How To Fold A Bandana Like A Pro

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Cody Goold
Cody Goold 16 dager siden
I didn’t need my dad or grandpa to teach me this, not that they would’ve.
Branson Stoddard
Branson Stoddard 24 dager siden
USA made ones are called HAV-A-HANK. they sell em at Cal ranch and i wear one in mustard yellow. ole cowboy color
sigma Life
sigma Life 27 dager siden
Wrangler star grandfather was a norteno wearing a red bandanna, and on this video wranglestar is sporting sureno
smartchip 28 dager siden
Can I say the grandfather video is good, my grandfather passed away when my father was just about 10, my father passed away when I was a toddler, so this video is so deep to a person like me, be grateful for the time with your father and grandfather, Godbless,
OSHAY USA on Amazon 100% cotton Made by veterans Made in America
Create Love Happy
Create Love Happy Måned siden
Farmer’s nose blow out each side, flick the excess off your hand and then wipe your face.
Create Love Happy
Create Love Happy Måned siden
Same here. My grandfather on my mom’s side who we all called “Pops” was a mechanic, a farmer, a hunter, a fisherman, and most importantly a gentleman. He always had a red hankie and always had a pocket knife. He had two red tractors - an old Case and a Massey Ferguson and he gave me a red hankie & my dad gave me a thin pocket knife. It was good for sharpening a pencil or opening a bale of hay. But Pops gave me bigger better one for the farm and fishing etc. His name was Walter McCrerey and he was the most stand up man I’ve ever known.
Phill Lindauer
Phill Lindauer Måned siden
I sweat like crazy and always have. I use mine for a sweat band or keeping the sun off of the back of my neck.
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner Måned siden
I'm 56 and since I was a teenager I always carried three things , a handkerchief, a watch, and a pocket knife. I love this video!
P. Hills
P. Hills Måned siden
They work excellent as a head band/sweat band keeping the sweat out of your eyes! This is especially handy for us with contacts when the sweat drys out your lens upon getting in your eyes. Now that I ponder it I'm going with your subtle humor on that one....Ha Touche
Will Francone390
Will Francone390 Måned siden
I'm 17 almost 18, and i've been trying to get a job since I turned 16. It's almost impossible to to get a job as a minor nowadays. I'm just gonna have to wait until I turn 18 in a few months.
Karen Grandpre
Karen Grandpre Måned siden
To use the hanky as a head band stop the sweat from going in your eyes.
texn8 Måned siden
I need a little larger bandana if y'all can. I have a large head... kinda Jay Leno size. A regular bandana is just a tad small!!
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
Any time i go to a wedding or funeral (especially the latter) i carry as many handkerchiefs as i can. It’s a loving touch to provide a good hanky to someone mourning.
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
You’re not overdoing anything sir. There’s so much junk out here to watch, it’s refreshing to watch someone who is actually providing good content. Thank you
Dean Bailey
Dean Bailey Måned siden
Wondering what brand of shirt you are typically wearing? Looks comfortable and I prefer button down.
B QUE Måned siden
REI sells 100% cotton and made in USA handkerchiefs/bandanas. So does D & B Supply in Eastern Oregon and Idaho.
Greg From Maine
Greg From Maine Måned siden
Love it, I’ve always carried one since my grandfather taught us I thought it was common knowledge, thank you for passing on these wonderful life skills!! Godbless you!
Alan R
Alan R Måned siden
My Pop always carried a hankie with him all the time he use to use it alot to check the oil on the dip stick on his car.
lars zchzsche
lars zchzsche Måned siden
Finding one in cotton is no problem, the problem is they are about one quater or one third as thick as they were back in the day, blow your nose, put in you pocket the your jeans and under wear or wet, they are thin today.
TheTrock121 Måned siden
This brought back memories. When we were first married, my wife and I carried matching bandanas and had matching wool hats. After raising 5 kids we've gotten a lot more ornery, but have lots of great memories.
The Anglo Saxon
The Anglo Saxon Måned siden
How can I video about a hanky be so bloody interesting ! 😂
Sascha Herrle
Sascha Herrle Måned siden
Why a bandana? Some people can't afford toupees... Sunburn protection. LOL!
SweetTeaBear Måned siden
My Pa used handkerchiefs all day, everyday. One in the chest pocket, one in the back pocket... when he died my granny took a sharpie and wrote, “this belonged to Pa” and the day he was born/died and gave one to everyone at the funeral that wanted one. Old country people, simple folk...
Pyro killer
Pyro killer Måned siden
Watched this video ordered a 100% cotton one same as yours thought it was blue but it was purple ... also ordered some boots after seeing your boot video some ankle high ones .... didn’t notice it has a zip on the inside like biker boots.
Jerry Newman
Jerry Newman Måned siden
My granddaddy was born in 1879. He lived to 1969.. his thing was a pocket knife...Barlow...he taught me to sharpen a knife...thanks for the video.
Gilbert Camacho
Gilbert Camacho 2 måneder siden
Man in black Johnny Cash 👍
Turning Wrenches
Turning Wrenches 2 måneder siden
I love your little jabs at us east coast guys! Lol I know it's all in good fun. Just so you know, some of us wear real pants. By the way, Cody, do you still do the Manly Manners segments?
Mirko Mrkobrada
Mirko Mrkobrada 2 måneder siden
Sees ''bandana'', reads BANANA...Am I d only 1???
James Barrick
James Barrick 2 måneder siden
13 minutes to fold a bandana? okay....
David Oyama
David Oyama 2 måneder siden
We are alike because I also have a cotton handkerchief in my back pocket and a pocket knife and love items made in the USA !
TheDon427 2 måneder siden
Jocko Willink (NAVY SEAL) owns an American company that makes their own denim jeans and BJJ ghi’s. I’m butchering the story but they bought a super old sewing machine and started cranking ghi’s and jeans out. Look him up!! The company is based in Maine.
Carl Peterson
Carl Peterson 2 måneder siden
Products made in the USA. Check out Sewjourn Gear! A great guy making great products! I'm sure he would be happy to work with you to come out with a Wranglerstar item or two or ten!
Urbicide 2 måneder siden
Tip: Clean your glasses before blowing your nose.
Eric Israel
Eric Israel 2 måneder siden
Never heard of Sugar Cane Jeans, went to Amazon to check them out, Opps Never would I pay 500.00 for pants. You just said no for rims on the van and how being young and foolish and I agreed with you. lol
Markhor 475
Markhor 475 2 måneder siden
Per your headband confusion @ 6:53 - To keep sweat out of your eyes. It works well.
Gary Peterson
Gary Peterson 2 måneder siden
Great job. I think the only one that could have done better would have been Martha Stewart. I remember when I was a young man in school (Circa 1967) all boys were required to carry a handkerchief. By the way, those schools were PS 151, and PS 10 in New York City. It's a city on the East coast.
Angela S
Angela S 2 måneder siden
Love it! My grandpas and my dad always carried a handkerchief, and my lovely husband always carries one as well.
Trenton Jennings
Trenton Jennings 2 måneder siden
Person A: you got your pocketknife? Person B: I got my trousers on don't I?
Micah Frye
Micah Frye 2 måneder siden
Can I just say I loved this channel then it became kinda hipsterish and very clickbaity without good content. I'm liking what I've seen more recently but there for a while I just stopped and couldn't watch it.
Elliott Alderson
Elliott Alderson 2 måneder siden
What color Hanky? .. isn’t that dependent upon your particular gang affiliation?
Freedom1776 2 måneder siden
If you search amazon there’s a few USA made 100% cotton bandanas made by veterans
Koga73 2 måneder siden
In the city you risk your life having a colored handkerchief hanging out your back pocket
olehemlock 2 måneder siden
My Grandfather taught me to wear my wallet in the left pocket. Reason being, you are always going to take money out of your wallet using your right hand. Using the left pocket it’s already in your left hand. Unless your left handed. Back in the day all dress pants had a button on the left pocket to keep your wallet secure. I don’t know if you ever noticed, I have noticed this were I live. The Amish men make their own pants. Two things stick out. They have don’t have back pockets and they don’t wear belts either. I always figured this was for health reasons. Maybe some day I will ask one of them.
Kylejom 2 måneder siden
Personally I carry a black and grey silk bandanna. It is significantly thinner than a cotton bandanna in your pocket, warmer around your neck, more moisture wicking, softer and a stronger fibre if it’s needed as a rope
Luke Bell
Luke Bell 2 måneder siden
I've never carried a hankerchief but I've always carried a knife. Now that I think of it, the amount of ways a hankerchief would help me in particular is insane. I work with kids so there's always a mess to be wiped up or a skinned elbow that needs something to brush the dirt off. Thanks Cody
Aaron Johnson
Aaron Johnson 2 måneder siden
The central guys just sit back and smile
2000chevy4x4 2 måneder siden
“Not a hill I want to die on” agreed.
Jesus-Saved-Me 2 måneder siden
Thank you for the great video. Been looking to pair down myself, I might end up spending my stimulus check on an embroidery machine and get these hankys USA made! "Woooo born in the USA" ♬ From dead center anarchyville Port land. The divided land of the free. 🇺🇸😭 Thanks again for your videos and the encouragement in these times, who knew a hanky could be so essential in these days! God bless you and your family thank you 💛
boulderingrockboy 2 måneder siden
Enjoyed this one more than I expected. My grandad didn’t teach me about hankies but my dad did when I was in 6th grade.
5wisher 5weet
5wisher 5weet 2 måneder siden
6:54 to get the hair out of your eyes
5wisher 5weet
5wisher 5weet 2 måneder siden
Would a pro be a "bandit"
Phillip Hylton
Phillip Hylton 2 måneder siden
Cody, Look at Sturdy Brothers in Georgia. Great American company. The owner is red white and blue!
carbonfusion 2 måneder siden
Cody, I've normally got your six on just about everything, but I cannot fathom spending 181$ on one pair of jeans. Japanese denim or not. That's highway robbery!
Ebola 2 måneder siden
Hm now where do i put my two inch thick field notes booklet?
Commodore Stargazer
Commodore Stargazer 2 måneder siden
The other great thing about handkerchiefs is they are washable and therefore re-usable. The only thing I ever re-used kleenexes for was starting a fire in the evening.
William Smith
William Smith 2 måneder siden
oh man... I always love these... my English grand father's teachings where more about etiquette of the proper gentleman. I always value these but I love the knowledge of the "practical" man... Nowadays I feel like I being able able to be hands on is such an amazing set of skill (I have to thank my step dad for that ! I'm 20 now and i'm baffled how useless the men in my generation are... I've been christian for two years now and i started watching your channel around the same time, You will be in my prayers you and your family specially in these exiting times for you guys. Keep on preaching and teaching, God bless you !
Red Bear Preparedness
Red Bear Preparedness 2 måneder siden
I resist mask wearing as much as possible. It’s important for my psychological health, as well as others to see people behaving normally (unmasked).
nick paske
nick paske 2 måneder siden
My grandfather, man how I miss him, was my best friend, he taught me there were 3 things a man needs, handkerchief, a good fixed blade knife, sidearm. Love the video!
Dale Thornton
Dale Thornton 2 måneder siden
Headband keeps the sweat out of my eyes, of course I'm in the desert a few hours away from you. Sweat is a part of life!
Willow Run Mills
Willow Run Mills 2 måneder siden
Says he is too scared to go out without a mask, then turns around and cracks an east coast joke. 😂
alliboogaloo 2 måneder siden
For those of us without hair, a bandana is handy when you are outside unexpectedly for a long time.
Greg Burns
Greg Burns 2 måneder siden
Johnny Cash... Man in Black
Armed Doomer
Armed Doomer 2 måneder siden
I used to always have a hanker chief but I've boiled down my EDC since. Now I always have some tissues. It's good to know people still do it. Thanks for the vid.
Jerry Fife
Jerry Fife 2 måneder siden
Awesome story of your granddad , I never got to know my grandparents they all passed before my time or when I was a little boy, I think I was around 7 years old when my only grand dad that I can still remember had passed and all others have already passed on, Thank you for sharing this and God Bless
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
Personally I prefer those little microfiber cloths for your glasses. In my expereince girls are not that happy being offered a hanky you've got snot on... a gentleman should somehow contrive to have a clean one on his person though quite how I'm not sure. Maybe when you have a cold you need to carry two! "Mourning hanky" - you're such a troll :)
John D
John D 2 måneder siden
I don't know if he has any interest, but I'd be interested to watch if Jack wanted to make any videos. I don't see him really wanting to work construction - unless you think that's a right of passage every guy should do for a time - but you mentioned his interest in cooking and that's a good (and hard) job for a guy. It'd be interesting to get your thoughts on if Jack worked with you, would you pay him like a laborer or view that as part of his duty as a family member?
Luis Sanchez
Luis Sanchez 2 måneder siden
I've always carried one but never learned to fold one. I like it!
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun 2 måneder siden
Hi Cody, I honestly didn't realise there was so much to say about a snot rag.
Blood Bushcraft
Blood Bushcraft 2 måneder siden
So I found a brand called Hav a Hank. Their bandanas are made in the USA and 100% cotton. You can get them at Tractor supply co. And farm&fleet
William Miller
William Miller 2 måneder siden
My grandfather and my father always did the same!
MAE HAY 2 måneder siden
Cody, my brother in-law only wears wrangler jeans and blue plaid western shirts. He is about 6’6”! And my sister is only 5’3”. They got married in 1972. I used to have my own hankies which today has been replaced by tissue paper. I wish I could buy my own hankies with my own initials engraved. I hope you do find a USA made company who sells them. I think some people wear them around their head to keep sweat from dripping down their faces. Especially if you are from back East. We certainly have hit an all time high with our weather 110° as you know I love hearing stories from your granddad.Good lesson on folding hankies👍
Bruno Bronosky
Bruno Bronosky 2 måneder siden
4:48 Under Armour 9 inch leg underwear changed my life! When I started long distance motorcycling I was miserable in the nether regions. I finally admitted it one day someone explained to me that cotton was the problem. Suggested these specific underwear and I reluctantly bought a pair because they are expensive. I slowly replace all my underwear with them. Totally worth it. But now Champion and a few others have copied them. Much cheaper option.
Nathan Rockafellow
Nathan Rockafellow 2 måneder siden
So did we find a US made handkerchief? And what are sugar cane jeans?
Dean Benninger
Dean Benninger 2 måneder siden
Bulge is in Front of Pants, No Hankie needed... lol
Joseph Vinson
Joseph Vinson 2 måneder siden
At least I’m not a west coast guy who has pockets so big they keep their camp axe in it
Helmig Homestead
Helmig Homestead 2 måneder siden
i agree it would go in left pocket... wallet if you are right handed goes in the right side.... but the hanky will get in the way of our west coast chew can! Us wood workers keep chew can in the left rear pocket, hanky is called sleeves... of course i am assuming spring or fall, cuz summer us west coast boys cut them sleeves out! bam instant summer shirt (recycle reduce reuse) from a winter shirt! if no sleeves... not to fret.....still a snot trail width of use on our 'spenders :-) now if you aint got spenders on... wel.... dont know what to tell you east coast sissies! Must be nice living in an office is all I can say :-)
gizmo atplay
gizmo atplay 2 måneder siden
Many times I've been asked what my hanky was for cause it was red or blue or a color that was concidered a gang color when I carried one since I was 12 or so,in my pocket tied to my overhauls hammer loop ,or carpentry pants hammer loop,my response was it had many uses includeing but not limited to snotty knose kids,
Cyrus Lever
Cyrus Lever 2 måneder siden
You shoukdnt keep your cell phone in your back pocket. Thats how they break and its probably the most expensive thing you carry with you constantly. It deserves the front pocket. Not just a front pocket but its own dedicated pocket you dont put anything else in no change or keys or amything
Dennis Thompson
Dennis Thompson 2 måneder siden
So, I’ve never considered carrying a handkerchief until after watching this video. Today, I stuck a hanky in my right rear pocket. It was no less than 5 hours before I needed it to quickly clean off a rogue squirt of hand sanitizer from my stereo’s touchscreen. Maybe, I’ll continue to carry one. Thanks!
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal 2 måneder siden
I prefer the single nostril plug farmer snort to the ground, twice, for nose clearing. I don't carry my snot with me if at all possible.
D V 2 måneder siden
A black Banda?
Bo Han
Bo Han 2 måneder siden
I’m a no coast man I live in Tennessee in the smoky mountains home of long bar chainsaws and great chairs and amazing music can you do a video talking about us no coast mountain people
Steveepmon 2 måneder siden
I use Hav-a-Hank English Indigo Paisley. 100% cotton, made in the USA!
Ed Hopkins
Ed Hopkins 2 måneder siden
My dad and grandpa were the same way. It didn't stick with me until recently. I've been carrying a pocket knife religiously for 12 years and a hanky for 2 years. The main reason I didn't carry a hanky was because they're too bulky. I figured out a way to make it more comfortable. Cut it in half diagonally. Sew a hem if you want, but it still works of you don't. Great video as always, sir!
Farsha 17
Farsha 17 2 måneder siden
I always keep my wallet in my front left pocket and I tap that whenever I leave any place, whether that be a shop or a bus etc.
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 2 måneder siden
Don’t want to be a Philistine
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 2 måneder siden
That’s why I carry one every day
gwilliambgmail 2 måneder siden
Carrying a wallet in your front pocket isn’t aesthetically pleasing or user friendly. Conversely, carrying your wallet in the back pocket doesn’t create a problem with one’s back health or make one more prone to a pick-pocket. Try it. Put your wallet in your front pocket and tell me it easier to get out compared to back pocket.
Troy LaDoux
Troy LaDoux 2 måneder siden
Roger Blaber
Roger Blaber 2 måneder siden
Don't knock the bandana as a headband. When I kayak or hike I dip the bandana in a lake or river & tie it on my head...nice & cooling.
Dave White
Dave White 2 måneder siden
Wow Cody I thought I was the only person that couldn't stand synthetic material on their skin. It makes sweat, Those Under Armor Cool shirts make me sweat so bad they get soaked. It's gotta be cotton or wool for me too
Gentle Giant
Gentle Giant 2 måneder siden
Unnecessary videos for 200 Alex
Joe Walker
Joe Walker 2 måneder siden
You say you try to wear and use USA made clothing and products, so I looked up Sugar Cane jeans. They’re made in Japan. Can’t you find decent USA made jeans?
The East Coast Man
The East Coast Man 2 måneder siden
You can thank an east coast man John Hewson for that Revolutionary bandana 😁
Levi Early
Levi Early 2 måneder siden
Thank you, I forgot that I needed to order a few more of these.
Sandy's Crafts
Sandy's Crafts 2 måneder siden
I have been filling these full of boogers for years, they are fantastic. people should really go back to this. I am 42 and people think it's crazy but I think buying boxes of Kleenex is stupid...
shelzmike 2 måneder siden
What exactly is a "pro" bandana folder?
Jeff Hanks
Jeff Hanks 2 måneder siden
I've been carrying a hanky for over 20 years, pocket knife as well, even when we weren't allowed to carry them in school I still had one on me. Also been wearing the same clothes for 4 years now, saves a lot of time in the morning cause I dont hafta be picky bout what I wear
dyer618 2 måneder siden
Cliffnotes version: fold handkerchief neatly in half. Repeat three more times. Place in pocket. Use alternate sides as needed.
Hey I'm a Maker
Hey I'm a Maker 2 måneder siden
Those SugarCane pants would buy 6 pairs of my cheap pants... But I haven't had pants last longer than a year. But maybe that's because my pats are cheap... 🤔
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