What I Found In A Dead Mans Shop

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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading

mogmaker Måned siden
Tanks critters and urban homesteading
Tanks critters and urban homesteading Måned siden
Your video title is very disrespectful.
a coop
a coop Måned siden
How do you aquire this man's stuff?
Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz Måned siden
Title is of poor choice. And the thumbnail.. “why did he leave this”. Like he dad a choice of when he wanted to leave and what he wanted to take with him. Shame. Knockoff homesteader strikes again.
nicole crystal
nicole crystal Måned siden
title is awful UNsuscribed
Dannocrunch Måned siden
so...this is a video of clearing out a dead man's belongings and it's also monetized. Says alot about the author. No respect. A hypocrite holy joe.
H Gon
H Gon Måned siden
Pardon me for writing that I feel a sense of disrespect for the dearly departed after reading the title. Not cool.
Driver Dan
Driver Dan Måned siden
Wranglerstar - when you spoke about, opened the green top tool box bench and took out a tool belt I felt your angst. I Respect that moment! I salute your practical and aggressive clean out. No better way to honor the previous owner than to be super effective in a place he started off! 👌👍😉
RiverRat RVR
RiverRat RVR Måned siden
Feeling disrespected after watching...wouldn't this man's sons of grandsons have to his tools and stuff?
Joex51 Måned siden
chalking gun is a chalking gun you just have to know how to use it...
bouncybouncy Måned siden
oh just make sure you picked up that tiny flag off the ground
casselskeep Måned siden
That makes me so sad to see that work bench disassembled!
Ivan Hu
Ivan Hu Måned siden
1:09 Monster™ tool box
ARGuy2021 Måned siden
Yeah, this was definitely done in poor taste. Especially considering the comment about the thoughts being "sobering". Meanwhile you chucked out everything you didn't like. If it wasn't sobering enough to make you operate with some respect, then why pretend that it was "sobering" in the first place?
Rick Måned siden
Wow, that mountain view at the end is amazingly beautiful. God bless. Love the videos as always.
Natasha Rigby
Natasha Rigby Måned siden
warsurplus Måned siden
The gutter comment didn't make any sense. Gutters are used all over in snow country. Also, that long bench would be a nice addition to almost any shop. I'm not sure if you understand the sense frugality shared by your audience. You could give a lot of that stuff to a Habitat for Humanity Restore outlet or a fellow neighbor.
Kitty Maxboon
Kitty Maxboon Måned siden
Did the dead man die of natural causes? Old age? I just wonder. I like to see your new shop lay out a.s.a.p. :D. Greetings,, Kitty.
K Måned siden
How do you spell his name 'Jariah' ? It's a real nice sounding name, uniQue too !!
67697072 Måned siden
I have gutters and a metal roof and we get 12' of snow!!!
67697072 Måned siden
@Wranglerstar LOL.....looks like a nice place.....
Wranglerstar Måned siden
East Coast snow is not very tough,
Gary Hall
Gary Hall Måned siden
Estate sales always give me pause. I go into a man's shop and feel a connection to his dreams and aspirations. Very sobering.
Gene Harmon
Gene Harmon Måned siden
I remember using the all metal oil cans to add oil. I still have one of those oil spouts in my garage.
Gayle McArthur
Gayle McArthur Måned siden
One man’s treasure is another man’s junk.
St White
St White Måned siden
About the cardboard oil cans. I was puzzled when they started using oil to make the bottles to hold the oil. Couldn't they have used the petroleum they made the bottles out of to make more oil? I was also a Texaco Man in the 1960s.
Daniel Måned siden
I wonder how much of that good gear Granddad would have thrown away?
MrFz600 Måned siden
I think you should reconsider the wording of the title ...tad insensitive
SJ R Måned siden
Take to the dump? Is there a reuse center near the dump?
David G
David G Måned siden
Someday maybe another owner will also call this a dead man's shop. It can be interesting thinking about how a life can carry over through the history of a place.
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Måned siden
You'll regret throwing the work bench away. It was a solid foundation you could of built off of, and having farming equipment, drive shafts, for Bush hogs, engines, transmissions parts to grind, paint, degrease etc. A real waste.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
It’s got nothing to do with time
Mike Mike
Mike Mike Måned siden
Only time will tell.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
No, I won’t
elBusDriverKC Måned siden
I'm 36 and I've already been through some property of people who have passed. It is very sobering. It taught me that I need to keep my tools and property neat, organized, and express to my children the importance of tools, but not to get lost in "I need this, I need that" because our time together is the most important.
Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service
Stillwater Fencing and Ranch Service Måned siden
No reason to save old (junk, yes redbrand is junk) wire, if I saved all my partial rolls id have a warehouse full.
John Hanson
John Hanson Måned siden
the competitor was texaco.based out of texas my uncle dyed rich he made tons from oil but i never got anything but a jacket when i was 12 from a mack dealer he bought still have jacket lol
Patrick E
Patrick E Måned siden
Yes I remember oil cans as a kid also
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
When I go, I would hope somebody would tear out my ugly old work !
Hondo Lane
Hondo Lane Måned siden
This lad needs to get a grip
Jeff Benefield
Jeff Benefield Måned siden
You should have donated all the junk tools to a local thrift store. Somebody would have been tickled to have that orange caulking gun for their ONE TIME diy project. Could have been a kid starting out or a single mother trying to keep the home safe for her kids. If its usefull at all and you don't want it, donate it instead of taking it to the dump.
Ian Enderby
Ian Enderby Måned siden
My favorite memories in life are doing work like this with other good men.
Chris Breidenbaugh
Chris Breidenbaugh Måned siden
How far is Mount St. Helen's? Looks pretty darn close.
Evangelion Måned siden
hello, please send the oil to Project Farm on youtube
Typing Piper
Typing Piper Måned siden
"get away from the cans, he's shooting the cans". -steve martin
dexman9908 Måned siden
He hates these cans!
Pro Builder
Pro Builder Måned siden
Crawl spaces, like attics, should be ventilated year round, regardless of climate. (unless it's conditioned space, of course)
Bruno Lucena
Bruno Lucena Måned siden
This lad with you is really into work, I like him.
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster Måned siden
Oh Cody! Were you close to your Kin (Father, Grandfather, etc.)? Don't take Kin lightly! I know you like to use "catchy" titles, some quite miss leading, I guess that's what draws us to you at times. And as you say we don't have to watch and I understand. We all do and say things that we later think, damn I probably shouldn't have said that. But I have to say, few of us put ourselves out in front of everyone like Utubers do. Kinda like Trump! He's always in hot water!! Loved your ole Homestead out in the boonies....take care and stay safe👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻.
Shannon Stiles
Shannon Stiles Måned siden
Those impacts are life savers
Redinator989 Måned siden
Misspelled Username
Misspelled Username Måned siden
I hope you donate what you can... instead of just dumping it. What we leave behind is amazing. Also the things we try to collect and keep.
Stanley J. Mitchell
Stanley J. Mitchell Måned siden
It hurt when you broke up that wood bench. I can’t get over the amount of good stuff you threw out.
Ricochet 10 dager siden
He's got money. Those of us struggling would know the value of that stuff.
garywebber409 Måned siden
Yes, a terrific wood bench.... sigh.
Barry Hay
Barry Hay Måned siden
Tools are very special in my family. I still have tools that my great grandfather used. Wrenches that come in measurements that don't exist anymore. Reminds us to finish our projects all in one lifetime.
Nick Brockelman
Nick Brockelman Måned siden
No gutters where you get lots of snow? why? they make covers for them now that let water through and nothing else. so the snow will slide off as if they werent there... of course if the building included kickers on the roof like it should then the snow wouldnt slide off all at once anyway... you would think that would be standard practice to include them when you live somewhere that gets lots of snow...Also the foundation damage caused by the rain not being guttered away is probably the real problem in the end... afterall most places in america receive more rain than snow and rain is a year round event while in most places snow is seasonal... food for thought.
pacechcz Måned siden
Somehow I noticed that Cody is a pretty tall guy. When standing in the shop shoulder by shoulder with the other guy.
Nick Robert
Nick Robert Måned siden
Wranglerstar: "You don't put gutters where you get 5 feet of snow" Me a person that lives in Canada "Huh"?
Nick Robert
Nick Robert Måned siden
@Mike Hagarty Exactly
Mike Hagarty
Mike Hagarty Måned siden
I’ve lived all across Canada, loads of heavy snow. You get good gutters, & long screw them on well. I’ve had freezing rain, loads of snow, icicles right to the ground.
Nick Robert
Nick Robert Måned siden
@Mike Hagarty We get a lot of snow here and everyone has gutters lmao. So it didn't make sense to me.
Frederic Vandeputte
Frederic Vandeputte Måned siden
@Mike Hagarty My guess is that it only collects the snow and it would just weigh down the gutters.
Mike Hagarty
Mike Hagarty Måned siden
Nick Robert I didn’t get it, either! Also Canadian.
0000 Måned siden
anyone know the name of the song at the end? thank you.
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Måned siden
Crazy Coyote
Crazy Coyote Måned siden
You don’t want to drive an indoor forklift on grass and soil.
mannis8000 Måned siden
Looked like a nice wood bench you just destroyed? To each his own wranglerstar dude.
sc0tte416 Måned siden
Hey, you ever see or hear a sasquatch out there?
Jim J
Jim J Måned siden
I'm sure that someone could use the gutters and leader, It's a shame to dump it, especially with the price of aluminum today. You could sell it or put an add on Craigslist, even give it away for free.
josephmars20 Måned siden
I just moved back to Beaverton to pay down debt to buy the house my wife and I have wanted outside of town.
John D
John D Måned siden
Yeah I'm gonna give up and call him Todd, which I guess makes Cody Walter. Give Todd a mic?! Your shoulder is looking much better. What did your doc say?
Dr. Daniel Gardner
Dr. Daniel Gardner Måned siden
My biggest fear in life is that I'll die and my wife will sell my tools for what I told I bought them....
ron5935 Måned siden
I opened many of those oil quarts in the 70`s. I never had to loose a funnel
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera Måned siden
On last comment , just saying because the house may have been the only place that had transfer switch hooked to generator, and shop didn't get hooked in at all . no telling from over here,lol
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera Måned siden
Good cleanup. Oh BTW, an IMPORTANT note. On your last video, you mentioned some type of electric panel that was left in the shop. I didn't get a close look, but make sure it isn't a transfer switch panel before you throw it out. Even though you have a generator that can possibly power both the house and the shop, or may install separate ones later, you need a transfer switch to safely shut off the line power from your utility company before energizing any circuits with the generator to eliminate backfeed to lines and workers. Also, check all the specs to make sure they line up with what you may want to do. Nice video of the new property. Oh, I see Jeriah ordered some of the Filson t-shirts too, I ordered a lot of them (USA made one's) when I noticed they started having more imported t-shirts listed. I always liked them because they were made in the USA, now it seems as only a few will be offered that are. Hopefully that'll change back.
Jud Gohl
Jud Gohl Måned siden
You should get rid of that wooden ladder those things are dangerous
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn Måned siden
My first car was a tank - a 57 ford fairlane with short wings. Can of paint, Can of oil. Just the facts Man. (Mam Joe Friday). Long benches are handy. Such is life.
Art Fisher
Art Fisher Måned siden
I impressed! Jeriah really seems to have the knack with a sledge hammer! Knows how to hit just enough without hitting too hard.
scooter dogg
scooter dogg Måned siden
I have a few spouts for that oil can lol
Steve Cloney
Steve Cloney Måned siden
Nice Shop
D R Måned siden
How's your shoulder doing? Hope you guys settle in nicely in the new house.
NRCustom Måned siden
Doesn't look like there's a whole lot of trees on that property which I thought was kind of odd for your liking.
Phil Stratton
Phil Stratton Måned siden
It's much easier to go through the stuff of someone you don't know. I've been going through my dad's stuff for almost two years now, and I have connections to too much of it.
Paul Liebenberg
Paul Liebenberg Måned siden
The longer one lives, the more apropos the title of this video sounds. True, if one is squeamish, this could conger up bad images---but it also can be a celebration of a person's life. I've experienced rummaging through a "Dead Mans Shop" a dozen times or more; most were relatives, some just acquaintances or even "friend of a friend". I've kept probably too many "inherited" tools and such; in a decade or two my survivors will be sorting through my stuff.
Element Gypsy
Element Gypsy Måned siden
Lol gutters. My ex brought home gutters after he worked on the roof and did a bad job because he refused to hire someone. Drip edge done poorly too. I told him not a good idea to put them up. NE New England winters. Sure enough, we had more leaks than before he "FIXED" the roof. All the painting and interior wall repairs we did started to get ruined. He refused to take advice from anyone, especially a woman. I learned house stuff and carpentry from my dad all my life and actually knew more about it han he did. That was the end.
shaggys Måned siden
microwave the old tape.....like new! the blue stuff that tan stuff never lol
shaggys Måned siden
project farm will test that oil
Clayton Moss
Clayton Moss Måned siden
@wranglerstar A tip for old masking tape. Stick it in the microwave for a few seconds. Puts life back into it.
Blaine Verhelle
Blaine Verhelle Måned siden
I've looked in your play list but did not see anything telling why you'll left the old homestead.
Blaine Verhelle
Blaine Verhelle Måned siden
@Clifford Perry I found it thanks
Blaine Verhelle
Blaine Verhelle Måned siden
@Clifford Perry yes I finally found it. Thanks
Clifford Perry
Clifford Perry Måned siden
Blaine Verhelle he did have a vid about it. 1. Too many separate buildings. 2. House too small - wanted bigger rooms for video making. Few other reasons.
M Heb
M Heb Måned siden
Don't take those tools to the dump. Run a contest for your viewers and have the winner(s) pay for shipping if they want the tool(s) they win. Or let me know how much shipping fees will be and I'll pay for you to ship those tools to me : )
Flex Bender
Flex Bender Måned siden
I still have 2 of those old oil can spouts .
808foodlover Måned siden
Love making a new home for the tools ypu love. But a pain trashing what was there. Love the vids and god bless.
Redneck Viking
Redneck Viking Måned siden
I remember going through my mom's mother's father and his tools after he passed away back when I was in the 10th grade in highschool I still have his tools I took and use them I took as many as I could carry and then cam back for more
engfishman87 Måned siden
That makes me want to clean my shop.
007 bobby
007 bobby Måned siden
Why whyyy! Why did I watch this!?
Rookie Lock
Rookie Lock Måned siden
Gonna be awesome to see a shop set up from pretty much scratch !
bud green
bud green Måned siden
Wow...that's an old oil can....opened MANY of them with a push in spout....like you described! Cool!
giggsirish Måned siden
The description of this video is perhaps a little cold
The OVERLORD Måned siden
Sorry I don't mean to be rude but some of the items you sent to the dump....wasteful ! I know you may not have needed it but someone could have, we normally leave usable items we don't need at the end of our driveway with a free sign.
Archie Kabooom
Archie Kabooom Måned siden
What a lovely song at the end of the clip!Can someone b kind enough to let me know who the singer is? Thanks in advance!
eclipse 2003
eclipse 2003 Måned siden
Ur bad suk out
dadygee Måned siden
Been living in our house for 5 years now and still find stuff i like "dude, wat!!" last gem were one hand hydralic pump with a little piston used to straighten stuff out.. prev owner left a lot of good loot.. Also 6 truckloads of stuff that went to the dump..
Dr. Dollfuß
Dr. Dollfuß Måned siden
Cool Video!
Fred Måned siden
i am desperate for benches and shelving in my shop and they’re tarring it up and throwing it away.
R Måned siden
Love you man. My comment is just another throw away tool in another dead mans workshop. Plan for it. It'll become of all of us. Someone will encapsulate the nature of this kind of situation. The value being lost herein needs to be mitigated, How do we make the Dewey decimal system of another mans shop, and transfer the value to the world?
R Måned siden
Probably my most useful comment ever on NOpost... How do I do this? Future business.
DaytonaFunTim Måned siden
Those impact "breaker" sockets are priceless when you need them. :)
Ghost Do
Ghost Do Måned siden
Shame ya didnt find any decent content.
kevin p
kevin p Måned siden
Did you find any used buttplugs?
George Hazim
George Hazim Måned siden
Happy to see you doing so well . I like you and your family and wish you the best in your new home. I was glad to see you give your young helper those old man tools instead of making another video where you throw perfectly good tools in the trash like your last video. I am sure he will find use for them. I too have some crows foot wrenches in my tool box that don't get much use.. but when I need them they are there. and that's why they are in my toll box. I never throw tools away unless the are broken. When you tossed that worm drive saw in trash it broke my heart . People who make their living with their tools could use those tools even if you don't need them any more .I'm sure you would not of thrown your tools in the trash 20yrs ago!? . Next time you want to clean out your box, just pass it on to the next guy who may make good use of those tools. Just saying.
Dylan DeGroff
Dylan DeGroff Måned siden
Send that old can of oil to project farm!
Jarad Fowler
Jarad Fowler Måned siden
Hope you’re donating as much of that stuff as possible
Foster Family & Faith
Foster Family & Faith Måned siden
How's that shoulder feeling?
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