A Major Homestead Upgrade

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Space Kissingher
Space Kissingher 21 dag siden
Happy Sabbath from a fellow non attending SDA member out of the Sandy congregation
johnlemmon9 Måned siden
God bless wranglerstar family
Jerry L Busby
Jerry L Busby Måned siden
Beautiful as God intended to be, worshiping in peace and relaxing in God’s Word has become a lost treasure. I am just catching up on my Wangler Star videos today. Hope all went well with the fires and it is great you folks help each other out. That was my main reason for becoming a firefighter. I miss that part but I would be the one getting help today if I tried fighting fires. But God never closes a chapter in ones life without starting another. Isn’t that the excitement of life. Enjoy your Sabbath tomorrow and rest in His Arms .
TopSecretVid Måned siden
whats up with the water color??
Richard Caballer
Richard Caballer Måned siden
Hey 👋🏼 @wranglerstar do you have any videos on they Sabbath and why it is the true day of rest? Thx in advance
Aleksandr Zhogan
Aleksandr Zhogan Måned siden
Brother do you keep the Sabbath? 🙏😇
Pascal Måned siden
Are you a Adventist?
Mike Watts
Mike Watts Måned siden
Good good panning river?
Sandy's Crafts
Sandy's Crafts Måned siden
Looks peaceful but all I want to do is fish it.
Cotronixco Måned siden
Enjoying God's creation is one of life's greatest blessings.
Bismark Bear
Bismark Bear Måned siden
wranglestar keeps Torah?
Bismark Bear
Bismark Bear Måned siden
Steve Cloney
Steve Cloney Måned siden
Very nice spot. with a half mile of frontage you must have bought a large parcel.
Eric Martinson
Eric Martinson Måned siden
Enjoy your Sabbath rest. I enjoy mine.
mars GIA
mars GIA Måned siden
your video in the beginning is way over exposed
BBC Services & Lawn Care
BBC Services & Lawn Care Måned siden
Love it! Hi from Michigan
D Kovorik
D Kovorik Måned siden
I'll reserve my opinion until I see more of the new place, but so far, I'd be missing the old place. By the way, I thought "Mt. Fuji" was Hood...
lilfear Måned siden
How did you come up with the name Wranglerstar?
gimmes0mespace Måned siden
Dear Wranglestar Family, Congratulations on the acquisition of you new home. It looks fabulous! And I want to thank you for all of the excellent video content you have provided over the years, especially the bible study presentations. Thank y’all.
Victor V.
Victor V. Måned siden
Always a blessing to see a successful Sabbath keeping Christian. 🙂
_Chief Jiv
_Chief Jiv Måned siden
You’re Adventist?
Peter Urbanski
Peter Urbanski Måned siden
I didn't know that you are a Seventh Day Adventist! Praise God!
Shawn Lowrey
Shawn Lowrey Måned siden
OOOOOOOHHHH, Hydroelectric Build !!!
Darla Hottle
Darla Hottle Måned siden
I'm confused. Mt Fuji ?? I thought that was in Japan took me a few minutes to realize it's Oregon. Right??
Real Fubar
Real Fubar Måned siden
the sound of flowing water is so relaxing, hope your shoulder injury is healing up.
Clint & Erin Turner
Clint & Erin Turner Måned siden
Only thing I see Wrong Is I don't see a fishing line
Rk M
Rk M Måned siden
Are you a adventist?
Jeffrey Velthuis
Jeffrey Velthuis Måned siden
Wow just beautiful..
Josh Miller
Josh Miller Måned siden
Please do a Honda pioneer review. Thank you
Rebecca Kivak
Rebecca Kivak Måned siden
Absolutely breathtaking!
L.g Lucid
L.g Lucid Måned siden
"If men were today simple in their habits, living in harmony with nature's laws, there would be an abundant supply for all the needs of the human family. There would be fewer imaginary wants and more opportunity to work in God's ways...." Adventist Home, p.451 par.2
Trevor Fillmore
Trevor Fillmore Måned siden
Man all could think about is I would like to cast a fly into that if you don't fly fish you should start if you do I tie flies if you would like I'll send you some.
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio Måned siden
How many times did you feel yourself doze off next to the stream?
J. Wilson
J. Wilson Måned siden
You are blessed
C. Reed
C. Reed Måned siden
I love the fact that the first thing he said was "are you happy?" Cody has got his priorities down. "Happy wife happy life". :)
Rob Spath
Rob Spath Måned siden
Water! It all makes perfect sense now.
Daniel Edwards
Daniel Edwards Måned siden
Beautiful relaxing little spot 👌
Gizapowerplant Måned siden
God's country.... Enjoy and God bless!
Bryan Gill
Bryan Gill Måned siden
mmmm............looks like west coast water there Cody. Definately not east coast water brown as that is. You'll have to come to the east coast to enjoy some pure clean river water there Cody.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Ha, east cost man doesn’t know about glacial fed rivers.
iNinjaism Måned siden
Bro your sda?
Torre Oberg
Torre Oberg Måned siden
Shabbat Shalom! Very beautiful! We spent our Sabbath up in the Gifford Pinchot. So relaxing up there
Big_Pete Bear
Big_Pete Bear Måned siden
Thomas Beauchamp
Thomas Beauchamp Måned siden
Shabbat shalom, hope you enjoy your new homestead, may Yah be with you in your endeavors.
bluenetmarketing Måned siden
Keep in mind that anywhere there is water, the EPA and all the other envirofascists aren't far behind, telling you what you can and cannot do. Be very careful what you include in your videos on your new property. All they need is a tiny little foothold to make your life a living hell.
SavingHealthMinistries Måned siden
Praise God for the Sabbath!
John Ratchford
John Ratchford Måned siden
What a beautiful place, thanks for sharing.
Jeremy Clark
Jeremy Clark Måned siden
Such beauty, it's almost like God knew what He was doing. 😉
Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae Måned siden
What a beautiful way to spend Gods true seventh day Sabbath.
Dennis J
Dennis J Måned siden
That is a beautiful place. I truly hope you and your family are very happy on your new homestead. You seem to be a very good Christian man with a good Christian family. I wish you well and May God continue to Bless each of you.
Elwyn Custer
Elwyn Custer Måned siden
Matt Gavin
Matt Gavin Måned siden
At 45 second there is something black in the woods across the creek
tamara kelley
tamara kelley Måned siden
ok just kidding
tamara kelley
tamara kelley Måned siden
you should sell and move it looks horrible!
finally I can change my account name!
finally I can change my account name! Måned siden
That would be my church right there. Come down and worship next to the water and bask in God's creation.
Todd Shepherd
Todd Shepherd Måned siden
You should try some hydro electric experiments. I want a stream on property for that reason. Make your own electricity. Research storage batteries (they're getting very efficient) Would be a neat watch.
Sovereign Bear
Sovereign Bear Måned siden
Bless your family and nice little new water feature in the yard. Build, grow, jack
BackyardHomesteading Måned siden
Ahhhh....what a wonderful Sabbath!
Rick Black
Rick Black Måned siden
Nice place!.. but lived on a river.. You'll find out.
NorthStar Måned siden
Wow! That looks really nice.
J andMC
J andMC Måned siden
Peace to you all ! Jhn 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
Brian Måned siden
Hope the move went well for you Cody and fam. May the new place keep you well, safe , and happy.
Dana Harden
Dana Harden Måned siden
Pease address in a video the security breaches of living on a river if people get hungry.
Murk StalinskiTM
Murk StalinskiTM Måned siden
Wranglerstar River ™
fordloyalist27 Måned siden
Gotta get a ram pump in there !
Pseudorandomly Måned siden
Commenting on your most-recent video because I just had to say something ... I used to watch your videos all the time, before life intervened a couple of years ago. I really liked and admired what you were doing. I came back a couple of days ago to find out that you seem to have changed. The person who gave us "10 things you do if you were raised right" has given us at least 3 things NOT to do if you were raised right: 1) responding to someone in line who asked you to put on your mask by looming over him and saying "make me" (and then emphasizing to us how much bigger you were than him) 2) saying you would "solve" a problem with an unknown drone by grabbing a shotgun with the apparent intent to illegally shoot it down 3) illegally operating a ham radio and excusing yourself by saying "I'll get my license later; I'm too busy now" (if you were "raised right", you'd get your license *first*, and you could use an FRS radio in the meantime) And that's just in the few recent videos I've seen. What has happened to you?
Pseudorandomly Måned siden
@Wranglerstar And you as well. I hope the new place works out well for you.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Good luck we wish you the best
Ryan Vandandaigue
Ryan Vandandaigue Måned siden
If you are observing the Sabbath and recording content for the channel then aren't you working on the Sabbath?
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
Only if it is "laborious". They don't practice Pharisaical Judaism which has so many man made restrictions.
Lunar Bell
Lunar Bell Måned siden
Congratulations! Enjoy nature's TV.
Lukasz Muzyka
Lukasz Muzyka Måned siden
Seventh day Sabbath or Sun day?
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
@Lukasz Muzyka I had typed a bunch of comment and then lost it. I'll be shorter this time. They are confusing where the Bible says He is our "rest", I don't think it actually uses the word "sabbath". Would have to look that up. Referencing scripture is a lot of work, so I basically just comment from what I can remember. I'm not good with quoting scripture or chapter and verse off the top of my head, never have been. If you want to dialogue more, you can get my email address at my website: jameydenisondotcom. Blessings.
Lukasz Muzyka
Lukasz Muzyka Måned siden
@Jamey Denison Yep. I'm asking because, believe it or not, people confuse those. Some even say they are "in the Sabbath all the time". There is much confusion
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
Seventh Day, the one that was set apart by God and given to man as a gift. Rome can keep it's Sun day.
John D
John D Måned siden
Jeez, this is wonderful. Happy for you guys :)
Charles Baggett
Charles Baggett Måned siden
Protect that baby girl, teach her to swim... I have a family history of drownings...I worry.
Clay Old
Clay Old Måned siden
I hope one day to have a similar place to sit on my own homestead.
Samuel Eden
Samuel Eden Måned siden
KYLE CHANDLER! After all this time of being a sub, I figured it out. You look like Kyle Chandler.
Big Green Outdoors
Big Green Outdoors Måned siden
Couple of good poles and a tackle box and your set.
Coleman Måned siden
I expect to see some fishing on the channel now!
Mats Nilednus
Mats Nilednus Måned siden
Shabbat Shalom from Lindesberg, Sweden
Jordan Forsgren
Jordan Forsgren Måned siden
Intoxicating Masculinity
Intoxicating Masculinity Måned siden
Looks like I'm not the first one, but I was thinking a project starting very soon should be hydro-power!
Ben Moore
Ben Moore Måned siden
The amount of things you can do with that river blow me away. Looks so peaceful too. I’m sure you all are loving the new place. Congrats and best wishes!
Sudo Nym
Sudo Nym Måned siden
The harder Cody works, the luckier he gets 👍🏻🇬🇧🇺🇸👍🏻
Chris Christenson
Chris Christenson Måned siden
a peaceful moment is a troubled world. Thank you
Xekik Måned siden
Love it! Fishing will be much easier now
MAGA anti-globalist
MAGA anti-globalist Måned siden
Nice to have something so powerful, so many possibilities
HalleluYAH Homestead
HalleluYAH Homestead Måned siden
What a peaceful Shabbat! Love it!
Down South Livin
Down South Livin Måned siden
A late shabbat shalom to you and your family!!
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post Måned siden
Be fun canoeing in that.
Marshall Parker
Marshall Parker Måned siden
Do you know why the water is so cloudy?
Djchalk03 Måned siden
Your videos a a great primer to start my day. Refreshed & ready to get to work!
Anthony Harper
Anthony Harper Måned siden
Where is my hammock
MrHenhei Måned siden
Mayim chaim, Iiving waters ... blessings to you all
Joseph LaNore
Joseph LaNore Måned siden
BEAUTIFUL ! Ours is a slow lazy river. Suckers and Pike only fish we have ever caught in it. Thanks
GeoMac Granddad
GeoMac Granddad Måned siden
Fantastic! Nice little break from the go go go.
Dan Peacock
Dan Peacock Måned siden
Cody, that does in deed, not suck. What a fantastic idyllic spot.
Big Mike Edge
Big Mike Edge Måned siden
keeping the sabbath is for the Jews under the law, Christ is the end of the law. no need to keep it. If you had to keep it that means you could lose your salvation. And eternal security is preached by Paul constantly. You gotta rightly divide the word of truth. Also there are special sabbath, sabbath doesnt always means Saturday. Its a sign to the Jews not a particular day of the week.
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
@Big Mike Edge I think you're just not getting it. When the KJV translators translated it from Hebrew to English, did they "change" it? You might reply that they didn't change the meaning. However many of the English words they changed it to no longer have any understanding to us. Such as bewray , flux, hale, implead, trow and so forth. We would need to retranslate these words in order to understand them. If you can't understand or admit that, then you are being very stubborn and I can't help you. One learns by asking questions and then searching it out. You are obviously a young man with much to ponder and much to learn. By the way, I have been born again and redeemed by the blood shed on Calvary almost 40 years now. I still love you. Blessings.
Big Mike Edge
Big Mike Edge Måned siden
@Jamey Denison dude you've gotta get right with God. Yes I know those verses. But you're pulling it out of your rear when you say it needs to be changed or it's wrong. Either you've gotta be saved or you've gotta get back on track.
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
Mike, I did reference Acts 12:4 and Romans 2:13. You never gave any scripture to reference for the statements you have made though. Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-17 say we are not to add or change the word of God. Yet many changes have been necessary in order for us to have the King James version as it is today. When a pastor gets up to preach he may reference scripture for his sermon here and there. But if he is relating a story or personal anecdote to draw comparison to the sermon or to make it better understood by folks, there would be no scripture available to back that up. It would still be understood by most folks as to how it relates to the sermon and would be accepted as true. If I mention about the disciples on their way to Emmaus when the Lord appeared to them and expounded on all the things concerning himself, I have not referenced any scripture, but I am sure you know of where I am referring to. It doesn't make it less true. Not everything is scriptural, some of it is self evident. Try to find a Hendrickson Publishers Greek-Hebrew Interlinear Bible and a Strong's Concordance if you don't have them. Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). Even Jesus himself sat in the temple both teaching and asking questions. Also in Luke2:46 "And it came to pass, that after three days they found him in the temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors, both hearing them, and asking them questions". Jesus was the word of God incarnate, yet He still asked questions. I am sure he already knew the answers, but He asked anyway. That's about all I can think of for now. I haven't had supper yet, gotta go. Blessings.
Big Mike Edge
Big Mike Edge Måned siden
@Jamey Denison you are giving me 0 scripture to back up any of these statements you're making. The only person in the Bible to ever question or change what God said was Satan. No verse in typology or directly talking ever says anything close to what your saying to justify these ridiculous ideas you and other "scholars" have.
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
@Big Mike Edge Many of the English words and phrases used in 1611 are no longer understood without explanation or re-translating. I'm sure you have come across some of these. If we go back to the original languages, we can do that easily just as the word telos which translates as result or end result. The KJV was a great gift from God, but the French, Spanish, Germans, and all of the other people around the world can't read it. They have to have someone translate it for them. Are those versions not inspired as well? If not, then God must prefer only the English speaking people of the world. Are there missionaries in your church denomination or convention? Are the translations they most likely have created for use by non-English speaking peoples around the world in error? I think it would be very narrow minded to assume that English is a special tongue when Hebrew or a form of it has been around since Adam and Eve. Jesus spoke it as well as all of the Prophets, Kings, Disciples and Apostles in the Bible. The scriptures in both the Old testament were written in Hebrew on scrolls. Why didn't God have them write an English version and save the King James translators a lot of time and effort? Also, the word Easter in Acts 12:4 should have been translated as Passover. As I said before there is much to ponder and much to learn. it is good for us to speak about these things than some of the nonsense the world haggles over. Iron sharpening iron. I hope this was a decent response to your question. I tried to go back over what you said so I didn't miss anything. Blessings.
SWITCH7425 Måned siden
By far the most enjoyable channel on my playlist.....🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. Måned siden
Eric Rice
Eric Rice Måned siden
Shabbat shalom! Get to know your upstream neighbors.
Anthony Måned siden
I can almost smell that.... what id give to get out of the city and live the good life like this
Todd Ferguson
Todd Ferguson Måned siden
Rest in the Lord, blessings on you and yours.
Kurt Palmer
Kurt Palmer Måned siden
I see a great opportunity to generate pressurised water, compressed air and power from that stream 😁 looks like a lovely spot
John Grytbakk
John Grytbakk Måned siden
Lovely. "Therefore let no one judge you by what you eat or drink, or with regard to a feast, a New Moon, or a Sabbath. These are a shadow of the things that were to come...." (Colossians 2:16-17) ..."For the law is only a shadow of the good things to come, not the realities themselves." (Hebrews 10:1 ) ..."Now it is evident that no one is justified before God by the law, for “The righteous shall live by faith.” (Galatians 3:11) ....."know that a man is not justified by works of the Law, but by faith in Jesus Christ." (Galatians 2:16 ) ...."For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ." (John 1:17 ) If we want to make our selves righteous and pleasing to God by keeping the Law, we are obliged to keep it all. If we break any of It, we are guilty as if we have violated It all. And we are not able to keep the Law perfectly. That is why God raised up Jesus, the sinless one, he kept It. Yes on our behalf, and died on our behalf, paying the penalty for our sins on that cross. We are sinners. ...weak, faulty. ..we are not able to keep the Law perfectly. And to try to do so is foolishness. ...ignorance. And will fail miserably. We were warned about it all. (James 2:10)
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
@John Grytbakk As Christians we are keeping more of the Torah than you realize. The problem is that we don't know the law and have never been taught the truth about it. Read Psalm 119. The Law is also summed up where Jesus talks about Loving the Lord your God and your neighbor. Not hard to keep. John says that the law is not grievous. John the Baptist father kept the law perfectly as well as the Apostle Paul. If we go by what is difficult or easy for us to obey, we couldn't live Godly lives at all. The Law is Jesus in the flesh, that is why He showed us HOW to keep the law. We are to walk as He walked. God and Jesus know we can't be perfect, but the Bible still tells us to strive for perfection. Grace is given because of that shortcoming, otherwise we would still be stoning each other. I love keeping a Saturday Sabbath, not difficult at all. Once you start observing it, it is a delight. I enjoy the Biblical Holy days and observance of Passover rather that the pagan Easter/Eostra/Atarte/Ishtar. I heard a fellow say that Jesus is the Passover Lamb, not the Easter ham. I thought that was pretty funny. I have also benefited from learning more about the Hebraicness (not sure that's spelled right or even a real word) of the Bible. A Strong's Concordance and a Hendrickson Publisher's Interlinear Greek Hebrew KJV Bible are great tools for study. Also I have the free download of eSword with a lot of study tools. It has about every version of the Bible you could ask for, If you prefer one version over the other. I grew up with KJV, so I like it the most. If you have more things to discuss, try to find me on facebook or got to my website: just enter my name lower case all run together and add dotcom, Anyway, I love you, brother even though I don't know you. Blessings.
John Grytbakk
John Grytbakk Måned siden
@Jamey Denison We are not able to meet any of these old or new laws. No one could, we are all sinners. No one but Jesus could love God with all his heart and everything that is within him. And under the new higher law in Christ, we are still not able. Christ must come within and make that reality. Until that happens the child of God is hidden under the blood of Jesus, and God sees him as sinless/righteous. Jesus's righteousness is laid on them, and their sin was laid on Jesus, the lamb of God. And you're correct, not all mentioning of law is the law of Moses. God alone can sanctify fallen man. ..and He alone can glorify them. And those that He has justified through Jesus, He shall bring the whole way through, unto the likeness of Jesus, and all being one with God. God does it all. We can do nothing. And it is all done by the undeserved grace and mercy of God.
Jamey Denison
Jamey Denison Måned siden
John the Baptist's father kept the Law perfectly as well as the Apostle Paul. I agree we are not justified by the law, it never was meant to be that way in the Old Testament Bible. Israelites were to have "faith" that the blood sacrifice of the lambs would be sufficient to remove the "penalty" of their sin, thus it was their faith in that sacrifice and their repentance that justified them before God. Under Christ, we have a final atonement for that sin. However the law is spoke of as good and decent, just beautiful, converting the soul. Nothing ever mentioned about the law being legalism or bad anywhere in the Bible. Also note that when the New testament uses the word "Law" it comes from a Greek word, nómos. It does not differentiate between the various types of law of which there are several. For example in Romans 7. The word law doesn't refer to Mosaic law in every instance it is used. You have to have a Biblical Hebraic understanding of things before it makes sense. Also, as a Christian, if you are trying to live a Godly life, you are keeping much of the OT Law. Would that mean you have to keep it all? All of the law id summed up in Loving the lord your god and loving your neighbor. that is what much of the OT law is about. As for trying to keep the OT law, it is difficult for many to obey Jesus' commands. Is to try to do so foolishness or ignorance? Just a few things to think about. Most Christians don't understand the law that was given to Moses by God and have been misinformed about it. Read Psalm 119. Keep studying. Blessings.
Farang Travels
Farang Travels Måned siden
Such a humble man 🙄
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