Best Gun Safe For Your Home 2020 - Part 1

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22 dager siden

The best gun safe for your home or apartment.
If you want to build your very own home armory I'd start with this box - The Agile Ultralight will hold 6 Rifles and cost $549

John LaRanger
John LaRanger 9 dager siden
Military bases/ facilities do not usually have big concerns about outside thieves breaking in to steal their equipment. You, on the other hand, especially after advertising your very expensive equipment to millions of viewers, need a much more secure safe. Keeping a lightweight gun locker outside the house, especially in the dusty garage, next to the tools required to get inside seems ridiculous. 10 seconds with your angle grinder and that thing is toast! Then you could have a home invasion on your hands with thieves using your own weapons against you. Look into modular safes. Zanotti Armor, Snapsafe, or Steelhead. These safes offer almost the same security as a traditional safe only they are considerably more affordable and can be disassembled and moved anywhere. I opted for 2 smaller Zanotti safes, hand made in the USA and preassembled before delivery and couldn't be happier. 7 gauge 1/8 steel, full length bolts, relockers, etc. Get it fully carpeted so you can mount handguns on the door with Velcro holsters. Remember ALL safes need to be bolted to the floor and walls. Also garages in general are not secure so tools that could be used to break into your home should be kept in a locked Jobbox or secure container bolted to the floor Always think LAYERS of security. Any safe can be broken into given enough time so a good, monitored home security system is essential as well.
Chai Yang
Chai Yang 14 dager siden
I wouldn't feel comfortable storing my firearms away from my house.
Agent GuL
Agent GuL 14 dager siden
Arent gun safes suppose to be fireproof to? Or is that only a swedish thing?
In Alaska
In Alaska 15 dager siden
I’m getting a kick out of the comments. Cody is building a set, a functional set, but still a set. I could be way off base but I doubt that he is going to store all his weapons and gear outside of his home. Maybe some of his ammo, or he could just store empty boxes, remember this is a set, the plate carries that are outdated, and other items not currently in use. If you have watched his other videos about gun and ammo storage, he already has a set up that I’m going to guess will be located somewhere in their home. It would be easy enough to bring the items he want to do a video on from the house and take them back after he is done filming. The dust everyone is harping about has several options to reduce, filter systems, vacuum systems, and what worked for years for body men is visqueen hung on the walls, it attracts dust like a magnet. I could be completely wrong, but that is my 2 cents. Keep up the great work sir, and I look forward to watching you complete your dream shop.
bloodvow333 16 dager siden
If you look around you can find magnetic screens for computer filters you can probably slap those over the holes so nothing gets dusty
Chuck Zechman
Chuck Zechman 16 dager siden
I love the SecureIt products. Earlier this year I purchased their retrofit kits to mount my long guns in a utility room I converted to my armory. They do give me the "Fizz". God Bless you Brother!
spoony spoonicus
spoony spoonicus 16 dager siden
Poor choice of cabinet and location. You could cut into that so easily. Plus why buy cabinets that will allow dust in if your putting them in the workshop?
Jason Webb
Jason Webb 17 dager siden
May want give yourself a little more space for your clamping table
MGTOW ANONYMOUS 17 dager siden
R.i.p to the guns. I have first had experience with opening a safe an finding my bullets an parts of my weapons rusted. There is no sht eee ur feeling.
MGTOW ANONYMOUS 17 dager siden
Plus storring outside of your bedroom is pure lunacy . Js
Mark B.
Mark B. 18 dager siden
Appreciate your video Cody. I'd be willing to bet that his "real" armory is in a secret room inside the house... and not in this detached workshop. I mean really, would any of us really televise to the world the location of our firearm/ammo storage? Very unlikely. Love that cabinet, but wonder how easy it'd be to split open that mesh front with a hatchet?
Patrick Carter
Patrick Carter 18 dager siden
But the second mouse gets the cheese. 🤣
Chuck Drew
Chuck Drew 18 dager siden
looks to me like moisture can get in and start rusting your gun 18 dager siden
This is the same problem with his medical kit. Telling it's the best, but in real life it's not. But you can't be a pro in everthing. I opende these type of lockers in the dutch army many times when I lost my key :)..I love your video's but every now and then It would be nice to be able to give you some feedback without you getting upset about it. We mean well. I respect you and love they way you make your video's. So I hope you see this as a way of we share our knowledge with you..keep up the good work and God bless you
David Craig
David Craig 18 dager siden
I remember when we all wanted pretty wood gun cabinets with glass fronts and interior lights. We wanted to display our firearms for friends and family. How times have changed. My thinking is mass=security/fire protection. The more money you spend the more mass you should be buying, which means more security and fire protection. When buying gun safes look at the gauge metal you are buying and compare the weight difference of each cabinet. One inch of steel is superior to 1/4" of steel. It will take thieves and fire longer to penetrate but will cost significantly more money. Drywall was invented to increase fire resistance in structures. It does a decent job if properly installed without penetrations. It twill do the same in a safe if properly installed, but it can only do so much. Another thing to think about is the fire load in the room that the safe will be placed in. A shop may not be the best place to put a safe if you have a significant amount of flammables, combustibles etc. Do your research and talk to professionals in the trade so you can protect your priced possessions. I have one of this brands safe I use for a quick access safe for a couple firearms. I like the safe. I feel it provides little to no fire protection and a limited amount of protection from thieves, but it does a excellent job of keeping unwanted hands off of the firearms and allows quick access if needed. With that said, I sure do miss the old wood cabinets to display our firearms.
TheGoat 18 dager siden
On the DoD comment, usually governments will spend good money where its necessary, and personally Ive frequently seen these kind of cabinets used for secure storage-usually without open cut doors mind you. As an implication that this implies security, these are typically used within a reinforced concrete alarmed building, inside of a secured camp with 24/7 armed soldiers/security. Not quite in the same ballpark as the average residential home, but in fairness the majority of large gun safes have horrific security as it is.
ecorey45 19 dager siden
They look like the weapon lockers in Jurassic park that is so cool
Lynn Prince
Lynn Prince 19 dager siden
FYI, those green straps on your gun cabinets are the no cut type, go to the joint and just peel them apart. Oh ,and I'm sure you've already been told 100 times, All you have to do is put some plexiglass on inside of your gun cabinets, I have done it in my wood shop for years, have fun and Gbless. Learned alot of things in last year watching..
Lynn Prince
Lynn Prince 19 dager siden
FYI, those green straps on your gun cabinet are no cut straps. Go to where there joined together and easily pull them apart. Have fun learning alot from you,took your helmet advice and skipped the bump helmets, Gbless
Michael Simons
Michael Simons 19 dager siden
Great job
Steven Butler
Steven Butler 19 dager siden
Love those cabinets but not sure about having them anywhere close to a wood working area... Saw dust is not friendly to open storage :)
Stephen Jolley
Stephen Jolley 19 dager siden
Over 300 people a day shot in the United States...... what is it about the fascination with deadly weapons?.. Look at my armoury...and God Bless....some sort of incongruity there...
amorton94 19 dager siden
They're way too expensive for being a heavy duty filing cabinet. I don't feel like they're very secure either, not that a cheap residential security container (ie. "safe") is either, but at least the RSC is a bit more intimidating. A sheet metal box secured by a padlock, in a garage with a ton of unsecured tools? I feel like that's the perfect storm for a thief looking for some new firearms. Again, don't get me wrong, I know RSCs aren't very secure when attacked by anyone that's prepared and knows what they're doing, but they are definitely more secure than this IMO.
Chris Tucker
Chris Tucker 19 dager siden
I'm glad to hear The Modern Lovers performing again.
Government IS Slavery
Government IS Slavery 19 dager siden
All your ammunition can fit in one cabinet?
inverlass 19 dager siden
The best gun case is always empty.
Mitchell L
Mitchell L 19 dager siden
appreciate you being very clear about the partnership with the company before sharing your opinion
Joe Cola
Joe Cola 19 dager siden
My opinion , especially you Wrangle , why put it in a place that can be compromised... put in out in the open where it will ALWAYS be looked over . I have used baby cabinet /magnet locks to create drop down compartment with kaizen foam . You will thank me later 😎
MattV2099: Guns & Food
MattV2099: Guns & Food 19 dager siden
looks like a fun project!
Booge Nautilus
Booge Nautilus 19 dager siden
I'm sorry, Cody. I'm only 26 and my gun collection would be far too much for one of those cabinets.
Pilar Aboltivo
Pilar Aboltivo 19 dager siden
Troy Roper III
Troy Roper III 19 dager siden
You rock, you are making the shop the envy of many
Sloth Bear
Sloth Bear 19 dager siden
The projects Wranglerstar did in the old wood shop were primarily done using hand tools. When he was remodeling the house he took the power tools to the job site. The wood shop in the past was place to show people how to do things with simple tools, the new one will probably be the same. Dust isn’t a problem with hand tools.
tndeere 19 dager siden
Storing my guns in a locker in the garage?? Not sure I would feel comfortable with that.
dhl954 19 dager siden
Nice units, not sure about the guns in the shop.
Charles S
Charles S 19 dager siden
my issue is the price for a 40in x 20in cabinet is $549 I think that is a bit pricey but I do agree that they are built very good. Great video as always thank You for sharing.
teamcarp1 19 dager siden
😂 as you walked around the back of the cabinet i thought to myself “he has the fizz” 😂😂 i guess im a red blooded American even if im from the east coast
Makeveli Customs
Makeveli Customs 19 dager siden
This turned into a Infomercial really fast 🥴
Dylan Mcilraith
Dylan Mcilraith 19 dager siden
You could pop that open in about 3 seconds with a pinch bar. 🙄🙄
mcd5082 19 dager siden
Always appreciate the transparency! Not found often on NOpost. Everything is looking great Cody!
Jonathan James
Jonathan James 19 dager siden
These are prime times for a home armory build!
Duncan Edge
Duncan Edge 20 dager siden
Just started watching a few months ago. I appreciate you, Cody. I enjoy watching your videos while I’m exercising. Thanks for bringing daily content. Godspeed
alex stewart
alex stewart 20 dager siden
Looks easy to crack.
alex stewart
alex stewart 20 dager siden
Cabinet? So people know exactly where the guns are. You'd have to tear my house down to find my rifle. Bolt action. I refuse to ever be seen with one of those toy ar-15 cheap as hell guns Americans seem to love. Like buying Chinese tools.
Matt Williamson
Matt Williamson 20 dager siden
I like the idea of some weapon/ammo storage outside in the shop, but my shop gets filthy with sawdust, metal shavings, and cleaning chemical &/or paint dust/overspray... none of which would do very nice things to any firearm, let alone a higher-end weapon system. Of course, I'm in S. Florida, only have one shop for everything, and it's super hot and humid all year... so doesn't compare to yours. My homes and shops have been burgled (multiple times/multiple states) & I've had to use weapons to stop two different home invasions... and I was quite thankful the weapons were near to hand. (I keep one on me at all times now and both the shop & house have layers of security once you're inside.) Pretty sure I've seen both you & Mrs. W carrying defensive measures. :) If I were starting fresh right now (here in Florida), I'd prefer the majority of my "good stuff" inside my home; humidity is worse than your old pole barn. Of course, at least one CQB weapon (probably a few) right where I sleep, even if it were only a handgun. Would rather store some (most?) of my weapons in/near my office (where I spend the majority of my time). If I had the money and space, then I'd like to have a dedicated, secure, in-home, climate-controlled, clean area to store, clean, & maintain the weapons, ammo, and other gun accessories to which I don't want/need to have instant access (like a basement... so I could have layers of interior defense... but... it's so hard to get a basement in south Florida... thanks for sharing your thoughts... if I ever move out of here, it's nice to see other ideas). Enjoying watching your setup a lot... it's great to watch others (with a brain) give their reasons for doing things their way!
alex stewart
alex stewart 20 dager siden
Americans and their little toy guns. I find it sad american men are so dependent on the idea a gun makes you a real man.
Keith Pippin
Keith Pippin 20 dager siden
Did you buy or are you renting
Wranglerstar 20 dager siden
We bought,
Timber Servant
Timber Servant 20 dager siden
we used those at the fort drum company armories
ryzo mcgregor
ryzo mcgregor 20 dager siden
over this side of the pond, our gun cabinets need to be mounted on four points of an inner wall or a gun room like a safe room I imagine these cabinets would be suitable but would require a secondary lock as we need two
Steven Pitts
Steven Pitts 20 dager siden
Cody, you don't need a gunsmithing bench. You need a reloading bench with a Dillon XL650 on it.
Cameron Melendrez
Cameron Melendrez 20 dager siden
what about fire concerns?
Jacob Hogan
Jacob Hogan 20 dager siden
Definitely need to figure out a dust prevention system. Nice cabinets for in a home but the dust and dirt that is created in a shop is just way too much to leave them in the open air.
Robin Johansson
Robin Johansson 20 dager siden
Who are you going to shoot?
Tatanka T
Tatanka T 20 dager siden
I do think these are awesome cabinets but I would save up for 1 or 2 fire rated gun safes personally. No offense Cody
Thomas Hopkins
Thomas Hopkins 20 dager siden
The absolute best home safes are Ft. Knox. If you’re a bonafide collector, there is no other real option.
Cynical Texas Dad
Cynical Texas Dad 20 dager siden
Wranglerstar is the “Mr. Rogers” of the modern American homesteader. 👍🏻
harrison frese
harrison frese 20 dager siden
I would advise all to never do this man wrong
Ken Kreischer
Ken Kreischer 20 dager siden
Been following Secure It’s products for awhile, probably back to you first video. Stuff looks good, I just wish they made products for California.
Cole Wyatt
Cole Wyatt 20 dager siden
Big fan of my Amsec Safe. Made in the USA and a rated safe. Graffunder, Brown and Fort Knox are also great American made companies that offer a much higher level of security. I think this is a viable option if placed in a secured room that is climate controlled and clean.
Patrick Kanatzer
Patrick Kanatzer 20 dager siden
Any concern with sawdust?
pik nick
pik nick 20 dager siden
These are so expensive.
Mike McC
Mike McC 20 dager siden
I have metal propane storage cases for ammo
Gregory Jon.
Gregory Jon. 20 dager siden
Ian Farquharson
Ian Farquharson 20 dager siden
Great cabinets. It's strange that social media is the only thing where you legally have to declare it you didn't buy it yourself. Keep up the great work.ThankQ.TkEZ>UK
Todd J
Todd J 20 dager siden
Yeah... I'm going to have to agree about the dust issue. Could you line them with removable plexglass door panels (for easy cleaning purposes) or some other creative solution to prevent dust collection? Would love to see a durability/destruction test too... just cause you know.... more content...
Andreas Björn
Andreas Björn 20 dager siden
Everything in one area, a.k.a "single point of failure" in my line or work at least :P
Andrew G
Andrew G 20 dager siden
For the gun workbench you could put some securit panels on the wall behind it to make everything uniform
TED STRAND 20 dager siden
Cody what are you doing about moisture?
MAE HAY 20 dager siden
Ahh, Cody you are a blessed man with the fore thought of having all the ammunition anyone could ever have and now you have great connections with a company that has what you desire for your storage system! I love the style of this gun/ ammo cabinet with adjustable shelves which you called saddles which is a new terminology that I’ve never heard before. Wranglerstar has been preparing for just this type of set-up. God’s blessings to you and your beautiful family.👍
Cullen McTaggart
Cullen McTaggart 20 dager siden
Look into snap safe
Leeder David
Leeder David 20 dager siden
What about wood dust in your cabinets? Nice to have everything in one place though!
Arizona Pancake
Arizona Pancake 20 dager siden
So real question for anyone: What is the best affordable gun safe for an appartment on the 2nd floor with a weaker floor? Can't be too heavy (or it will break the floor) but it still needs to hold multiple rifles/pistols and be more theft proof. I am not worried about kids accessing it, just the whole thing being stolen, or its contents.
Christopher Hancock
Christopher Hancock 19 dager siden
They make small gun safes that will fit in a corner or closet. I have a small house without a lot of wall space and I have two. They measure @ 15'x19" and are just tall enough to take a WW1 bolt action. Both with manual combo locks and at least a minimum fire rating. They were pretty cheap. The kicker can be shipping. Just google gun safes and scroll away. Look at the small Liberty safe and them contrast and compare.
Ben F
Ben F 20 dager siden
Wow those lockers look nice! I’ve been trying to find something similar in the $100-$200 price range but small enough to fit in a closet. I just need it to secure 2 rifles and 2 handguns. College living accommodations can be sketchy to say the least.
Russell Smith
Russell Smith 20 dager siden
I can’t find any 9mm any where don’t like online sales.
Zachary Tapley
Zachary Tapley 20 dager siden
Curious to see what you decide on for sawdust management
Dasaigakid545 Griffith
Dasaigakid545 Griffith 20 dager siden
I like be how old fashioned you are. Yet not a fudd. Nice middle ground of old and new.
Wranglerstar 20 dager siden
I appreciate that!
Connor Williams
Connor Williams 20 dager siden
Awesome, looking forward to this series. I just bought a safe but nearly bought the secure-it boxes, just a little more expensive and a little less capacity than the bighorn I picked up at costco, but the secure-it boxes definitely are appealing.
azxctby galumbo
azxctby galumbo 20 dager siden
love you Wranglerstar. God bless you from Virginia.
Clinton Miner
Clinton Miner 20 dager siden
Yep, you gave me “the fizz” with this video
Vape2Live38 20 dager siden
You stated the narrow ammo safe is deeper than this cabinet, if that is the case you won't want them bolted together as the deeper cabinet will interfere with the ability to open the main cabinet door fully. maybe bookend the taller cabinets with the smaller agile cabinets and bench between them?
Corey Sly
Corey Sly 20 dager siden
You should build a hard room in the basement of your home.
mateo1726 20 dager siden
Idk about storing guns and ammo in a building that’s not climate controlled. Ammo, like long term food, does not like humidity.
Charles Jenkins
Charles Jenkins 20 dager siden
We missed the putting the workbench together lol
Miceal Adams
Miceal Adams 20 dager siden
You know the old saying, don't put all your eggs in one basket. Well........🤔.
WA. PREPPER 20 dager siden
Cody i hope you are going to build a room just for your arms and amo and work bentch. stop and think this throw not in a work shop or a wood shop you will kick your self in the you no wear if you do.
Edward Joyner
Edward Joyner 20 dager siden
God forbid that shop caught on fire. All your eggs are in one basket. Maybe a future series could be on fire proofing the shop.
Mike Perth
Mike Perth 20 dager siden
your steel plate is thin sheet metal my safes are made with 3/8th steel plate recessed hinges and safe locks.
Mike Perth
Mike Perth 20 dager siden
that's rubbish you could pop those doors off with a crowbar
Bryan Gill
Bryan Gill 20 dager siden
I am Canadian and all this gun talk doesn't give me the fizz.
Last night at Noon
Last night at Noon 20 dager siden
P R Doohan
P R Doohan 20 dager siden
The early bird may get the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese!
UrbanJungle 20 dager siden
I’d want my body armour, weapons and NVG in my house where the very thing I’m trying to secure resides - my family.
Joe Rivera
Joe Rivera 20 dager siden
Cody, Im definitely not trying to be negative, but to be honest, when it comes to the ammo, I would rather have it in a closet or other designated place in the house where it's climate controlled and the humidity is more apt to be lower, and just for extra protection, keep silica packs, or other moisture absorbing media with it. I only say this because most everyone that stockpiles a decent amount of ammo, does so with the intention of having it around for an extended period off time. Unfortunately, a lot of the metals used are very susceptible to moisture. Not trying to ba a know it all, but that stuff is hard to come by, of course you know, but I guess maybe my ideas are thought out a little too deep sometimes. Thanks for another great video my friend.
onurson 20 dager siden
man with a midlife crisis wearing rolex, buys $550 metal cabinet to store his rifles and ammunition.
Nathan Garrett
Nathan Garrett 3 dager siden
Agreed 😂😂😂😂😂
thiccanimegirl 7
thiccanimegirl 7 19 dager siden
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 20 dager siden
Humidity in the shop with open holes, is a rust wonderland.
Bushmaster B
Bushmaster B 20 dager siden
I assume you keep your riffle near your bed? Wouldn't want to get running to the barn to get my gun and plate carrier/helmet ;)
Dunk 20 dager siden
Some nice wood trim the same colour as the wall behind the gun cabinet would look good around the bottom of the gun cabinet Cody. What do you reckon ?
Edward Foster
Edward Foster 20 dager siden
You're going to regret putting all that out in the dusty workshop. Did Mrs w tell you no more guns in the house
Kevin Adam
Kevin Adam 20 dager siden
"Best Gun Safe For Your Home" - perhaps not, it's not even remotely secure. You would need nothing more then a screwdriver to lever your way into that.
harpintn 17 dager siden
Exactly. I wouldn't store anything of value in that cabnet.
Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson 20 dager siden
This is a locker, not a safe and it's horrible for securing weapons. The defense department and military might use them, but they're in secured locations with 24 hour armed security, not your house. BIG DIFFERENCE any guy with a Sawzall or a battery powered circular saw can cut this open in 20 seconds and steal everything. This thing also won't protect anything in a fire.
Romero XVII
Romero XVII 20 dager siden
I was waiting for him To say french cleats
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