How To Weld Plastic Like A Pro

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2 måneder siden

How to weld plastic and repair a plastic tank.
Wranglerstar modern homesteading
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0m3n 6 dager siden
Wish I had a father like you growing up. When I was younger fixing things/working on things was a waste of time and stupid to my dad... It was always "join the military" "your just going to break things" "take it to a professional" "you can't learn by yourself, you have to go to school for it" even for a lot of simple things and he's still like that to this day... Now that I'm a father I can actually teach my kids how to do everything I know and we can learn things together like a father should do. (Sorry, just venting I guess)
D D 21 dag siden
A couple losers went on to my bush property and though it would be fun to shoot a couple of my gas tanks. Was a little sad because one was inherited from passed away grandfather This makes me wanna try repairing these tanks.
Mud Motors Max
Mud Motors Max Måned siden
I am wanting to build a plastic boat from HDPE barrels could I use this welding kit
Carl White
Carl White Måned siden
Extrusion Welding is cool, I do it nearly every day building tanks and such, takes a bit to get used to but that looks like a nice unit. Some of them are huge and hard to handle, Nice Job.
Robert R
Robert R Måned siden
Good job QTAC
Jane Bray
Jane Bray Måned siden
Thats great!!!!
m kramer
m kramer Måned siden
hows a homesteader afford all the big ticket toys
Kevin Waycaster
Kevin Waycaster Måned siden
Isn’t it amazing just how timely this repair occurred? If Qtac hadn’t responded with such great service, if Cody had procrastinated, how much more damage or danger would have occurred during the fires he’s been fighting for his neighbors!!!!!!!!!!
bcabmac Måned siden
Build some simple hardwood or small square tubing bracing directly underneath the swale where it is sagging between the steel bunks. Do it all the way around. It's going to break again if you don't. Probably when it's full or under load stress while in transport from shifting.
Sam Meades
Sam Meades Måned siden
do you think that the wranglerstars ever fight in the house ?
Churble Furbles
Churble Furbles Måned siden
Basically useful 3d printing for normal people
AxeMenShip Måned siden
10:55 What song is this?
Jayxus Måned siden
Yo have a rolex?
Billy bob Smith
Billy bob Smith Måned siden
I was a professional chef for about a decade and won loads of awards. The best advice I could give jack is don’t do it professionally. It’s not worth it. There are way easier ways to make a lot more money.
Gary Peterson
Gary Peterson 2 måneder siden
Fantastic customer service Qtac.
Donna Bell
Donna Bell 2 måneder siden
Are those caps gonna be "operator" style? With the Velcro and official Wranglerstar patch?
Aaron Greene
Aaron Greene 2 måneder siden
Thanks Qtac. Great example of customer service.
billythorson 2 måneder siden
Where does a guy even get money to have a shop with all the goodies he has?
John Smith
John Smith 2 måneder siden
“Similar to TIG” TIG isn’t a feed welder. I think you meant MIG
Wirewelding 2016
Wirewelding 2016 2 måneder siden
Did you ever lean your welding ABC's?
green76vett 2 måneder siden
Is that a husky 701?! My dream bike! Also good how to/brand bump. Do you heat up the big wand and press it along the multiweld to make it look good?
Rodney Miller
Rodney Miller 2 måneder siden
I would put two more cross supports under that tank.
2 Far
2 Far 2 måneder siden
About time. A video with no complaining. Thanks
Dean Petillo
Dean Petillo 2 måneder siden
pretty cool stuff, Nice job
Senseirice 2 måneder siden
I remember when I was younger I made my dad real angry with me when I ruined one of his soldering iron tips by trying to plastic weld some parts for my RC car. Well jokes on him because now I do this all the time working in collision repair 😂
Dean Miniacci
Dean Miniacci 2 måneder siden
Great to hear about a company that stands by their product and customers. Great Customer Service from Qtac!
aaronholloway2 2 måneder siden
You've done so much work to that place! Why are you trying to sell? Where are you planning to move?
aaronholloway2 2 måneder siden
You are Always fun to watch! Big fan...
White Wild
White Wild 2 måneder siden
Never has done plastic welding. Title: How To Weld Plastic Like A Pro SMH
White Wild
White Wild 2 måneder siden
@Wranglerstar You sure did. I just thought it was funny how you titled it and then start the video off saying you never have done it before.
Wranglerstar 2 måneder siden
I got it done, didn't I,
thomas bird
thomas bird 2 måneder siden
Do you leave your gun in frame to trigger people?.. If so that's brilliant
Michael Walton
Michael Walton 2 måneder siden
Can you give the brand of welder you were using I'd like to pick one up for the shop
Harley Tompa
Harley Tompa 2 måneder siden
I am from Sweden and I love Swedish meatballs with gravy and potatoes and lingonberry jam
maximum woof
maximum woof 2 måneder siden
full metal 'waiting for the flood' pants ?
Haven Woodcrafts
Haven Woodcrafts 2 måneder siden
Man, you are an amazing dad, and i adore your family. Your son in an amazing young man. I don't have kids yet but man you are giving me hope. Blessings to you and the family.
Robert Danley
Robert Danley 2 måneder siden
Good to hear there is still companies that provide great customer service, it's not common these days.
Orion Christensen
Orion Christensen 2 måneder siden
Nice qtac
M D 2 måneder siden
That 100% from company who kept caring
Lisa Bevans
Lisa Bevans 2 måneder siden
^5 for the excellent customer service
Teo 2 måneder siden
This is really really cool.
The Fishing Dad
The Fishing Dad 2 måneder siden
Will never buy a hat from you after the call out of bunker branding then the dirty delete
spoon father
spoon father 2 måneder siden
Hey man there is a company called fordeal is using ur videos for ad
Aceystar 1
Aceystar 1 2 måneder siden
A couple months ago i had some potatoes in my pantry that were going bad. Since they were big i cut em in 3and planted them. They're growing. Not enough to feed my family but now u know next year i can.
Michael Wells
Michael Wells 2 måneder siden
The ending reminded me of your wasp/hornet video where you were spraying fire around. Gave me a nice chuckle remembering it.
RetroRewindLLC 2 måneder siden
Bet could almost take a torch if careful could clean that up a bit where melt smooth. That's awesome that had a fix kit for it!!!
One Time !!!!
One Time !!!! 2 måneder siden
Thanks QTAC...
Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks 2 måneder siden
Thank you qtac
Jake08_ YT
Jake08_ YT 2 måneder siden
That that toupee with a little bit of grey in it is looking good today
Ernie Beswick
Ernie Beswick 2 måneder siden
That is rare thing great service
TJEssary 2 måneder siden
Just as a demonstration of how differently people from different geographic areas experience things: When you said it was a really hot day, my immediate thought was 95+ degrees Fahrenheit. I'm from Texas and would consider "almost 80" a great, cool day to work outdoors. But, then again, when I lived in South Texas I would have considered almost 90 a great cool day!
Cory Ernewein
Cory Ernewein 2 måneder siden
Happy you wanted to fix it and even more impressed they have a kit to repair a broken tank. Easy fix and great service!
Matt James
Matt James 2 måneder siden
Oh if you are making apparel you should check out Matt from off the ranch. I think he has a company that does that type of stuff now. Also, that plastic welder is awesome!
Indy3%er 2 måneder siden
companies like that are a dying breed.
woayerrrr 2 måneder siden
Btw, the wood splitter tool in the ads with this video Useless Far too much torque for any drill I've got.
Craftsman's Cutlery
Craftsman's Cutlery 2 måneder siden
With regards to Bunker branding, as a long time fan of Demo ranch I was extremely disappointed with his response and encourage you to NOT to business with him as a result, God Bless you and your family!
phillip miller
phillip miller 2 måneder siden
Sounds like Qtac did not do anything special to me. Why not epoxy ?
mjnc367 2 måneder siden
When you said to your Daughter "Can't is not in our vocabulary", it brought back a memory of my Dad. He had an auto repair shop for 38 years. Back in 1973 I was 17 and working on my 1st car, a 1967 GTO convertible. I was under the hood and struggling for probably 1/2 an hour on starting a bolt in a tight spot. He came by and asked what was up. I said "I've been trying and can't get this bolt started". He immediately said "Don't ever saw you can't". He then gave me some verbal tips on how to do it, without ever putting his hands on it, then walked away. With his wisdom, I accomplished in 1 minute what I struggled with for half an hour. A life lesson from my Dad that got me through many seemingly impossible situations in my life. Thanks and God Bless you Dad.
John 2 måneder siden
11:55 Wow. I am going to remember that for when I have children.
Charlie Swearingen
Charlie Swearingen 2 måneder siden
Heh, heh yer legs 'r so white I bet they attract moths in the moonlight LOL...
00ValiantFay 2 måneder siden
I would love to see a Swedish meatball video!!
Sherwood Maxwell
Sherwood Maxwell 2 måneder siden
Wish more customer service would be as good as you
Bluuplanet 2 måneder siden
Hope you got enough heat into the base material as you applied the rod. Otherwise you've got a cold weld and it will pop loose.'ve got the welder now and can do it again if necessary!
Michael s
Michael s 2 måneder siden
Thanks to Qtac
B.Cruse 2 måneder siden
That's awesome. I'm glad they stood behind their product even when it was user error. You don't get customer service like that very often. Great company.
awr90 2 måneder siden
Lol I highly doubt they just send anybody that damages their tanks a $500 hot air plastic weld setup cuz that’s what you have there actually costs to buy.
Patrick Raynor
Patrick Raynor 2 måneder siden
Nothing better than produce from the garden especially when you have a cute little helper.
sirpainter1 2 måneder siden
Ah, Swedish Meatballs! My Gramma from Sweden called me Yonny & made the best. I stole my Mom's swedish pancake griddle before she passed. By Nordic Ware. Cody, I rarely comment here, I've been a sub for quite awhile & just want to let you know you are a good man. Your family is awesome & I wish the best for all of you on your future endeavors. John & Amy(woof), Laramie, Wyo.
Blakehx 2 måneder siden
Good save and nicely done! Please to a tutorial on how to grow potatoes... I’m terrible at gardening but still trying!🤦🏻‍♂️
Andy Draper
Andy Draper 2 måneder siden
Qtac did the BIZ and gave Cody the FIZZ!
JOHN SKILLEN 2 måneder siden
any rod you can pull off remove . air pressure very low watch for juicing . in over 30 years i have never pushed down on a weld to try to ensure it will hold. every plastic has a welding temp
StevesFascinations 2 måneder siden
Nice video, good company Qtac. I love your positive vibe. Another thumbs up.
QTAC Fire 2 måneder siden
Thanks, we appreciate it.
PoopingAndroid 2 måneder siden
Myself, I would have probably used fiberglass cloth and fiberglass resin. I used fiberglass to repair my aluminum boat and it still doesn't leak after 15 years.
Alphonso Tate
Alphonso Tate 2 måneder siden
Alphonso Tate
Alphonso Tate 2 måneder siden
My Cluttered Garage
My Cluttered Garage 2 måneder siden
What does the air do for the welding tool?
Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor 2 måneder siden
It was 115 in Tucson the other day.
catmandont100 2 måneder siden
That's Strange...................My Repair Kit broke, and they sent me a Tank.
Steve Bosun
Steve Bosun 2 måneder siden
Hi Cody, nice West Coast legs!
jason73 2 måneder siden
you should be embarrassed at the way you acted over those hats
Abiwen Wodon
Abiwen Wodon 2 måneder siden
Loctite candles. Now there's an idea!
Sonnicman 2 måneder siden
Folks we may have witnessed a first on the channel. Cody being forced to actually read the directions. Well done 👍🏼 Cody and Qtac! Us east coasters seem to call it Qtak while you west coasters appear to call it Qtec. Thrilled to hear that Jack is into baking as well. Might need some cooking segments or perhaps his own channel? At minimum I’d love to see the meatballs being made. Perhaps there’s a way where Mrs. W can film a Zoom call with her Mom and she can explain about the meatballs. Also they sell Bluetooth remotes for laptops. You can pause/play cooking tutorials without getting messy fingers on your laptop keyboard.
Ggg Fttt
Ggg Fttt 2 måneder siden
Im a certified NASA plastic welder. Just want to let you know your doing a terrible job. Thanks.
sam g
sam g 2 måneder siden
It's great that you encourage your son's interest in cooking, you are a great father and a great man, God bless you and your family
Michael Mickelsen
Michael Mickelsen 2 måneder siden
I really want to see how two to make real swedish meatballs. The sizzling in the pan is making me hungry.
Fantisan95 2 måneder siden
Nice Rolex Explorer Cody 😉
chickenfishhybrid44 2 måneder siden
Yeah I'd kill for 80! It was 108 the other day here in South East Washington
Intoxicating Masculinity
Intoxicating Masculinity 2 måneder siden
Had some really TERRIBLE customer service just this morning. Glad to know there are still honest companies out there. Great job QTAC!
Watch It Happen
Watch It Happen 2 måneder siden
Those have to be the thickest and most sturdy saw horses i ever saw
bannereddivpool 2 måneder siden
Pro tip: Take a heat gun and warm the plastic up before laying a bead. That wasn't a bad weld at all, you could take a flat iron and flatten it if you want, good job!
Lucas Wassner
Lucas Wassner 2 måneder siden
Like my dad always told me "Can't never could"
irgski 2 måneder siden
Swedish meatballs? Nice!!!
Thomas Burdsall
Thomas Burdsall 2 måneder siden
The topic is "How to weld plastic like a pro" not, how to drive a tractor, how to unpack a box. Suggest that you get to the point and skip all of the off topic non essential fill
Kelvin Johnston
Kelvin Johnston 2 måneder siden
It’s nice to see a forward looking company. Thanks QTAC.
Jonathon Qualls
Jonathon Qualls 2 måneder siden
QTAC good on you!
Josh Marshall
Josh Marshall 2 måneder siden
That's really cool of q tac
Trees Happen
Trees Happen 2 måneder siden
Yes please, on the Swedish meatball hookup!
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 2 måneder siden
Lol at the loctite being on fire
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 2 måneder siden
Very amazing plastic soldering Kit very nice👌 I could use that plastic repair iron @WranglerStar @QTac
ARO Online
ARO Online 2 måneder siden
Definitely important to acknowledge those who get it right! Good job QTAC!
L C 2 måneder siden
Wow! Jack is a teenager now? I have not been watching your shows, apologies.
Antonio Claudio Michael
Antonio Claudio Michael 2 måneder siden
Jack did a great job them crapes look amazing 👏 👌 @WranglerStar
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