STAYING ALIVE (Official Video)

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11 dager siden

This video could get me canceled from NOpost
Link to the LED lights used by Wranglerstar in this video - - ONLY $16 * * * FREE SHIPPING (amazon affiliate link)

Wranglerstar 10 dager siden
Link to the LED lights used by Wranglerstar in this video - - ONLY $16 * * * FREE SHIPPING (amazon affiliate link)
Marc Montti
Marc Montti 9 dager siden
I said something absurd & ridiculous about needing a heat gun, that a blow drier wouldn't work (i though it was funnier)
Daniel Ruthenberg
Daniel Ruthenberg 10 dager siden
No the lock tight ruins the view.
Q Continuum
Q Continuum 10 dager siden
@Clay Willoughby I actually think Cody is a lot smarter than that, I'm sure he has a metal cage thing next to the bed and nightstand !!!
Clay Willoughby
Clay Willoughby 10 dager siden
@Q Continuum @Bubba Ray He's said more than once,,, not all his eggs are in one basket.
GeoMac Granddad
GeoMac Granddad 10 dager siden
Nothing like an unboxing, unless it's rotating an outlet pair. 🤣☮️
Fire Storm
Fire Storm Dag siden
Power goes out ???
Wim Philipsen
Wim Philipsen Dag siden
It’s a kind of Stephen King illumination, spooky!
Pilling Them Softly
Pilling Them Softly 2 dager siden
I also hate using batteries and want to use this in my safe, but don't know how I'd run the power cord out of my safe to plug it in. Does anyone have any ideas?
13BRAVO REDLEG 3 dager siden
You ain't Italian...
Ray Ray
Ray Ray 4 dager siden
Someone else may have already said this but I suggest putting a timer on the lights so you won’t have to remember to shut them off.
Norwegian Miniranch
Norwegian Miniranch 5 dager siden
Those lights looks real nice!
Douglas Crosby
Douglas Crosby 5 dager siden
Loctite Mountain
Douglas Crosby
Douglas Crosby 5 dager siden
Looks Great & Thanks for the videos
MAE HAY 6 dager siden
Cody, I laughed when I saw the Loctite on the mountain!
Yexzy01 6 dager siden
Beautiful view of Mt. Loctite!
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 6 dager siden
Ok, you started my day with a smile with the lights and then a laugh with Mt. Loctite
Dave Hansen
Dave Hansen 6 dager siden
My shop is in my barn. I do not have cabinets or drawers for my tools. I have benches. I have a metal bench, a woodworking bench and a bench which is primarily plastics I have a segment where I do mechanical. I can drive in my riding mower. pickup or any vehicle and perform maintenance . The floor is old carpet so I can crawl under and perform the necessary magic to keep everything running.
Greggie M
Greggie M 6 dager siden
Looks like the conduit above the bench isn’t level? Can’t stop looking at it 😏
Tuco 21
Tuco 21 6 dager siden
It's remembers!!
Rich Ard Lee
Rich Ard Lee 8 dager siden
Okay the way you are initially installed your plugs is incorrect also but everybody likes to happy :-) so nobody says anything the ground is supposed to be on the top but since you're a homeowner it doesn't really matter which way you turn the plugs I eat Outlets since the guy got angry about it as an electrician yes you would call them an outlet but you call a switch and Outlet also
C fairNH
C fairNH 8 dager siden
Looks good, nice solution! Love the Mt Loctite . 🤣😅
Zach of some tradez _
Zach of some tradez _ 8 dager siden
Nice to see 243😎
Robert Dinicola
Robert Dinicola 8 dager siden
Definately the tool nerds tool nerd! Lol! I get it!
Homestead Overland
Homestead Overland 8 dager siden
...reminds me of Bruce Wayne's batcave 😎
Homestead Overland
Homestead Overland 8 dager siden
Divine 8 dager siden
I personally use RGB on my security cabinets, strictly for RED. I couldn’t find good red led strips. And I use them because Red (I’ve found) is less impactful on natural night vision, and less impactful on NVGs.
Shawn Deutsch
Shawn Deutsch 8 dager siden
Used to love this channel.
Michael Boeckx
Michael Boeckx 8 dager siden
Hey “boos” in dutch means angry...funny
Daan B.
Daan B. 8 dager siden
Thanks for these vids, Cody. I'm really enjoying them.
Thirty Three
Thirty Three 8 dager siden
Your gun room or closet needs to be hidden. You also keep one or more escape routes from the house or gun room in case the house is raided or burned.
Thirty Three
Thirty Three 8 dager siden
if one led light on the strip goes out do they all go out?
J CC 8 dager siden
05:30... and I'm thinking "Did Cody cut the power to that box?" !!!!! EDIT: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JohnAlex Ferry
JohnAlex Ferry 8 dager siden
I really wanted one of those cabinets until I saw the price.
Janet Owens
Janet Owens 8 dager siden
Cancel what. Needless youtube drama.
Rebel 8 dager siden
"RGB is dead." Yes, yes she is. 🦀🦀🦀🦀
John me
John me 8 dager siden
Nice lighting. I have to wonder if the person who made the 'Loctite' rant so long ago, ( I still cannot fathom what they were thinking), could have imagined what they were starting and how so many are still laughing at them today. God bless, Cody
Jakob Gagula
Jakob Gagula 9 dager siden
Hey mate, from my experience you will probably want to add some type of clip or actual glue to those light strips. They can get a bit warm and the tape loosens right up. Looks great though!
jordan johnson
jordan johnson 9 dager siden
The end XD
Elizabeth 9 dager siden
I saw staying alive and thought you were going to do CPR, to the rhythm of staying alive. Chest compressions chest compressions chest compression! (or is that just a search and Rescue thing? SAR always plays that song when training newbies.)
Jennifer WhiteWolf
Jennifer WhiteWolf 9 dager siden
So now I know why St Helens blew... not enough Loctite to hold er together. Where were you on May 18 1980? I was just north of Eugene Oregon, and it sounded like a sonic boom..
Road Dog
Road Dog 9 dager siden
That's what I refer to as"man art". Sláinte
what a shambles
what a shambles 9 dager siden
Good ole mount loctite 😂👍🏻
Robert Craft
Robert Craft 9 dager siden
Cody, I usually watch your videos with great enjoyment. I have not had a chance lately to sit down and watch many so that's a downer, but I digress. Lately you have been putting Official Video on the end of you videos. Were all the ones previously unofficial? Were you bootlegging yourself and mimicking the real Wranglerstar? Were we actually viewing an East coast imposter while you were actually out fighting fires or off riding a dirt bike through the forests while making tiny rabbit snares from which to survive be? Was it like an epic Wolverine feral time? Us South Coasters need to know!!!
Wranglerstar 9 dager siden
This video is and Official Video,
Marco I
Marco I 9 dager siden
Why keep the ammo in the cabinet ? It is safe enough?!
seeszm 9 dager siden
Does the Ken who always sends you great tools own a green&green property?
David Wangbichler
David Wangbichler 9 dager siden
What brand of cabinets are those.?
Martin Moore
Martin Moore 9 dager siden
Thank you for the brand recommendation. You are correct that there is a lot of junk available.
Caleb Hinz
Caleb Hinz 9 dager siden
Could you put Amazon links to that angled tool insert and the knipex tools you have in it @ 5:35 thanks lights look great
Barak Collins
Barak Collins 9 dager siden
That lock tight
William Proctor
William Proctor 9 dager siden
We sell lighting and the 3M tape has a higher temp rating so the lights won't melt off the surface.
John D
John D 9 dager siden
I'm planning something similar - I got 10 old school-style metal lockers as storage. Looking at the exact same idea, but I'd love to have them switched on the door opening e.g. a contact switch not a motion one. Or to have the main on/off my my door with the other light switches. I'm bound to end up walking back every time when I forget to turn them off!
John D
John D 9 dager siden
I hate with a passion when people can't standardise which way the cable should come out of the plug. It's so untidy... you get everything nice then one plug won't fit.
Home-Power Systems
Home-Power Systems 9 dager siden
Stopped by to say hello and catch up with some great stories. Thank you for your time and effort, you make a difference to so many people and may God bless you and your family.
dina s
dina s 9 dager siden
I love that ending, very entertaining Loctite mountain rocks 🤟🏾😎
seth leighton
seth leighton 9 dager siden
Love your stuff ,but I put lights in my gun cabinets 10years ago on auto switches lol
Justin P
Justin P 9 dager siden
wait - so the switch is connected to all the plugs at the top? so when the lights go out the radios stop charging???
troy roe
troy roe 9 dager siden
Matthew Gray
Matthew Gray 9 dager siden
Put the GPO in the cabinet.
SG 9 dager siden
That looks great!
Andrew Wilhelm
Andrew Wilhelm 9 dager siden
Mt Fuji looks a bit more... reddish than usual
whangadude 9 dager siden
ignorant Kiwi here, why don't all the power plugs have on/off switches? How do you know if a plug is live or not without a switch next to it?
whangadude 8 dager siden
@Rich Ard Lee Seems dangerous, but I guess if that's the way it's always done then that's the way it is.
Rich Ard Lee
Rich Ard Lee 8 dager siden
Because in America we don't worry about if it's on or off it's always on
Karson Branham
Karson Branham 9 dager siden
Jory Valley Farm & Furniture
Jory Valley Farm & Furniture 9 dager siden
Should’ve put in a red strip for nighttime gear retrieval scenarios so your eyes don’t have to readjust 😉 granted a red head lamp would work for that.
Jory Valley Farm & Furniture
Jory Valley Farm & Furniture 9 dager siden
0:10 🤤
Amos Keijser
Amos Keijser 9 dager siden
You might want to put some sort of day timer on the charger of those radios. Charging batteries fulltime and past 80% is bad, I've been told.
Rich Ard Lee
Rich Ard Lee 8 dager siden
I hate to inform you but most battery chargers go from charging at full to what they call a trickle charge check it out
Bearded guy
Bearded guy 9 dager siden
Loctite mountain😂⛰️💪
r r
r r 9 dager siden
rgb is dead ... yep
Tyler Simplot
Tyler Simplot 9 dager siden
@Wranglerstar What was the brand of the cabinets?
Scott Ashburn
Scott Ashburn 9 dager siden
What's up with all the "official videos"? I think you've gone too mainstream. Lol
KalashnikovMonkey966 9 dager siden
who else is of african ethnicity watching these really cool videos
boulderingrockboy 9 dager siden
“On top of ol’ smoooookey, a bottle of locktite...” 🎶
Alex Henery
Alex Henery 9 dager siden
0:48 I stopped my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Bob Bell
Bob Bell 9 dager siden
I have zero luck with the tape that comes on led strip lights. When they heat up the tape comes off the lights. Sticks to the surface ok but detaches from the strip. I use them under bar tops I build so they are on alot. Maybe you'll have better luck because not on so much. I use caulking every foot and imbed the strip so the caulking forms slightly around the strip. Never fails.
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers 9 dager siden
Looks great!
Brian Silk
Brian Silk 9 dager siden
Mount Loctite FOR THE WIN!!!!!! Nice, brother, nice!
warhamsterful 9 dager siden
Someone needs to tell electronics manufacturers that RGB is dead... lol
lasvegascollapse 9 dager siden
Are you using a large charger base to charge all radios at once? If so what brand if your happy with it?
Paul Beam
Paul Beam 9 dager siden
RGB is very much alive in PC gaming world. But I do like a nice clean white lighting effect.
BenRittenhouse 9 dager siden
Really enjoying these short cartridge distribution unit storage videos!
Zach Tries
Zach Tries 9 dager siden
I keep waiting for the unofficial versions of all these videos to come out
Hands and Feet Homestead
Hands and Feet Homestead 9 dager siden
I really like that. Gives me the fizz
LivingTheDream 9 dager siden
That was the meaning of Staying Alive then 🤣🕺🎙️🎶
David Oyama
David Oyama 9 dager siden
Very cool looking lights ! Yes I went skiing up there on mount Loctite ha ha ! Thanks Mr . Wrangler star ⭐️ !
Ken7382 9 dager siden
Thanks for finally getting me a shot of your cuckoo clock! But I gotta ask, is it a real one? Chains seem awful short!
Marc Montti
Marc Montti 9 dager siden
RED light is good to preserve Night Vision Green also (but its not as easy on the eyes as red)
Sean Gotham-Harris
Sean Gotham-Harris 9 dager siden
Used theses lights as under cabinet lights in my kitchen a couple months ago they are great
Vloging Challengers
Vloging Challengers 9 dager siden
Cmy is better than rgb
David Kirkpatrick
David Kirkpatrick 9 dager siden
Found a tree to cut down on the new property?
Random weekend Vlogs
Random weekend Vlogs 9 dager siden
Talk about mount loctite
billythorson 9 dager siden
If I ever was rich, I would live like this man...I would spend my money on the same kind of stuff
Nate Williams
Nate Williams 9 dager siden
Would plexiglass on the inside of the doors be a potential solution for dust management / protection?
David Buchanan
David Buchanan 9 dager siden
I love LED lights. I have them under my bedside that come in with motion sensor for night time bathroom trips so I can see and don't wake the wife up with the lamp. Rotating the plugs was genius!
Dennis Boesiger
Dennis Boesiger 9 dager siden
If your "Outlet Box" were an Apple product, you would have had to purchase an adapter to rotate those outlets.
Evil's Dadvocate
Evil's Dadvocate 9 dager siden
Thanks for the video. Cheers.
James Sparks
James Sparks 9 dager siden
How do you like your Baofengs? Would you recommend something different for a new comer?
Willie Obermann
Willie Obermann 9 dager siden
Locitite sighting!!
Nick F.
Nick F. 9 dager siden
*Turns outlet plate 90 degrees* "Wait, that's illegal..."
Matthew Husband
Matthew Husband 9 dager siden
Never thought to turn my plugs. Never. Simple problem. Simple solution. Occam’s Razor. Well done sir.
Walter Morgenroth
Walter Morgenroth 9 dager siden
Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk im a wrangler man.
Wranglerstar 9 dager siden
, no time to talk,
Ken Cooper
Ken Cooper 9 dager siden
I was expecting you to bust some moves in this. LOL
Scott Govey
Scott Govey 9 dager siden
Nice work, reminds me of freedom seed and arsenal cabinets in an old video game I played yrs ago lol.
Steven Vargas
Steven Vargas 9 dager siden
Really love the cabinet vs a gun safe.
ShadowScoutSwede 9 dager siden
That looks really nice with that light you installed.
Travis N.
Travis N. 9 dager siden
Careful leaving rechargeable battery devices on the chargers 24/7/365. They are the cause of many homes and garages that have burnt to the ground. ... ask a fire investigator if you dont take my word for it.
Rich Ard Lee
Rich Ard Lee 8 dager siden
I would greatly disagree you'd have to actually show me footage of it
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