This Simple Loggers' Trick Could Save Your Life

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3 måneder siden

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading. How to cut down a tree of how to fell a tree safely.

Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
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2ndarymotion 3 måneder siden
You’re 100% correct about Tillamook Extra Sharp White Cheddar. The BEST
Grant Glidden
Grant Glidden 3 måneder siden
Hello sir I’m 15 years old and when I turn 18 I want to work as a woodland fire fighter and fall trees are there any courses I need to take
Mitch McBride
Mitch McBride 3 måneder siden
I actually liked the add it was fantastic that’s an awesome drone and I willl probably get one of those
Ano Lucs
Ano Lucs 3 måneder siden
Glad to see DJI is not a woke company. 👍
DannoTull 3 måneder siden
Did you remember to go back and get your pea vee (spell?)
Mark Fenton
Mark Fenton Måned siden
The metric system is way better then the imperial system I have grown up with both systems in Australia. I feel sorry for you guys in America still working with the imperial standard when you get use to it you would not go back.
specialforcesnavy Måned siden
What is that spike tool at 11:43 called? Thank you
Nick Jovi
Nick Jovi 2 måneder siden
I find myself watching your channel to see exactly what not to do or how to commit suicide while making it look like an accident.
Indy3%er 2 måneder siden
As long as u have Mrs. W you're a rich man.
80's horror
80's horror 3 måneder siden
it's a terrible thing for me but I wish they did still make women half as good as Mrs w most of them don't even want to cook anymore most let's take care of anybody
roc31539 3 måneder siden
Mrs. W is a “Help Mate” as in biblical terms. You are Blessed.
Steve c
Steve c 3 måneder siden
100% made in China! Look for a drone made in USA
BestPresidentEver 3 måneder siden
Is that the helmet just covered the logos?
michael fernandez
michael fernandez 3 måneder siden
Is a burrito a burrito without chili?
perfectdipper 1
perfectdipper 1 3 måneder siden
Did anyone else see the lizard on the stump
Tony McMillan
Tony McMillan 3 måneder siden
Can't go wrong with a good breakfast burrito.
Alex McCrillis
Alex McCrillis 3 måneder siden
Is there already or could/will we get a wranglerstar or mrs.w cookbook?
Unnamed Joey
Unnamed Joey 3 måneder siden
I don't think I've ever been jealous of a man eating a burrito before but, I can now mark that off my list. Mrs. W is a fantastic woman.
AZ RC Fanatic
AZ RC Fanatic 3 måneder siden
We loved camping near the ocean in Tillamook. We'd take one day to go through the tillamook tour. Nothing like getting ice cream after the tour.
Randalf Steward
Randalf Steward 3 måneder siden
I like your videos. Nice chainsaw and adorable little girl. She is so cute.
Mc G
Mc G 3 måneder siden
Mitchell Odom
Mitchell Odom 3 måneder siden
Cody, while that looks like a mighty fine breakfast taco, you have forgotten the most crucial piece... salsa! (Speaking for everyone in South Texas) Tell Mrs. W her tacos would be welcome down here any time though!
Tyler Simplot
Tyler Simplot 3 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar You should make some breakfast for an episode! itd be great and a cool change of pace as well, have miss W help or do it with you commenting.
Jameson W
Jameson W 3 måneder siden
My mouth is watering over that burrito...omg
chris branham
chris branham 3 måneder siden
DJI is a Chinese company known for stealing personal information and data.
shelzmike 3 måneder siden
I really don't like the heat. Also, I fight wildland fires.
Tony Mundo
Tony Mundo 3 måneder siden
On the east coast we have trees with limbs bigger than the trunk of that pine and a much broader canopy. Not sure that is going to work much.
Jerimiah Cook
Jerimiah Cook 3 måneder siden
argh, now I'm hungry. Thanks for that
James Middleton
James Middleton 3 måneder siden
250 grams? What is that in freedom units?
stan dodge
stan dodge 3 måneder siden
Arborist and loggers call that leaning tree a widow maker.
Shakdi Dagalimal
Shakdi Dagalimal 3 måneder siden
11:55 such a cool load up.... lol being cool means leaving the big orange spike arm in the ground ..... and driving off
Norman C
Norman C 3 måneder siden
No real idea how to do anything.
Dragon Rider
Dragon Rider 3 måneder siden
Thank you for the great tip. I cut my own firewood, and have been responsible for creating hangers over the years. Didn't know that trick.
Robb Ward
Robb Ward 3 måneder siden
Ok - you’ve convinced me . . . I want one, too !!! A woman like Mrs. W !!!
MrBuildEverything 3 måneder siden
I was felling trees for someone once, and I hung up a big ash pretty good. I started chunking it up, and it was getting a little sketchy. She said "just leave it we'll cut down another" and I said no, as soon as you put a saw to a tree, you become responsible for it. To leave it hung up means it could fall on someone and you would be responsible. Get a tractor if you have to, but don't leave trees half cut down
Johnny McCrescent
Johnny McCrescent 3 måneder siden
The breakfast burrito Mrs "W" made you, looks fantastic
Frank D'Amelio
Frank D'Amelio 3 måneder siden
Those Honda’s really seem to have come in handy on the Homestead 👍
C-rack 3 måneder siden
thats some self-confidence, doing it this close to your honda :)
Chris 3 måneder siden
Very professional advertising segment on this one. Good job.
918 Scott
918 Scott 3 måneder siden
Keep your Head on a swivel... Sounds like you're a Dr. Sebastian G man. Sweet!
mphRagnarok 3 måneder siden
I'm disgusted you would let a premiere CCP Chinese company sponsor you. Especially since you present yourself as the ultimate patriot. Shameful
fuddam 3 måneder siden
Lemme guess: you use a phone assembled in China? Depriving American workers of jobs? Hmmm.............
Tjh_89 3 måneder siden
Now THIS is the content I come to NOpost for. Good stuff
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn 3 måneder siden
Maybe forgot the Peavy! I have one nice one with a T bar in case I saw a log down on the ground - peavy lift and set on a T - cut down and reset. Nice of you to show the Technique on the leaning tree !
K2o 3 måneder siden
Interesting you support DJI, they are under China's rule. US military stopped using them as recon drones because there's a serious security risk... Anyway, food for thought. Keep up the great work! - Humble fan from UK.
David Phelps
David Phelps 3 måneder siden
Thanks for all your great videos! I've learned a lot. In this case, why not omit the sling and just roll the tree with your peavey? Cheers.
Yoshi92 3 måneder siden
Man its cool that you are sponsored by DJI, wow! :D You have used them for so long lol
Matt P
Matt P 3 måneder siden
No fair, if you didn't bring enough burrito's to share! Looks delicious!
Terry Bolin
Terry Bolin 3 måneder siden
This generation don't know what true love is maybe a few but they are definitely far in between. And you're definitely right you might find a wife as good but not better
theykilledthegiggler 3 måneder siden
Don't walk between the snag and the stump. Though rare, they can slide backwards after you "chunk" them. I have a 6 foot log-rite Peavy and it had been really handy for many things including rolling snags. You can roll them using wrapped cable and 4x4 too.
Charles Boyd
Charles Boyd 3 måneder siden
Am I the only one who would have pulled the tree down with the Honda?
Bobby Mulwee
Bobby Mulwee 3 måneder siden
She said she loves you twice and you didn't say it back. I'm sure your in trouble.
MachTwo57 3 måneder siden
Rub it in my face why don't you? I get up early, hungry, to watch your video and I get to watch you eat breakfast. :-)
charles parker
charles parker 3 måneder siden
You should of shot it down
Dice Blue
Dice Blue 3 måneder siden
1:49 magic sync! also buy American. DJI out now.
Jagroy 3 måneder siden
Some good information here. It's happened a couple times to me over the years, and that looks like a really great, safe way to handle it
ColonelK0rn 3 måneder siden
You are 100% correct about the Tillamook cheese. This east coast man had his first taste of Tillamook dairy products when I visited the factory in 2015 and got to sample the various varieties, and eat some ice cream at the gift shop. I was so happy to find it in my local store 2 years later. That's the only cheese I will buy. The ice cream is delicious too.
Ron Patterson
Ron Patterson 3 måneder siden
Ok, I'm hungry now. Great video!
Dave Patriot
Dave Patriot 3 måneder siden
Not knocking DJI but you should look into Autel Robotics drones. Still made in China but they are a PNW based company.
Matthew Akers
Matthew Akers 3 måneder siden
Your breakfast burrito was missing green chili from New Mexico.
peggy hix
peggy hix 3 måneder siden
Yes the facial hair does make papa look even better👍😂 but I am partial to facial hair on men❤️❤️
Dave Harry
Dave Harry 3 måneder siden
Was a bit concerned that your Honda was so close to you, in your escape route, should the stump end have lifted up and swung your way. Glad it was so uneventful.
Joe 3 måneder siden
Why I love my Honda. It just gets the work done
Joe 3 måneder siden
I would hook it to the sxs and drive.
Nicholas Schrader
Nicholas Schrader 3 måneder siden
Must be a great feeling to be a Millionare and have all kinds of land and no job to go to every morning. god bless
simon cole
simon cole 3 måneder siden
Geesh how its cold... its gonna be 100 tomorrow in ohio
Jon Ridgeon
Jon Ridgeon 3 måneder siden
good vid!
Kurt P
Kurt P 3 måneder siden
Glad to see the sponsored videos ! More money to keep my favorite NOpost family doing fun and important things to entertain us and educate us !!
Steve Ellis
Steve Ellis 3 måneder siden
Very concerned about your sponser today. Do you know much about DJI and who owns them?
John D
John D 3 måneder siden
This is one job I would not do without someone watching just in case. Like when I do electric work, I make sure my wife is around and knows to come check every little while! Also - how nice to be sponsored by a product you genuinely use and love. I saw demolition Matt had the same deal. I REALLY appreciate the drone footage and would love a DJI but it's a bit of an indulgence just for a toy :)
gn02020202 3 måneder siden
Oh no. Cody has accepted the metric system. Cody is working with grams now. The end of earth must be near.
Ben Carey
Ben Carey 3 måneder siden
🤔could have used this video on Monday 👍
Andrew T
Andrew T 3 måneder siden
Mrs W is certainly a treasure for sure. Breakfast looked so good. Great solution for hung up trees. I live in a city, but your videos are very interesting.
Wranglerstar 3 måneder siden
Thanks so much
Ben MacAdam
Ben MacAdam 3 måneder siden
I need a mrs. w
Ben MacAdam
Ben MacAdam 3 måneder siden
I bought the drone to search for one
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 3 måneder siden
Any updates on the hats? Have I missed a video or are they no longer?
Alexander Bertallo
Alexander Bertallo 3 måneder siden
Thanks for this advice...
ColorCodeTrader 3 måneder siden
DJI aka Da-Jiang Innovations aka Chyyyyyna.
TheCanadianBubba 3 måneder siden
10:34 Do as I say, not as I do...
david dansereau
david dansereau 3 måneder siden
Good to learn video Liked your ending with that babie girl.
Brian McConnon
Brian McConnon 3 måneder siden
Lucky man!
Colin Engebretsen
Colin Engebretsen 3 måneder siden
I couldn’t tell if this video was sponsored by DJI or Mrs. W’s famous breakfast burritos!
Brian Martin
Brian Martin 3 måneder siden
Please, can you do a video on helmets? there are so many different ones and types and accessories. I don't know what to buy?
Nevertrustalawyer 3 måneder siden
What is he advertising today? Depends?
GITMO OCwE 3 måneder siden
This episode is brought to you by Chinese compromised spy drones lol
Tom of All Trades
Tom of All Trades 3 måneder siden
It’s great to see you doing what you love. Thanks for sharing.
thepantscommandme 3 måneder siden
I would love to live in the mountains and do things that make feel useful but unfortunately i'll die before i get the chance.
Tiny 3 måneder siden
5:43 lol the dog
Hunter Reed
Hunter Reed 3 måneder siden
Mrs.”osha”star. What a great human.
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 3 måneder siden
Temps in the 90s for July 4 weekend in northern Indiana.
Mishawaka Post
Mishawaka Post 3 måneder siden
Sweetloaf ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🍭🍭🍭🍭🍭
Gilbert Boshinsky
Gilbert Boshinsky 3 måneder siden
Normally just stump jump out wen that happns
daft nord
daft nord 3 måneder siden
Dji is helping to kill the flying model hobby which has flown safe for nearly 100 years
HereFishyFishy 3 måneder siden
The last hanger I came across was blocking the road. I had my tow strap. Wrapped it around the base of the tree, hooked it to the truck and the rest was history.
StayAtTheRetreat 3 måneder siden
The forestry planner for our 22+ acres on the Olympic Peninsula recommends we just cull the Grand Firs as we find them, due to the inevitible beetle infestations that will wreak havok on them.
CountryLifeTales 3 måneder siden
You left the Peevy in the forest. Hope you remembered it. 😎
A Scottish Guy
A Scottish Guy 3 måneder siden
Must admit I quite like dealing with hung trees bit of a fun challenge
A Scottish Guy
A Scottish Guy 3 måneder siden
Granted I can't speak for all of Scotland/UK logging but the way I was trained was to use a breaking bar and just roll it side to side till its down on the deck or use a winch and snatch block to yank it back as opposed to the stump jumpping
Hurricane Homestead
Hurricane Homestead 3 måneder siden
Great trick. I'll have to try that with a couple of trees that are hung up over a trail on our homestead! Thanks for posting, we've really missed the videos!
NorthStar 3 måneder siden
The battery in that drone is amazing, my Parrot Bebop 1 barely gets 5 minutes per battery. Great video.
David Scott Boring
David Scott Boring 3 måneder siden
Sweetloaf is too cute!!
Chris C
Chris C 3 måneder siden
I feel like I'm visiting a good friend's home every time I watch one of your videos. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and opening up to us. DJI hardware and design rocks. Glad they're a sponsor of yours! Side note: have you ever done any work with Tram Rubicon? They have a sawyer division and a firefighting one. Might be right up your alley if you're looking for more opportunities to share your experience and serve.
John Huggins
John Huggins 3 måneder siden
You know it's a sponsorship when he uses the metric system to refer to the weight of the drone
Josh Allen
Josh Allen 3 måneder siden
Just had to deal with a big oak in the same situation, I just chunked it down until I had enough space to pull it out with a skid steer
50 Stitches Steel
50 Stitches Steel 3 måneder siden
Damn I need a good Stihl saw...I was using a Poland Wild Thing saw and it just didn't have the gusto to get through a big 2 foot wide tree that fell from a storm..I ended up using my GB Scandavian axe alot to help free up some space to stop pinching the chain and bogging it out. Of course it was a really dense, somewhat dead tree but your saw seems to just melt through that wood...Man you west coast guys have it easy with all the softwood to cut hehehe
tim hale
tim hale 3 måneder siden
I was taking out a hanger with my Backhoe and the tree rolled. bounced and took out a $ 300 rear window.
tim hale
tim hale 3 måneder siden
When the rooster gets aggressive it's time for rooster soup, especially with children around.
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