How To Sharpen A Knife In 90 Seconds

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2 måneder siden

How to sharpen any knife in 90 seconds or less. Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading.
Purchase Work-Sharp Knife Sharpener - Here - (amazon affilate link)

Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
Purchase Work-Sharp Knife Sharpener - Here - (amazon affilate link)
DannoTull 2 måneder siden
Do you actually use 3 or more grit sizes every time to sharpen knives that are in regular use ?
boulderingrockboy 2 måneder siden
Cody thank you for showing the blade grinder attachment. Love my Work-Sharp!
Matthew Hunter
Matthew Hunter 2 måneder siden
@Anti - Ethnic Cleansing just get one from a cow that died of natural causes.
AZ RC Fanatic
AZ RC Fanatic 2 måneder siden
There is one that costs about $70 (same brand). I have not compared the differences yet.
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing
Anti - Ethnic Cleansing 2 måneder siden
@Rob Sinclair P.S. Did you see the two follow up comments I left after that comment you responded to? I ask because they both had links in them, and I don’t know if this channel allows us to post links or not (i.e. if only Wranglerstar can post links). Just curious. I hope you will respond, because I don’t know if the Cody regular replies to comments or not.
Mike Strasburg
Mike Strasburg Måned siden
Sorry "Goat" I can't find your comment to respond to in all of this spaghetti. My knives are slicing through fresh tomatoes just fine after two weeks - will let you know how it does with the lawnmower blade if I can find you, hope you're having a good day, Mike
TheTrock121 Måned siden
Sharpening the knives is easy. Getting everyone to hone the knives regularly and never use the meat knives for vegetables is hard.
TODD SWENSON Måned siden
Stupid me, I thought this was only going to be a 90 second video? Nice idea for a side hustle though. Low start up is right.
delav83 Måned siden
Now that Mrs W knows you can do it in 90 seconds she will expect them to be done immediately after she asks from now on....
Norse 1
Norse 1 Måned siden
Like this guy, sharpening blades ain't ever this complicated though.
MrDae006 Måned siden
I've had the work-Sharp sharpener for years and love it.
rampa retkeiliä
rampa retkeiliä Måned siden
not good sharpener
John Olson
John Olson 2 måneder siden
You just sharpened that knife free hand , that take skill and most people will not be able to do this. 🤔
Adam Nagy
Adam Nagy 2 måneder siden
It's not that expensive, considering some knives sell for 5 times the amount.
smievil 2 måneder siden
"we settle with 3, there's no need to go crazy" but will you really be able to see your face in the blade if you don't go crazy?
Garry Decker
Garry Decker 2 måneder siden
How's the shoulder doing?
Seth Burgin
Seth Burgin 2 måneder siden
Big $800 translucent Arkansas stone and you can shave with those knives, planes, chisels, axes, adzes, and even grubbing hoes. Put some fine red rubbing compound for car paint on your strop.
Whywouldi Givemyrealname
Whywouldi Givemyrealname 2 måneder siden
I think a lot of toothpastes have limestone as an abrasive. Don't quote me as I'm too lazy to google, but when I was in Jamaica there was a limestone quarry and they said it was mostly for toothpaste.
Jeff Stanley
Jeff Stanley 2 måneder siden
That part where you place the knife on the platform and then try to maintain that angle when going to the belt is a lot of hooey. You said you could not use an oil stone. The problem you me and everyone has is maintaining the same angle repeatedly. The same thing here. If you are happy with a 15 degree angle the Chefs Edge Trizor is far superior to this. There is only one angle, 15 degrees but it sharpens great. There is no adjustment, turn it on and go.
old dave
old dave 2 måneder siden
I just use a belt sander when they get really bad.
A. Todd Moore
A. Todd Moore 2 måneder siden
Hello Wranglestar, been watchin your channel for several years now. This is a first response, and a partial rant. Why do I have to lift the blade and try to maintain an angle? If the angle is set, why not set it fixed and draw the blade across? Why do I have the variable of lifting the blade and leaving to chance the angle? FIX THIS Worksharp and you will totally own the sharpening market for decades!!!
Biff Johnson
Biff Johnson 2 måneder siden
One sharpener for all blades. Perfect.
T Wolfe
T Wolfe 2 måneder siden
Cutco knives can be sent to cutco and are then rejuvenated...........just saying.
Blakehx 2 måneder siden
I bought the original Work Sharp several years ago (an earlier model) but gotta say I don’t love it... maybe I’m a bit simple but the rickety plastic “angle guide” and weak belt tensions have never given me great results! I still use it freehand on axes, garden tools, etc but not knives. I hate to fork over another $60 for the blade grinder attachment but maybe it’s worth it!🤔🤷🏻‍♂️
Matt Austin
Matt Austin 2 måneder siden
I like the precision of my Wicked Edge and don’t mind the time spent sharpening on it. That being said, if I just wanted to sharpen a knife quickly and cheaply, this is the way to go.
Bill Hughes
Bill Hughes 2 måneder siden
Thought folks bought cut co knives because they do lifetime sharpening?
Newton Washinton
Newton Washinton 2 måneder siden
Thank You for taking the time to show us.
Brian 2 måneder siden
I have the Ken Onion edition and I don't think I will ever switch.
FOBESCO 2 måneder siden
I purchased a used very full cutco chef’s knife. Sharpened it at 25 degrees till it was shaving sharp. It is by far my favorite kitchen knife and was a steal at about $35.
FaithfulMC 2 måneder siden
What the hell, that can't be right, how is it easier to hold the blade straight up instead of on an angle? The reference plane is just dumb
David Yoho
David Yoho 2 måneder siden
Little bit of cool info at least l think is Ken onion is from West Virginia.... EAST COAST MAN lol 👍👊
Harvey Beeker
Harvey Beeker 2 måneder siden
Worksharp oh yeahhh. I bought one a couple months ago used in on my Mower blade .. Shovel . pizza cutter. It's definitely a great thing to have..
Bellingham Conn
Bellingham Conn 2 måneder siden
Can anyone comment on sharpening small pocket knives/ para3? easy?
Alex Beck
Alex Beck 2 måneder siden
Correct title... How to ruin high end cutlery and shorten the working lifespan of a knife.
Mike DeGrasse Tyson
Mike DeGrasse Tyson 2 måneder siden
Man's got thousands and thousands of dollars worth of top of the line sharpening systems and he uses the Worksharp.
Shy Skeleton
Shy Skeleton 2 måneder siden
I hate to say this but you are using that machine wrong. Not everyone can just set a knife on a flat surface then raise it up to the belt off the flat surface to the belt to sharpen it and still be flat. The table or flat surface that you are setting your knife on should stay on the flat surface. You are supposed to push the blade forward and slide it across. Now yes you do it way different and it works but thats how you have always done it and learned. But no one can bring a blade up off a flat surface and expect it to stay flat with out tilting. And hay im not bashing you or your vids im just informing you and all that as a long time knife collector and experienced knife sharpener.
Jerrad Adams
Jerrad Adams 2 måneder siden
youtube stopped doing email notifications. that was my favorite method to get notified on new video's.
South Texas Survival
South Texas Survival 2 måneder siden
Wait the instructions are helpful. No
rickster1957 2 måneder siden
How do you know when to sharpen your knives? When Your knife slips off the object almost cutting you. :D
Bill Morash
Bill Morash 2 måneder siden
Why don't they have the 'table' up where you actually sharpen the knife?
Jeff May
Jeff May 2 måneder siden
How about lawnmower blades? I use a 4 1/2” grinder with a flap desk but there has to be an easier way. Thanks
Richard Brown
Richard Brown 2 måneder siden
How to sharpen knife in 90 seconds, takes over 13 minutes
Fox&Fire 2 måneder siden
Awesome vid, thx for posting. I own a small restaurant, and have been looking for a cost effective way to sharpen my knives. Just purchased!
FLIRDUDE 2 måneder siden
For the past 35 years. every time I sharpen a knife, my wife cuts herself. She is only allowed to have access to dull knives.
Roger Sampson
Roger Sampson 2 måneder siden
Wait, how does it take 13+ minutes to sharpen a knife in 90 seconds......hmmmm🤔🤔🤔
Mass Effect
Mass Effect 2 måneder siden
Yes because everybody has 150 dollars to blow on a sharpener😂😂😂...geesh learn how to use wetstones and hand sharpeners for gods sake!
Romero XVII
Romero XVII 2 måneder siden
11:17 my jaw dropped
Henry Mendez
Henry Mendez 2 måneder siden
If you dont use the tsprof anymore can I have it??0: im tired of failing at sharpening my knives
Will 2 måneder siden
Sir, this video is over 13 minutes.
fookingsoc 2 måneder siden
I think I'm going to *LOOSE* my Lansky Knife Sharpener!!!....LOL!!!
Bamometha 2 måneder siden
Man, I wish I could get to the point that I live like this.
Tad Eley
Tad Eley 2 måneder siden
I struggle with knife sharpening too. It's a sad situation. Thanks for the tips.
Yoshi92 2 måneder siden
Wow this is the first time I actually need a product you show. :D Thanks for the video! Never thought of a belt sander that tiny! 🤯
Red Bear Preparedness
Red Bear Preparedness 2 måneder siden
A 1x30” Harbor Freight belt sander gets blades wicked sharp for about one-third the price of a Work Sharp, and the larger belts sharpen faster and last longer.
Northern Woodsman
Northern Woodsman 2 måneder siden
Spent 80$ on a cheap little 1x32 belt sander on amazon. best money I ever spent. No dull knives around here.
Bama fan in KY
Bama fan in KY 2 måneder siden
I can't hold/use left hand. Trying freehand stones with mixed results. Any suggestions appreciated.
Changed Name
Changed Name 2 måneder siden
I like the work sharp sharpening system but I end up messing the tip of my knife up most of the time. So I still use stones for my expensive knives. I don't have the ken onion version though.
Thomas Kirkpatrick
Thomas Kirkpatrick 2 måneder siden
I saw the title and thought, I can invest 2 minutes to see how someone else sharpens knives. 3 minutes in I was still waiting for the teaching.
Mitch Mckenzie
Mitch Mckenzie 19 dager siden
Yep, lots of words and not a lot of useful Information
Thomas Matthew
Thomas Matthew 2 måneder siden
How to sharpen a knife in 13 minutes and 38 seconds. Good explanation though!
Zen Gardens
Zen Gardens 2 måneder siden
These are my favourite videos. Any how to or test of tools etc really get me wanting to go to the shed 😂
LE-Handmade knives
LE-Handmade knives 2 måneder siden
"When stropping the angle is not important" LMAO You can cut printer paper with a 1000 grit edge, it doesn't even require a knife I´d consider sharp. I challenge you to cut toilet paper next time
HaJo Schatz
HaJo Schatz 2 måneder siden
LE-Handmade knives Wet toilet paper, since we're at it 😉
gwilliambgmail 2 måneder siden
It’s understood amongst your viewers that you are both providing a service for the audience and you are providing for your family. When you review a product, why not tell the audience if you bought the product or if you use something to day? You must have used a whet stone
Bruno Lucena
Bruno Lucena 2 måneder siden
Nothing against the paper thing, but now my standard for razor sharp is shaving the arms hairs...
Brian Kretz
Brian Kretz 2 måneder siden
I have the regular ken onion edition work sharp and I love it!, but I will be purchasing the belt attachment you are using here. Well worth the money!
thomas wolfe
thomas wolfe 2 måneder siden
you know there is plenty of fat to trim when a video about 90 seconds worth of sharpening takes almost 14 minutes.
The Crazy Seis
The Crazy Seis 2 måneder siden
When we lived in Mexico there was a guy who had a grinder wheel attached to his bike and would go around sharpening people’s knives. He had a cool set up and made a decent living doing it.
Work Sharp Sharpeners
Work Sharp Sharpeners 2 måneder siden
That is my retirement plan.
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker 2 måneder siden
"How to sharpen a knife in 90 seconds" - - - - 13 minutes, 38 seconds later................... ;)
Braxx Juventa
Braxx Juventa 2 måneder siden
adam cooley
adam cooley 2 måneder siden
I'll stick with my KME.
Intoxicating Masculinity
Intoxicating Masculinity 2 måneder siden
Thanks for the video. I'm going to have to get this attachment. For some reason I can't get a good edge with the one that comes with it...not to mention it scrapes the sides of the knives.
Dirt Bandit Outdoors
Dirt Bandit Outdoors 2 måneder siden
Good video. As a person who uses knives for work cutting meat I'd need to buy knives every year if I used that, lol. I know it works well but it eats the blade up like crazy if you sharpen often. I've mastered using the tri-stone but your right it does take a lot of practice. Thanks for the video Cody. I hope your shoulder heals quick for you.
Dar The Pirate
Dar The Pirate 2 måneder siden
From the sharpness test videos I have watched the Lansky system does a bit better. I really like my Lansky but it does take me a quite a bit longer than 90 seconds to sharpen. I wonder if upgrading would be worth it? Idk though I really enjoy taking my time with a knife.
Larry Doolittle
Larry Doolittle 2 måneder siden
Good luck tomorrow with your MRI
Andrew T
Andrew T 2 måneder siden
I have one. Is that the knife making attachment?
James Hughes
James Hughes 2 måneder siden
My father, may he rest in peace, sharpened my mums main carving knife on the concrete front step to our house. I can still hear the sound now.
Work Sharp Sharpeners
Work Sharp Sharpeners 2 måneder siden
Sounds like a good man.
life sensation
life sensation 2 måneder siden
He’s finally doing some of his normal videos again!
Nolan Walker
Nolan Walker 2 måneder siden
This is a total east coast move. Real men sharpen on stones.
Stet Tan
Stet Tan 2 måneder siden
If you can sharpen a Cutco blade (440C metal) on your own, you can sharpen most knife blades. 440C metal is a pain to sharpen on wet stone. Great video!
James Mauck
James Mauck 2 måneder siden
How to sharpen a knife in 90 seconds... 13 minute video ensues...
MackTheTank 2 måneder siden
Can you make a video sharpening other things like axes, and machettes
Jean-Sebastien Latouche
Jean-Sebastien Latouche 2 måneder siden
Also bought one after your first review and never regretted it. The only caveat I would point is that since it creates somewhat of a rounded edge, you want to use this sharpener at all times afterwards. May not be suitable to switch between types of sharpeners (i.e. sharpen other people's knives just once in a blue moon) or those knifes will get ground down significantly each time they get sharpened with another platform.
bronzekite 2 måneder siden
If I bought every sharpener that Wranglerstar has recommended over the years, I'd be bankrupt.
Greg Ziegler-personal
Greg Ziegler-personal Måned siden
Hahaha... was thinking something similar. Got to admit though that my experience says most guys who are interested in sharpening go through a number of different methods. Reminds me of all the hunting equipment I've been through, both bow and gun. I'm getting to where I want less but I'm really particular about what I want :-)
Harvey Beeker
Harvey Beeker 2 måneder siden
I live in my Truck and wired up a Inverter to run my sharpener and my Freezer.
Jess Hines
Jess Hines 2 måneder siden
I love mine. Can get a pocket knife shaving sharp in just a few minutes! Sure, I'd love to be able to use my whetstone like that, but truth be told that's just not something I'm passionate enough about to put the time in when I have other hobbies and duties.
Ben F
Ben F 2 måneder siden
I used a birthday Cabela’s gift card to buy one of these. Fantastic sharpener. Might have to get the attachment. Cody is gonna need a 18 wheeler to move the shop over to the new place!
L2FlyMN 2 måneder siden
I love mine!! I bought it because of your review & recommendation! I sharped my brother-in-law’s multi tool blade, & he was so excited that it was so “scary” sharp, like from the factory!!
M Pe
M Pe 2 måneder siden
I made paper sheaths for my kitchen knives that doesn't have a block.
Darren lowrey
Darren lowrey 2 måneder siden
You should try a dimond steel for you kitchen knives
Anthony Nevi
Anthony Nevi 2 måneder siden
Really love the work sharp and would like to upgrade to this attachment. Just need to work on not dulling the tips. They'll get nice and sharp but the tips oh man🙈
Mauka Marine
Mauka Marine 2 måneder siden
I’m starting to lose faith you influencers..I thought the MDF wheel on grinder motor was quickest and easiest
amorton94 2 måneder siden
Huh? An MDF wheel on a grinder for sharpening knives? Never heard of this.
harold pankratov
harold pankratov 2 måneder siden
@@@ How to sharpen a knife in 90 seconds @@@ 13 minutes of video about that
the scum of humanity
the scum of humanity 2 måneder siden
I free hand mine, use to use stones when I was a chef. But now that I'm not in the bizz I don't have the drive to spend that much time. But since then I've gotten super good at using 120 grit belt sander free hand and then finishing on a strop. It's sooo much faster and still yeilds a shaving sharp edge. Might not be as refined but the difference of an hour in the stones to 60 seconds on a belt is night and day
Jay Thomas Reset
Jay Thomas Reset 2 måneder siden
We need a drone update
Lfomod 2 måneder siden
I am sharpening with whetstones, and the stropping is kinda important in the end to not go for a super high angle since it can absolutely bend the burr if you stroke the knife too many times on one side and a bit less on the other side. Important to not push too hard on the leather too, just use the knifes weight basically. What I tend to do is that I first go 20 strokes on one side, then 20 on the other, and then I do 10 on each, 5 on each and at last 1 time on each side like 10 times. Just to be sure that it's straight and balanced :) I use a green compound for that, makes a super polished egg with a mirror. Now that's fine for a chef knife for example, but will be getting dull faster on a knife you use in the woods for example. So it's better to leave the knife at a higher grit and then strop it :)
doctormdds 2 måneder siden
I have used a Chef's Choice with three sharpening slots for years and have friends who have bought one after seeing what mine will do. It is so simple with nothing to change or set. Just plug it in and sharpen your knife in a jiffy. While it may not make it as sharp as the one on this video, it does provide a good sharp blade that is a joy to use. After the initial sharpening, it only takes seconds to restore the edge. But, like my brother in law says, that's why they make Fords and Chevrolets. We all have different preferences. Thanks for the video Cody. I always enjoy your videos.
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore 2 måneder siden
Cody you should look they have a leather strap for the sharpener. I know they have them for the smaller units.
Lancelot Neffenger
Lancelot Neffenger 2 måneder siden
I use an angel grinder to sharpen my lawn mower blades. A bench top grinder is even better.
Austin's Clip's
Austin's Clip's 2 måneder siden
Cutco usually had free knife sharpening and warranty I had a bunch of there knives
SG 2 måneder siden
Great video! Could you show sharpening some axes on it? I have not been able to get a razor edge on my axes. Can't wait to see the new property!
Sebastian Lakes
Sebastian Lakes 2 måneder siden
How to sharpen a knife in 90s (13 minutes) 😂😉
whats my Name?
whats my Name? 2 måneder siden
How to do smth in 90 sec: 13 min video :D
mmmartin261 2 måneder siden
Good ad for the machine but kind of Long winded.
Digging Deep Adventures
Digging Deep Adventures 2 måneder siden
Just don't lose your skills on hand sharpening, nice kit though.
Jacob Laszakovits
Jacob Laszakovits 2 måneder siden
Finally a video that’s about something he’s qualified to talk about and not some philosophical bs
Caren Harris
Caren Harris 2 måneder siden
I love the tips, however, you’re speaking to a broad audience, not just guys. Please look at language and realize that women are not only in the kitchen using the knives, but are also in the workshop sharpening them!
FBI Security Van
FBI Security Van 2 måneder siden
The ratio of male to female watching is 93 to 7 on his videos so he bases most of them for the majority of his watching group.
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