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How to build a Mil-Spec lanyard.
Microbat Systems -
Knipex Pliers -
Shrink Tube -
Heat Gun -
Stainless Split Ring -
Spring Clip -
Shock Cord -
O-Ring Tool -
(All links will direct you to my amazon affiliate page)

Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
COMPLETE LANYARD PARTS LIST Microbat Systems - Knipex Pliers - Shrink Tube - Heat Gun - Stainless Split Ring - Spring Clip - Shock Cord - O-Ring Tool - (All links will direct you to my amazon affiliate page)
Domino Diamond
Domino Diamond 3 måneder siden
Hey cody, How is the not drinking going. Been a while and was wondering if you continued or if that project ended.
George 3 måneder siden
Wranglerstar Can you please do a review on hardcore hammers hatchets and hammers. You are the only person I trust to give an opinion on axes and hatchets .... Thank You!!
Brad M
Brad M 3 måneder siden
What size split ring did you use? What size shock cord? Thanks! Great Content!
Pacific coast piper
Pacific coast piper 3 måneder siden
German Mann der entthront he certainly looks different , I’ll give you that
German Mann der entthront
German Mann der entthront 3 måneder siden
@Pacific coast piper He looks like a little kid now.
Traveling Trails Wagging Tails
Traveling Trails Wagging Tails Måned siden
For the split ring a staple remover, will open them perfectly with no effort I use them all the time in my leather work.
WaynesWorkVlog Måned siden
0:20 Spray paint them caution orange. easy to see when dropped and you can key up to hear yourself if it was on that way you get a general area. 2:30 flip it over so the zipper is pull UP to open... ask me how I know...
Sir Honks-Alot
Sir Honks-Alot Måned siden
Its good to see you making videos during the wu flu bull$&1t
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf Måned siden
Waiting to see USA assembled lanyards for sale on wrangler-mart.
Troy LaDoux
Troy LaDoux 2 måneder siden
It became relevant to me today that I need lanyards for my EDC. Where do I get those magazine holds? Thanks for posting.
Logan Taylor
Logan Taylor 2 måneder siden
This guy got lanyards on lanyards on lanyards
slcea7 2 måneder siden
Great idea. Thanks for the vid and equipment list.
Miguel Cardenas
Miguel Cardenas 2 måneder siden
What radio do you have in your hand. Anybody out there know. I saw an episode where he described it but I can't R.E.M. Which one.
XRP FANBOY 2 måneder siden
Where did you get the IR chemlights?
timbo peters
timbo peters 2 måneder siden
That was really cool
Trae Nimmo
Trae Nimmo 2 måneder siden
The only question I have why do you like military grade stuff? When I see military grade I walk away.
Scot Henk
Scot Henk 2 måneder siden
I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who gets some odd satisfaction from using shrink tubing lol
Scott M -NC
Scott M -NC 2 måneder siden
Komissar13 2 måneder siden
Word of advice with lanyarding knives: if you’re going to use the knife with the lanyard tied off to something, never use a retractor or bungee because if you have it under tension and lose grip, the lanyard will pull the blade back through your grip. Shock cord lanyards are useful to hook over the stacking button on mora classic and robust sheaths if you want something more secure for outdoor use. (Also that chisel mora seen here often)
Howard Hardy
Howard Hardy 3 måneder siden
good ideas. I have lanyards on lots of things including my Yeti coldster. I use it on my white water raft and dont want to loose a $30.00 coozie. I have seen the river gods take many things such as sunglasses, gps, water bottles, cameras etc.I make a lot them by sewing a loop in 1/2" tubular webbing and then secure to things that have no place for attachment, by using gorilla tape. we first secure the webbing with about 7 wraps and then fold it back on itself and add another 7 wraps. one of the benefits of this method is that even years later you can remove the gorilla tape and use in an emergency. we sometimes hunt ducks and geese from our boats and then you want a lanyard for your shotgun.
Ima Crazy Guy
Ima Crazy Guy 3 måneder siden
One tip with shrinkwrap.. Look around for 3:1 Adhesive Lined Marine Grade Shrinkwrap. The adhesive is a night and day difference when using a heat gun, it melts out and grabs hold of whatever you are sticking it on. I buy 4 foot lengths of all sizes in both red and black for cheap off Amazon.
Adam Diebold
Adam Diebold 3 måneder siden
Maybe you should make a lanyard for your pocket knifes so you don’t lose those too. 😂
Walking Dead Now
Walking Dead Now 3 måneder siden
Very interesting clip 👍! As a fellow NOpostr, I am on the lookout for creative ideas! Great Job!
MasterK9Trainer 3 måneder siden
I love to find and collect little bits and pieces of scrap stuff and play around with various widgets and doohickeys. When ever I have to dispose of something, I first remove all the buttons, zippers, clips, rings, carabiners, cord locks, etc., and I cut off as much nylon or canvas webbing as I can. You can always buy a few extra binder rings, key rings or cordage very cheaply. I even have silicon straws to use as zipper pulls. A little creative though and an assortment of parts will let you create many useful items or setups.
D Semolian
D Semolian 3 måneder siden
Use marine grade shrink tube, they have clue on the inside wall
Craig Mooring
Craig Mooring 3 måneder siden
You can also shrink the tubing with a hairdryer.
Gunslinger2121 3 måneder siden
I like the nvg retention lanyard there, but I’m not seeing it on the Microbat website.
Cheri Toms
Cheri Toms 3 måneder siden
Just from reading a few of the comments and listening to what your saying. Trust no one. People will betray you.
Chuckwagon 524
Chuckwagon 524 3 måneder siden
Not sure if you have a license for the Baofeng, but just watched a video of how they splatter all over the place besides the frequency you are on. While Yaesu doesn make some affordable models that might ch easier to operate and program, the video showed a few Wouxsun radio that had a much cleaner signal. If you find yourself needing a radio in rugged radio, people say the Motorolas are very tough however expensive. They do need software to program.
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 3 måneder siden
Great work and video cody @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 3 måneder siden
I would definitely buy a few of them kits if they would offer then in a kit like you suggested Cody @WranglerStar
Ginger Lundgren-Barron
Ginger Lundgren-Barron 3 måneder siden
Velcro is so freak’n noisy, esp if you doing low visual recon maneuvers
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 3 måneder siden
Where is the link for the tabs
KuhnHollow 3 måneder siden
I remember military grade lanyards being double knotted with paracord and od duct tape....but i guess that was some time ago already lol, not trolling, just making a little funny
SLM 3 måneder siden
Cody - good video on making cool lanyards. Have you seen the lanyards made by splicing dynaglide? Those make cool lanyards.
David 3 måneder siden
You got a loicence for that HAM mate?
SandCrabNews 3 måneder siden
A good friend to have in the Navy squadron was the PR (parachute rigger), where I learned about Velcro and lanyards on the aircrew gear. But, I've also used fishing tackle snaps and swivels satisfactorily on a camera strap for 30 years. If you know knots, then you can reduce hardware, weight, reflections and noise.
Gregory Hines
Gregory Hines 3 måneder siden
I would use a fisherman bend knot on that......
Keelan Jeffers
Keelan Jeffers 3 måneder siden
I like this channel but he throws around the term mil spec a lot.
Thomas Wypyszinski
Thomas Wypyszinski 3 måneder siden
One week later: Mrs. Wranglerstar: Why is there some kind of cord attached to all of my silverwear??? : P
messy shop videos
messy shop videos 3 måneder siden
Respectfully, Baofengs are not cleared by the FCC to operate on GMRS and FRS frequencies. Fix it before someone tries to turn you into the FCC. Great video though. I really like this type of content. It reminds me of your old content.
messy shop videos
messy shop videos 3 måneder siden
@JMac can you tell me why people are so willing to openly incriminate themselves on NOpost?
messy shop videos
messy shop videos 3 måneder siden
@JMac well, I'm glad he is aware then.
JMac 3 måneder siden
Every person on the face of the planet knows that Baofengs are not type-accepted for GMRS/FRS. Cody is well aware of that fact, which he has commented on numerous times.
Michael Dougfir
Michael Dougfir 3 måneder siden
In forestry, surveying and some related fields we wear what is known as a "cruiser vest". Ordinarily this vest has plenty of pockets and at least one brass grommet on the lapels. But no collar. Anyway, that red or black cord on your compass is for that grommet -- NOT your neck. (Most of these lanyards are too short for the neck but work well from a grommet.) I put a second, larger brass grommet on my second lapel. Other things I attach are my clinometer, whistle, "tallywacker" clickers. These items are useful and handy and never get lost. A little tip if I may: in as much as I work with a compass, I take pains not to have other equipment nearby that can distract my compass. One of my whistles is a brass Scout whistle on a little brass ring I soldered closed. And so on. I have a second whistle I loan out on occasion when I work with others. It is heavy plastic, mounted the same way. I keep away from ferrous metal objects for the sake of the compass. In my world this is my concern with lanyards.
Steve Caswell
Steve Caswell 3 måneder siden
I had picked up a couple of the Cobra walkie talkies. My wife and I use them sometimes because if we are either in the woods or if we go shopping and she goes to one store and I go to another close by we can keep in touch when she's ready to be picked up or whatever. I do have some CB radios also. One is a handheld and the other will mount in a vehicle but I haven't put one of them in my pickup truck yet.
D Kovorik
D Kovorik 3 måneder siden
Fred M
Fred M 3 måneder siden
Toupee looking skookum
BarrySoetoro187 3 måneder siden
Someone needs to look into how much Amazon had to do with the lockdowns and masks being mandatory. They have grown filthy rich off of the lockdowns. They seem to be the company that has the most vision besides Tesla. I think Amazon may have been responsible for this. They have grown very powerful and are intelligent enough to have seen this opportunity.
Don Poyssick
Don Poyssick 3 måneder siden
Been a subscriber for YEARS, today I jump on youtube and "miraculously" I was unsubscribed from all your channels. Looks like this is happening more and more frequently to people. Just thought you should know.
Dre Hunt
Dre Hunt 3 måneder siden
Also, hemostats (surgical clamps) work. By a fid to twist on the cord and pull them through things. If anyone is looking ask or look on NOpost.
Dre Hunt
Dre Hunt 3 måneder siden
Nice! Been using those for years in EMS. I had them for work other than EMS and when I was a scout leader. They work great for keys and making a monkey’s fist! Tying it together can teach you a lot. Become a paracordist! Oh, it’s parachute card, aka 550 or paracord. Get the 550 cord. Repeat after me 550. Anything with a 7 strand core is great. Nothing less than that to tie small items to my gear or small pursiks.
Noah 3 måneder siden
Well I don’t on a heat gun or some of the other tools you was showing we need So If I am gonna build one I reckon I will just use f26 and some duct tape. Won’t look has pretty as yours. 😂
douglas pack
douglas pack 3 måneder siden
get ready....Hammers are gonna flip you're using a 5 watt radio for GRMS.
Windswept Photography
Windswept Photography 3 måneder siden
Great ideas! Thanks for the links to the supplies. Please make more videos like these!
Proud American
Proud American 3 måneder siden
Any chance on getting the websites to mimic your helmet and accessories?
Edward English
Edward English 3 måneder siden
Very creative and inspiring. I've been wanting do do something like this for my various game calls. Thanks for doing the sourcing. God bless you and all that watch.
Matthew Moore
Matthew Moore 3 måneder siden
People in the military cringe at the term "Military Grade". In the military that term means it's probably cheap, already broken, disposable, and certainly expendable. I'd say "Industrial Grade" would be the better classification, if it's actually good. :) "Military Grade" is one of the worst classification you could give something. It basically means it's junk. At least in the eyes of anyone that's actually been in the military. Go ask any random service member, They'll back me up on that. :)
BORNGEARHEAD 3 måneder siden
5 commercials 4mins in?! I shut it off. Not a fan of who res.
Classic-Fan 61
Classic-Fan 61 3 måneder siden
Is that a Rolex you're wearing?
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 3 måneder siden
If your heatshrink is just a little tight, push the long nose pliers through the centre and open them up, it stretches it a little and shrinks just as well...:)
1977TCBElvis 3 måneder siden
First time you pronounced it correctly....“Knipex“ :-) Greetings from Germany 🇩🇪, stay healthy!
Thomas T
Thomas T 3 måneder siden
Preppers, you need to have shrink tubing in your electric/electronic repair kit and you need to learn how to solder properly.
DevineCrimsonThunder 3 måneder siden
Spent all your money on getting out of debt so you can’t afford a different denim shirt eh? /s
Duart du Plessis
Duart du Plessis 3 måneder siden
Stop flexing with knipex.........
Dan Watkins
Dan Watkins 3 måneder siden
batteries on your head? counter weight?
BOGAN 3 måneder siden
Is that a HAM radio you're putting that lanyard on? Oh my, there's probably a special license you need for that. 😂
Scott M -NC
Scott M -NC 2 måneder siden
@Rob Vella : give it a break dude ..he said he's gonna get his lic.
Scott M -NC
Scott M -NC 2 måneder siden
@Leo Pitre ROTF😂😂😂
Leo Pitre
Leo Pitre 3 måneder siden
You really believe that's just a space station orbiting Earth and Elon Musk is launching satellites and space grub to it? ....That's a secret Maximum Security Space Prison, for hardened criminals that use a HAM radio without a license 🙄
Rob Vella
Rob Vella 3 måneder siden
Anthony Efx it’s literally against the law for him to be transmitting.
Anthony Efx
Anthony Efx 3 måneder siden
I love how he triggers ham radio guys. These radio guys should be welcoming people looking to to the hobby not being a karen and getting upset saying you need a license
Photography 13
Photography 13 3 måneder siden
Thanks for making this video.
JR Poe
JR Poe 3 måneder siden
Get a super elastic signal stick antenna for the baofeng big improvement.
JR Poe
JR Poe 3 måneder siden
I upgraded mine with the signal stick very impressed with increased reception.
Sören Nilsson
Sören Nilsson 3 måneder siden
Looked at news from Texas hospitals are full, people are turned away and have to go home to die from a curable Covid 19. They did not listen to the doctors, they did not listen to the scientists and now people are dying at home with no oxygen, bluefaced, in pain and in panic. What a horrible way to die and it takes a long time. It is so sad that the Govorment has failed the people so compleatly. Take care of yourselves and your family. Covid now travels faster and faster so even if you live in a today very safe area it could be unsafe within three weeks.
Gregg Mouritzen
Gregg Mouritzen 3 måneder siden
Military Grade = Scary Military Speak: Lanyard = Dummy Cord (very important item)
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith 3 måneder siden
Mama needs a lanyard for Sweetloaf.
Bigsky Guy
Bigsky Guy 3 måneder siden
Mil-spec means nothing other than a product specified to be cheap and that can be mass produced by the low bidder. It in no way should be implied as heavy duty or quality. Fun project however.
XA-JJKILLERs 3 måneder siden
I see you guys are using GMRS(462 MHz-467 MHz) you guys might look into MURS (151-154 MHz) as well more options for com's is always good just some advice from a non-elitist ham radio guy
JMac 3 måneder siden
Thank you for not being one of those elitist Ham guys!!!!
Mark Alexander
Mark Alexander 3 måneder siden
I hope they offer that kit. Maybe I'm missing something but I didn't see a lot of usable stuff on their site. Supporting small US companies gives me the fizz...
N593NW 3 måneder siden
Jim Nastiks
Jim Nastiks 3 måneder siden
All the love and respect to you man and thank you and your family for always being such a guiding light !
Jim Nastiks
Jim Nastiks 3 måneder siden
Hi Cody, Greetings from Cape Town, South Africa, Always pray for you man ! Just checking ! Are you still not drinking at all ?
Pax Inviscis
Pax Inviscis 3 måneder siden
Honestly if he said I'm running for the Presidency 2020, he'd have my vote. Capital hill needs some trimming.
Electron Pusher
Electron Pusher 3 måneder siden
If I sell this kit on Amazon, would you buy it?
Nate Boyer
Nate Boyer 3 måneder siden
Where’s the beard?
Ryan Crummett
Ryan Crummett 3 måneder siden
Great video I love these types of videos other than just talking. Thank you for the hands on work! Keep up the great work!
Len Holt
Len Holt 3 måneder siden
You know we understand you trolling us about the Baoefeng. I know I know that Government infringement over the frequency bands. How dare they tax something that nobody can see. Clever gear stuff vid.
H_wx 3 måneder siden
Thank you so much for the tip by the way (Knipex 86 03 180 Pliers Wrench) I use it everywhere, all the time
warsurplus 3 måneder siden
Your threshold to experience "the fizz" seems to be lowering. Are you becoming an optimist?
Walter Morgenroth
Walter Morgenroth 3 måneder siden
If you're gonna show off the ham radio, make sure the loctite is right next to it too 😂
Brikrat 3 måneder siden
Love watching these little diy projects. Thanks!
Martin Paulsen
Martin Paulsen 3 måneder siden
Spiritus systems - What does spiritus mean in english? It means spirit in Danish, the kind you drink and get drunk
kk5sc 3 måneder siden
What MIL specs are you following on the cordage and assembly?
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
The imaginary one in my mind,
prouddaddyofdos 3 måneder siden
Nice watch!
rubbercity rebel
rubbercity rebel 3 måneder siden
Shrink tubing is the new loctite
Søren Ulfkjær
Søren Ulfkjær 3 måneder siden
Turn radio off
Anthony's Music Videos
Anthony's Music Videos 3 måneder siden
Where’s the beard at? Peace and love
WEMS20 3 måneder siden
@wranglerstar, what size shock cord did you use?
Deflomas 3 måneder siden
How is the section of shock cord? Thanks
Joey Jones
Joey Jones 3 måneder siden
That little kit would be great to go in a repair kit in a bug out bag
sparkysteve 3 måneder siden
Marine heat shrink is the better type to get as is a 4 to 1 shrink ratio generally,i work in maritime and we use heat shrink all the time great stuff and definitely best to use a heat gun to shrink it a naked flame will work in a pinch but best to use the right tool for the job. Atb Steve
STUFF WE DO. 3 måneder siden
Now I need bags and bags of shrink tube. Thanks for the video.
Kenny Gorman
Kenny Gorman 3 måneder siden
Hopefully helpful tip: that shrink tubing isn’t resistant to fuel and such. If you want milspec shrink try Raychem DR25. Fizzworthy
AZ Park It Storage
AZ Park It Storage 3 måneder siden
LMAO🤣 - Please don't ask me how I know that's true! Thx for the giggle down memory lane
shaldeman11 3 måneder siden
How do your midland radios compare to the baofeng in regards to range?
Jed 3 måneder siden
NIce video, I pray that your move is worry free and as smooth as a move can be. Keep walking with our KING!
Doug Commons
Doug Commons 3 måneder siden
Yeah, sometimes silence is super important. That's why hook and loop material is so great. That way you can be heard from miles away as you open your various pockets and pouches. Let's do away with buttons because they make waaaay too much noise. Sarcasm intended!
Astro Pigey
Astro Pigey 3 måneder siden
I absolutely love Mr. W's attention to detail on everything he does, I have a lot of respect for this man
CHeToeDust 3 måneder siden
I need to get a Bofang hand held CB radio
Áron Vörös
Áron Vörös 3 måneder siden
Nice explorer you got on the wrist
NJ 3 måneder siden
Just ordered my parts! excited to add a few of these to my work tools
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist 3 måneder siden
I saw Cody uploaded a video, Jack appeared holding a 'US MAIL' white tub full of these unlicensed radios, Jack was wearing what looked like a Forest Service helmet and they appeared to be doing electrical work which definitely wasn't up to code..... Needless to say, the video was soon removed.
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