Building A Dream Shop - The Harsh Reality

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Wranglerstar modern homesteading building a dream shop.

Charles Raines
Charles Raines 8 dager siden
I personally would have cut those vertical boards short & build a loft at the top horizontal wall beam that surrounds the wood shop area and that end of the building
feral kid
feral kid 10 dager siden
Aside from communication, if I had to say the two biggest tech advances of the last 50 years it'd probably be led lighting and lith ion batteries. I tried a rechargeable chainsaw a while back and that stuff's not a joke anymore.
andr0373 17 dager siden
@9:00 'you won't be able to see any nail heads...', but I'm going to run electrical conduit on top of it. Maybe I am missing something, but why not place all the electrical behind the paneling? Looks awesome and should be really nice for all the ongoing projects. Keep it up.
Victoria Man250
Victoria Man250 18 dager siden
You would have to show me the tag for me to believe thats Doug fir... i think its spruce or SPF. I work at a yard and I think it's to white/light for fir
mgreene939 22 dager siden
Any concern about the boards being in contact with the concrete? Rot?
Cooper Amber
Cooper Amber 23 dager siden
Matt Woldanski
Matt Woldanski 23 dager siden
Cody I’m a theatre lighting designer for plays and concerts and the like and you’ve got it just right talking about lighting creating the mood. It’s absolutely something I notice all the time and it effects how everything looks and the quality of the videos. It’s a passion of mine too and it’s great hearing you talk about it.
Konner Freck
Konner Freck 23 dager siden
I really appreciate the Bible viruses after the video. It really helps!
Carl Godwin
Carl Godwin 25 dager siden
Hi Corey, where did you get your wool waistcoat I was admiring it at the start of the video?
Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson 26 dager siden
Cody... your electrician had a good idea, but my electrician had a way better idea for shop electric: ** Run slightly larger conduit to put TWO circuits in the conduit... all the way down the wall (FOUR circuits if you've got a big shop or will draw a lot of power). Put 4-gang (double-outlet) rings on your boxes (with TWO circuits in EVERY box), and place those boxes every 4' to 8' down the wall (depending on what you want). {If you used 4 circuits, alternate one set of 2 circuits every-other box... and put the other set of circuits in the next box.} For all your boxes, you set up your wire pulls to make sure your RED wires are on the higher breaker and on the RIGHT side outlets & the BLACK wires are on the BOTTOM breaker on the left side outlets. (If you're using a breaker that has 2 horizontal switches, then RED is also RIGHT on the breaker.) Boom... Every box has 2 circuits, you don't have to walk for another circuit, you can easily figure out which breaker is popped on which wall, and if you do need a 3rd or 4th circuit they're easy to find: if you ran 4 circuits/wall it's the next BOX over... or if you only ran 2 circuits/wall, go to the next WALL.
Mark Reid
Mark Reid 26 dager siden
Love the douglas fir select deck but not sure if i would have done all the walls with it, maybe the back wall as a backdrop but not all of the walls to me it makes it feel inclosed and small but you do you just thought I'd throw my opinion in. Keep up the great work love the videos very enjoyable 👍
DPach 26 dager siden
Just a suggestion (too late I guess) would be to lift the boards a 1/4” or so off the floor in case rain or water floods the shop floor.
G'Maw's Garden
G'Maw's Garden 26 dager siden
Cody, I tried to share this video but it wouldn't go thru just the youtube site
John C Gonzales
John C Gonzales 26 dager siden
beautiful pine, you better not scratch it , LOL.
David Yoho
David Yoho 27 dager siden
That's some great looking pine tongue and groove Looks like you got a great batch!💪👊
Dominic Dunion
Dominic Dunion 27 dager siden
Put the cutting in the grove and hit it with your hammer will close the gaps easily and u won’t damage your timber
Dominic Dunion
Dominic Dunion 27 dager siden
Please use a cutting of the timber that your using instead of the screwdriver
s Buzz
s Buzz 27 dager siden
went to homey depot what a surprise lumber prices up 20 percent. selection bad/low- had to buy a clear select pine at $27.00 vs $7.54 for a 1x8x8 foot.. multiple knotts over 3 inches and not stabil. i thought grading was a standard law in the industry?
Steven Playford
Steven Playford 27 dager siden
Looking forward to seeing more of the land once you get the shop set up.
JEC III 27 dager siden
The mice are gonna love the hotel you have built for them between the wood and insulation! lol
Jalopy Joe
Jalopy Joe 27 dager siden
Was hear
Land to House
Land to House 27 dager siden
Really looks nice! 48 degrees.... i am still in shorts at 48. haha
maxst2 27 dager siden
100% true on the HE on washers... they just don't CLEAN.
Robert Grimley
Robert Grimley 27 dager siden
Most of what you are doing is ego. You don't need a Home and Garden" shop. You need functional. Insulation...yes, all that wood, a waste of money. Maybe you are doing all this because you have the money and you need content for NOpost, I don't know. I followed you because you were showing how to do with what you have, now I think you have gotten full of yourself. You have lost me as a viewer. I wish you well nonetheless.
Steve Toward
Steve Toward 27 dager siden
You should look into using 4000 or 6000 Wiremold. It is a metal channel that you can install outlets anywhere you want along its length. It comes in 10ft pieces and gives you infinite options with a very clean, finished look.
Cracker Carl
Cracker Carl 27 dager siden
Lighting is not proof of any god
Hands and Feet Homestead
Hands and Feet Homestead 27 dager siden
Those walls are coming out fantastic. Great work!
Thaylor Harmor
Thaylor Harmor 27 dager siden
No urethane coating on the back?
William Bunch
William Bunch 27 dager siden
Maybe I missed a video does anyone know where that he got that wool waistcoat?
Kevin Glidden
Kevin Glidden 27 dager siden
Lot of preaching. But still no timber framed cabin. Im sure you'll get it done one of these decades
M. Simon Wilkes
M. Simon Wilkes 27 dager siden
Nope, I have one stage which is the culmination of my planning and craftsmanship. Don’t be a dreamer, be a doer. You procrastinate a lot.
jason 27 dager siden
High efficiency means we use no water to clean your clothes. When in times past folk went and used a whole river to clean clothes.
Megalopsycha 28 dager siden
Muzzle awareness. You're worrying me.
Bill R
Bill R 28 dager siden
The shop addition is looking nice. Are you adding insulation as you go?
Farmboss 28 dager siden
I understand the 2x4 on the gerts now. To toenail and hide the hardware 👍🏼
mark d
mark d 28 dager siden
speedqueen washers r the only way to go!
Readiness TV
Readiness TV 28 dager siden
That's right. Our newer Maytag Washer hardly uses any water and it hardly cleans our clothes. I guess in the new globalist economy everyone just buys new clothes from China. I also don't like our newer LG Dishwasher. It doesn't have a heating element in the bottom. I want my old GE dishwasher back it may have used more electricity but you knew the dishes were sanitized properly.
Tim Saunders
Tim Saunders 28 dager siden
Five inches at a time, and holding up 4 fingers. That's progress!
Trucking with Bones
Trucking with Bones 28 dager siden
I love the backdrop that you’re putting up but if that concrete did not have a moisture barrier put under it you’re going to have moisture staining where that tongue and groove lumber is sitting directly on the concrete. You may need to go along and cut the bottom quarter inch of it off so that it cannot wick moisture up.
bbfpfs 28 dager siden
She has a brother, they're twins. No their not identical. Hahahahahaha
100% Texan
100% Texan 28 dager siden
Excellent job as usual.
Sean Joseph
Sean Joseph 28 dager siden
Bang on.
BigDmike 28 dager siden
Pony up the cash and purchase speed queen washer and dryer. Never have to purchase another . Love the toungn groove walls.
l84Cabo 28 dager siden
Washers and Dryers...SpeedQueen commercial laundromat machines are where it's at. They make them without the coin box...and without all the damn electronics and stupidity of the new style machines. You ever notice how some so called improvements/advancements don't actually make the product better but they make it worse? This has happened with washers and dryers. And 4WD systems too. I don't need or want the electronic/automatic from inside the cab systems. Give me an old school system with manual locking hubs all day every day. I digress.
Great Guy
Great Guy 28 dager siden
How are you going to deal with cable management in future?
h i
h i 28 dager siden
Cody's looking like a man in search of a painting
MegaDirtyberty 28 dager siden
In New Zealand we generally take all the whiteware, washers, dryers, fridges etc.
Daniel 26 dager siden
But normally leave the oven
Debbie Bragg
Debbie Bragg 28 dager siden
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster 28 dager siden
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed! Just me, I would have worked left to right putting up the tongue and groove cause I hold the nail gun in my right hand. Wall looks great, and I agree you never have enough plugs! Take care/Stay safe😊
Anthony Cioppa
Anthony Cioppa 28 dager siden
Get a speed gueen washing machine
Chris Smith
Chris Smith 29 dager siden
48 degrees im jealous its still upper 90s in California
ZipKickGo 29 dager siden
I don't want to be a worry wart but I worry that whatever you put on those walls, those nails through the tongue into the girts might not be enough to hold the wall up. Then again, that's still a lot of nails. If it were me, a few countersunk screws and plugging them would put my mind at ease.
Mark Lewis
Mark Lewis 29 dager siden
the nice thing about not having much money is remembering I'm not perfect the problem is having money you tend to believe that you suddenly can almost do anyting and that you're perfect and most people would never tell the truth or admit that and that's most of their biggest faults and I watch him be fools in God's eyes with their beliefs that are far-fetched.. and full of there enjoyment only....
Nels Larson
Nels Larson 29 dager siden
If you started on the left you could have nailed right handed.
Ulleam Mac-an-toisich
Ulleam Mac-an-toisich 29 dager siden
why dont you make a home made sauna,im sure youd make it great
bobbymorgret 29 dager siden
Cut about a 12" piece of tongue and groove and use that with a hammer to adjust your grooves before nailing.
MAE HAY 29 dager siden
Mr. Cody, I see that your shoulder must be better because you are slinging the nail gun like it’s nothing! I love the ending of your video with Ecclesiastes 9:10. It certainly fits with the theme of the topic that you are speaking about working with all your might! God’s blessings to you and your beautiful family. I am looking forward to seeing the new washer and dryer!👍
WaltWW 29 dager siden
Looking forward to seeing what washing machine y’all picked.
BURNIN' UP THE ROADS 29 dager siden
I so enjoy how you are a BIG PICTURE guy...but understand that theres an actual PROCESS to achieve the 'big picture.' 🙂
Ronald Harmon
Ronald Harmon 29 dager siden
---------> "Safety on!" it's a gun so what's the problem? Oh yeah it's a nail gun, I get it, carry on. lol
MarkinWA 29 dager siden
HE front loaders seem to work much better than than the top loaders. And for the tongue and groove decking, cut a short scrap piece, cut off the tongue, and that is your banging or 'encouragement' block if you need to use leverage. Preserves the tongues, and you can salvage more boards.
HereFishyFishy 29 dager siden
"5 inches at a time" -holds up 4 fingers.
hottyson hottyson
hottyson hottyson 29 dager siden
Unscripted, speaking off the cuff is honest and genuine.
J. Wilson
J. Wilson 29 dager siden
Love it
Randy Martin
Randy Martin 29 dager siden
"No they're not identical." You just slipped that right in so naturally it took a second for it to register with me that you'd made a joke. Couldn't agree more about "high efficiency". Our clothes don't come out nearly as clean unless we use a longer cycle and hotter water which defeats the whole purpose. Kinda like the water saver toilets that you have to flush twice thereby using more water than the old toilets did.
Fluoride pickled paddys
Fluoride pickled paddys 29 dager siden
Nice job. 5" at a time, my old man used say "we'll make no money talking about work just get it done" But the lighting take was good..
paladin252 29 dager siden
When we did that, we used a small 9 inch or so sacrificial piece that I would put in, and hammer on so it would push the boards together nice and tight.
Kevin Reilly
Kevin Reilly 29 dager siden
Any concerns with debris / critters getting behind your new beautiful walls? Looks like the top is to remain open?
Dillon Jolly
Dillon Jolly 29 dager siden
The turtle only makes progress when he sticks his neck out
Caroline Currier
Caroline Currier 29 dager siden
Pls put that 300 husky on a stand, leaving the forks compressed with the tie downs, turn your front end feel to mush when on your next ride.
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun 29 dager siden
Hi Cody, did you consider insulation for the gap?
Glen Smith
Glen Smith 29 dager siden
9:15 "I sat the boards here on the bottom" Right, why did you do that? especially after explaining in previous vid that you needed treated in contact with the concrete? "Squirrel!!! Lets talk about lighting!" Aw man... "What was I talking about? Ehh, not gonna bore you." ARRRRRGGGHHHH.
DaddyBeanDaddyBean 29 dager siden
Male/female twins are rarely identical. Very, very rare. The exact frequency is left as an exercise for the reader.
Wranglerstar 29 dager siden
No kidding,
RafterBBuilders 29 dager siden
You got it right; they are girts. Looking good!
Brandon Chapin
Brandon Chapin 29 dager siden
Looks amazing!
jake white
jake white 29 dager siden
5 inches at a time, holds up 4 fingers
Nathan Maddock
Nathan Maddock 29 dager siden
The ad a few seconds from the end of the video sure ruins the effect of the ending.
MJPyro 29 dager siden
You forgot the stage where you start to question why you started the project to begin with.
Scott Powell
Scott Powell 29 dager siden
No washer or dryer.. so does this mean your wearing you shorts inside out to get another days wear out of em Cody😁 im waiting on parts to fix the dryer at the moment and I'd forgotten how much I hate having clothes hanging from all the radiators. Glad to see your back fighting fit again Big man👍
MONTY 29 dager siden
Cody, it's called Secret Nailing when you can find the nails. ☺
ANDY ANDERSON 29 dager siden
Didn't do much building. But talked a helluva lot about nuthin. Expected more like in your old videos.
TheSluglie 29 dager siden
why does cody look like he is about to captain a narrow boat on a canal lol
Eric Nay
Eric Nay 29 dager siden
When my folks had their retirement cabin built. The floors were made of 8 inch tongue and groove Fir. After my father passed, my mother rebuilt it. All the tongue and groove was taken out. I got All of it. And repurposed horizontal bee hive, and 5 raised beds. Still have a lot left.
Michael Bamber
Michael Bamber 29 dager siden
Wow, looks lovely. Small snag, that would cost me more than the whole building in the uk! Your timber would be 1000s of English pounds.
J P 29 dager siden
I am from the Netherlands and I can confirm that when we move we take everything with us. Especially when you buy a expensive Miele which will last you for 15 years.
Scott Page USMC
Scott Page USMC 29 dager siden
Have no fear. You'll always have the wall that should have been finished yesterday. Whether in your mind or in the garage. But! You'll never be able to replace the wife that made you build it!
C.A. G.
C.A. G. 29 dager siden
10:31 "Mrs W. has a twin brother who lives in the Netherlands..." All the Dutchies here: "Hee, da's leuk, maar waar dan???"
Nerys 29 dager siden
I go with high efficiency and then I Just wash everything on heavy duty towels setting. Works great that setting actually uses enough water so I get all the bells and whistles as well :-) I especially love the modern machines they spin SO fast and vary it so it really wrings the water out which means the load DRIES a lot faster which saves a ton of energy!!! because your dryer is the energy pig :-) that is where sensor mode for the dryer really shines.
Corey Wood
Corey Wood 29 dager siden
I dont think his right eye brow ever relaxed lol
Johan Lindqvist
Johan Lindqvist 29 dager siden
As a professional gaffer from the film industry it would be fun to join you and help you design that shop for you channel. All tho I am on the wrong continent. I know what you mean Cody with thinking about light, every time I walk in a store I see every bulb and pipe that doesn’t color match :-) Cheers from Switzerland
Thule Gezelschap
Thule Gezelschap 29 dager siden
I’m Dutch, when we sell a house the realtor makes a list of what you want to leave behind. Then the buyer has to accept those or ask you to take them. Usually that ends up in all ‘fixed’ appliances staying and everything else goes. In Germany they even take the complete kitchen with them.. I have seen them do it in rental homes lol
Carl Menzel
Carl Menzel 29 dager siden
Commercial washer are the way to go
K Arun
K Arun 29 dager siden
you're in a millionaire phaseeeeeeeeeeeee....
Jeremy Crawford
Jeremy Crawford 29 dager siden
Love it man cave🙏
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 29 dager siden may have been a good idea to place a CCA Presure Treated kicker on the bottom to prevent rot from condensation from rotting bottom of this really nice wall.
apollo robb
apollo robb 29 dager siden
Low efficiency Coal powered Washer None of this HE rubbish lol
David Jacobo
David Jacobo 29 dager siden
Link to the Nail Gun?
Mark Haz It Made
Mark Haz It Made 29 dager siden
It's called blind-nailed. Though to be honest, I've always seen it, and done it myself, nailing into the groove instead of against the tongue. It looks great, regardless! Just a suggestion, but you might want to use a jamb-saw and cut off the bottom 3/8"-1/2" to keep the wood from being in contact with the concrete floor. Also, so it's less likely to wick moisture in the event of a spill. I also have a request: I think you've started wearing your mic quite a bit lower and it makes your voice a lot harder to hear/understand for those of us that are partially hearing impaired. I've always listened with the volume maxed out around 60%, but the last few weeks, maybe months, I crank it up to 100% and still have a hard time understanding all of your words. Thanks! In the words of Scott Wadsworth of Essential Craftsman, "Keep up the good work!"
Chris McCollum
Chris McCollum 29 dager siden
Ecclesiasties 9:10 - "Whatever you do. Do it well." -Abraham Lincoln
Martin Eastburn
Martin Eastburn 29 dager siden
Nice no nail or screw holes showing - NOW how can you see the back 2x6 laying and attaching to the tall boards ? Might need them for lag bolts to hold something tight! Might mark a board or two while you can so you can level out a line to attach through! Wonderful you have 2x6's tung and grove They will shrink but will be wonderful.
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