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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading

Ray Spencer
Ray Spencer 21 time siden
Thanks for keep on plugging away making these videos in spite of NOpost. Been a subscriber for years.
Jerry L Busby
Jerry L Busby 4 dager siden
I watch you for the very reason you are a Godly man and I can trust what you say !
kevin akner
kevin akner 4 dager siden
Cody, there is something so relaxing and comforting about watching your videos. As a general contractor I’m always on the go, looking at my watch and worrying about deadlines. Thanks for the opportunity to just slow down and enjoy the simpler things. PS I know just how you feel about working in the shop on a snow day. God bless.
peter BIere
peter BIere 7 dager siden
Fascinating video! Thank you for providing excellent content and encouragement as always. You are extremely gifted at your craft and God definitely has a hand on your life and family.
CJ Dixon
CJ Dixon 8 dager siden
Thank you for sharing a very important piece of cultural history
TheBookaroo 10 dager siden
Hi, and thank you for the videos.
Matt Corriere
Matt Corriere 11 dager siden
I have a 6' two man cross cut saw hanging in my cabin in Alaska. Very rusty and have never used it. Makes a great decoration for the cabin.
tiderfish 13 dager siden
Keep up the great work!
Vincent Fenton
Vincent Fenton 15 dager siden
I enjoyed watching this one Cody... thank you.
Michael s
Michael s 15 dager siden
Practical Porters
Practical Porters 15 dager siden
Your attention to detail and normally relaxed attitude helped me build a house here in Alaska. 3 cheers to Jesus for you.
Mike Thompson
Mike Thompson 16 dager siden
even though im not religous in any way be proud that you believe buddy i was brought up in a very religous family so stick to your way of life i always try to see the best in everyone as you do ,,,,keep the videos coming as i really enjoy them
Servant of the Lord Deus Vult
Servant of the Lord Deus Vult 16 dager siden
Hi and God Bless ❤️🙏
Dan Slocomb
Dan Slocomb 16 dager siden
Love your videos always looking to learn something new an you never disappoint me with your content
Mike Hoover
Mike Hoover 16 dager siden
Very cool video, thank you
Justin Cloncs
Justin Cloncs 16 dager siden
Byron Critch
Byron Critch 17 dager siden
Keep God first 🙏. It was hard to see what brand of sawhorse you had in the background. Looks to be a nice one!
Ryanc Corpe
Ryanc Corpe 17 dager siden
Looking forward to your next poor weather day as well.
need more sleep
need more sleep 17 dager siden
Thanks for the videos.
Dalton Henry
Dalton Henry 17 dager siden
Love the content. Watching this just makes me want to go learn new things. So badly!!
David Oyama
David Oyama 18 dager siden
Thanks for another interesting video about your long saw and how much care it takes to maintain to keep it in good condition! I have been watching your channel for a few years now and your channel is one of my favorite! Thanks again Cody !
Eric Fox
Eric Fox 18 dager siden
Hi..... Personally I love God quotes Thank you Cody
Russell Prout
Russell Prout 18 dager siden
Paul Schuette
Paul Schuette 18 dager siden
Very cool content! Thanks for sharing a glimpse into this lost art.
fabrizzio ayala
fabrizzio ayala 18 dager siden
Thanks for sharing your knowledge Cody, God bless you and your famiily
Trippyvision 18 dager siden
Prayers to you and yours Mr. W.
Steven Sposato
Steven Sposato 18 dager siden
Keep up the great stuff
Aaron Greene
Aaron Greene 18 dager siden
Keep up the good work.
Rob Marquis
Rob Marquis 18 dager siden
I learn a lot from you Cody. Thank you for that! Blessings to you and your family!
Richie B
Richie B 18 dager siden
Thank you for this. I love these old saws and have several that I wish I knew their story. I am in Tennessee so I think the ones I have were used for hardwoods.
Huma270 18 dager siden
Thank you Cody. I look forward to see new content. I really want a tour around the land please.
Morrow Sind
Morrow Sind 18 dager siden
Cool video! I love hearing about historic tools and their corresponding trade. It's nice to see, not just restoration of old tools, but the art in which the tools are applied.
Louis Roy
Louis Roy 19 dager siden
That's a commendable task. Being a machinist myself, hoping to one day reach the level of my mentors of tool and die level of machinist I know how difficult sharpening tools can be. That is quite a large blade to tackle. I am looking forward to seeing the next few films of this. Shine on
william johnson
william johnson 19 dager siden
Very interesting! THANKS!!
Ryan Holz
Ryan Holz 19 dager siden
You should not down play your importance in cross cut saw filling. It is an art that we are losing and you are bringing light and attention to it which might inspire others to learn more.
Matteo Capocefalo
Matteo Capocefalo 19 dager siden
Keep up the good work Cody. Hey from the UK
joseph brown
joseph brown 19 dager siden
JudithB I have an old crosscut blade that has hung in the shops for many years. I think it is time to get it in working order and start hunting for the handles!! I really enjoy these videos. Thanks!!
Jason Walker
Jason Walker 19 dager siden
Maybe you can do a final so long video when you finally have to leave the old place for the last time. Would be nice to see Jack's bridge and the old barn, ect one more time.
Paul Belmes
Paul Belmes 19 dager siden
yea dude, the demonetization is cause of the quotes
Joseph Boley
Joseph Boley 19 dager siden
Crown Forge
Crown Forge 19 dager siden
would love to figure out how to do that one day! thanks for the video!
YHRIM 19 dager siden
Its not just "youtube" (aka google), its ALL the platforms. Reason being, the elites who run all the news as well, also control all the information platforms. Any new platform that rises up and gains popularity... they take it over, then censor it, and destroy all the info they don't like. NOpost is a good example of this... as it is now just nothing more than "google-tube".
Brooks Henderson
Brooks Henderson 19 dager siden
Great, Bernie Wiesberger a district ranger in CA is a filer, he's on the cover of PNW publication about FS Xcuts, he and I were Redding SMJ's. Great guy retired in R6 when he started getting static about time off for Elk hunting.
jbarbes 19 dager siden
A great video, sir. Thank you showing the tools of that trade.
alan H
alan H 20 dager siden
Your subscribership should say it all. God Bless You and Your Family. No shame in sying the Word.
Scott Sears
Scott Sears 20 dager siden
God bless you and your family.
David Lee
David Lee 20 dager siden
Keep on doing what you are doing Cody as you are a breath of fresh air in todays Society, I have followed you since the early days and you (and Hickock45 and Keith H. Burges) are one of the main reasons i started watching youtube on a regular basis. I do like your videos about setting up the new Homestead, maybe it's because I am from and live in the UK, anyway will wish you and the family a Good Day. D
John Taddei
John Taddei 20 dager siden
Me and my dad used one years ago. before chain saws. and it was quite a workout. still have two but they are wall hangers now.
traderjoes 20 dager siden
Boy, the Left are really vying for Satans favor these days...
Matthew Stanko
Matthew Stanko 20 dager siden
I love the crosscut saw videos! Thank you for all you do.
Dan S
Dan S 20 dager siden
Damn Cody you really love your Douglas Fir, only wood you ever talk about. :D
St A & M Rly
St A & M Rly 20 dager siden
Old skills are not old just not uses AS much. It will be like the people who can set a dial up connection on a computer is now no longer needed. These skills need to be retained even if they are no longer needed to make a living , produce food for the family or build a house. When does traditional become old? There are always people who want to live , work, produce things in the old or traditional way. I hope it continues. By recording the making of a sharpening bench you have kept part of the traditional AKA old ways alive. A welcome addition to history. Amacf
Christopher Carey
Christopher Carey 20 dager siden
Jake Martin
Jake Martin 20 dager siden
Hello sir! America and freedom reign. God bless. Say N0 2 Sl33py J03
Thomas Beckett
Thomas Beckett 20 dager siden
Chalk was the most useful tool in sharpening and design.
Thomas Beckett
Thomas Beckett 20 dager siden
Years ago I made a saw , using the steel from a combine table. It was fun to make. The fun was in the making.. it was so good someone else needed it more..
The Copper Tin Man
The Copper Tin Man 20 dager siden
Love the content!
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 20 dager siden
Keep running the channel how you see fit. I typically watch at work, running restricted mode where comments are disabled.
Angela S
Angela S 20 dager siden
I. Love. This!
Jason Fiasconaro
Jason Fiasconaro 21 dag siden
Thanks for the little window into such a fascinating topic
Roman Rogers
Roman Rogers 21 dag siden
God bless u keep up the good work
WBU Jr 21 dag siden
Keep at it Cody. God bless!
Tom Duvall
Tom Duvall 21 dag siden
Mike Shimer
Mike Shimer 21 dag siden
Interesting video!
Mrgunsngear Channel
Mrgunsngear Channel 21 dag siden
Very cool 🇺🇸
Kaups Rohtla
Kaups Rohtla 21 dag siden
That's really cool, keep sharing the knowledge
Fatherhood101 21 dag siden
Cody, I have the opportunity to get my hands on a few of these old saws and restore them, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for these videos so I can learn how to properly restore them. Please go into GREAT DETAIL on it when you do get to it.
James garris
James garris 21 dag siden
Truly enjoy your videos, only time to watch one, getting prepared for Hurricane Delta, today. So hi from southeast Louisiana.
Kyle Crago
Kyle Crago 21 dag siden
It’s my first time commenting on one of your videos. I really enjoy your content and have been for about 7-8 years now. Keep up the strong work.
Mark B.
Mark B. 21 dag siden
Thank you for the history lesson Cody!!! You certainly have great passion for the yesteryear's of forestry!!! I appreciate your passion!
Thomas Wypyszinski
Thomas Wypyszinski 21 dag siden
How many rare specialty tools wind up in the landfill or scrap yard because people don't know what they are. : ( Your knowledge is always amazing! : )
Kevin North
Kevin North 21 dag siden
Love all the great content. Have been starting a landscaping company this past year and your videos have helped me learn so much. Thanks you!
Jake Vote
Jake Vote 21 dag siden
Another great one brother
Brian Farrell
Brian Farrell 21 dag siden
It seems to me that if yt is so myopic as to hamper the content of their content creators, they deserve what’s coming.
Billy bob Smith
Billy bob Smith 21 dag siden
Just commenting to say hi and help with the NOpost algorithm. I figure it’s the least I could do for all the entertainment you’ve provided me with over the years.
Redinator989 21 dag siden
The lost arts and skills win again!
John Parker
John Parker 21 dag siden
I’d love to watch you sharpen a saw, just to get an idea of what us required.
Tony Minehan
Tony Minehan 21 dag siden
If you want to get past the offensive (in youtube's eyes) reference to God, you might get away with an ending a comedian used here, to get around the BBC at the end of his shows which was "May your God go with you, whatever you may conceive Him to be" There, that's all inclusive, no prejudice there !!!
spike001ton 21 dag siden
You know with 3D printing becoming common and metal 3D printing and 5 axis cnc being a thing these old tools might become reproducible the cost will still be high say 3 or 4 hundred dollars for the gauge but its better than not having it just need to gwt people who have the orginals to allow them to be scanned so they can be reproduced the biggest issue i think will be thw purest VS the practical people if a tool was orginally cast iron and today I could be made out of stainless without affecting its useability wht not make it out of the superior material your not trying make a wall hanger but a functional tool
Alan Gastler
Alan Gastler 21 dag siden
Thank you Cody for sharing these cool lost arts and old traditions. Something that so so many generations will never know or understand unless people like you keep the information available
Replay_History 21 dag siden
A Johnson
A Johnson 21 dag siden
I would happily sit and watch a 2 hour video of Cody sharpening the saw. I know it would be meditative and his anecdotes and wisdom would be absorbed along the way. Wishing you and your family happiness and good health.
Peter Kent
Peter Kent 21 dag siden
Whilst I’m not religious, I enjoy your videos and that is a big part of your life so for me it’s all good. I don’t have to agree! I would really like some long saw sharpening videos! Enjoying watching the new homestead come together...
backyard worker
backyard worker 21 dag siden
The godly people in the land are my true heroes! I take pleasure in them! - Psalms 16:3 (NLT)
Cotronixco 21 dag siden
Persecution is ramping up as we speak...
FaithfulMC 21 dag siden
Good luck getting cold winter days with the whole global warming thing
Shaun Catlett
Shaun Catlett 21 dag siden
That's crazy about those saws!
Renegade Ranch
Renegade Ranch 21 dag siden
amen brother! keep up the good fight
David Stepeck
David Stepeck 21 dag siden
East coast Connecticut guy loves the saw filer setup. Handmade from Grandpa's tool handles and wood from your property. Exquisite!
Lacanian_Lifter 21 dag siden
Just another interesting trip to the workshop. Thanks for brining us along.
Garrett Glass
Garrett Glass 21 dag siden
Praying for you all often.
Peter Kim
Peter Kim 21 dag siden
Just coming in to say hi. ...and thanks for your spiritual content. It’s very refreshing to see God’s words being lived out in what you present.
Rooster Tree Studio
Rooster Tree Studio 21 dag siden
I like the Christian content, for whatever my opinion may be worth. Good work, as always 👍🏼😁👍🏼
Alexandra Wesson
Alexandra Wesson 21 dag siden
Another great one 👌
Nicholas Craig
Nicholas Craig 21 dag siden
Wow super interesting technology. Very cool
ductileiron98 21 dag siden
Great information & video!
aaronhume 21 dag siden
my parents have a couple of these old saws in the garage basically as decoration now... I don't know the story behind them (I think they came from my great-grandfather's stuff from long ago though) but what would one look for with regard to quality branding, or anything like that? worth trying to get the rust/patina off or just leave it alone?
Geoff Alfsen
Geoff Alfsen 21 dag siden
Keep up the good fight Brother.
Cater Wood
Cater Wood 21 dag siden
Keep it up man! I really enjoy the videos. Been watching for about two years now!
Gordon Chase
Gordon Chase 21 dag siden
Yea! Finally saw sharpening again! I attended the Nine Mile Training course after watching your earlier videos. Arden Corey mentioned you in our class. Fantastic training there in Montana. Been sharpening Crosscut saws for the past two years now. Thanks for getting me hooked!
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