Why We Got A Harvest Right Freeze Dryer

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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading got a Harvest Right Freeze Dryer.
For more information on Harvest Right - Click Here harvestright.com/
The Prudent Homemaker - theprudenthomemaker.com/

Vincent Negron
Vincent Negron Dag siden
Harvest Rite makes three machines. Which one did you get?
Larry Cox
Larry Cox 3 dager siden
I just found this site and LOVE it! So, I'm way behind...where are you living now? Where did you move from?
Ryan Spiegler
Ryan Spiegler 3 dager siden
Some pan fish and smoked oysters from a can. :-)
GUTPILEGAME 14 dager siden
Can you give some insight to loudness? Does it need to be in the basement or shop? Vs an actual kitchen appliance?
Horizon 18 dager siden
seems you got a great woman there you guys are awesome
WRC Måned siden
Just saw one of these at Coastal in Gresham Oregon.
sn00ch Måned siden
Very cool! I thought I couldn't afford one, but the company actually offers a Lay-Away plan starting with a little as $250! I WILL own one in the near future ! Thank you very kindly for introducing this amazing product to us! How about trying freeze dried ice cubes and see what turns out! LOL
Jamie Parfitt
Jamie Parfitt Måned siden
One word Cool. 😎
Tom Clarkson
Tom Clarkson Måned siden
Do more of this! Very interested.
daniel cunningham
daniel cunningham Måned siden
Could this do a kind of quick gourmet noodle dish versus a store-bought chemical-induced preservative one? Think oodles of noodles with egg and veg and meat.
James Perry
James Perry Måned siden
Wow man I had no idea those even existed for home use! Getting myself early Christmas present right now, great video is like to see more of the foods y all make in that.
Sarah Morrison
Sarah Morrison Måned siden
Do you reconstitute your fruit? Or do you just eat it dry?
Maureen Harrah
Maureen Harrah Måned siden
Lasagne servings
Joshue Manuel Avalos Gomez
Joshue Manuel Avalos Gomez Måned siden
Drying hash bby 4 sure
GARY MADER Måned siden
Peanuts. I would like to see what would happen if you freeze dried peanut or any kind of nut for long term storage. If it can be done.
Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement
Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement Måned siden
@GARY MADER Sure there is moisture in nuts - but the oils will not freeze dry. The most any fats or oils will keep is 2 years at best. Olive oil in tins with no oxygen or light will not keep longer than 2 years. Any prepper channel will testify to this. Shortening if kept frozen will last 2 years and then it's only good for making candles out of it. The wheat flower you buy will only keep max 2 years for the same reason - the wheat berries have been cracked and released the oils inside. Where as whole wheat berries will keep 2000 years - go figure. Every channel suggests stocking up on peanut butter - but it has to be rotated out. It will go bad even unopened at about the 2 year mark. So far the only eatable fats I have found with a longer shelf life is Red Feather canned butter from New Zealand. With a 10 year shelf life. You are more than welcome to try that experiment but I'm confident you will be disappointed with the results.
GARY MADER Måned siden
@Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement yes. You are correct. However it is not the oil that causes a nut to go rancid, it is the oxygen in the air reacting on the oil in the nut. And nuts I think still do have some water in them. And water is oxygen and hydrogen gas combined together. So it would be interesting to see if nuts would last longer if freeze-dried. And then packaged with an oxygen absorber and one with out.
Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement
Old Frugal One Hyper-Drive Movement Måned siden
Nuts have oils that will not freeze dry and will still go rancid.
neo geo
neo geo Måned siden
You should wash your hair it's really greasy
Pammie Doodle
Pammie Doodle Måned siden
I’d like to know if there is anything you cannot freeze dry?
Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts Måned siden
spam freeze dried spam
Enis Desevic
Enis Desevic Måned siden
MRS. W ,I am impressed by your charms and charisma...
BÈNO Måned siden
Isnt it great seeing happy healthy people.... this is exactly what the government doesn't want
Kim Berlee
Kim Berlee Måned siden
I tried a mountain house freeze dried ice cream sandwich and it was delicious.
Kim Berlee
Kim Berlee Måned siden
Would love to know how much electricity it uses
powder749 Måned siden
Here's a challenge for ya, Mrs. W... Freeze dried water. 😂🤣😂🤣 This is gonna be epic!
Apu Apustaja
Apu Apustaja Måned siden
Freeze dry a glass of milk and then rehydrate it and have it with chocolate chip cookies.
genevie lucious
genevie lucious Måned siden
I'd love one of these and the room. Excellent video. Yes a demo on a meal from beginning to eating using the whole process.,Those freeze dried products in my country are so expensive. We import them from the USA would you believe. That's those survival buckets I'm talking about. Freeze dried in NEW Zealand is very limited options if you could do your own that would be fantastic.
AB_015 Måned siden
You put a lot of work into it and it will not go unnoticed for generations to come. I hope you guys left some "Easter Eggs" around for the future generations to discover. :-) (Like signatures, dates, etc)
Needs More Toys
Needs More Toys Måned siden
Freeze dried eggs?!?!? What the heck.
Zoie Baker
Zoie Baker Måned siden
You two are adorable!
Greg Ziegler-personal
Greg Ziegler-personal Måned siden
Cody and Mrs. W, how expensive is it to freeze dry your own food, including the freeze dryer, the mylar bags, the deoxygenators, etc? Thanks
chick EASTWATER Måned siden
WHAT IS THE COST ,,of THE FREEZE DRYER ?? Have U Dry Froze ,, ICE CREAM yet ??
gemgari Måned siden
I married a Proverbs 31 woman too!!!!
Stian Sundseth
Stian Sundseth Måned siden
Svenska köttbullar med tillbehör =)
Daddy1724 Måned siden
Jesus...look at the neck on that ugly thing. Just dragged along on some maniacs plans, and jesus rants. Hes gonna learn one day soon, all alone, family gone
D Lynch
D Lynch Måned siden
I’m still blown away by the freezing of eggs that I can’t think of anything else to freeze. Now that I know that eggs can be frozen I want some chickens. May I say you are adorable and entertaining together. TFS love you two sweeties.
Freedom by Fire
Freedom by Fire Måned siden
Freeze dry a steak
John Sleeuwenhoek
John Sleeuwenhoek Måned siden
Can you show if you can freeze dry, a 2 person 3 meals a day 4500 calories combined ration, in 24 hrs? possibly with some in between snacks. The question is are you able to prepare per day one long storage food ration for 2 people for a day. A 3 day proces for 3 meals or whatever is for me the same. And the fun for me would to see how you’re bringing variation and recepies. This system is great, however when it takes a week to freeze dry a 2 person ration, it wil take 2 years to build a 100 days supply
Tom Clarkson
Tom Clarkson Måned siden
We have found that we can freeze dry about 10 lbs. of food with our freeze dryer per day. So, depending on what you are freeze drying, 5,000+ calories for 2 is definitely possible. We figure we freeze dried about 6K worth of freeze dried food in the first year, but if you run it all the time it is closer to 10-12K worth. We keep ours going 2-3 days a week.
Derek Marshall
Derek Marshall Måned siden
WhaT size is your machine
Derek Marshall
Derek Marshall Måned siden
Thousand yr old eggs 🥚
Deborah Walker
Deborah Walker Måned siden
Can you do peanut butter?
HalleluYAH Homestead
HalleluYAH Homestead Måned siden
So, is that an affiliate link? We've been wanting to buy one of these, so I'll purchase through your link if you get something from it!
Jarrod Williamson
Jarrod Williamson Måned siden
I absolutely love her sense of humor. Lol.
Dustin Koehn
Dustin Koehn Måned siden
Raw tuna belly
Dice Blue
Dice Blue Måned siden
"food-grade wildland fire glove" - choking on my coffee :)))))))
Beck Måned siden
Not so strange because you can buy it, but I’d like to see you freeze dry ice cream!
Thunderus Night
Thunderus Night Måned siden
Freeze dry sweetloaf and reconstitute her when you are ready to let her grow up. It would certainly reduce screaming and crying lol On a more serious note I would love to see you guys freeze dry a nice grilled steak to see how long it takes and how juicy it is after you add water. Also I would like to see you guys just put in wayer to see how effective it is and how much it can remove in 24 hours.
John D
John D Måned siden
I really love you two doing videos together especially when Cody starts being silly. Can you freeze dry the Rock's treat/cheat meals?
John D
John D Måned siden
"how nice is that gonna be for the baby"... Erm you are talking about the loaf, right?!!
Patricia Hedegaard
Patricia Hedegaard Måned siden
Could you try the teriyaki chicken with rice? That would be awesome.
Anthony Ostwald
Anthony Ostwald Måned siden
You should try Twinkies in the in the freeze dryer
WUDCHK Måned siden
As someone who has owned one of these for 4 years now.....get yourself a good chamber vacuum sealer, and some 5 mil thick mylar bags.
WUDCHK Måned siden
You can also put double the amount of items on your trays, layering is key :-)
Sensorama2000 Måned siden
Nice idea! There are these sealing machines that seal and produce vacuum. Would be way better than having yo put in something inedible...
Proud Pennsylvanian
Proud Pennsylvanian Måned siden
Freeze dried Big Mac.
Scott Rusk
Scott Rusk Måned siden
You should put a piece of clear tape over the ink on the bags. That way whatever you write won't fade or rub off.
Janice Crowell
Janice Crowell Måned siden
Caviar, escargot, horseradish. These are just a few things I would try freeze drying if I had a freeze dryer.
Janice Crowell
Janice Crowell Måned siden
Elderberry syrup
Carol B
Carol B Måned siden
Try a newborn’s placenta.
outbackeddie Måned siden
You know what would be cool - freeze-dry some of your leftovers for your dogs. You could freeze-dry steak bones (with a little tasty steak still left on them) and other things your dogs like. Use them up every few years and you will also save a little money on dog food.
Charles Hammond Jr
Charles Hammond Jr Måned siden
Adventure Hawk's Ancient Harmony
Adventure Hawk's Ancient Harmony Måned siden
I have a Harvest Right FD'er. It's a large stainless steel model. It's in constant use! You should get a set of the Synthetic liners for sticky foods and sauces. Oils and fats don't do well at all, unless they're mixed into an entree. I've done all kinds of stuff.
KB Environmental
KB Environmental Måned siden
12-layer jello
bwvids Måned siden
Too bad the bags are trashed, not recyclable. 8:15 less food waste but more waste.
Tom Clarkson
Tom Clarkson Måned siden
We reuse the bags so that they don't go to waste.
Maxwell Stevens
Maxwell Stevens Måned siden
Peanut butter and fluff sandwich. A north eastern delicacy!
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson Måned siden
Snickers Bars !!!
Bruce Dickinson
Bruce Dickinson Måned siden
Love our HarvestRight. The kid LOVES freeze dried peaches. I do too..
Eric Maggard
Eric Maggard Måned siden
I would like to see you freeze dry a pizza!!! Like the scene from Back to the Future 2 where they order Pizza Hut and re hydrate the pizza. That would be awesome
harpintn Måned siden
You should use a vacuum sealer to get the maximum shelf life from your freeze dried food.
Alexandra Wesson
Alexandra Wesson Måned siden
Freeze dry braunschweiger
Demarco Wolfork
Demarco Wolfork Måned siden
Freeze dry some fresh bud in smoke it then tell me how u feel. I want one for different purposes
L R Måned siden
Is this guys last name Tillinghast?
William Stewart
William Stewart Måned siden
It looks like a clothes dryer. Can it do double duty?
Wyatt Earp
Wyatt Earp Måned siden
Nhân Trương Minh
Nhân Trương Minh Måned siden
I once read they use the same tech for food the iss so astronauts won't have to eat toothpaste. Literally space tech at home.
Timber Wolf
Timber Wolf Måned siden
How did you get a red one? I'd like to see you freeze dry thin strips of well done steak to see if it's like jerky or if the freeze dry texture ruins the taste.
Mike T
Mike T Måned siden
Can you try some wild game?
jimsiggy Måned siden
The title is "Why we got a harvest right freeze dryer'. IDK, but i feel like the reason you got it is, because it was given to you, so you could make a video about it; it's just a feeling. I know, if I had spent $2k or so on one of those, I wouldn't let it sit in the back room for months, I'd be excited to try it out. Like I said, IDK any of the details, it's just a hunch. So am I correct, that the machine was given to you so you could make a promo video?
Bogan Blokes
Bogan Blokes Måned siden
put jelly in it.
Silent Tree Naturals
Silent Tree Naturals Måned siden
Oh my gosh! I have been wanting one of those forever! We just recently became consultants for a company that shall not be named...want one of these so I could do my own!!! Would like to see you do meat. Blessings in Christ!
No More Wars For Israel
No More Wars For Israel Måned siden
Tried freeze dried food for the first time while camping this weekend. Tasted like it just came off the stove.
mike plant
mike plant Måned siden
i'd like to see you try fish, I know it freezes well .
Korstiaan Akse
Korstiaan Akse Måned siden
Try to freezedry fish
addisarng Måned siden
freeze dried hamburger or chicken sandwich (with bun and your prefered toppings all in the same bag)
paige olive M
paige olive M Måned siden
You should do video taking food from pouch and preparing it into something delicious.:)
boulderingrockboy Måned siden
I know you quit drinking a while ago Cody, but why not freeze dry a nice West Coast brewery beer?
ZipKickGo Måned siden
I love when Mrs. W hosts videos, she's such a warm and fun person on camera. Don't worry, you're warm and fun too big guy, hahaha.
Smoak Stogie
Smoak Stogie Måned siden
Freeze dry some of Jack's famous breakfast burritos!
opfor325 Måned siden
Mrs W's laugh is 👍
Tim McWilliams
Tim McWilliams Måned siden
Just imagine if the left add an amendment to the Constitution Allowing abortion that Included tlhe phrase "shall not be Infringed " The left would have a Civil War if anyone try to pass a law infringing that right .. I'm not supporting An abortion amendment just pointing it out
Stanley Graves
Stanley Graves Måned siden
I am curious how cheese & dairy will freeze dry. Those are foods that are difficult to dehydrate.
Steven A.
Steven A. Måned siden
That's awesome. I just wish they were more affordable
Ken7382 Måned siden
Just a thought, but maybe get a little silicone mold for your pesto/liquid items to contain them, making them easier to divide up. Kinda like the molds you see for chocolates/soap/etc.
John Gagnon
John Gagnon Måned siden
Peanut Butter
Caleb McLellan
Caleb McLellan Måned siden
I would love to see how a grilled rib-eye steak would turn out after being freeze dried!
Bryan Little
Bryan Little Måned siden
Ik it's not food but it'd be fascinating to see what happens if you freeze dry bar oil, maybe a little bit of 2 stroke mix etc
Gregg Mouritzen
Gregg Mouritzen Måned siden
A roast would be cool.
mrbadhabit73 Måned siden
Freeze dry foods that have been previously freeze dryed.
Talon6551 Måned siden
While informative, most people don't have the $2 grand laying around for this machine.
Lisa D.
Lisa D. Måned siden
I'll just have to dehydrate.. Lol
Someone Else
Someone Else Måned siden
That unit with the oil free pump is $4190 right now.
Lisa D.
Lisa D. Måned siden
I agree...they are so expensive
lostonpurpose 37
lostonpurpose 37 Måned siden
2 grand wow the price has come down. They were 3600.00 two years ago.
Spentrounds Måned siden
I used to work on vacuum dryers and theses are the best most are not UL certified and don’t feel near as solid
Sanctus Vianney
Sanctus Vianney Måned siden
It cost about three dollars a day to run the machine. That is some thing to factor in. Also the $1500 vacuum pump is a 98% necessity. You can get the lesser quality noisier pumps but freeze dried food will become a big chore in some thing he will stray away from without the ease of the $1500 vacuum pump
Snow Goer
Snow Goer Måned siden
freeze dry ice
Tom Clarkson
Tom Clarkson Måned siden
Please show things to freeze dry that are not good bottled or canned from home. Things like milk, yogurt, meat, spaghetti, soup, cooked rice, ice cream, melon, pineapple, strawberries, bananas....there doesn't seem to be a good way to can or dehydrate these types of foods (at least safely).
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