My First Invention

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading. My first invention.
Microbat Systems

boby boo
boby boo 7 dager siden
So this is what you need when you do your monthly shopping in Portland to stay safe ! what's the world come too, crazy man. Thank god I just need my wallet were i live.
Rideshare Company
Rideshare Company 7 dager siden
Unreal. I'm watching the video and a neighbors car horn is going off. Very odd at this time. I scramble to find my phone my flashlight,keys and knife. .this kit makes perfect sense.
Dag Eide
Dag Eide 16 dager siden
It is very sad to se that you mean You have to be prepaired like that, Is it realy necesarry?? Who do you think can attac you or your family? Or when you are going to Portland? I have followed you a couple of years and experience that the good farm boy you are have turned into a high end terrorist prepper! I nerarly wright..Is this for real? I live in northern Norway, and the only thing we hear on the TV from your contry is have stupid Trump is(the media here is 100% ant iTrump and we can not listen to it anymore). I think you should enlighten us foloowing you around the world and tell us how the situation is, this is scary Cody, and we do not know it because of useless media....Pack up your family and gear and come to Norwat man, You deserves a totally better life than to sleep with the Glock under your pillow and go around armed strapped.
suspecterrain 16 dager siden
new word for '''''proto-'troll''' that has yet to be invented.. may you whine once Rainier reigns its pyroclastic flows upon you.
John Butler
John Butler 19 dager siden
What do you call that system the belt system
Rusty Bryant
Rusty Bryant 20 dager siden
Not all hams are arrogant A-holes.
Titus Pullo
Titus Pullo 24 dager siden
I like your videos. Just thinking, if you live in an environment that you need to take body armour to visit your local town, then maybe you should consider relocating, mate.
jord 26 dager siden
put a velcro strap from the zippered pouch to the outside of the belt, slip phone in the space between the pouch and the belt, velcro strap goes over the phone securing it into the belt. Have the back of the phone facing out, you can turn on video record while you have shady interactions, recording hands free. I do this with my visi vest before i deal with certain customers (i'm a courier).
Tom Daniel
Tom Daniel 28 dager siden
Is that not a little over kill for a trip into the city....
Mark Bergthold
Mark Bergthold 28 dager siden
Would you please post the plates etc? We go into Portland several times a month, thanks
Joe LeRoy
Joe LeRoy Måned siden
You should do a "your edc" give away...obviously without the gun ... Your show is great...
Quentina Kalkofen
Quentina Kalkofen Måned siden
The pouch is a wonderful addition to your belt.. but instead of a pouch what about a flip over closer with small amount of heavy velcro then you don't have to worry about fingers not fitting in the small zipper opening.
DustyLester Ross
DustyLester Ross Måned siden
Very nice!
Alexandre Proulx
Alexandre Proulx Måned siden
Maybe its because im canadian... but you need this when you go into town? Im really not sure i understand why you need this. Is this a prepper thing? (Honest, im curious)
JMac Måned siden
The United States of America is the finest country in the world to live in! What you have to understand is that the place that he is getting 'tooled up' to go shopping to is a totally dominated Democratic shithole of a city that has been run into the ground on all levels over many many years of Liberal/Progressive rule. All Democratic-run cities in our country are 3rd and 4th World level crapholes that are cesspools of humanity, despair and degradation.
Awaking PEI
Awaking PEI Måned siden
Why wouldn’t you build the zipper into the pocket when making the belt. With elastic bottoms?
Awaking PEI
Awaking PEI Måned siden
Or use one of those ziplock locking systems to make it water proof?
GoldenKnightEngineer Måned siden
How big is Cody’s nightstand?? Over the last few months I’ve heard a lot of gear all on the nightstand. Must be as big as his Loctite cabinet.
Rick Bueche
Rick Bueche Måned siden
Another invention for Wranglerstar: How about a device about the size of a toilet paper core? It would be sealed on one end, a pop top like a canned cola lid on the other end. When you popped the top off, one of those balloons would come out, like those kinds you buy at a store for birthdays, get wells, 1-foot or 2-foot diameter. This one would only have silver on one side, orange on the other side. The balloon would be connected to 200 feet of fishing line. The bottom half of the can would contain helium that would fill the balloon, so that it would float high in the sky, way above tree height. Now, a rescue team could find you more easily, if you tied the fishing line around a branch or rock. I don't know enough to make it direct fill the balloon with the helium. The helium section of the bottom of the pop top can might have to have a small piece of hose that you manually connected to the balloon. It would probably be a ONE USE ONLY device. Best if it could sell for no more than $20. I bought an orange rescue whistle from Walmart once. It was loud, so I took it outside of my house to test it. After 2 minutes of blowing on it, my hearing was shot for several hours. I could not have heard a Huey helicopter flying overhead, after the 2 minutes that I did of blowing on that whistle. So, include no whistle. Wranglerstar, at least patent the idea. Maybe someone will make it.
BITICA Måned siden
Why are all the Americans like “if something happens you have to be ready” man you get ready for a moment in your live that it could never happen😂 living frightened of burglars
WV Wildlife Cam
WV Wildlife Cam Måned siden
That Baofeng is a great cheap radio that covers some good frequencies for the general public like the MURS band which that radio is legal for. However yea FRS is legal if you only use a half a watt. FRS is UHF frequency great for talking through those forests. However over those hills is where MURS which is a VHF band comes into play. That radio on MURS can go 5 miles easily if not further with the right antenna.
Emanuel Suárez
Emanuel Suárez Måned siden
So first thing, where can I get the lanyard? About the invention, it's looking real good but I would put a compartment (like a clip) for the pocket knife so it is secure and accessible at the same time. Just putting it outside of the pocket in some way so it's easy to fish out with the lanyard
Mills' Outdoors
Mills' Outdoors Måned siden
Are you a amateur radio operator? If so I’m trying to get my license and needing some tips
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Måned siden
the pchemon slippers are enough to frighten them off in the uk
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Måned siden
make it easier to insert
Dogetuberyt Måned siden
Military grade? Oh, so it breaks often? (Don't hate on me lol)
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 who plays the piano? On your invention, how about a version where 2 are sewn together at the top and when you slide it in the belt you have one hanging over the front. That way you could keep your ID/wallet separate from phone.
Caleb Perez
Caleb Perez Måned siden
Just an idea, in case no one else said something like this, a pouch with an elastic flap that folds down over the top of the opening to that front pouch, that secures closed with velcro. Love your videos Cody, I've been watching your content since I was 16. God Bless
Bruce Malo
Bruce Malo Måned siden
from scratch farms
from scratch farms Måned siden
I would suggest adding an elastic sleeve on the opposite side from the velcro that is sealed on the bottom for a phone to go in. That way the zipper pouch can remain shorter and carry other essentials without knocking against your phone screen.
SATX _Pewpew
SATX _Pewpew Måned siden
Wider zipper opening, little taller, and i think it would be great!
tor_selden Måned siden
How many here feel they need a handgun and body armor to feel safe when going into town, and do you think this is just fine to live like that?
Matthew Chambers
Matthew Chambers Måned siden
Maybe 2 sizes for large or small phones.
Jake Vote
Jake Vote Måned siden
It takes a Midwest man to haul steel plates all day
Scot Henk
Scot Henk Måned siden
Several viewers are commenting on leaving the pouch small to keep the cell phone camera uncovered. I say get a real body cam. I use one daily, not law enforcement, and not on a plate carrier. Just on my shirt front. It has been invaluable to share the video with law enforcement when it has been appropriate.
GJS Måned siden
Add d rings to the outside of the pouches for lanyards also maybe Velcro in the outside. Also put Velcro’s on both sides of the pouch so you can reverse the zipper.
nulious Måned siden
I'm a licensed Amateur radio operator, and I agree. There are too many asshats/elitists ruining the hobby.
Trevor Evans
Trevor Evans Måned siden
That strap is awesome, really good idea. I want one now. It would make things a lot easier
David Chase
David Chase Måned siden
My experience was the same with the hams. Not my kind of people, the bunch I communicated with were arrogant know it alls, 100% by the book, very judgemental.
R C Måned siden
Quick update please ;) are you guys alright? just wondering?
Will Mathieson
Will Mathieson Måned siden
UPDATE on the Drone Owner?????? Who was it and why???
Brent Sealy
Brent Sealy Måned siden
We're almost in the 30s again. Guess it's time to stop carrying them again lol.
Ragnar Augestad
Ragnar Augestad Måned siden
Does Wranglestar support the NRA?
Rance Fuqua
Rance Fuqua Måned siden
Good morning Cory. Hope this finds you & the family happy and healthy. Have you mentioned your "quit drinking challenge" lately? Admittedly, I don't get to watch every one of your videos, so I may have missed it. I was just wondering if you are still alcohol free and do you still feel more productive?
Mike Duffy
Mike Duffy Måned siden
Are you and your family ok I know you have tons on your plate
Bigmikelaird Måned siden
There’s no way 🤣. There’s no way this guy goes to target with a bulletproof vest on and a belt with a gun and ammo lmfaooo. I can’t I’m sorry. This is comedy.
hartstudebakerkid Måned siden
Portland Left wing nut jobs are bad. He coujld justr be recognized and have a shootout just tpo get back to his vehicle. Yes it really is that bad down there because of the liberal mayor.
Richard Folgado
Richard Folgado Måned siden
Bigmikelaird I don’t think he walks into Target that way either...but maybe he keeps it in the car or next to his bed/nightstand?
JayManRider Måned siden
He makes those radios look so damn useful. I’ve been on the edge of buying one but I’m in the city and can’t really justify buying one.
Menno H
Menno H Måned siden
as a Europian, hearing you say "When ever i go in to town, i take this kit" is just out of my understanding. in my opinnion, isnt it kinda sad that the fact is in the modern society a man has to even think about what gun and body armor he has to take with him when he goes shoping?. ill never understand what it's like since in my county there are stict gun restrictions. still loving the video's! good luck in these trubled times with all the smoke :(
Nathan Vaughn
Nathan Vaughn Måned siden
"as a Europian" I'm sorry to hear that.
David Chase
David Chase Måned siden
This is just his personal choice. Believe me, this is not at all common for a trip to the store, or for any reason really. The beautiful thing about it is that he has the freedom to be as prepared as he likes and to do what makes him comfortable for himself and his family.
philip bettis
philip bettis Måned siden
Living on the other side of the pond, the whole idea of taking body armour and a gun when you go out is totally alien to me... but I still watched all the video, as I do all your videos...
Keith Collard
Keith Collard Måned siden
Prepare for war.
Keith Collard
Keith Collard Måned siden
Stoney Ridge Farmer
Stoney Ridge Farmer Måned siden
Might make a "man purse" that looks very fiminine....that way nobody would suspect it was your "grab and go" defense bag! Nothing more cover than a man purse !! LOL...Love it Cody! Thanks Josh #stoneyridgefarmer
Joe Welsh
Joe Welsh Måned siden
If u in england this is mad 😂
Noah.Lytle312 Måned siden
Nothing beats an AR rifle and G19 side arm. I love my pair.
Steve Webster
Steve Webster Måned siden
Has war been declared. Who is the enemy.
Jvcollados Måned siden
not very good idea to have that pouch with your id next to the pistol, as the reach action is pretty similar and could be misinterpreted.
Ice Eagle
Ice Eagle Måned siden
Quote of the year-Stay strapped or get clapped
Teddy Bass
Teddy Bass Måned siden
That command centre looks like a cosy nook
Ryan Gillespie
Ryan Gillespie Måned siden
Im a HAM Operator. We are not all angry people, I highly recommend going and getting your liscense. Mainly for the purpouse it gives you more practice on the HAM bands.
Five minute Bush craft
Five minute Bush craft 14 dager siden
What’s ham
Machria23 Måned siden
Ryan Gillespie Yep, it took 5 years, but he was fined and IS paying via sanctions on his paychecks. ;-)
Ryan Gillespie
Ryan Gillespie Måned siden
@Machria23 ouch...
Ryan Gillespie
Ryan Gillespie Måned siden
@Brad Mason easy, first study for the test I use Ham Study. Or buy the study books which I reccomend. The ARRL has study books. That way you have something to reference if power goes out. Also you have to renew your liscense every 10 years.
Brad Mason
Brad Mason Måned siden
How would a wannabe go about getting a HAM license & do you have to renew it?
Darko Stojkovic
Darko Stojkovic Måned siden
Omg where are you living when you need body armor when you get out? I'm living in Serbia, at least i don't need body armor...
Noah Thomas
Noah Thomas Måned siden
Hey could you do a review of the omniblade. It's a machete axe combo that just begs for a wranglerstar review. You can find it on Amazon for $59.99.
Theaches Måned siden
Frankly my solution wouldve been to put 3 push buttons along the seam of the open pocket, left side, right side, middle. The zipper works great, but gold push buttons would provide a nice aesthetic and would allow the for opening to remain larger.
Jasons Brain
Jasons Brain Måned siden
I refuse to believe anybody’s ever told you to stay strapped or get clapped 😂
TRIGGERED! Måned siden
Keep that scanner on ya.. Also a pair of rubber boots in yer truck.. Ya can make an effective entry or escape that others won't think of. Don't want to get their lower legs wet/poopy etc.
Mad Hare
Mad Hare Måned siden
Don't let the BAD HAMS upset you! Most of us LOVE your videos. KB9FHJ here, keep up the great work. If you have a license or not, it's all about having the radio because in a real emergency ANYONE has the right to KEY UP THE RADIO. Live safe and independent!
Q2bFF Måned siden
Did you do a video on those plate carriers
Not Even Wrong
Not Even Wrong Måned siden
For Mark II you can move that extra pouch at 14:25 the other side(the side which doesn't have the gun) for safety reason. I'm thinking that you want to minimize the risk of bumping into the gun every time you need to pull out those everyday items.
Will Haskew
Will Haskew Måned siden
Fat Corona body??? I just watched a video from a year I ago... "I quit...!"
Wannabe Slabber
Wannabe Slabber Måned siden
15 minutes in and you've shown some lanyards, a pencil pouch, some kind of wannabe batman belt.. and a bullet proof vest.. Edit: the "invention" is a coin purse?? Lmao you're smokin crack dude
Stanley J. Mitchell
Stanley J. Mitchell Måned siden
Do you really go into town with that gear you showed at the beginning? What on earth is going on over there? Sure makes me glad I live in Australia. Couldn’t imagine going to town with protective vests on.
JMac Måned siden
SJM- The United States of America is the finest country in the world to live in! Don't forget, in Austrailia you are a subject, NOT a Citizen like we are here in America. What you have to understand is that the place that he is getting 'tooled up' to go shopping to is a totally dominated Democratic shithole of a city that has been run into the ground on all levels over many many years of Liberal/Progressive rule. All Democratic-run cities in our country are 3rd and 4th World level crapholes that are cesspools of humanity, despair and degradation. Due to our amazing Founding Fathers and several parts of our U.S. Constitution, most importantly our beloved 2nd Amendment, we here in America will always be free in our ability to put down a tyrannical government should the need arise to restore new guards to watch over and maintain our Constitution and Republic. You do not have that ability, therefore you are and always will be a subject to your leaders.
A Merican
A Merican Måned siden
Cody, how 'bout just a zipper on that front pocket and forget the velcro insert?
quevas93 Måned siden
How about a small rare Earth 🧲 instead of the zipper for quick access or a clasp like a old school coin purse. This way it can be opened one handed.
Josh Måned siden
Phone holder with an opening for the lens to use as a body camera
Survival Mouse
Survival Mouse Måned siden
I would encourage you to rethink the ham licensing. There’s a lot of good hams out there and it’s useful. I became a general recently. Ignore idiots and dont let them discourage you. No telling what all in life I would’ve missed if i based it off of the people that i met first IE motorcycles
kole kraft
kole kraft Måned siden
hey cody, can you post a link to those radios with the mic?
Mark Eckelkamp
Mark Eckelkamp Måned siden
100% on board with Made in USA. I work for a water utility and we only purchase materials and tools that are American Made. Over the years it’s become very hard with power tool. If it’s Assembled here but made elsewhere it won’t fly. GOD BLESS AMERICA & God Bless You & your Family. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy and Drink Water.
Ben Klusman
Ben Klusman Måned siden
If you cut the bottom off of it then it would still hold the phone or other items in, and you could set the height however you wanted it by sticking it higher or lower with the velcro. You could also make a double pocket version, one pocket in front of the other, or side by side, and hold various items.
tubagoo dom
tubagoo dom Måned siden
Put a pocket in there with a hole for the camera on the phone so you can record hands free, you never know when you need to have some hands free video proof
Casea Peterson
Casea Peterson Måned siden
you alright?
Kenneth Cruise
Kenneth Cruise Måned siden
Perhaps a hole in front and it becomes obscure body camera . My first invention is " Uncle Kens Flat Candle " please watch . If you do not have time , have your son watch .Worth while .
Rudy V
Rudy V Måned siden
It looks to be a great idea can't wait for mark II as you iron out the wrinkles, not that I noticed any. Stay safe and God Bless. I saw a video of yours where you said a lot of haters were from Texas. I just want to apologize in behalf of Texans but honestly as a native Texan I believe those people were born and raised somewhere else and moved to Texas because the majority of Texans are good heart'ed and believe in the Lord God, anyway I'm rambling. You have a beautiful Family and our prayers are with you. Stay safe.
SundayFoggyNotions Måned siden
working class Bear
working class Bear Måned siden
Good stuff!
novascotia1960 Måned siden
Which model Baofeng do you have Wranglerstar? I've been looking at the UV-82HP and the UV-9R Plus
Jason Taylor
Jason Taylor Måned siden
Have you officially moved into the new place yet?
Becky Boo
Becky Boo Måned siden
How did I get here!!!!!! You remind me of Alex Jones.......I can't believe you have so many followers.
Lucas Guimont
Lucas Guimont Måned siden
Your my favorite NOpost Channel 💓
Victoria Pollard
Victoria Pollard Måned siden
Awe, really cute clutch you got there.
J Carter
J Carter Måned siden
You need all this to just go shopping? The country of the free? You should had moved to another country not a new house. All under Trump's watch. MAGA it's not working. Sounds more like Afghanistan.
J Carter
J Carter Måned siden
@David Chase I am glad that it is not common. Mr Codey does in his videos perhaps generate fear to a degree. This is perhaps his NOpost style, I do not know. I do not know the man. All the same I do like his videos. The content I came for was modern homesteading. Of late though it seems more like homesteading in the 1880s. As you guess I do not live in the USA. Let me know if it is more positive than it looks from across the pond. Many Thanks.
David Chase
David Chase Måned siden
This is a huge country, come here and live any type of life you choose. Cody chooses this lifestyle, but this is certainly not common.
Diabolik771 Måned siden
"That's not a proper man purse"
Chris Rosario
Chris Rosario Måned siden
Yo there high winds coming today watch for your house and friends house
shajt82 Måned siden
Hey Cody, Alec Steele just mentioned you on his channel. He's forging a damascus Pulaski to auction off for charity and said he looked at yours as reference 👍 I think you'll enjoy the video if you haven't seen it already!
BDurant Måned siden
I have had multiple back surgeries and a bad stomach. Anyway of putting adjustable straps similar to your tool belt? Maybe keeper straps for a belt. I love the idea of a flexible storage belt.👍👍. Thank William for me.
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
I agree the zipper could be larger were the mouth opens up more would also be awesome @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
Sizing it for a large galaxy note 20 ultra 5g phone would be better since most Samsung phones are bigger then a modern iPhone max at cody @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
Good work on the prototype cody @WranglerStar
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
Very interesting solution to the problem on the belt
Someone Else
Someone Else Måned siden
Velcro on both sides to give the user zipper direction choice. Also two sizes, one for tall phones and one for smaller iphone 7 & smaller.
Smith Farms
Smith Farms Måned siden
Great concept Cody and it looks very comfortable. Maybe the zipper phone pouch should zip closed right to left (your right) - so in the closed position the lanyard would be closer to your center line to keep it from potentially obstructing re-holstering.
Barry Shaughnessy
Barry Shaughnessy Måned siden
Proud to live in a country where I don't have to dress for combat before going to the shops.
Michael Hoffman
Michael Hoffman Måned siden
What about a flap rather than a zipper it could also be used to cover the Velcro for insertion.
Chase Palmer
Chase Palmer Måned siden
Prayers ur way. Sounds like extra quarantine; I can’t imagine.
Chase Palmer
Chase Palmer Måned siden
I could have you a zipper-less prototype before October. Lmk
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