Most Oddly Satisfying Shop Accessories

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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading Oddly Satisfying shop build.

Seumas Tetz
Seumas Tetz 5 dager siden
Cody, your camera there in the shop needs to be changed in one aspect and someone already noticed the need when they commented that you looked tiny in the setting. You can eliminate that effect either by zooming in a little or change your camera lens to one that is not a wide angle lens. The image itself is nice and sharp with good color rendition. Good job!
David LO PAT
David LO PAT 15 dager siden
This is so great, this workshop is gona be marvelous ! Many Thanks & geatings from FRANCE !
Teammo's Garage
Teammo's Garage 22 dager siden
I for one love the quotes at the end of the video!! Great video! Great respect for the old ways of life!
Wranglerstar 22 dager siden
I appreciate that!
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 26 dager siden
This camera angle and the vertical boards make you look tiny it’s very disorienting
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 26 dager siden
$17/stick **has stroke**
ColonelK0rn 26 dager siden
If you ever decide to hire some help in the shop, you can now point them to an introductory video on where to find things that you ask them for. Chapter 1 complete. Just over 2 weeks until I get my badge! It makes me proud that God has blessed me with the ability to support your channel.
Morgan Lean
Morgan Lean 26 dager siden
You need to have a french, cleat, that has a cabinet that inside has smaller french cleats that have draws, that have smaller french cleats.
Jeremy Vculek
Jeremy Vculek 26 dager siden
I can’t wait for the Wranglerstar Jr. channel and watching Jack with his first homestead. It’s great watching you do something new!!
Omar Penney
Omar Penney 27 dager siden
Whatever happened to that knott wood
L Smith
L Smith 27 dager siden
Dannnng sure made a BEAUTIFUL wall gorgeous wood
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 27 dager siden
Bonzer Wolf
Bonzer Wolf 27 dager siden
Sailors not soldiers on submarine 😁 Go Navy!
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp 27 dager siden
I think its going to be great
Brandon Koons
Brandon Koons 28 dager siden
I've been pretty busy with the new baby and getting things ready for winter, that I haven't had a chance to watch any of your new home videos, until today. I have to say, I'm really looking the scriptures and the end of each video and in enjoying watching the thought process, layout and building of the new shop. I save a lot of your content in a folder called "Things to build", so it's easy to find whenever I get to a point where I'm able to do things like that.
Matteo Capocefalo
Matteo Capocefalo 28 dager siden
Doesn't that render the use of the French cleat system useless though?
bcrusher1979 28 dager siden
Your content gives me the fizz!
Justin Wutzke
Justin Wutzke 28 dager siden
I really hope there are no soldiers on a submarine. Sailors yes, soldiers no.
Chuck Zechman
Chuck Zechman 28 dager siden
Great video. God Bless Brother!
Nolan Hess
Nolan Hess 28 dager siden
WranglerStar is going to be getting me through my winter boredom here in college with these videos of the new homestead.
William Kolis
William Kolis 28 dager siden
Cody are 1.5” screws enough? 3/4” for the cleat and you also have a gap for the grooves you are drilling through. I’m assuming you only have 5/8” bite. Just a thought. 😁
Reviving Tribalism
Reviving Tribalism 28 dager siden
Need windows in there 😅😅
Vladimir Minchuk
Vladimir Minchuk 28 dager siden
Hi your shop looks awesome I love it and all the work you do hard working man may God bless you
Douglas Hopkins
Douglas Hopkins 28 dager siden
I wish I had the wall space to do the same. I am curious though... no electrical outlets? Maybe I just missed them.
Carl Webinar
Carl Webinar 28 dager siden
Feeding soldiers on a submarine... I was literally laughing out loud.
Harry 28 dager siden
God bless and keep your family Cody.
Philanthrop Chic
Philanthrop Chic 28 dager siden
I say, them sure are some handsome dungarees!
Jack Carr
Jack Carr 28 dager siden
I love how Cody refers to his tools kind of in a way that there are tools also in a weird way
nzgunnie 28 dager siden
I don't think submarine kitchens have to feed any many soldiers...
Littleacres 28 dager siden
Good for you. Looks great!
JaffNo898 28 dager siden
I think for the sake of the shot, everything on the back wall only. Side walls going to make it feel very small if you got stuff hanging on them.
Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson 28 dager siden
I put the comment in your other video too, but run at least 2 CIRCUITS PER CONDUIT on EACH WALL: use 2 outlets per box with RED wires in right outlets and black on the left. Gives you 2 circuits no matter what outlet you're using to work. (If you're using vertically mounted breakers, put the BLACK wire on the BOTTOM breaker, if a 2-switch horizontal breaker, put the RED wire on the RIGHT breaker.) Letter- and color-coding the wires makes it easier to find the correct breaker(s) if you ever need to shut down a wall, or if you need 2 circuits you've got it. (If you'll draw a lot of amperage, you can also do 4 circuits per wall in your pull: alternate each set of 2 sets of circuits in every other box.) One thing I didn't mention in the other comment: buy colored electrical tape and tape each circuit to itself with a specific color; put that color on the breaker in the panel... if you figure 1' to pull out for every box you're using, then you can even pre-tape before you pull them.
Sally Ward
Sally Ward 28 dager siden
Why put the sharpening station so close? The tools at hand should be clamps, not grinders, When working on timber you don't want grinding dust and oil nearby, And if it's your old cabinet why do your files not fit inside? That's a new prefabricated kit that you have bought for the new shop. And anyone who owns a honing guide should not be allowed near quality sharpening stones.
Thaylor Harmor
Thaylor Harmor 28 dager siden
10:10 Have you considered making a horizonatal set of tiered (saw tooth), shelves. A lot of wasted space placing the files flat and over hanging.
Benjamin Rhodes
Benjamin Rhodes 28 dager siden
I love French cleats.
Des Thompson
Des Thompson 29 dager siden
Looking great! A question if I may. Why not use Douglas Fir for the cleats instead of plywood?
Petar Miladinovic
Petar Miladinovic 29 dager siden
Anybody else wondering why there is only 9 numeral punches for 10 numbers (0-9)... 9 is used as a six too or it's the other way around, nobody will ever know :)
ecorey45 29 dager siden
I remember helping one of my dads customers with a wood working project and that guy used like 6 or 7 different types of screws and it took forever to take it apart when he moved 2 years later because of all the different types of bits it needed
pengovan 29 dager siden
What a beautiful way to mount cabinets on the wall! Genius!
mdennis 29 dager siden
Loctite cabinet really should be displayed on the back wall in the center of the frame
OHN 29 dager siden
In my opinion, from a viewers perspective. Try to display all your nice hand tools and hide the bulky plastic electrical tools in cabinets. Maybe it is a bit of a trade off regarding convinience but i think it would look much better!
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 29 dager siden
Thanks for sharing this with us Cody. 👍😁
J. D. Large
J. D. Large 29 dager siden
There’s nothing like a clean palate to work with when setting up a shop. The sky’s the limit! Now THAT gives me the fizz! 😉✌🏼
TK Skagen
TK Skagen 29 dager siden
Below the Corner Cabinet you could easily place a 5-10 gallon Shop Vac or a Smaller Air Compressor!
lynn last
lynn last 29 dager siden
Maybe you will consider the *Speedy Sharp as an on the fly, handy, good, knife sharpening tool that you can put in your pocket or throw in your hunting pack
John Grytbakk
John Grytbakk 29 dager siden
What a fun project.
Martin Moore
Martin Moore 29 dager siden
An idea on the electrical portion; I think it would be a shame to ugly up that nice t & g with conduit. Have you considered Wiremold? It is steel and prefinished.
Wranglerstar 29 dager siden
I like the look of conduit,
NRCustom 29 dager siden
Spicy new suv you got there... 😆
Wranglerstar 29 dager siden
It's me mums,
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 29 dager siden
Navy cooks feed sailors and marines, not soldiers.
Jacob Goodenough
Jacob Goodenough 29 dager siden
13 minutes to put up a cabinet that is efficiency
SneakySolidSnake 29 dager siden
i bet with all those 2x6's and the insulation, that shop wont have any trouble staying warm with a nice heater in there. a wood stove is probably as nostalgic for you as a kerosene heater is for me.
Texoma Tinker
Texoma Tinker 29 dager siden
If you custom cut the cleats, why not just mount the cabinets to the wall?
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun 29 dager siden
Hi Cody, to remove unwanted pencil lines, try an ordinary eraser. It gets into the wood grain where a sanding block won't. Also, it doesn't potentially damage the surface.
Don Johnson24
Don Johnson24 29 dager siden
An ordinary eraser works even better than sandpaper for removing pencil marks from wood. Keep one in your tool belt pocket.
Jay Schmidt
Jay Schmidt 29 dager siden
I see you are using the Makita Torque bits. I think they are the best available.
Stanley J. Mitchell
Stanley J. Mitchell 29 dager siden
Like your bench even though it’s not finished. My bench is six by two and I have slides on the bottom so I can move it around. You have a huge shed. I have a two car garage that doubles as a one size fits all. I currently have an old Nissan 4WD that I’m restoring. As you can imagine, there’s not a lot of room to spare.
Rick K.
Rick K. 29 dager siden
Very nice. Two comments... Slotwall. Installed horizontally, at say 40” to the bottom. It comes 4x8. ( this is for someone planning, not this project). And electric. I suppose you will surface mount? I would think this job would look best if it was concealed. I want lots of electric, close, in my shop. Other than that, I’m envious of the space. And yes, you’ll want more. I’ve got about 1500 sq ft, and want more!
John R
John R 29 dager siden
Bearded Welder
Bearded Welder 29 dager siden
Just curious about the Porsche Cayenne in the background.
ANRN 28 dager siden
His mom’s??
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. 29 dager siden
Andrew Miller
Andrew Miller 29 dager siden
I thought you were done with the Milwaukee tape measure?
Chuck Cirelli
Chuck Cirelli 29 dager siden
I think inch and a half screws may be a bit short. your only going in the 2x6. 3/4 to 1 inch I think 2 1/4 inch screws would be much stronger and safer...imho...your shop walls look better than my living room safe...
1100wing 29 dager siden
Umm... I don't think there are soldiers on a submarine.
David Doering
David Doering 29 dager siden
Make a rolling clamp rack so nice to move the whole pile up to work even if it’s close I copied norm Abrams but April Wilson has a good one to
David Tyers
David Tyers 29 dager siden
I am just extending my workshop workbenches and was struggling to find storage ideas. The French cleat system is so versatile, problem solved. Thank you Cody.
Big Wrench Garage
Big Wrench Garage 29 dager siden
The punch stamps are awesome tools. I have the ones from Harbor Freight, but unfortunately they are not good quality and very blurry stamps.
Hans Thyme
Hans Thyme 29 dager siden
Since you like Swedish stuff you should get a Sjöbergs Elite Workbench. You deserve it.
P R Doohan
P R Doohan 29 dager siden
That one dark board. Oof. Cody be trollin the ocd folk 😉
Brian Leya
Brian Leya 29 dager siden
The shop definitely looks great. I don’t blame you having stationary work stations. I would recommend on the long wall behind you have a continuous French cleat system so you can have some free reign in your shop.
Jacob Hogan
Jacob Hogan 29 dager siden
Really like the nice light feeling that T&G adds to the space. I think the shop studio is gonna turn out really really nicely. Keep it up Cody.
cava sinon
cava sinon 29 dager siden
Hey !! As you're using a clever french "thing", why not use another and use their metric system ?! Would be usefull for your non-american viewers
Michael Schaber
Michael Schaber 29 dager siden
Cody you are a good man
Jake Rabinowitz
Jake Rabinowitz 29 dager siden
So cool seeing all this come together, one of my favorite recent videos!
divine_ 29 dager siden
Cutting the cleats to size kinda seems to undermine the whole point of them doesn't it? Now if you want to move your cabinets you will have to move your cleats also. Or am I missing something?
Kermit 29 dager siden
Not that his shop is that dirty but French cleats catch and hold a lot of dust and dirt. He’s forfeiting the ability to move shelves but still settling for the ability to easily remove them.
Shmooder 29 dager siden
Im guessing hes doing it this way because the shelves and cabinets were already set up for the cleats from the old shop but this tims he doesnt want to cover the look of the walls with continuous. Working with what he has
clamum 29 dager siden
For some reason Cody is about the only person I've seen a goatee on and who doesn't look worse because of it. Usually those things are ugly IMO. Good job Cody. But it doesn't erase the toupee 😡
Diabolik771 29 dager siden
"Those aren't proper shop accessories" East Coast guys
Jacob Mauersberger
Jacob Mauersberger 29 dager siden
"Pro tip" dont measure your cuts... just use stops on a proper saw... its really unefficient and not that accurate to draw lines ...
Paul Blaze
Paul Blaze 29 dager siden
I swear cody got more ways to sharpen a knife then anyone i konw😂 Much luv tho
Max Does Games
Max Does Games 29 dager siden
Looks beautiful, great job.
Jeff May
Jeff May 29 dager siden
I miss the flying Loctite
JMC 29 dager siden
you are loved by me and my family...
D. Brown Jr.
D. Brown Jr. 29 dager siden
A trump poster would be nice.
Wendell Perkins
Wendell Perkins 29 dager siden
Those tall walls and camera angle make you look like a tiny person in a wooden box.
Ed Weber Jr.
Ed Weber Jr. 29 dager siden
You babble a little too much. I still enjoy your videos, great work.
sol stern
sol stern 29 dager siden
Evening sir, long time subscriber of yours. I would hang all your clamps on your work bench. Possibly under the bench if not enough overhang on the sides to keep from being in the way. If under, a simple 1x1 open shelves hung from the bottom side of the bench top. Makes an Easy, quick grab when your other hand is tied up. |_| just a simple open “U” pocket holes to screw into the the bottom side of the work top. Have a good one sir.
Keegan Watt
Keegan Watt 29 dager siden
The fir walls have absolutely ruined my depth perception. It dosent look like Cody goes back in the room it looks like he shrinks! Beautiful stuff though, shame that’s what it does to the camera. It’ll likely be better once it’s furnished too
P J 29 dager siden
That's going to be a good looking wood shop.
BlankSpot 29 dager siden
Cody, you are braver than I. I was getting nervous by just watching you hang up the french cleats! After all that work making the T&G look perfect, I'm not sure I could have hung anything on those walls...simply great looking. Understand it's a shop, but still....
Stan the Man
Stan the Man 29 dager siden
Where´s all your outlets? Shouldn´t those go in before you mount your stuff or are you going to place them around what you hang?
Michael Durkin
Michael Durkin 29 dager siden
How is the shoulder feeling Cody?
Phil Profenna
Phil Profenna 29 dager siden
Adam Savage just made a 1 day build for his letter punches go check it out! Put it on the back burner i know you are busy with everything else but it'll be cool to see your own version of it! Can't wait to see it if you decide to do it.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 29 dager siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed
d 29 dager siden
Wooden baseboards in a darker hue would be useless but aesthetically satisfying.
d 29 dager siden
Maybe a corner mould too. Would break up the visual of the room. Looks great either way gj.
Shane Harris
Shane Harris 29 dager siden
Was that a MILWAUKEE tape measure I saw in the beginning 👀😂
WOWEGNER 29 dager siden
13:26 Great to hear these words at the end of a video. America needs more of this
outdoor adventuresuk
outdoor adventuresuk 29 dager siden
The new wooden cladding looks fantastic, apart from the darker coloured strip right in the middle of shot, which is a little distracting.
mojo65 29 dager siden
the beauty of french cleats is the ability to move things as your needs change.
J L 29 dager siden
Great idea. If I made a list of all the useful things I have learned from your channel it would be longer than what I learned from public school.
Matt Malone
Matt Malone 29 dager siden
Would love to see the Christmas lights incorporated back into the wood shop
Jack Sasquatch
Jack Sasquatch 29 dager siden
Random comment generator.
Mark B.
Mark B. 29 dager siden
Cody... Love your content.... but hope the new "stage area" comes to life more as you begin populating it. Right now, it's all bleachedin as the same color tone and really has zero depth. I'm sure it'll come to life soon!!!
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