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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading

Krzysztof Hepner
Krzysztof Hepner 22 dager siden
what song is that at the beginning?
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 27 dager siden
Google maps listed your new place as a museum.
Mike Perth
Mike Perth 28 dager siden
are you actually going to do any homesteading
Mike Perth
Mike Perth 28 dager siden
Go Trump
Richard Misdom
Richard Misdom Måned siden
Congratulations on your new locale and future projects. I completely agree with your take on community. We live in North Dallas and have operated the Dallas Rowing Club for 30+ years. The boathouse serves the multiple purposes of storage and a gathering place for our community. Keep up the great work and let us know the next time you come to Dallas.
guille350motor Måned siden
Cody, I'm from Miami, FL. I know I don't know much about clearing forests, but I would love to help and learn. 6' 3" 290lbs.
B QUE Måned siden
Did I miss something? How does this video support its title?
Lisa Mahan
Lisa Mahan Måned siden
I am fairly new to your channel I found it when trying to get info on the fires (my relatives live outside of Woodburn and outside of Salem) I am so glad that I found ya'll (yes I'm living inTexas now So I thought I'd throw in a littleTexan slang) I will be looking forward to bingeing on some of your older videos and watching new ones whenever they come out..God Bless
Pascobacpine Måned siden
great taste in music
Peter Dungjen
Peter Dungjen Måned siden
For a guy that started “off grid”...he sure has come full circle.
Geo Bert
Geo Bert Måned siden
Rent a forstry mulcher
Just Human
Just Human Måned siden
Men, how I would love to help you clearing that new piece of land... former forrester and currently nature preservation worker here in the Netherlands.. My hands get itchy just seeing what potential it has.. If only it was easier to travel..
Chippewa Måned siden
Youre the best. God be with you. You are helping me finally step up and grow up. I didn't have a father figure growing up and what you have been teaching me over the years is really helping me learn what it is to be a man for my wife and two kids. I have one four year old daughter and one unborn ready to come into the world in three weeks. I've been a prepper for 13 years and im 30 years old now. You showed me where to go from here. May god bless you and your family.
Chippewa Måned siden
Your testimony really resonated with me. I'm an excommunicated Jehovahs witness and I left when I was sixteen. I have been leaning on taking the steps to join the evangelists and again you are helping me by showing me the way. Thank you
mrgetrealpeople Måned siden
1.Trump has been President for four years, he has signed spending bills that have added 8 Trillion dollars to the national debt, so that averages two Trillion per year. Obama highest deficit was 1.4 Trillion and he the socialist? lol 2.Trump will be the only the second President in US History to have less jobs after his first term, something the socialist Obama or even Jimmy Carter couldn't accomplish! so Another 4 years no fing Thanks. 3. Fact Trump lost in court ,Trump had to pay 25 million to the students he defrauded in his Trump university scam!
mrgetrealpeople 16 dager siden
@Essexginge it 's coming from your medicare !
Essexginge 25 dager siden
Ahhh keep the liberal tears coming so salty MAGA 2020
MAE HAY Måned siden
Yes the Lord had picked out this beautiful commercial land what are you and your family but especially for the members/subscribers I want to meet up and share in this new adventure. God’s blessings to you and your family.👍
David Lowrimore
David Lowrimore Måned siden
Cody may I suggest putting a living wall on your property right by the road. It can significantly dampen noise and provide other benefits. There are many permaculture solutions to reducing that road noise with natural fast growing shrubs, tree’s, and plants.
GearsNTools Måned siden
Awesome plot! it has been fun to watch your channel grow over the years and see your plans become more ambitious in the process. Keep up the good work my friend!!
K Arun
K Arun Måned siden
YOU UPLOADED THIS VIDEO TO NOpost????????????? you're full of nonsense!
david welsh
david welsh Måned siden
times i day dream to be and do ... simple and rewarding
JavaMan Måned siden
There's a zipline over land that's perfectly flat. Must be a slow line
S HC Måned siden
Yet here it is posted...on youtube.
Fun Guys
Fun Guys Måned siden
“Why I stopped posting to NOpost” As he posts to NOpost 🤦‍♂️ your page has changed a lot for the worst, get back to those good information packed videos you were releasing before. Now every time I see wranglestar it’s always some bitching about this or bitching about that
Dave Harry
Dave Harry Måned siden
Long time subscriber in AU and I hope you don't ban me for the question because I honestly don't mean any disrespect. I'm just curious because it's been bugging me a while. Why do you refer to your wife as "Mrs W" and try to hide her name, when she has already clearly enunciated it as "*e****a" on a video in your own channel? I'm, not trying to be smart. So I use stars and no first letter because I have no reason or agenda to expose it, what it starts with, and act against your wishes. But we all know what it is. Because you posted the video!!! What is it that that you think you are protecting her from?
Josh Shamblin
Josh Shamblin Måned siden
Sure hope it’s true?🥴 don’t let me down
calmlike abomb
calmlike abomb Måned siden
Yet here's a video. No one cares
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Only 1.6 million but who's counting,
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown Måned siden
Does anybody see a resemblance between wranglerstar and the govnah. In The Walking Dead. Cant help be see him like that if theres a zombie apocalypse.
Nu B
Nu B Måned siden
You can no longer shoot in your backyard anymore, 2 acres won’t be enough.
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael Måned siden
Good video as always cody @WranglerStar
Jim Henline
Jim Henline Måned siden
Don't worry about the underbrush, just rake it as good old trump says... Love to see you growing and giving back.
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops Måned siden
I thought you quit again lol. I’m coming to this work shop btw with my expert mechanical engineering skills
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops Måned siden
No seriously I’m pretty smart 🤣🤣
Tom Måned siden
Looks incredible. Wish there weren't a thousand miles separating me...
John Courtneidge
John Courtneidge Måned siden
Hurrah! Very best wishes from England.
amorton94 Måned siden
I sure do wish I lived nearby. I would love to volunteer my time just to give me something to do and to learn.
MrBuildEverything Måned siden
24" is the biggest tree? Count me in with my 16" east coast bar. Eastern Canada that is
Roberto Vega
Roberto Vega Måned siden
At 6:55, that dead fall conifer probably has some fatwood...
Roberto Vega
Roberto Vega Måned siden
When i leave NYC for greener pastures, my hope would be to give a visit should the future hold this privilege... Did i say i was an eastcoast guy too loud, LOL!
Dennis Burke
Dennis Burke Måned siden
This is great, so many people will be lead to Christ through your work. Whether they know it yet or not. Hope to make it out there and bring my camper. That is if you’ll have an east coaster from New Jersey. Lol
Rk M
Rk M Måned siden
God's bounty surely is great, huh?
Blaine Bradley
Blaine Bradley Måned siden
If you figure out when you would want to clear it I would definetly take leave. My 2 cents
Cheesy Ascot
Cheesy Ascot Måned siden
Hell yeah the wranglerstar laundry mat! I'd travel 25 hours to come wash my dirty undies lol
Skydancer Red White Blue
Skydancer Red White Blue Måned siden
How exciting. May all your dreams come true. Many hands make light work. God bless you.
Magoo Måned siden
But you didnt
Judy Logan
Judy Logan Måned siden
Are you near Wenatchee?I had family in Dryden. I loved visiting
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse Måned siden
Fireproof geodesic dome house construction would be an apt course for that part of the World.
ColonelK0rn Måned siden
This East Coast man would love to come help clear , but I'm not sure I could handle all of the beauty. God willing, the opportunity will come up for us to come visit the commercial property.
ugsisr Måned siden
Wranglerstar. You and your Family had such a nice place ...I am sure you will do the same with this property.. Best Wishes
The Fourth Watch
The Fourth Watch Måned siden
blah blah blah, blah blah blah blah. that's what niel peart said inducting into the rock n roll hall of fame. wranglerstar, you should back're no neil peart.
Midnight Runner 68
Midnight Runner 68 Måned siden
Trump is The Man
Another Person
Another Person Måned siden
I'm local and willing to help. My friends and I are in a tough spot right now. I dont know how to personally contact you, or how to PM on here.
TomWylie Måned siden
So cool, Cody. Can't wait for what's ahead. Looking forward to opportunities to pack up my young North Idaho family & come learn, share, and fellowship!
Nolan Gaudreau
Nolan Gaudreau Måned siden
Who makes that denim jacket??
Hands and Feet Homestead
Hands and Feet Homestead Måned siden
So exciting to see this unfold! Just outstanding!
Cameron Robach
Cameron Robach Måned siden
New construction here in Cali we use that DF for overhangs only
Linckster Måned siden
So Happy for you and your family!
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson Måned siden
Had me at hello
Hank Amarillo
Hank Amarillo Måned siden
is that a Porsche SUV at 2:48?
Krzysztof Hepner
Krzysztof Hepner 22 dager siden
cayman i believe
Kevin Weil
Kevin Weil Måned siden
I would love to come out to something like that, but alas I live on the east coast :( sooo probably never going to happen for me :(.
Scout Tyrons
Scout Tyrons Måned siden
Would be nice to see your dreams come true and not have to depend on NOpost as source of income. Best wishes.Was'nt there a show on history channel about a guy that kinda tried this ?
Jon piper
Jon piper Måned siden
Wish I had the time to come out and help Going to be a very cool place once it’s finished.
Corbyn B
Corbyn B Måned siden
Back in about 2011 I messaged you thanking you for absolutely all your advice, tips n tricks, those things you learn from an old timer. I was 11 years old at the time [now 19] you have have taught me so many valuable life lessons, work ethic, craftsmanship and morals. I get to use these on a daily bases and you sir were a huge part of the making of me. Well done, you have a beautiful family. Wish you and the family the best. Again. Seriously thank you for absolutely everything.
Chris de Haan
Chris de Haan Måned siden
Makes me wish I was in the pacific northwest instead of Michigan
Johnny McCrescent
Johnny McCrescent Måned siden
0:40 Thank God the Smoke dissipated ..and not a day too soon
Drickett1 Måned siden
I heard people are being arrested for starting fires. Shame!
Chris Willden
Chris Willden Måned siden
You’re a “B/2” faller aren’t you? I’d love to come help fall some trees and have you do my eval for my B/2 faller.
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
Blessings on your whole family as you embark on this next chapter !
Alex Kretsu
Alex Kretsu Måned siden
Looks like two amazing properties thank God! Exciting to see you excited :) God's blessings. Also the jacket looks nice
Alvin Dueck
Alvin Dueck Måned siden
Just wondering how many southwestern corners do you have. I counted 2.
Devin Lutheran
Devin Lutheran Måned siden
You should move the zipline to some other trees and maybe if there is a tree big enough you could build a little platform for it
Devin Lutheran
Devin Lutheran Måned siden
I just can't wait to see how it turns out I'm so excited to see
Devin Lutheran
Devin Lutheran Måned siden
Nice to see you back
hunkydoryorder Måned siden
God. It's so uplifting watching your stuff when I'm having a hard day Wranglestar. Heartfelt thanks sharing your life with us.
Hurricane Homestead
Hurricane Homestead Måned siden
Glad to see you're back, I was beginning to worry about you. Keeping you in our prayers as always!
amonamath0 Måned siden
Love your videos so relaxing to watch. Wish I lived closer I would help everyday all day.
Aaron Ellis
Aaron Ellis Måned siden
Glad to hear that someone else thinks you shouldn't remove any more trees than you need to remove. I have new neighbors and they are cutting down trees over 50 years old. Hurts my feelings but it's not my party.
Ted H
Ted H Måned siden
Switch to RUMBLE! Its a conservative channel provider that doesn't demonetize you! Check it out, Dan Bongino is a business partner with them to combat NOpost sensorship
Sebastian m
Sebastian m Måned siden
Workshop for slapping environmentalists upside the head...🤣
Shelton Hallett
Shelton Hallett Måned siden
Hi Cody do you have a email or a way I can contact you personally or if anybody knows His email I would be grateful
Rion Motley
Rion Motley Måned siden
I would be down for a clearing party.
Joseph MillsPrice
Joseph MillsPrice Måned siden
Luso Kydex Sheath for Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe on Amazon
Zach Manley
Zach Manley Måned siden
what mt is behind old homestead
Born Tobemild
Born Tobemild Måned siden
Tomas Cordero
Tomas Cordero Måned siden
You should have a rancher graze the brush down. It would be much less invasive and enrich the land from all the livestock.
Texoma Tinker
Texoma Tinker Måned siden
Nice place to develop and share with others - you're a kindred spirit. Thick brush? No way! You can see through it and walk through it. I'll enjoy watching things progress, even though it is unlikely I would ever be able to be involved in the projects there.
Mark Ballard
Mark Ballard Måned siden
Does this mean you can no longer shoot on your property?
gary preisendorfer
gary preisendorfer Måned siden
I am curious about whether you can shoot at your new place like you could at your old place. I think you mentioned being closer to civilization.
Seth Swinson
Seth Swinson Måned siden
Well done. Excited to see the progress.
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa Måned siden
Good luck on sorting out your property Cody. 👍😁
Justin G
Justin G Måned siden
I love your videos, however your tag lines for your videos really need to better reflect the content of the video.... As always best wishes!
HTP Adventures
HTP Adventures Måned siden
You need Buckin’ Billy Ray and Mike Morgan to help with the trees
jeff vw
jeff vw Måned siden
Typically that 2x t&g would be spruce not doug fir. I've put miles of that stuff up.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
This is Doug,
Music Vibes
Music Vibes Måned siden
Damn I wish I could come. I live in Maryland so it would be a bit tough to get off work to come to a workshop. May have to make it a vacation!!
Seth Albrightest
Seth Albrightest Måned siden
When did you stop? I see several a week always
David Beck
David Beck Måned siden
Good lot of land for a "Laundry mat" :)
Ollie9mm Måned siden
When you went to the south west corner, it looked like you were in front of a green screen! Beautiful!
MONTY Måned siden
Nice video Cody. It's a beautiful area.
YoDood215 Måned siden
If I wasn't an east coast guy I'd help ya build. However I will bring my family for an event. From philly to Oregon.
GreatAlaska Måned siden
Love what your doing, the idea of it sounds like its from God himself. And you did it without asking for handouts, respect. I see others doing similar projects, but they want everyone else to do the work, ask for handout after handout and have nothing to add themselves.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
I made a deal with God years ago, I’m willing to do any work you call me to but I won’t beg for money. It’s His job to provide.
Brian The Ent
Brian The Ent Måned siden
Home Depot supports every Godless cause out there. There must be another option.
nattlampan Måned siden
What is that yellow house in the forest?
Jannie Vaught
Jannie Vaught Måned siden
May I suggest a book to read as you begin this new journey . As a garden columnist and a double certified permaculture designer I review books. "Nature's Best Hope" A new approach to conservation that starts in your yard. By Douglas W. Tallamy. Chapter 5 Homegrown National Park. Which fits your community training and gathering area. I truly enjoy your videos and your children are prescious. The reason we do what we do. For their future. Thanks and happy days..
Old Yankee Speed Co
Old Yankee Speed Co Måned siden
I’m really looking forward to making it out your way at some point.
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