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2 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading edc

jojojeep1 5 dager siden
I’m going through the same thing right now with my shoulder, I can’t sleep because of it and if I sleep on my back it takes me three or four hours before I fall asleep and sometimes you feel like you’re sleeping but you’re not asleep you’ll like in limbo because you’re not comfortable it’s friggin ridiculous
Peter Cain
Peter Cain 8 dager siden
Please do a new Para 3 vs. 940 video. I'd love to hear your thoughts now
ose st
ose st 12 dager siden
Excellent video my friend,I hope your shoulder recovers soon.Stay off the OXYCONTIN,if you need pain management try some of the analgesic gels.Stay safe.
KernalPanic 13 dager siden
"It's all a farce anyway" .. man for a seemingly smart guy, you really say some dumb things sometimes.
JAY 17 dager siden
"Such a great camera" yet he uploads in 1080p smh
KOOK Club 18 dager siden
Did anybody see that cat running to the shed?
Arthur Stutz
Arthur Stutz 20 dager siden
The kore belt has honestly exceeded my expectations. My EDC holds better and is now more comfortable to have. Should have bought this a long time ago
TheBlackDog73 20 dager siden
Arthritis probably
Steve Simonds
Steve Simonds Måned siden
Cody, OLIGHT is Chicom garbage check out Modlite.
Clockwork Orangutan
Clockwork Orangutan Måned siden
Calls the deaths and suffering of 200k Americans a “farce”. A few minutes later: “My shoulder hurts. Pray for me and my family.” The level of cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy, here, is staggering.
gullars83 28 dager siden
Survival of the fittest buddy :-)
Clockwork Orangutan
Clockwork Orangutan Måned siden
Kenneth Herrick Just so you know, using politically loaded terms like “planned demic” instantly makes people stop taking you seriously. Sounds like you get your news from FB and Alex Jones. But, hey, if you have sources that you’d like to cite that proves someone planned a pandemic, or that the death of 200k Americans is “overblown”, go right ahead. I’ll wait. Otherwise, it just seems that you’re in denial about reality because it’s inconvenient and doesn’t line up with what you want to believe. Pesky reality....
Kenneth Herrick
Kenneth Herrick Måned siden
It is at least being over played. We know there are many lies associated with this planned demic.
To many adds
wickedtoast Måned siden
what gun do you carry?
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious Måned siden
NOpost's ads are driving me nuts! This video had ten ads for a 16 minute video. Argh!
Gizmo Måned siden
How does he carry it though? Clip to belt or what?
Little PAW 1969
Little PAW 1969 Måned siden
OK, I had to stop right off the bat to say, I hope what ever is in that box has shoulder straps for his everyday carry. 🤨 LOL! Sneak attack. 🦝 LOL! I'm gonna have to checkout the next video to see if Ms. Wranglarstar has a lanyard. LOL!
Traveling Trails Wagging Tails
Traveling Trails Wagging Tails Måned siden
I carried the spiderco endura for about 5 years as my daily EDC but for the last year I have been carrying the blind horse knifes frontier it’s a small full tank fixed blade with a Scandinavian grind and I’ve loved it so much I’ve never gone back.
Robert R
Robert R Måned siden
Where did the Amazon links to the products go?
tbag -
tbag - Måned siden
How much of a fire can those tanks knock down? Doesn't seem like much water in the scheme of a fire
Bjorn Egan
Bjorn Egan Måned siden
Cody, so you know. olight is a completely chinese company. not a US company that has china manufacture their things, but the company is itself, chinese.
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
“I’m gonna push it!” Oh my that was funny
Kristopher kiliadis
Kristopher kiliadis Måned siden
Those KORE essentials belts are amazing! Wear one every day
Diego Gutierrez
Diego Gutierrez Måned siden
did no one see the raccoon
Robert Webb
Robert Webb Måned siden
you only need a ham license if your using the ham channels unless it is an emergency, you can use the ham channels for emergencies without a license
Tucker Donohue
Tucker Donohue Måned siden
7:48 mysterious animal in the background 👀
Joe Caudle
Joe Caudle Måned siden
Should have shown your ccw firearm.
Mike Boot
Mike Boot Måned siden
Mention the Rolex. I agree a Rolex can be an everyday watch, don't be ashamed
Paul Goldash
Paul Goldash Måned siden
I was waiting for actual EDC but that didn't come :(
Dave Casey
Dave Casey Måned siden
Doesn't mention the rolex!?
South Texas
South Texas Måned siden
If their is no gun involved, you don’t have an EDC
Robert Bayarri
Robert Bayarri Måned siden
I recommend instead of the Victoriox, the leatherman Style CS, it’s made in USA, it’s small like the victorinox, has knife, scissors, tweezers, Flat/Phillips Screwdriver, nail file, Carabiner/Bottle Opener.
Bill Pratt
Bill Pratt Måned siden
Cody where are the links?
Isaac Melanson
Isaac Melanson Måned siden
You shouldn't use the word retarded in a joking matter. As a man that preaches about respect and decency I would expect more from you.
Scott Davis
Scott Davis Måned siden
My EDC has bullets.
CC_Citizen Måned siden
lol rural, relatively healthy and highly active individual calls covid a farce. ok boomer
Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley Måned siden
Masks are a farce ? You emphasize helmet, goggles, chaps, boots etc for chainsaw work; recommend buying $300 Swedish hatchets --but joke that you wear a useless "breathe-able" wool gaiter as a mask? You preach the value of homeschooling. What about the 190000 coronavirus deaths and going up daily? Do you care about your family or others virus safety? You're a bright progressive thinking guy with a good channel--do some research so you're not ignorant of what's happening in our country....not just in Oregon.
Mucho Gracious
Mucho Gracious Måned siden
You can get a leatherman wave and throw those spydercos, benchmades, and swiss armies in the junk drawer.
R Scott
R Scott Måned siden
Man...everything is supposed to go back to the same place in your pockets every time. Of course you have to adjust to whether you're wearing cargoes or regular pocket pants but, you have to do it that way. On the point of EDC - my friends have noticed what I always carry and frequently ask me to use an item that they know I will have on board! Except for my 'pea shooter.' They know better.
Wakeywhodat Måned siden
Hope you feel better soon. Would soaking in a hot tub of water help?
M D Måned siden
Dan Carlin's Hardcore history is good
EDC Lyfe
EDC Lyfe Måned siden
Imagine not knowing how to properly close a PM3.
nile pax
nile pax Måned siden
She's bad but you keep going back. Guess so. Ha ha.
Bob Lanz
Bob Lanz Måned siden
Its all a farce? Wtf are you referring too? Covid-19?, the global pandemic or that masks dont work? Something else please elaborate cause you cant be that obtuse
Nevin Scanlan
Nevin Scanlan Måned siden
Hey Cody, in the future you might want to consider hiding or blurring out your keys. There's some informative videos by security professionals showing how easy it is replicate a key from a photo.
Chris Lindmar
Chris Lindmar Måned siden
Amazing belt gets used daily for work and carry of my firearm. Can’t go wrong with kore
Mendel Bol
Mendel Bol Måned siden
You forgot to show the gun!
Ben Odem
Ben Odem Måned siden
Bought my third gun belt from KORE and I will buy more!! Super fast delivery and an amazing product! Definitely holds up to standards you’d expect from a good quality product!
Dallas Van Winkle
Dallas Van Winkle Måned siden
It's all a farce???
gullars83 28 dager siden
Its a scam!
Dallas Van Winkle
Dallas Van Winkle Måned siden
cat on left of screen at 7:50
william johnson
william johnson Måned siden
I love your mask idea. I wanted to know if you can get them in something other than wool. My wife can't use wool. THANKS!!
19gresham Måned siden
Non-wool versions are available in microfiber which is polyester- has a silk like texture. Search for 'snood' on Amazon.
Joe Smith
Joe Smith Måned siden
Link to the bags? Link to the lanyards?
Jay Caponigro
Jay Caponigro Måned siden
"you know men have carried purses for years" sounds like a west coast excuse to me.😂
Jake B
Jake B Måned siden
I can smell that new tank through the screen
Big Mike Edge
Big Mike Edge Måned siden
I was fiddling with my paramilitary 2 at church one day and a guy came up and was concerned I was going to kill somebody lol. Little did he know I carry my p365 everywhere I go I went to that church for well over a year
Justice Måned siden
What ccw do you carry?
Paul Rice
Paul Rice Måned siden
If your shoulder turns out to be rotator cuff be prepared for totally restricting your arm for about a month and rehab for several months. My wife went through the surgery and the restrictions involved. I will say my own shoulder is much the same as yours and I have delayed having it diagnosed due to what my wife had to endure to include sleeping in a recliner chair for a month.
Anonymous Commenter
Anonymous Commenter Måned siden
7:49 what is that? is it one of the dogs?
Charlie Smith
Charlie Smith Måned siden
Would like to see your iPhone 11 camera set-up.
Pro Builder
Pro Builder Måned siden
Sweetloaf howling in the van, feral child running around barefoot! LOL !!!
Ryan R. 815
Ryan R. 815 Måned siden
What’s your edc pistol?
John and Kimberly Beaudoin
John and Kimberly Beaudoin 2 måneder siden
True statement... "It's all a farce anyway." Thank you for saying it!
zero 4U
zero 4U 2 måneder siden
Does this guy have a job to afford all this stuff?
exRhodie 2 måneder siden
Pulled down a statue on yourself - hilarious! Thank you :)
Áron Vörös
Áron Vörös 2 måneder siden
What about the watch Wranglerstar?
Áron Vörös
Áron Vörös 2 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar You didnt mention it in the video like you did in the last EDC.
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
What about the watch?
Leo.P30sk 2 måneder siden
Do you still like recycle firefighter? I love their wallets and I use his EDC belt
Leo.P30sk 2 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar Years ago you had a tool roll of his that you were using for a chainsaw kit i believe. It was probably 5 or 6 years ago. It's all your fault that I'm a fan boy.
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
I do, great stuff,
wilcou 2 måneder siden
A purse and no sidearm? Are we watching the transition into Wranglerboi?
Cowboy 2 måneder siden
I wish to ask. As someone who wants a traditional folder but can’t afford a Case/Buck, does anyone know if I can get a good traditional knife that’s made in the USA or Europe.
Peter Pavlovic
Peter Pavlovic 2 måneder siden
You know those gaiters are proven to be totally ineffective. I'm glad surgeons don't feel the same way about masks or we'd all be in trouble!
Joel Creswell
Joel Creswell Måned siden
"it's all a farce anyway"...HUH?!?! Thats quite an elaborate "farce" know, with the entire WORLD being in on it and all...Please tell me you are more intelligent than that.
Dan Bradley
Dan Bradley Måned siden
Cody isn't thinking right about masks....he's usually smarter.
Shady Lamp
Shady Lamp 2 måneder siden
I lost faith in you a long time ago but you are endangering your wife and kids, yourself and everyone around you by refusing to wear a mask... It's unbelievable. I used to look up to you but this is just sad.
gullars83 28 dager siden
You do understand they dont work? Its a placebo effect.
James Barrick
James Barrick 2 måneder siden
In most states in the USA your EDC is your compact pistol you carry. In Oregon its your man purse. lol
observing citizen
observing citizen 2 måneder siden
Benchmade knives donated loads of money to anti gun/anti-2a causes! I'll never buy any of their stuff ever again
Ben Deidrick
Ben Deidrick 2 måneder siden
The gators are great
Ben Deidrick
Ben Deidrick 2 måneder siden
It is the SD Swiss Army knife
Michael Barrie
Michael Barrie 2 måneder siden
“If I use a pocket clip, I lose the knife.” stated in previous videos because the clip gets caught on bushes and such. But all those lanyards don’t?
Aitor Izal
Aitor Izal 2 måneder siden
You should look into the leatherman style cs. Same tools than the victorinox classic minus the toothpick and made in the USA, plus 25 year warranty.
Marks Topics
Marks Topics 2 måneder siden
Don't you include your watch as edc??
Patrick Faricy
Patrick Faricy 2 måneder siden
The eneloop pro's do last longer....but you can't recharge them as many times as the normal eneloops. So you get more run time, but the trade off is charging cycles and they are much more expensive.
Mason Dionne
Mason Dionne 2 måneder siden
Check out Thehiddenwoodsmen if you haven't, Malcom makes some great stuff!
amorton94 2 måneder siden
I don't really understand the fixation on belts with concealed carry. Maybe my firearms just aren't heavy enough, but I can carry in gym shorts with the drawstring tied without any issue.
Espen Karlsen
Espen Karlsen 2 måneder siden
You minimalist!
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה
וועדת אהבת חברים פתח תקווה 2 måneder siden
Why is love according to the method of the "baal hasulam" is the solution to all troubles for humanity? Because all nature is a force, a feature, a system, a formula of love. Of connection and unity between opposites, between hot and cold, hard to soft, white and black, male and female, sweet and bitter, light and dark. In every atom and particle, in every inanimate plant and life, the whole universe and beyond, the whole reality is the result of a connection between opposites. For humanity and the individual, one power rules from the day of birth, hatred of others and self-love at its expense, egoism. By combining the power of love with the equation, man maintains the connection between the opposites and thus stops resisting nature, and enters into harmony with it, which is the goal of nature, to do good to creatures. Until then, man will suffer great and immense suffering in order to recognize and submit to the demand of nature, He must strive in his power and choice in loving others. Thus he will acquire intellect and wisdom to connect the two opposites and will complete the nature that was created with unintentional intent, but rather man must complete it, and manage it, and bring it to perfection. And why did nature do that? (Nature and God are the same gematria 86) In order for man to grow and develop in his free choice and thus conduct creation as the conductor of an orchestra, And if man had been created in advance corrected and perfected? So he was like a perfect animal, dog and cat. But their rank as a robot is controlled with no free choice but absolute instinct dominates them. After all, a real benefit from a father to his son is nothing but that the son rises and grows according to the rank of his father and even above him. We were to conquer nature just like the one who created it. And not when judging and living a dog and a cat. If so the solution Is not in increasing the hatred from which it is not lacking and will never be lacking because that is how it has been imprinted on us from the day of birth (Media you do a very bad job just a pity a lot of beatings along the way !!!!) Nor in the abolition of hatred because it is power is in nature and should not be abolished. But only in the addition of love and connection and oneness addition upon addition while being aware of the process. The people of Israel will wake up !!! Followed by the whole world !!!!! Nature (G-d) requires connection and oneness and if not, he has every means to educate man and humanity until his surrender. He will not rest or sleep until the purpose of creation is completed. To do good to creatures. Come, O Bnei Yisrael, you are the first to realize this study !!!!!!!! And when you know, you will teach your brothers the peoples of the world. This is called light to the Gentiles. And this is a job we do not deserve at all in the meantime. "For my house shall be called a house of prayer for all peoples!" Love friends only love. It is the solution for every individual and for everyone together. how? To do propaganda of connection and not of separation and hatred ....
Erich von Manstein
Erich von Manstein 2 måneder siden
No gun?
918 Scott
918 Scott 2 måneder siden
Hey... I love you like a brother but you have to need to ask your wonderful wife to hem those pants up. Folding them up reminds me of "The Little Rascals". Not to mention, it's extra kindling for a fire!
Evan DeSorbo
Evan DeSorbo 2 måneder siden
Anyone else see the animal run through the background at 7:51? Was that a dog or a raccoon?
GD Honey Acres and Craft Work
GD Honey Acres and Craft Work 2 måneder siden
Both times I tore my shoulder I had to sleep in a recliner chair
R.j. Brown
R.j. Brown 2 måneder siden
Agree there is going to be more American made products cause we have a conservitive man in office not a woman like the demoncrate of old.
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 2 måneder siden
It’s a man bag dammit lol
O 2 måneder siden
Torn Rotator???
Travis A
Travis A 2 måneder siden
The 940 is a work horse, carried one everyday for 6 years. I will die with a 940 in my pocket.
Jeffrey Primiano
Jeffrey Primiano 2 måneder siden
"Pulled down a statue on your head" good one!!
N W 2 måneder siden
Is that a Rolex Explorer II on your wrist? Such a rugged watch.
J. Wilson
J. Wilson 2 måneder siden
Belt: Grip6 makes a great minimalistic belt. I use mine with holster without issue. USA made. Check them out. Keep up the good work/word!
J. Wilson
J. Wilson 2 måneder siden
Wallet: you’ve got to get a Trayvax 2.0 wallet!! I switched from a leather wallet about a year ago. These are USA made and very minimalistic. I’ll never go back. For $30 you can’t beat it!!
Asaf Farfar
Asaf Farfar 2 måneder siden
Good luck with your MRI...🙏
Asaf Farfar
Asaf Farfar 2 måneder siden
New to your channel. Glad to have found you. I like the belt idea as a licensed carrier.
Ba'al Busters
Ba'al Busters 2 måneder siden
Upstate NY in the sticks and on the Adirondack Mts was where I learned through experience what's essential for survival. As a child, having an imagination, a lot of free time, and only a handful of shtty "friends" allowed for plenty of opportunity. I'd go ride my bike up the road or walk with my pellet gun and go out into the woods alone. It was just one of those things. You assume this is what everyone does. It's only looking back that you see how extraordinary and awesome it was. I was allowed on this land because I was friends with the farmer who owned it all. Tons of land, mostly woods and ravines, some actual cultivated crop areas. My favorite make believe was that I was a survivalist. Without being consciously aware, I was training myself to be a real one with the countless in-the-woods experiences I had. I found hidden, boggy bass ponds to fish in, cut grass taller than me to clear paths, and got to know what was useful and what was excess weight in a carry bag or backpack. As I got older the mountain trail hikes taught me to really scale down weight. I got real good at trail running, and later after the Coast Guard, I got into top rope Rappelling. Climbing gear is an essential to me. That's one thing, like a firearm, it's better to have and not need than to need and not have.
pcruz8 2 måneder siden
Link to that Upshift Bag please.
Gilitar 2 måneder siden
Why didn't you share your concealed carry. Everyone knows it's a Glock 26! Represent!
C Moore
C Moore 2 måneder siden
Prayers are up my friend. Love watching your videos. I edc the same knives
Chet Fowlkes
Chet Fowlkes 2 måneder siden
Where are the links Cody?
TheTietzfamily 2 måneder siden
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