I Am Out of Here, Goodbye

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3 måneder siden

I'm out of here today and heading North and going riding,
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boogie banana
boogie banana 19 dager siden
I've always been curious about what would happen at a gas station like that if you had a car such as a McLaren P1 where the gas cap is hidden under a panel on the roof we're very few people know how to pump gas for it 😂
Gust Nystrom
Gust Nystrom Måned siden
Your water looks nice in aerated
Mark Sutherby
Mark Sutherby Måned siden
Can you fish in the river? There
Mark Sutherby
Mark Sutherby Måned siden
Nice place,
ProTrees Måned siden
might be time for a glass water bottle.
wickedtoast Måned siden
ive been to that water fall I think, was that on the old highway 2?
Gayle Mitchell
Gayle Mitchell Måned siden
I really hate your titles. They're misleading and unnecessary
Gone Fishin
Gone Fishin Måned siden
Sorry to cu go mate take no notice of the Moran’s there’s one born everyday Stick with us the ones who care
Black hawk assault Bullet storm
Black hawk assault Bullet storm Måned siden
Now this is a COOL video 👍🏼
Meri Pederson
Meri Pederson Måned siden
Where can you get those knee braces?
Comstock Royalty
Comstock Royalty Måned siden
Lots of chems at 1:20
Lisa G Fuqua
Lisa G Fuqua Måned siden
Chris Eggert
Chris Eggert Måned siden
Nice editing on this one laser Sharp
Songbird For Jesus
Songbird For Jesus Måned siden
Narrow pathway
Bobbi Wilhite
Bobbi Wilhite Måned siden
Drop dead gorgeous country! Thank you for the ride along :-) it gave me great memories of my deceased husband's who used to race he took Nationals year one year in Arizona he was sponsored by monster and man could he ride :-) he took me on the back of his racing bike one time and I swear I felt like a flag flapping in the breeze holding on to his waist
Lynn Jordan
Lynn Jordan Måned siden
Your to old for this ....
Red Wave
Red Wave Måned siden
Why is that guy feeling your gas? Full-service gas station?
shifty Måned siden
He’s like a girl getting ready ! I can see why he really has no friends
Peter Dungjen
Peter Dungjen Måned siden
I lost track of the point of this video 5 min into it after all the product placement.....
Deborrah Allen
Deborrah Allen Måned siden
I’m sick and tired of lying politicians both parties are the same Trump forced rolled out 5G on all of us He gave money to big bankers and none to the small businesses he’s just another one percent illuminati now wants to rule out a poisonous vaccine to turn his trans human and lose our souls in the process to Lucifer Just another Jesuit liar puppet trying to destroy America and doing it at warp speed thanks a lot Trump for nothing but misery
S Jordan
S Jordan Måned siden
Wow, what a beautiful place with all the waterfalls, I love it!
Rose Barnwell
Rose Barnwell Måned siden
What a beautiful home! The water, the mountain....you are so blessed! Happy for you!
Dean Benninger
Dean Benninger Måned siden
One of the BEST Videos I have sean of yours so far Cody!!! Great Job on sharing from your Point of View...
Bernd Heiden
Bernd Heiden Måned siden
There are few men that look better with facial hair. You do, at least with this style. So, keep it that way! Best wishes for all the changes that you go through, may they exceed your expectations and those of your family!
Gellybean Riley
Gellybean Riley Måned siden
Becareful could be snakes*
Jerry Gilles
Jerry Gilles Måned siden
This is such a neat place to live ,I would think . Its beautiful .
You ever pick your feet in poughkeepsie?
You ever pick your feet in poughkeepsie? 2 måneder siden
I’m tired just watching him unpack his gear...
Patricia Bowman
Patricia Bowman 2 måneder siden
Miss you
Summer Sun303
Summer Sun303 2 måneder siden
Wranglerstar you kind of remind me of Charles Bronson / Tony Stark
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
Those guy are cool, thx
AL Thunderfoot
AL Thunderfoot 2 måneder siden
Nice setup and Ride! I am going to build out me a hitop van one day. OORAH
Michael Stoddard
Michael Stoddard 2 måneder siden
Oregonians are such spineless wimps... Allowing the state commicrats force them to not pump their own gas 😂🐸😂🐸😂
Ross Woolley
Ross Woolley 2 måneder siden
Can you be honest and rename your title. Very misleading. It reads like you are leaving You Tube. "I Am Out of Here, Goodbye will be your subscribers"
jay adams
jay adams 2 måneder siden
wake up. we are in the End Times. Jesus is about to Rapture the Church. Pick a spot and kick back. If you don't Believe on Jesus, now the time. Man is not gonna fix this messed up world.
No One
No One 2 måneder siden
This is the tenth time he is saying bye .. when will that day really come ?
Vince Guglielmo
Vince Guglielmo 2 måneder siden
Wranglerstar video titles sound like tweets from an angsty teen.
hartstudebakerkid 2 måneder siden
All that gear for a green trail.
Rolling Thunder
Rolling Thunder 2 måneder siden
A great video, really enjoy the day adventure, free living quick videos you produce. Thank you
Time4Survival 2 måneder siden
am going to give my gf the willies
K M 2 måneder siden
They're in Portland, ore won't let you pump your own gas!
Michael Hewitt
Michael Hewitt 2 måneder siden
Some one said you're on East Coast ?? I'M IN PA ..
i am deacon
i am deacon 2 måneder siden
see ya
How 2 DIY
How 2 DIY 2 måneder siden
Which watch is that?
s. duro
s. duro 2 måneder siden
You wasting money on premium ...
Mac McEllheney
Mac McEllheney 2 måneder siden
So much American Freedom and goodness here. Thanks for sharing! And Preserve real American values.
Pat Bordash
Pat Bordash 3 måneder siden
Like watching Ironman suit up
Tech talks what inside
Tech talks what inside 3 måneder siden
Your videos very nice
JBulsara A
JBulsara A 3 måneder siden
In Europe you do this with an E-Bike.
Rusty Bryant
Rusty Bryant 3 måneder siden
I love the song near the end. What's the name of it?
da ne
da ne 3 måneder siden
Don't feel bad I just questioned the pm into stepping down lol
highwatercircutrider 3 måneder siden
I like to ride my dirt bike in sandals, board suit and red bandanna !
Gary Loger
Gary Loger 3 måneder siden
Whatever happened to just jumping on a bike and having fun. If you have to dress up like Iron man you probably shouldn't be on a bike. You're not in motocross. Stop pretending what you're doing is dangerous.
Archangel Migel
Archangel Migel 3 måneder siden
It is dangerous, make no mistake. You can bust yourself up real bad mountain biking....how much more when you are on a motorcycle going much faster. You are not too bright.
Peggy Priest Coleman
Peggy Priest Coleman 3 måneder siden
I bet you paid a few silver dollars for that fine place
Beauacadian 3 måneder siden
If that creek is on your property, it could provide you all the water you would ever need with a hydraulic ram pump.
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III
Vlad The Impaler Țepeș III 3 måneder siden
Whatever happened to real men who didn't need all these designer clothes and accessories. Seriously, get on your goddamned bike and ride it FFS!
LindyTN 3 måneder siden
Goodness. And I though packing up and loading and trailering up to spend the day on a horse trail ride was a lot.
LindyTN 3 måneder siden
What is that lone snow covered mountain in the beginning? It is beautiful.
Brent Magnano
Brent Magnano 3 måneder siden
Wow full service gas? Haven't seen that in several decades!
Styx Fan
Styx Fan 3 måneder siden
ChooseToThink 3 måneder siden
Just an FYI, using premium fuel in engines not designed for it, is not only a waste of money, but can actually reduce performance and fuel economy.
NK 3 måneder siden
We could see way more of your riding. you should of labeled about trail riding or motocross you would of got more viewere. pretty cool. I wish I could afford your gear.
RK Harm24
RK Harm24 3 måneder siden
Non Ethanol Premium. Wonderful.
Theboredfella 3 måneder siden
It Hilarious that y’all can’t pump gas
aola wili
aola wili 3 måneder siden
lighting storms. LOL. Thank you for sharing the great day.
Sveno Mick
Sveno Mick 3 måneder siden
That is beautiful Country You live in.
Mason N.
Mason N. 3 måneder siden
Live in Oregon huh? Ya sure do miss those Cascades Mountains myself but I don't regret leaving....not one bit
DR Dan
DR Dan 3 måneder siden
I just cant see electric start on a two smoke dirt bike. Yeah I know in tight spots it can be nice but it just doesn't seem right.
aola wili
aola wili 3 måneder siden
Scotsman282 3 måneder siden
Wow, license plates on a dirt bike. Glad that's not required where i live.
The EU Prisoner
The EU Prisoner 3 måneder siden
You certainly luv your toys, 100% testosterone loaded. One question....don't say you weren't packin any 'Heat' as they say?
Dean Beiring
Dean Beiring 3 måneder siden
man that looks beautiful too bad it is so liberal
Dean Beiring
Dean Beiring 3 måneder siden
Was that a full service gas station!!!???
Jesse Tomahawk
Jesse Tomahawk 3 måneder siden
Fast Internet
Fast Internet 3 måneder siden
Lucky duck
Gabby B
Gabby B 3 måneder siden
Misleading title.
Vash The Stanped
Vash The Stanped 3 måneder siden
Now its just on you ae..
Vash The Stanped
Vash The Stanped 3 måneder siden
You're a hard corn in a soft kneel.
mattturner65 3 måneder siden
Love your videos and no offense meant, but this is one of my favorite areas to recreate and as of late it seems that it has become the hip spot for oregonians to go. I was in this area a few weeks ago and saw more Subaru's from Oregon than if I was in portland.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 3 måneder siden
Oh no.....not Oregon....😣
mercsmith 3 måneder siden
Why bother
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 3 måneder siden
A full service gas station? Wow, haven't seen one of those in decades.
B Belt
B Belt 3 måneder siden
Cody can make fun of us east coast guys all he wants, but at least we are trusted to pump our own gas!
Paavo Kaleva
Paavo Kaleva 3 måneder siden
What tires (make and model) do You run on Your bike?
e r
e r 3 måneder siden
Nice husqvy
mountaingator001 3 måneder siden
Random Comment
Random Comment 3 måneder siden
man that's crazy! i cant remember the last time i saw a gas station attendant pumping gas.. it's gotta be 20yrs at least.
Random Comment
Random Comment 2 måneder siden
@Sniper Logic how bizarre.. Rioting ok, pumping ur own gas, bad lol. Geesh, no wonder Idaho wants a western wall built roflmao
Sniper Logic
Sniper Logic 3 måneder siden
Random Comment It’s the law in Oregon. Go figure. Lol.
Muskrat Outdoors
Muskrat Outdoors 3 måneder siden
Mt. Rainer ?
Bryan Bowen
Bryan Bowen 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the video. The equipment was interesting. The area reminded me of area your grandfather help create.
cjcar63 3 måneder siden
Uncle Ricco from Napoleon Dynamite? God!
miko foin
miko foin 3 måneder siden
How is Jack's riding coming? These little trips would be more enjoyable to have him along. Think of the great memories you could make.
Matt Caldwell
Matt Caldwell 3 måneder siden
Leave it to the rich guy who gets all his gear for free to tell lecture you about doing things on a "budget"
Nick Retsinas
Nick Retsinas 3 måneder siden
If of where the shoulder of that road gave out is in Gifford Pinchot National Forest way up there on the road past Lewis river falls, I was there when the road gave away. Scary scary stuff
Christina Perez
Christina Perez 3 måneder siden
Oh no.....not Oregon....😣
Squirrel_Master9 3 måneder siden
I've had this foot for 49 years. I had another one, lost it riding a dirt bike.
Thomas Lengyel
Thomas Lengyel 3 måneder siden
Glad to see that you Dress For The Crash...
Glenn G.
Glenn G. 3 måneder siden
Something I don't have to peddle? I'm in!
Cameron Russell
Cameron Russell 3 måneder siden
Who is singing the cover of sloop john b?
NOTHOTlanta 3 måneder siden
It tired me out just seeing all the gear you're strapping on. T-shirt and shorts for me off-road !! :)
lmorrison17 3 måneder siden
Looks like a good spot to get some hydro power generation
Mark Wazowski
Mark Wazowski 3 måneder siden
Silly Oregon and pumping gas. Never forget my first time up there had an attendant yelling at me in Medford. I had no idea.
12B Oregonian74
12B Oregonian74 3 måneder siden
Are you in Oregon? Looks like Oregon 🗻🌲🗻
TheCanadianBubba 3 måneder siden
No Jack ? bummer for him !
Tim Chaffin
Tim Chaffin 3 måneder siden
Better safe then sorry I guess. Ridden many miles in the Mountains without all the ritual gear. It seems more free - seems.
Steve Wilson
Steve Wilson 3 måneder siden
I thought men out grow that stuff after 40 Looks like you want to be a 20 year old !
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