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Wranglerstar Modern Homesteading.

Root River Woodworks
Root River Woodworks 6 dager siden
I'm sure someone commented, Schiller Park, Illinois. Chicago suburb, next door to O'Hare Airport. Also, look on the bottom of the vise. You'll see a number, example; 4-53. That's the date of the warranty expiration which means it was made in April of 1948.
davetileguy 7 dager siden
We have literally THOUSANDS of those at work, we make airplanes.
John Winstead
John Winstead 7 dager siden
Haha It’s not nookUlar bomb So many people make that mistake
amorton94 8 dager siden
That hunk of steel you have there should weigh about 40 3/4 pounds. That thing will hold down some paper!
Richard Dietz
Richard Dietz 8 dager siden
I just bought a 3” baby bullet Saturday at a garage sale for 20 bucks had original paint and good shape but little rusty and seized but got it apart and repainted it hammered black paint the jaws are perfect shape.
J L 9 dager siden
What a beautiful view!!
HardCity RainDrops
HardCity RainDrops 9 dager siden
75/ 80lbs easy
Trevor 10 dager siden
Kroil is hyped. Project farm did A test on it all the creep oils. Not worth the money.
Cc Smith
Cc Smith 10 dager siden
Cool thanks
canadian_gamerzs lol
canadian_gamerzs lol 11 dager siden
run the stamp number thats on side of outer jaw ..same as anything casted casting number codded for year month and cast #
Hugh Cavallaro
Hugh Cavallaro 12 dager siden
That’s nuCLEAR !
Matt Corriere
Matt Corriere 12 dager siden
Iv broke half a dozen Chinese vises over the years. Have not been able to find a quality made vise anywhere. Thanks for sharing
Mike Townsend
Mike Townsend 12 dager siden
I have two 3.5 and 4 in got the 3.5in 45 $ and the 4 in got free
Richard Tullius
Richard Tullius 12 dager siden
12” x 12” x 1/4” steel plate weighs 10 lbs, so 12x12x1 would be 40 lbs.
Applehash 12 dager siden
2/1000's of an inch is nothing; I used to work for the council and we used to have to have things spot-on! :P
ifwalruses 13 dager siden
Cody, great video, you have very interesting subjects and God Bless
RAH Capital
RAH Capital 13 dager siden
10:49 you should keep that bug on a leash
Wyogoose 13 dager siden
1 cubic foot of mild steel weighs 450 pounds.
Jason Newby
Jason Newby 13 dager siden
40.8384 lbs is about what your steel plate weighs.
Lorna Sleeper
Lorna Sleeper 13 dager siden
Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Is love to see Mrs.W share more thoughts on some segments.
Jay Rodriguez
Jay Rodriguez 13 dager siden
Cody really needs to make more content for the ASMR community
Chaos Crypto
Chaos Crypto 13 dager siden
I have a 70 lbs 1905 Athol vise that is in almost mint condition. I paid $35 for it on craigslist. I scored Big!
Ryan Z
Ryan Z 13 dager siden
To know the date, count the rings on the shaft 😂
TheCanadianBubba 13 dager siden
That'll do in a pinch !
mathew lawton
mathew lawton 13 dager siden
WWI started in 1914 NOT 1917 n WWII started in 1939 NOT 1941
mogmaker 14 dager siden
How can you be such a fan of a WILTON vise and call it a Wilson vise?
West Texas
West Texas 14 dager siden
2" x 6" x 12" solid steel = 40.8 lbs.
FaithfulMC 14 dager siden
Nothing "official" about this video
LincolnSP150 14 dager siden
Kearney & Trecker provided their apprenticees with this size Wilton Vices for mounting on their Tool Boxes back in early 60's. I have a very Large Wilton , a bit beat up, and the jaws are a bit rounded off, but it works Very Well, and I think 20 + years ago I bought it from a guy for $40.00. It was exactly what I was looking for. I also have a couple of Large Columbian Vices, they are well made also. The Columbian vices we had mounted everywhere around the plant at Kearney & Trecker
Jerrold Nadler
Jerrold Nadler 14 dager siden
In Germany .002 is a great distance...
Drew C
Drew C 14 dager siden
That’s great. I have a Wilton vise in my shop as well. Although not as cool as yours. It’s great. Congratulations. Really neat.
Garry Chaney
Garry Chaney 14 dager siden
Hey Mr Wranglestar, still loving your videos, all ways truthful and informative. I like when you are doing tree work and running your saw mill. I have found another tree man on you tube you may like . he is Buckin Billy Ray Smith. no cussing and always speaks of treating each other with love and respect. Him and his son work together like you and Jack. just thought you would enjoy his videos. Congrats on your new place, looking forward to see where you take it. Garry
Wranglerstar 14 dager siden
Billy is a great guy, unlike me, he's a real pro,
Dusty Shamblin
Dusty Shamblin 14 dager siden
Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this. I just recently inherited a steel work bench on wheels that has a Wilton vice on it. They bench also came with a steel block like yours and I didn't realize what it's purpose was. Thanks
Tyler Snyder
Tyler Snyder 14 dager siden
I don't think you can really go wrong with a Wilton bullet, a Colombian, or a Parker. The bullet would be the one to get from Wilton if you can afford it though, I've heard many say that for a standard vise Colombian was superior. Wilton's game truly was the bullet and they just didn't know the classic pattern of vise like Colombian did. I have heard that for a new vise the English made Record ( maybe still offered by Irwin ) is a bit better than a US made Wilton, but I'm willing to bet both companies are doing whatever they can not to be ran off by less expensive imports.
PeterWolfe2012 14 dager siden
With a lock up that perfect, those copper soft jaws are as valuable for protecting the vice as much as the workpieces. Just beautiful.
PeterWolfe2012 14 dager siden
Ahhh, synchronicity . . . I was just looking for an affordable vices a couple of days ago. I've never seen one like that. It's awfully purty. I love the copper paint. I'm glad that one went to someone who appreciates it. Sealed screw, rounded features and car fender lines notwithstanding; the way the jaws curve smoothly around with no 90 degree corners to concentrate stresses is simply the best design practice. Can anyone point out a single improvement that could be made on it?
Andres Aparicio
Andres Aparicio 14 dager siden
Buy some Ben Davis pants you have to check them out!! Best pants ever made!
F. D.
F. D. 14 dager siden
Nice color scheme!
YHRIM 14 dager siden
I bought a 2 foot piece of railroad track from a scrap yard, and turned it into a pretty good anvil just with an angle grinder, torch, and a welder. Took some work, but well worth it. It's been a real help many times, and on multiple repair and other work.
YHRIM 14 dager siden
Very Nice Vise... I bought a 5 or 6 inch unbranded vice from a scrap yard and restored it, and have used it for a lot of work. Would love to get a nice Wilton, just need a real shop to put it in first LoL
Michael s
Michael s 14 dager siden
justadude 14 dager siden
Im jealous
Matt Baker
Matt Baker 15 dager siden
40.8384 lbs www.chapelsteel.com/weight-steel-plate.html
merp ius
merp ius 15 dager siden
Between 41 and 42 lbs for that hunk of steel.
Sonnicman 15 dager siden
If you’ve ever looked at the switchgear in a Pagani automobile, it literally looks like a work of art in its design and engineering. THIS vice is of the same caliber...outstanding, you really lucked out on this find Cody!
Craig Rigby
Craig Rigby 15 dager siden
I have one I purchased 8 years or so ago. Rock. Solid. Built exactly the same. Absolute tank.
Zfu Bern
Zfu Bern 15 dager siden
Assuming the weight of steel to be 490 lbs/cubic foot, the weight of the 2x6x12 inch block should be 40.8 lbs
Cascade 80
Cascade 80 15 dager siden
Well now I’m extra excited about the Wilson I found in a box of my Grandpa’s things this last summer.
Cumulus Vapes
Cumulus Vapes 15 dager siden
1:57 You know darn well it isnt shahleeler! Suddenly you cant pronounce your own profession and go all ESL on us! lol Parts parts, they still sell parts! Ya, im sure they do! WE wont be getting the sweetheart deal on any, like you did though...
JEC III 15 dager siden
You may have trouble actually using that vice haha. You'll have the fizz either way.
Edwin El Enemy De Los Guasibiri
Edwin El Enemy De Los Guasibiri 15 dager siden
very interesting indeed.Thanks.
dc 15 dager siden
Watching your video caused me to recognize that I have an old Wilton that my dad gave me. I didn't even realize how good of a vise it was! Thank you!
Jerry L Busby
Jerry L Busby 15 dager siden
I had two of Wilton vise on my service truck, no not at the same time my first one was stolen off the rear bumper. The new one was put on so safe you would have to take the rear bumper to get it off. Never lost it .
Peter Cole
Peter Cole 15 dager siden
I looked during a portion of the video and some of the Wilton Vices are very expensive! I have a Vintage Fuller on my workbench and I love it..
Jan Šimánek
Jan Šimánek 15 dager siden
@ Wranglerstar Hi, I am follower from the Czech Republic. I am glad that the work of our ancestors who settled in the USA is still appreciated today. It is not for nothing that we have the proverb "Golden Czech Hands" (which means that Czech man can do almost everything). Greetings from the Czech Republic and I look forward to more projects. Keep it up.
Moe HQ
Moe HQ 15 dager siden
The solid steel block weighs 19 kg or 41.88 lbs.
Roman Ondraszek
Roman Ondraszek 15 dager siden
When i heard Czechoslovakia, it warmed my heart. It's where i'm form too. Everything that's made in or by our people give me the fizz and that wise looks like new. Just gorgeous.
boulderingrockboy 15 dager siden
Beautiful beautiful beautiful vice Cody!
David Stepeck
David Stepeck 15 dager siden
Connecticut man approved Cody! That vise gives me the fizz!
TD3269 15 dager siden
They still make a machinist vise that goes for around $1200. Again you have to throw your opinion out there and say they make low end cheap vises!! They produce a vise thru multiple price points!!
Anthony 15 dager siden
That was made not for from where my parents grew up.
heystarfish100 15 dager siden
Cody, the vise was made in Schill-er Park. Better get that bolted down quick before your crazy neighbor Wadsworth tries to see how high in the sky this vice can fly. 🤣🤣🤣
ductileiron98 15 dager siden
Nice work!
Alan Shealy
Alan Shealy 15 dager siden
That wood shop turned out great the back ground is perfect!
george31380 15 dager siden
Is anyone else thinking hang the freakin handle over the edge of the table and spin that bad boy. 😆
frump99 15 dager siden
Calculated weight for 4140 steel that size is 40.7519 lbs
Mitchell Silvers
Mitchell Silvers 15 dager siden
How much grease to use when packing the screw?
Alex Kornblum
Alex Kornblum 15 dager siden
To date those look at the bottom of the broached keyway. Thats where they were stamped with a date if they were stamped at all.
James Christiansen
James Christiansen 15 dager siden
I was pulling up to a stop light this afternoon and saw a power truck waiting to turn left. I saw they had a vise on the back bumper. I looked to see what brand it was. Yep, a Wilton.
kjlemken 15 dager siden
I got one of these exact vices at a garage sale for 5 bucks. Says Chicago on the side even. I think I really hit the jackpot, this is easily one of the best vices ever made.
Jon McAllister
Jon McAllister 15 dager siden
Very cool lighting Cody!
Mark Mclean
Mark Mclean 15 dager siden
One cubic inch of steel weighs 0.283 pounds and you have 144 square inch. so roughly 40.752 Lb
Richard Martin
Richard Martin 16 dager siden
A beautiful vise. But my take away is the chunk of steel. Something I will definitely add to my shop.
Josh Hand
Josh Hand 16 dager siden
2x6x12= 144 cubic inches x .2904 lbs/ci = 41.8176 lbs
John Fithian-Franks
John Fithian-Franks 16 dager siden
Hi Cody, the size of the iron plate is important, it is not just plucked out of the air. By using the sizes, you can make most things because anything you want is in 2X, 6X, or 12X or a division of those.
hillbilly Yo
hillbilly Yo 16 dager siden
excellent , I was polishing my boots while, side view this excellent video on a exceptional vise ..
Jack O'Brien
Jack O'Brien 16 dager siden
Love the lighting behind you
STEVE-P [* - *] SM-3D
STEVE-P [* - *] SM-3D 16 dager siden
nopost.info/throw/rsqoapaasKBjoqc/video .... Think u might enjoy this Cody! Restoring a 19th century water turbine Saw Mill. U might not be able to understand some of guy martins norther accent though
maria mills
maria mills 16 dager siden
What a great vice .I inherited a WW2 era vice from my grandfather .He served on the HMS Kelly and acquired it during the war .its an Paramo engineers vice .One of my most treasured possessions.
Beau Bandy
Beau Bandy 16 dager siden
alec monaghan
alec monaghan 16 dager siden
Hey Cody I think you put back together wrong! The teeth of the round iron part of the base weren’t engaged! It was the wrong way round!! 🤪 you west coasters hahaha
Edilson Padilla
Edilson Padilla 16 dager siden
Are the Colombian vice any good ?
RYAN 16 dager siden
Timothy Heyne
Timothy Heyne 16 dager siden
Hey Cody - the lighting looked really great on this video! Your new place is looking amazing!
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 16 dager siden
It's pronounced 'shiller' park, im from the Chi-Town
Pike James
Pike James 16 dager siden
Very nice!! Still should of bought a old record vice from when we (The English) made quality goods
MrFunbarn 16 dager siden
ooooooo, new shop is giving me the FIZZ!
Thomas Dornberger
Thomas Dornberger 16 dager siden
I pulled one out of an abandoned barn, all the same markings, little more abused. Now i will have to restore this, had no idea the value it carried. Thank you for all the work and history you put in to your videos.
dexta man
dexta man 16 dager siden
Byvägen 16 dager siden
Nice you have the rubbers on its handles. Thats a major safety feature of any vise. I bought my bulletvise about 38 years ago. It was about 360$ dollars then. Then I inheireted a 6” whats like new.i I dont swivel mine much, so I used regular nuts on its swivel locks. Those slide handles get in the way for me.
crackerjack42685 16 dager siden
40.84lbs if it's mild steel
Laurie St Lyon
Laurie St Lyon 16 dager siden
I did the calculation (On line calculator) I am neither that smart or that stupid! 27.4 lbs.
farmer864 16 dager siden
If A-36 steel, should weight around 41#
farmer864 16 dager siden
Ina Dollard
Ina Dollard 16 dager siden
We have one and it sits on a horizontal swivel, love it.
Dr Grinspoon
Dr Grinspoon 16 dager siden
Very nice production quality, the video looked great!!
Nick Deamer
Nick Deamer 16 dager siden
41 lbs
JW 2001
JW 2001 16 dager siden
Copper.. clever idea by just cut open old pipe or transmission line
William Knight
William Knight 16 dager siden
Proof we can make good products in America.. I hope we start making products again like this.
CountryLifeTales 16 dager siden
A few years ago, I bought a 75 year old Columbian 503 vise, made in Cleveland Ohio. I found it on Craigslist locally. It's a beauty. I love the old stuff.
Craig Mooring
Craig Mooring 16 dager siden
"[only available to the military]...they weren't available to normal folk". Did you MEAN to imply that people in the military are abnormal? 'Civilians' might have been a better choice of words.
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