I've Been Banished

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3 måneder siden

Wranglerstar modern homesteading. I've been banished from my home.

Tim Roland
Tim Roland 22 dager siden
That's a big orange target . I'd paint it or something.
[DU]Saggin Måned siden
i don't know a lot about chest armor that setup is awesome but it doesn't seem to have a lot of coverage?
[DU]Saggin Måned siden
5.56 or .223 for Ar15?
Gary Roach
Gary Roach Måned siden
The question is when the bullets start to fly are u willing to die or take someone's life bc that bullet don't care who it kills
James Walsh
James Walsh Måned siden
Screaming libitard, but trying to be open minded. Living out in the middle of nowhere while gearing up for urban warfare seems a little strange.
Steve Michael
Steve Michael Måned siden
I chuckled when you said you’re grand dad washed his hands with solvent. It works great for getting the grease off. But it sure makes your nails brittle. Thank you for another great video.
Darryl Fuller
Darryl Fuller Måned siden
You know it brother,it's all about tactics.
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Måned siden
Wtf does anyone need with a military grade automatic weapon...?!! It was designed for one thing only - killing other people.
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Måned siden
Ah yes, minutemen - America’s first vigilantes. Classy example to emulate ...
the merrigans
the merrigans Måned siden
Minute men, yes.
Brock Fisher
Brock Fisher Måned siden
That is a tiny plate carrier. theres like a 50% chance you'll get nailed in the chest. maybe look into getting some side plates too. just an opinion of course.
thedukeofno Måned siden
The original minutemen weren’t protecting their country from attack. They were armed revolutionaries responding to a tyranny. We do need more minutemen, maybe they can help overthrow someone who would like to make himself president for life.
Mighty Mouse
Mighty Mouse Måned siden
I'm a small woman, 56yrs old, 5ft 2 and 117lbs....im in good shape and strong. What would be good supplies for my BOB?
stormy weather
stormy weather 2 måneder siden
reconmanone 2 måneder siden
The true meaning of the Minute Man was they trained to fire two shots in a minute. Remember these guys had muskets that require a process to safely fire even one shot. The Minute Man could fire at a minimum two shots in a minute. It's OK, your a West Coaster and don't learn the true American History like East Coasters. By the way I grew up across the country.
Corndog 2 måneder siden
it's really fun to put together kits like this but it could be for the worse. all the gear in the world is worthless without training. Combat and tactics is 90% planning and 10% execution. It will just serve to give you overconfidence with a great chance of making many mistakes, which is dangerous in a fatal environment.
Abufaza3_Gam3r 2 måneder siden
60 rounds for machine gun are not enough
Carter 2 måneder siden
I still use varsol to clean my hands.
Playo420 2 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar just a reminder... The Minuteman were from the East Coast 😂
Nick Makowski
Nick Makowski 2 måneder siden
Love it 8:43
Will-W 2 måneder siden
My little friend "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" constantly reminds me I should have taken better care of my hearing when I was younger.
stephen sjurset
stephen sjurset 2 måneder siden
Great video. Thanks.
z37b 2 måneder siden
Hi mate. Just a single bit of criticism. Have some eye protection. That is a small bit of kit that’s chap light and protects the most vulnerable organ.
Rebecca Kivak
Rebecca Kivak 2 måneder siden
Lol typed b4 watching entire video. I focused on your gun first.
Rebecca Kivak
Rebecca Kivak 2 måneder siden
Fit your gun with night vision scope & include night vision eye gear; also setting perimeter duty as if you were a gated community. A veteran would be a good militia organizer.
Indy3%er 2 måneder siden
Abear Brown
Abear Brown 2 måneder siden
KA-BAR ...older the better.
Kypto Krit
Kypto Krit 2 måneder siden
Having a publicly accessible database is probably a bad idea with the direction society and government is going.
Bay Street Studio II
Bay Street Studio II 2 måneder siden
What model helmet is that if I can ask?
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 2 måneder siden
Love this concept
C4V3M4N28 2 måneder siden
Cody: "No reason not to be doing this" Me: "yeah except money"
Pete Palomo
Pete Palomo 2 måneder siden
I don't agree of killing Native Americans and banished them form this land .
timbo peters
timbo peters 2 måneder siden
Nice video
Doug Prentice
Doug Prentice 2 måneder siden
Plastic handle may melt. Lol.
Tyler Scott
Tyler Scott 2 måneder siden
Sign me up. Southern California. LA county
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 2 måneder siden
Leatherman makes an AR15 tool 🔧 called the MUTT. Good video 📹 Plate carriers are very individual but you have a nice set-up
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 2 måneder siden
ACOG is a great choice I have 2 of them.
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 2 måneder siden
PVS14s have become much more affordable but still expensive.
Sherman Kearns
Sherman Kearns 2 måneder siden
Check ✔
David B
David B 2 måneder siden
Considering recent events, this makes total sense. Thanks for the tips, Cody.
Ethan Raatz
Ethan Raatz 2 måneder siden
I am in! I am only 15, however, I carry a knife with me everywhere, I am getting my conceal and carry the minute I turn 21!
Ethan Raatz
Ethan Raatz 2 måneder siden
Very true, although I do carry it more for utility than anything It can still catch someone off guard.😀
Fosty 2 måneder siden
Just be careful because in the event that you use it to defend yourself, you can become disarmed by the attacker and he may use it against you. This could turn a potential beating into a stabbing and maybe even death.
Pro Builder
Pro Builder 2 måneder siden
I heard you say, "throw somebody a mag.". Here in CT, that would be considered transferring a firearm to someone and that is forbidden without a background check, also, 10 round mags. max. here. Technically, I cannot even use my Dad's shotgun while bird hunting legally!
Daniel Heasley
Daniel Heasley 2 måneder siden
This is just awesome. Thank you!
Alec McCaskill
Alec McCaskill 2 måneder siden
Lucas as well as the others at T.rex arms are worth looking into. Good company with awesome morals making a difference and changing culture.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more.
Michael Sherman Gardening, woodworking and more. 2 måneder siden
Standard issue should be Glock with A.R. 15 and A.R. 10
Richard Davies
Richard Davies 2 måneder siden
I generally consider myself to be prepared for stuff, but clearly I've got some catching up to do now... Nice job!
drakeswake 2 måneder siden
I would say "No" to the national database because the adversaries like that sort of thing. Unfortunately we live in a world where people take advantage of the good guys and I don't think you'll find many people signing up to be on that database.
Timothy Cow
Timothy Cow 2 måneder siden
Hi, do u shave ur chest
United Medical Cannabis
United Medical Cannabis 2 måneder siden
Nice setup. Excellent video.
Trendle Ellwood
Trendle Ellwood 2 måneder siden
I am a Grandma but I feel your views and wish my Grandson could learn from you.
Britzel 1
Britzel 1 2 måneder siden
Excellent video!!! Can't wait to show my husband. This is something we both need to address. I want to make sure I can have his back at all times in all aspects of our marriage. The world is growing more and more evil and scary as well as unsure. If things go down we need to be able to protect our family because we can't count on police showing up now thanks to the lefts attacks on them.
Max Bard
Max Bard 2 måneder siden
Im sorry you tube ruin your life, and took your job, your life is so hard, keep it up no tears big guy.
nonamebear 2 måneder siden
Brake clean is the best hand cleaner around.
B.Cruse 2 måneder siden
Since you like scissors you must get a pair of leatherman raptor shears. They fold up and will cut anything. I cut metal banding with mine and they are still going strong. They can be kept folded up in a pocket using the pocket clip or stored folded or unfolded in the hard plastic sheath. They are by far the best scissors I've ever seen. A bunch of my Army medic friends use them and love them as well.
Tacticalgearhead 2 måneder siden
Good to still see you around Cody.
Moz 2 måneder siden
Awesome video, if only I lived in the land of 'the most free' to be able to make 'my setup' the glasses pouch was added to the list, I would keep spare shooting glasses inside, also do you have an opinion on the 'Leatherman Mut ?' My understanding is it is an AR focused multi tool ?
Emily Hua
Emily Hua 3 måneder siden
may i ask what the make and model of your plate carrier is??
Emily Hua
Emily Hua 3 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar thank u so much!!
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Leignheart 3 måneder siden
Also, could you give links at all to some of these items if you don't mind?
Leignheart 3 måneder siden
Never, never, never, never,never ever, tell people they shouldn't be watching your video. Unless you don't want people to learn or change. 4:00
Fosty 2 måneder siden
Yeah I felt like he was trying to exclude a lot of people.
Leignheart 3 måneder siden
I'd love to be a minute man.
Ted Kreis
Ted Kreis 3 måneder siden
With my Baofeng, the original kit came with an ear microphone like under cover agents use.
Stephen Brutscher
Stephen Brutscher 3 måneder siden
PLease post all the names of your products you have shown in this video.
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 3 måneder siden
Nice setup, Gave me some ideas Thanks
Droids13 3 måneder siden
Great video Cody. Very informative for today's "New Normal". God Bless and Stay safe.
William DeBerry
William DeBerry 3 måneder siden
I'm sorry to hear about your run of bad luck.
Fredhem 3 måneder siden
You know this kind of thinking is why there is so much violence in the US, right?
Fosty 2 måneder siden
No it isn't. It's because of gangs and shitty parents.
Wayne Sligar
Wayne Sligar 3 måneder siden
I wish i could afford to get stuff like that maybe one day
Gary Sheppard
Gary Sheppard 3 måneder siden
I tune in occasionally to see what cool tools etc are being reviewed. Then I see this. Can't imagine what it must be like to live in a country where you would even start to have to consider owning this sort of gear. Scary stuff.
Dudley 3 måneder siden
A shower curtain clip works well for holding the ears of your targets.
John R
John R 3 måneder siden
Minute Man, that is what your wife calls you!! Because your gun goes off within a minute!!
Brian Carrier
Brian Carrier 3 måneder siden
PreparedAirman has a video that will help you get your radio hooked up to ur headset and the website to get the items needed to do it
Fosty 3 måneder siden
HighImpact got a Minutemen app going. Not sure if I want my details on there though.
Fosty 3 måneder siden
I wore my carrier when doing the dishes and my wife thinks I'm weird.
Fosty 3 måneder siden
If you carry a cellphone you can be tracked. The idea of a body cam is great though.
Roberto C. Dominguez
Roberto C. Dominguez 3 måneder siden
you should do a group training day for those who agree but need hands on practice, but after everything settles and try a facebook group
Allen Banks
Allen Banks 3 måneder siden
Where's the list that I can get my name on for this group
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 3 måneder siden
Nice list of Items some great gear you got There Cody @WranglerStar
Gavin Wilkinson
Gavin Wilkinson 3 måneder siden
Never use red lights to read maps you cannot see the contours with red light
James D
James D 3 måneder siden
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 3 måneder siden
Great video the times are coming that the minute men will be needed again @WranglerStar
David Powell
David Powell 3 måneder siden
When we would exercise with chemical warfare gear etc.. the effectiveness of equipment became obvious in good and bad ways. It makes so much sense to use your gear in all types of conditions.
Damon Frost
Damon Frost 3 måneder siden
Really like the minuteman concept and like this video. Like to see more of this and how y’all have organized the neighborhood. I get opsec may mean this can’t happen with the looney toons out there . Keep up the good work god bless you and the family.
Rhys WW
Rhys WW 3 måneder siden
It's a terrible shame that people in the US feel they need to act like this. The leniant gun laws have reusulted in people having to worry about who's gun is biggest and who has the best kit. Here in the UK this is not a concern.
Fosty 2 måneder siden
Don't you guys go to jail for "misgendering" over there?
Michael Perez
Michael Perez 3 måneder siden
Love these kit vids
Woody Woody
Woody Woody 3 måneder siden
I would like to learn how to use a compass. Cody you should do a video.
Mizer 3 måneder siden
Didn't the revolutionary war last more than ten years.
Randy Bradley
Randy Bradley 3 måneder siden
I like your set up on the vest. Maybe a go pro for video. I really like the helmet set up to.
Joel Nunya
Joel Nunya 3 måneder siden
Cody: Can you please provide a detailed shopping list with sources? Thanks!
Truth Only
Truth Only 3 måneder siden
Great idea. So many things can be shared with a like minded group. Also people like you and I who have lockers full of holsters, slings, grips, and parts we have matriculated out of systems could share those with our teams. Others still might have industrial capabilities like storing fuel, auxiliary communication systems, heavy equipment that could help save citizens lives. This all is good. Nutnfancy youtuber talks about without rule of law in some of his posts and these ideas I believe are lacking in our pc communities
Janet Burrows
Janet Burrows 3 måneder siden
I actually feel lucky 🍀, I live in the UK. We aren’t allowed to own any of that stuff. We can’t even carry a pocket knife 🔪. But, it seems there’s more gun crime?? Do you know Cody. Some schools won’t let the kids take a protractor ( i can’t think of the name)?? The one with a pencil and a point?? Cos of the point on it, are not allowed to take it into school????💖❤️💕
canis_lupus_irremotus 3 måneder siden
This sounds like John Bush's freedom cell. Org.
John Gergen
John Gergen 3 måneder siden
How about a parts and price list, or was that what you were asking for in the beginning of the video?
Les Fernandez
Les Fernandez 3 måneder siden
looked up in covid? I run a small business by myself and I am booked every single day lol
Luis Gosparini
Luis Gosparini 3 måneder siden
this is homesteady?
Fosty 2 måneder siden
Gotta protect the homestead too
gfw2 3 måneder siden
thanks! 40 minutes of very informative survival info.
Chase M
Chase M 3 måneder siden
This is my favorite NOpost channel and this may be my favorite video so far. Love what you’re doing and saying and putting into action. Also, someone I think you might enjoy watching who is a Vet is Shawn Ryan. He has a NOpost channel called Vigilance Elite. Check it out if you like!
Jason Craighead
Jason Craighead 3 måneder siden
Can we get product info for all these items on the chest rig? Really like that radio pouch
John wheeler Tiktok jw_saints
John wheeler Tiktok jw_saints 3 måneder siden
ALWAYS enjoy your content! I like how you do your research! Coming from a 28 year combat search and rescue veteran I appreciate good gear! One of my sayings has been spend more live longer! HAHAHA Side note- just because something says military grade doesn't mean it's the best! The bean counters in Washington remember are looking for the least expensive option in many cases for equipment! Keep on doing what you're doing sir!
Jessica Colbenson
Jessica Colbenson 3 måneder siden
There is another channel I like to watch that I believe you would take an interest in. It's called "Warrior Poet Society".
fuelfreak108 3 måneder siden
You should get with Mike Glover and his American Contingency program he's launching.
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