We’re Digging In - Oregon Wildland Fire (LIVE)

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Blue Dragon
Blue Dragon 13 dager siden
Looks like the silent hill movies
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith 14 dager siden
Nice sandwich
Suzette Sayer
Suzette Sayer 25 dager siden
Ralph Hunt
Ralph Hunt 25 dager siden
I love mustard I can eat it Stright out the bottle I love mustard yummy
RacerKing1X 25 dager siden
I had to experience the same thing I live in the country right out side of molalla
stephan burgess
stephan burgess 29 dager siden
In Australia now after our big fires a few years ago all new building in fire zones must have roof top sprinkler systems. These are run by generators I case of power failure. Lot of existing homes since she this years fires are now adding sprinkler systems to there homes. They do not always guarantee your house but give it a better chance.
Ravecoin Måned siden
the ending was godly, I hope Ill find a woman like that.
bluesrocker33 Måned siden
Ever wonder why the rest of the planet isnt burning? Why isnt Mexico? Or Canada? Or the middle of the country? It just so happens to take place in the same city we watched Antifa starting fires to buildings and literally threatening to take the country down. Sure, its all one big coincidence.
Aaron Nelson
Aaron Nelson Måned siden
Not sure where you were located, but when I was out there we hit a RH of 4 and trees started torching left and right. First time I’ve had to move to a safety zone
Chuck Mellette
Chuck Mellette Måned siden
GOOD LUCK>! I don't understand why, if you live in a fire zone why you don't clear cut and take fire mitigation ops
Austin Curry-Freeman
Austin Curry-Freeman Måned siden
steven universe movie
Lynne Miller
Lynne Miller Måned siden
My beautiful state. It hurts to see this.
1991tommygun Måned siden
I need that cummins
David Dewey
David Dewey Måned siden
What is RH and pig
Julian Mac
Julian Mac Måned siden
He told firefighters to stay frosty
Daniel Saucedo
Daniel Saucedo Måned siden
What is the pig?
J Fawkes
J Fawkes Måned siden
just curious, what app (map) was your friend using?
Leslie Zeihan
Leslie Zeihan Måned siden
Praying! Just catching up with you all!
No_Smoking Måned siden
I don't understand when you said you heard trees exploding. When I first watched this video last week, I was like huh?! I have never heard of trees exploding in fires. Now Trump is saying it... but I can't seem to find any video of this phenomenon. Can you elaborate, make a video about it?
Michael Hansford
Michael Hansford Måned siden
I want that dodge!!!
Otoya Yamaguchi
Otoya Yamaguchi Måned siden
Antifa caused these fires
firemedicmike Måned siden
Still active with 35 years in the fire service. You should gel that wood shake roof and wood structure. It might have a chance.
Christie Måned siden
Last year my country got its first wildfire so this stuff is a whole new world for me. Scary, but also very informative. I hope you are ok.
Jim Bo
Jim Bo Måned siden
They don't say "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach" for nothing. :-)
Duhjangus Måned siden
what do you mean trees exploding? is that an expression used in the fire service?
El Guapo
El Guapo Måned siden
My prayers goes out for you and your family been watching you guys for very long time, You in your family have inspired me to teach certain values and lessons. That I now incorporate into my own views. Be safe... And much love
amie a
amie a Måned siden
God Bless you Wranglestar!
ekhaat Måned siden
Marrying the right one is one thing, treating her right is another. You did well on both accounts. Stay safe
Gabriel S
Gabriel S Måned siden
That lattice tower at 3:10 would make a good platform for an antenna and portable repeater for your radios, if they can be set up for that.
Matt Behnke
Matt Behnke Måned siden
You work for ODF?
Tim Browder
Tim Browder Måned siden
I sure hope u can save it and yourselves wish I could help
Ramarri Blevins
Ramarri Blevins Måned siden
I remember my father he been a fire fighter for 20 years until he retired in 2009.
Michael Becker
Michael Becker Måned siden
This should be in your “best of wrangler star” collection.
Frank Wilson
Frank Wilson Måned siden
Awesome monetizing of others suffering fireman fred. Where are the real firemen.? Yeah Cedar shakes are far more flammable than asphalt🙄. Love the drama. 100 gallons of water will definitely solve that fire. We couldnt see the brand of that mustard. Demonitized
Thomas Beck
Thomas Beck Måned siden
If I had a way of getting my dozer out there and some help I would push around the clock to do anything and everything possible to help
james mich
james mich Måned siden
1st gen rollin in like thunda
Gary Sakamoto
Gary Sakamoto Måned siden
Im praying that you guys stay safe.
Vá Nu lashes
Vá Nu lashes Måned siden
Apparently a bulldozer is required when living in burbs now. Escavate dry land. Build mole hill. Push trees over a hill. Sad. Too many homes. Families displaced.
Mavis Stapleton
Mavis Stapleton Måned siden
Nice Dodge baby tanker. Looks pristine. Best of luck fighting the fires. Praying for the great people out there
Honky Tonkin'
Honky Tonkin' Måned siden
As Mexican, we have to marry the right girl. If not? Your lunch gonna be a tortilla with gummy bears inside 🥺
Bee Dee
Bee Dee Måned siden
If u need help driving a side by side u need help? Scary
electro1622 Måned siden
I know Australia has sent fire crews to help in return for you guys helping us in our time of need with fires...I hope they are there with you and I truly hope you get through this....
Tomas Viane
Tomas Viane Måned siden
Thanks for sharing and stay safe out there!
Robert Måned siden
Jesus must really hate America right now.. Fires, Plague and flooding.. Maybe this Trump guy isn't making the big guy happy?
Junior. Lokeni
Junior. Lokeni Måned siden
Be safe out there brother.
Richard Nguyen
Richard Nguyen Måned siden
one man can move the entire nation to arm themselves and roam the streets in the self righteous attempt to "fight for equality", but we can't get half that many people aid the firefighters, people evacuating, etc.? Both governors of OR and CA are jokes.
Jonny Sneezums
Jonny Sneezums Måned siden
I stayed for the dijon...
Brodacious Måned siden
Is ripping up wide strips of land a practical idea or am I way off? The idea being that if you till the soil, remove bushes and some trees in a wide enough strip the fire will run out of fuel. I know the terrain would play a major factor in getting equipment to do that.
Kathrine Kerns
Kathrine Kerns Måned siden
God bless you. Prayers for you guys.
clayton johnson
clayton johnson Måned siden
Love that red n white first gen dodge!
645 Måned siden
Stumbled across you channel, really interesting and heartbreaking stuff. You mentioned needing better comms. Not sure what you are using now, but a GMRS repeater would increase range and reliability for your area. Not hard to get setup, and doesn't need licencing like amateur radio does (just pay a fee).
Jim Wilson
Jim Wilson Måned siden
What radios do you use?
Elizabeth Plata
Elizabeth Plata Måned siden
Wow! Professionals in such adversity and scary situations. Godspeed.💪🏽💪🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
Suzette Sayer
Suzette Sayer Måned siden
American current fire is tiny compare to the Australia fire in 2019/2020
Suzette Sayer
Suzette Sayer Måned siden
American current fire is tiny compare to the Australia fire in 2019/2020
K T Måned siden
Bullet proof safety zone, wtf is that ?🇨🇦
P Roppo
P Roppo Måned siden
I am incredulous that you waste all that time playing with your instrument but leave the brush standing next to and around the house and (apparently) have not set up a a sprinkler for the cedar roof. I've lived through numerous fires, the FIRST thing you do is cut the damn brush and make a defensible perimeter.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Hmmm I don't remember you being there as we worked,
Allat Goddess
Allat Goddess Måned siden
cont'd. ...Where's the men? They're needed there. From FL, Louisiana, Georgia, the red-blooded Amer. men! Where are you?!!! Where's supplies? Masks. headgear. Shovels? Trucks. Bulldozers. Water tanks.
Cindy Klenk
Cindy Klenk Måned siden
Saturday, 12 Sep, 1230PDT. South and east of Seattle and it looks like a dirty yellowy dusk. visibility at SeaTac ATIS is reporting 1/4 mile in smoke. All airports in the area are IFR. Everyone please stay safe, don't eat smoke and keep your head on a swivel.
Allat Goddess
Allat Goddess Måned siden
cont'd....Civilian 2ndary Teams, could work the radios, reporting on the movement of the fires, keeping tabs of the firefighters, etc......Where's the volunteers? Where's the firefighters from other counties and States?...cont'd
Allat Goddess
Allat Goddess Måned siden
cont'd. The civilians could do the background jobs, whatever. Digging ditches, behind the lines, bringing in water / food to the Front lines. Keeping track of the water for the fire, removing the brush, even trees. Etc. THis is a serious thing, it's got to be faced together, NOT run from or dependg on a few others. cont'd
Allat Goddess
Allat Goddess Måned siden
Everybody is running away & the fire is spreading. Everybody is depending on the Fire Dept. but in olden days, (& we're back there again), the men of the community stayed to fight the fires. The Feds should draft all the able-bodied men. These men could do the 2ndary work, leaving the trained firefighters at the front. cont'd
GlennSteffy Måned siden
Ian Allen
Ian Allen Måned siden
thanks for showing us your unique perspective on the events, stay safe out there!
D C Måned siden
evacuated silverton on the 9th. good luck. be safe
M Palmer
M Palmer Måned siden
Where’s your mask the smoke is not good
Rob Hartshorn
Rob Hartshorn Måned siden
A lot of these houses have no defensible space around them. This is a big problem I see all over, no way to set back fires if grass and brush, tree limbs go to the ground right up to the house.
The Jackalope
The Jackalope Måned siden
That is one sexy old Dodge pickup
735 Måned siden
Stay safe and God bless my friend!
MyLifeInThe6 Måned siden
Dear Cody, after watching this video after having watched your many previous wildland firefighter uploads; I got very emotional watching this especially the ending! I wish for the best amongst you, your crew and your family! we can all agree here on one sure thing, we all love you and the family you cherish! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU GET BACK
ЩΣПDIGӨ 666 Måned siden
Good luck
nawlulu Måned siden
Those wild fires are crazy in Oregon . Somebody started it . Terrorists are everywhere in the country. It is the easiest way to destroy the America. ❗️🔥. Wake up Americans.
Phillip Coiner
Phillip Coiner Måned siden
It is heartbreaking to see anyone lose their home but cripes man cedar shakes? Brush every where you look. How difficult would it be to have cistern and gravity flow or a 12volt pump to sprinkle/dribble the structures? You live in tinder box and have no plan prep no mitigation? My hats off to these guys for doing what they can but when will these folks ever exercise some foresight?
kane 119
kane 119 Måned siden
Isn't it scary. I would be so scared
Champ Måned siden
i love this content!
Heliarc Muad'Dib
Heliarc Muad'Dib Måned siden
I screwed up with my wife years ago. I made the fatal error of not only criticizing the way she made my lunches but, doing it during a holiday dinner with family. Thus began the 15yr moratorium of my wife not making me my lunches. I still maintain i was right. I mean, who tf doesn't fold the lunchmeat on a Turkey BLT?
Richie Dunne
Richie Dunne Måned siden
Damn...that sandwich tho..... hope that's not hot mustard....
Malibu CA
Malibu CA Måned siden
Mustard...a man’s best friend. 💎
Bengt Korswing
Bengt Korswing Måned siden
Stay safe !
waita minute
waita minute Måned siden
Remember Fire Depletes Oxygen so get yourselves some Oxygen tanks if your going to dig in !
Tobias Lübke
Tobias Lübke Måned siden
JOH 3:16! Fear not! I'm praying in Name of Jesus Christ for you all
michael hernandez
michael hernandez Måned siden
you can run from the lord but you cant hide
michael hernandez
michael hernandez Måned siden
forget all those gagets and toys , you people will go away
michael hernandez
michael hernandez Måned siden
we dont need to build a wall to get white people out of our country , but we can hope for fire
michael hernandez
michael hernandez Måned siden
move to england , were you came from
TheCanadianBubba Måned siden
This enemy does not think, and is bound by the laws of physics... happy hunting !
defeatereater Måned siden
Props to your wife for having the mustard game on point, not to mention the lunch itself!
Eamon Mulvihill
Eamon Mulvihill Måned siden
Crazy question, why don’t you use some of your higher altitude drones to get an eye on the fire? Or does the smoke just make that impossible from any hight? Always wondered about that a forest fires. I’m from the east coast so luckily I’ve never even seen a forest fire before so I was just curious if anyone had ever tired that?
Glen Last
Glen Last Måned siden
Up here in Puget Sound hoping you are SAFE!
Cadillac Man
Cadillac Man Måned siden
Love from lacomb Oregon
Dansk DNA
Dansk DNA Måned siden
Gorgeous structure, but I wouldn't risk it anywhere other than right on the coast.
Ratty McCatty
Ratty McCatty Måned siden
It is looking more and more like these fires were intentionally set. Be safe.
Chris Rice
Chris Rice Måned siden
Prayers for you all i hope you come out of this safe
Jay Vee
Jay Vee Måned siden
I know the situation is very serious but NOpostrs playing fireman is silly.
JandT LivingLife
JandT LivingLife Måned siden
Wood siding and cedar shakes on the house.
Craig Pierre
Craig Pierre Måned siden
Stay safe up there brother... it looks like it’s going to get frisky..
Mark McGee
Mark McGee Måned siden
What is pig?
Ron Coleman
Ron Coleman Måned siden
Praying for you all please be safe
B OLM Måned siden
Go Hero's
Lia Flexx
Lia Flexx Måned siden
Those fires will continue until we start killing the terrorists who are clearly starting them.
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