The Fall Of America - Get Ready For Hard Times

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading,

Peter Soltesz
Peter Soltesz 2 dager siden
Seems like you found yourself again buddy. Take care
jackgoldman1 3 dager siden
Remember, the Talmud, Torah, Old Testament, New Testament, Koran all written based on Middle Eastern science of the flat Earth, at the center of the Universe, placed here by all powerful creator God who will return as Messiah, as Christ, as Savior. Sadly, Galileo Galilei debunked this myth. Since then we have had science, experiments, leading to HST, Hubble Space Telescope. Searched the Heavens. No. God is not in the stars, returning. God is here now in the seed wisdom that created me. God is within and I have to save myself.
Ray Cuban
Ray Cuban 6 dager siden
Are we a country of greed? Sad to hear that story of someone being evicted. My question is not pertaining to that but how we get here. The gap between haves and haves not. Are most of the haves not lazy or just underpaid? Our parents told us to go to college and now we’re telling kids they don’t need college. We been chasing fireworks My family escaped communism and it saddens me to see this country in this position. In Cuba and Venezuela the communist took advantage of the poor and turned them against the rich. But the poor were poor not because they were lazy, but because they were taken advantage of by the haves. Seems like we have been heading in this direction for a very long time. And the communist and anarchist are taken advantage of it. Stay safe everyone.
fukngeoo 7 dager siden
You should run for president.
M G 10 dager siden
Your lucky. Must be nice to have people that care.
WireTamer 10 dager siden
On the face of it, we are very different. I am not a religious man at all. But I totally agree with your attitude to stuff. Stuff is a millstone around your neck, unless you use it to help build a more resiliant comunity around you... because a strong comunity has got the back of all of its members.
M J 11 dager siden
Christianity was and is our only hope.
HacksignKT 11 dager siden
lol nope
Horizon 21 dag siden
the homeless rate is going to skyrocket into the new year, if the country doesn't fully implode right after the election. They need to at the very absolute least pass that other stimulus to at least help people out a little bit for now.
J Smith
J Smith 21 dag siden
Your father sounds like a wise man. Its all to easy these day to only think about our own families and forget that we are to also "love thy neighbor as thyself".
turki albogmi
turki albogmi 23 dager siden
“God spoke to me “ LMFAO
Bella Khidhir
Bella Khidhir 23 dager siden
Why is it on God's people to help those who currently would love to see us hang in the streets, and it in their moment of need they give you any respect?
Lawadeton Pickett
Lawadeton Pickett 26 dager siden
Babylon the great is done ✅ mate y'all should have never put your hands on the children of Israel and made them slaves woe upon this bloody place
Rhys Meyrick
Rhys Meyrick 29 dager siden
Eye of the needle.
smartchip Måned siden
Sikhs have a similar sentiment, as does Buddhists and Jain, we all are equal as we all have souls, some are lost and by the grace some are found and in the flock, to share equally to all, its so roughly translated, there is so much lost in translation, never the less, Godbless ALL,
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb Måned siden
If you move to a republican run state because you want your freedom back, vote republican so we can keep ours.
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb Måned siden
Stop voting for democrats until they return to morality and abandon the pandering for votes.
JohnnyReb Måned siden
Wait...... You're hurt & people just send you all that stuff?
Lorene Meier
Lorene Meier Måned siden
It is so interesting to "see" these days thru your perspective. It is less bleak on the Northern Prairie as we are not experiencing a deep recession. We only had a mild downturn because we only had a partial shutdown during the spring. That's not to say, that I won't heed your caution, but it is harder to see the need to hunker-down as our state and local economy is stable and climbing. We even had our town's fall festival last weekend.
Frederic Alden
Frederic Alden Måned siden
Trump and the right wing media have certainly scared a lot of people who should know better.
Ink by the barrel And paper by the pound
Ink by the barrel And paper by the pound Måned siden
Your channel is like a ministry. Well done great content. New subscriber!
MetalMasterdom Måned siden
"Working class guy" lives like a king, doesn't realize the difference. Sounds like a downsize is in order.
MetalMasterdom Måned siden
I didn't immediately realize. Then I listened some more. It gradually clarified. No he doesn't get it does he? Seemingly great guy. Just missed the boat. Lots of fine qualities. Just not a smart person.
keith johnston
keith johnston Måned siden
We are also starting the age of aquarious and that is the community sign and a lot of the world's problems are people trying to find there own voice.
Bobbi Wilhite
Bobbi Wilhite Måned siden
I was just wondering if someone has started a GoFundMe account for that lady that's about to lose her home and needs dog food I'm over 50 so I don't know how to do all this technology stuff or even how to begin to set that kind of an account up but I'm sure there are many people who do or many people that could just send her a dollar a hundred people did it that's $100 and so on and so on I had it hard and it took a many many months to get to live in this crappy little mobile home with no heat and no air and my husband ended up shooting himself in the head and took his life with a shotgun over the stress of the situation living in BLM land in a tent I sure don't want that to happen to anyone else I don't think I'll ever get over it I'm still sick to my stomach everytime I think of it and it was over two years ago someone please help these people I would if I could I have really nothing and no job just thankfully an understanding landlord as this home is really not able to legally be rented I'm sure
Bobbi Wilhite
Bobbi Wilhite Måned siden
A tent not 10
crossusn Måned siden
Yes! whole heartedly agree with everything you said.
Bobbi Wilhite
Bobbi Wilhite Måned siden
I've been in that for persons situation that couldn't afford dog food and had to move in a week. Exactly that situation a tent the backseat of my car and at 10 to put the dogs in the forest turned out to be brand new stepping stone and to a completely different very poor very humbled life that I'm still struggling with in a house but it is a dilapidated mobile home that mice chew through the walls and come in every time the weather grows cold so here I go again fighting the mice. I hate it but it's life now and it's better than it was I guess. Stupid virus hoax has made life unbearable as I will never wear a mask get a test or take a shot so it's getting really difficult to even see the reason to go on
No name
No name Måned siden
The sky is falling, the sky is falling....
Gentle Springs Farm
Gentle Springs Farm Måned siden
Sounds like opportunities for ministry will be plenty.
Sherrick Campbell
Sherrick Campbell Måned siden
I have plenty of lead I’m willing to share if anyone comes looking for things in an inappropriate manner
78twood Måned siden
Great message man ⭐️
Timothy Lee
Timothy Lee Måned siden
God? ss ya
William Adams
William Adams Måned siden
Bullshit I never seen jobs this easy to get
J H Måned siden
Ha, like your a benefit to your community!
Kimberly Cornwall
Kimberly Cornwall Måned siden
I discovered you channel by accident when I watched on your Oregon fire videos. I am everything you and others here would probably reject in a Christian. I am unconventional, libertarian (not leftist), and transgender (male-to-female). I have been really blessed by your videos, none the less. I like you are teaching your boys to be men, something lacking in our society. I like your calm and reserved demeanor. I like your attitude on defunding the church, because I believe in love first, and churches are too often businesses first. While I do not believe in denominations, and have disagreements with the Seventh Day Adventists, I do believe you are part of the real, invisible, church, and I can tell you care about more than yourself. I like to say it isn't what you know, but who you know that makes the difference, and I think you know Jesus. I agree with you on so many things. I will be praying on your behalf regarding your injury. Thanks. Keep making videos.
Terrah Hall
Terrah Hall Måned siden
Well said
Jay M
Jay M Måned siden
Lol, Americans really do think a lot of themselves. Guess what, people have misappropriated the Christian faith to suggest end times for MILLENNIA. Economies and empires go through peaks and troughs, UK was a Christian nation and the dominant world superpower only a few generations ago, did the world end when that fell? What about the fall of Jerusalem in the 1100s? That must have seemed like the end times. How about all the other Christian and non-Christian empires from throughout history: Ottoman Empire, the French empire, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Macedonians. Do you think during their fall from ascendancy they thought the world was ending? Probably. So what makes your (extremely young) empire special? Why is it the end of the world only once America sees societal breakdown? Maybe look to making your society better and proactively addressing your issues, don't just say, "Oh well, we're in the end times, what can ya do?"
Jay M
Jay M 21 dag siden
@Spathí Tis Pnévmatos A form of judgement may well be coming to the US. My point was if you look at history, and the sheer number of huge empires that have risen and fallen every hundred or so years, many of them Christian, it's pretty presumptuous and self important to assume your decline = biblical end times. You're definitely not the first and you probably won't be the last empires that have seen a quick rise followed by sharp social and economic decline.
Spathí Tis Pnévmatos
Spathí Tis Pnévmatos Måned siden
@Jay M I'm not going to argue with you there America has gone down hill but thankfully I don't live anywhere near LA I do believe judgment is coming to this nation all I can do is work hard keep my nose clean try to wake people up to the madness in hopes they will be prepared for any outcome and just keep my faith in God's son Yeshua which gives me strength mentally and physically I do believe the entire world is going to be pulled into something catastrophic and I pray for you and your family as well and I'm sorry if I came off rude and condescending I'm just a little ticked off about what's going on in this country
Jay M
Jay M Måned siden
@Spathí Tis Pnévmatos I'm Irish, a country that was repressed by the British for 800 years. I have no interest in arguing for the British Empire other than the fact it was the most powerful empire the world has ever seen. That's just a fact. True, you do currently have the world's most powerful army, but guess what? There always has to be one army that's the most powerful hardly unique in history. Finally, there may be billions of third world inhabitants who would consider the American standard of living to be good, but compared to Europe, you're lagging far, far behind. They've measured standard of living quantitatively and you're not even in the top ten, not even close (15). I visited LA a few years ago and there were streets upon street, legions upon legions, of homeless people all over the place. I've never seen anything like it. Certainly not in any developed country I've ever been to.
Spathí Tis Pnévmatos
Spathí Tis Pnévmatos Måned siden
@Jay M I admit I was wrong about the 80% it's more like half of the world's technology that's in use today. We pretty much raise the standard of living for every developed nation in the world. And to say we had nothing to do with spreading Christianity as much as Europe I believe is not true. Sounds like you're upset that the British Empire is no longer as powerful as it once was even if it were America still has the most powerful military and economy in the world you act like Europe is doing so much better the political mess here in America can actually be blamed on Europeans like George Soros and others that have infiltrated our government and education system. There are still billions outside of our border that would trade places with the poorest of u.s. citizens. I don't get mad when I find out I'm wrong I correct my mistakes and move on. Thank you for your comment it was enlightening
Jay M
Jay M Måned siden
@Spathí Tis Pnévmatos So much wrong in one comment. 80% of the world's wealth?! Try barely 30, similar to the Roman Empire during it's peak actually. The United Kingdom created more than 38% of world GDP in the 1800s as well as owning over 25% of the surface of the earth (including your country). Another complete lie from your comment regards the preposterous suggestion the US had any part in spreading Christianity, which was in reality spread to all corners of the world by European countries during the colonial era (during which time the USA didn't even exist, it was, again, just another UK colony). Maybe if you knew more about world history you wouldn't make such a fool of yourself, and maybe you'd also realised you're nothing unique or new, just one of hundreds of cultures throughout history that enjoyed a period of economic and cultural dominance before declining. You already peaked and are in the process of tearing yourself apart, all in less than a century. A flash in the pan historically speaking. Almost as short an empire as the Mongols.
Cyn Hicks
Cyn Hicks Måned siden
I just heard you loud and clear brother. Thank you.
Trip20 Måned siden
This just sounds a little over dramatic.
Richard Bridges
Richard Bridges Måned siden
I've heard the Chicken Littles say the same things I'm reading here for decades...the end is NOT nigh, your ammo, stores and supplies will never be needed
Farewell VHS
Farewell VHS Måned siden
I now give $100/month to a local food bank. Especially with the fires and international travel bans, quarantine, etc, tons of people I know have an excess they can use to help locally =)
Farewell VHS
Farewell VHS Måned siden
One of the greatest things I ever did in my life was donate monthly to a family in Colombia over many years from when my "daughter" there was 12 to about 19. Only $30/month gave them around a 20% economic boost! I visited their home eventually and saw the dirt floors and bare bones lifestyle and school they had. Very different from the US and I learned to live very frugally there for many months on just $10 / day for ALL of my rent, food and transportation.
Wave Function
Wave Function Måned siden
Once the left loses the people’s ignorance and compliance we will see them turn on those people in big and bad ways. DO NOT RELY ON ANYONE BUT YOURSELVES AND YOUR COMMUNITIES, if you’re lucky. And for you “haves”, store up more than you need so you can help those who are unable to attain what they need.
TimeTime Måned siden
Isaiah 41:10 ESV Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
TimeTime Måned siden
Don't run !!!
Ted H
Ted H Måned siden
God first, family second and country third. It’s an interesting time to be alive and see Gods Word coming to fruition. In the end everyone will know that the God of Abraham Issac Jacob and Israel is the Most High God and His son Yeshua conquered death for His bride
Joseph A
Joseph A Måned siden
Psalm 41:1-3 contains the key to surviving any difficult circumstance.
Lystic Måned siden
I like hearing you talk about those older stories.
Robert S.
Robert S. Måned siden
It is always good to be self reliant on God's promises listed in the Holy Bible and NOT on secular government. The real America is rising and the fake US government is falling trust me on that.
Studley Landscape
Studley Landscape Måned siden
At any rate I love your message of help your fellow man.
Studley Landscape
Studley Landscape Måned siden
So you are anti anti fascism? You like pro fascism? What are you saying? Kinda confusing. You’re for fascism? Or against it
Studley Landscape
Studley Landscape Måned siden
Love what you are saying. The dig on antifa tho.
Burnt Toast
Burnt Toast Måned siden
God Bless you. Been a viewer for over 7 years... You saying all of this is serious and humbling.
genevie lucious
genevie lucious Måned siden
Your ramblings are beneficial to people like me. Ty
Charles Muff
Charles Muff Måned siden
You're kinda lost aren't you? It's ok.
Mark Wiedle
Mark Wiedle Måned siden
It is a controlled fall in the name of Covid. In truth has been falling for decades. No worry the keepers know what they are doing.
Mikenorma Måned siden
Also by taking care of ourselves by preparing we are helping our community by not being a burden to others. I would love to help others but I am not in that place at the moment. Of course if I see someone starving and I have some food available I will help. Do I continue to help this person after feeding them? Especially after I have taken the time and effort to prepare for myself and my family?
Marc Chavez
Marc Chavez Måned siden
You are truly blessed to get out of the city that’s nice y’all had the means to take the leap!! God bless and good luck
Jane Bray
Jane Bray Måned siden
Father, I know you love this man, and I know Jesus took those strips so we can have complete freedom from all sickness and disease, and so right now, according to your Word - I speak to this shoulder issue and command it to heal supernaturally fast for your glory! Every tissue, ligament, muscle go back into place, all tissue heal right now, all trauma go, swelling, tightness, go. All pain, you go Now! In Jesus's name, so be it. Amen. Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus, Thank you Holy Spirit for this healing. We are overcomers because we are hidden in Christ Jesus!
Tiki Tavi
Tiki Tavi Måned siden
You millionaires will do fine, it's the little people who are going to suffer.
Kyle B
Kyle B Måned siden
I feel like I’m a respectful person but I cannot help but notice everyone who has a manual or actual working job are not struggling and are in-fact inundated with work, it’s city dwellers that have a silly little paper job that are struggling
Back Down On The Boat
Back Down On The Boat Måned siden
Those pesky anti-fascists causing all this trouble.
Back Down On The Boat
Back Down On The Boat Måned siden
​@Eric Claeyborn That's interesting, because the first amendment is all about freedom of speech and the right to assemble...
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn Måned siden
I believe, Anti-First Amendment is a more appropriate meaning for Antifa.
WaterGirl49 Måned siden
Thank you, I am very glad I found your channel .. you offer common sence and faith to the people. Thank you again.
POWER USER Måned siden
Remember boys and girls they wanted to turn the state of Oregon into a lilly white utopia (white ethno state) Murphy's law what is wrong will go wrong
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn Måned siden
Marxism is the goal of the Democratic Party.
I agree with every thing you said. Prayers for you, your family & our country.
AL AL Måned siden
Americaa has already fallen what are you talking about? We're just waiting for the bottom to fall out. The moment America took God and prayers off our schools, books, government etc; God has lifted its blessings from this country and we're done as a super power, as a nation just like Great Britain when they took God off their politics.
rickykov Måned siden
You're a dude who I watched build things. Get back to building things and settle down. This isn't the first time this country faced hardship.
DeeDee M Harris
DeeDee M Harris Måned siden
You are absolutely right, and thank you for sharing your thoughts....
Michael Schulz
Michael Schulz Måned siden
Sorry to hear and read all this stuff you're in right now. And most of the damage only because of one selfish man in the White House who can't stop lying to the american people... I'm glad that our government here in Germany accept the advice from the experts.. so we are in a much better situation... But I wish you all well and i hope that this time goes on very fast...
Rebecca Hale
Rebecca Hale Måned siden
I really enjoy your videos..
Curmudgeon Måned siden
The constant demonisation of Antifa and BLM by the media, has given those that are suffering and fearful with a distracting target for their dissatisfaction. The real culprits are a corrupt government and financial system that benefits a wealthy elite at the expense of the vast majority of the population. This pandemic has destroyed the livelihood of many people, while a tiny minority have reaped huge rewards. Aways remember that Jesus was a Socialist, and he threw the moneychangers out of the temple. P. S. I am an atheist.
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn Måned siden
It's BLM and Antifa that are rioting and destroying businesses in cities that are controlled by mayors from the Democratic Party... not the federal government. The Dems are promoting the anarchy for political reasons... to hurt President Trump. Jesus was not a socialist... the Bible says, if a man will not work, he shall not eat. Socialism encourages laziness, and the Bible, God, and Jesus Christ do not favor laziness.
Songbird For Jesus
Songbird For Jesus Måned siden
Jesus was not a Socialist. Socialists in theory are not violent, but are Marxists, who do not believe in God and do not allow people in their countries to practice Christianity
David Boerner
David Boerner Måned siden
mark schuette
mark schuette Måned siden
i like your channel- very informative- but can you use other words other that god/jesus/lord, etc. its very destracting and offers no useful/practical explaination. and you are about education right? you can use use "nature" or other people that inspire you, or just "i believe" (based on such and such) evidence, etc. i think it will get thru to more folk. i'm no against religion- but people should understand its just a personal thing- more people, specially the young must embrace modern science (specially environmental science) in order to survive and improve our situation with all the changes that will be required. keep up that energy !
Yahzra'al AnaYahu
Yahzra'al AnaYahu Måned siden
Howdy🤠 danks fuh dis video, Yah bless yuh. Me would recommend try Cannabis topical for 💪injury (or smoke hemp flower>Hemp only contains CBD, is not marijuana and not "psychoactive")
Dark Shadowrealm
Dark Shadowrealm Måned siden
You voted for Trump. You reap what you sow buddy. He's response to the pandemic caused this.
John Lyles
John Lyles Måned siden
I'm Worried too but I will fight to make it Right !!!
J R Måned siden
22 Then he said to his disciples: “That is why I say to you, stop being anxious about your lives as to what you will eat or about your bodies as to what you will wear. 23 For the life is worth more than food and the body more than clothing. 24 Consider the ravens: They neither sow seed nor reap; they have neither barn nor storehouse; yet God feeds them. Are you not worth much more than birds? 25 Who of you by being anxious can add a cubit to his life span? 26 If, therefore, you cannot do such a small thing, why be anxious about the remaining things?
Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen Måned siden
Good thankyou, Please help me stop all these racist assholes from attacking the Asian Community, can you do that? Because that would really help if you do these things for me.
May Will
May Will Måned siden
Proverbs 22:3 New International Version 3 The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Ben Franklin GENESIS 41 25Then Joseph said to Pharaoh, “The dreams of Pharaoh are one and the same. God has revealed to Pharaoh what he is about to do. 26The seven good cows are seven years, and the seven good heads of grain are seven years; it is one and the same dream. 27The seven lean, ugly cows that came up afterward are seven years, and so are the seven worthless heads of grain scorched by the east wind: They are seven years of famine. 28“It is just as I said to Pharaoh: God has shown Pharaoh what he is about to do. 29Seven years of great abundance are coming throughout the land of Egypt, 30but seven years of famine will follow them. Then all the abundance in Egypt will be forgotten, and the famine will ravage the land. 31The abundance in the land will not be remembered, because the famine that follows it will be so severe. 32The reason the dream was given to Pharaoh in two forms is that the matter has been firmly decided by God, and God will do it soon.
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Måned siden
America’s obsession with religion is behind a lot of your problems...
algore lier
algore lier Måned siden
TheCyberRebel Måned siden
As a dedicated prepper, I feel my most valuable tool is God. I do believe that helping others in the upcoming unrest WILL open you up to those who will do harm to you and your loved ones. Remember the story of the ten virgins. Everyone had the same opportunity to prepare. Because of a lack of faith, they didn't. How is that now our responsibility.
John Smith
John Smith Måned siden
Don't worry about your if you are a christain we will be getting a new body soon its closer than most think . God bless you and yours. safty on your move.
South Texas
South Texas Måned siden
Damn, they gave you a tractor?
Ralph Valkenhoff
Ralph Valkenhoff Måned siden
Proud of a brother being able to see what God may have for him. As the Bible says, Mathew 6:19 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” ‭‭
Debbie Sittard
Debbie Sittard Måned siden
So refreshing to hear from another Christian about the times we are in. God Blesses us so we can be a conduit to help others not so that we can simply do for ourselves. We live in a generation of Me, Myself, and I. We collect all this “ stuff” and for what? Jesus, made it very clear “ whatever you have done unto the least of these you have done unto Me.” GOD bless you and your efforts!
sedp13 drewde
sedp13 drewde Måned siden
Get ready for Jesus.
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn Måned siden
More like... get ready for the Man of Sin... the Antichrist. He'll come before Jesus.
Mauri Tuomisto
Mauri Tuomisto Måned siden
All to blame religious superstition of the GOP supporters aka evangelicals.
CapitanoGUC Måned siden
What about Trump ? Don't he gonna save you ? :-o
ECOS Måned siden
Amen brother. To be honest, I haven’t watched one of your videos in a long time. And somehow this one pops up and I watch it. Absolutely love the message and appreciate God presence in your life, so much so it moves you to action. Go bless you and your’s.
EvoSGooD Måned siden
Everything will be fine, only worry about the things you can’t control. What every Is directly in your hands figure it out, the rest leave to GOD.
arty Berkhoff
arty Berkhoff Måned siden
welcome to fashism
rickrobertbob Måned siden
Every one of these "self reliant" dudes it turns out always has rich parents that made it happen for them. This guy is no different.
Todd Luton
Todd Luton Måned siden
This guy is seriously insane, and 1.58M people watch this? America is doomed.
South Texas
South Texas Måned siden
That’s why he is saying what he’s saying......America is doomed. If you can’t see it, you’re blind
itwaslikeemptiness Måned siden
Many empty words: "God told me to do this, god's people are called upon to look after our neighbors". Then this youtuber moves as far away from people as possible and isolates from them. He's misguided. Jesus lived in the city, he had no family or home, he "disowned" his own mother, hang out with whores and thieves, and died a horrible death. He didn't ramble on youtube and pretend to be a humble rich man. See the difference?
The Leftist Christian
The Leftist Christian Måned siden
I happened across the current fire videos and have been checking out others and found this. I'm one of those you speak of that has lost everything because of COVID. Obviously looking at my name you can probably guess that I'm a Socialist. I know how NOpost is and I'll say right now, I won't entertain trolls and haters. I have said for years that what Jesus preached then is now called Socialism. Most everything you said here is true and i agree with you wholeheartedly. I just wish that the left and right could understand that we have more in common than some would have you believe. Sadly we must be divided. Gods word says so. America will fall and those in power will have us believe that we are to blame, not the billionaires that stole our country. We will have to take care of ourselves. Jeff Bezos alone has enough money to solve a good number of our problems. Greed keeps him from doing it. It keeps all of them from doing it. It gives them the power over us to keep us divided. When the time comes and we are all left hung out to dry I can promise you, If one comes to me there will be no "I told you so". There will be a handshake and a "How can I help you my brother/sister". Whether you see it or not, we are one in this fight. Now I'll continue praying for my family and friends that are threatened by the fires and facing the streets now and through winter. Just remember I'll be one of them and keep me in your prayers as well. Bless you all.
The Leftist Christian
The Leftist Christian Måned siden
@Eric Claeyborn That's not a rhetorical question. I'm guessing you're not going to back your claims as usual because not one of those statements is true.
The Leftist Christian
The Leftist Christian Måned siden
@Eric Claeyborn Really like to know where you get your beliefs on socialism
Eric Claeyborn
Eric Claeyborn Måned siden
The Bible says... if a man will not work, he will not eat. The Bible is anti-socialism, which encourages laziness and stealing from others.
Redreticent7 Måned siden
I've never ever seen anything like this before. Economy was made bad by covid and then riots destroying business's has contributed to more job losses. You'd think that covid was bad enough and now the ongoing riots. If people don't see that this is a spiritual war I hope they wake up very soon. I came across your channel looking at the devasting fires in Cali. T.Y. for bringing light to a dark world. God bless and I pray for your safety.
Redreticent7 28 dager siden
@Jay M America has been through the Great Depression and wars, yes, but I was referring to is in my lifetime.
Jay M
Jay M Måned siden
In history there have been hundreds of economic crashes, countless societal breakdowns and social upheavals, civil wars out the wazoo, many climate changes causing mass migrations, plenty of examples of international pandemics, the falls of huge, seemingly stable empires. This may be new for you personally and subjectively, but in the context of world history, none of this is new.
cybermavrik Måned siden
Respectfully sir if you're prepping and your not storing up iodine and you're kidding yourself
Brian Busony
Brian Busony Måned siden
Amen brother
jloiterer Måned siden
You seem like such a good guy, I just wish you had more faith in America, things are going to change for the better ultimately.
Viewer 2020
Viewer 2020 Måned siden
Tonight I rebuked a dark spirit. I couldn't sleep and have been feeling stressed and caught up in all the HATE that is perpetuating in the world and felt like I needed to watch and i found this lovely message. Thank you for sharing I now know what I need to do
Chase The Wind
Chase The Wind Måned siden
Amen, brother! Thank you for the encouragement!
MustangChuck Måned siden
Well said
Robert Reynolds
Robert Reynolds Måned siden
Get over yourself, you are the source of your own misery and mistakes, no one else is at fault.
John Smith
John Smith Måned siden
It was nice to "stumble" across your channel. I am glad that you are bold about your faith and that you incorporate scripture into your videos. The Lord bless you and your family. May our Father and savior put their strong protective arms around us all! Blessings brother. Feel free to keep my three children and I in your prayers.
Jeremy Wood
Jeremy Wood Måned siden
Praying 👍🏻
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