Jesus is coming any minute! They are not prepared for the things that are coming and are believing a gospel that Jesus did not teach. There are true prophets, they are not in the church but they knew this pandemic and the fires were coming
Heathcliff Earnshaw
Heathcliff Earnshaw Måned siden
Its only a mark o f t h e b e a s t if you agree to be an actor in their play.
Esther Laiacona
Esther Laiacona Måned siden
I am so praying for you guys, keep up the good work and i will dig in deeper to the content to learn more ....do you have a private email and also speaking of which what vpn do you recommend?
Esther Laiacona
Esther Laiacona Måned siden
I will send you a little soemthing I d not have much but maybe set up a patreon account for small donations.....if thats soemthing youre interested .....yes its a war we are in an actual war, spiritual, etc. You do not need to say sorry for protecting your family , its makes perfect sense ! That is logical !
Esther Laiacona
Esther Laiacona Måned siden
Love this video ....voice of reason and faith if anyone is interested in rural living we live on an island must be safe because all the wealthy are floooding here buying every house here its beautiful lots of natural resources on the down low ....safetyu risks are somewhat low in many ways others will be faced with .....or if anyone wants to invest in me so i can help my family, technology and small homestead land ...I would live in a yuert which can be winter safe...Tee pee ,
Esther Laiacona
Esther Laiacona Måned siden
How to buy small land piece and work? what to do for work, ? online ? I have started taking steps....
Esther Laiacona
Esther Laiacona Måned siden
Advice for single moms , We live in a rural area on an island actually, do not own , we wrent its me and two kids and one adult special needs ....little money....what do you advise for people like us , no one to turn to community is over run by need
Mke Smith
Mke Smith Måned siden
Wow so many commercials
2misschambers\AintILib Måned siden
I find it refreshingly divine that our mentally and lifestyle mirror one another so much! Im a 34 y.o black woman from Philadelphia. I have been writing & facilitating my own curriculum since 2007. I'm planning on buying an RV and land south or westward right now with my family. Thank you for the relevancy and detail of your message. I look forward to meeting you one day.
Incurable Romanticist
Incurable Romanticist Måned siden
If you’re asking God for inspiration, He’s not answering. You teach haughtiness and your own thoughts about winning a point over the Commandments of Jesus to treat others as you want to be treated. How would you treat someone who was obviously sick, with vomit on his shirt who came into your church and sat down next to your kid? You’ve been coughing up phlegm through two of these videos. You don’t know you’re well. And you can’t see microbes, so be a mensch and keep them to yourself, behind a mask. You claim you have no faith in Trump. Then why do you go into a bakery and an ice cream store doing what he tells you to do instead of what Jesus says? What ever gave you the idea that you were chosen to lead others into a community where they will be obeying only what you think is right? You’re trying to put together a community that will agree with you on everything, because you can’t get along in a normal group of people. Reminds me of Hitler. You don’t have any humility and you are leading people into a prideful and false form of Christianity. You’ve already shown that you have no regard for the laws that are there to keep people safe, because you know better, don’t you? I hope the authorities do stop your home schooling. They probably worry about what’s going to happen to your followers. You need to get out there and look for a millstone to hang around your neck, because anyone who follows you is in danger. I worry about anyone who gets to your paradise and then doesn’t want to set the table your way. Anyone who reads this, GET OUT OF THERE!
Pat Wisniewski
Pat Wisniewski Måned siden
Our Country is different from the rest of the world. It's "For the people, of the people, by the people." We the people are the government. We can't wait for these elected corrupt people to demand we throw our first born into the fire. I believe God wants us to stop evil when we see it. No more standing by watching the horrors manifest before our very eyes.
Hood Tactical
Hood Tactical Måned siden
So I dont go to church but I am a believer in that I feel good about God and think there is a higher power . I try to live my life doing good on to others how due i know that I'm good when he does come what should i due .
Mobil206 Mobil206
Mobil206 Mobil206 Måned siden
I understand your perspective but I have a completely different perspective I would like to share. I would love to homestead in a beautiful area of the country but I can’t. I’m older than you and am physically unable to accomplish the tasks you take for granted. My solution is the polar opposite of yours. I plan to move into a condominium in downtown Chicago. The building is on a relatively low volume street but deep in the heart of downtown. The building has a doorman that keeps track of the comings and goings in front of the building. He can hail a cab for me for my doctor appointments at Northwestern University Hospital (one of the top medical facilities in the nation). I can stroll a half block to a fully stocked grocery store. Cultural institutions like the Art Institute Of Chicago and the Field Museum Of Natural History are visible from my building. In the deepest coldest depths of winter the city clears the streets of snow. Building maintenance is included in HOA fees so all I would have to do is pick up the phone. The down side is because of the density of people, biological security is paramount so I would indeed wear a mask in public and hand sanitation is critical. I wouldn’t have to beckon people to join me because my neighbors are my community and a little friendliness and faith that your neighbors are good people goes a long way toward living in harmony. Life is to short to stress out that people that look different and worship differently are to be avoided.
Donny Thomas
Donny Thomas Måned siden
I'm not a Biker and I don't have tattoos... LOL!!!!!
Donny Thomas
Donny Thomas Måned siden
We are the ALL/God experiencing itself as men.. We have no problem dedicating out lives to it/him because we are one with ourselves... Sending love!!!
Donny Thomas
Donny Thomas Måned siden
I have so much respect for you.. You are echoing my thought.. I love you and yours!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
seekingjoynow Måned siden
Would you consider tiny homes for your community? They have a small footprint and can be quite comfortable.
Delores Martel
Delores Martel Måned siden
There are many men like you, but u should know that youre being monitored. You'd be accused of incitement.
Billy Mullis
Billy Mullis Måned siden
You are very knowledgeable and wise, I’m glad there are still people out there that think like me. God bless you, God is good all the time and all the time God is good! Amen and Amen and Amen 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻👍🏻👌🏻
steve keays
steve keays Måned siden
I think you are much better than Owen,. He attacked a Call For An Uprising channel so badly because hes a Christian and against certain things he should be against like the COVID iies
Thrasymachus IV
Thrasymachus IV Måned siden
Have you heard of Nick Fuentes with America First? He's phenomenal. Banned off of youtube now, but consider listening to one of his broadcasta on Dlive. Very entertaining at least, you won't regret. Thanks for the stream, i really enjoyed it
Jim Ryan
Jim Ryan Måned siden
They called these inspectors on you because people just can't mind their own business. What are they 5? Makes me sick.
thereadiane288 Måned siden
Where are located at?
Alex Doucet
Alex Doucet Måned siden
Civil unrest will eventually turn into pockets of civil war in many parts of the U.S. The same will happen to Canada and Mexico, and of course all the way south
Bill & Stacie Walker
Bill & Stacie Walker Måned siden
Hey man you ok? Theres no up date
Katie Maler
Katie Maler Måned siden
Audio is good
Unknown Infamous
Unknown Infamous Måned siden
I sure hope this guy gets paid for commercials, cause of how many have popped up. So far at around 25 minutes in, at least 10 commercials have popped up. At this rate, he should be getting a proper advertising check.
Betsy Ross
Betsy Ross Måned siden
Trump is not part of the problem. He is saving the Freedom from the Deep State,(Billionaire Elites), that insist they have World Power. The UN Agenda 2030. The Deep State is paying Antifa, BLM to set all these WildFires. If you listen to Trump, and see what he ihas been doing you will know he is not the problem. The Deep State owns all Media, and lie about everything. Trump has been undoing everything they were doing, and that is why they hate him. If Trump hadn’t won in 2016, we would already be under Communist control.
Caroline Barna
Caroline Barna Måned siden
Your doing a great thing. I know this sounds bad, but the fact that people are attacking you should tell you your in the right track. Listen to your heart and know that God is with you and protecting you!!!🙏
Learn Share & Evolve
Learn Share & Evolve Måned siden
Special Kudos to Jack!
Learn Share & Evolve
Learn Share & Evolve Måned siden
BRAVO!! I'm a Buddhist, but I think you guys are Champions! It's unconscionable that groups are attacking home-schoolers, but of course, it created the impetuous for you're growing this amazing plan!
Learn Share & Evolve
Learn Share & Evolve Måned siden
Audio is fine!
doctorparadigmshift Måned siden
I'm compelled to say that the vaccine or not taking vaccine is not the mark of the beast! Revelation ch.13 says: "15 And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. 16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six." Clearly the mark or sign is the sign of the man with the 666, which is clearly the Bishop of Rome. His mark or sign of his, so called authority is the 1st day/Sunday worship, which is against the 4th commandment which carries the seal of God. Vaccination has nothing to do with this at all. There are several biblical references that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is about keeping the commandments of the true and living God of Heaven and Earth and not about vaccines, although, I am not telling anyone to take a vaccine or not to take it. We need to study our bibles better.
G K Måned siden
Great content and message, but obnoxious amount of ads.
Joe Seabert
Joe Seabert Måned siden
Proposed consideration, might think about forming an LLC and cargo carrier brokerage and hire drivers to do OTR. With Mrs Wranglerstar’s education she could navigate the plethora of regulations and by doing this it would diversify your footprint. Provide you with logistics to gather that which you can’t grow or gain otherwise locally, and a lot of drivers have families that are pretty much abandoned and would benefit from the security provided by a community and homeschooling. As a driver with 10 years of experience who never intended to ever sit in the driver seat but fell into the career as a last ditch effort to support my family after the last economic crash, I hate the job but I find myself grateful regardless
Mom25 Måned siden
From one homeschool family to another. Nice to meet you. COVID = CERTIFICATE OF VACCINE ID. LOOK UP ID2020. RESEARCH IT. THE MASK IS ONLY ONE LETTER OFF FROM THE MARK. We live in a fallen world run by the prince of the air yet we serve a big God and He is always with us. But we did fall asleep at the wheel as believers. Taking God out of every area of our lives, (i,e education (indoctrination centers), government, entertainment, etc). It's time to band together as believers. We cannot be afraid to stand up for what's right, even when it's hard. Especially when it's hard. Jesus is our example and He stood up to the mobs even unto death!!! Happy to have found you!!! And still vote Trump 2020!!! He's the best choice. There's no other option. We are getting closer to Jesus' return.
Jake Lopez
Jake Lopez Måned siden
You video is littered with commercials is it always that way. I’ve never seen so many
Bad Rabbit
Bad Rabbit Måned siden
Wow, you are the first person I came across that said the same thing about the mark of the beast and the enforcement of N 95 masks.
DEA 528
DEA 528 Måned siden
Oh my. You don’t know do you? No. They do not want anyone owning land at all. The plan, the whole plan, and the next plan. It’s all in black and white friend. It goes by many names but the official one and what you will find this plan in. Look no further than Agenda 21. Then look some more. It’s a great idea. But I’m afraid that ship has sailed long ago.
The Atlantic Homesteader
The Atlantic Homesteader Måned siden
Man claims the end of the world and show up in 5 pixels. lamo.
DEA 528
DEA 528 Måned siden
There is no controversy any longer brother. There is right and there is wrong. What is right is deemed controversial say it anyway and never apologize for doing the right thing. It may sound silly to most people but all the answers are in there. For example Psalms 146:3. That’s what you’re saying when you say you’ve decided not to put your faith in these political figures. Almost a literally translates to it. Some call it silly but most are just scared to look at it but it’s up to us to pray for the courage and the strength to be able to let God work through us so they can see. Nothing is ever done but God‘s will. Nothing will ever be done but God’s will. I guess it’s unfortunate that what’s going to happen, has to happen. So it’s a good thing he put people on this earth at this time that were built to endure this and bring as many brothers and sisters as we can with us so they may see themselves. God bless
Kelly Goines
Kelly Goines Måned siden
Wow the government taking the money. This was in the bible in the begining.
Matt Causey
Matt Causey Måned siden
We are operating a Classical Conversations community here in Seattle. Tremendous respect for what you're doing. Thank you for taking the time to produce this material.
Julie Olson
Julie Olson Måned siden
Audio is great
Julie Olson
Julie Olson Måned siden
What do you think of NESARA ????
Micaela Jones
Micaela Jones Måned siden
I'm a 38 year old black female, Christian. Not overtly religious, one thing I remember from the bible. In the end times, it will be mother nature and mass fires......well today the sky is orange from fire.🤔
TheUrantia001 Måned siden
you better get ready and make peace with killing some of your neighbours...its okay the have no soul..they're not human..no human would go along with the stupidity..
A K Måned siden
I think you are a real cover n real (wise) man for your lucky family Wranglerstar💫 My favorite part was when you told that unmachismo ill mannered one, “ make me.” Check out wise wore many hats Celeste Solum’s (20 years FEMA) videos about alien components in vaccine. People who take it alter their 100% humanity irreversiblely - alter the way God created humans, so one is blocked from being able to hearing God.
Naomi Hunter
Naomi Hunter Måned siden
Thanks for expressing your intelligent path. So much craziness out there. I grew up on a farm with a mother who liked preventative medicine. She was an RN. I'm working on expanding my edible wild weeds. I have a couple acres so enough for me. If Christ can fast for 40 days, I can eat a lot less of more healthy food. Good luck on your adventures. Well, blessings on you and yours.
Armageddon press Freedom
Armageddon press Freedom Måned siden
You have way, way too many commercials. Stop and your content/ message will become more powerful.
Ann H.
Ann H. Måned siden
it would be nice to have an old fashioned news letter to be a part of just in case we are no longer able to use internet
Denim Lowe
Denim Lowe Måned siden
What state do you live in? I just found your channel.
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf Måned siden
Heaven and earth will pass away Jesus said, but my Words 📖 will never pass away. Matthew 24:35 There will be a new heaven and a new earth. Revelations 21:1 We must be willing to turn from sin to receive Jesus forgiveness , and to know and live out his teachings. He who does the will of God abides for eternity 1 John 2:17. Visual Bible movies 🎥. And Audio Bible NKJV on NOpost ❤️📖🙂🇺🇸
Denise Rubright
Denise Rubright Måned siden
Too many ads
Luz D
Luz D Måned siden
God is with us ,amen! God is with you ,and taking care of the families!
Luz D
Luz D Måned siden
Luz D
Luz D Måned siden
Unbelievable! It's all hijacked! Rely! But still requiring respect,! That's harrasment!
Luz D
Luz D Måned siden
Yes. From Ct
Elsie Clay
Elsie Clay Måned siden
I am from the Coca-Cola family, I have a website they have taken down my website because I published a book about my family
Elsie Clay
Elsie Clay Måned siden
Their 5G and laser’s will stop You and all communications that do not follow their agenda
Elsie Clay
Elsie Clay Måned siden
The Internet will crash
Elsie Clay
Elsie Clay Måned siden
This is nothing but a pipe dream, sadly. They will not let you keep a trailer on your property even while you are building ❤️ with great love
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey Måned siden
Freedom and Whiskey 🥃
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey Måned siden
Hehe 😉 freedom of speech 🙌🏻❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey Måned siden
Yes we still vote and we stand in our own States who are pushing this tyranny. Trump is federal we are our States
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey Måned siden
God would never want us to not rise up for our own inalienable rights, God wants us to stand and rise up against the evil which is against our humanity and inalienable rights
Sonya Rainey
Sonya Rainey Måned siden
We are our Constitutional Republic not the government officials. We the People must rise up and protect and defend our own Constitutional Republic and rights
Robert Levi
Robert Levi Måned siden
It's called the bitchip, 15000 has already been placed into the right hand of people.
Chris Bunch
Chris Bunch Måned siden
Fraud. Trying to to turn Americans against Americans utilizing unproven mythology for profit.
Mike Mac
Mike Mac Måned siden
20 advertising adds in this one is 18 to many!! Love your channel but that sends a message.
Versoal Malone
Versoal Malone Måned siden
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