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3 måneder siden

A survival kit for 2020
Get Your Mystery Ranch Bag Here - (amazon affiliate link)
Microbat coin bag
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Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Get Your Mystery Ranch Bag Here - (amazon affiliate link)
' DaveyB
' DaveyB 3 måneder siden
@Yugetube silly boy
Yugetube 3 måneder siden
You better have a mininuke in that bag. 2020 is no joke.
Dawson Carnochan
Dawson Carnochan 3 måneder siden
150$ the zipper didn’t show quality, much binding
Ben LePage
Ben LePage 3 måneder siden
Great looking bag but doesn't ship to Australia and bloody expensive at A$219
Ted B.
Ted B. 3 dager siden
Hmm... Could be embarrassing if one showed up at a business meeting with the wrong briefcase.
H M.
H M. Måned siden
if you slap all this on at a protest, and have a carbine, dont you think you could be mistaken as a threat by LE?
borisbash 2 måneder siden
Paranoid little man have to carry a gun. If I had to do that I would leave that country.
MasterK9Trainer 3 måneder siden
Okay, you made a nice video about some cool stuff, but I thought you were going to discuss how to make a kit to deal with being caught in a protest. This video seemed to be more about the bags and the stuff you added. Understand I am okay with recommendations and even helping a company out, but I felt there was no educational side to this particular video. I didn't even give you a thumbs down because I appreciate the quality of your video.
Joseph C
Joseph C 3 måneder siden
I like that the bags don't have a tacticool look.
A Martinez
A Martinez 3 måneder siden
Maybe I missed it. Whats the overall weight?
jmalvesdesousa 3 måneder siden
that's the way Cody. Kill then! Kill then all. Amen.
biggy bad boio
biggy bad boio 3 måneder siden
Drive to the black parts of Portland and see what family has the shitter car hahahaha so funny.
Marco Federico
Marco Federico 3 måneder siden
Do you live in Iraq or Afghanistan? I mean, what is the purpose on carrying such rig with yourself ahahaha, holy mother of God that's crazy...
thepowerbill1 3 måneder siden
Paranoid? So be prepared for isis but get all triggered because you are asked to take personable responsibility for your germs that could take someone else’s life. Makes complete sense. Gotta love these types
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 3 måneder siden
Great video Cody @WranglerStar
Charles W
Charles W 3 måneder siden
Been looking for a replacement for my Vertex messenger bag. It's been great over the years, except for the stupid horizontal slip pockets. I'd jump on one of these if only it had dedicated external pockets for water bottle/coffee.
Christopher Harpster
Christopher Harpster 3 måneder siden
I use a mystery ranch as my line bag! I keep it in my truck from April until about October. Of course then I bring it in the house or keep it with my gear bag at the firehouse in the off season. I'll have to get one of these bags, because I carry alot of things as well to work including a laptop
jdwaynes1980 3 måneder siden
Expand it, and toss a breakdown AR in there.
jdwaynes1980 3 måneder siden
I wish they made one a bit larger.
alytijo 3 måneder siden
I like it thanks for the info Mr Wrangler
Sebastian Dráb
Sebastian Dráb 3 måneder siden
Mandatory masks everywhere doesn’t make sense. If you’re out in a national park? Literally no reason to wear a mask. In a grocery store? Mall, hairdressers, cinema, police station it makes so much more sense.
biggy bad boio
biggy bad boio 3 måneder siden
Makes are not mandatory in outside spaces that are not crowded. People who think it's a violation of your rights that you should wear a mask will throw a fit and be hyperbolic over the mask debate and say " well I gotta wear them in my home now don't I?!?!"
Mike Best
Mike Best 3 måneder siden
thats eleagal the knife being in that bag if its on the outside its ok but not inside unless you have a carry permit its ok but if you dont have a consealed carry permit you cant do that with out breaking a stuppid law you can have a less than 4 inch knife consealed but not a bowie style with out the permit
James D
James D 3 måneder siden
Expandable is clutch....even if you don’t buy something. You can never pack your stuff as compactly for the trip home as you did when leaving...dirty cloths and what not. imo
Akhil Sharma
Akhil Sharma 3 måneder siden
Lol I thought you like to be prepared and then you say “unfortunately I have to wear a mask”. Cognitive Dissonance Much?
Sebastian Dráb
Sebastian Dráb 3 måneder siden
Akhil Sharma imma give him the benefit of doubt and think that he meant mandatory everywhere as in like national parks and other areas where transmission rates are almost nonexistent and not in cities and restaurants and stores where masks definitely help.
Pharaoh 3 måneder siden
yeah im a buisness purple
Chris Spencer
Chris Spencer 3 måneder siden
EDC bad something a little beat up (not flashy) of good quality.
Busting Knuckles
Busting Knuckles 3 måneder siden
The swap arooskiee 😂😂😂 “only good when your phone charger is messed up and you can get away with swapping it with your relatives”
Juan Salinas
Juan Salinas 3 måneder siden
They just made masks mandatory in my county 😑
Lee Dawson
Lee Dawson 3 måneder siden
Mine is full of ammo...
timbo peters
timbo peters 3 måneder siden
I have the seal pup and love it. I like how you took it out of the big sheath and just keep it in the plastic sleeve. That's a cool idea
Stephen Shreds
Stephen Shreds 3 måneder siden
The same people that complain about the price wore a $60 Jansport backpack to school.
D B 3 måneder siden
I doubt this will get read by Cody, but in the event it does, know it comes from a constructive place. I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed from your channel at least 3-4 times now. What I’m continually at odds with is your highlighting higher end/expensive items. Note I’m not taking issue with you backing any one product, and this is the real world, someone has to pay the bills and for you to produce this content. But again, my grievance is with it always being high end or the occasional budget item that will knowingly fail or surprise. I and your others viewers I suspect would like to see is a healthy balance of items and gear that are budget friendly but also don’t compromise on quality. There is an entire middle ground that doesn’t play to the polar opposites in value. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Instead of Trigicon, how about Primary Arms optics. Mora knives anyone? Let go of the brand and the vanity. Remember, what we show can be more telling then what we preach. Take care and I wish you continued success.
CtrlAlt Debug
CtrlAlt Debug 3 måneder siden
Were you inspired at all by nutnfancy?
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Of course,
william maurer
william maurer 3 måneder siden
Really? You're a cry baby about wearing a mask. Put your Big Boy Pants on & stop whining. It's a pandemic!
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Simeon Painter
Simeon Painter 3 måneder siden
In case you need to SMOKE. Good use of sarcastic irony. Us British love it 👌
CCC Productions
CCC Productions 3 måneder siden
Do a bug out bag video
' DaveyB
' DaveyB 3 måneder siden
The bag looks very well. Designed but I don’t think it’s worth £150
' DaveyB
' DaveyB 3 måneder siden
Do you have any mobile signal ? While around the homestead
Alex Mengano
Alex Mengano 3 måneder siden
Dude, please put a link of that knife.
Brandon Durepo
Brandon Durepo 3 måneder siden
Price of Chinese produced bag for the consumer: $150 Cost to produce to bag: $10 Profit for the 1%: $140 Cost of lost American jobs and industrial sovereignty: PRICELESS Think about the hidden costs before you send your money to the offshore bank accounts of the 1%
doctorfloc 3 måneder siden
With all the things starting to happen, if you ever relocate, what areas would you be thinking of?
Aaron Murphy
Aaron Murphy 3 måneder siden
This is going to sound silly but I really enjoy your channel. I’ve been watching it for a bout a year now. I recently came across a video of yours where you mentioned putting out a structure fire. I was not aware you were a fire fighter. I’m looking to join my local fire academy and would love to know the ins and outs of the lifestyle. Keep on keepin on!
Mike Bertsch
Mike Bertsch 3 måneder siden
Is that the Tuna or a different watch you have on?
Ron Burden
Ron Burden 3 måneder siden
Great video as usual Cody.
NjutarN 3 måneder siden
Brent Hart
Brent Hart 3 måneder siden
I really love your channel Wranglerstar, but you dont find it ironic that you have a ceramic plate and rig, just in case, but you dont want to wear a mask, just in case...
Glenn Martin
Glenn Martin 3 måneder siden
Wow you really have a good setup. Quite interesting.
Ezequiel Gonzalez-Caines
Ezequiel Gonzalez-Caines 3 måneder siden
Lmao Fire!!!??!?? lol Is Jack into rap music oh no! Luckily there’s some decent artists with decent messages check out the group“Gangstar” with Guru and Dj Premier.
Justin Goodwin
Justin Goodwin 3 måneder siden
Wearing a mask isn’t stupid, it’s not political. It is the same reason you wear a seatbelt, sure it’s mandated by the government but you do it because it’s smart and good sense. Don’t fall victim to propaganda.
Lee Dawson
Lee Dawson 3 måneder siden
I wear a seatbelt because my property is steep and I keep sliding out of my seat. Can a mask do that? Lol, I'm pokin, seriously though, if someone is that close for you to need a mask, here in the south you're fixin to fight....
shelzmike 3 måneder siden
Made overseas? Yeah, but where?I get how hard made in the USA is to find sometimes, so if not USA, anywhere but China and even more preferably somewhere that human rights are respected and anywhere that kids aren't making my stuff for big profits, even for an American company I looked on their site and couldn't find where it was actually manufactured. Does anyone know?
Martin Fröhberg
Martin Fröhberg 3 måneder siden
Is that a survival kit??? Are you going to war???
Tom G
Tom G 3 måneder siden
LOL at the guy who thinks he needs a gun and knife to go to town and complains about the only item that will save lives, the mask.
Accelerator GDot
Accelerator GDot 3 måneder siden
the magnet buckle is called fidlock
Bryan Rob.
Bryan Rob. 3 måneder siden
Dear Cody, with respect and humility. Masks are not silly. At all. Unfortunately, because people don't understand the science and personal responsibility - they're negatively impacting others and so mandates are being put in place precisely because of lack of decency and responsibility to their fellow citizens - full stop. If anyone cares about getting the economy going again they must recognize it's a health crisis - not an economic one. But, if we don't fully address the health crisis we will also, as we do, have an economic crisis. This has nothing to do with 'life has inherent risks' etc. It's also about perception. If we have bodies piling up due to covid-19 deaths...well, it's pretty tough to promote business(es). THis isn't a political issue - it's a societal issue and society is failing when they think exercising prudence on behalf of their fellow man is an inconvenience impacting their freedom. Ask some of the people in their 70s and 80s how their freedoms are being tarnished by those who spread covid-19 via failure to engage mask wearing and social distancing. Freedom comes with responsibility and it also should entail the freedom to be safe - at least as safe as can be reasonably done. Wearing a mask is not silly and the mandates are there not via govt. control but because people seem incapable of behaving w/ decency and discipline. I think what you were trying to express, and please correct me if I'm inaccurate, that you were expressing how silly it is we're being told to wear a mask when we should just be doing it as part of our civic and responsibility to our freedoms. On that we both agree. Fully. Sadly, too many Americans are not acting in accord with the latest data and science in this regard and as such, though we both detest it and worry about it - mandates are being enacted.
Inch Grundle
Inch Grundle 3 måneder siden
I can see what you did there, its a Laptop computer bag that isn't being used to carry a Laptop computer.
J B 3 måneder siden
Ugh. My respect for you waned a little when you called wearing masks a joke. Such a shame people in the US have this mentality considering how awfully they're doing at handling the virus.
Jon Fischer
Jon Fischer 3 måneder siden
What was the messenger bag in the previous episode?
Ramsin Gabriel
Ramsin Gabriel 3 måneder siden
I had to stop watching this channel. Hiding Racism behind Christian beliefs is what got us all in this situation we are currently in.
granitebuilt 3 måneder siden
A lot of bags I've found have a poor inner liner that quickly cracks and starts peeling away. Hopefully this bag is not that way.
Messi Carter
Messi Carter 3 måneder siden
Are you still involved with wildland fire
John James
John James 3 måneder siden
Cody, love your videos. I have a question--- If I'm looking at say a 2 year old video and post a comment or question in it, do you get an alert or some notice that someone has asked a question in an old video ? I watch quite a few folks like you but don't know if I should take my current question to the newest video you made or post the question in the old video. Thanks for any info you can make .
John E
John E 3 måneder siden
Thank you for the great review and being willing to let us know it is not a USA made item. It's really sad that a great Montana company has outsourced manufacturing to Asia. I wonder what happened to all the Montana employees that used to sew their bags. The good thing is on their website they do post an American flag on each item still made in the USA.
Arkansas Pilgrim
Arkansas Pilgrim 3 måneder siden
The car I drive now is like that.
Cornee 3 måneder siden
There is a Democrat bill to ban body armor HR4568
Steve Pepper
Steve Pepper 3 måneder siden
That's a nice set up. I am still using a backpack I got for EMS week from a hospital YEARS ago from my days as a street Paramedic. Now that I'm working in a Government job, and looking at a possible near future promotion, it just might be time for an upgrade. Thank you for the insight.
Tijnas617 3 måneder siden
I'm personally a fan of Osprey backpacks - their build quality hasn't let me down so far.
Taylor Woods
Taylor Woods 3 måneder siden
Whered you get the ceramic body armor
ajswital 3 måneder siden
Putting on the pandemic pounds, eh?
Denis lost in London
Denis lost in London 3 måneder siden
Debt free means more money to spend on "toys." Colt made the "Peace Maker." Where is the peace around you now?
catofphatness 3 måneder siden
I'd say he has acres and acres of it.
Joshua Bullock
Joshua Bullock 3 måneder siden
You need a discord buddy!
Ben Chatain
Ben Chatain 3 måneder siden
where are the hats at?
Thành nguyễn Đức
Thành nguyễn Đức 3 måneder siden
10:24 what is ridiculous about mandatory masks? Americans are somethings different
dimitri arkadaviuch
dimitri arkadaviuch 3 måneder siden
In America we care a lot about freedom. It's not really the mask that we care about but is the mandate. I don't mind the mask but I understand why people don't like the mandate because for all I know the next thing they can mandate is that we wear a swastika on our shirts or we are fined. It is the sense of a loss of freedom, that's all.
drott150 3 måneder siden
Americans are something different. We lead the world by example with freedom of speech, the right to keep and bear arms, and by exercising true liberty and freedom. Based on your name and attitude I suspect you're more comfortable with totalitarian governments. Good for you - but that's not for us.
Bryan Rob.
Bryan Rob. 3 måneder siden
@817hosko Huh? He/she was referring to wearing a mask - clearly. Not sure why you need to virtue signal like that. It's misleading and intellectually dishonest.
817hosko 3 måneder siden
@Yugetube Brave of you to openly express your pro-abortion stance on this channel. Kudos!
Yugetube 3 måneder siden
My body my choice.
mike plant
mike plant 3 måneder siden
can't quite see the logic in being prepared (having a grab bag) and not thinking that masks are sensible defense against covid 19.
GlobstersMessenger 3 måneder siden
Being required to wear masks in all outdoor sitations is a bit absurd and the only real argument for it is "well people are too dumb to make any kind of judgement so we enforce it everywhere"
if you have a CCW why would you need a 2nd pistol? i believe in the concept of "2 is 1 and 1 is none" but if i already have a pistol i would want a carbine as my primary gun if i have the option. that bag could probably fit an SBR with folding stock or a "pistol" AR15 with folding brace.
GoldenBadger 3 måneder siden
Cody = prepares for US economy and civilization crashing due to COVID-19. Also takes all precautions to avoid the virus. Also Cody = "Mandatory masks in our state, absolutely ridiculous."
Red Bear Preparedness
Red Bear Preparedness Måned siden
It’s not Covid-19, it’s the COVID-1984 government response. Don’t confuse the two.
borisbash 2 måneder siden
@theoutsiders4ever83 You have one big problem you say "I" it is about we. Collectively it is about all the "I's". Think about the amount of people dead in your country daily. If someone killed your people with a gun you would defend but you can't see a virus and you don't help you think about yourself.
solideagle200 3 måneder siden
@theoutsiders4ever83 if your snot is on my mask, even the outside. I'm breathing through an infected mask while I wasn't infected before. if all your snot gets caught in your own mask you are not infecting anyone. Mask only prevent you from infecting other not the other way around
theoutsiders4ever83 3 måneder siden
But if you wearing a mask what harm does my snot do if your masks works
Dinitroflurbenzol 3 måneder siden
@theoutsiders4ever83 because the maskt just stops the snot output from infectet persons, not the other way round
Ed Haney
Ed Haney 3 måneder siden
$150! Dollars. I never comment back I don’t care to see what people think I say but for a backpack?
Garrick Miron
Garrick Miron 3 måneder siden
Hey Cody long time fan and enthusiast of your videos, just wanted to say that as a younger man that had grandpa similar to yours but didn’t get to spend as much time with mine as you did with yours . But following your channel has taught me many things that he would have if time would’ve been on our side. So as you would would say god bless you and your family and thanks
StayAtTheRetreat 3 måneder siden
Lived on 14th and Failing for a while. Can confirm North Portland is the shits.
yxkutt 3 måneder siden
you know this extra zipper is not only for more space but also compression. unzipped you have more room for more stuff, but then you zipp it to make the bad more compact.
Can we get a 2020 EDC pocket dump ?? Please!
Nathaniel Dixon
Nathaniel Dixon 3 måneder siden
What are your thoughts about the "Leatherman Raptor " and could you eventually do a review on one?
James Andrews
James Andrews 3 måneder siden
Last I checked it was a free country! If I don’t want to wear a mask I won’t and I sure as hell don’t need a lecture from anyone. You don’t like it then don’t come near me... pretty simple! If you follow your own protocol and cover YOUR face and wash YOUR hands then YOU will be fine... the bag looks pretty sweet Cody!! Love your channel! Actually the first time I’ve read comments and it can really strike a nerve!
csc131 3 måneder siden
940 auto knife????
Stephen Bien
Stephen Bien 3 måneder siden
10:23 - Guest appearance from Elon Musk 😱😱😱
Yaseen Bhatti
Yaseen Bhatti 3 måneder siden
Lowkey looks like Michael Scott
David Nagy
David Nagy 3 måneder siden
Cody, please show your com setup.
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera 3 måneder siden
Mystery Ranch is a Nice bag. I also had looked at a duffle pack from Filson. (only downside is another $100 over the price of the Mystery Ranch) Gotta have one. Wear as a backpack in the woods and a duffle elsewhere. Kind of stuck on the waterproof one at Filson. I got hooked on their products after watching a video in which Cody mentioned them. Folks, I have to say, Cody knows his products pretty well. I don't know if its more from research or what, but I usually trust Cody's opinions. IONO, but to be honest, just maybe it's because I already have a lot of the same brands and products that he seems to have. Kind of an easy sell, but I will trust Cody's Opinion over most any other out there, just from his experience. God bless to all.
iTzZiggy91 3 måneder siden
I’m sure you’ve covered this (I haven’t been subscribed that long) but I’m assuming you carry your rifle in the car/truck with you?
Patrick Faricy
Patrick Faricy 3 måneder siden
Cool video Cody. Thank you for making it.
SKM 94
SKM 94 3 måneder siden
Just ordered my self the seal pup elite. I've been looking for a knife
Preston Muller
Preston Muller 3 måneder siden
For a second there I was wondering if I’d happened upon an official video. The. I read the title and my mind was eased...that was close!
Nawaf Mardzy
Nawaf Mardzy 3 måneder siden
From the thumbnail i thought this was jacksepticeye
Alex Lowe
Alex Lowe 3 måneder siden
Put the brush hog down
Sober Irishman
Sober Irishman 3 måneder siden
having your glock in that soft fabric seems like a accidental discharge waiting to happen. maybe look into something different . just concerend for your saftey
Sober Irishman
Sober Irishman 3 måneder siden
fatt Guy it’s a soft holster. Meaning there is nothing stopping something from getting snagged while it’s in the bag. There’s a reason that holsters exist. You shouldn’t use a mag pouch in space of it
fatt Guy
fatt Guy 3 måneder siden
Hard to visualize what events could cause an accidental discharge.
Todd Mcgough
Todd Mcgough 3 måneder siden
Carry my m & p
Scott Smith
Scott Smith 3 måneder siden
I have reason to believe shapeshifting ninja extraterrestrials have sent me subliminal prefrontal cortex signals directing me to purchase a Taurus Raging Hunter revolver in 22 Hornet for home defense. These extraterrestrial beings on this earth for purposes of conquest and colonization succumb easily to the 45 grain Hornet load so long as when fired the shooter is humming the second verse of My Sharona by the Knack.
JR G 3 måneder siden
That bag definitely Fire straight HEAT 🔥
Tyler England
Tyler England 3 måneder siden
Rexford Lord
Rexford Lord 3 måneder siden
Whatever became of the hats?
King Croc
King Croc 3 måneder siden
9:47 you smoking dope??????? loljk
Lee Harrell [W5GCF]
Lee Harrell [W5GCF] 3 måneder siden
Did I miss it; where's the rifle? Are you carrying it separately in the vehicle? Thanks for the great ideas!
just one more
just one more 3 måneder siden
Yeah I know cool right!! Damn right it’s cool you are a boss sir.
thorzyan 3 måneder siden
I wish I could just order the whole bag, contents and all. 😢🇺🇸🦅
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