FIRST LOOK! At The New Homestead Shop

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Måned siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading.

SpockMcoy Issmart
SpockMcoy Issmart 2 dager siden
I don't follow you enough, what is your shop for? Are you going to manufacture there?
LaVonne Schultz
LaVonne Schultz Måned siden
Which company built the metal barn?
Robert Nolton
Robert Nolton Måned siden
Wow - they left a really nice AR with a drum magazine too .........oh wait that yours?
James Luker
James Luker Måned siden
I like the beefy all metal framework of the shop. Don't see them often in my area. I'm thinking they are probably more expensive than the traditional wood framed pole barns.
Ted B.
Ted B. Måned siden
Steel shipping containers and some roof trusses between makes a quick, inexpensive covered work area with secured storage on the sides. You can never have too-much storage.
Thomas Schachtel
Thomas Schachtel Måned siden
1,800 kw... You mean 18kw.
TopSecretVid Måned siden
makes me want to move back to Utah....
MAH FL Måned siden
He's so sexist.
Craig Pierre
Craig Pierre Måned siden
I absolutely love that pump..of course can’t find one online anywhere..must be an older unit!!! Hope it works...when you are having a garage sale let me know..LOL
Tim Saunders
Tim Saunders Måned siden
Cody, although I'm with you on wood framing the walls, Steel studs would be comparatively cheaper and as efficient to use on load and non load bearing walls. Maybe, at some point you may do a segment on the what's and why's certain materials are used in certain applications. Oh, congratulations on your new 40 x 40 shop and Homestead.
Bill D
Bill D Måned siden
Nice place, A long way to go for shopping. You have a lot of grass to cut.
Kitty Maxboon
Kitty Maxboon Måned siden
Awesome workshop. I'm really happy for you guys. Greetings,, Kitty.
Raytheonx Måned siden
I Would paint the inside Way too much Beige.
Aubrey Roche
Aubrey Roche Måned siden
Gravel / Concrete Rake
lhmiller3 Måned siden
Lunch Peak wins the rake identification prize. It is indeed a pine needle rake!
Andrew Måned siden
So, is the shop on your property or is it a drive out?
Cheerok Måned siden
Excuse my wording here, but damn thats a beautiful shop. Would love to have that much space and possiblities :O
Not Gonnlie
Not Gonnlie Måned siden
Just walks by the gun like it’s not even their.
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows Måned siden
Since when has a door been called a MAN DOOR?????? Hmmmmm!!!!!
Albert Head
Albert Head Måned siden
We moved onto a place in Alberta back in '05. It had a 36' X 60' shop. I never did us it to its capability.
Kelli Van Bonn
Kelli Van Bonn Måned siden
1800 Kw? 120volts at 15000amps. Seems like a massive generator for that place 😉
Cravat Stevens
Cravat Stevens Måned siden
Do a video on the best way to dye your goatee
David G
David G Måned siden
I'm late but I got here!
delav83 Måned siden
Lots of trolls commenting about the flag you didn't pick up I see🙄 Anyway I'm happy for you sir and I can't wait to see the improvements you will make! Congrats!
Michael Cahill
Michael Cahill Måned siden
second panel could be used for a standby generator with an interlock switch
Enchanted Forest Homestead
Enchanted Forest Homestead Måned siden
Lower the wooden work bench a few inches and you could have a great "community" picnic table. Or laminate it with sheet of stainless steel for outdoor kitchen
streetpunk99 Måned siden
For the love of God do your truck a favor and load the shelving over the axles.
Seth Koukol
Seth Koukol Måned siden
That's a Blacktop Rake.
PrecisionBarberBear Måned siden
Must be nice... Haha. Crush on man!
828biggs Måned siden
Very nice building Cody!
Terry Janssen
Terry Janssen Måned siden
That is a 100 amp panel.
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
Will green up again soon, that will help it look nicer. The shop is always the right place to start : ]
Fred Leisentritt
Fred Leisentritt Måned siden
I was curious about the extra gen power switch. You had said that the shop had its own separate 200 amp service. Made me think the house generator maybe does not tie in to the shop at all if they are fed from different sources (poles) . Maybe they had the extra panel intending to setup extra gen but never happened?
Dwight Bennett
Dwight Bennett Måned siden
The panel sitting on the floor may have been installed previous to the current one, in other words an upgrade was implemented. Or if the previous owner switched from generac to Kohler etc.
googooforyou Måned siden
Bet the pump was used with that sprinkler
Shannon Stiles
Shannon Stiles Måned siden
BushcraftMtl Axe
BushcraftMtl Axe Måned siden
Looks less like a homestead and more like a suburban garage
Ashley McSorley
Ashley McSorley Måned siden
Shout out from Fort Wayne, Indiana!
Mark Vos
Mark Vos Måned siden
I believe that odd-looking take is a bunker rake for sand bunkers on a golf course. Kind of odd that it's there, but maybe the old owner worked in golf.
Dan Stennis
Dan Stennis Måned siden
The shop looks great!! Lots of potential.
nino71 Måned siden
nice but I don't like the asphalted driveway!
timbo peters
timbo peters Måned siden
Awesome. That's really cool. congratulations.
Philip Måned siden
Well, I don’t know if this has been stated yet (as I have no desire to thumb through 1000 comments), but I believe the tool in question is for pulling roofing or flooring staples.
Joe Stenger
Joe Stenger Måned siden
Great shop! Happy for you all. Asphalt driveway! That is what I do for a living sir so if you have any questions on maintenance or repairs feel free to ask. :)
DAVID BOREE Måned siden
Nice view of the mountains!
Giantalligator Måned siden
Wow, for a simple man you've done quite well for yourself. Congrats!
Jason Farrell
Jason Farrell Måned siden
Congratulations....I'm delighted the move went well for you and your wishes from Ireland.
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck Måned siden
Nice shed
OpticBrothers Måned siden
"Hey that bench looks pretty good" "This bench isn't built well" ...
John D
John D Måned siden
Lol, I live in a large house not far off 1600 square feet, the same as Cody's shop. Cody: yeah this needs to be twice as big. Teasing us with a load of shelf junk we went there's a homestead to show! How exciting.
pj861204 Måned siden
You eat the forbidden fruit dont you .
pj861204 Måned siden
Love is a beautiful thing especially when it's between 8 men
Dean Benninger
Dean Benninger Måned siden
Cody, you forgot mention the 2 Free dirt bikes!!!
WJ Handy Dad
WJ Handy Dad Måned siden
looking forward to what you do. I bought a shop on acreage last year and plan on building something on it to live and work out of.
AwakenedAngryAmerican Måned siden
Pick up that American Flag!!!!
Oi Mate
Oi Mate Måned siden
Congratulations on the new property. What a blessing!
Jake Daniels
Jake Daniels Måned siden
So how big was the old shop?
Magnus Engelmark
Magnus Engelmark Måned siden
That bench is decent fire wood at least 🔥🔥🔥
Nathan Campbell
Nathan Campbell Måned siden
Am I the only one bothered by the flag on the floor?
Shawn O'Callaghan
Shawn O'Callaghan Måned siden
I think this is the first time I’ve added a public comment on any video so I’m far from a “troll” but I was so disappointed when you didn’t pause and pick that little American flag off the floor...
PA Drone
PA Drone Måned siden
Timothy Hull
Timothy Hull Måned siden
Awesome! Congratulations We are considering a move to Idaho as well. But cant seem to decide between the Boise or northern idaho area. As a 25 year electrician I do federal compliance stuff (NERC/WECC) for a west coast electric utility, I suppose when I find work at an Idaho electric utility that will decide where we end up.
mars GIA
mars GIA Måned siden
What?? That work bench is an excellent build and great condition.
Kevin Thomson
Kevin Thomson Måned siden
Wow, that building can survive a hurricane, tornado, or whatever you throw at it. The view from outside when your friend showed up is gorgeous!!! I can't wait to see more! When is the list coming out so my wife and I can sign up for a class to come visit?
Carl Hall
Carl Hall Måned siden
Your a good man and I don't mean any direspect but to me it just seems like bad timming to be showing off all your prosperity when so many people are struggling to barely get buy losing there homes and things they have worked for and your talking about how a work bench needs to be thrown out it's not good enough. maybe it's not my place to say anything!
Wow ! Looks great .
k w
k w Måned siden
can you please pick up that flag...thank you
1ROAD Måned siden
Pine needle rake
Cynthia Bolen
Cynthia Bolen Måned siden
I'm excited for you! I love the charm of barns but I know you'll be happy in an insulated workshop!! Many blessings to you your family!
Jeff Mosher
Jeff Mosher Måned siden
Congratulations! Looks beautiful!
Cody Roberts
Cody Roberts Måned siden
Pick that flag up off the ground
SG Måned siden
Wow, I had no idea you could leave so much stuff when you moved out! I spent a lot of time throwing away stuff I didn't want. That is a really nice building!
Hello World
Hello World Måned siden
Come one.. that is a nicely built workbench!😂
Andrew Cran
Andrew Cran Måned siden
That's funny, shows how small the world is now - we're in the Blue Mountains, Australia, and we have the exact same shelf unit on castors that Cody has lying down in the trailer.
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick Måned siden
18kw is kinda small for shop & house but serviceable
Fred Stewart
Fred Stewart Måned siden
Beautiful new place. Congratulations!
WEMS20 Måned siden
Killed me when you didn't pick up the flag...
fzj801996 Måned siden
Maybe pick up the American flag off the ground?
P Kensington
P Kensington Måned siden
keep saying nice things so the that company will remember you. lol ;)
Gergg meister
Gergg meister Måned siden
That's a grade rake for excavation and leveling.
ZipKickGo Måned siden
That roundabout driveway island is asking for a beautiful circular garden and a flag pole to fly Old Glory, or Mrs. W's Swedish wind sock.
Caleb McLellan
Caleb McLellan Måned siden
Lots of power for the compressor. 200 amps...
kejay74 Måned siden
Hey Cody! @01:05 That meter panel looks "funny". But, the lights are on...Hmmm. Ken
johnathon person
johnathon person Måned siden
Cody has lived the American dream 100%
versatec1 Måned siden
I bought an outboard of a dead man....never felt good with that outboard but its been reliable.
Scott M -NC
Scott M -NC Måned siden
For "not being a very nice bench" ..i will bet it served it's purpose and got it's fare share of usage.
Oak Lumberjack
Oak Lumberjack Måned siden
Wow.. 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵
Korey Måned siden
I got triggered by your wood bench hate. Personally I would leave it and just add a metal one to flank it
Alphonso Tate
Alphonso Tate Måned siden
Joe Henry
Joe Henry Måned siden
I have that same craftsman vice. Got it for $5! lucky find!
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Måned siden
its like the expanding foam and axes are never going to leave you alone
Russell Petrie
Russell Petrie Måned siden
502 probabley a spare
Mr. Tangent
Mr. Tangent Måned siden
The view was ten times better on your old property, sadly.
Reuben son of the most high
Reuben son of the most high Måned siden
Nice shop and from the back ground shot of the outside,looks like a beautiful homestead. Blessings.
Jet Descari
Jet Descari Måned siden
this guy looks like satan
Adam FPV
Adam FPV Måned siden
I’m TRIGGERED by the flag on the ground!
apumasterp Måned siden
Just as an FYI. I live on a homestead, have a house and the shop and my main service at the pole is a 50 amp service. No one believes me, I have to take a picture of the breaker to show them. I have a welder, 220 table saw and I’ve never tripped a breaker yet???
Dake Tora
Dake Tora Måned siden
Pretty sure that’s rake is made for grout. Installing tile, or roofing etc.
angel bangtana
angel bangtana Måned siden
You have a lot of height there, would you consider a mezzanine? Or is that off the cards?
robin sjökvist
robin sjökvist Måned siden
Something is up with the framerate in this video.. microstutter or w/e it should be called.
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