I got the Quadvan stuck in the sand

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Michael Twing
Michael Twing 26 dager siden
Cody gets the fizz watching hippies at the beach! Love it!
chickenfishhybrid44 29 dager siden
Gotta keep a core tool in the ashtray or similar spot! Pull em till they whistle!
Connor McDougald
Connor McDougald Måned siden
Living in Florida we’ve all been there, even 4 wheel drive doesn’t always save you in sugar sand
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
Good video Cody @WranglerStar
John Ruigrok
John Ruigrok Måned siden
Mate I would love to come over to your new property and hang out with your community neighbors and friends, but unfortunately I live in a place called Emerald in Victoria. Australia I can’t see myself coming over there as I am in my seventies but watch you all the time and imagine myself over there as you seem really nice people. I live in the hills 1 hour from Melbourne. 2 minute walk to Emerald Lake . We have beautiful views like you . May God be with you in these troubled time . Good on ya mate .
WildNFree Life
WildNFree Life Måned siden
Hill towing on NOpost is right up north in ocean park. My wife found the first ever pacific snake eel just off the cranberry approach there, we have the video on our channel. Crazy random find haha. We love the peninsula. 🙂 Cheers Cody and family
m9 ovich
m9 ovich Måned siden
HAHAHAH You DID get it stuck. LOL O George where you ???
Kevin Firth
Kevin Firth Måned siden
Blames the baby What a tool bag
smileyhappyradio Måned siden
I love that you can 4 wheel on the beach, except when babies get involved.
Kimber-ly Shumaker
Kimber-ly Shumaker Måned siden
I have done this.....and we have helped pull people out. Blessings to you all.
Gregg Mouritzen
Gregg Mouritzen Måned siden
lol "Measure once, check twice" applies to driving, as well. Another Sweat Loaf memory.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim Måned siden
What is the standard length of time between Cody's "I got stuck videos"?
Chris Prucha
Chris Prucha Måned siden
ALWAYS blame the babby!! lol
marchatesyou1 Måned siden
3-ton vehicle stuck in soft sand...finally gives an excuse to own a $250 spyderco knife
Nerys Måned siden
You got lucky critter. lowering tire pressure normally just makes it worse since the issue is not the ruts but high centering the chassis on the sand in the middle because of those ruts IE your chassis sitting beached. You were not that stuck so got lucky. once NOT stuck yes lower pressure equal larger surface patch contact for the tires and better traction. same in the snow.
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner Måned siden
As a teenager I used to get stuck on purpose to see if I could get out of any circumstance. Only failed once when the timing belt broke as I was rocking the truck
John Thomas
John Thomas Måned siden
West coast man gets stuck alot.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio Måned siden
Love the way it backed right out. Epic!
Sunny Rivers
Sunny Rivers Måned siden
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops Måned siden
Jeez I thought that was a video game lol
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops Måned siden
Only west coast guys let their baby’s drive 😂😂
therealzooch Måned siden
Been there done that.
Pople BackyardFarm
Pople BackyardFarm Måned siden
You two are so adorable I loved this
Zane Adams
Zane Adams Måned siden
Gives me the fizz....
Andy Måned siden
Oh man we we just there at the same beach in June, an amazing place for kids to explore and be kids! Our girls couldn’t help but get wet and sandy in the first 5min of being on the beach
Shmule shadows
Shmule shadows Måned siden
Do you think going to college for wildland firefighting would be worth it
Jim OBrien
Jim OBrien Måned siden
you can tell a lot by a man and his shoes LOL
ConservativeYankee22 Barr
ConservativeYankee22 Barr Måned siden
Cody I think you may be getting shadow banned from NOpost as I watch about every video you have made and you never come up in my recommendations. (Feed) hate that term. Great job getting outta that sand, that can be a real tough spot. Congratulations on your new property looking forward to all the new content.
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal Måned siden
1:26 "Sometimes I think Cody likes getting stuck." - Just imagine how many times we didn't get the stuck video.
Brian Tucker
Brian Tucker Måned siden
this is what happens when prepers dont prep lol.
Nick F.
Nick F. Måned siden
If you should ever find yourself in Denmark, check out the west coast there. Wide, flat beaches like this, and rows of charming dunes topped with Marram grass. Good food too. If the weather cooperates, Danish summer is simply divine.
SaltwaterRook Måned siden
Sand = airdown. Every single time. It's less work on the drive train, better fuel economy, smoother ride, and it tears up the beach less. But don't worry, I live and drive on the coast. It amazes me how many "locals" I pull out or see pedal down trying to power through the soft stuff. I drive a Ram 2500 and dig less than some of these lighter trucks.
NickDaum 74
NickDaum 74 Måned siden
A 2 by 4 strapped across the tire works
Chris Spence
Chris Spence Måned siden
That’s the coolest kite I ever saw
Chris Spence
Chris Spence Måned siden
Valve stem remover in your spare tire kit?
Ken Ramsburg
Ken Ramsburg Måned siden
West Coast Guys? Geeezes..
Eye of the Tiger
Eye of the Tiger Måned siden
G'day Cody, Mrs. W, welcome to my world. The joy shown by the Sweatloaf is priceless. Make sure you give the adventure van a good going over when you get home, the salt and sand are ruthless, but you probably know that already. Good for health and well being though, in a similar vein to country air without fire activity. Cheers Duke.
Tommy Ordoyne
Tommy Ordoyne Måned siden
Did you learn those tricks from NOpost?
Old Creepy House Explorers Club
Old Creepy House Explorers Club Måned siden
Thats a badass van 😍
Teresa Blondin
Teresa Blondin Måned siden
Was always told that you only go as far as you can in 2 wheel drive. Then use 4 wheel drive to get you out.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
Joe Rasbeary
Joe Rasbeary Måned siden
A real “No Coast” man could have gotten out with 2 wheel drive... Better yet, we never would have gotten stuck...🙄😂
Gena Brady
Gena Brady Måned siden
Gotta watch out for those clam beds. It's a local past-time to watch the tourists get stuck as the tide is coming in.
Mr Frontranger
Mr Frontranger Måned siden
Need air lockers
Mr Frontranger
Mr Frontranger Måned siden
Babys fault 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁
KuriosPC Måned siden
He definitely likes to get stuck. Another chance to make a video.
MrGarlandSnow Måned siden
You should have called matts off road recovery
Uncle Shamus
Uncle Shamus Måned siden
Blame it on the baby
Uncle Shamus
Uncle Shamus Måned siden
Your a buthead
Andrew Pound
Andrew Pound Måned siden
Maxx tracs would have been ideal here 😂
Grant Måned siden
There needs to be a t-shirt made for your store that says gives me the fizz because its such a iconic term you use. Please make it happen
TJP 81
TJP 81 Måned siden
I thought that kite was an FE simulation of the tire for a moment.
jkup228 Måned siden
Can we get an updated tour of the sprinter van
Andre Gann
Andre Gann Måned siden
Boys and girls in this video you find out that 4 by 4 does not mean go anywhere.
Tristan Davies
Tristan Davies Måned siden
My dad and some other buds would keep bricks and pieces of 2x6s to put under the tires in Kuwait and iraq for when they'd get stuck
David Luster
David Luster Måned siden
Got to work with what you got sometimes.
igmothemagus Måned siden
SURE! Blame it on the Sweetloaf :-P Couldn't be Cody forgot :-P
Run, Jack. Run.
Run, Jack. Run. Måned siden
Kick the sand off your feet before you mount up again. Bloody savages.
Christine Chandler
Christine Chandler Måned siden
You did that very well😆
OnyxDrogon Måned siden
not that deep but the adventure van doesn't have a great break over angle either
MAE HAY Måned siden
Wow, Mr. & Mrs.Wranglerstar, This was the shortest video I’ve seen on your channel! If no one else is to blame there is always the Sweetloaf! Nice trick with letting out the air from the tires and getting unstuck from the sand! It’s very handy to know Cody! 👍
boer brabant
boer brabant Måned siden
Thats a good one. 'The baby did it' 😂😂
Bushwhacked Survivor
Bushwhacked Survivor Måned siden
Who cares!!
Robert Black1911
Robert Black1911 Måned siden
I can get the vehicle unstuck even in flip flops and no shovel in sight. Nice work Cody.
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post Måned siden
Piece of cake!!!
Doug Commons
Doug Commons Måned siden
Moments of great joy are often accompanied by moments of trial. Life has a way of helping us remain humble.
Texoma Tinker
Texoma Tinker Måned siden
It's been over 20 years since I drove on a beach, but I was the one pulling folks out with my old Bronco. I've still got it, and the power train is good, but it needs to be restored.
3Runner95 Måned siden
First couple of seconds look like a horror movie scene
Dennis Lee
Dennis Lee Måned siden
Steve Halsey
Steve Halsey Måned siden
Good teaching moment
Corey Dark
Corey Dark Måned siden
See LOW Range and reverse would have gotten you out. 99% of the time LOW range and reversing gets you out of a bog there for you never got bogged.
Will Snibson
Will Snibson Måned siden
Dude this is exactly why you have maxtrax
Joseph LaNore
Joseph LaNore Måned siden
A kite that huge that needs a truck to anchor, definitely the FIZZ ! THANKS
MegaDirtyberty Måned siden
A bunch of us went on a four wheel drive trip (way up high in the high country) and we were beating through snow, next thing you know I was high and dry with all four wheels off of the ground and going nowhere so we dug around the tyres and diffs (as much as possible) and the guy behind me pulled me out. Snow like sand is difficult to get out of once you are really stuck.
james samuelson
james samuelson Måned siden
All was carry a small rolled up piece of chain link fence. Works great under tire. Use it on our beaches here NC coast
Scott Powell
Scott Powell Måned siden
Doesn't take a westcoast man long to get outta the sand👍
Josh Oniel
Josh Oniel Måned siden
Are you guys at the longeach peninsula? That's my home I probably drove past you, I had oneil construction on my door. You looked parked. I apologize either way
Poppys Bench
Poppys Bench Måned siden
Aaand the obvious question is---- child not restrained ??
tigershadow1 Måned siden
Hi there.... I'm a new subscriber, and I'm off now to Google what "The Fizz" means.
2 Stroke, Running and repair
2 Stroke, Running and repair Måned siden
Need to call matts off-road recovery.
DomManInT1 Måned siden
Maybe you should get better control of your children.
what a shambles
what a shambles Måned siden
Valve key will be going in the glove box 🤣hard luck 👍🏻
Donald Duncan
Donald Duncan Måned siden
I wish I was fishing just to meet cody in person lol at least he was smart about it
Brandon Morgan
Brandon Morgan Måned siden
Thats the most east coast thing I've ever seen
backyard worker
backyard worker Måned siden
If you still see more than 50% of the tyres, we don't consider this being stuck. 🤣
steven johnson
steven johnson Måned siden
Hill towing charge $135 -$155 if your a youtuber no charge
Rod Stanley
Rod Stanley Måned siden
East coast man would never do that lol
toolhog10 Måned siden
I thought that kite at the end was a computer rendering having all that fog in the backdrop and not seeing the strings.
Jacob Breazeale
Jacob Breazeale Måned siden
Those are steel toe flip flops I assume, lol
Dalejr roks
Dalejr roks Måned siden
You should go down there during the kite festival that will get your FIZZ going for sure.
Tony Ascaso
Tony Ascaso Måned siden
Come on get a proper deflator! Don't be a hooplehead!
Hogs, Dogs, & Logs
Hogs, Dogs, & Logs Måned siden
I used to go down there on the weekends and pull you guys out for beer money in my youth.
Maxim Teleguz
Maxim Teleguz Måned siden
What is 0:03? Is that a sci-fi film?
Toby Pratt
Toby Pratt Måned siden
Nice flip flops lol
John Måned siden
No sweat for a West Coast Man and His Family. Looked pretty stuck but popped right out !
Alvin Dueck
Alvin Dueck Måned siden
Getting stuck in sand there is a lot like getting stuck in snow. Except we don't let the air out of our tires
Kula Cnt
Kula Cnt Måned siden
Definately thought the kite was CGI for at least 3 seconds.
Jared Boyd
Jared Boyd Måned siden
"The Fizz" is back!!
k s
k s Måned siden
You look like Johnny Depp on hippie crack.
Q2bFF Måned siden
I thought it was a digital rendering of a aired down tire grabbing sand.
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