My New Shop Has A Fatal Flaw

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading. My shop has a major flaw, it's too small.

Luke Hager
Luke Hager 4 dager siden
I hope this is all a business expense.
matt cooper
matt cooper 12 dager siden
Keeping those bikes strapped down isn’t good for the suspension
Marc J Locco
Marc J Locco 26 dager siden
Will you ever get breaks on your forklift?
qq kk
qq kk 26 dager siden
Don't over box your well tank or it will rust - make sure it has airflow around it. Happened to me more then once. Also, (if you can) install a hot water heater, sink and a car lift for.
laughterofelijah Måned siden
0:27 I appreciate the little educational nuggets that are making their way into the videos. Those tidbits of information are going to be such a value when you start using the new property for classes.
mogmaker Måned siden
I know who the major flaw is.
James Johnson
James Johnson Måned siden
Used your ratchet strap tip yesterday when I haul my sxs around on the trailer I usually have alot of tail left and I just tie the tail back to the taught side. I used your tip and worked like a champ thanks for the strap trick!
sharron rutz
sharron rutz Måned siden
Wish i could meet a man similar to a man like this
Brian McConnon
Brian McConnon Måned siden
Not boring - good know how
Nico Eckerstorfer
Nico Eckerstorfer Måned siden
isnt it always cool to move shops around? I know its a lot of work but really liked it to be able to redo the organising and being able to change things you didnt like before always fun and a lot of work ;D
carl stanoyevic
carl stanoyevic Måned siden
Cody really nice shop sounds like you have it all figured out can’t wait to see things in action. By the way thank you and your friends for the video of the fire fighting as I watched videos on the terrible loss of homes and life I wonder would it have made a difference if folks would have gotten rid of brush away from the home and buildings maybe even cut down some trees? I watched and felt like I was so helpless my heart and prayers go out to everyone. I also have another question earlier when I started following you. You made mention of a cooler made similar to the yeti much less expensive when you have time would you please send me the address or name. Thank you God Bless Carl
Dunparrow Måned siden
I think it has the same fatal flaw as everything involving you. Why don't you make another video where you throw out perfectly good tools that you don't know how to use?
BIGCHEW Måned siden
Did you guys just move to a new shop or did ya sell ure place & move to start over? I Missed the video where ya probably said what was up !!
DjRobbe18 Måned siden
Cant wait to experience the progress you will make! It was not boring, super informative and educational and gave me some plans for myself.
Viheavyequipment Måned siden
need windows id think
Jared Wamsganz
Jared Wamsganz Måned siden
So what’s the fatal flaw?
Christian Adventure Films
Christian Adventure Films Måned siden
How do you deal with all of the dust on the camera equipment, or is that just part of the deal with what you do?
Rocky Puzo
Rocky Puzo Måned siden
Call me crazy.... but maybe nice to put a few windows ? Seems dreary in there
Brian Jones
Brian Jones Måned siden
another cool tip. lift your forks to about knee height and tilt the mast forward, makes spreading or closing almost effortless. you had yours too low and tilted back, almost the hardest way to move the forks when they're like that. used to work in a warehouse, truck driver now. an old truck driver taught me that and i try to share it with everyone i see struggling with them.
Staggered MLG
Staggered MLG Måned siden
I'm gonna make some friends lose their minds when we hit the track next weekend. When we load up the car I'm gonna use that ratchet strap trick
smde1 Måned siden
"How many hours are wasted each day in America due to incompetence ?" Says the doomsayer who moved next to a volcano .....
Todd Chitwood
Todd Chitwood Måned siden
This will be great to follow this series. You've taught me so much. Thank you for all your (and family's) hard work and commitment to sharing.
Guust Måned siden just notified this video as a new one...
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops Måned siden
You should get a curtain like we have in body shops for the sanding and dust also a dustless vacuum system would be great for this place or some type of ventilation. I would also get a small shed around the back and put the compressor in that. You will definitely love that. Just run your air hose off the rafter with hose reels and keep stuff of the ground.
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops Måned siden
I worked in shops my whole life and I’ve owned 2 I’m getting a new one soon. I just need to pick a state.
David Dorsett
David Dorsett Måned siden
Your definitely not a Steve Ramsey -
Josh Mcdaniel
Josh Mcdaniel Måned siden
Gurts would be the on the side of the pole barn not that it matters.
Ryan Zajic
Ryan Zajic Måned siden
I cringe when I see people move forks the hardest way possible like you just did.. good lord bud
Mal Måned siden
Perfect timing. I was just thinking about my issues with having an all-in-one shop. I don't want metal dust getting all through my wood working tools and on the wood bench. Not such an issue visa-versa though. Physical separation with partitions is a great idea. I was also thinking of having a "clean room" area, for things like carburetor assembly or tinkering with electronics.
BoShek Måned siden
OMG, thx for the strap trick!!!
hartstudebakerkid Måned siden
Rethink that closet where the compressor and water tank is. If you have room for 12 foot walls fine but even 10 foot high would work and you will want to enclose the ceiling. That small 2x6 joists would be fine with plywood on the top to make a long shelf for other not so much used stuff that can be put up out of the way. Youu will want doors to block the compressor noise but you can bujild them double swinging or even on a track the old barn door style and you could even use the doors as tool racks.
get out and ride
get out and ride Måned siden
Hey like the shop but noticed the dirt bikes on the trailer remember to release the straps on the dirt bikes when stored reason is it causes fork seal issues when compressed for long periods of time just a poor man rider to another.
Fly Pack Official
Fly Pack Official Måned siden
Can you do a filming equipment bench video? Or share with us the film gear you use, like lights mics and cameras? Or can someone send me a link to that video? Thanks
M M Måned siden
40’ x 40’ is tight space for you and your tools/equipment/supplies and area to work. Too bad the previous owner didn’t leave you the old Datsun.
Peter Dungjen
Peter Dungjen Måned siden
Amazing how someone with no job and an injury can afford all this....
Moondog Måned siden
1.6 million subscribers with constant content pays a lot of bills.
Large Marge
Large Marge Måned siden
An appalling amount of verbal non-communication. Suggestions: * work from a script * rehearse * edit ruthlessly. The information in this video could be covered in less than sixty seconds. Do not waste my time.
Fixed ‘n Stoned
Fixed ‘n Stoned Måned siden
This doesn’t seem constructive at all
Jason Jones
Jason Jones Måned siden
"how many man hours are wasted in America everyday because of incompetence?"... I'd hate to know that number. It has to be utterly staggering.
TheRusticMan Måned siden
Where do your tires, water, fuel, chainsaws, all that stuff go?
SG Måned siden
Boy do I love planning layout! Great idea, multiple shops in one shop, no need to have a bunch of the same tools!
Bertl Barm
Bertl Barm Måned siden
Don't have any molded tube extensions just to fit over the forks, e.g. 10 feet long, i cut mine from a 20 ft long piece at an angle, works great
J kruegs
J kruegs Måned siden
Great episode per usual. Not boring at all when a guy who's excited about what he's doing gets to show off his great ideas. Thanks and God bless you bet!!
Michael Irizarry
Michael Irizarry Måned siden
is that building insulated?
Dan Fosmark
Dan Fosmark Måned siden
Most people who have these kind of buildings completely overlook all the vertical space that is available to them. Sounds like you have some ideas for some upper cabinets but there is so much more that can be done. If you and your dad give it some thought I'm sure you can come up with all kinds of ideas.
kevin akner
kevin akner Måned siden
Look into radiant heat tubes hung from the ceiling for heat. Super efficient and clean
Smith Farms
Smith Farms Måned siden
To most, over 16 min of boredom, not me! I loved every min. I was commenting to myself "good idea Cody" or "I wouldn't recommend that" lol One thing I did was move my compressor OUTSIDE. You could build a outhouse size room for it. I would say, right outside the wall where the well is, but looks like the layout would make that a little walk to turn it off/on. But anywhere outside the shop will greatly reduce the noise from that thing.
Smith Farms
Smith Farms Måned siden
Wade through junK??? Cody, have you been spying on my shop?
Big Bill at Iron Garage
Big Bill at Iron Garage Måned siden
I had a similar problem, I when from a 20x20 shop to a shop that is 30 x 54 and a 40 x 60 shop. I've been there now 3 years and I'm still figuring out the layout.
Brian Pardee
Brian Pardee Måned siden
You want to one up those straps tuck them through the ratchet handle
XIIXIIX Daniel Måned siden
Super cool man, can't wait to come with you on this new journey in your life... BTW purlins go on the roof. I love how analytical you are when setting up your shop. It makes me feel like I'm not God bless
wizonkiz Måned siden
Without reading through 1,242 comments.....(ever since you've started showing off your new shop)...have you ever thought about all the snow sliding off'in your roof? I'd be putting in a nice big door on either end and re-planning all your stations around that idea!!!!
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson Måned siden
Very exciting. Can’t wait to see it.
Kitty Maxboon
Kitty Maxboon Måned siden
Great ideas!!
Paavo Kaleva
Paavo Kaleva Måned siden
Where does Your 2-barrel wood stove go?
Bettye Carnahan
Bettye Carnahan Måned siden
Thank you so much for buttoning up your shirt! Now that's real class!
Wakeywhodat Måned siden
Thanks Cody.. What are the frames on the south wall? They almost look like window cutouts. Every time you walked near them I hoped you’d mention them. My barn is 23 X 30 so maximizing floor space was a priority. Everything is on the wall or on shelves. Using screws to build out has also been helpful as I change things.
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera Måned siden
Cody, I just remodeled my shop and I have to admit, you influenced some of it. I built ample shelving for oils, lubes, etc. Kind of looks like a stocked shelf at the auto parts store, but got plenty of everything I need . Oh BTW, an idea you may like, I put my 100 gallon storage tanks on platforms with caster wheels, gets in places without needing forks, but still clearance for forks for loading on trucks.Thanks for the ideas. Hope to hear back, catch ya later.
K Måned siden
That knot on the strap tail is pretty dern clever..I never woulda thought of it.
Christopher Palmer
Christopher Palmer Måned siden
Your shop is very nice. I realize you would and fabricate among other things. With high value items , like tractors and tools. A fire sprinkler and ventilation systems would help you sleep better at night. Whether home or traveling. Potentially help out on insurance. Just a thought. There's big juice flowing. Safety would be some good content also. Keep up the Great Vids. That other 200amp panel could have been for a "granny flat".
Robert Schuster
Robert Schuster Måned siden
I see a lot of empty space above the 12' walls. Why not make storage space on top to get some of the least used items out of the way?
Robert Schuster
Robert Schuster Måned siden
Forklift operator here on the east coast. When you want to make the forks wider or narrower, raise them up to make it easier to maneuver instead of on your knees or bending over where you can hurt your back. I saw you doing that low right after you asked how much labor is lost due to inefficiency. Q.Q
Darrell Nichter
Darrell Nichter Måned siden
And here I've been doing most of these things for 15yrs out of my garage a 20x24... guess I need to start making videos...
Winston Zeb
Winston Zeb Måned siden
"how many man hours are wasted everyday because of incompetence?" That hurts to think about 😂
nafreehc Måned siden
In America, incompetence is desirable because it helps increase systemic debt - which has been the goal of those who set it up.
afkirby Måned siden
This week on Wranglerstar: Crocheting Ratchet Straps
ThundernMojo Måned siden
This move just added YEARS of content for the channel! Can't wait to watch it evolve.
D Duster
D Duster Måned siden
I think you are kidding yourself you need more! room!! go ahead and add what you were talking about earlier you will regret not doing it .
towerjokey Måned siden
If you need to do work on the water tank it would be nice to have a door next to it so you don't have to walk around all you your wood to get to it.
Craig Pierre
Craig Pierre Måned siden
I would love to just take everything out of my garage and put it back in right... daunting task for sure.. and probably a much needed purge
Donald Smith
Donald Smith Måned siden
I can see things getting put in the 5 ft space so that 5 feet soon will be 3 feet or less because of the wood and other things stored in there. Then that 3 feet becomes much and soon you will not be able to get to the air compressor and pressure tank. Once you start storing things along the wall it will start by taking 2 or more feet to be able to store much wood, but that is just where it starts.I would start with about 10 feet. That way things can be made on both sides for wood on one side and steel on the other. Each can come out 2 or 3 feet. 3 feet on each side is 6, from 10 wide to start gives 4 feet to walk carrying something. Your 5 feet take away 2 or 3 feet to put things along the wall only gives 2 or 3 feet to walk maybe with a 10 foot 2X8, maybe something bigger. Just my thoughts!
whited2002 Måned siden
Hey boss, Whenever you want to slide your forks sideways lift the forks to about “thigh” level and tilt the fork forward. Shut the forklift off and set the brake once you’ve reached that height. Release the forklock. Approach the fork from the side opposite that you want it to move. Place one hand on the top of the fork close to the slide rail and one hand on the tip of the fork. The hand at the tip will pick the fork up slightly while the top hand and thigh push the fork in the intended direction. Spent the last 15 years sliding forks this way. Makes it so much easier.
Gregory Burke
Gregory Burke Måned siden
I thought for a second when you mentioned Mount Fuji that you moved to Japan. I had a million questions run through my head concerning logistics and the acceptance by the Japanese of you are your family into their country. Plus there were the issues of exceptionally expensive land on the Tokyo Plains. And questions about getting the money out of your old residence somewhere in the countryside outside Eugene. You walked away from a many years of perpetrations and sweet equity.
Joey Edwards
Joey Edwards Måned siden
From what I see you've made a great move! May Elohim bless you .
Jorn taube
Jorn taube Måned siden
Were do you get your Raw hickory
rey parra
rey parra Måned siden
7th day Adventist?
G M Måned siden
Steve Måned siden
I think you were fully aware of the size of the building before you purchased it. I think the fatal flaw is your expectations of trying to pack too much in a limited area. Just thinking.
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg Måned siden
Watch It Happen
Watch It Happen Måned siden
Am i the only one who just realized the goatee is back?
ndschwartz Måned siden
Really appreciate this video, starting construction in a new 40x60 shop here and already a little stressed out about the layout.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim Måned siden
Pole barns are a good building design. Your new shop is a pole barn. It's just built with steel "poles". I think your old pole barn had some construction issues. I remember you having to jack up at least one of the poles because it was uneven. It also wasn't insulated, so it had condensation and "indoor rain". I have a traditional pole barn, built very inexpensively, and I've had no troubles with it. I would suggest that you go ahead a put a concrete floor in it. It might end up as a mud hole when the snow melts. Plus, you're the guy that does things the "proper" way. It's one of those "you'll never regret doing it" things.
Peter Grant
Peter Grant Måned siden
David Allen
David Allen Måned siden
Yeah, wow that shop is really small I don't know how you and your dad both fit in that building at the same time.
J M Måned siden
Hey Wranglerstar, is the new homestead at a higher altitude than the last? Love the plans you have for the work shop. NOT at all boring; I'm currently tidying up my shed. Greetings from the latest epicentre of tyranny in the western world; Melbourne, Australia
Russelle Wannell
Russelle Wannell Måned siden
The one big flaw is you have too much stuff, this is not a simple life, you have made it complicated.
Will Choate
Will Choate Måned siden
I've watched a lot of videos of shop layout. Read a lot more about it. Most bogged down with details instead of overall layout concept. I got more useful information from your relatively short video than anything I've seen or read before. Thanks again for what you are doing. Your no bull Schiff videos are great and to the point.
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner Måned siden
Not boring at all
bueller48 Måned siden
Pre-framed for windows. Nice!
Machria23 Måned siden
WRONG!!! The "fatal flaw" with that new shop is, there are NO WINDOWS in the spots that are pre-framed for windows!! Gets some windows and natural light in that dungeon for heavens sake!! ;-))))
Ken Searle
Ken Searle Måned siden
not boring... good to think through things ahead of time, especially when it may be in place for years.
J. Hankinson
J. Hankinson Måned siden
That ‘tails’ knot has long been used by sailors to store the rope line for the sails etc.
Alan Shealy
Alan Shealy Måned siden
Put your compressor directly above your pressure tank it will take up less room I have mine on top of a big set of cabinets and I love it.
EWM Måned siden
Might wanna think about building a upper deck to double your floor space.
EWM Måned siden
Putting a ceiling in the wood shop? Might get annoyed with grim from the black smith smoke.
TheMetroidsPrime Måned siden
what im curious about is the wood stove. did that stay at the old shop?
finally I can change my account name!
finally I can change my account name! Måned siden
I've always liked how you say welcome back friends. It makes it feel more genuine. I have always liked that about your videos.
bowtech37 Måned siden
Nice Joe Biden glasses!
Werner X
Werner X Måned siden
Vise left sided is wrong, you'd have your whole workbench covered with metal grinding dust every time you use an angle grinder.
davewreichert Måned siden
An idea for outlets at the workbenches and for your charging area, have every outlet box be a "double duplex" box with each half on opposed phases of the 240v. That makes it easier to balance the load and you can make an adapter that allows you to use 10-15 amp 240 equipment anywhere without having to have dedicated 240v outlets all over. If you use different color outlets for each phase ( bone for "the red leg, white for the black leg) you will always know which you are plugging in to.
David Armstrong
David Armstrong Måned siden
I like your plan
Derek Marshall
Derek Marshall Måned siden
Nice shop u should put some drop down plugs 🔌
bbrraapp bbrraapp
bbrraapp bbrraapp Måned siden
Make a second level , dose not have to be the whole space
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