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The downfall of America.
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Uncle Musty
Uncle Musty 37 minutter siden
Wranglerstar confirmed /ourguy/
MLJ GI Dag siden
Stop panicking. The government is going to recover and take care of its people .
smitty 2 dager siden
If trump wins...oh boy . Here in Portland area will be much worse. And Seattle probly even worse. Here in the NW i dont think of going into the citys. Luckily im in the outskirts of the city in a suburb. However im concerned that its gonna spread out here. Portland is a mess!
ACE _LAWS21 3 dager siden
Is it going to fall when we didn’t arrest these traitor we dug our own grave I’m a native American boy at least I think I am but when I see what’s on the news I can’t sleep Americans divided by this election like the Hatfield and macoy families we were on top of the world now we are peasants fall of Rome we are going to let a small group over take us China falling to mou in the 50s look my point is America like every nation is falling
Tod Jetzt
Tod Jetzt 4 dager siden
Best comments on you tube. 🙌🏽
Andrew Murphy
Andrew Murphy 4 dager siden
The problem is that there exists and enormous underclass of working people who simply live check to check. What do they do? If you make minimum wage working at wallmart and have two young children, you are then truely at the mercy of the world around you. Many people don't even have cars to drive away in...plenty have no viable relatives to speak of...what do they do?
Robert Bennett
Robert Bennett 4 dager siden
I happen to agree with almost everything you have said here and I often wonder why more families don’t get together and purchase land that they can share. But, all of that aside, all of these people will bring their ideologies and their compliance with them to start it all over again. Perhaps it is time for us to fight and NOT go to Pella.
Jazmyn Smith
Jazmyn Smith 5 dager siden
If Biden gets elected its over...
Ani Mali
Ani Mali 6 dager siden
Are they preparing with troops on the streets if T wins? The domestic terrorists will be prepared after the results…
Scott Patrick
Scott Patrick 7 dager siden
There is a thing called getting to the point
Lloyd Sims
Lloyd Sims 7 dager siden
I live in the Detroit metro area, and go downtown as needed, and the areas in the heart of downtown don't look like your description. Some 'mid-town' areas likely do have issues, and the political climate of the city prevents funding to correct those areas. We are planning to move to Tennessee in the next year or so to be near family, and won't have those issues migrating to the suburbs. Lack of pride in our communities is the downfall of many societies.
Hayden Ring
Hayden Ring 7 dager siden
I don't like this it works me the wrong way
Hayden Ring
Hayden Ring 7 dager siden
They need a better set of rules. Ngl
dedalliance1 7 dager siden
If anyone hasn't heard of him, look up Peter Schiff. He'll help you understand the economic part of everything going on.
Grant X
Grant X 7 dager siden
Maybe u should just put on a mask?
pcat1000 7 dager siden
thank you
David Harper
David Harper 7 dager siden
The end of America?...........what did you not do? Interesting to watch the decline of an empire from Australia...........
Russ Gallagher
Russ Gallagher 8 dager siden
I had an encounter with a similar "Karen" and "Kevin" as he's relating at around 2:07. I passed a middle-aged to senior couple in the parking lot of a supermarket - I'm 67 myself - while not wearing a Kung Flu mask in the Great Outdoors. You'd think I was deliberately murdering them. Idiots! Anyone with a brain knows that a cotton or paper "non-surgical" mask won't stop a virus particle from being inhaled OR exhaled.
Russ Gallagher
Russ Gallagher 8 dager siden
I put my [rather limited] retirement investments into all CASH today. Problem is, there's no predicting what the DOLLAR will be worth once the communists ... Ooops, I meant "Democrats!" get through with it.
Judy McCleary
Judy McCleary 9 dager siden
Would like to recommend : *Mark Taylor Monday Night Spiritual SmackDown *Kevin Zadai on Sid Roth " It's Supernatural" *Praying Medic's news reports and Q Decodes on Clouthub
Eastman Research
Eastman Research 9 dager siden
I went to oreillys today- one of the employees apologized to me for not wearing their mask. I told them don't worry about it, it's all b.s. anyways. If the masks won't deal with the smoke particles how would it deal with a virus? We both laughed. We basically have societal pressure from government down leading to this insanity.
loquacious 10 dager siden
The Marxists have told us that the riots will not stop, ever, until they get the revolution. Maybe people should listen to them.
Brian C
Brian C 10 dager siden
Soooo you think America is ending because you don't want to do your bit? Uneducated conspiracy wackos who "think" they are observant couldn't possibly be the problem. America is on its way out and I wonder what history books will say?
Curious Scratcher
Curious Scratcher 10 dager siden
I'm new to your channel as of today after I watched this video. I feel the same way but my spouse think I'm over reacting. I'm doing my best to prepare for the worst without making my wife uncomfortable. I feel God has been working on me for awhile and speaking to me to get ready for hard times ahead. I've talked to my kids but they don't get it and say I'm over reacting. I'd really like to learn more from you and help me prepare more for my Family ad neighbor's. Thanks for your time
Noah Marquez
Noah Marquez 11 dager siden
Oh boy shtf is coming November 2020
P Davison
P Davison 11 dager siden
I'm glad I live in the Great Plains area where people still have common sense and we don't have all of the sheeple. The inner cities are in the condition they due to the people that live there. Good ,solid people aren't permitted to defend their cities anymore.
Ken Melrose
Ken Melrose 12 dager siden
Cody's out here deriding fear-mongering related to COVID-19, while he's mongering fear about the forthcoming apocalypse. Nice.
Dale Harvey
Dale Harvey 12 dager siden
Why dont we develop a mild virus,that we introduce to china,that gives them the trots when they eat rice
NarcissistsSuck 14 dager siden
I am a woman, 5' 2", almost 60, been challenged by people, mostly men, to put on a mask. I completely ignore them....unless they escalate. Yes, I might get my rear end beat but I absolutely will NEVER back down. My business ends at the end of my nose. Everyone else's should, too. You are absolutely correct, this is a power and control issue. It is not, never has been, about public health and safety.
Bruises 14 dager siden
Where’s the message of hope my friend if you don’t see the resistance you are the resistance
Gene Smolko
Gene Smolko 15 dager siden
"Maybe this is not as much of a health is as it is control issue" Or maybe people are confused and don't know exactly what to do. I know I've done things that are contradictory and later realized it, we're all trying to figure this out with imperfect information.
BuDBearD McTokeN
BuDBearD McTokeN 15 dager siden
From the flint Michigan area about 45 minutes north of Detroit.
Bad English
Bad English 15 dager siden
USA won't fall...rioter will be extinct...peace will be establish...real Democrats and Republican will get togethers under God.
Adam Knapps
Adam Knapps 15 dager siden
The story about the pella window was great I never knew that always learn so much from you God bless thanks for being a light
Xavier Romano
Xavier Romano 16 dager siden
Great stories Wranglerstar, love your demeanor, part of the problem with lack of defiance is that most people (Sheeple as I like to call them) believe everything they hear from the media. If the truth about the LIES that are being told were to surface then perhaps we'd have some uprising but while most people believe the mainstream media we're going to have to continue to follow the mask and distancing rules unfortunately. Very few people are awake to the lies but luckily more and more are waking up to the truth. The truth will eventually surface, hopefully sooner than later
Corey Ihler
Corey Ihler 16 dager siden
yes the poor always loose the liberal rich mess up the cities and leave
Corey Ihler
Corey Ihler 16 dager siden
its a mental health issue
cjbadlands 17 dager siden
I love walking into a store with my medical scrubs on with no mask the looks I get are classic no one says anything to me
C V 17 dager siden
FINALLY, SOMEONE WHO SEES WHAT I SEE!!!!!!!! Thank You!!! This is a control thing! The libs do not want us in voting boothes!!! THAT IS WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT!!!!!! WATCH!!!!!!! HILLARY'S AMERICA DOC. GOD put President Trump & VP Pence in this place for this time!!!!
J HNSBRGR 17 dager siden
i just find it odd that the issue of wearing a mask becomes construed as a control thing. it clearly helps prevent the disease and the rules out there for businesses are surely pretty all-over-the-place but I think we need to understand is that people don't really know exactly what to do to a) be able to open up and stay afloat but b) protect their patrons from people with the disease. or protect their employees. I know for sure, that one way to help is just to try to get along with folks and roll with the punches and try to get through this mess together. the second you stand in line and threaten folks who ask you, out of a communal sense, to wear a mask, you clearly have to see you're on the wrong side of the argument. the disease obviously isn't a hoax and wearing a mask is hardly tyranny.
REALEYESEE 17 dager siden
You Think for Yourself and don’t let other think for You!! 👍✅
Horizon 18 dager siden
illogical, irrational fear, is ironically, what I fear most. These people are so conditioned and manipulated it's crazy
Polite Savage
Polite Savage 18 dager siden
Times are dangerous, wear the mask? Not for only for virus, just so you don’t get punched in the face. This guy is a bit of a twerp
QUANTUMFZX 18 dager siden
Same thing happening in my neck of the woods. All of the people who were living in over priced city apartments / condos are now able to work remotely and bringing high paying salaries to rural low paying areas and the local population that has been there for decades can't compete.
Shane Wimer
Shane Wimer 18 dager siden
saw a man alone on a boat in the middle of a bayou with no one around except me for 10 square miles and he was wearing a medical rona mask.
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 18 dager siden
The economy has collapsed, this is a distraction to start a new system.
michdo23 19 dager siden
tl,dr : Wearing a mask = downfall of America.
Jake Hardman
Jake Hardman 19 dager siden
It definitely is difficult, and it does not feel like there are many people on our side. I say this as a young man in college, not just dealing with the seemingly backwards regulations, but also the extremely liberal environment. There are too many things that have become acceptable to ostracize someone for, traditional values, really thinking about the regulations, respecting police, the Second Amendment, military service, there’s no topic that someone won’t try to shame you for at this point.
David Gutierrez
David Gutierrez 19 dager siden
next president is the speaker of the house...
Michael Nitsch
Michael Nitsch 20 dager siden
can you imagine what would happen to a bunch of kids going to Iran for example and pulling down their statues? i tell you those who were not shot and killed outright would face the cane beatings! most agonizing torture there is!
Big Madness
Big Madness 20 dager siden
Brain washing at it's finest
Carl Gundel
Carl Gundel 20 dager siden
Just look at what they're doing to schools.
Emma Preston
Emma Preston 20 dager siden
100 percent agree. Its a control issue
Emma Preston
Emma Preston 20 dager siden
Isn't that what a sink is for? To wash your hands! Its ridiculous
Jicama Jicama
Jicama Jicama 20 dager siden
You are so right, the loud minority is ruling us through fear and intimidation
Black Orchid
Black Orchid 20 dager siden
Thank you! I was wondering if there any other sane people out there. The sad part though, that majority of entire population on Earth believes in this BS. For me, personally, it's a proof of "conspiracy theory" - somebody stopped the entire Planet. And I'm also wondering: how much did it cost for each country to get in to the pLandemic franchise/scheme???
Lisa 20 dager siden
💔 WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT the BABY BOOMER GENERATION would be the group SO MANIPULATED they’ll WILLINGLY LOSE THEY’RE FREEDOM, hand over their country because of their BRAINWASHED HATE for ONE MAN outweighs their LOVE of AMERICA. 🇺🇸 Blows my mind
Joseph Blacke
Joseph Blacke 21 dag siden
Your exactly right... ALL POLITICS IS THEATRE... the left / right paradigm is merely a distraction and the way to separate the goats and the sheep.. Ultimately there can be only ONE TRUTH... ergo.. THE WAY... THE TRUTH...AND THE LIFE... NO one comes to the Father but through HIM...!!!
Jesse Bernard
Jesse Bernard 21 dag siden
The only thing left will be U.S. government infrastructure. Only the 500 Families = Fortune 500 is protected by the same CROWN 👑 Government of 1774.
Jesse Bernard
Jesse Bernard 21 dag siden
Media Bear has a song for you.
hEAtOniK 22 dager siden
Everyone here knows the dangers of the left right distraction but isn't so naive to pretend it's not mainly people on the LEFT who have been such great unknowing chess pieces for the globalist elite. Don't get me wrong the right wingers and their reactions to everything are also pieces on the board but man the left wing is brainwashed. My longest friend is literally brainwashed into thinking militia groups are by in large white supremacists. Coming from the same guy who used to like the Gadsden flag ( wonder if the elitist media has manipulated his mind into seeing it as a symbol of racism now ) Unfortunately with a zombie population who'll follow media no matter what, there aren't just tyrants and globalists that need to be purged for a new great awakening.
D Person
D Person 22 dager siden
I agree with you it is mostly fear and control. DRIVING FEAR is what I recent not so much the people unfortunately they beleive what they are told because critical thinking has been leached from them. Detroit I know more than you will ever know... Its a love hate relationship I walked away from.... You are spot on with the election aftermath... Been on my mind a lot. But Im a fighter that is why I didn't flee from Detroit but after having done that maybe the folks who left may of been right and I was wrong. You make good points but tucking tail and fleeing isn't my natural response but when all around you are beaten down to resist I have to reconsider
natalina bellican
natalina bellican 23 dager siden
Morning and thank you, I have been listening to both, parties people's comments, and most are saying the same fear for the future, we all have to PRAY DAILY FOR ALL, blessing to you and ALL,
EVOLVE FREELY 23 dager siden
EVOLVE FREELY 23 dager siden
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith 25 dager siden
I have a friend thats a realestate agent in Florid. He says that ppl are buying property there like its going out of style. He says a majority of then are from large Cities like New York.
Phillip Smith
Phillip Smith 25 dager siden
This is factual information brother. I live on the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia. If you dont know its basically suburbs to DC and places like Philadelphia or Baltimore and bigger cities in Virginia and Maryland. Places that have been for sale for 8 years are no longer for sale. People have been buying property like crazy around me. The best part about where I live is that im mearly an hour from a handful of major cities but also an hour drive from the absolute deep woods.
Matt Bowman
Matt Bowman 25 dager siden
and what perfect timing for this "scaredemic" shut down agenda... all done on purpose to do what? i bet we will see very soon
Dave M.
Dave M. 25 dager siden
I know, I've had a couple of incidents with these people who take this covid thing very seriously. It's not just in the city; it's spreading to the country. Also, I find Trump's talk about using the military to administer the vaccine troublesome.
Reebert McJunk
Reebert McJunk 25 dager siden
the thing that is hard for logical people is the STUPIDITY of the people doing the screaching and confronting... it is just absolutle stupidity... what we are seeing is a recreation of Germany during WW2...
Stiletto Czar
Stiletto Czar 26 dager siden
Jesus is coming soon! Are you ready?
AJ Hope
AJ Hope 26 dager siden
Next time put on your'll have less drama. Hello!!!
1SNOWMANNH 26 dager siden
God bless you.
Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson 26 dager siden
It's best to prepare for outright war whoever comes to your home
Richard Heisler
Richard Heisler 26 dager siden
I dont think it would be smart to by land tight now if trump wins ok but if the left wins and pushes that green be deal there pushing us to the cities
Brian Samonas
Brian Samonas 27 dager siden
We are experiencing the same phenomenon here. New York is clearing out at an alarming rate.
Robert McKenzie
Robert McKenzie 27 dager siden
America is the land of greed and if you have no money you are history
Pam Gori
Pam Gori 27 dager siden
You can believe in the medical experts or you can believe in Donald Trump..what does it matter they all are making money off of the lies they spew...go with God use your intuition it's the only thing that's not going to lie.. BOSTON 🍀
Grind2shine Recovery
Grind2shine Recovery 27 dager siden
You're so right the Spanish flu was so much worsebut they knew shutting the economy down was going to make everything even worse we do need to push back
Lord Zodiak
Lord Zodiak 27 dager siden
I dare someone to tell me put on a mask any size get ready to rumble cuz it ain't happening ever. I refuse to participate in fake Rona control system and there's nothing they can do to me to change that I'll fight to my death. You are absolutely correct in your observations brother don't give in .
hereticsaint100 27 dager siden
Check out Peggy Halls work. Her site and her NOpost channel is the healthy American. Org.
smartchip 27 dager siden
Where is the next video? Can anyone help?
jeffscricket23 27 dager siden
😳😳😳😳😦 ANYONE who participates in mandatory masks, have no right refusing mandatory 💉 Vaccinations, p.s. this is the new normal to prepare the masses for Agenda 21,
Last Days
Last Days 27 dager siden
Endtimes- I think famine is coming big time. Stock up now
Michael Orlowski
Michael Orlowski 28 dager siden
We are doomed ..
Steve Baumgartner
Steve Baumgartner 28 dager siden
Good content. Keep the faith.
HAMPTOONY the cat 28 dager siden
YOU are the downfall of America
Honey Badger
Honey Badger 29 dager siden
GUO SHU TRAINING ARTS 29 dager siden
We've all been warned throughout our lives. We just didn't listen until SHTF!
Jerome b williams
Jerome b williams 29 dager siden
Hey man. U spk faxxx. U prolly hate ppl like me but i agree witchu
Jennifer Chirelli
Jennifer Chirelli Måned siden
I know it's crazy people are helping themselves into total control
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb Måned siden
Detroit happens every time Democrats get a foothold. I consider myself a Centrist but with the politics of the last 10 years the scales are off my eyes. Democrats want power and wealth by any means necessary.
Derek Holcomb
Derek Holcomb Måned siden
Marxism is rotting the west coast.
J G Måned siden
Just put your mask on. Is it really that hard? No one’s asking you to storm the beaches of Normandy, So much whining.
HAMPTOONY the cat 28 dager siden
@WildBerry Surgeons be like 👁👄👁
WildBerry 29 dager siden
@J G At this point, anyone who does not know that masks are unhealthy and do absolutely nothing to protect you or anyone else from a coronavirus, should be the one doing some research. You and sheep like you are not helping anything or anyone. Quite the contrary. You're part of the problem.
J G Måned siden
​@Wranglerstar Yes. When I can assist my fellow citizens by placing a cloth on my face for short periods of time, I do so gladly. A small sacrifice. And the word is "you're". You might want to do one less sharpening video and hit the books instead old man.
Wranglerstar Måned siden
Just do as your told, slave,
Atomic 1960
Atomic 1960 Måned siden
Thank you so much for all your tips! Appreciated! Jesus prophetic lesson served the Jews that were in Jerusalem at time, Jesus recorded that epic prophecy years before. What saved the Jews was obedience to Jesus words almost 30 yrs ago. They had a window of opportunity and fled the city before the Great Tribulation of that period. Fled to Pella quite a distance 1,000 miles to the north. God protected their journey for displaying obedience. In that same record in Matthew, Jesus also includes a world wide event that will occur in our time. And we are surely close it! According to bible prophecy! This time is world wide. Only obedience to our God will survive. No earthly government will be able to bring any peace. Jesus said his government was not part of this human world but originates in heaven. Yes we are abt to face the darkness period in human history.
Newton Groves
Newton Groves Måned siden
Small people will appropriate any power the State will give them
Asset Hunters
Asset Hunters Måned siden
This is very insightful! Great commentary !
PJP Måned siden
people are leaving new york and spread like cockroaches in the neighbor states and bring their ideology with
Michael Boyle
Michael Boyle Måned siden
Talk about preparation instead of your personal experiences. Very difficult times are near. Brief videos are best.
Roy Weatherby
Roy Weatherby Måned siden
The MASK will not stop SMOKE (CDC admitted themselves) how many microns bigger is smoke compared to a virus again? Anyone? Anyone at all please... The Mask that cannot stop smoke = will not stop a virus. Need Proof? Break into a Bio Weapons lab with only a mask on your face and take note how big the eyes of the lab professionals will be upon entry... Their reactions will tell you straight away that MASKS will not prevent anything. Also a very good way to tell is the HAZMAT SUITS they are wearing vs. your mask. Ask yourselves Why are they wearing Very Expensive HAZMAT suits while dealing with very dangerous viruses and weaponized nerve agents when "SUPPOSEDLY" MASKS prevent you from catching a Virus..... Talk among yourselves. Best of luck everyone. PRAY they never release VX Nerve agent in a BIO weapons attack... Many of you wearing masks only will be very much dead. Don't take my word for it though, i suppose the only way people would ever believe it is when they die in such an attack :/ at which point it would be a little late to realize MASKS DO NOTHING. :/ The MASK = CONTROL ever wonder what the powers that be have planned for you? :) may want to learn what their ultimate plans are before too long, wouldn't want to end up taking a free train ride to an unknown location with your fun MASKS, in the past they were wonderful gold stars... Not taking a side on statues being torn down? WHAT? people will be LEAVING to where? to other states that haven't been ravaged like California? To spread the cancer that caused the fall of these states to neighboring states, Anyone believe those states won't go to hell also? Their Liberal policies will infest and ruin the areas you live in Wranglerstar. Most cannot afford to leave the cities, hell with them i guess. great advice... :/
lancelot1953 Måned siden
Hi Roy, the mask recommended for the masses do not stop viruses - they do not claim to do so - they stop most of the droplets that contain the viruses, if used properly - they do decrease the spread of the virus, of any virus for that matter (if used properly again). They do not have the filtering ability to stop smoke particle (depending on the size of the said particles). Bio weapon is a completely different story - special i.e. SPECIAL scrubbers will absorb NOT filter the V and G nerve agents - and the entire skin has to be protected since any exposed skin will allow lethal dose of organophosphate and/or carbamate compounds but will not be effective against third nerve agents. If you have better suggestions than Wanglerstar, by all means make them but keep it constructive. Criticizing other people like what most of America is doing at this time does not help anyone. Ciao, L (Veteran, trained at USA CBRN schools)
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